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ProBux is a free worldwide service that allows advertisers to reach potential customers by displaying their advertisements on their site and also to provide their registered users a profitability considering to the page access. So what are you waiting for? Start earning money, register now!

Please click on the picture below:

Your first impression of ProBux will look like the screenshot.

Go to the blue ‘register now’ button.

Go through the registration form by making a username (no changes possible in later stage), a strong password, a working emailaddress and your birthyear. Now you can say thanks to me by filling in – KerrcoIncome – as your referrer, if it doesn’t stated their already. Prove you aren’t a robot, it is 2013 so I think you will know how this works! Finally click on the button ‘create my account’.

For a good start we present a walk through ProBux. A screenshot with a few notes make clear what you have to do at what point of your ProBux homepage (when logged in).

A: ‘My Account’ is the page we are on at this moment, navigate from this page.

B: ‘View Ads’ is the page were you can look at the advertisements assigned to you. Make sure you view at least the gold advertisements each day, so that you will get referral earnings tomorrow. The best thing is to view them all of course, I think that doesn’t need explanation.

C: ‘ProGrid’ is the page were you can view ads for a short time with a chance of winning $ 5,00 or smaller dollar amounts for viewing that advertisement. All you need is a bit of luck!

D: ‘Tasks’ is the page were you can perform actions for an amount of money. The tasks will be explained, commissions are pre-determined.

E: ‘Offers’ is the page were you can take survey’s, install software or shop with discount. For completing an offer you will get ProCoins. ProCoins can be changed in to money later.

F: ‘Forum’ is the page were you can learn about ProBux and her members. It is still 2013, so I don’t think that there is anyone who doesn’t know what a forum is.

G: ‘Logout’ isn’t a page, you will go back to the log-in screen. If you use a shared pc or laptop, make sure you log-out every time you are done. You don’t want anyone to walk away with your earned money.

1: ‘Global’ with the submenu’s ‘Summary’ (page you are on), ‘Get Referrals’ (your banners) and ‘Settings’ (your personal information).

2: ‘Advertiser Panel’ with the submenu’s ‘Advertisements’ (the ones on ‘View Ads’), ‘Banner Advertising’ (in the top of the screen when viewing ad) and ‘ProGrid Advertising’ (your page in the ProGrid Game).

3: ‘Referrals’ with the submenu’s ‘Direct’, ‘Rented’ and Statistics. Manage and analyze your referrals and there behavior.

4: ‘Logs’ with the submenu ‘History’, check your actions from the past here.

a: ‘My Account Details’ is the place where you find your referral-link, your membership status, your clicks, your main and rental balance, commissions from tasks and your ProCoins.

b: ‘My Referrals’ is the place where you find the amount of direct and rented referrals and beneath that the total amount of clicks they have made.

I: ‘Upgrade’ is the place to go to if you like to upgrade your account. Upgrading can be done to Golden and Utlimate.

II: ‘Rent referrals’ is the place to (of course) rent your referrals that are going to work for you.

III: ‘Advertise’ is a short link to choose your best campaign to show your page.

IIII: ‘Cashout’ is our ultimate goal! =D No explanation required!

There are multiple streams of income:

- income from your personal actions on the site;

viewing ads;

playing ProGrid;

completing tasks;

completing offers;

- commissions paid to you from direct referrals;

- commissions paid to you from rented referrals.

If you are willing to put a small amount of time each day, and you follow this guide, you should be able to make well over $ 1.000 per month spending less than 30 minutes each day. Some users make several thousands of dollars per month with the same time and commitment. It will not happen overnight, but with some diligence, this is certainly an achievable goal.

After registration you should click on the advertiser’s advertisements on ‘View Ads’ page and view it during the amount of time specified by the advertiser. After viewing the advertisement, you get credited with a pre-determined amount of money in your ProBux account.

After viewing ads you should play the ProGrid game to get familiar with this possibility in ProBux. It is not necessary to play the game, but you will never know if you win something until you play!

Two nice balance boosting options are ‘tasks’ and ‘offers’. Go to both pages to discover what is asked from you for receiving new funds to your balance. A higher balance by tasks and offers can speed up the process multiple times!

Actions above are summed as personal actions, in the next chapter we are going to look at referrals.

Something to think about!

If you have 200 direct referrals, but they are uneducated about ProBux and will quit very soon, you won’t make any money from them. Our goal is to help those members to be active ProBux members, so that you make more money! Typically, educated referrals are active referrals.

The first two weeks are essential with ProBux users. Sadly, a lack of education will cause many to leave, but you are in the right place to avoid missing out on this great opportunity.

During the first two weeks you should focus on:

- getting into a daily routine of viewing the ads assigned to you;

- earning your first income so you can begin the referral rental process. It is critical that you view every ad assigned to you during this period so that you can remove the limits from your account and be eligible for rented referrals as soon as possible. You need to be a member for at least five days and you have viewed at least 100 ads.

NOTE: Be sure that you are logged in when you go to the ‘View Advertisements’ page at the top of your page. If you aren’t logged in, you won’t get credited for your views!


Jump start your business!

If you are interested in a small jump start and have even just a few dollars to invest into you new ProBux business, don’t be too shy! However, the 5 day requirement as the 100 views requirement still maintain before eligible of renting referrals.

It’s a big deal to make it through the first two weeks. A lot of people quit before this point, and guess what, this is where the fun begins! You are going to do just fine!

Once you have enough money in your ProBux account you can rent 3 referrals. As mentioned above, you can jump start your business by investing a few dollars of your own and begin renting ProBux referrals sooner.

Before you do, read this:

According to the Terms of Service: The clicks you earn from referrals are directly related to the clicks you make. If you click at least 4 advertisements being a Standard member or you click at least 8 advertisements being a Golden member, you’ll receive all clicks made from your referrals. If you click below that, the maximum you will receive is only the amount of clicks you’ve made multiplied by the number of referrals you have. The referral clicks will be calculated based on the clicks you made on the previous day. These calculations are based on the server time which can be seen in the “View Ads” page.

In other words, if you do not click the 4 required advertisements, you won’t earn income for your referrals for that day!

NOTE: The required ads are the Fixed Advertisements in gold.



I prefer autopay enabled because each day your referrals are active, they pay for themselves to be extended. This way, you do not need to worry about how much money to reserve for re-rental. Autopay is a must!

NOTE: There is a discount applied when using autopay as well, yet another good reason to use it!

Assuming your 3 rented referrals stay active, your next steps are:

- within one more week you can rent 3 more referrals;

- in two weeks you will have enough to rent 10;

- at the end of the month you have enough to rent 20 referrals;

- and so on…

NOTE: If a rented referral is inactive for 14 days, it will be replaced with a new one for free (As you build your business, the 14 days can actually be lowered to 7 days)!

Continue viewing your assigned advertisements each day so that you can earn your rented referral income, and when you save up enough money to rent more referrals, get them! The more rented referrals you have, the more you will make. I recommend choosing a day of the week for rentals, and on that day rent as many as the funds in your ProBux account can afford.


Yes, it will take some time, but remember, you are building a business and passive income with just a small time and commitment each day! It goes pretty fast since renting referrals increases your income, and increased income allows you to rent more referrals. Can you say snowball effect?

Now that you have 200 referrals, stop renting and save up $ 80 so that you can upgrade to golden. Once you go gold you will double up your income nearly instantly.


Once you have gone golden, begin renting referrals again. It’s tempting to cash out, but you really want to get the maximum number of rented referrals so that you earn as much as possible.


Resume your rental process and acquire 2.000 rented referrals.

NOTE: When you go golden, you will have to view 8 ads per day!

Now you will understand what we are doing, I hope you are enjoying this as much as I do. Nevertheless, we aren’t there yet!


Begin renting referrals again.


Resume your rental process and acquire 4.000 rented referrals.

NOTE: When you go ultimate, you will have to view 10 ads per day!

In the past chapters you have read the most important parts of renting referrals. When you are on the ultimate level with 4.000 rented referrals you have reached the top. The only thing you can do then is optimizing payments and think a strategy for recycling.

Another thing mentioned in chapter 3 is commissions of direct referrals. There are a lot of places where you can promote your new ProBux business. A lot of websites offer free advertising, but it isn’t as powerful as paid advertising of course!


Free member target is referring 100 direct referrals.

Golden member target is referring another 100 direct referrals (total of 200 direct referrals).

Ultimate member target is not the be set – THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!!!

Math is math, not magic

Mathematically speaking, the formulas used by ProBux are set up for you to be successful, if you are committed to your own success. It is not difficult, but it takes diligence. Math does not lie, and it is not magic. The numbers speak for themselves.

Promises and Guarantees

Life is full of people who will say anything to get what they want. Watch out for those people. ProBux is not a get rich quick program, but you can certainly earn significant additional income if treated like a business. The examples used in this guide are accurate, however you should understand that not all of your rented referrals will give you 4 clicks every day. Some will give more, some will give less. So in that sense, the examples are accurate, but your experience will vary a little. Obviously I cannot promise you wealth, but I can guarantee that you will earn money with ProBux if you follow this guide!

To recycle or not to recycle?

Recycling inactive rented referrals is an option, but personally I feel the manual recycling is not cost efficient early on when the system auto-recycles for free. Once you have an established income, manual recycling may be beneficial.

Please click on the picture below: