Fake Signups-Amnesty Opportunity
WAZZUB Report on Fake Sign-Ups-Amnesty Opportunity
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04/23/2012 | Fake Signups-Amnesty Opportunity

                 Fake Signups-Amnesty Opportunity

Once again WAZZUB will be showing how much we care about our members. But please don’t take this as a sign of weakness, it is WAZZUB showing compassion.
WAZZUB take’s cheating seriously! When someone cheats, they cheat on all of us. Anybody who created false/fake accounts or bought accounts to benefit their $FACTOR and who claims the Profit / Pay is committing FRAUD will be PROSECUTED when caught; for WAZZUB will catch all cheaters for sure, in time.
You may choose to come clean by providing details of all your false/fake and-or purchased signups and only those will be deleted.

This is a once in a life time offer valid until May 21, 2012, after which we will not entertain any more requests and your account will be deleted.
Provide all invitation links and emails:
1. Fake signups (Not a real person)
2. Factors That Are Bought (These are all Fake/False Signups)
Email to falsesignup@gmail.com with your email used to register and your invitation link with subject: “False Signup”
NOTE: Unless you know for a fact that there are fakes or cheaters within your generations, please do not speculate on such things. If you do, it means you are part of it. If there are such signups, then they don’t deserve to be there in the first place and will be eliminated by WAZZUB.

WAZZUB is fair but not naïve; kindly take this notice seriously.
Members, please do translate to your own language so it will be beneficial to all members.

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