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Perfect Pages Updates and Questions and Answers.
Perfect Pages Questions & Answers

Perfect Pages Q & A

Basic Guidelines for Recommending Businesses

1. You must have:

A: made a purchase yourself either from a physical or online business

B: physically visited a business and are recommending it based on your experience

C: were the guest of another, such as at a restaurant, and had a meal or menu item

D: you received an item as a gift, such as flowers, a birthday gift, etc. (updated)

2. You can only give one recommendation for the same business.

3. There will be Zero Tolerance for fraud or trying to cheat to get extra benefits. Any member found to be making fake recommendations will lose their PI account, anything banked, and if PSM, that account. If you are not sure about something, ask. Don’t forfeit everything to gain a little extra.

4. There will be Zero Tolerance for Spam while promoting with your referral links. Do not use your Mailaxy account for promoting. It is a member benefit for our personal use or for our Business Partners for normal activity.

5. If you know of others who have had a good experience with a product or business, or they have made several purchases while on vacation and like them and they shared that with you; it is to your benefit and to PI’s benefit, and to the benefit of that business for you to encourage them to share their experiences by joining and giving the recommendations. Not only are you gaining new members, but we will also be getting new businesses in our Perfect Pages Business Directory.

The benefits for those referred by a reflink are the same as those who are referred by a Perfect Bonus card.

7. If you have more questions please ask them in our Forum under the Support Topic , Perfect Pages Q & A sub-topic.



Q: Do the businesses the Profit Instructors approve go in their Gen 1, or mine because I was the first to recommend them?

A: To clarify some confusion when recommending businesses for PerfectPages...

Businesses are only in the downline of the Profit Instructor when the Profit Instructor is the person who first recommendeds them. Otherwise the business (unless they are already a PI member) will always be in the first generation of the first member to recommend them.

Q: When I give a recommendation to a business to Perfect Pages are they in my PI downline?

A: Updated Jan. 30, 2014- Yes! There is only one downline for PI and it includes WAZZUB signup, all Stars, Perfect App, and the Perfect Pages downlines. When you recommend a businesses to Perfect Pages and you are the first to recommend them, and they are approved you will receive 20 DEAL Points for recommending them, and another 20 DEAL Points as a bonus if they take our basic package or above, and the business goes in your First generation. (updated) If that business subscribes to one of our packages you will receive 2.5% (in CASHPOINTS) of the cost of the receipts from their upgrade and additional marketing products. When they get new customers with Perfect Bonus cards they will be on your 2nd Generation and their contacts will be in your third, and this goes on for 5 Generations. The difference is..... Perfect Pages Generations and PI Generations are totally separate as far as the additional compensation you can get from your Perfect Pages Generation.

If I refer a business or business owner with my referral link will they be in my downline?  And if I also give them a recommendation will that count as being in my downline for Perfect Pages?

A: If you refer a business/owner with one of your referral links (updated) they will be in your Gen 1 downline and will count for whatever benefits you would receive for that, such as DEAL Points, CASHFACTOR (if they downloaded and used the App) etc. If you also gave them a recommendation for Perfect Pages you would receive 20 DEAL Points if their business was approved by one of our Profit Instructors and they would also be in your Perfect Pages Generations and you would receive another 20 DEAL Points if they subscribe to a basic or above listing .
*The 5 generations downline for Perfect Pages compensation is different from your PI/PA downline. Also, if you purchased Perfect Bonus cards and referred new members by giving/selling them a PB card then you would receive the benefits of having them in your Gen 1, and Perfect Pages downline, and if they install and use the App, they will also help to build your CASHFACTOR for Perfect App.

Q: When will Perfect Bonus cards be available?

A: The Perfect Bonus cards will be available after launch.

Q: How can I become a Profit Instructor?

A: We are looking for candidates with sales experience. If you have any prior training or experience in sales you are welcome to apply at Perfect Jobs when the position is posted there. You must have a resume’ (CV) prepared to send when you apply.

Q: Can I fill the recommendation form of a business using my own language? If yes, will it be displayed in the Perfect Pages in my language?

A: Yes you will fill out the recommendation form in your local language. We want your local residents to be able to fully understand your recommendation. Yes, the listings will be displayed in Perfect Pages in your language. There will be listings in Perfect Pages for local languages and in English for International listings.

Q: How will Profit Instructors be contacting businesses since there is no space for phone number in the recommendations?

A: Profit Instructors will be local, so chances are they can just open a phone book and look. Also if a web address is available that is another way to find information. All businesses are visited in Person by the Profit Instructor, so the address is the most important thing. For online businesses we can do a WHOIS search or other methods available to find the information of the contact person if it is not given on their website.

Q: How far back can we recommend business?

A: It was decided by the Business Relations department and Admin that you can go back 12 months. So, you can refer businesses you have visited or done business with starting from January of 2013.

Q: What if one of the businesses I just referred that I visited last year went out of business after I visited them?

A: You cannot refer a business that is no longer open or providing services. If you refer a business that is no longer in existence at the time you referred them that is considered fraud. There is 0 Tolerance for fraud or cheating. Anyone suspected of either will be removed from the program and there will be other consequences.

Q: What if I do not have the receipt or cannot remember the date?

A: You can try to come as close as you can. Please try to keep those situations to a minimum.

Q: Can I contact businesses myself and explain Perfect Pages to them?

We are right now only recommending businesses we want to see in Perfect Pages. There is no need for you to contact them. Unless you are a Certified Profit Instructor you will not have full details on what is offered to the businesses, so contacting them on your own should be avoided.

Q: Can I recommend a business of a friend or family member even though I myself have never done business with them. For instance, they have a website and they have many positive testimonials on their services or products.

No, you can only recommend businesses you yourself have personal experience with.

 If you purchased a product or service from a business either online or in person, you can recommend them.

 If you went to a business and did not purchase anything but you had a positive experience with a helpful sales person or staff, you can recommend that business. You would put “Nothing” in the “What did you buy” field, and then explain why you are recommending them.

 If you were a guest of someone else at a restaurant and you had a meal or menu item, you can recommend that business.

Q: If someone else I know tells me about a good experience they had with a business or they tell me about some nice items they bought from shops while on vacation can I recommend those businesses?

No, you can only recommend businesses you personally have had experience with.

You should however give that person your reflink and encourage them to join and recommend those businesses.

Q: My husband came home with a nice haircut. Can I recommend his barber?

No, because you did not personally do business with the barber you cannot recommend him. However, your husband can join either by your reflink or you could give him a Perfect Bonus card and once he registers he can recommend his barber. And since he now has a Perfect Bonus card he can also enjoy Deals and Discounts at all participating Perfect Pages partners’ businesses and get his free downloads. If you accompanied your husband to get his haircut, then you can recommend the barber.

Q: After recommending 100 businesses do I become a Profit Instructor and can I start selling the Perfect Bonus cards?

Recommending businesses is not a qualification for becoming a Profit Instructor. If you have prior sales training or sales experiences then you are encouraged to apply once the Profit Instructor positions are posted in Perfect Jobs. More information on the cards will be coming from the Business Relations Department and Admin in the future.

To keep track of those businesses you have already recommended I made a tracking sheet and it is hosted here by Cliff for download:

Where can I find the businesses I recommended in Perfect Pages?

Once Perfect Pages is open you will be able to see the approved businesses in our directory.

Q: Can I recommend a business that someone else has already recommended and how will I know if they have been already recommended?

Yes. The first person who recommends the business will receive 20 DealPOINTS upon approval of that business by one of our Profit Instructors. If another person recommends or gives that same business a rating then they will receive 5 DealPOINTS, so it is not necessary to know if they have already been recommended.

To keep track of those businesses you have already recommended I made a tracking sheet and it is hosted here by Cliff for download:

Q: I am a trade agent I work with maintenance products, machinery and equipment for industry, crafts, automotive, hotels, holiday resorts etc., with some purchase on my part just like any consumer. But, I mainly sell to these structures then is it ok to recommend them and also my clients, that is, those who buy from me?

Depending on what the products are; currently we are concentrating on products and services offered to the direct consumer/customer and not parts or products used in the manufacture of goods or service products for industry that are not end user consumables. That is not to say there will not be provisions for that in the future. If you have purchased certain items yourself, and not for resale, yes you can recommend those businesses. As far as your clients, you cannot recommend yourself on behalf of your clients nor can you recommend a client because they purchased from you. You could however ask them to give your business a recommendation after you have referred them with your referral link or given them a Perfect Bonus card, again depending on the products.

Q: Can I recommend a business which manufactures specific product? For example, factory of chocolate, factory of sparkling water, factory of milk, etc. You can buy it in every store, but can I recommend the factory (central office), not store where I'm buying it. Is it right or wrong because, when I recommend a business, I have to write the date of sale which makes no sense if I'm buying it almost every day?

You should be recommending the business where you bought the product from. Regarding the date, choose the most recent you have; that will be fine. If you buy chocolate every day there is no need to recommend that business every day for your purchase of chocolate. Remember, all these recommendations need to be looked over, and once our Profit Instructors are ready to make contacts with those businesses that we recommend imagine how time consuming it will be if many people are making several recommendations for the same business. All duplicates will be disregarded. You can only make 1 recommendation per business. Other members can however recommend a business that has already had a recommendation.


Q: I have received a gift from a family member or friend. Can I recommend the business where it came from?

Yes (updated). You can recommend that business if you loved a gift you received from someone and you can also tell that person how much you love the gift and ask them to recommend the business. If they are not already a member share your referral link with them or give them a Perfect Bonus card so they are in your generations.

Q: If you use a Bonus Card to invite a partner and that partner later purchased a deal within PI platform, or purchased a Bonus Card, or invited someone else with his/her Bonus Card, or invited someone else using his/her invitation link, how much Cash Points you who invited that person will get for each of his/her economic activity mentioned supra?

This is a multi-situation question. First, the benefits for Perfect Pages purchases and activities will be announced by the BR Team and Admin at a future date.

If you refer someone, anyone, with your referral links they will be in your 5 Generations on your Gen 1 and if they download the App and use it then it will also help to build your CASHFACTOR. You will notice that the members in your Gen 1 are the same in all areas. The difference is in the compensation plans between PI, PA, and PP.

If you refer someone with a Perfect Bonus card they will be in your Perfect Pages/PI 5 Gen and your Gen 1. Any activity from them and their downlines will be handled using the Perfect Pages or PI reward system as it applies. The same would be for businesses you recommend, being the first to recommend them, and providing they are approved.

Q: I'm adding businesses to the perfect pages , i see my deal point in check. When i promote the perfect pages link I will not see them in my statistics till they are verified, Correct ? Thank you.

A: When you recommend a business you will see the DEALPOINTS on hold until they are approved by a Profit Instructor. This process will begin March 1 and will be done gradually as there are Profit Instructors and enough businesses in each area/country. So the more businesses we have recommended everywhere the faster things will move.

If someone joins with your reflink then they should show up in your Gen 1 right away. Joining with a reflink and getting a recommendation are two different things. By joining with a reflink it is the same as with any of our reflinks. By giving a recommendation to a business, and if they are approved, they will then be in your 1st Gen. If someone registers from a Perfect Bonus card you give them, which will be coded to your PI account, they will be in your PI Gen 1 and they will also count in your Perfect Pages Gen 1 for additional benefits.

 Q: What are the guidelines for a business that is exclusively online? Is a physical address needed? Are there restirictions to the type of business?

A: You want to use common sense. Do the online businesses offer a specific product or service that is usable by a consumer? MLM money making referral programs do not really qualify because they really have no product other than getting referrals. Pay Per Click is not really a product either. There are many companies that have real products that use network marketing, such as Amway, vitamin and supplement companies, exercise programs, etc. And again do you use them, or have you purchased from them, the product, not offering the opportunity. Opportunities are not a usable product.

For the address: A Profit Instructor will need to verify the business. The Profit Instructors will be local to the region. Even a home based business has an owner. They might not have a brick and mortar store front, but they are a person and thus will need to meet somehow, somewhere with the Profit Instructor. You can provide as much info as you have such as an address or phone number if availabe, definitely the website. Our Profit Instructors will do the necessary verifications.

Types of Businesses: Things we do not want: anything to do with pornography, gambling, violence, hate, etc.. You can kind of use the Guidelines for our Forums and Wazzub Community and PI Terms of use as a guideline. Remember, it must be a product or service that is usable by a consumer.

 If you have specific categories or businesses in mind you can always ask.

Q: Will PI/PP Management produce ID and probably uniform to wear for those Profit Instructror who will then be qualified so as to be more confident and presentable to face on the businesses/owners that they will be going to communicate?

A: PI will not provide uniforms. Our Profit Instructors will need to present themselves in a professional manner, be neat, groomed etc., just as if they were dressing for an interview or a job. As far as ID's, PI has always provided the templates for approved business cards and it is up to us to get them made if we want them as Independent Contractors. It is a business expense and may be deductable for tax purposes depending on the tax rules of your country, region, or district.

Q: I live in India. Can I recommend a business outside of my place of residence? i.e. any other place in Mumbai or does it have to be only in the area I reside in? Thanks

A: You can recommend any business you have had personal experience with even if they are in another country. Our Profit Instructors will be local to each area where the businesses are located.

Q: I was wondering how exactly will a Profit Instructor earn his money. I guess he will get a certain percentage of the packages he will sell.  Is one thing to recommend business but another to go there have talks and convince them to make business with us.

Thank you for answering in advance :O)

A: Correct, it will be on Commission based on the packages and add-ons available and other things that would of course only be discussed with applicants that qualified. There will be several businesses that each Profit Instructor will handle and it will be well worth their time. What PP offers will be better and more cost effective than any marketing the businesses currently have so it will be very attractive to them. The Profit Instructors will be trained and the reason it is asked that they have past experience in sales is so it is nothing new to them. There are those who do this sort of thing for a living already in many industries. And of course for some it will be a new experience, but if they show the capabilities it will be a fun new experience.

I started recommending businesses for PP as it was announced way back, when the first announcement was made.

My residence is Italy I came from India I travel back and forth between two Nations on business purposes for consultation, marketing, etc. My contact base is huge. I have visited some industries and most of them I know as contacts, now  I have already recommended 900+ industries.

Well for your kind information I have done business with all of them since most of them are my contacts,(5000+) connections in linkedin and I have taken the privelege of mentioning it to them.

Please guide as to how I should proceed henceforth

kind regards

If the businesses you already recommended are businesses you dealt with in the past 12 months, and the products they offer are direct to consumer types of products or services then they are ok. It does not matter what country they are in as long as you made direct contact with the business. If they are not direct to consumer products or do not qualify in other ways the BR Team will remove them when they go through the recommendations. In the future be sure to only recommend businesses that currently qualify as stated elsewhere in the Q&A's. Your contact base could be very beneficial if in the future Perfect Pages was to expand into other types of industries.

Added May 5, 2014
Further clarification regarding the second question at the top of the page under FAQ's.

Member is the first to recommend a business.
The business gets the Platinum Package for $ 200
The member gets 2.5% of that $ 200 in CASHPoints
2.5% of $ 200 = $ 5
one cash point = 0.01
The member will get 500 CashPoints that can be converted to Cash which is equal to $ 5.00

***If you have more questions please ask them in our Forum under the Support Topic , Perfect Pages Q & A sub-topic.***

More information can also be found in the
January 21 Perfect Pages Webinar recap.

Note: All information is subject to change or amending as needed.

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Recommending a Business in Perfect Pages

Have you recommended your favorite businesses to Perfect Pages?

In addition to the information below, here is another way to get to a Recommend A Business page.

Go to your PI Homepage and log in.

On the bottom is a tab for Brands, click on that, then on the Perfect Pages banner.

On the top center of the page will be a box with some info, click on Page which will open up Perfect Pages.

Login to Perfect Pages, then click on Get Listed on the red menu bar, all the way to the right.

On the bottom is a button
"Recommend A Business".

Click on that, fill in the proper information and click on Recommend.

Login to Perfect Pages here:

Or click on the PP tile on your Perfect App page...

PP tile on the Perfect App

See where the Stars are?

Take a tour by clicking on those tiles.


Use the Calendar to enter the date and time of your visit from your receipt, or a close estimate if you don't have a receipt.

When you are finished click on RECOMMEND

It's that Simple!

Remember to Recommend businesses where you have shopped, either in person or online.

If you received a gift that you enjoy you can recommend the business where it came from, and so can the person who gave you the gift!

If you were a guest at a restaurant for instance and you also had a meal, that qualifies too!

After you have recommended a business you can put them on a handy tracking form for your personal use. Find the form here:

You can find additional information in Abla's Forum Topic in "New Members Start Here" too.


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