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The Power of "We" ...
What does this mean?
How can we use it to grow love and live?

Is it possible to create the world we dream?
Can we move from strife to a global Consciousness?

We can.
We Shall.
And I know there are others like me.

I am a poet of many means.
I write life as I see.
Wife, mother, sister, daughter...
The list goes on and on.

Friends to all who wish to share and create.
So I ask if you do, please keep others in mind and follow the golden rule.

Treat others the way you wish to be treated.
Post, share, let's figure this out together.

Create the world we've always dreamed.
The Power of "We"
Experience Las Vegas like a Local with Our Guide to Help You Save Money and Time Back to Blog

Las Vegas


Visiting Las Vegas can be an experience of a lifetime if done right. So let's help you with the shell shock, Las Vegas is not cheap, however we have some handy locals tips so you don't have to break the bank. Mostly we have focused on food; however, there are some links for deals on hotel rooms, and other activities to do in and around Las Vegas. Happy reading! ☺

Note: We are not affiliated with any company mentioned here (except, Bally's, and Planet Hollywood) and are not responsible for your experiences; while we do our best to verify details, sometimes prices or offerings can change so always do your own due diligence first. Many tips and recommendations below are based on personal experiences, while other recommendations are gathered from various sources online.


Here are a couple tips to help you before you go to Las Vegas...

1. If you want to save money on food, be prepared to explore more of Las Vegas and check out off the Strip places (the Strip means the road Las Vegas Boulevard).

2. Be prepared to wait or walk... Casinos are very large and it does take several minutes to get from your room to where the food is located, and sometimes there are lines, especially for things like buffets or sit-down restaurants. So bring comfortable shoes.

3. If you are dining inside a casino, be prepared to pay money, dishes you might expect to be US$5 are US$9 or US$12 on average; this is why other places to dine are listed below that are more affordable. If you get breakfast included with your room, pay attention to the rules and prices when you order, or your bill might be higher than you expect.

4. If you plan to rent a car, get GPS, it will help you navigate the city to find your destination more quickly. You still have to pay attention though when you drive, GPS is not always accurate either. ☺

5. If you plan to walk around, stop, and first get a quick map of the city, you can find them in the airport, in the casinos, and other places. Generally, they give out a free coupon book with a little map that shows you the layout of the most popular places on the Strip when you check into your room. Or they have a little brochure section close by, that you can check for local info and attractions.

Here are a few links for maps of the Strip for you to check out ahead:

6. Definitely, if you really want to save money, we recommend visiting a local grocery store (there are some listed below), where you can supplement your food with items you can eat and store in your room, such as snack bars, fruit, water, juice, etc. Be aware some casinos do not have refrigerators in the rooms, or sometimes you get charged to use it, so always confirm what the hotel policy is when you check-in. Also confirm the policy on what is offered in your room, some places will give you complimentary bottles of water, coffee, etc. and other places display bottles of water, soda, and snacks but charge you if you drink or eat them.

7. "Relatively cheap" when talking about eating in Las Vegas can mean anything from US$20 and under per meal to more like US$30-$40 depending on how many in your party, what you are eating, where you are eating (on-Strip or off-Strip), and other factors. There are plenty of suggestions below to keep it in whatever price range you need.



Save Money on Your Hotel Room & Support PerfectPages too!

Book your hotel room through the links on various PerfectPages listings; you can save money, find great deals, and you are supporting PerfectPages at the same time. Pay attention to the room differences; sometimes you can get breakfast included – in our experience we found better deals (with breakfast included) through our PerfectPages listings than just searching directly on,%20united%20states&category_id=73

-  Check the end of the guide for details about our next Live event in Las Vegas happening on June 25, 2017!



Did you know there are many instances where it is good to tip and when tips are not required?

While doing some research for this guide, we also found out that if you are interested in a complimentary room upgrade at your hotel, tipping at the front desk is also a good thing to do, they call it the US$20 trick (although it sometimes costs more or less than that to be successful). Most times if they cannot help you, your tip will be returned, or they may keep it, so you have to be prepared for that eventuality as well. However many times if there is a complementary upgrade available, and you tip, you will receive something extra, it depends on what you ask for and what is available. Also being polite and respectful in your request will always help.

Check out the videos and links below for more helpful tips and how to be more savvy when tipping in Las Vegas, especially for your hotel room.



Local Eats for Cheap List & Tips

Denny's - eat from the special menu (dollar menu – $2, $4, $6, $8) – this is traditional American diner food, decent food and prices, and you can get breakfast anytime. Open 24/7.



-   When looking for the location closest to where you are staying, keep in mind, South Las Vegas Blvd. is where most of the casinos are located. Bally's and Planet Hollywood are both located around the 3600 block of South Las Vegas Blvd. for reference.

In and Out Burger – burgers, fries, and milk shakes at reasonable prices (go off-Strip); the fries here are made fresh daily (never frozen) and the burgers are better than average fast food quality, and of course milk shakes are delicious.




All you can Eat BBQ at Rolling Smoke BBQ – This might not be the cheapest thing around, however if you love BBQ, it is well worth considering. They have a full menu and you can order individual items or go for it all with all you can eat meal for US$34.95 per person (no sharing or leftovers though). Check out the video below for a review.


Do some Shopping - Go to a supermarket or Wal-Mart and get extra food you can store and consume in your room or whenever you are sightseeing around. You don't need to spend Vegas tourist prices for necessities like drinking water and such.

Also a handy tip if you like filtered water, pick up a ZeroWater water filter pitcher or tumbler at Wal-Mart for less than US$30 and you can filter the tap water in your hotel room for free. We do not recommend drinking the Las Vegas tap water unless you filter it first; ZeroWater makes the best affordable water filter in our opinion.

Here are some links below for local shops & grocery stores with maps & directions:


Off Menu Specials & Super Values – Off Menu Specials are specials that may NOT BE ON THE MENU; you need to ask your server when you place your order to get it, see below for details.

- Ellis Island Village Pub & Cafe – open 24/7, no reservations allowed, family restaurant.

  • Ask for the famous Filet-Cut Top Sirloin Steak special if you have their free player's club card. (Regular price: US$12.99/ with free players club card (meaning 21 years old and over) Price is: US$9.99/ Also note - if you play in the casino with your free players club card & play US$5, you can get a coupon for US$2 off and that brings final price down to US$7.99).
  • US$5.99 steak and eggs severed 11pm -7am and until 2pm Saturdays & Sundays.
  • For only Ellis Island BBQ restaurant – must be 21 or older, no off menu specials offered, although there is a US$2 coupon you can get off a BBQ rib dinner if you play US$5 with your player's club card.

-  Hash House a Go Go – this place is not necessarily cheap on the prices; however, the portions are HUGE and the food is AWESOME so easily 2 people can split 1 plate, making it more affordable and you may still even have leftovers to take back and enjoy later. ☺

  • There are several locations in Vegas, including in the LINQ and PLAZA casinos on the Strip. If you go to an off-Strip location, you may save on prices even more.


Check for Groupon Deals & other Deals online

-  Sometimes you can find some cool things to check out, plan to spend US$35-$50+ for a couple or party of 4, and you may have to go at certain times depending on the offer, so read the terms and fine print before buying.

-  Groupon Las Vegas – if you are not already a member in Groupon, you may be able to save extra on your first deal purchased when you sign up.

-  Check this site for links to specific Groupon deals and other interesting deals from around the web for all kinds of meals and activities.


Check out off-Strip casinos for dining specials & check the free and local newspapers for local specials – you will find these newspapers in taxis, supermarkets, in various other places around town, including your hotel room. Be aware, if you have more members in your party, some casinos charge for everyone differently. Such as kids don't eat free unless it specifically says so, and even then, sometimes they like to restrict offers to only player's club cardholders (which must be 21). However, they don't always tell you that rule until you get up to pay, so read the fine print on the signs first or call ahead and ask questions; it might save time and money.


Other player's club perks – we found this handy video below that lists some interesting spots where you can get meals for less than US$10. Note, some prices do require you to have a player's club card. (See below for more tips on the player's clubs in Vegas.)



Here are some other tips from around the web...

Dining Bargains And Deals - For Bargains check this website, they list many great ideas to eat cheap for any meal or time of day; you can find deals for less than US$10 a plate and other still affordable deals at less than US$20 a plate for things like steak and seafood specials.


Free Vegas Buffets: Easy Guide & Best 5 Vegas Buffets & Good Affordable Ones – these 2 articles gives a straightforward explanation of the different Buffets;  which are great, which could be better, and tips on how to eat on a budget in Las Vegas.



Cheap Places to Eat in Vegas – this is a great reference for how to find cheap food in Vegas



Here are a few tips for those interested in gambling while in Las Vegas – mind you, we do not encourage or recommend that you gamble and always gamble responsibly, however, Las Vegas is a gambling town, so if you do gamble, it is best to understand some local tips before you lose too much money too quickly without understanding.

Here are a few quick tips:

1. Set your budget BEFORE you go, and have a buddy system if possible to keep you on track if needed.

2. If you are winning, leave, stop playing and enjoy your winnings. Or see #1.

3. If you do win big, you may have to fill a tax form (and a portion of your winnings is collected for USA taxes).

4. Never gamble to win money, you gamble for entertainment, if you win, you just had a really great time, so whatever amount you gamble with, understand you should be prepared to lose it OR DON'T GAMBLE!!!

5. The higher paying games pay the higher amounts, for example penny slots have the worst payout and dollar slots and higher have the best payouts, same with table games, the higher the minimum bet and specific game, the better your odds, however always understand the house (meaning the casino) ALWAYS HAS THE BEST ODDS. SEE TIP #1 & #4 TOO!

6. Don't blindly use the casino ATM to withdraw money, they can charge high fees; instead check out the links below to use a cheaper ATM, there's even a Bitcoin ATM too.

7. The bar top video poker machines now have limits on how many free drinks you can have based on your play style, so if you want to use your gaming for free drinks, don't sit at the bar and play the video poker machines unless that is really what you want to play.

See the links below for more tips:

Even if you don't gamble, getting the local player's club cards can save you money in the casinos on dining and potentially other discounts and offers. You are never required to gamble when you sign up for a player's club card, you will need ID and you must be 21 years old or older to sign up for a player's club card. Many casinos have their own cards and some casinos are owned by the same companies; so check when you sign up, which casinos are included in the specific player's club. Always read the terms before signing up.

Always gamble responsibly, if you have a problem seek help (In the USA, call 1-800-522-4700).



Other tips – while the first link below does focus on the free things you can get from gambling (because Las Vegas is a gambling town), there are other tips, especially in part 2 that do not require you to gamble to get perks. The second link has all kinds of family friendly activities to enjoy as well.



Around the web sources & tips for more info:

Las Vegas' 10 Best Restaurants for Great Deals on Delicious Food - this is a great general list to get started with more info about the destinations and how to contact them.


How To Eat Like Royalty In Vegas Without Breaking The Bank – Good reference for various types of food, average prices and bargains can be found depending on what you are interested in – at least you'll learn more about the local food scene and things to be aware of when visiting.


77 Restaurants To Eat Cheap Food In Las Vegas – this is a huge list of all kinds of tips for eating relatively cheap in Las Vegas, even if you want to experience more of the expensive places, certain things on the menus are cheaper than others are. (On the article, be sure to click +MORE and explore within the sections to see all the ideas.)


Cheap Eats on the Las Vegas Strip: 12 of the Best Bites Under $12 – tacos, shrimp, pizza, ramen...just like it says, more places to eat cheap!


Las Vegas Cheap Eats 2015: 18 New Cheap Restaurants to Try Now – this is a list of various restaurants with meals for less than US$10. It shows a map view so you can see where they are located, some of them are quite far from the Strip, however if you are willing to travel, it may be worth checking some out.


Best Las Vegas Restaurants: 25 Secret Spots Where The Locals Eat – recommended by locals, professional chefs, and others – these ideas are not necessarily the cheapest, so call ahead to the restaurants if you want to check prices more before you go.


Where to Eat in Las Vegas Off the Strip – this list has some interesting selections especially if you are a foodie type, love chocolate (or ever wanted to tour a chocolate factory), love good burgers and fries, or just want to experience things off the beaten path.


50 must-eat Las Vegas meals – If you are looking for a quintessential Las Vegas dining experience, check out some of these ideas. Mind you, they may not be the cheapest, but chances are they will be delicious.


Want to see what other travelers have said? Check out this forum post from Trip Advisor


So there you have it, now you can feel confident when you visit Las Vegas that you can have a great time, eat great food, and stay at great locations even on a tight budget.

Oh, and one last thing, no matter where you stay in Las Vegas, if your room is not up to your standards (clean sheets, working TV & remote, clean bathroom, and adjustable heat/AC, with a comfortable bed quiet enough for you to sleep, etc.), call the front desk or housekeeping and report the issue. Sometimes you can request to change your room if needed and the room you get may be even better than expected. Hotels do renovations in stages, so they have some rooms at times that are more modern than others. They will always do their best to accommodate your requests so long as you are respectful to them. Also you can request more towels and other sundries any time there is a housekeeping person nearby, or call down and they will bring it up. Just remember if you put the Do Not Disturb sign on the door, they are not allowed to knock, so if you want them to bring you something or repair something, take the sign off the door temporarily. Otherwise, it's always best to leave it on the door whenever you don't want people in your room. And always double lock your door with the latch-lock for safety when you are inside your room.


OK that sums it all up.  Now you can visit Las Vegas like a pro and have a great time on any budget.

Have fun and safe travels. WE look forward to seeing you at our next live event!


Next Unicorn Network Live Las Vegas Event:

What: Biggest Talent LIVE Finals Show

When: Sunday, June 25, 2017

Time: 10am – 1pm USA PDT

Where: Saxe Theater inside the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino

Ticket Information: Will be released at a later date for the show.

Other General Information: Simultaneously, this BT Finals show will also be live streamed worldwide. Both the live theater audience and the web audience will be able to participate in the voting for the Biggest Talent Season 3!


Additional Hotel & Theater Information in Las Vegas, NV USA:

Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino is located on the corner of East Harmon Ave. & South Las Vegas Blvd. – around the mid-3600 block of South Las Vegas Blvd., next to the Paris Hotel & Casino with the big Eifel Tower and across from the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.

Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino's location:

Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino's Map:


Check out more details on the official Event posting coming out soon, updates will be posted once available.


Feel free to share this article with anyone in your Unicorn Network First Generation, friends, and family.

Reposting & translations allowed if credit link given to this post.  Power of "We" Blog ©2017 All rights reserved.

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06/02/2017 2 Comments | Add Comment
Cate | 06/02/2017
Awesome Alicia, thanks! I love your notes about the different sections of town, yes for sure safety in numbers and always use your street smarts when visiting, absolutely great points indeed.

And yes, we have Round Table pizza up here in Reno too (and all over the USA), and they do have good pizza, sometimes on Tuesday's they have a pizza buffet special... at least they do up here. ;)
Alicia | 06/02/2017
I used to live 65 miles north of Las Vegas. You covered just about everything. :D There is in Northern Las Vegas on Rainbow Blvd a Jack-in-the-Box. It is not far from the Strip (5 to 10 minutes). Red Rock Canyon in the North is also fun to visit - I enjoyed doing this with my children when ever we had to go to Las Vegas since it is practically right next door. It is a fun and inexpensive family activity. Rainbow Blvd (west side) has a Walmart and Sam's Club too. Las Vegas also has pizza parlors that are cheaper than dining at the hotels/casinos. My preference is Round Table. The safest sections of Las Vegas (per my friends who still live there) is the North and South. Not much is in the west (mostly the airport). The East section is rough, and therefore recommend avoiding it. Each city has their good sections and not so good sections. The East is known for its problems and crime. If you are the kind that casino hops at night, make sure you have a large group with you - safest in numbers, and stay on the Strip for it has a lot more police watching and patrolling it. Just sharing what I know to help everyone visit Las Vegas safely. Enjoy your visit! It is the city of ENTERTAINMENT ;)
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