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BOBL Updates Webinar Recap June 2, 2015

BOBL Updates Webinar Recap

June 2, 2015

Presented by Suresh Kumar



Hello guys? Are we ready to start?!

OK please do not use GROUPS OR CIRCLES. We stated this yesterday and some people started creating them anyway. The process is incomplete; when you are adding people to groups they have no option to accept or reject. And at the same time, if I make a request to join your group, you cannot accept or reject. So DO NOT DO ANYTHING with these groups until we say it is ready and we teach you.

When we tell you not to use something, it is for a reason... it is not ready yet...

What you are creating right now will be deleted right before we tell you it is ready, and it is unnecessary work.

We got users coming to the Skype room saying: I got added to this group; I don't want to be in this group; how do I get out of it...and then we have to answer it. And I get pinged by so many people asking me how to do things, why isn’t there an option to decline etc. I am not going to answer these questions because we have already stated in previous webinar recaps. We are all busy doing the more important work which needs to be done; we don't have time to entertain unnecessary questions. It takes a lot of brainpower to think and set things up; we don't want to be distracted from our work. So the GROUPS & CIRCLES ARE NOT READY - DO NOT USE THEM.

Hopefully tomorrow we will have updates, we are about 90% done right now... when it is ready, we will SHOW you how it works. Yes, I know some of you will figure it out, and there are others who need guidance... so please wait.

There are a lot of things happening behind the scenes...

The layout of BOBL is going to change to make it a more pleasant experience for everyone. So please be patient.

OK so this is our Question and Answer time... I have 50 minutes and then I need to go back to work. These questions are to be related to questions you have about how to use something in BOBL, not for bug reporting or suggestions for new things.

So chat is open, post your questions folks.

Remember, feel free to make posts in your own languages; share with us the news happening in your local city or town; share events happening in your city or town. If a new movie is going to start playing in your local cinema, BOBL it; if a concert is happening, a fair... anything going on.... BOBL it!

For our audio files we have SoundCloud and MixCloud; for videos we have YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Yuku, Facebook ... we have 5...we will add more... it takes time to check the script and all that. Down the road slowly you will simply be able to copy/paste from any URL and it will work; for now though if it doesn't work we just have to leave it.

Next question?

Remember... I see very little people posting things happening in your local city; share the weather, share the climate; there must be something happening; even if it is a riot or the mayor's birthday. So please start sharing your local activity, things that are happening: a flower show, a school concert; something is happening. It is not just going to YouTube and taking a YouTube link and posting and share. It is not just going to do a search for pictures and it is from a place where you have not been. Create quality content and start sharing things from your city.

And always ask this question…why am I sharing this? Each time you make a post ask yourself this: why am I sharing this? It will help you make a description where you share your experience and that will get more people to go to your post.

Amante has shared and guided some information that Michael shared and highlighted about how to create great descriptions


Yes, do a search online for your local newspaper or news about your city.

Yes, everyone remember The Wrap... we are 50% of our target of 1,000 votes for Ester, our First Lady of BOBL.

OK sometimes YouTube is restricted by country, sometimes they delete videos. There is nothing that we can do about it; the person who made the box needs to go and check. It is YouTube's decision to block or remove content; it could be copyright infringement or something else. It is up to you, as the person posting to go and check your content. Yes it is the same with FB, sometimes people mark it as Spam, people don't like it and so sometimes they remove it.

It is important to understand what you are doing, why you are sharing. When you share something you must make sure it is always available; you have to regularly check your posts you are making. I am not saying go back 5 years but you should monitor the last 2 weeks.

The most important is for you to understand what you can share and what you cannot share.

First look (for example) who uploaded that video? Was the person sharing the same person who created the video? If not, then you will run the risk of the content coming down. If for example, I sing a song, and upload it, then Alex downloads it and uploads it himself again, he is taking the risk because he does not own the song and he has no right to share it.

So you have to know the source from where you are sharing. If you share something from the original source then for sure it will not be removed or blocked.

Example: If Michael Jackson has a YouTube channel and you share a video from that account for sure it will never be blocked or removed. If you share a Michael Jackson’s video from Alex's channel, then for sure that video will be removed and blocked at some point. So it is very important to check on a regular basis and know the source from where you share things.

Next question?

Correct, there are many restrictions, these are things we cannot help, and it is a very complicated system. Legally they have their reasons so you as the user, you have to know; it is different in Malaysia, it is different in Germany, and it is different all over the world.

Talking about what you mentioned earlier... about the BOBL Layout changing... Yes, there will be some layout changes; I did not say exactly where; you are speculating I will not give details until it is ready. I am very particular, I will give you hints but never tell you until it is ready and I can show you.

Engage users in BOBL... When you post something, think... what will make other users read or look at your post? Because there is a reason for making a post − you want people to read, to like, to comment, and share (rebobl) your post.

If you make a post and all you write is flower... that is not interesting.

Crack a joke... even if it is a serious topic... crack a joke...tag your friends.

I posted a box about Miruna Pop... I am calling her a princess because she is a cute little girl. I posted and I tagged many people. I set an example. And I stated there please tag your friends. When you do that your friends will come and like and post their comments. We need to support our Season 2 IWBF Winner. She is lucky now we have BOBL and we can help support her in even more ways. Go to the original post SHE made and tag your friends.

The same thing for 12 Days and the same thing for PerfectPages. I am aware of these official pages; those are the 3 I know. Tag your friends; help to bring attention to these accounts. Make comments, Like the posts and very important − you can rebobl; but when you tag, tag in the original. For now we are starting so we need to bring the attention to the original BOBLBOX post.

If it is 12 Days, go to 12 Days; if it is PerfectPages go to PerfectPages. The same for Miruna Pop. When we open, by focusing on the original post so when we open it could be like Miruna Pop has 1,000 Likes... 787 comments...

Wow... wouldn't that be nice when we open for them to see that?

I am no expert in social networking; I am just thinking with my coconut, but I think it will work and I am confident. Don't force yourself to do it; the reason I am telling you this is maybe you like Miruna. If you don't like her then don't do it. Same thing for PerfectPages and 12 Days, if you don't like... then don't do anything. The tips I am giving are for those who you like. Remember we are not forcing anyone to do anything. It does not matter what you like, but when you like something, you should bring attention to that box.

OK this is how you use and you engage people with BOBLBOXES. In Facebook when they like something, they share it. When they share, I can see because they are my friends.

Another thing is that we know we have 3 walls now: the global wall, the personal wall, and the public wall. The public wall is where people see your wall. Understand your personal wall should not be only for your personal posts, it should be personalized for you; meaning if you like Joel's posts then you bobl Joel and that is how you follow him. The same thing for Cate, if you like the posts she makes then you bobl her and when she makes a new post you will see it on your personal wall. I want to know about Miruna Pop and her new videos so I follow her; when she posts new videos, I will know. Same thing with others. You choose who you want to follow, so you don’t have to go to the Global wall and search for their boxes, this way you have their boxes on your wall. You choose who you want to follow, if you like what they are posting, bobl them so you can be updated when they add new boxes.

When you are having challenges with tagging, first check to make sure you are friends with the person you want to tag. You can tell by looking at a box from the person you want to tag; look beside the letter B+; look if you see a blue or green tick, both, or nothing.

We can share our BOBL anywhere... Google+, LinkedIn, anywhere... but from within BOBL at the moment, we will give only the options to share in Facebook and Twitter, we can automatically give you an option to share in FB and Twitter; but you can copy the link and share it manually in other social networks and it will work.

Usernames... are not blocked yet... so please go and change if your Username has anything to do with any brands (including PI ones...)

When you create groups (once that is open) don't use official names, don't use brands, and don't use just the country name like Germany. You can be the Best Beer Drinkers of Germany, but don't put Tourism Germany or just Germany. Because you never know, all these government agencies now have FB accounts so if we take these names, when they come in they cannot create their accounts. And what will they do? They will leave! So pass the message around…

At the end of the day, we will check official names and if it is not done by the official source, we will delete it and you will lose that group.

As more government agencies come, the more users will come to BOBL and it will benefit all of us.

You want to create a group for your city... it's OK...you put there "my city blah blah blah" it's OK... don't just put the city name; you need words before or after the official name.

Reno Fan Club... for example...

We know how to check; we can easily identify an official site and someone creating an official site.

I know where you guys are all coming from...

FB in the first few years did not have this process, and for sure we will have verified accounts, all this is a process and it will take time to do. From my checking on FB, they are automatically given and there is a process to identify if the account is authentic or not; don't worry that is all in our plans.

Even you as a user... down the road you can have a verified account. There are rules and regulations; you don't have to apply but you will need to fulfill these requirements and your account will be verified. It is a process, we are just building the basic structure; later we will enhance the structure and add more stuff. You have to understand; you have to start somewhere and then you develop. We are totally aware of it and we are going the right path.

Ok guys, thank you very much.

Keep your fingers crossed.... hopefully groups and such are done for tomorrow... we are at 90%. Go and delete what you have done already if you did so, and don't create anything new in groups and circles.

I have to run, we will talk tomorrow…

I have a meeting to attend... bye-bye and have a nice day!


With your success in mind,

Suresh Kumar and your

WAZZUB Support Team

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BOBL Updates Webinar Recap and Video June 1, 2015

Video recording

BOBL Updates

From Webinar held on June 1, 2015

Presented by Suresh Kumar


Note: Sharing or reposting of this video is prohibited.



BOBL Updates Webinar Recap

June 1, 2015

Presented by Suresh Kumar



Hello, how is everybody doing today?!

OK guys, today the first thing we are going to do is I am going to do a test on all of you. First log into BOBL and go to the Global Wall. Now scroll down slowly... study what you see; scroll down at least 30 rows down the page. Then give your feedback on what you see on the global wall.

There are a lot of boxes from the same people in the same category one after another.

Having a lot of videos doesn't matter when it is from different users; when it is from the same user, row after row, then there is a problem.

If I post a video, Dirk posts a video, then Alex posts one... that is different people posting and that is OK. When it is the same person posting in the same category row after row, that is a different story.

Remember this is just while we are in testing...Understand that right now there are only 10-20 people active at one time. Later when we open there will be many more people posting at the same time; right now though, while we are a small team bobling, it doesn't look good. So please do the needful and send them a message when you see things like this.

Now... there have been many questions about when are we going to open BOBL? We had a meeting, and it will be opened by this weekend. The reason is that we decided to add some more features that everyone has asked for. Remember this is the plan and this is the target, hopefully we can do it even before the weekend; sometimes things happen, even when you plan, things go wrong and you need to fix things, so there might be a small delay depending on things. We are about half way through adding stuff and we will have new things to talk about tomorrow.

So today we will have a short Question and Answer webinar.

Remember the old BOBLBOXES? We started with creating video boxes with YouTube links and you will need to fix your description and keywords. We explained this previously, there was a bug, we tried to fix it ourselves, but we could not ... so you need to manually fix it.

So to get to your own personal video boxes which need edits go to your personal wall... click on the dark blue icon, and enter "YouTube" in the keyword search. This is important; your BOBLBOXES can be found, you must go through and fix the description and keywords. We understand this might be a tedious job, we are sorry, however things happen and it needs to be fixed. We appreciate your time and effort in fixing them and doing the needful.

I am now sharing my screen. OK, now here you are on your personal wall. For example, let's go to videos, I click on the dark blue icon (there is where we search for the videos as we said before). Another way, if you have posted a lot of music videos, or animals, or whatever category you used the most, you just search by Category.

Now when I see something like this, a box I have created but now it says the content is unavailable, then I just click the X to delete it. Because when people come to my BOBLWALL, I don't want them to find content they cannot see.

So you can also go by the category and boxes you have shared in that category. So there are many different ways to search for content you have created; play around with it and have fun.

See some boxes I have to re-categorize...so do the needful on your BOBLBOXES.

OK now how to find all YouTube videos on somebody else’s wall. I go to that persons’ wall, I click dark blue icon for videos and I put YouTube in the search phrase. Please remember to use YouTube as 1 word, not 2 separate words. And there we find all the YouTube videos.

OK now... to delete images... click on the picture and you have the options to delete. Go to edit, choose the album, click on the picture and you can delete.

If you do not have the old videos where you have the challenges (your original description missing and now it is just the video URL) if you did not use YouTube as a keyword, you will not find your video.

The letter B = Followers... so the number below it indicates the number of friends and followers you have or that person has. It is not the followers per box; it is your total followers.

For each box, that is based on the Likes... how many people liked your boxes.

Remember that when you edit the boxes, it stays in the same position; it will not go to the top and be the first one on the list.

When you look for a specific video, you look by a title, the name of a song, a singer, etc.; you don't search for YouTube; put the specific song, singer, or whatever you are looking for.

How to see your friend requests: go to Organize your BOBL Friends section….choose “Pending requests” from the dropdown menu and click Go.

When you are reading comments, you can always choose “new first” so you can see the latest comments first.

Any suggestions like this for the comment scrolling, add them to our suggestion room, there are team members there who will look into it and it will depend on when or if it will be added.

Soon we will have the chat. It might or it might not be ready before we open to the public...

Is there a place where we can see instructions how to use BOBL?

Yes, under How to use the BOBLPAD.

We already have the French language... before you login you can select the language. We are waiting for the other CMs to send in their translations; as soon as they arrive and they are approved they will be added immediately.

Do not do anything with circles and groups for now please. We are working on things and hopefully by tomorrow it will be ready.  The FAQ and Support will be later.

If there are no other questions, we will end our meeting for today. Hopefully we will have the circles and groups ready and we will explain how to use them. Until then, please do not do anything with circles and groups. Once they are done then we will explain and you will know.

And remember... DO NOT Create ANY group names with any Brand names...not even PI. All these things will be deleted; we will not contact you, we have no time. Remember we have PerfectPages, businesses will want to come in and use their brand name so: DO NOT USE ANY BRAND NAME. It is important. We are a real business and we have to keep those names open for the legitimate businesses.

Please check out the link Dirk is sharing... it will be helpful for you to fix your boxes. Dirk is also busy and has taken his free time to produce that to help all of you.

You need to join this club first: http://wazzub.com/clubs/boblsupport

And then you will be able to read the forum post.




Thank you for your time and see you tomorrow same time and place, for more updates.



With your success in mind,

Suresh Kumar and your

WAZZUB Support Team

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BOBL Updates Webinar Recap and Video May 30, 2015

Video recording

BOBL Updates

From Webinar held on May 30, 2015

Presented by Suresh Kumar


Note: Sharing or reposting of this video is prohibited.





BOBL Updates Webinar Recap

May 30, 2015

Presented by Suresh Kumar



Hello, how is everybody doing today?!

Nothing exciting to announce today other than questions and answers.

Before we go into that, I have an update for you:

Remember the old BOBLBOXES, where we had issues with the number 1 in the descriptions, the keywords and all that; your very first BOBLBOXES you created?

Well you need to personally go, check and fix all your old boxes, for description and keywords. We tried our best to recover them but for unknown reasons, they cannot be recovered. So this is why some of you are trying to search for your content, especially your old boxes, and you don’t find them. So until you go and correct the descriptions and the keywords, those boxes are irrelevant. Sorry, but this is what you have to do. Things happen in life and this is what you have to do.

If other users are wondering about how come they can't find their boxes, now you know, please let them know to go and do the needful on their own boxes.

Some of them we were able to recover, and others we could not. We did our best and now it is your turn to do the needful and fix them.

Now it is time for your questions...

The chat is open. Go ahead and post your questions.

OK first about rebobling. You can always rebobl, there is no restriction, but you have to understand something. I want everyone to do this, is everyone logged into BOBL?

Go to the global wall... let's do a test.

Listen very carefully and follow my instructions. The first BOBLBOX post on the top left side... refresh your screen, what do you see? OK everyone rebobl that post. Ok now everyone refresh your global wall. You see what happened? Don't do anything yet, just look at it. Now just imagine if you are the only one who rebobled…what happens? Just imagine...

Now please click the X at the top right corner of YOUR OWN rebobled box. Where you see your profile picture, that particular box, just click the X, then I will explain.

OK there is no problem rebobling...

The only problem is that some of our users rebobl a post that has JUST BEEN POSTED. So then you see 2 posts right next to each other. And then someone else rebobls it and there are too many showing.

So what is rebobling? When you see a post that is great you need to wait until the post has gone way down the page; or you rebobl the following day to bring attention BACK to the post.

It serves no purpose if I make a post and immediately 3, 4, or 5 others rebobl it. So if you rebobl do it correctly.

I am rebobling. The post about the holes in the t-shirt... I rebobled it today, I modified the description because there was no correct answers yet. So there so there is no restriction on rebobling if you do it correctly. It doesn't matter if it is only 1 person doing it wrong or more than 1 person doing it wrong. The fact they are doing it wrong just creates duplicates too close to each other.

OK next question.

Groups and circles are not open yet... we have not told you yet... when we have not told you, then we do not know yet… when you don’t know, you don’t know.

Stop questions for one moment. I will share my screen. OK I am on the Global Wall, I click on the dark green box… I want to search for posts in a certain language. I select from the dropdown German for example... I click there and click GO. So by selecting the main category (colored icons) you search. Then you can select the language and get BOBLBOX posts in the language you are looking for.

Now... if you click on the rainbow.... there is no language there (we will add it).

In your personal wall, if you create in multiple languages... I can select the language there…I selected Chinese, if I created any in Chinese it will show. And there you go... all these boxes have to do with Chinese. So that is how you search for language or anything. Click to read it and you can copy.

There are 2 ways you can copy the description. Let me show you...OK how to copy the description: One is you mouse over, highlight, right click and copy. The second way is to click rebobl, and the description is easy to copy.

OK next question.

Can we see which friends are online?

What do you mean online friends? Outside or inside of BOBL?

At the moment, no you cannot see; you can see when people post, if you see their posts on top, you know they are online

but now there is no option for that... coming soon.

OK...now his question is how to edit...you click on the edit... it is a bit tricky... you can go to the top, change and delete whatever you want. (click in the white comment box when you want to edit, you can press enter from there to save your changes)

See when you are done, just click enter and it saves it and you are done. You will never go wrong, try it and do not be afraid... the worse that can happen is you lose your picture, so you need to get a new one. Perhaps your comment will get messed up, keep trying and experiment, that is how I learned. Just click on it and play around with it.

There are things we want, there are things we want to add to BOBL before we open, it will be real soon. There are thing happening behind the scenes taking care of the things we want to add to BOBL before we open to the public.

CTRL +F search is provided by your browser… that is why our search options are the best.

Now about keywords. If all our users are putting pictures of a car but they are giving the wrong keywords... you will not find it. That is why we stress the keywords, they need to be related to what you are posting.

About tagging people… it is not very nice to tag so many people... I did it for a reason. I do not always tag a lot of people... I did it on this box and for the 12 Days. When you find a box that you think your friends would be interested in the content, only then you tag them.

I tagged many people because I wanted to show you how this can be done as a teaching example. This does not mean that every time you want to tag your freinds you tag ALL of them. NO. The reason why I did it was to show members how it is done.

I have gone to other people's posts and I tag my friends and those who are following me... it is not my post, I am letting my friends know it is something interesting; but we have to be careful. The reason why I choose those people was because they are our members so they won't get angry. if I would tag everyone to one of my posts, then they would get angry.

Now where you see your notifications. At the top... if you mouse over the header it will open. Near the logout button you will see if you have notifications. I have 4, so I will click and see. Now here in this notification window... if you were tagged, you will see it here... it will say... your friend tagged you in such and such a box. So I click on the post where I was tagged and I can then see the post and can click the comments.

Ok and I know your thoughts about the notifications... later we will make it better, for now, it is as it is.

You see if I keep it, as long as you don't close this, you can check all your notifications. For now make sure you check all your notifications before you close it; for now, once you close it... they are done.

It is not the most important thing to solve for now, there are many other important things to do. See now these are new ones, all the previous ones disappeared. So you see how you can see when someone tags you and you can click the comments to see what they said, simply simple.

Ok now for a search using the word “car” yes I can see we are getting many other content in results. It seems the search is using the letters, not just complete words. I will look into this immediately. Let me discuss with the programmers, I am no expert in that field... but just like you, when I search for "car" I don't want "macar ice cream" to show up in my results.

Earlier there was a question in Skype...about the adult category and where it shows, does it show on your wall, your friend’s wall…

OK how many of you do not have Amante as a friend or who is NOT following Amante. If you see a blue tick and a green tick, you are his friend and following him. If you only see a green tick, you are following him, if you only see a blue tick, you are his friend and are NOT following him. If you see no ticks, that means you are not his friend and you are NOT following.

Now Amante is going to post something in the Adult category and we will see who can see it.

OK now the reason some of you don’t see and some of you see... The reason why YOU see on your personal wall is because you are FOLLOWING Amante. For those of you who are just his friend but are not following him, you will not see on your personal wall.

You ONLY see Adult content posted by someone, if you are following them.

Now let me recap on the Adult category:

1) you will NOT see it on the Global Wall

2) You will ONLY see it on your personal wall if you are following them. If you don't like it, unfollow them.

3) If you are ONLY a friend of someone, you will NOT see the post on your personal wall.

4) If you go to Amante's wall and you see adult content, you cannot complain. It is his wall, he can do what he likes, do not complain... If you don’t like, don’t go to his wall. Period.

It is not like on FB where you see it on your timeline. Don't go to a person's page where they are posting adult content if you don't want to see it.

Down the road, we will add more security in who can post, age verification etc. All that takes time and programming and it is not the most important thing now; down the road we will put in more filters. So it is not that they cannot post adult content, they can… we can just add filters.

When you click an X on a box... it doesn't matter if that box is on your personal or global wall...you will not see that post again. When you click the X, you are just removing it from your personal wall, but it remains on the wall of the person who created the box. So other people who have not disliked it, they will see.

Now about private options. Click the pen, then dark blue if you want to post a video for example... I select the language and country... now for Category when you select Private, you must choose with whom you want to share, with 1 person. And after you create that box only the 2 of you can see it.

When you connect your BOBLWALL, that is to connect it with other social networks, so when you post something in BOBL it also posts in FB and vice versa.

next question... last 5 minutes folks...I have to stop in 5 minutes and get to another meeting.

Remember, it is very important, and I repeat this every day...when you make a BOBLBOX post, you must ask this question...why am I sharing this... text, music, video, etc...you must always ask WHY. If there is no reason, then don't post; if there is a reason, then ask yourself why and share that reason. This song was meaningful to my life... whatever... when you share it like that, it will attract interest from others. The important thing is sharing your experience, that is social networking.

I still see a lot of our users and members posting: flower, flower, flower, bird, bird, dog, dog... The only person I have seen who can get away with it is Joel because he has a funny bone.

OK guys, thank you very much, have a great weekend. No webinars tomorrow we will meet again on Monday, same time and place.

Remember, help, if you see members posting wrongly with copy/paste or poor descriptions... send a message; take 5 minutes and help make BOBL a better experience. If you are going to make continuous posts, when people come to BOBL they will only see your posts, so don’t do that. Create one post, then make a pause. If you only want to post videos... it's OK, post one and then wait 30 minutes... check the global wall and see how many others have posted, and you can post another.

But if you don't go and check and just keep posting... then people will not like what they see; that is why I get angry and block people... it is not because I want to block them; some people just do not listen. We are not children. We have CMs so language is not an issue. We have to be very careful, BOBL is our baby, it is our business, yours and mine. If we, you and me, don't take care of our business, what will happen?

I have been watching...many of them don't learn so I am going to ask for the ban period to be increased. It was a few hours, maybe this time it might be a couple of days. These people when you send them a message, they don't listen, but when you ban them, they come to you right away. So if they come and they say they are banned, you know they did something wrong, ask if they have read the recaps?

I want all the same things you want... this is why it is called a test period to create quality content. It is our duty and responsibility to help take care of this business.

OK regarding WSS... there are things happening behind the scenes, when the time is right we will inform you. With PI it is always great things. I cannot tell you what it is right now but expect for something great, interesting, challenging, great and wonderful.

Once we open to the public, it will not make as much of a difference... for now before we open, we must control... remember this is just for now...

OK guys, I am late for my next meeting, thank you very much, we will meet on Monday. Have a great weekend, bye-bye!


With your success in mind,

Suresh Kumar and your

WAZZUB Support Team

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BOBL Updates Webinar Recap May 29, 2015

BOBL Updates Webinar Recap

May 29, 2015

Presented by Suresh Kumar



Hello, how is everybody doing today?!

Ok guys, I assume most of you are logged in to BOBL. Now I want you to logout of BOBL and you close that tab.

Now I will post a link. I want you to click on it and a page will open. Do not do anything else before I tell you.


If you see a blank page, please clean your cookies, cache and history and try again.

Now look carefully at this page. At the bottom you will find a language option. Click on that and select French. Don’t do anything else.

Then click on the top right corner on “sign in”, so you can login.

After being logged in, in the top right corner, right beside the BOBLCASH, click on your name.

Now you are in your homepage. Do you see the BOBLPAD now? What language is it in? Yes French!

Now click on the BOBLPAD….where it says COMMENT UTILISER LE BOBLPAD…and yes it is all in French.

OK, so we are waiting for translations and as the translations come in, we will have the language all set up.

Now next thing…go to your personal wall, click on the orange circle with the letter B.

OK, choose a box that you created, that has comments and where you made a comment...Click on the C and search for your Comment and there you will see a letter D in red color, which serves to delete your comment. You can also do this on another person’s box, if you remember where you have made comments.

This was what everyone was asking for, and as you see we listened. PI always listens to its members.

OK so our great hardworking and dedicated programmers are waiting for the languages. They nor I can't do anything unless it is delivered.

The Delete for comments is there for you now.

These are the 2 updates we have for you today. We are still working on more things, adding more functions to BOBL.

So when any user goes to BOBL, before they have even logged in, they can set their language. Once you are logged in you will also be able to change your language but it is not set up yet. Later it will be inside "Set up your preferences". That will be how to change your language once it is available; within the next few days it will be set up.

OK Now, I have been doing some tests, trying different things...

I could sit here and simply tell you what to do but that is not what I do. I do experiments, and try new experiences.

How many of you have gone to my BOBL link?  For those who have you have seen that in many of my posts I try to engage users.

I am no expert, I am not claiming to be an expert and this is how I have figured it out. Maybe some of you can come up with more ways. There are no right or wrong ways...

When you go to my posts, there is some kind of direction. When you find something interesting that you think some friend might be interested in, then you should tag him.

I do not tag everyone; I try to think if that person will be interested. Yes I tagged all the ladies in one of the 12 Days posts, but it was specifically for ladies.

You have to read people and know what they might be interested in. There is at least a 90% chance they will be happy you tagged them.

I don't even tag only my own boxes. 12 Days was interesting so I tagged my friends in those boxes. This is how you make your boxes grow. You engage and connect with the right people, with the right content.

I think Amante has been sharing some information about how to create an interesting description, the content for the description and how to get attention and engage…

This has been done, even before BOBL came into the picture, with Pure Emotions. Michael Anthony DeBias, one of our Directors, he has done a great job there. So go check out Pure Emotions, look at how they create the descriptions and learn. And read the webinar recaps.

At the end of the day, you can make 100 BOBLBOXES but if you do not do the right things to engage your users, they won't read and won't be interested. You have to share your experience. When you share something, you must ask the question: WHY am I sharing this particular video, picture, website, news, music? Why am I sharing this? For what?

If there is no reason, don't share because you are wasting your time; you are only creating garbage. I will tell you the truth, even when it is hard to hear.

Ask yourself: why am I sharing this song? Oh it reminds me of a certain point in my life... so you write that in your description… You can also share for fun, but you have to be creative.

I posted one not long ago... I found a shirt so I said "Can you guess how many holes are in this shirt? Guess and put it in the comments." And people started guessing and posting in the comments.

I found another one where the words were posted upside down ... I said "Can you read this?"

So even if you don't have a personal experience you can make things fun, but you need to be creative. Otherwise there must be a reason you share, so you need to say something about that in your descriptions. Give a little information about that flower or plant for example; what type of plant, does it have flowers or smells? Then it becomes interesting for users to read and engage.

I will share the screen and show how to post pictures in the comments, please hold, it will be the last thing I do...

So we need as many of our members to understand this about the descriptions and sharing their experiences. Then we can create a quality environment in BOBL for the public to see when we open. We want them to see how great BOBL is and that all the BOBLBOX posts are very engaging.

I see very little posts about issues or things going on in your towns or countries. I know for sure there are things happening; either your government or city is corrupted or there are great things going on. Share what is going on in your local city and country.

I see people posting pictures of food...after food, after food, after food...and they just post the name of the food.

It doesn't do any good. You don't say anything about the food, you just say pizza for example, you don't tell a story. Go to my wall. I post pictures of food and I always tell a story. It might be funny or serious.

There are many things we can share… things happening in our local towns and countries, events, things that happen to you personally, food..

So the first thing is your description, next the comments; the comments you make are also very important.

BE YOURSELF! Whatever you feel, put it there; don't try to be bad, don't try to be nice...whatever you feel, put it there... if you want to have fun, put it there.

Some of you are just writing... thank you, thank you...

It doesn't mean enough and whatever you feel is OK. If you want to tell me I am wrong? Go ahead, I can take it. If you want to make fun of me, go ahead, I can take it, but it needs to go both ways...

I like to have fun... If you make fun, I should be able to make fun... accept it. Be yourself, it is important.

At the end of the day you will grow; social networking is to build a fellowship. You could be talking something serious, you want to keep everything serious... it's OK but you must be able to carry that seriousness in an engaging manner.

If you are a fun type of person like Joel, he is a fun person, he likes to post funny things and make funny comments, it OK.

The point is, be yourself... if the post is not for you, go to the next post that interests you.

It is how you share your content. It depends on the environment, it depends on how you share this information, and how we respond to information that is shared. These are the 3 factors  that are very, very important.

Like YouTube… you will find YouTube being shared all over the place, you will find it on many sites, and many users doing it, so why should people find you? So why should people come to BOBL? It is the environment, it is the users sharing their experiences through their posts.

Like I said, if you post a picture of pizza and just put “pepperoni pizza” as your description, it makes no sense; everyone knows what a pepperoni pizza looks like.

What comments should you post? Well it has to be related to the post. So when you comment, it should be something to do with that post, not just thank you or just a smile. It is OK, I am not saying it is wrong. So please understand me here, we are talking about how to create better quality, so instead of just saying "Thank You" you can say, "This is a great share, thank you for bringing it to my attention."

You see the difference? Both means thank you, and both are correct. One makes it stand out and makes it more engaging and more interesting.

OK some people are posting like this: they start in videos, go to YouTube and they just copy/paste from YouTube and make 10 posts in a row; and then they go and share 10 audios from SoundCloud... They are not sharing, they are just copy/pasting.

Sharing means you have a reason you want to share something; if you don't have a reason, don't share it; if you share just for fun, in your description it should indicate fun; if it is an experience, then it should indicate an experience.

The final thing before going to the next stage...

The 40-50 of us here who come to the webinars every day, please continue your support. If you see any member posting things wrongly please send them a message, all of you have the ability to contact any member, guide them and advise them.

Now I am going to share my screen and show how to add a picture to a comment. There could be many ways of doing it; people who are good with computers may find many ways to do it.

OK pictures online, you can find pictures in so many places and it shouldn't be a problem... I simply go to our safe search and use the pictures from there...places and it shouldn't be a problem... I simply go to our safe search and use the pictures from there...to our safe search and use the pictures from there...there...

the principle is the same

OK... now let me click on comments...

Pictures can only be put in comments, not in the replies to comments. Later we will allow in the replies, for now it is only in the comments.

Please take a paper and pen and write these instructions down.

First go to the source of the picture. You can choose a static or animated picture, it doesn't matter. I right click on the picture and choose VIEW PICTURE (or image), then you right click on the image and choose Copy. Then you go back to BOBL. You can move your cursor and position it where you want. If you want to write something go ahead, and then you right click and paste.

if you click on the image, you can drag from the corners and sides to make it smaller or bigger; don't go outside of the comment box otherwise it will all be distorted, always stay within the comment box. Then you click submit and the picture is posted. You close, click C+ again and you can see the picture.

If you want to Delete, Click on the red D. If you want to Edit, click on the E. If you want to reply, click on the R. If you want to like it, click on the L. If you want to mark it as spam, click the S.


OK now how to tag users.

Now, 12 Days... I rebobled this box, and I want to bring the attention of my friends to this box so you need to tag in the comments.

Does everyone know the (@) symbol?

When you type it you get a box searching for your friend; you type the @your friend's name.

You can only tag your friends and coming soon is the function to block people from tagging you.


On the global wall, you click on the rainbow. Here you can search for users or content, what is inside BOBL. So let's search for users first, you can type anybody's name. When you find people if you click on their name, a new tab will open and you can see your friend’s wall.

You can search for anything, it doesn't have to be a full name. The more specific you go on the name, the more specific result you will get.

So this is how you search for users: search phrase... you are searching for content, meaning you can search pictures, audio, text, websites, games, everything you can search.

Let's say I want to search for a love song, first I put "Love song" so first you search for a general term. It didn't give me pictures, websites, or dark green boxes, but it did give me videos and music.

Now I can do more detailed searches...

If I know the name of the song I can look for it, or the name of the group. Let's try the group... America.

Now here because I put America, there are things related to America, anything related to America, all in the description there is something to do with America.

Now I want to search for music on the global page. I click on the orange box and this will only show me music. Now search phrase America, that is the name of a band, so all songs that have something to do with America will appear. See my favorite song, A horse with no name, by America. Everything here is audio.

So you can do a rainbow search which includes everything, or you can do a specific search that also includes your own wall.

OK guys, tomorrow is Saturday, we will have a webinar and hopefully we will have some more new things to share with all of you.

Have a great weekend and see you tomorrow.

And remember, the first of June is the last day to change your usernames in BOBL.


With your success in mind,

Suresh Kumar and your

WAZZUB Support Team

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BOBL Updates Webinar Recap and Video May 28, 2015


Video recording

BOBL Updates

From Webinar held on May 28, 2015

Presented by Suresh Kumar


Note: Sharing or reposting of this video is prohibited.






BOBL Updates Webinar Recap

May 28, 2015

Presented by Suresh Kumar


Hello, how is everybody doing? What’s cooking guys!


OK first Important Message to all boblers!!!

"We have extended the time for changing USERNAME in BOBL until the 1st of June”

So please spread this information please.


OK we are going to start. I believe everyone is logged into BOBL...

Now click on the Pen icon and then click on the red box icon. Do not do anything, just click for now. OK now that everyone is there, you can see the BOBLPAD for the red box; you see recipient name; then you have Select group which is not set up yet; then you have Select Support; then you have Friend Finder.

Now search for someone. When you find them click on their name. Type someone's name who you want to look for, look for them and see what happens.  If the person is already your friend, you will see the friend’s box and you can unfriend them. If you are not friends yet, you get the box that shows you where to add them as a friend. If you have blocked that person, you can unblock them. Is that cool or what?

OK so I think everyone has seen it and you know how to use it now.

Ok next...please go to your BOBLWALL, it doesn't matter if personal or global. Choose a box that has 3-5 comments; look for one that has MORE than 3 or 4 comments. If you go to my wall you will easily find this.

(Look for Uncle Suresh on BOBL.)

OK I believe everyone has done this. Now click on the C+ for comments and a pop out window will open. There you will see the following: “old first”, “new first”, “most liked first”. This refers to the comments, so you can choose how you want to see the comments. If you want to see the new comments first click “new first” or if you want to see the old comments first click “old first”, and so on.

Next… everyone click on this link... this is 12 Days

(Look for 12Days on BOBL.)

Click, follow, like, comment, request friend and spread this link. This is very important. Tag your friends and other users, please don't tag me or Cate, we are already there.

You don't have to like anything you don't like, but follow them (bobl them) and request friendship so you can be informed about updates. Then later, you can rebobl and all that...

For now please be very careful; go to your global wall and check if you see it at the top. If you do, DO NOT rebobl immediately. We are a small group of users right now during this testing phase. When you need to scroll down before you can find it then it is ok to rebobl because it will bring it back to the top; that is how you rebobl nicely.

I tagged some users to one of the posts in 12 Days... why? Because it is talking about something to do with women's health, so I tagged all my friends who are ladies.

Now open 12 Days. You see the first box post so click on the comments and you will see. When you see it, scroll down to the bottom of the comment and please read... you will start laughing.

This is an example to show you the proper way to tag your friends. Now go to the last box and click on the comments. You see how Cliff tagged his friends and users started to see the notification and they started joining.

What do we understand here?

You bring someone's attention to a particular post; this is social networking. First you must watch and know what it is and then you tag those people who you think would be most interested in it.

If your friends get too many tags to nonsense, they will unfriend you and block you. So always have fun…

So today, I shared the experience of how to bring the attention of your friends to a particular BOBLBOX post. It does not have to be your BOBLBOX post; you see I found something on 12 Days, and I learned there was something that ladies might be interested in, so I tagged my friends who were ladies. Some will be interested and some will not... that's OK. For sure they will not be mad though, because the content was for ladies.

For fun of course I also tagged, Cliff, Alex, Joel, and Hassan. So tag your friends on content you think they would be interested in.... have fun...



OK now I am going to share my screen and you need to get a paper and pen...

The big question is how to put pictures in comments, so let's have some fun...

When you click on the comments you get the box as you see here. You put whatever you want to put, then you hold your SHIFT KEY to enter where you want the picture. You see my cursor is below the text. Then you can go anywhere and find a picture. I searched for monkey exercise. Once the image is open click view image, then right click and choose “copy image” (not copy URL). Then right click and you paste in the comment on BOBL. You can click on the image and resize by dragging from the corners or sides; it is up to you. Then click and you hit submit and the comment is posted. You can share both static and animated picture, it is the same process.

Please go to your own BOBLBOX. Click on comment and simply get a picture online and post it in a comment. Go try.

If you find any bugs, please let Kingbier know. Don't pm me with bugs, go to KingBier. Also check on more than 1 browser for this bug, and everybody please update your browsers.

Everyone please understand; for now we know everyone will have fun with it all over the place for a short period of time, and that is OK; after that though we need to get back to normal use.

OK I believe most of you, if not all of you will figure it out; if not, please go to the respective Skype rooms and figure it out with other members.

As always when you see a bug, please cross refer, and ask in pm one or 2 other members: hey can you see the images? So before you go and report it, make sure it is a bug so you are not creating extra work.

I know many of you are asking for “delete comment” options; it will be there later, but not now. If you make an edit you can change anything you mess up. Play around with it, you won't go wrong and it will not mess anything up. But don't do it on other people's boxes; when you want to learn, do it on your own box.

The deleting of comments is not the most important thing right now. For now if you make a mistake and want to fix it just click edit, delete your mistake and just put a smiley. Laughing


OK here comes the important part of BOBL...

OK I might sound like a broken record, but I would rather be a broken record and keep repeating on these things because it is very, very important.

Creating BOBLBOX posts...

It is not about HOW MANY BOBLBOX posts you can create.

It is about the QUALITY of the boxes that you DO Create.

It is about bringing attention to these things...

I am going to teach you how to do this, because you can post 100 BOBLBOXES every day but what is the point if people are not going to like and comment on your boxes? What is the point if they are not even looking or reading your BOBLBOXES?

Now how can you create a BOBLBOX post that will be interesting and that will get other users attention?

You have to know and understand what you are posting; you should read, watch, or listen to what you are going to post. For example if you are posting a video you must watch that video so you know what it is about. The same applies for audios, you need to listen; and for websites, you need to visit the website; for games, you should PLAY the game.

If you do not like it yourself, DO NOT Post it. If you DO LIKE IT then tell others in your comments. At least 5% will click, read, like, and/or comment.

OK so this is how, this is what social networking is all about. If you are attending an event, wedding, concert, kids’ concert etc., share that experience; tag those people. This is how you share, and this is how you create value to the post you are making.

If you just go to YouTube and copy/paste copy/paste... NO...

We are fine tuning things now and we want BOBL to be a very pleasant, sweet, and memorable experience, both in terms of content they can find and the experience of using BOBL. We are very, very close.

We are the active ones in the meetings and we need all of your help. When you see people doing something wrong, send them a message and not necessarily in English; use your own language or if you might know what language they speak and then communicate in that one.

I see a lot of our users are not familiar with English so they do copy/paste. Let everyone know that they do not need to post in ONLY English; the descriptions and content can all be in your own languages.

We are working on the translations now so soon you will see things in several languages.

So post in your own language or post in the language you are the most comfortable with; whatever you are proficient in, share in that language.

I have seen some posts in Russian and I don't understand, but it looked interesting so I clicked and watched the video and I laughed and laughed. And I left a comment in English.

So post in your own language.

We will have it our way for translations; just like in PI you click and select the language you want.

So I know the 50+ people here have been very active and pro-active trying your best to contact these members. We all appreciate your support; from the Founders and Board of Directors, everyone appreciates your support.

Rest assured there are things that will happen in PI that will blow your mind. When I say PI, understand PI is the mother company. I cannot tell you, you just have to be patient and trust it will be there.

We have been patient for 3 years now; we have been honest; these things we have never done before and they themselves have never been done before so sometimes there have been delays...

I cannot tell you what it is but rest assured there are great things in store for BOBL. Soon some more great things will happen and it won't take a month or more to happen.

In all of PI there are team members working very, very hard... so we need everyone's support and help. I know there will be some who are critical about things, but don't get yourself wrapped up in that.

For those who are here and can hear this personally, please understand ... I joined PI as a member, I am a member first and I am not a networker. The only reason I tried PI is that it was a member driven company sharing with the members; that is the only thing that got my attention. I was lucky I joined in the early days when Dan was active in FB, I understood his idea and plan and over a period of time, I also understood him as a person. When I say I understand him as a person...Dan is one of the founders and the 3 founders have the same principle, they want the best for the members; they want to do their best for the members; and they always keep their promises.

There will be delays and such but they never break their promises.

The thought of cheating or taking advantage of their members... NO... it does not even exist in their mind.

This does not mean they are soft; when they need to be hard they will be. It is like your kid; when they need to be disciplined you do it. That does not mean you do not love your kid.

And for those who have not stayed with us on this ride… they will look back and wish they had stayed...

Dan is very busy. He would love to be here but his time is very valuable. He makes things happen.

Now I have 2 favors to ask for everyone here to spread. You all know IWBF and you all have a favorite contestant; spread the news and ask your friends and everyone to vote. Go and tell everyone in FB, G+, TSU etc.

Also for Ester Goldberg... share and spread the news and ask them to vote for her.

We will make posts in BOBL from our official BOBL Profile for IWBF, so you can comment, like and rebobl those posts. Can we do that? Yes!!!

Cool so let's make it happen and we will meet tomorrow, same time...and let's see what we have for tomorrow.

If in your country there is a particular channel that most people use (Like YouTube) get the link and pass it to Dirk. If we put it in BOBL they will be more comfortable using BOBL. For example in China there is no YouTube, they cannot access it so there are a few other sites and we allow that. They have their own local FB site so we allow post from there. So everyone all over the world can enjoy. We do things a little bit different...

So please remember to share the 12 Days Link, IWBF, and the Link for Ester...


And contact those people who are doing things wrong.

If you have challenges posting pictures in comments go to the Skype room, talk to other members and they can help you.

Ok thank you being here today! See you all tomorrow! Bye-bye.


With your success in mind,

Suresh Kumar and your

WAZZUB Support Team

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BOBL Updates Webinar Recap and Video May 26, 2015

Video recording

BOBL Updates

From Webinar held on May 26, 2015

Presented by Suresh Kumar


Note: Sharing or reposting of this video is prohibited.






BOBL Updates Webinar Recap

May 26, 2015

Presented by Suresh Kumar



Hello guys! How is everybody doing? Are you having fun bobling?

Ok, let’s start. Remember what we talked about: Share your experience so people will know what you are talking about. The Description is the most important part. When people enjoy the movie, they share that movie, they give a brief description on the movie and say how others should watch and it would be time well spent. Then when others see they will know it must be something good they want to watch.

If you just write “HQ HD Movie” for every post you make, what is the point? You must have an experience that you want to share. Then if it is interesting to you, share it. And when it is interesting to you, when you write the description it comes out naturally. And when people read they get attracted to it and have fun. In BOBL we have fun!

Let me share with you guys, one moment…


Click on it and where you see a lot of comments go click and you see how we have fun. Look at the comments, this is how you engage in social networking. If I like the way you post, I go and comment, and sometimes when I see something funny I go and tag my friends and we go and make a lot of comments on your post. We have fun! That is social networking; that is how you engage people. You have to post something interesting, that is how you engage your friends.


Look here, we were just having fun. Click on this link and click on the comments in the first post. See in the comments... this is how we have fun, this is what social networking is.

So when you post something interesting, people will respond. Of course you have to know your limits and what you can joke about with whom. If you are close then you can joke at that level; you need to build that relationship. I did not know Cliff, Alex, Cate, or Cynthia but over time we built the relationship. On some posts I make they don't comment, they are not interested, but on some post they laugh, comment and have fun.

Now back to BOBL. Please make sure you are logged into BOBL and if you are not please log in now. I am sure all of you are aware of our header at the top. it is minimized, you mouse over and it expands and you know what to do. That is one feature.

Now if you go to your personal wall and if you click on the dark blue box it says Personal video search. If you click on dark green it says Personal text search, and so on. So everything is being fixed.

The programmers have been busy on something else today, so not much to report about BOBL today.

Now if you get a friend notification for friend requests, when you click on it, it will take you to the page where you can accept their friendship, it will take you to the correct page. When you are on your “Organize my BOBL friends” page and when you select the pending requests you will see all your friends waiting for your approval. Before it would refresh and take you back to your main friend page. Now it is staying so you can accept your friends one after another.

In BOBL we have 3 walls. 1 wall is the global wall; on the global wall you see everyone and all their posts. Then you have your personal wall; this is where you also see other people's BOBLBOXES... I will explain why…

Before I explain... if you go to the wall with your username which is the public wall you will only see your own posts.

There are 2 reasons why you see other people's posts on your BOBLWALL:

1. You accepted someone as a friend and they posted on your BOBLWALL.

2. You bobled someone (meaning you are following them)  so this means you will also see all their posts on your own wall.

Ok on the global wall, we all know we see everybody's posts. The orange circle with the B, that is your personal wall. When I click I see my posts, and I see Cliff. You see the Blue tick, that means he is my friend. See the green tick, that means I am following him.

Now let me show you something. I click on the B, and it gives me an option to unbobl that person. So i choose that option, to unbobl Cliff and that means I am not following him anymore. Now I refresh and no more Cliff.

He is still my friend but I don’t see any of his boxes on my wall because I am no longer following him.

Now if I go to the global wall and I look for cliff... or we can do this easier with the rainbow search. Go to the rainbow search and type in his name. You see, now there is only a blue tick which means Cliff and I are friends. But I am not following him, so I will not see his posts on my wall.

Now I click on the B and now I can bobl him again. Now you see the green and the blue tick.

Green tick = I am following him

Blue tick = He is my friend

Now I go back to my personal wall, and I refresh and now I can see him.

This is the only reason you see other people's BOBLBOXES on your wall. So you need to pick and choose who you follow. Somebody is posting interesting stuff for you, so you bobl him and see his boxes on your wall; that way you don't have to go look for them, it is all on your wall.

OK... you saw the URL I posted eariler... http://bobl.us/Test3/Alex

go to this URL and replace “Alex” with your username.

If you want to look for me, when you go to my wall you cannot see Cliff; you only see my wall with my username and you only see MY boxes.

Now... About the Adult Category. Everyone is free to make adult posts. If you want to post porn, go ahead and post but it will NOT appear on the global wall; it will appear on YOUR WALL. If I go to your wall I will not complain, that is on your wall. Now if you post an adult content and I am your friend, the same thing will happen. I will not see it unless I go to your wall. If you post adult content and if I am FOLLOWING YOU then I will see the post. Now when I see the porn or adult content I do not have the right to complain because I chose to follow you. If I don’t like it I will simply unfollow. If I still want to follow you and I don't want to see the porn, then I click the X on the top of the post and it will remove the post from my wall.

And remember: Today is the last day to change your usernames. Please pass this info to members. We are very busy, a lot of things are happening now. Understand, the Username in BOBL will replace the username in all things PI (except WAZZUB - that will come later). So it is important that your BOBL username does NOT contain any PI Brand names nor ANY OTHER brand names. Remember we are a business and businesses will be coming to join us and they will want to use their brand names. When BMW comes, they will want to use their own brand name. And of course if we go and change your username later, it is extra work and you will have issues logging in when we change it.

I know you all love PI... we are all proud of PI, but we need to move on...

Because we have to be proud and use our own name and leave those names for businesses to use it. When they are able to use their names, PI is going to make money. So this is important.

Number 2... your profile picture. You can put any pic you want but remember this: if you want to receive payments from PI you need your real picture; we want to see your real face, your personal data (name and address, etc.) has to be the same as the info on your POI that you uploaded. If you put a BMW as your profile pic you will not receive cash rewards from PI. To receive, you need to provide your real profile pic, your address, your name, and your date of birth. You don't have to, the choice is yours. if you miss having a PI pic as your profile pic, you can use your PIFM badge, but the badge cannot be your only pic, it needs to be PART of the image you use, not the whole thing. Be proud of who you are.


Q: Is there a way to do adult post that are just private for yourself or those who you want to share with? Or all adult are posted on your personal wall?

A: The difference between private and adult: the private is between 2 individuals and only those people can see. Adult is shown to the people who go to your wall and the people who are following you.



Q: Will the underage people be blocked to see Adult contents completely?

A:Yes we will set it up with an age restriction. This is why we need everyone to provide the date of birth. If their date of birth is not there, they will not be able to access the adult content. What I say is basically how the principle is, but how exactly it will work, I don't know.


Now I see members saying they see duplicate posts. These posts are not actually duplicate; sometimes our internet connection is not stable.

We are different, we are loading 24 boxes at a time so if your internet connection is not stable you might see a duplicate. If you stay at that post and refresh the duplicate will disappear. But we will find a solution for it... for now don't worry about that. We will find a solution but it is not a critical thing for us to do at the moment.

Now talking about pictures... the filename...a lot of you are downloading images from the internet... different sites have different ways of naming the files and a lot of them have special or different characters. So when you download you need to rename the image and keep it simple. When you upload it, the system will take care and give it a file name for our system. You can make your image names simple like picture1 or pic2.

Facebook and Google images have their own codes when you download them. If you take a picture of your camera the file name is simple like DCS111 or something like that; you don't need to rename that, only when you download pics from online.

Now about friend requests. OK now Cate sent me a friend request. Let's say I was not online when she sent it to me. One week later I go to BOBL I see I have 3 notifications. I click on it and my notifications open. I see, Cate has sent me a friend request and I click on friend request. I accept...

Now you can click on your name in the top BOBL Header, then you click on “Organize your BOBL friends” and here you can select what you want from the dropdown menu. Simple.

And for sure on the RED box ... we will add a function to send a BOBL request, so maybe tomorrow or the day after we will have that.

And yes all your concerns we put in the Skype room... we take note and certain things we fix immediately...

BOBL will still continue to be worked on and it will get better and better and better. The most important thing is HOW we create BOBLBOXES. It is not important that you post many BOBLBOXES; what is important from today is the QUALITY of the boxes you post. The quality is your experience. I must tell WHY I am sharing this video, picture, etc., not just posting a picture and saying "nail polish", "bird”, "flower".

When you share, WHY are you are sharing something it becomes interesting.

Here are some tips...

What is happening in your country? I want to know about what is happening in your country. Post about the weather in your country. Post about politics in your country. Post about some entertainment or event, post about what you had for lunch.

Yesterday about 6-7am my time, I got hungry, I made some lamb... took some pictures and shared that experience. A lot of users commented on it. Why? Because I shared my experience, it is not about just copy/pasting ...

When you share your experience it becomes interesting. I would want to read and look at your posts. If you just put picture and flower... I will click on the D. Yes I click the D, that is what the D is for. I am fair...

If you post something interesting and it catches my attention, I will comment and tag my friends to come to that post.

Some of my friends have experienced this; when I don't like a post, I click D. Use the L, D, and X at the top; we have to use this to make BOBL a better place. Don't think... I don't want to be a bad person, I will NOT click D! NO! You are not helping that way... go ahead and click the D or the X ... then BOBL will be a good experience for you and others.

When you see a post that is not interesting, send them a message, let them know. if you do not communicate (via the D, L, X or sending a message) you are telling that person how you think about that. If they get too many D they will learn to do better.

We are almost there to open for the public... we have to fix some small things.

There will not be anything major new now... that will happen after we open for the public and we enter phase 2.

And we will not be able to host PPTs... for now you need to host it somewhere and share it in BOBL. Later we MIGHT provide that, for now no.

There are 2 videos you cannot view in full screen: FB and YouTube. We will find a way to fix it. All other videos you can see in full screen.

And everybody, please remember you can click on the rainbow box and search for support by your country. Just type in support…and you will find all of the support profiles.

You can go to the red box, at the bottom is a dropdown and you can select support from your country.

Ok, so again... the very important thing ... there are 50+ of us here.... when you see someone posting one post after another... send him a message... hey stop spamming...

Just like FB and all other sites, if you continuously post you will be banned. We have to learn. Many of our members don't take the time to come to our webinars, they don't take the time to read and the WSS CMs are translating everything...

If they don't want to learn, they will learn the hard way.

Use BOBL as you would any other site, like you use Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud, FB. How many posts do you make in those sites? You post something when you really want to share something? Why should BOBL be any different?

There are so many things and we are working with limited resources. All takes work. On top of that we have started the translation work, so there are a lot of things going on. It is not the new members who will come and do this,it is US here...

The new users who come will only make a few posts each day, they are not going to go crazy. We have to educate ourselves. If you find 10 things interesting go and post. I post about 10-15 post per day; the majority of the time it is an hour or more in between. Most of the time I spend is in commenting and liking other posts. I make more comments. That is why if you go to my wall, Hassan's wall, Alex's wall, Joel's wall... we have fun...

It is not about the number of posts ... it is about the quality ... and this is where the activity begins.

I will talk to you guys tomorrow... go have fun bobling..  go like, go comment, and if I come and like and comment in your BOBLBOX you have to be proud of it, you should respond. If you don't respond, people will think you are not interested in their comments. This is why when you go to my wall there are so many comments. if you want to follow me it is cool, but I am naughty and cheeky and I have fun, so you must be able to deal with it J Don't follow me if that is not your thing. Anyone is welcome...

Don't forget to vote on the Grand Finals round 1 in IWBF if you haven't done so already.

Thank you for being here and bye-bye.


With your success in mind,

Suresh Kumar and your

WAZZUB Support Team

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BOBL Updates Webinar Recap May 23, 2015

BOBL Updates Webinar Recap

May 23, 2015

Presented by Suresh Kumar


Hello guys! We now have the option to upload multiple images at the same time for your picture album. But remember you have to share your experience when you share the album. Why? Because if you don’t no one is going to look at your album. You already put in the effort to post something so put in a little bit more effort to share your experiences. And when you do, what do you think will happen? Your friends will respond.

So only if you share your experience will you get a response.

Now this album is displayed in only one box. And when people click on your box, they can see all the images there.

So how do you create this BOBLBOX? Let’s say I have more pictures that I want to be in the same album. They are from a party, a trip or whatever. So you do the same thing: select your language, country, category...

Next I select the album first. I can select more pictures…I open more pictures and I click submit.

The album was just released about 15 minutes before the webinar and I did not get to fully test it. But on Monday (tomorrow no webinars) I will update you more on this.

For now go create some albums and see how it works.

Remember, please help to spread the news about usernames and profile pictures. Profile pics are not a must, but it is important. If you do not have a real picture or your real info, it is not a problem. If and when you are able to receive cash, you will not receive any cash unless your info is accurate. Remember BOBL is not about making money; we have other projects for that. The BOBLCASH is just a minimum and a small reward for the time you spend in BOBL. So do NOT promote BOBL as a place to make money.

Please help to monitor the global wall, advise members... when you see they are posting without sharing their experiences... send them a message, something like:

“Dear member, I see you have made some great BOBLBOXES, but you did not share your experiences. Please share your experiences…

This is just during the test phase.

So about the albums, if you like some member’s album you can rebobl it so it can appear on your wall. If you don't want to do that you need to go to that person's BOBLWALL, scroll and look for that album. If you know his album name, you might be able to search it that way... maybe... the album was just released so wait for Monday for more info. The basic album is there now where you can put all the pictures in one BOBLBOX post, which is better.

Ok if you select the Category Private and then create an album, you need to select with whom you want to share it, so it will only share with 1 person. It is just like creating a private box. If you select private, it becomes private between you and 1 other person. No one else can see; even if you accidentally rebobl it only the two of you will see it. And please do NOT use the Adult category for now; we have not set it up yet.

And now you can search all your BOBLBOXES from your own BOBLWALL. Go to your BOBLWALL, click on a type of BOBL in the BOBLPAD (blue, red, etc.), then type in a phrase you want and all your personal BOBLBOXES with that search phrase will show.

Also your BOBL Friends are now organized. You can see them when you go to ORGANIZE YOUR BOBL FRIENDS section. If you decline people or block people you can now search for those by  just selecting from the dropdown menu.

Ok, so enjoy using BOBL! Thank you all, have fun and see you all on Monday.

Please read the recaps... all your answers are already there.

And don't forget: If you have used any BRAND NAME out there then it is MANDATORY for you to change your username until May 26th, or we will give you some numerical username and you won't be able to change after that. Until May 26, 2015 you can change your username if you want (unless you used a brand name in it, then it is mandatory.) Keep reminding people about this please.

Thank you very much. Bye-bye.


With your success in mind,

Suresh Kumar and your

WAZZUB Support Team

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BOBL Updates Video and Recap May 22, 2015

Video recording

BOBL Updates

From Webinar held on May 22, 2015

Presented by Suresh Kumar


Note: Sharing or reposting of this video is prohibited.





BOBL Updates Webinar Recap

May 22, 2015

Presented by Suresh Kumar


Today I believe you guys saw another surprise − we have the DEALS available on BOBL! We are still working on it, maybe tomorrow it will be ready.

What I want to bring everyone's attention to is the search with keywords. The search is working perfectly fine. There has been some misunderstandings on the options and how you input things into the drop down boxes.

I will share my screen and use one of the examples Shafi talked about in one of the Skype rooms.

Ok... I am on my personal wall… go to the global wall… It doesn't matter... when you click on one of the boxes you get a search option.

The user (you need to think like a user) will not know what you put in your keyword field, so the normal bobler would look for something they want to search.

In this case we will use the light green box since this is exactly what Shafi was talking about.

So perhaps they search for "Tanzania News portal" without filling in the country or categories. A normal user will do this... (sorry I clicked on the pen before) This is the normal procedure and Voila you get the search results.

This is how a normal bobler would search for things. Now I go back to the global wall and let's see how someone would do it being very specific.

So he wants to look for an English website (I will explain this in detail in a moment). OK let's say I select Country Tanzania and select News. I find the post…

Ok... now back to the global wall again. Now I click on the green, I select English as the language, I leave the countries as ALL COUNTRIES, Category is News. Now here I put Tanzania and I click GO. I still find it. I am looking at all the different options looking for this particular BOBLBOX; Shafi had some challenges finding it.

Now back to global...all languages...Tanzania as the country…News as the Category…and we still get a search result.

OK let's look at different options of searching. Now I am going and looking at his keywords to find more things.

Now this time I did not fill in the language, country, or categories...I choose one of his keywords and I still find his BOBLBOX.

Ok let's just put "News Portal" this time in our search, and go back to Global...and you still get the result.

So the keywords and the search for an item for a BOBLBOX are working perfectly fine. It is very, very important on how you create the keywords and how they are used.

Now coming back to keywords...please pay attention:

When you create your BOBLBOX you have these fields: All Countries, All Languages, All Categories. These are for specific detailed searches.

Remember the drop downs are for specific searches. Understand most people will just search generally. First they will search by the keywords, and when they get a lot of results then they will narrow those down using the dropdown menu to get more specific results.

It is important to understand that the 3 dropdowns are options to give you more detailed and specific searches.

You cannot get results if you search for something with the wrong name.

Now when I set up my box I selected English, All countries and News, and just put Tanzania in the keywords. You will not get results if you specifically search for boxes using the drop down menu for English and News, but for Countries you choose Tanzania, because Tanzania has not been selected from the drop down menu during the creation of the box remember; instead it has been put as a keyword, and All Countries had been selected from the drop down menu.

This is important to understand.

The algorithm is very complicated and it doesn't stop, that is why we have the 3 spots. In Google you put everything in the same area, but we have split it all up.

Language is a separate field.

The country is a separate field.

Categories also a separate field.

These are for specific results.

If you try to search for something you did not select when you created your box then you will not find it.

Remember when Dan talked about BOBL for the first time before...when you do a search in Google, you get 10,000+ pages of results. Here we want to give the user the ability to find specific results.

There are keywords too and there are specific fields to provide the specific result.

Good that you brought up that topic so we could go into specific details and members can understand better.

Now on BOBL you can see that every 5th box is a pink box. I know that when you click on a deal the box is small, but we just opened it today. There will be glitches and they will be fixed.

OK guys, I still see a few members in BOBL... they don't seem to get the idea or messages... I am very sure you guys are messaging them and contacting them to get them to correct their BOBLBOXES. For this moment we suspended banning of members because we have given the members the opportunity to change their user name. The script we are using to allow the username change prohibits us from banning people right now temporarily so it is up to the WSS CMs to make sure they contact and do the needful.

When it comes to BOBL Malaysia... anything where you are using BOBL or any PI Name or any other BRAND name... you cannot do this...you need to change your username.

When we go through and check, we will change it for you and we cannot allow you to change it again after that. If your username violates this, you will end up with one like 123456 and you will NOT be able to change it.

We are busy and this creates extra work.

Now when it comes to blocking things automatically we did not think it would be needed before, however now we are looking at things but it would take a while to do....

When it comes to making suggestions, there are specific places for things to be suggested. Put them there, do not just post in the webinar room. Please follow the proper procedures to get attention for your concern, and please every day remind the members in PIFM Club, WAZZUB Community, chat rooms, Skype… I am sure Rod will do the needful to post in the PI News and other places as needed.

And No, not everyone needs to change their username. Only if you have a PI Brand name (PI, WAZZUB, BOBL, etc.) or you have another BRAND Name as your username like (Nike, Addidas, Coke, Pepsi, etc.) then you need to change your username.

So if you did not use a brand name in your username, then you are good. Some people might want to change their name because they like another one better, cool no problem.

If you have used any BRAND NAME out there then it is MANDATORY for you to change your username, or we will give you some numerical username or something like that. Until May 26, 2015 you can change your username if you want (unless you used a brand name in it, then it is mandatory.)

If you created "Alex BOBL" he has to go remove the "BOBL". No "Alex bobler", you cannot use ANY PI BRAND NAME.

For your picture you cannot use ANY BRAND IMAGES OR NAMES either. These are all trademarked and copyrighted images; if you use them you can be sued.

If you are a PIFM, you can use your PIFM Badge, but you cannot just use that as your profile picture, it needs to be part of your picture but not the whole picture.

You cannot change your username in WAZZUB. We are going to use the username in BOBL for all our PI Stars as we go.

So it is important that you choose a proper name. All WSS CMs please pass this info along and keep telling your members every day until May 26 about this.

I know there are questions about how come we don't send an email. We have limited resources and we know that many people don't read the emails, there are language challenges and for the time being this is what and how we are doing things. So all WSS CMs make sure you are passing this info on to your people so they know and understand.

Any questions?

Q: How about putting Copyright pop up info for audio before upload.

A: Yes, we will put all that, however it will be done in phase 2... first we are concentrated on opening.


When you are sharing from another social site, you are not responsible for the copyright, you are just sharing what someone else shared. It is very important when YOU are UPLOADIND DIRECTLY files from your computer. If you upload the content directly, you are responsible and you will be sued.

If you are a PIFM and you get caught for copyright infringement, you will not just be sued but you will lose your PIFM status and your PI Account too.

When you share images from Facebook make sure it is public. Please make sure you check because there are so many restrictions and options someone can set. Just because you see it as a public video, that does not mean it is set as public.

It is fine to share them...however if you get someone telling you that your content is not available and you shared from Facebook, there is no point in arguing, because it could be restricted by language, country, etc.

There are options.... we are coming to that for our own BOBLBOX creation... please be patient, you will be able to create groups of friends and more... all in time...

Everything has got a solution, we are just asking for a little bit of time...

If someone tells you that you have a big question mark on your video or whatever... check and fix it.

Make sure for if you want to share it later to bookmark it and then share it later when we have the advanced features.

YouTube does this often... when you share YouTube videos you always need to check and make sure the video is good... it may have been removed for various reasons.

I see people who just post, post, post and they are not checking the quality....

There are other ones who share... but the text and images do not go together...

What we are asking for is let's all create good quality content so when we open people will look and say: WOW this is so great!

That is why some of you don't like me... you want to share whatever you want ... agreed... however if you just post, post, post and it is not of quality, even Facebook will ban you for posting too much.

When you share it is about sharing your experiences and thoughts... not just mindless sharing of stuff...

When you share an image, tell about what you like in that image. When you share a movie, tell about what you were thinking, how you were emotionally touched... share about how it touched you and then share the video.

When your friends look at your box, they will see what you thought and then they will click, watch the movie and put their own comment. That is social networking. When you go out to eat and the meal is horrible, the food was crap and too expensive...so when you come home you make a post. You tell the food was unappetizing, too expensive... and when your friends see your post, they will know why they should perhaps not go to that restaurant.

The earthquake...how did we know about it?

When you share ... hey they are expecting a 5.2 earthquake, please pray for us... you are sharing your fear... this is social networking...

Let's say in your country talking about politics...you agree with the politics so you post a box. And let's say I come and disagree with you, I can put a comment and you can reply and defend your point of view and we can argue in a nice way.

It is not about just post a picture or whatever and saying... butterfly, big mountain... what about the butterfly? What about the mountain?

And we need to stop sharing things in the same category over and over. So we need to start practicing how to use BOBL normally... only then can we open to the public.

How many of us here make 5-10 posts in FB every day?

I know people and have friends ... they finish going to the toilet... even if they are in a mall... they take a pic...Their posts are all on different topics, they are sharing their experiences. They are not posting: flower nice..., flower: beautiful, flower: pretty.... just repeating the same thing over and over... NO this is not good.

Do you get what I mean?

I am not saying you cannot go and look for things on the internet and share on BOBL... no, you can... but it has to be an experience. You say things like: hey if you are looking for a good job, go here. I found a great job here today! ... you see you are sharing an experience.

When you just say: “for a good job here” that is not sharing the experience.

So sharing is not just posting. The real people who share are sharing their experiences: I went to this place.... tell what happened...I read this book... tell why you liked it or did not like it etc.

When you share your experience, people will join and start communicating with you. If you just post a picture... rose, nice, beautiful.... what is the point... you are not sharing your experience and people are not going to communicate with you.

Yeah we all know it is a rose, but how does it relate to you? Please let us try to educate our members...

OK thank you guys and we will meet up tomorrow.

Go and enjoy experiencing BOBL.

Thank you very much and bye-bye.


With your success in mind,

Suresh Kumar and your

WAZZUB Support Team


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BOBL Updates Video and Recap May 21, 2015


Video recording

BOBL Updates

From Webinar held on May 21, 2015

Presented by Suresh Kumar


Note: Sharing or reposting of this video is prohibited.





BOBL Updates Short Webinar Recap

May 21, 2015

Presented by Suresh Kumar


Hello everybody! We are very close to opening for the public. So it is very important for now not to rebobl, but comment and like BOBL boxes that you really like. Comment on boxes that are interesting to you. We want to have Likes and comments to the boxes, for when we open to the public. But be natural, don’t like all boxes, use BOBL just like you use any other social network. We need to start using BOBL in a natural way. Until now we were asked to create content, but slowly we have to switch gears and become normal users. From this point on it is about your own experience. What do you want to share on your BOBL wall? Your daily experience, pictures you have taken during that day, a funny video you like, an interesting news you saw and you want to share it, etc. So use BOBL as a normal social network now. Post what you like and enjoy, share your everyday experience.

Many of our members are not on this webinar today. We need those of you here to pass this information to them. It is very important. So please help in passing this information to the other members. We appreciate your support.

(Suresh shares his screen.)

Now do not pay attention to those red color letters inside the boxes. They are just for testing.

If you go to the Global wall and you feel you do not want to see some particular box, you can simply click on the “x” in the top right corner. Then you will not see it anymore. It does not affect anybody else, all will continue to see that box, only you will not.

Now, you can share a video from Facebook to BOBL. These are videos that are uploaded directly to Facebook. If it is a YouTube video shared on Facebook, then it is better to share the video directly from YouTube to BOBL. This is for sharing videos from Facebook, videos that have been uploaded directly to Facebook.

On BOBL you click on the pen, then on dark blue for videos, then you select language and country if it is relevant, you choose a category and put keywords. Then you put a description after you have watched the video and you know what it is about. Now there are 2 ways that you can share Facebook videos, that I know of:

1. You go to Facebook, you find the video that has been uploaded to Facebook. You click “play” , the video plays in a pop up and then you copy the URL on the top. Then you go to BOBL and you paste it, and you click Submit. The video is posted.

2. Sometimes in Facebook, when you click “play” it plays on the page itself, without opening the video in a pop up, so you do not have the video URL. Then you need to click on the Date and Time below the video itself, to open the pop up window, and then copy the URL.


Remember that there are restrictions in Facebook. Sometimes you see a video, but maybe there are restrictions and if you share that video it might not play because it cannot be shared with the public. So always after posting it on BOBL, you have to check if the video plays on BOBL. This goes for anything you post on BOBL. You have to check your BOBL box right after you have created it. Make sure that whatever you posted is 100% working.

Just a note: there are many posts of our tester webinars on Facebook. We were instructed NOT to share the training videos outside of PI or Community. So please remove all those posts that are posted outside. They serve no purpose because now people can’t use anything now. BOBL is not open for the public. Later you can give them your own BOBL URL and they can join BOBL. Or you can share a nice post about BOBL on Facebook and they can come to BOBL.

So if you see somebody posting stuff about BOBL now on Facebook, send them a message and tell them not to do it. Don’t ignore it. Remember, we need to do this together, BOBL is our baby and we need to take care of it.

And keep reminding in Skype rooms and Community, that people have until May 26th to change their username in BOBL. Only letters and numbers are allowed. No special characters are allowed. And this username is only for BOBL. I know that we are supposed to have one username for everywhere, but when the time comes to link it with the other PI pages, we will do it. For now look at BOBL separately.   

Ok, tomorrow we will have another webinar at the same time. have a good morning, afternoon or night! Bye-bye.


With your success in mind,

Suresh Kumar and your

WAZZUB Support Team

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May 20 BOBL updates video

Video recording

BOBL Updates

From Webinar held on May 20, 2015

Presented by Suresh Kumar


Note: Sharing or reposting of this video is prohibited.


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BOBL Updates May 18 Video and Webinar Recap May 19, 2015

BOBL Updates Webinar Recap

May 19, 2015

Presented by Suresh Kumar


Thank you all for attending today's training session. A lot of bugs have been fixed and a lot of your requests have been granted.

If you add a link now in your messages (which is the RED Box), it will now be live and clickable. Links can also be shared in comments and replies to comments; they will be live and when clicking on them they will open in a new tab.

Remember: DO NOT SPAM! I know there are many of us who are marketers and we have other programs we want people to join, and that's OK. But DO NOT SPAM! Send them a private message or create a private BOBL Box. NEVER send SPAM messages though to ANYONE. Let's make BOBL a pleasant experience for everyone.

We know that when we open for the public many people will do different things, we have things in place for that. But just because we know they will do that, does not mean WE should be doing that. Let us set the example for others to follow.

We have gone through a lot of feedback and you will see many small changes throughout BOBL. We are creating bobl.us to work with the latest browsers. If you are using an older version of your browser, you might see issues, so please update your browser.

We have (personally, me, Alex, Cliff, and a few others) tested BOBL on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Maxthon, and Chrome − all based on the latest versions of the browser and we have seen NO issues.

About 90% of all bugs, which were reported previously, have been solved. Private Boxes (Red Colored Boxes) are ready and can be used.

Now to make things easy to follow and understand I will now play a video. In this video you will see how to perfectly create a BOBL Website box, how to tag your friends, and how to use smileys.

This video is not to be shared, only rebobled in BOBL.



BOBL Instructional Video

How To Create A Website Sharing BOBL Box


Note: Sharing or reposting of this video is prohibited.





Ask your CM later for the video, it will be shared in blogs, BOBL Support Profiles, and other places around PI. The CMs are going to share the video so everyone can see and learn. Please be patient, the video was already given to them earlier and will be sharing it shortly depending on their time zones. One thing I request is that when you share these videos for members, DO NOT SHARE it outside our PI Platform. First because outsiders are not allowed to use BOBL yet and second this video is not professionally produced.

When we want to share something outside of PI, we need to make sure of the standards and quality. This video was created quickly, simply to share with PI members for now. If I catch anyone sharing this video outside PI, they are going to be in serious trouble.

All CMs make sure you include when you share the video that:

This video is not to be shared, downloaded or whatever... it is ONLY for Viewing or rebobling.

This is my property and we need to make sure we maintain our standards and quality.

If you see someone creating a box wrongly by themselves, send them a message or however and guide them.

Any questions on how to use BOBL?

Q: Why can’t I delete a comment?

A: For deleting comments, that will come later. For now you can delete messages in your RED box. So whatever messages are not important delete them, otherwise you are just taking up server space.



Q: How do I find someone I denied and blocked?

A: For a person you have blocked and you want to friend him again, you need to go to the rainbow box, search for their name, and then you can send them a friend request. It is then up to them to accept you or decline and block you. Any previous blocks are canceled this way; we do not need to keep a record of all blocked people, you can just search for them and send them a friend request.



Q: After deleting the unnecessary messages, how do we clean them, meaning how to clean the DELETED messages afterwards?

A: To permanently delete them from the DELETED section, you need to click on the “x” in the upper right corner again on each message.



Any more questions? Ok since there are no more questions, I want to say this, all of you here.... you are the active ones... if you see something which is not good, send them a message, put a comment in their box. It is always important to understand that we need QUALITY content. It is NOT the number of boxes you post; rather it is the QUALITY of the posts you create.

OK thank you very much, have a pleasant day, see you tomorrow, same time, I will create another short video so it becomes a training tool.


With your success in mind,

Suresh Kumar and your

WAZZUB Support Team



Join us again on May 20 @ 12:00 pm PDT for
another BOBL Updates Webinar




Video recording

BOBL Updates

From Webinar held on May 18, 2015

Presented by Suresh Kumar


Note: Sharing or reposting of this video is prohibited.


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May 16 BOBL Updates Video

Video recording

BOBL Updates

From Webinar held on May 16, 2015

Presented by Suresh Kumar

Join us again on May 18 @ 12:00 pm PDT for
another BOBL Updates Webinar


Note: Sharing or reposting of this video is prohibited.

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General Webinar Recap May 16, 2015

General Webinar Recap

May 16, 2015

Presented by: Gee DaCosta


Wazzub everyone!  It is Saturday, May 16, 2015 let us go ahead and get started.  Welcome everyone to our family gathering, once again today is the day of our famous LOTTEFREE jackpot drawing and more good news.  We will talk about the jackpot drawing at the end of this webinar, which should not be very long today.

First of all we are going to talk about BOBL. As you know BOBL is the newest star in our PI galaxy and it is still in an extensive testing because as you also know BOBL will be a huge star in our PI galaxy. We believe that the world will be bobling with us, so you need to make sure that everything is working properly.  While we are not perfect, we do the best that we can to be as close to perfect as we can.  Our programming team is working furiously and we believe very soon we will open the doors to the world.

Not only that, but we also have created our famous theme song for BOBL!  Whether you have seen it or not, we're going to share it with you here today because I'm sure that you will love it. Your feedback will be appreciated as well.


Alright pretty awesome right guys!?  Amazing!  Everything that we do, we do with class.  So the BOBL song is a big hit and people love it just like we do.

(Chat was opened during the webinar and everyone was resoundingly positive about the song and really loved it.)

Now let us switch gears, and talk about our first lady of BOBL, Ester Goldberg.  You know I had the opportunity to meet with Ester in Las Vegas and I promise you guys, what you have seen so far about her is nothing compared to being in her presence. Guys, I was laughing from beginning to end and did not want to leave. She is just very funny and you will not stop laughing, I can promise you that.

We need you to vote for Ester, we're going to share a link and we want to activate the Power of WE and vote for Ester to come back on a show called The Wrap. Ester has even moved to Las Vegas to be closer to the action and she is 100% with us.

So please everyone, click on the link below and vote for Ester (Vote: Yes, She's Hilarious)


So after this webinar go and follow the link and vote for Ester. What you also need to do is make a point to come and meet us in Las Vegas for our Most Famous Award show on July 1, 2015.  Remember also to share this link to help Ester as she is one of our PI family members now and we want to show our support.

Next, I Wanna Be Famous – as you know we are in our final rounds and our third round of battles starts later today. Our artists need your help, take a few minutes today and go and support your artists. As you know, we are a member driven company and our success depends on our activity together, every little bit we each do helps. And what a fun place to be at right!?  To be voting, appreciating, and watching the rising stars. When you vote and become a fan you will be a large part of their success. Please share the links when you vote in Facebook and the community, send an e-mail to your first generation encouraging them to do the same. Let your first generation know to go and vote in the battles and share with their family and friends, and I'm sure we will also have new members joining us from all of this.

Remember we have four tickets for our artists to come and perform for us live in Las Vegas; in order for them to come to Las Vegas we need to vote for who we wanna see the most. And also one of you might be a lucky winner of a ticket to Las Vegas yourself by simply voting in the battles, as many as you can. We will pick one judge randomly and the company will pay for your airfare, your tickets, your stay in a resort hotel in Las Vegas, and all the expenses will be paid. So please vote, tell your friends and family, and tell your first generation that they could win a free ticket to Las Vegas with all expenses paid! Fun stuff right!? So later today the third round of battles starts and we're counting on your support.

Now let us switch gears again, to our Most Famous Award show season two in Las Vegas, Nevada USA on July 1, 2015. This is about a month and ½ from today. We're going to be in Las Vegas right on the strip at the Tommy wind theater and same as last year I will be hosting the show on stage and guess who is going to join me and cohost? Ester Goldberg! That's right Ester is going to come and cohost with me and for sure we are going to have a red carpet just like the Oscars. The limos will pull up in the front; there will be a red carpet they walk down on…it will be fun, a lot of fun! And like I said before, plan to be there! Vegas is a city that never sleeps and neither will we having a blast together.

The hotels and resorts in Las Vegas are plentiful, I found a four star resort right across the street from the Tommy wind theater for an incredible bargain called the Monte Carlo resort. This is a four star resort and I stayed here for the BOBL release party. I was able to walk across the street to the theater and walked back to the resort, I did not have to worry about any taxis or traveling and this is a high class resort. They have a lazy river, bars, casinos, a night club, restaurants, and you get two free buffets per stay. Each room can fit up to four people and the price is only $ 45.00 (Not including the $ 28 daily resort fee!) You can't beat that. I'm going to try and negotiate with them this week a better price for us, still $ 45.00 is a bargain you can usually stay at a resort like this for even up to $ 80.00 a night. If you book through the Perfect App or PerfectPages and go to booking.com we as a company benefit, and when we benefit − you benefit because we share our success with our members. So make a point to meet us in Las Vegas guys.

And now we're going to talk about the most exciting part of this webinar, which is free money with LOTTEFREE! So get your numbers out because right now we're about to drop the winning numbers for our lucky winner or winners. The jackpot today is $ 3920 cash! And if we do not have a winner it will roll over to the next month, however we want a winner! So grab your numbers, and let's get started.

If you have visited the LOTTEFREE page lately, you know that we have 12,157 winners for other prizes, but we have not had a cash jackpot winner yet and I am hoping that one of you guys right here will be the winner. So good luck everybody and let's get started.

As usual, we're drawing the last number first so the numbers are going from right to left when we draw them. So here we go, we're gonna go right ahead and spin the wheel!

Cross your fingers good luck and here comes the first number

Spinning...  Spinning...  And stopping at number...


_ _ _ 1

Now here comes the second number ...  Spinning... Spinning...  Spinning...  And stopping at number...


_ _ 8 1

If you have the numbers 81 as your last numbers you're still in the game. And now we will go for our third number draw...

Here we go...  Spinning....  Spinning....  Spinning and stopping at number....


_ 2 8 1

OK let spin the wheel, good luck everyone here we go... Spinning...  Spinning...  And stopping at number...


0 2 8 1


The winning number for this month's a lot of free cash jackpot drawing of $ 3920 cash is

0 2 8 1


(The chat was opened and no one present had the winning number this time.)

Guys I'm sorry it was none of you but hopefully our winner will come forward very soon. Stay tuned on the blog and PI news for upcoming news and information. I will find out more about hotel accommodations this week and for sure at the very least we will have broad post in the PI news, in our WAZZUB community, on the blog and in other places. Be sure that you meet us in Las Vegas for some absolute fun and remember to share the BOBL song, vote for Ester and share her link is well, and remember to vote for our artists in I Wanna Be Famous, the third round of battles starts later today. And I will see you in our next upcoming webinar. Thank you so much Connie for being here and helping with your assistance, thank you Rod, and thank you all for being here, we appreciate you! All the best and have a terrific week, love you guys take care bye-bye everybody.


With your success in mind,

Gee DaCosta and your

WAZZUB Support Team


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May 15 BOBL Testers Webinar Replay

Video recording

BOBL Instructions

From Webinar held on May 15, 2015

Presented by Suresh Kumar


Note: Sharing or reposting of this video is prohibited.


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May 14 BOBL Tester Webinar Replay

Video recording

BOBL Instructions

From Webinar held on May 14, 2015

Presented by Suresh Kumar & Rod Licari


Note: Sharing or reposting of this video is prohibited.


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May 13 BOBL Tester Webinar Replay

Video recording

BOBL Instructions

From Webinar held on May 13, 2015

Presented by Suresh Kumar


Note: Sharing or reposting of this video is prohibited.



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May 8 BOBL Tester Updates Webinar

Video recording

BOBL Instructions

From Webinar held on May 8, 2015

Presented by Suresh Kumar


Note: Sharing or reposting of this video is prohibited.

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May 7 BOBL Instructions

Video recording

BOBL Instructions

From Webinar held on May 7, 2015

Presented by Suresh Kumar


Note: Sharing or reposting of this video is prohibited.

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General Webinar Recap April 22, 2015

General Webinar Recap

April 22, 2015

Presented by: Suresh Kumar


Wazzuuuubbb everybody!!!

First and foremost, thank you again! I see the same majority of active boblers and you guys have been doing a great job in identifying the boblers who are making mistakes and trying to fix it; thank you very much for that!

A few changes have taken place. Now you can upload QuickTime file types from your computer for videos. So there has been progress and of course with that progress there have been bugs. I am following up closely with regards to the bugs.

I would like to stress that I noticed that there are members who are asking how to bobl, they still do not know how to create BOBL boxes and all that. Especially for those who do not speak English (and there are many members who do not know how to bobl and do not know how to speak English) it is very important for all WSS Country Managers to hold webinars for training on how to use BOBL in your local languages. Also all of the members need to ask from their Country Managers to hold webinars for them.

There are a lot of things happening behind the scenes and you will be surprised.

For what you can see in the front, I want to thank you for all your feedback, we are fixing the bugs. And if you are in the Skype BOBL Bugs report room, please ask the members who report to tell us which browser they are using when they see a bug. For example if I go to Maxthon I can play my BOBL videos with no problem, but on Mozilla I have a problem.

For those of you who have KingBier on Skype, if would help if you message him personally on Skype when you find a bug. Because in the other rooms there are other chats too, and sometimes the bugs are hard to spot. Of course try to clean your cookies and all that first, and if the bug still exists after that, contact KingBier on Skype.

Before we close for today, I would like to address the PIFMs. Please go to the PIFM Club forum and read the posts there, especially the ones that ask for “waking up” or something. We have gone through those topics many times before. I would like to reply but unfortunately in this point of time, I am very, very, very, very busy. So what do you do as a responsible PIFM? It is equally your duty and responsibility to correct the wrong, and explain things to the other PIFMs who might not be as active as you, or simply don’t understand English. Go help them understand. We have talked about these subjects many times before, it is in many recaps. If you, as a PIFM see something which you know is not correct, instead of coming at them from an attacking perspective in your replies, ask them to point out specifics and wait for their response. If those specifics relate to delays in our projects, help them to understand as you do, that these things happen, especially when you are building a galaxy of websites like ours and doing things no one else has ever done before. Help our fellow PI Family Members to understand so that we can all move forward together with The Power of "We."

With that said, have a nice day or night everybody and talk to you soon.


With your success in mind,

Suresh Kumar and your

WAZZUB Support Team


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Video recording "BOBL updates" April 17, 2015

Video recording

BOBL updates

From Webinar held on April 17, 2015

Presented by Suresh Kumar


Note: Sharing or reposting of this video is prohibited.


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General Webinar Recap April 16, 2015

General Webinar Recap

April 16, 2015

Presented by: Gee DaCosta



Hello everybody WAZZUUUUBBB!

I hope everyone can hear me well because today is the day when somebody could walk away with US $ 3420 from our LOTTEFREE JACKPOT! So let's get started.

Thank you all for being here today, today is the 16 of April already! So here we go again with another family webinar, and I am so glad to be here and have you all here. So welcome again everyone. We are going to talk about a few things today.

1. PI unboxing



4. LOTTEFREE and the Jackpot draw of US $ 3420


So guys everything is important and hopefully one of you will take all that money at the end of the webinar; so stick around please and let's have some fun! Because as you know, we take our business very seriously but we also have fun along the way. Our favorite saying is "if it ain’t fun, don't do it."

Let's talk about our first subjects Perfect Internet unboxing.  When you are shopping on IDS (I Deal Smarter) or any other of our stars and when you receive your product, we want you to help us make a mark in people's hearts and show what you are receiving. Most things out there are not for real and people are skeptical, but by now you sure know that we are for real. The Perfect Internet unboxing is exciting to show the world how real we are. You can share the unboxing through video and you can also take pictures and send them to us. You will collect 100 DEALPoints for videos and 50 DEALPoints for pictures. So please e-mail that to us at this e-mail address:


And you can also Skype it to us at Alex's Skype: badeci.alexandru-bogdan

So please share this with your first generation. Every generation depends on the higher one on top, so if you do not share it with your first generation then your 2nd, 3rd and 4th generations will never know. Share everything that you can with your generations; we call them generations because we are a family here.

Now let us switch gears and talk about We Share Success, our second topic. Guys you know WSS is an amazing program. We are going to have our first profit next month in May. This is very exciting because we will see our first payment from WSS profit share in June, around the 15th. Right now we have 47,516 members who have uploaded their Proof of Identification (POI).  As usual, PI and all its stars are concerned with all the members and sharing its profit. And so it is no surprise that we have extended the time to upload your POI until April 30, 2015. This is another opportunity to let our first generation know so they can let their other generations know as well.

Our goal is to have at least 50,000 + members receiving profit share; therefore your activity in letting your first generation know is important. Don't let them know just one time only, let them know today, tomorrow, and the following day; be persistent.

We have also updated the FAQs and everyone should be checking for the latest news. The latest update is about the benefits that you will receive. WSS will share 25% of its profit monthly with our members until the date of the IPO for WSS. Your monthly payment will be based on the number of confirmed free shares, that are held in each member's official share book. The monthly payments will be replaced by dividends after the IPO which are payable annually.

The programmers are fine tuning We Share Success. However you can still sign up new people. Do this in a hurry because in just 14 days the POI uploading opportunity will be closed indefinitely. Everyone who wants to take part in the profit share must upload their proof of identification on or before April 30, 2015. Think about this guys, what an amazing opportunity WSS is giving to everyone: a real business, real profit share with a real company backed by a multimillion dollar PI company; yet others will not know unless we let them know.

We are currently still looking for Country Managers for several countries and this is a very privileged position. You can apply even if you're not residing in that country. There are requirements and you must qualify, however, they are easy. The requirements are simple; one of them is that you must be able to communicate in that language and also in English. You can get all the details from this link:


You can also find this information on the PERFECT INTERNET news page as well.



Guys you know that in We Share Success our first project is BOBL. You know that PI is always working as hard as possible to make all of our projects perfect. Sometimes it can take time.  BOBL is a huge undertaking and so the programmers are working non-stop to make sure that everything is functioning perfectly before we open to the public. I want to emphasize the fact that we are all family here working together with our projects for over three years and so we know how to cultivate, how to absorb and how to share patience, right?! BOBL is so special it will change how people socialize on the internet, saving them time, frustration, and even money. Besides, it is the safest place to be in the jungle of the internet. Now you know that BOBL is very new and so we want to make double sure that it is functioning from top to bottom, from corner to corner, and we do that by testing everything before we release it.

I want to show you a taste of how powerful and how special BOBL really is for all of us and to the whole world of internet users.

As you know BOBL is only open to the PIFM and WE SHARE SUCCESS members who have uploaded their POI for testing purposes only. Who are the best testers? Our senior members PIFMs. These members have patience and have been supporting our project since the beginning. I see many of them over here with us right now on the webinar – Congratulations! Here is a taste of how powerful and special BOBL is.



Guys we are brand new on the Internet, with millions of websites racing to the top. Everybody wants to be at the top, they want exposure and to be noticed. The only way that is going to happen is by ranking as high as possible. Now look at this image, only the PIFM and some WSS members are using BOBL, sharing content, videos, pictures and websites during this time. We are already ranked in the top 25,000 of the most popular websites in the world! The doors have only been open for about a month on a limited basis. It is Crazy yes?! Crazy good!

Now imagine when we open to the public, it is going to be even crazier! That is why we have to make sure that our BOBL will not break when the masses come. Now here is the kicker! When we open to the public people don't even need to register anymore with name, e-mail address and all that; people will be able to sign up or login to BOBL with their Facebook information, Google plus etc. It will pull in the information they already have online from other social networks. So we are going to make it easy and attractive for everyone. If we are in the top 25,000 out of the millions of websites out there with just a handful of people, think about this guys... Where are we going to see this ranking at? I'll let your mind work on that because it is mind-boggling. It will be so exciting to be checking Alexa every day and see us going up and up and up… to the top!

You know that BOBL is the first project of WSS, so our activities are extremely, extremely, extremely important! Why? First of all because this is our family business; yes we are a family, we have the Power of “WE”. Since these projects that we do are member driven, our success is 100% up to us! The more you do and tell others, and tell others to do the same, the more will be the value of our companies. So every visit, every click, every star that you give a little bit of your attention to every day, pays out and will increase the value of our company. Because you know it is always the numbers game. As you know with Real Estate the name of the game is location, location, location; on the Internet it is traffic, traffic, traffic.

We not only have the power to get to the top fast, and no wonder we call ourselves the “Power Of We”, but we also know that we have the only business on the internet that we know it is real, and it is worth our time and effort because “if it ain’t fun don't do it.” And of course it is fun, because we are still here!

We have designed something and this came from the mind of Anthony Wright, so we want to give him a big hand for coming up with this idea to help get our members focused. So we have the PI fun list and if we do just a bit, or a bit more than what we're doing daily, our success is unstoppable.



Save this link on your desktop or somewhere in your favorite links in PI and make a point of doing what you can every day. Achieving success is always based on persistence; nothing can take the place of persistence.

OK let's switch gears for our fourth subject, which is I WANNA BE FAMOUS! Before I talk about that I want to let your mind absorb what we're going to play right now.



OK let's talk about I WANNA BE FAMOUS, you know that we have over 1248 contestants, and we are getting new contestants almost every day! These contestants are excited and they need our support. We need you to go there and spend some time watching their videos, commenting on them, sharing, and becoming a fan. Most importantly we need you to vote, and if you are already voting, vote some more! This is a very crucial time for them in the month of May; their final battles will begin to get them to the top contestants and to secure them a spot in the Most Famous Award show 2015. So they need our support now more than ever. This is crucial for them, but also for all who vote too because everyone gets rewarded for everything that they do; even for voting you collect DEALPoints. The more you vote, the more DEALPoints you collect. Isn't that great!? Guys you should be voting every day. Collect as many DEALPoints as you can and make friends. With your support you could be one of our contestant’s white knight, or their savior! Every vote counts!

Remember Beth Brennan, the winner of the World Series of Karaoke? She was with us in Las Vegas for the opening of BOBL in March. She joined I WANNA BE FAMOUS and guess what − she is already in the top for female vocalists. You have to go and check her out, as well as all the other new videos and artists. It is also going to be fun to come and see them in person, live. And it will be even more fun to meet your extended family in Las Vegas.  This year we have our second annual Most Famous Awards show on July 1, 2015. We are fast approaching this day and we want to see you there. I am sure some of you have already made plans, if not − do it now and let's celebrate this in Las Vegas together! This is going to be too much fun for just a few people to handle; the more the merrier.

Now we're going to shift gears and talk about our last and most important subject of the day for our webinar, which of course is the LOTTEFREE jackpot drawing of 3420 US dollars. So guys grab your numbers and let's get this show on the road!

OK guys are you ready for our jackpot drawing in LOTTEFREE?!  We're going to do exactly as we have done in the past; we are going to draw the last number first. So starting from your last number on the right… here comes the first number...

I'm going to spin the wheel...  Here we go...  Spinning...  Spinning...  Stopping at


_ _ _ 9

If you have nine as your last number you are still in the game.  Now let's try our next number.

Spinning...  Spinning...  Stopping at number


_ _ 3 9

So if you have the last numbers 39 you are still in the game.  Now let's go for the third number.

Spinning...  Spinning...  Spinning...  Stopping at number


_ 8 3 9

So if your last numbers are 839 you are still in the game. Now we will draw our last lucky number.

Here comes, spinning...  Spinning...  Spinning...  Stopping at number


6 8 3 9

So who is the lucky winner with the sequence of 6839? If you have the lucky number of 6839 you are the lucky winner of our LOTTEFREE Jackpot! I hope that one of our 122 people on this webinar has the winning number today, so we will open the chat to see.

If you are not the winner, fear not; if we don't have a winning number now, the jackpot next month is going to be even bigger.

(There was no winner among the present members)

We have discussed what is important for us right now and what we have updates about so far. I want to thank you all for being here; you guys are our amazing committed members, supporters, shareholders, excited people, and guys we are the lucky ones!  No matter what, we are the lucky ones in the PI galaxy, so put a big smile on your face, pat yourself on the back and congratulate yourself for being here and being committed because the sky is the limit for us at PI.

So thank you very much for being here, thank you Rose, Cate, Rod, and everyone here. All the best to you all and we will see you on our next family webinar.


Have a good weekend everyone, all the best to everyone, and good bye for now.


With your success in mind,

Gee DaCosta and your

WAZZUB Support Team


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BOBL Updates recap April 13, 2015

BOBL Updates recap

April 13, 2015

Presented by: Suresh Kumar

Topic: Meaning of L+, C+, B+, R+, D+ & “x”



Ok we are going to get started now. Talking about BOBL updates I can tell you that an hour ago I met with the BOBL team and quite a few of the bugs have been fixed. Some things are still being worked on like the “special” characters for the dark green box. For the video box, those special characters work. So we are reporting everything and they are working on it. Any updates will come as they are completed.

You can now use the L+ (for Likes) and also the C+ (for comments) can be used, no problem. DO NOT USE THE D+ for now. D+ (Dislike) is when you DO NOT like a specific BOBL Box, meaning a specific post made by someone. When you click the D+ (don’t do it now) only YOU will not see the post on your wall. For example: If I made a bunch of posts and you do not like one of them, then you can click to not see that specific box. But please DO NOT use the D+ now, we will tell you when it is ready. Within one or 2 days it should be working.

Now what is B+? B+ is like following someone; you want to follow that person so you can see what he or she is posting. So if you click the B+ you will see all of that person’s BOBL boxes on your wall. So you will see all those boxes on your own BOBL Wall in between your own BOBL Boxes. So basically if you click on the B+ on one of my boxes or you go to my wall and you click B+ this means you want to see and know what I am posting. You are following me, I will NOT see your boxes, but you will see my boxes because you are following me. I am not following you.

There is a bug…when you are trying to follow me by clicking the B+ instead of my boxes appearing on your wall, what it is doing now is creating duplicates on my wall! Hopefully by end of today or tomorrow the programmers will be able to fix this problem.

So for now please DO NOT USE B+; I am just telling you the function of B+. B+ means to follow; it does not mean becoming a friend. Like in Facebook, you can follow people and friend people; a friend is different, and follow is different.

And yes we know many of you suggested that you do not want to see the boxes from the people you bobled (followed) on your own personal BOBL wall. Yes, we are in process of creating a new wall to display all this. That is the next step. For now, you will see them temporarily on your personal wall. Later we will have a separate wall for our BOBL followers. So now, you understand what B+ is.

And another thing about the B+. When you want to follow someone, you only need to click one time on one box of that user. You don't have to follow all the boxes that user has. Let's say I created 20 boxes, you don’t need to click the B+ on all 20 boxes. You only need to click on one box, then you are already following that person, and you will see all their boxes on your wall.

Moving on… what is R+? R+ is to rebobl. How does rebobl work? For an example: Cate is following me (she has clicked the B+); so Cate can see my BOBL Box posts. Now Rod is not following me, Rod is following Cate; and Rod is not my friend, Rod is Cate's friend (when the friend function is working later on). So Cate will see my boxes but Rod will not see my boxes, Rod will only see my boxes when Cate rebobls. Cate can rebobl the boxes from my wall, from her wall, or from the global wall, and then Rod and all her other friends or followers who are following Cate will also see my box posts because Cate has rebobled them.

Let’s say that Rod will have Alex following him or as a friend. Now Alex will not see Cate's rebobl because Alex is not Cate's friend or my Friend. Alex will only see if and when Rod rebobls that same box post, because he is friends with Rod or is following Rod.

So when you are creating a BOBL box, automatically all your followers and friends will see it; but if you want to share a BOBL Box post that is not created by you, and you want to share it with your followers or your friends, you need to rebobl it (R+)- that works only on individual boxes.

Let's say you like something I posted but you don't want to follow me, you just like that particular post. Let’s say you are scrolling on the Global wall and you see my post. So you are not following me nor you are my friend, but you like that particular post. You can click the R+ on my BOBL box that you found on the global wall and by doing that you have rebobled that box. So you have found this post on the global wall, but if you are friends with Cate and she has rebobled it then you will also see it on Cate’s wall.... and so on...

DO NOT use the R+, B+, or D+ for now; there is a bug and we are getting close to setting it right.

Alexa Update: For those of you who have noticed our 3 months ranking for PI is at 14,981. Our daily Alexa ranking for PI is at 10,000. Our Alexa ranking for BOBL: the global 3 month ranking is at 71,971, and the daily ranking is about 21,000+/-.

Please remember, even within the PI members we are NOT open to all. We are only currently open to PIFM and WSS members who uploaded their POI. Some members are not using BOBL and might not even know about it yet, so we are not fully open and we are already up there on Alexa! BOBL is very addictive, fun, cool, and it is going to rock the world.

Now I need help from all of you here to translate this part and post for all WSS and PIFM members to read. Please do not wait for the translation team, they are busy and have many important things to translate. This is equally important; however we can all help out. Please keep posting in our BOBL Club, PIFM Club, or even your WAZZUB Wall is OK.

Please do not share the video I created on Facebook; it is not completed yet. When it is fully complete you will be able to share the link. Why share it in Facebook right now? They cannot log in. It is only a guide for us.

Translate this:


We are getting very close to open BOBL for the public so it is very important to take care on a few things:

1. Each of you should create content in your own languages and in different categories.

2. We tend to do this, it is normal; we want to create a video box now, so we just keep posting videos over and over. What we really need to do is mix and match your BOBL boxes, when you are creating them.

DO NOT post 40 videos, 50 games, 30 websites continuously...this is not normal. What has been done already is OK.

From NOW today, we start creating boxes normally and randomly.

Normal means: you share a video, then you share a text, then you share a picture, and then a website for example...randomly in different categories and subcategories.

Sharing a couple of the same type is OK but when we open the doors, if we see you posting 30 videos one after another, you will be in trouble... You do not do that in other social sites? NO. So why do it on BOBL?

So please just mix and match, just be normal and take your time doing each of your BOBL boxes making sure you check each BOBL box as you create them and always take care and use specific, relevant keywords and keyword phrases (BOBL Tags) in all of your posts. This way others who are searching can find the best information from your posts.

Thank you...


Does this sound logical to everyone? (Everyone says yes)

OK so I need your help to keep passing this message in the PIFM Club, Skype room, wherever in our WAZZUB Community. Please keep posting and translating that part. DO NOT share this in Facebook, Google Plus and other places like that.


Member Posted in the webinar: I concentrate on valuable sites like banks and other important things.

Suresh replied: That is OK. You as one person have that interest. For example, let's say it is me. I have 10 hours to kill and want to make some posts. First I post 50 videos, then I create 100 pictures, then I share 100 games. Then when people go to my wall, it looks like I am simply creating boxes. When you mix and match, it looks more authentic.

Please choose which categories you like and then mix and match the posts. Go do a search, go to the rainbow box, choose your country, search for movies, do you see any?

Search for keywords, if you search for games in your country, and you don’t find any, you know we need some added. Put in general keywords when you are searching songs, music etc., if you don't find any for your country, please create some. Now first  you create a list like this and then you start creating boxes. But this does not mean that if you see there are no videos in your language you need to go and create 30 videos at once. No! You post 1 video, then 1 game, then 1 image...for example. This way your posts will look very authentic and natural; you have to think.

If you go to a website that is offering all these services like Facebook for example, and you go to the news wall (this is General wall in BOBL) and you see ONLY posts from Cate who has uploaded 50 videos, what will you think? So break it up, make a post, wait a couple minutes, make another post; even if you want to create continuously that is OK if you create in different categories. Don’t do the same type over and over, if you make some in comedy, some in music, some in business... that is OK, but don't go crazy. I think you all understand what I am saying; you are all smart. So let's try to do this the best way together: be smart, be creative, mix and match.

Rod: When we are posting, are these posts done in real time? For example I make 50 posts, then someone else creates 10 posts... are these posted in the global wall in real time?

Suresh: Let's say we both start at the same time. Let's say you make the post in 1 minute and my post is done in 1 minute 15 seconds. So your post will be posted first, and mine will come after it, so yes it is done in real time. But because we don't have a lot of members posting right now, when someone scrolls down they might see 100 videos by 1 person, simply because they were the only person posting at that time.

So what I am suggesting is we mix and match, this way, even if you are the only person posting at that time, there is still some variety of BOBL boxes posted. If I go to your wall I will see the real picture; I can see this guy posted 50 pictures, 50 games, 50 text boxes, and people might think you are asked or paid to do this or whatever nonsense they might think. So now we should mix and match our posts when we make them.

When we open for the public and let’s say you are joining for the first time, you will see an empty page on your BOBL wall. When you select people who you want to see posts from, you add them as friends or follow them, then you don't even need to go to the Global wall because you will see them on your personal BOBL wall or on the special BOBL wall when we create it.

If people are posting their boxes to the public, it does not matter if they are your friends or you are following them, whatever is public you will see it on the Global wall. If somebody restricts who can see their posts, then only some people can see those posts. We will have these functions. Sometimes I will make a post that most people don't like but Alex and I like it; so I can just share a post only with Alex. He will be able to rebobl it with friends only, public, or private followers only. Of course this is all down the road but it will happen. Do not expect all this to be ready once we open; this is the plan and we are working towards it. It will not take 5 years for it to happen. Thanks to these other social networks because they did the hard work; what is good we will take and expand upon and what is not good, we will prevent it from happening.

We are providing different options. For example when you click the “x” on the top right side of the box, you will no longer see any posts from that person on the global wall, so we let you decide and control what you want and what you don't want; this way you don't have to complain or shout, just click the “x” and you will not see them anymore for the rest of your life.

Now let’s make this clear about the “x”. If you click the “x” on your own BOBL box, then you are simply deleting it. But if you go and click the “x” on somebody else’s BOBL box, that means that you will not see that box and also you will not see any other box from that person too. So please make a difference: by clicking the D+ you are only disliking a box, and you will not see that particular box from that person anymore (when enough people have clicked the D+ it will also automatically NOT appear on the global wall.) But if you click the “x” on somebody else’s box, you will not see anything from that person anymore. Of course if later you change your mind, you can go to that person and click the B+, or there will be some other option on your Profile to unblock that person or whatever.

So you have 2 ways; if you don't like all the posts, click the “x”; if you don't like one particular post, you click the D+.

Now, maybe you don't want to see me, but I can still see you and follow what you are posting (if you have not restricted your posts view.) If you have blocked me and you don't want to see any of my posts, I will not know about it. And you blocking me as a user does not mean that Rod and Cate will not see me, it means only YOU will not see what I post.

Ok so from what I see I think that soon we will be opening for the public. Of course there are still bugs we need to fix and we will be fixing them along the way. And if there are bugs, don't scream because they will be fixed. That is what happens when we say something is not ready but you don’t listen and you click when we say not to. That causes more bugs and wastes time. When it is properly set, we will tell you to go test and then you report the bug.

If we want to make it 100%, we would need to wait 1 more year before opening the doors. Some new functions we will add as we go. For example even TSU doesn't have an album yet. Also on TSU, you cannot upload a video from your own computer and it is because they need time. Time is required for going forward, and rest assured there will be improvements, BOBL is going to be great!

I would prefer sharing videos from any site before we open but we have to draw a line over what is acceptable and what we can wait about. We are close and that is why we need to mix up the content we are creating. Don't follow a pattern, keep it random.

OK guys, thank you very much. I have many things to do. Nice having you guys here, remember there is a webinar tomorrow for PIFMs at 12 noon PDT. Make sure you all attend the webinar and there you will hear very exciting updates.

And don’t forget to translate and share what I told you.

Also remember: when people search, they want to find what they are looking for. So WE, as responsible users and the BOBL Testers need to set the standards. So please use relevant keywords. By the way, the editing of the keywords should be available either later today or tomorrow.

If anyone has issues, please get in touch with me or Rod. Always provide your link and if we need, we will ask for your email and password and we will pass it to the programmers.

OK guys, thank you very much, have a nice day!


With your success in mind,

Suresh Kumar and your

WAZZUB Support Team


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Video tutorial "How to add Videos, Audio, and Games to a BOBL Box"

Video tutorial

 How to add Videos, Audio, and Games to a BOBL Box

Presented by Suresh

April 10, 2014

Note: Sharing or reposting of this video is prohibited.


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BOBL Update General Webinar recap April 9, 2015

BOBL Update General Webinar recap

April 9, 2015

Presented by: Suresh Kumar



Hello everybody!!! How is everybody doing?!

Let’s talk about BOBL! BOBL is great! There is just some minor stuff to be taken care of. Thank you for updating us on all the issues, we have taken note of everything, and the programmers are working on them. Some of the issues have been resolved, some are still been worked on; and there will also be improvements. All your work and efforts make a great difference!

BOBL is serious; it is the best and most unique place. What I want to tell you know is that it is VERY important for all of us here to pass a message to all the other boblers. And what is the message? –Every time you make a BOBL post, check you post and make sure it is working well. No matter what kind of post you have made, go and check it if it is good. For example if it is a video make sure that the video thumbnail is there, and that the video plays when you click on it. If you click on the video and it is not playing, simply delete it. Maybe the user who has posted it on YouTube has restricted viewing outside of YouTube. Or maybe that user has been deleted from YouTube. Whatever the reason, if the video does not work on BOBL, simply delete it. The same goes for any other post; if a link does not work, an image is not showing, delete them. Because if you don’t, then somebody else has to look for you, on Skype, the Community, send you an email or whatever so they can find you and tell you that you have wrong posts.

Work together. It is not about creating 1000 BOBL boxes, out of which only one box is working − NO we don't want something like that! It is much easier for you to check; every time you make a post go and check. When you click it will show the correct stuff when you've done it correctly.

So please let us all work together.

I know it is difficult and I know it can be tough. I want to thank all of you who are very active identifying all these members who are doing these mistakes. However, if each of us is monitoring our own personal BOBL wall and correcting our own mistakes, we will be able to create more boxes! Because there are 20/30 people who are checking all the boxes and then contacting people, explaining to them what is wrong etc., and this is all wasted time.

We are trying to help everybody in creating proper content; we even created a video showing you the steps and explaining. I see some people sharing this video on Facebook, so please do not do that. It is not meant to be shared on Facebook; it is just for you to learn how to use BOBL. There is no need to share this video that is playing here in the platform. Please watch the video here and learn how to create the boxes. I will create some more videos; I have done for videos and audio boxes so far and hopefully I will do the videos for all the rest of the categories.

When creating these videos I try to show you different situations. Like for the audio, I even showed you how to share an online radio. For videos I even showed you how to get a video link from a specific video in a playlist. I cannot cover all the topics (there are so many different scenarios) but if you follow these simple steps it will help you to create great quality BOBL boxes.

I did some tests doing searches in BOBL. Again I stress, the BOBL tags or keywords that you use are very, very important. Again, do you want BOBL to become like Google and YouTube? Meaning you search for something, let's say you search for Michael Jackson’s video but you get all the other rubbish videos as well?  Why? Because they also put the keywords “Michael Jackson” in all those rubbish videos. And I know some of you are doing that, because you think that every time people search for something, your content or your box will appear. Remember, if you do that you are going to get dislikes on your BOBL box (D+) and your friends will be clicking the “X” on your boxes, they might even unbobl you, so this is not good for you. In other words you are wasting your time by doing this right now. If many people dislike your boxes, those boxes will no longer be shown in searches or on the Global BOBL wall, so you will only see them in your Personal BOBL Wall.

I'm trying to help you have a better BOBL experience. BOBL is unique, BOBL is special – do not misuse it by doing the wrong things.

If I am searching for Michael Jackson, why should I see a video about some money making program for example? Why should I see that? So don't put the wrong keywords. Be specific with your keywords and do not use general keywords. I keep repeating this: if you know the name of the artist or the actor you put the name, if you know the title you put that in there, if you put music you can put the type of music like pop, rock, classic etc. – these are relevant or related keywords to the content that you are posting.

If I put a Celine Dion’s video, and then I put in keywords: new song, latest song… that is very general, and we don't want this. “Latest movie or song” in 5 years from now is not latest anymore. So use specific keywords, like the name of the song, the name of the artist etc.

We want BOBL to be so different where people will find exactly what they're looking for. When you go to Google, what do you look for? Or when you go to YouTube, how do you do your search? Whenever you need to put the keywords ask yourself: If I would want to search for this video that I am posting now, how would I search for it? And then you will know exactly what keywords to put. If you want to find the movie “Die Hard” what do you type in the search box? − New movie, HD movie, latest movie, or you simply put in “Die Hard”? Of course you always search with specific information, not general.

Now you might tell me that later when we open the doors, the new members will all do the same mistakes; yes, but let us not do the same thing. Let us do things right, so that when we open the doors, new members can do a search and find the exact results that they're looking for. And for sure they will put wrong keywords and all that when we open the doors, but that is why we have the D+ (dislike) and the “X” (delete) options.

In the meantime when we find content not related to the topic that we're searching, we should delete them. If you are looking for action movies, and you put “action” in the search box, you should get action movies. It does not matter whether they are new or old, they are action movies. However if you get a cartoon movie among the action movies, then something is wrong. If you're looking for action movies, and you see a cartoon, then you will click the ”x” and D+ on the cartoon movie box, and that is how they will learn; then they will wonder why no one is watching their videos and they will learn the hard way.

The most important thing is that right now we're testing and we are creating content so that way when we open the doors we have things; and that is why it is important for each and every one of us to pay attention to what we are posting. The categories, the language, the country, the keywords, all of this is important.  After we submit we need to check our post to make sure it is appearing correctly and nicely. If you click on the content, the video, the audio, or whatever it is, it should play good, look good, and appear good. What good does it if you make 50 posts in 10 minutes but none of them are working?! You're not only wasting your time but you're also wasting other people's time because you don't delete your own wrong boxes. If you do not take action, other people must look for these defects, and then try to find you and tell you, while instead of looking for these challenges and contacting people they could be creating more valuable content for BOBL. So we have to work as a team.

Now let me tell you something interesting about BOBL.

For sure a lot of things have been fixed and a lot of improvements are coming, but let us talk about BOBL as the whole. The potential of BOBL, how to use BOBL, how we want to use BOBL, all the information we have so far is so tiny. But if we think hard with logic… for example, today I said OK let me go try this out. Even Most Famous FM radio can be added to BOBL. We're playing around with it, it is not perfect yet but we're getting there. If you go to my BOBL wall you will find it there. So the potential of BOBL is so wide and huge.

The interesting thing is that when you make posts in other social media (correct me if I'm wrong) they are relevant only for a few days; after months or years they become irrelevant. People forget about your post that you made three or four months ago. Am I correct? Now with BOBL is totally different. Why? Because it is so easily searchable for content. It is so easy to be searchable by content, meaning by category, and by keywords. When you search, all the relevant content will appear. So the BOBL boxes that you create have value. If it is a valuable content, it will be relevant forever. When you put the correct keywords and you create an interesting content, in searches it will appear all the time; people will write comments, like it, and rebobl it forever. So your content in BOBL will always be relevant. Do you see the potential in BOBL? This is just one tiny part of BOBL and there is a lot more to come! It is as new to me as it is to you and everyone else in the team. So don't get all excited and simply create boxes just for the sake of creating. You have to know what you are creating and you have to create and share interesting stuff. Think about what people would like to read, or watch – relevant things. Go to YouTube, go to SoundCloud, and look for stuff that a lot of people are watching. If I find a video that 2 million people have watched, I will share it on BOBL. I will not share a YouTube video if only 10 people only have viewed it.

So the value of the content is important. We have to pay attention to the content, and this is why I always say that you need to be on your personal wall when you are creating new posts. So click on your Personal Wall first and then click the pen and the colored box you need. This way when you make a post you will immediately see your post there. You can see the thumbnail and you'll be able to see whether everything is correct. So you can click on the video or the link and make sure the video works fine, or the link takes you to the website etc.

We have all been doing a great job but we have to work together to make it even better. We need all of us here to pass this message, this is our baby. BOBL by itself has no value; BOBL with the content that we are creating creates value. So it is in our hands.

And please, DO NOT click on the B+, R+, C+, L+, and D+. Many members are getting duplicate boxes and then they cannot edit their boxes. I don't know if this is the cause but it's definitely not helping the situation. Please stop clicking on things that we do not ask you to do. I'm not complaining, I am asking for your assistance and help to make BOBL better. It is good but let us make it better. How do we make it better? − By working together, by you helping us to get the members fix all these wrongly created boxes. And we thank you very much, we appreciate it and we really value your time, your effort, and your persistence because every day you are checking and contacting them and telling them; sending them emails, looking for who they are, finding them, looking for their emails… it is not easy. We understand, we appreciate that, and we say thank you very much! Without you, we would not have achieved what we have achieved.

Understand that when you are reporting your experiences we take note on everything. Every day we are meeting with the programmers from the BOBL team, we have a list and they have the same list, so they're telling us what is done, what is pending, and what is being worked on. So it is a work in progress; that is happening day by day as we progress.

We should all be proud of ourselves, because we have been given a very, very unique opportunity and a very unique tool and we are the pioneers! We are the pioneers and BOBL is going to rock the world.

On April 14 we will have a PIFM webinar where Dan will personally give all the updates of what the great things are. For sure after the PIFM webinar, we will have a general webinar for updates.

So things are very positive and as you can see BOBL is addictive. Even when it's not up to its standard yet, because we know that there are a lot of things that need to be fixed, still it is very addictive.

The most important thing that you all need to understand is what all the colors are for.

Dark green is for text. You create your own text. Let’s say you have a website you want to share but you want to say something about that website. So you write some text with your own words and then at the bottom you put the link of the website. You share the link, but you don't need to copy and paste the text from the website, you can say it in your own words.

For images it is the light blue color. Yes we know for the images, it is one image at a time for now. The display of the picture has improved but we will make it even better. When Facebook started, they started with one picture at a time too and as time passed by, they improved it and they added albums so now with one upload you can upload 10 or 20 pictures. We are aware of it and we will go step by step.

Initially when we uploaded pictures, the pictures were distorted, now they are better and this is a learning process. Facebook learned the same way. On Facebook for example, which never caught my mind before, when you click on a picture, you see the picture and the comments together but the rest of the screen is black around it, you don't see anything. Now with BOBL is different; you still see the background, and then you also see the picture. We want it different. So there are reasons why things are being done in a certain way. At the end of the day, it will be as easy if not even better, and if not better then equal to what all the other social networks are offering like: LinkedIn, Google plus, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and all of them. Yes we will have all of their similar features and more.

It is very important to understand what each color is for. What do you share in each color? What type of content do you share? These are things that you have to think about. It's not that you just go online and make 100 boxes by copy pasting whatever content – no. You have to read what you share, you have to think “Will this be interesting for other people when they come to BOBL, will they want to read it, share it, like it?” So what you share is important.

Now about the Language. Today I did a search just for English.  And surprise-surprise, I get posts in Arabic, and posts in many different other languages too. And the simple reason is that they are uploading non English content, but either they're selecting English in the language, or in the keywords they’re entering English. Why? So this is important, if the video you are uploading – let's say it's Arabic, choose Arabic. Please remember, even if you choose the language as Arabic and you put “all countries”, that's OK because there are Arabic speaking people all over the world so your content will be found. That way no matter where they are located you can be found and you can be seen. I'm just using Arabic as an example, so if you are posting an Arabic video, but you are choosing English as the language, or you put English in the keywords, then it is the wrong content. Then people who will use the word “English” to search English content, will find your content in Arabic, and that is wrong.

It is very important for us as the pioneers to understand that PI has entrusted us with this baby and has asked us to dress that baby, and we have to take care to create the proper content. Today this is the main topic. The founders have given us this baby, asking us to take care of it. We have to dress and decorate this baby. How do we dress and decorate this baby? − By creating proper content in the right categories, with the right keywords. If someone is searching for an Arabic video or audio, they must find it. If someone is specifically looking for an English movie “Die Hard three”, they should not find you because they are not looking for an Arabic movie, as an example. I'm not saying Arabic people are doing this, I'm just saying as an example.

OK so please do not share the video that plays here inside the webinar platform, outside of PI. Keep it within the members because this is not professionally created. I need to get someone with a good voice, maybe Cate or Connie to do a voiceover but I need to complete the movie first. For now if anyone doesn't know how to create a video or audio post in BOBL, watching this video will help. That is the purpose. And when we're done we will get someone with a nice beautiful voice to do the voiceover. Then we will get it in as many different languages. Let's first get it done in English and then we will do it in Arabic, German, French and all the others.

So there are a lot of positive things coming. Without you it would be an impossible task and at the same time we should take care and we should be proud of what we have and work together to make it even better.

If you go to YouTube or SoundCloud, you will see a lot of movie with titles “newest movie, latest movie, latest music” etc. I know there are reasons why they do it like that; it is because of copyright issues. The point, the reality is that if for example you're sharing a YouTube movie, it is on YouTube and so the movie companies are monitoring YouTube. You are sharing the YouTube movie on BOBL, so even if you put the real movie name, it is not reflected on YouTube – it is on BOBL which is a separate place. Because when anybody clicks on the video it just opens up the video, and if anyone clicks on the link it just goes back to YouTube, so it is only within BOBL. You're safe because you're not the owner; you are just sharing what is online. That is why especially on SoundCloud and YouTube, there are a lot of copyright issues. A lot of this content (movies and songs) gets deleted or the account gets deleted. This is not our problem. We are only sharing that content. But if the content or the account gets deleted, then we also need to delete that BOBL box.

When it comes to downloading stuff from YouTube or other places, understand if you do this it is your responsibility not PI’s.  You must know what you can download from YouTube or other places online. Sometimes I download the video and then I upload the video on my own but I always give credit to the news source.  If I download some video, I always give credit to the person. As long as you give credit you are safe. This is for personal videos, not movies and not songs. If you go to my wall you'll see two monkeys having dinner, I downloaded it from someone who uploaded it in Facebook. He's not going to sue me but to be fair, I say that that video belongs to that person. There is no other way I can share this video. So you must know what you can do and what you cannot do; what you can use and what you cannot use; what you can share and what you cannot share.

So whenever you share, you create a BOBL box, always check and click and make sure everything is working properly. Especially if you have shared from YouTube or SoundCloud make sure the videos and the audios play. Keep your wall nice, clean, and up to date every day.

Thank you very much, I appreciate all your hard work, and remember, on the 14th of April we will have a PIFM webinar with great updates. After that webinar we will have a general webinar to update everyone as well.

Thank you very much for your time, have a great weekend and bye-bye.


With your success in mind,

Suresh Kumar and your

WAZZUB Support Team


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Video recording "How to BOBL"

Video recording

How to BOBL

From Webinars held on April 4 and 5, 2015

Presented by Suresh Kumar


Note: Sharing or reposting of this video is prohibited.


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WSS updates webinar recap April 4, 2015

WSS updates webinar recap

April 4, 2015

Presented by: Suresh Kumar



Ok we have reopened WSS, so those of you who have not uploaded POI can now do that, and you can also start sharing your Reflinks.

As I already told you, WSS has been restructured. Now members have the opportunity to generate income. We have 3 type of members in WSS now: the general member, the affiliate member, and the sales member.

General members will continue earning DEALPoints, just like any regular member in PI does. You earn DEALPoints by voting on IWBF, by inviting new members, by doing a search on our safe search page etc. They cannot earn cash because they have not revealed their identity meaning they have not uploaded POI. And the law clearly states that in order for PI (as a legitimate business entity) to pay in cash we have to identify who that person is for legal reasons. 

Those of you who will upload a POI you become an affiliate. Then you receive DEALPoints and also CASHPoints, which can be converted to cash. So when you recommend a business and they qualify to be a Partner with PerfectPages, they go in your first generation. So you receive a commission each time the business spends money in PerfectPages. For example if they order 1000 Bonus cards, you get a commission. Also you get a commission for the packages they buy (basic, silver, gold or platinum) etc. Then imagine they distribute those 1000 cards to their customers, so the customers go in the first generation of the business, which means they go in your second generation. So now you have 1000 members in your second generation. If 100 people of these buy something online through our deal pages then you receive a commission in CASHPoints which can be converted to cash.

If they (your second generation) bring in a business, that business becomes your third generation. If they buy a package you still get a commission; they buy bonus cards, you also get a commission. This is in 5 generations deep.

So you can see the opportunity of making money here. It is unlimited!

Now if you have a blog, or you recommend somebody with a blog to place ads on the blog (from madvertising), you (if the blog is yours) or that person (if the blog is his) is generating income. If this person is in your first generation, when he places an ad from PI on his blog, he will receive commission and you will too. So do you see the opportunity here? It works on so many levels.

Then we have the next level which is the sales member. The other day I did not make it very clear. A sales member is your membership title, not the title of the position you are holding in the department. Whatever position you have in the BR department you still hold it, but in the membership level you are a sales member, because you are doing sales.

The standard/general member does not do any sales, nor the affiliate member does. They just recommend. Then it is the sales member (the CM, Profit Instructor etc.) who will do the sale to this business.

Now a sales member status is limited and it is by application only. It is free but it is limited. You have to apply, to qualify and be appointed. General and affiliate members are free too but they are unlimited.

The reason why I explain this now, is because now you can upload your POI if you still have not done it, and make use of all this money making potential.

So now when you share your Reflink, don’t just give it, explain things to the new members, what are the benefits. Because the potential here is unlimited. And remember that if you have introduced a business, and as long as this business stays with us and offers deals and doing activities, you are going to keep earning. Even if in 2-3 years the business does not want to be in PerfectPages anymore, let’s say it has become very successful so they don’t need us (this is just an example), they have still given out Bonus cards to their customers and they will forever be in your second generation. So whenever they buy something from our deal pages online, you keep earning commissions forever (as an affiliate member). It is very important to understand how this works.

This goes to all the CM WSS managers, they have to hold webinars and explain things well. Later at 12 pm US PDT, on April 5 2015, I will hold another webinar for WSS and give pointers to all CM WSS so they can hold their webinars.

This is important. When you share your Reflink, don’t simply write “join here and make money”. There are lot of websites who advertise like that. But we are different, we are already giving commissions and we can prove that we are not a scam. Many people regret now that they did not join when we opened Wazzub and PI, cause they thought we were a scam. So do it personally, make appointments with people to explain them the real potential here. When you put them the facts they will want to join in immediately.

I am only giving pointers here, Dan will explain things in details in the next official webinar.

Ok so that is it for today. See you in the next webinar. Please tell all the Country managers to attend this webinar on April 5 2015, at 12 pm US PDT. I will be talking about WSS and it will be very helpful for them to pick up stuff that will help them to pass the information to the members from their regions in their languages.

Thank you and bye-bye!


With your success in mind,

Suresh Kumar and your

WAZZUB Support Team


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BOBL Update for PIFMs and WSS BOBL Testers recap April 4, 2015

BOBL Update for PIFMs and WSS BOBL Testers recap

April 4, 2015

Presented by: Suresh Kumar



OK it is the weekend and we have a lot of fun things to do. First, we will have the updates and then after the updates if there are members who would like to be trained on how to use BOBL and how to create BOBL Boxes, then we will do that.

Next, the WSS Country Managers will be holding similar trainings on what is BOBL and how to use BOBL, in your local languages.

If you see questions being asked about training by members, you tell them to go to the PI News or Gee's blog to get information on when the webinars are.



Also ask them to join the newly created Skype room (WSS BOBL Testers Discussion Group) because we will post there when the trainings or updates happen. Normally for updates it could be any time, when we have an update we will just post: in 20 minutes time we will have an update webinar, or in 30 min, or in 1 hour. This is for updates only. Of course there will be recaps and you can go and read the recaps when they are posted.

OK now we shall start.

PI as a whole and BOBL is very, very exciting and many new things are happening behind the scenes. I cannot tell you now because I would be killing the excitement. In the next official webinar that we will announce at least one day before, the updates will be given by Dan personally and trust me, they are exciting! And it will take PI and BOBL to a whole new level.

Just a reminder, BOBL is still in its testing stage. It is only for PIFMs and WSS members who have uploaded their POI. They should be guided to PI to get the information, either to the Skype room, Gee's blog, or the news page. I see a lot of you posting in Facebook about BOBL being in testing period − no you should not post that. You don't post anything about BOBL being in testing or whatever. If you want to post it outside of PI you just post: "WSS members for updates go here... and you post the link of Gee’s blog for example". You can post things like that but there is no point in giving details. Do not give details. So please keep everything within PI until we open the doors for the public.

This is a testing period. And this is not a must where they all have to join. If they want to join we should be telling them to come to PI and not posting on Facebook. If you are friends with them, message them, send them an e-mail or whatever if you want to pass a message.

Now, on your BOBL Wall a lot of you have created many, many boxes. A small error took place yesterday, the programmers were doing some tests and they created some codes to identify some things − I am not a programmer, I don't understand the nitty-gritty stuff; however an error took place that caused the description that you put on the top of the BOBL Boxes to disappear. It got erased and disappeared by accident. But rest assured it will not happen again.

We need your assistance so please go back to your BOBL Wall. The edit button is at the top of all your boxes, please click and put the descriptions. This error is a blessing in disguise. Why? Because now we are forced to go and fix this. So now when we go and edit the description, we can make sure everything is correct in the categories and everything else in the boxes too.

Also we know from experience that in the descriptions, there are many of those which need editing, so now you can put something which is meaningful and related to the topic. That is how people will find your posts: by your keywords and by the topic. Because reading the topic people get the idea of what that BOBL box is about.

We apologize for this error but it is a learning process and it is a blessing in disguise.

The programmers are working on WSS; surely I will have the update. If it is during the training process then I will inform you, if it is after our training today then we will announce it in our Skype room that we will have a short webinar – you will have about a 30 minute notice for this update. This is just for updates they happen quickly.

Ok so that is it for the updates today. I am very excited, my energy level is boosted on hearing all the great new things happening behind the scenes. It will blow your mind! What it is? Wait for the next webinar and you will be updated.

(for a training part please read the recap below called “WSS BOBL Testers Webinar Recap April 3, 2015”)


With your success in mind,

Suresh Kumar and your

WAZZUB Support Team


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WSS BOBL Testers Webinar Recap April 3, 2015

WSS BOBL Testers Webinar Recap

April 3, 2015

Presented by: Suresh Kumar



Hello! We will start our BOBL training now. To get the test link, you need to login into the webinar platform. Here you will find the information needed. http://blog.perfectinter.net/ Once inside you will be provided with the link. Only WSS members who have uploaded their POI can login.

This is very, very important – do not share that test link in Facebook, Twitter, Google, or anywhere. Because even if you share it, it serves no purpose as they cannot sign up or login. So please, please, please do not share and do not post it anywhere. BOBL is not open for the public so do not post anything in Facebook or Google plus, or any other place like that.

(Suresh is sharing his desktop and explaining)

Please take notes with paper and pen and write down the steps as I am going through them for you. I know earlier some of you were asking why do we do the training? Who is gonna train the new people that come and join BOBL? Let me answer that question:

1. When we open for the public, we have the frequently asked questions and we will have all the tutorials in place in various languages. So they can read and they will know what to do.

2. If you and me, if we create the BOBL content correctly in the right places, they will see where is the audio, the pictures, the links, the games etc. So what we're doing now is setting up so that when new people who do not know PI or BOBL come, they will see where everything goes and they can learn by looking at your and my BOBL boxes which are created correctly; and they can go to the FAQs, they can go to the tutorials that will also be available in various languages.

So now please take your paper and pen, I will go very slow through things with you. When you login you will see your main page which shows the: How to use the BOBL pad tutorial, how to organize your friends, manage BOBL cash, the FAQs, Connect your BOBL wall, Set up your preferences, and Update your profile. Finally on the upper left side you see your BOBL pad.

First very important, do not do anything in Organizing your friends – it is not ready yet.

Manage BOBL cash − do not do anything there – it is not ready in the sense that BOBL cash will only start counting when we open BOBL for the public.

Connect your BOBL wall − this is to connect to Facebook, Twitter, whatever social networks you want – you cannot do this now, it is a no-no.

Set up your preferences − this is who you want as a friend, who you don't want as a friend, stuff like that; this is also a no-no for now.

Update your profile − yes you can click this to update your profile, make sure your name and address is all correct and then if there is any changes you change it and save it when you're done. It should be automatically updated from the information in your PI profile.

You can click on “How to use your BOBL pad” and there is a brief introduction of what it is. It is in English and you can read it there.

Now comes the important part, this is your BOBL pad.




You see in the upper left corner the globe with the B letter, this is the Global Wall where you will see BOBL boxes from everybody everywhere. Whoever is creating BOBL boxes, you can see from here.

Right next to it is an orange circle with the B, this is your Personal BOBL wall. This is where you're going to see all the BOBL boxes that you have created and eventually you will see all the BOBL boxes from your friends that you have bobled.

Next is the pen in the upper right side of the BOBL box. This is for you when you want to create a BOBL box post. First you need to click on the pen in order to do that and I will show you that in a moment.

Next you have the colored boxes. Each color represents a main Category.

You can create BOBL box post with the dark blue, which is for videos. For now you can post YouTube videos and videos from your computer. When we open to the public you'll be able to share videos from other video sources too, for now you can only share from YouTube and videos from your computer. I will take you through things step-by-step.

Next we have dark green, which is for sharing text from websites.  And when you come across a website that you like, you can share that information through this box.

Do not use the red box for now. The red box is for messaging. 

Next we have the orange box, which is for audio files, music or lectures, anything audio. We share audios just from SoundCloud.com for now.

The purple box is for games. The light green box is for websites.

We will show you everything step-by-step.

The light blue box is for pictures. Maybe you have a birthday party or you go somewhere and you take some pictures and you want to share those pictures, that is what the light blue box is for.

The pink box, which is a special box for paid featured BOBLs; when people want to pay to advertise banners, the pink boxes are for paid content.

The rainbow box is for a general search or to see content in all the categories. If you click the dark green you will see only text, or if you click the purple you will only see games, but if you click the rainbow you will see the BOBL boxes for all the categories together.

When we open BOBL for the public when you mouse over the colored BOBL boxes on your BOBL pad you will see a word that goes with each BOBL color. So this will be easy for people to understand and learn quickly.

Now we will create a BOBL box starting with the videos, which is the dark blue box. Sharing a video is only from YouTube or from your personal computer. First you click the pen, when you click the pen you'll notice the background around the pen changes color slightly. After you click the pen then you click the dark blue.  Now first, you should have your video already picked out and know a little bit about what that video is.

Now in this example, we are using an English movie, so in the language category you would select English (when you look you will see we have all the different languages there for you to choose from.)

Then you have the option of selecting the country, which means only the boblers/users of that country will be able to see that video. You can choose a single country or you simply leave it as “all countries” so everyone can see. For example if you're an Australian and you only want the video to be seen in Australia you would select Australia. If you want everyone to see it then you would just leave it as all countries.

Next we go through the categories – for now do not select Private and do not select Adult. Listen very carefully, if you create any content in the Adult category right now you will be banned until we open. Do not create any adult content for now, whether as pictures, movies, videos… it doesn't matter do not create any adult content right now.

Now back to our example, since this is a movie, I have selected the category Movies.

Now I have to put some keywords where it says BOBL tags.  Keywords are very important. Why? Because when you post something and people are looking for it, they can find your content. It is very, very important. If you are uploading an English movie which is action, please don't put comedy just because you want everyone to find your video. So don’t put keywords as: comedy, action, romance, drama and all genres together… thinking that whenever somebody is looking for any of these that they will see your video – no you're wrong. If I am looking for action, or if I'm looking for comedy and your video which is not either one of those shows up, I'm not gonna be happy and then I can report your box. When I report your box you are at the losing end. So it is important to select the proper keywords.

What keywords should you use? Let's go back to our page now and look in our movie on YouTube...  You must watch the movie and know what it is about, not always the text under the video tells you everything.

Now as an example let's say this movie is about star wars. So in your keywords you can put the title of the movie, in between each keyword or keyword phrase you put a comma, and then a space, before you type the next keyword or keyword phrase. So if you put Michael Jackson as a phrase, you also need to put Michael then a comma and then Jackson.

Example: Michael Jackson, Michael, Jackson

Additionally in your keywords you can put the language, the actors’ names, the director’s names, what type of movie it is (i.e.  comedy, drama, romance, etc.) And when any of these keywords are used when people do a search, they will find your movie. Put more keywords, cause the more you put the higher the chance for your movie to be found.

When you are done filling out those things you hit SUBMIT.

Now you need to share some words about that video, and you should know what the movie is about, or what the video’s about. So in this example I am saying “Star wars the first generation” and adding in the actor's name too. You can also put if it is the full movie, HD or not, etc. Whatever you think it is important you can put it (also in keywords), but put always only the truth. Do not put HD if the video is low quality.

If you wanna upload a video from your own computer the video must not exceed 100mb. I will show you later on that part, for now you click in the drop down middle section of the pop up, and you select that you want to share a video from the Internet.  Then see you go to your YouTube video and you copy the URL from your browser, and you paste it in the box. Make sure there is no space after the link when you post it because if you have a space after your link, the video will not display. Then you click submit.

So now you have posted a movie.

Something that is very important is that sometimes when people upload their videos in YouTube they restrict them so that only the videos can be played on YouTube. The only way to find out if this is the case is to make a post on BOBL and click play. If it plays OK, if it doesn't play you need to either edit your BOBL box or delete it and create a new one with a different video.

And now you have made your first video post.

Now another very important point, when you are sharing videos from YouTube (or from other links later), remember YouTube has a copyright policy. Sometimes YouTube will delete this video on YouTube or they might delete the account of the user who uploaded the video because of copyright issues. So you need to regularly check to make sure, if you share a video, that that video is active. If it is not, then you need to delete that BOBL box.

A playlist in YouTube is when they have many videos together.  You cannot share a video from a play list on BOBL, you must find in individual URL for that video.

Now, I'm going to show you how to upload a video from your computer. I know what video I’m going to upload. I have a video in my computer. Ok? For me, I'm going to select English for the video. I want this video to show in Singapore, so I'm going to select Singapore for the country. What is it about? This is about news, so I will select that category.

Now, for keywords I will still put in: Singapore, English, news, Lee Kuan Yew, funeral, and that is enough for me. He is the former Prime Minister of Singapore, who just passed away last week. So, now I click “submit.” Then, I browse through my computer to find the video. Now this video I downloaded from a news channel, so can I use it? Yes I can, but I have to give them credit, so I am going to put “Channel News Asia; speech by the current prime minister” in the description about the video.

Generally, you should check on the copyright rules for each thing you want to share. And when you are uploading anything from your computer, you must be 100% certain that that information is not copyrighted and you have the right to upload it and share it. You cannot upload anyone else's material that is copyrighted unless it has been shared already online and you are just re-sharing it.

So you can write about the video, whatever that video is. So now, I'm going to choose to upload from my computer, then I browse through my computer. It should not exceed 100 MB. I select the file, and it will upload on BOBL. It will take a little bit of time to finish uploading, and we will wait, so you know exactly what is happening. It is a bit slow, however it will improve. (I will suggest to our programmers to create a “minimize” button for while you wait, then you can do other things while you’re waiting.)

After you post a video, you need to check. Check if it’s working, and that what you wrote there is all working, that it’s all displaying nicely, whatever. You don’t want to keep posting videos, and find out later they are all not correct.

(opens the chat for questions while waiting)

Questions about uploading videos:

Let’s say it’s an English movie, and they have changed the language into German. Now you cannot hear English, just German, so you select the language German (whatever language you hear.)

You are not violating the copyright, by sharing the YouTube link. If it is not a video from your YouTube account, if it is not your YouTube channel, you are just sharing what others have put on YouTube, so it is they who are responsible, and that is between YouTube and them.

If you upload a movie into your YouTube account, then it is your responsibility. We are only a platform. We’re giving you a place to share. The content is your responsibility.

If you upload a movie to a YouTube channel, and you share it on BOBL, BOBL as a company is not responsible. When YouTube comes after someone, they will come after you, because you uploaded the video to the YouTube channel. They will either close your YouTube account, or they will sue you!

If you're uploading a video from your computer, or you need to take a video from your camera or your mobile phone (that you made), and then you upload in BOBL, it should not exceed 100 MB.

It is very important, for the link from YouTube: always use the URL at the top, not the embed code. And when you copy the URL from your browser, make sure there's no extra space between your curser and the end of the URL, when you post it in BOBL. If you are sharing a video from a playlist, make sure you copy the URL before the first symbol "&" – you copy the URL from before that symbol. Do not include the stuff after it.

Other questions? (Please keep the questions to the subject we’re discussing. We haven’t gotten to editing yet.)

Yes the WSS CMs will be instructed on how to setup and hold webinars in their own languages on how to set up and use BOBL.

I think my Internet connection is very slow, however, basically it is the same as YouTube. Once the upload is complete, a thumbnail appears below, you'll see the picture of the video below, then all you do is click “submit.”  I don't want to waste your time while we are here on the call, and my Internet bandwidth is being taken up at the moment. 

So once you see a thumbnail here, then you click “submit.” Once that has happened, you will find another box there on your BOBL wall.

And that is for videos.

Now, as I mentioned before, when you click on the yellow B, that is your personal BOBL wall. Now if you realize after you made a BOBL box that you have made a mistake, you can edit it. You have to do it from your own BOBL wall, which is the center B on your BOBL pad, with the yellow/orange background. When you look at the BOBL box that you created, to your right, you will see a small pen, and you can click there to open the edit screen. For now you can edit the title, the countries, the language, and the type of the video. The programmers are adding the ability to edit the keywords as well. So, basically in order to edit you click the little pen, from your BOBL wall in the BOBL box you want to edit.

Now, if YouTube has removed this video, you can simply remove the BOBL box. Now the programmers are also adding the ability to edit the source link of a BOBL box as well, so, if later that video that you shared on BOBL gets removed on YouTube, you can find a replacement video on YouTube, and just change the link.

If you ever forget what a BOBL color box means, you can go to your BOBL home and click on the “How to use your BOBL pad” explanation.

So next, we are going to do the dark green BOBL box. The dark green box is for creating a text BOBL box. This is basically to share written live updates, or a great story, or some other text from a website. Like for example, maybe you have a blog, and every day you write something new on your blog. Or even if you don't have a blog, and you just want to write something, you can use this dark green box.

So first you click on the pen. Then you click on the dark green for the text box. Then you should choose the language whatever language you speak in, or that you want to type in. So for now I'm choosing English. Next, where do I want this box to appear?  Let's say, for example, I want to post something in my local language; so I'll choose Bahasa Melayu, for the Malaysian language, since Malaysia is my country. So let's say I want to post something funny, so I choose comedy for my category. Now I fill in the BOBL tags or keywords. So I am using: funny, last, breakfast, experience, and then I click “submit.”

Now it says share something about this text, so I need to make a headline:

Experience at Breakfast, at One Café

Let's say, the name of the café was One Café. So now, you have to type in what you have to share. Let’s say you said that you found a cockroach in your toast and it was still alive, how it messed around in your butter and jam, whatever. Then you called the waiter, and you showed it to the waiter, and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. So now it is limited to 300 characters. So now the full story. Say you have a blog, and you post about your daily activities there, so now the full story is on your blog with pictures and all the details is on the blog.

You don't click the “no source.” Then you put the URL of your personal blog (www…..), and you have the full story. And then you click “submit.”

And then afterward, you will see your BOBL box as it is posted.

There might be a glitch going on right now. The link on the website is not displaying properly. When it is displaying properly, it will show all links, and when they click it, will go to your blog, where they can read the full story, and see the pictures.

And whenever you see some kind of thing going on, the first thing to try is to simply refresh your page. Many times the programmers are actively working on things, and simply refreshing solves the problem on your end.

So when you're making the dark green boxes, if you have a source for the text you're sharing, you have to put the source. If you are the source of the text that you're sharing, then you check the little box that says “no source” when creating the BOBL boxes.

So now we're going to create another one here.

Let's say that it’s Alex’ birthday. So we click the pen, and then we click the dark green box, and we choose English as our language. We select all countries. We choose sayings for the posted category, then in our keywords we used “Alex, birthday, wishes, happy, etc.” You know; things related to what we're posting. Then you write,

“Alex is 13 today. Wishing you a Happy Birthday. Have lots of milk, and blah blah blah blah blah blah.”

Then you click “no source,” and then click “submit.”

So there you go, and you see your box posted, wishing Alex a Happy Birthday.

Please remember for now, you see the B+, the R+, C+, the L+ and the D+.

B is for bobl, R is for rebobl, C is for comments, L is for like, and D is for dislike. Do not use any of these; the same for videos, and the same for all the boxes. Do not use any of these.


How do you delete a box? Let's say you create a box, and then you don't like it, and you want to delete the box. You have to be on your own personal wall. Then you will see all the boxes that you created. Only then, on your own personal wall, can you edit or delete. 

To edit you click the pen, to delete you click the "X."

Questions on your text box?

A text box means that you can write something about something.  If you find a website that interests you and you want to share that website link, you can do it with the dark green box. For example, I click the pen; I click dark green, pick the language English; I select all countries; I choose health as the category; I use keywords like health, English, collagen, skin care..., and then I click “submit.”  Then I fill in the short title, and a description. “I have been using this particular product D'Mirakel, and it is very good for my skin… and then you put the website here. Or you find some interesting news about football, and you like to play football. You put the category sports, and you put the keywords, and then you put the text. For example, “Surprisingly Romania crushed Germany. Alex caught five goals from Romania.”

There is nothing much to learn. It is actually very simple. It is not complicated. If you are a serious Internet user, you will know how to use it.

Next, I click the pen. I click the orange. Orange means sound. So I click here. For now, we can share music from SoundCloud, or from your computer. How do you share?

Say, I like this song, by Justin Timberlake, “Take Back the Night” and I want to share it with the whole world. So I go to my wall; I click the pen; I select English; I select all countries; I select music; now for the BOBL tags: I choose Justin Timberlake (comma, space), “Take Back the Night,” disco, funk, first single from “The 20/20 Experience.”

Try to find as much information as you can for the BOBL tags.

So, now we have all the keywords and then you click “submit.”

Now you have the box for you type in the text. This is the title of that box: "Share some words about this audio." So now, in our example, the audio is from Justin Timberlake, so we have that and we're adding the title of the song, so when people see it, they know what it is. “First single from the 20/20 Experience.”

Now, what are you going to share? Pay attention here. If we are sharing an audio, and are sharing from SoundCloud, you need the Embed code. How do you get the Embed code?

To share from SoundCloud, first you click "share" under the audio you want to share. Then a popup comes up, and you have two options, one on the left and one on the right. With the one on the right you can make some adjustments: you can click and select the color of the play button; you could change it to green, blue, whatever color; and then you select the Embed code, and you paste it in BOBL. If you choose the Embed code on the left side, you have choices: you can choose 400, 650, or 300. I always choose the 300-the smaller one. So if you choose the 300 pixel one, it displays better in BOBL.

Then you go to BOBL and you paste the Embed code and click “submit.”

So to repeat, you choose the song that you want; you choose the language, the country, the category, and the keywords; then you click “submit.” You then add some words about the audio. You go to SoundCloud to get the Embed code. If you want to use the left, then you should choose the 300 pixel, or whichever one is the smallest; or you can use the one on the right, and change the color of the play button. Either way you choose the Embed code, and then you paste it back in BOBL, and click “submit.”

If you want to edit the box you can edit the title, the Embed code, the language, and the country. For the keywords will be at a later stage. If you feel that you don't like it, and you want to delete the box, you click the “X” and off it goes.

OK, next we will go to the purple box which is for games. First you need to have a game to share so you should find a specific game you would like to share. Then once you have that, now you go back to BOBL and you click the pen; and you click the purple box; then you choose your language; choose your country if you would like; choose the type of game that you're sharing, whether it is racing, or shooter, or whatever it is. Then you are going to enter your BOBL tags, or keywords. For our example, we’re doing games, card games, Road of Fury (this is the actual name of the game.) When you go to the description, you will see, many times, additional keywords that are good for that particular game. You can copy those things, however make sure when you copy that you come back and check, to make sure it is all proper. Another trick is to paste it first, onto a text file, and then you can adjust it, so it is just a line of text with commas in between your individual keywords, or keyword phrases.

Now you click “submit,” and you have to share some words about that game. You can copy the name of the game, and add that in there. Remember you only have enough space for 120 characters. Now, you post in some more information about the game, and if you see that at the end, when you have no characters left, if it's not at the end of the sentence, then you just use… (dot, dot, dot), which means it is not complete.

Then we go and copy the URL from the website (where the game is that you want to share), and we paste it into the box and BOBL. Then we click “submit” again and you will see the game posted on your BOBL wall. When you click on the thumbnail that is captured, it will take you to the game, and you can straightaway play the game. The programmers are working to create better thumbnails, so that it captures the correct picture; and that is a work-in-progress right now.

So it is as simple as that. You can find games in your own language, or whatever you like. Remember, when I click on that website thumbnail, I want to go to that particular game. I don't want to send people to the general page.

When you go there, you go to the General games. For example, if you like ours then you click on that, in the cars’ category on the game website, then you pick a specific game on there, in that page, and it opens with that specific game that is the URL that you share in BOBL.

Ok, now, moving on to the light green...  What is light green?  When you're not sure, click on “How to use the BOBL pad.”  So light green is for sharing websites or applications from your mobile phones.

Now to share a web site you would click on your BOBL wall, click on the pen, click on the light green. Now for example I was on the Internet and I found something interesting, like this website that I found where finally Microsoft launches MS-DOS for smart phones. So now the information is in English, for countries select all countries, for categories I'm going to select technology, then I'm going to choose the keywords or BOBL tags. You can even copy keywords from the URL (delete the dashes), MS-DOS, smart phone, Microsoft, ...  So you find keywords that are related to the topic on the website. So that way when people search they will find exactly what they're looking for and then you click submit.

Now we see share some words about this website – you have 120 characters left. So now we go back to the website and you can take the title for the topic and paste in the box, or you can write something from your own thoughts – if you’re creative you can write something and then you simply paste the website URL below in BOBL. Then click submit.

Again the thumbnail will be fixed, however if you click on the thumbnails it will take you to the website as it's supposed to do.

So it is as simple as that.

Ok we will create a room on Skype, it will be a BOBL discussion room for WSS testers. And remember it is about creating quality BOBL boxes, not about creating as many as you can.

Have a great weekend everybody!!! Bye-bye!


With your success in mind,

Suresh Kumar and your

WAZZUB Support Team


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General Webinar Recap April 3, 2015

General Webinar Recap

April 3, 2015

Presented by: Suresh Kumar

Topic: BOBL and the re-launch of WSS



From Suresh:

Hello everybody! WAZZZUUUBBBB!

Dan is going to restart his computer and will be joining us shortly. While waiting for him I have some good news. As you all know we have been skyrocketing and our three month Alexa ranking for BOBL is at 115,000. Our one-month Alexa ranking is standing at 47,000. For our daily ranking, we are at 22,000. And surprise, surprise − since we have separated BOBL from PI, our PI ranking has also been skyrocketing. Before we were around 25,000 and now today we are at 12,000. So the glitch is with Alexa and it is causing major problems, and it is for them to go and fix it.

A lot of BOBL boxes have been created, and that is great.

Now you can create boxes in the dark blue, dark green, orange, purple, light blue, and light green. Go to your personal walls and see which categories need more BOBL boxes created; for example in Games, and in the dark green category. It is important that we create a balance; we want to see all kinds of posts in all the different categories. I am sure that all of you will do it together.

Everyone at PI, Admin and the team, we want to thank you all for your hard work and efforts to create these boxes. And we thank the active team members and the active PIFMs who are helping to monitor, correct, teach, and help to make BOBL better.

After the webinar BOBL will be open to all WSS members who have already uploaded their POI. And it is very, very important that you do not rush. For those of you who are new, do not rush to go and post. We will hold a webinar teaching you the steps on how to create each post in the different categories.

We will hold the webinar; it might even be immediately after this webinar. We know you are excited and we will show you step-by-step how to create the BOBL box posts in the different categories. It is important for you to learn, because if you do it wrongly it is going to be troublesome for the other team members to look for you, to teach you and to guide you. Mostly it is the time it takes to look for you and ask you to delete those boxes that you do wrongly. So for those of you who have uploaded your POI and are WSS members, stay after this webinar, we will hold a webinar immediately after this webinar and hold a training. We will schedule a few other trainings as well.

This is very, very important. I hope and I ask all of you to please, please don't rush to login to BOBL and start making BOBL box post wrongly. We are giving you access, we will teach you and we will guide you so you can do it the right way.

OK coming back to BOBL, the programmers are working very, very hard improving and taking care of the many, many minor bugs. So please bear with us on those minor bugs.

I see Dan is here in the room, OK here you go guys Dan is back, it's all yours Dan.

(Dan tried to talk but could not because of some webinar platform issues)

Dan apologizes, we tried many different things but we just cannot hear him in the webinar platform today. So we will carry on.

For We Share Success we are supposed to re-launch today, however we have extended it for one more day, for one reason and one reason only − Dan was very busy. He had a few very important meetings and he did not have enough time to update the programmers on things that need to be done on WSS.  However within 24 hours, tomorrow WSS will be open and be re-launched.

So in the meanwhile we can still BOBL.

I have some information about what WSS is going to be all about.  This is very, very interesting and very exciting! Please listen very, very carefully.

We have restructured WSS to become the money-making platform for the whole PI galaxy. How are we going to do that? First and foremost, there will be three levels of membership. Don't get excited, it is all free and for the three levels we will have: the general member, the affiliate member, and the sales member.

So let's talk about the general member or standard member. The standard member will collect DEALPoints just like you are collecting DEALPoints now, you will continue to collect DEALPoints and you can use these DEALPoints for whatever you choose. On top of that, if you recommend a Profit Instructor, a Business or a Country Manager for the PerfectPages (in the BR department), when they carry out their activities (when the Country Manager is making money, when the Profit Instructor is bringing in businesses, when a Business that you recommended signs up, when they are bringing in business and creating sales) they will receive commissions in cash; and you as a standard member will receive commissions in DEALPoints.

Now the next question would be “Why am I receiving as a standard member commissions in DEALPoints and not in cash?”

The reason why a standard or general member will receive their commissions in DEALPoints is because he might not want to reveal his true identity, his real name, his real address. He might not be willing to upload his POI or proof of identity. That is why we have this category of general members; it is for those who are not willing to provide all that information, so they will receive their commissions in DEALPoints. Because the law clearly states that in order for PI (as a legitimate business entity) to pay in cash we have to identify who that person is for legal reasons. So you will receive DEALPoints five generations deep.

Let me give you an example. You introduce a business as a general member by giving them a recommendation in PerfectPages. This business signs up and let's say they purchase 1000 Bonus cards. The business is in your first generation and the business gives out 1000 Bonus cards, so these 1000 new members are in your second generation. These are customers who come to the business and they buy things, they will go to PerfectPages and see that this business offers a deal, so these people will buy. You as a general member will earn DEALPoints. Now that is just your second generation, what the third, fourth and fifth? Now when these new people recommend businesses it will bring on new members and increase your generations and we will go through all of this structure next week together.


Now coming to the affiliate member – an affiliate member is one who provides his proper first name, last name, address, and uploads a proof of identity (POI); when you provide all the correct information and upload your POI then you are an affiliate member. It is free to join, nothing to pay, nothing to sell. Similar to our general or standard member, if you introduce a Business, a Profit Instructor or a Country Manager for PerfectPages, and they qualify and become a team member, when they start doing their work (by signing up businesses, bringing in more Profit Instructors, selling Bonus cards, banners, deals all that stuff), you will receive cash. Meaning if you recommend a business, and the business sells a deal or buys bonus cards, instead of receiving DEALPoints for these activities you will receive a percentage of a commission in cash. That is the difference between a standard and an affiliate member. Once you provide your proper information and you upload your POI, you will receive a commission in cash. All the standard activities that you normally earn DEALPoints for in PI, will still bring you DEALPoints, that does not change. These cash commissions are CASHPoint conversions earned through activities in PerfectPages. 

If anything of what I am telling you here today is wrong, we will have it corrected when we speak next week to you. Dan and I just had a quick conversation so he will confirm everything and we will keep you posted next week.

Now a sales member – a sales member is limited and it is by application only. So sales members will be Profit Instructors and Country Managers. They will be approaching businesses, selling packages, and will be earning high commission and again this is five generations deep.

If you (as the sales member who qualified after an application) introduce/bring a business to PerfectPages, the business goes in your first generation. The business then orders let’s say 500 cards which they give away to their 500 customers, so the 500 customers of the business become your second generation. When they do some kind of activity, like buying a deal on PerfectPages or our other deals pages, you will receive commissions. Those people who are in the BR team already know how it works.

Let me take one step back and talk about our affiliate members – affiliate members are those who provide their full information and upload their POI. As an affiliate member, just like we have in madvertising, by displaying banners on your website you will also earn money five generations deep. If you introduce A, A introduces B, and B introduced C (your third generation), and if he displays a banner (he has a website and displays a banner), you will earn a commission, either in DEALPoints or in CASHPoints. If you're spreading your Reflink it’s DEALPoints, if we are talking about banners and stuff like that, you receive CASHPoints.

So this is a huge opportunity and the door is completely wide open. And in all these three levels, please remember it is five generations deep. And it is nothing to buy and nothing to sell for the general and affiliate members. For the sales member, yes there's nothing to buy but you have to sell.

To summarize so that you get a clearer picture: for a general member it is free to join, there are unlimited spots meaning there's no restriction on how many people can join. You collect DEALPoints for inviting free members, recommending businesses, and rewards for free activities (Voting in IWBF, adding videos, etc.) – five generations deep, nothing to sell, nothing to buy. The general membership level is for those who want to stay anonymous; they don't want to identify themselves.

If you would like to receive commissions in cash then you would need to become an affiliate member. To become an affiliate member it is free to join and there are unlimited spots, however you have to provide your true details, your true name, date of birth, address, plus a proof of identity (POI). Here as an affiliate member, you will be collecting DEALPoints (which is the standard), plus CASHPoints (CASHPoints can be converted into cash.) What do you do to collect CASHPoints? You collect CASHPoints by displaying banners from madvertising on your own website etc.

A sales member is free to join, there are limited spots and it is by application only. They can approach directly or you can recommend someone. How do you recommend someone? First you give them your Reflink, ask them to sign up, then if you see that they're good in sales talk to them and ask them to sign up.  If they are already doing sales in whatever other field they can also do sales with PerfectPages. Sign them up, send them to PerfectPages and if qualify for the team when they start earning you start earning. So a sales member involves active selling and a high commission – five generations deep. There is no obligation to buy anything.

Tomorrow, WSS (We Share Success) will be open, so now you have an idea of what it will look like. Next week we will have a webinar were Dan will be able to explain clearly the complete breakdown. I have giving you a rough picture, an idea of how it is. So that is all for WSS.

Before I leave, here is a question...

How many of you who are WSS or PIFMs, who have not gotten the link to sign up for BOBL? How many of you would like to have an immediate training on how to use BOBL?

If we have more than 10 we will have an immediate training, otherwise we will schedule something for next week.

If you do not know how to create a BOBL box, please wait until you know how to do it correctly. When we open to the public, if it is not done correctly it will not work right and we'll look very poorly.

(Chat is opened for a response, and more than 10 people want to have training)

OK thank you we will have one right now.

So thank you very much for your time and patience everyone, we will have another WSS and PI general webinar next week and we will explain the new structure and the breakdown of how everything is going to work: the DEALPoints, the commission, the CASHPoints etc.


With your success in mind,

Suresh Kumar and your

WAZZUB Support Team


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General Webinar Recap March 16, 2015

General Webinar Recap

March 16, 2015

Presented by: Gee DaCosta

Topic: Live Jackpot Draw for LOTTEFREE and more PI, WSS and BOBL updates



Hello everybody WAZZUUUBBBB! How is everybody doing today?! Let’s get started with our webinar and let’s talk about some fun stuff because our project has to be fun.

First we're going to talk about some fun updates in PI. You know that our long awaited IPO, which really is not that long awaited because most companies, they don't do their IPO until after 8 to 10, sometimes even 15 to 20 or more years later. Now here we are three years later and we are on track to do our IPO next month in April 2015. That is exciting news! Guys, everything that we do in PI and in any of our stars, any time we visit, we post, search, whatever we do, all our activities in any of our stars reflect the success of all our stars, and especially the IPO of PI. The success that we achieved in this first IPO will be reflected in the success of our next IPO, which will be for BOBL in August 2015, and then we have the WSS IPO at the end of 2015. Let me remind you we're a fun company, sharing the success of the company while we are working in a very serious enterprise that we have created for PI − the mother company and all of the stars with so many more to come. The success of our company is fully dependent upon us − the members, because we are a member driven company. 

So I know that we have a lot of stars and sometimes it can be confusing and even overwhelming to know exactly what to do in order to generate success for our company. You all know Anthony, the VP for WSS; Anthony has put together a list of things that you can do daily, called the PI fun list. You can do these things every day and why would you want to do them every day? Because it is your company, and it is my company, it is our company – the “Power of We” is a cumulative effort of everyone having fun while we are building and increasing our presence, therefore creating success for our company. The more active we are, the more successful we are.

PI is so generous that the company not only shares its success, it goes beyond sharing and let me give you an example here; which search engine out there will reward you for using their search engine to find whatever you are looking for? There is only one, the Perfect Search – it not only protects our data and keeps us safe on the Internet, we also get better search results, and every time we search for something the Company rewards us with free DEALPoints.

What about I Wanna Be Famous? It is our amazing entertainment platform where we get free entertainment and every time we vote it even gives us free DEALPoints.

Only in PI – right?!

The update here is this, even though it is not a requirement to be active, we need to read between the lines and understand that our activity will increase our success. Each person's individual activity will increase the success of PI no matter which of our pages/Stars you are using.

So I will post the link here for the list and you can have fun doing these things on the list and helping us to be successful at the same time.


Please save this link and have fun with it every day because it is rewarding not just for you but for the whole PI galaxy and PI family.


Let us talk about We Share Success now. We have the pre-launch members and that’s all members who signed up on or before February 19. You will still receive five preferred shares for every real, new activated member, five generations deep signing up in your family before or on March 30, 2015. So share your link and invite new members. There are only 2 more weeks left!

And those signing up since February 20, will receive Profit Points. This success sharing opportunity is also available until March 30. Again Profit Points are not shares nor will they ever be converted into shares. The more members that these NEW members invite, the more Profit Points they will get.


Next I wanna talk about I Wanna Be Famous real quick. July 1st is approaching very quickly. July 1st will be our second annual live award show in Las Vegas. On the fun list you will find this too. As often as you can visit I Wanna Be Famous and appreciate a lot of the new videos, new talents, new contestants in every category – vote, comment, and share with others. The more we do this before July 1st the more it will be successful. The most fun will be to meet you there and really put a face to a voice, or even a face to a name. Cool? Cool!


OK now let's talk about BOBL. I mentioned to you that whatever happens in Vegas I'm gonna share some of it with you. Now you know we had the BOBL release party and the 12 DAYS program on March 1, two weeks ago. Guys, we had a nice turn out, we met some great people, members and some other people that bought tickets for the show. BOBL will finally be ready for us to have some great fun with this new platform, in a couple of days. On Monday, March 23, 2015 we will open for the public.

Guys, at this BOBL release party we had so much fun and I can tell you a little bit about what happened. I met Cate, she is always there when we have an event, you got to meet Cate in person and have a blast. We mingled with Esther Goldberg, our first lady of BOBL. We mingled with Jamie our Mr. Bobl – he is a really fun guy! Then we also met with his wife Amy, both of them are the developers of 12 DAYS, and we also met with Absolutely Abby who is going to be our superstar recruiter for the Perfect Jobs. We had fun and we had the time of our lives and guess what you were missing. So on the next party we don't want you to be missing from the crowd. We met Wayne and his wife Patty and they were some of the most awesome people you'll ever meet. We met Anthony of VP of WSS. We met our secretary George and his beautiful wife, and we met Michael the director of our Wazzub Charity.

Imagine that you are here with us on July 1st; Las Vegas is so much fun, there's so much to do. This is a city that never sleeps, ever! And I think that city was built for us because we know if it ain't fun don't do it right! That is one thing we are pros at, at having fun. I am going to encourage you right now, once again, not to think – just make the point to be there, make that your goal to be in Las Vegas on July 1. Write it down as if it was already happening "I'm in Las Vegas on July 1." You don't wanna say “I will be” because that would be in the future. You need to write it as if you were doing it right now and think of it that way too. Go out and get some pictures of Las Vegas, of the Tommy Wind theater and post those on your desk, on your mirror, on your bedroom wall, all over the place. Just do that, don't worry about the “how” because nothing will happen if you don't start with just the positive thought, everything starts with a thought.  Don't let that float in your head, put it down on paper – that is the creative process, that is when you really mean what you're saying – the goal needs to be written down and you need to be consumed with that goal. You have to live, breathe, eat, dream, and have that in your mind all the time as if it was happening right now – that you are here in Las Vegas. And I'm sure that one day, two days, or even a week will not be enough for us in Las Vegas. So guys, let's make this a goal for all of us – I am already there – we want YOU to be there with us.

Now, we will talk about what you have been waiting for − our lucky day with a LotteFree! We are looking for the winner of the $ 2,920 jackpot! I hope that one of you here on this webinar will be the winner. So good luck everybody, grab your numbers...

The wheel is activated and we're going to go for the first spin.  Remember we start from the last number and move backwards, so the first number we draw is the last number in sequence.

So let's go ahead and get this show started – good luck everybody here comes your first number.

It is spinning....  Spinning....  Spinning...  Stopping at number 4!

_ _ _ 4

Now one more time here we go...  Spinning....  Spinning...  Stopping at number 0!

_ _ 04

So if you have 04 as your last two numbers you are still in the game! Now let's get our last two numbers ...  It's spinning....  Spinning...  And stopping at number 8!


Here comes our last spin for the first number in the sequence of four....  Spinning....  Spinning...  Stopping at number 4!


If you have 4804 you have just won the jackpot at LotteFree of $ 2,920!!!

I am hoping that it is one of you right here, this is exciting, we're going to open the chat right now and if you are a lucky person with this number 4804 tell us right now – the chat is open...  OK it looks like the winner is not here on the webinar right now.


If you're not the winner not to worry we're going to add $ 500 to the jackpot amount that will go in the next month and we will draw a new winning number sequence.


If that was not enough remember the I Wanna Be Famous award show in Las Vegas on July 1 make that your goal to be there with us. Keep on playing LotteFree, Lotto Madness and Prize Mania.

Who knows one of those jackpots, could be your ticket to Vegas!  Again don't worry about the “how” you're going to be there, just make a point that you're going to be there – the how will work itself out. The first thing you need to have in mind is the intention.

This will conclude our webinar for today. I'm looking forward to see you all in Las Vegas on July 1 and get ready to bobl in a few days! I will finish it by saying WAZZUUUUBBBBBB!


With your success in mind,

Gee DaCosta and your

WAZZUB Support Team


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General Webinar Recap Feb. 16, 2015

General Webinar Recap

Feb. 16, 2015

Presented by: Gee DaCosta

Topic: IWBF, Lotto Madness, BOBL testers & LOTTE FREE Jackpot draw



Hello hello! Good morning, good evening to all of you! It is great to be here with you guys! OK we are going to go ahead and get started.

Welcome everyone, it is always good to be here; it is always good to be part of this phenomenon. And really it is only us who know that this is a phenomenon, a lot of people don't know about this yet. One thing I love about this business is that we only create win-win-win situations for everyone. And let’s start with one of them. You guys remember last week, what happened with the U.S. Powerball, there was over $ 0.5 billion and there were only three winners. Wow!

The reason why I bring this up is that sometimes when we have FREE stuff, we take them for granted because they are free. However, we should not. You know that we play the lottery, all six jackpots consistently with the same set of numbers every week for each drawing. Every week we have a chance to hit the jackpot. Our chances here to win are much better and much higher than the individual player because we play constantly, nonstop every week the same set of numbers; and I'm not going to guarantee you anything here, cause you know what are the only two things that are really guaranteed in life: one is that you are alive and the other is that you're going to die. That is the harsh reality of those two things, which are guaranteed.

But hey, how about if we play the lottery for free in Lotto Madness, and when we die we can leave it to our children or donate it to a good cause.

Guys, I am telling you this because I sometimes take it for granted too, and I don't play. Mostly it is because I forget but every time I remember I play. So I am encouraging you to play consistently, not only that but let the team know that it's time to play by sending them an e-mail; send an e-mail to your family and your friends, whoever you wish. Because we play consistently and one day we will hit the jackpot and the great thing about it is that it will not be only one winner because we split the prize. We will create several winners. It could be one million, 10,000,000, or even 0.5 billion, we don't know. But we know that we have a high chance to win the lottery. We don't know when.

Here is the choice; you can play and be one of those who will have a chance to win, or not play. The problem is that when you don't play, if we win you are going to be that one looking from the outside in, wishing that you had played. And not only that, this also increases our rankings on Alexa. So the company wins, you win, everybody wins. So please make a reminder for you to play the lottery consistently on Lotto Madness.


You also know we have Prize Mania, and do that as well while you are at it.


Okay there are a couple more things I'm going to talk about, and the last one will be our other LOTTEFREE Jackpot drawing.  Hopefully one of you right here on this webinar will be the lucky one to have your number drawn.

First let's talk about I Wanna Be Famous; this is another thing which we take for granted. We created this, you and I and the Power of We. We are either too busy, like I am because I forget to go there and appreciate the artwork that we have done − giving people a chance to be famous. There are many ways we will win with I Wanna be Famous. Some of them are: when we visit constantly, we vote, we comment, we become fans – that will bring us free amazing entertainment, and it will make the day, the week, the month, or the life of that artist. When we vote, comment and even critique their videos, we encourage them to continue living their dream, and when they see critiques they will adjust and fix whatever needs to be fixed. They need our help and support, so let’s make a difference!

Another thing that is extremely important is Las Vegas. I am passionate about meeting all of you in Vegas! It's my passion. I am in love with that idea that has already happened once last summer, and it is going to happen once again this summer on July 1.

The PI team and I who are going to meet you in person – it's going to be a blast! And in every person that you meet in Las Vegas you will find excitement. We have what we need to live a happy life in PI, but participating in I Wanna Be Famous alone will bring us joy. Think about when we will meet in Vegas; how much fun we will have! 

Guys we have a lot of new artists in our I Wanna Be Famous, so we need to pay attention to what we have and support our members, our artists; because the 1st of July is fast approaching and we do want to meet you there. The artists need you, they need me, and they need us. Please do not take this for granted guys. I know most of you, if not all of you here are already doing what I have just discussed here, however, the more we do it the better it will be for everyone here.

We have one particular artist right now, a very young girl; I think she's a teenager, from Romania. She is a singer and she is in fourth place in the world rankings, but however in her category she is in third place. I want you to watch this video, she is phenomenal. We will talk about it in a little bit.


Wow, is she awesome or what! And it is not only her, there are many great new artists; so let us support our artists, they need our support.

Now let us switch gears and talk about BOBL. Are you ready to bobl?! Today is February 16th, and BOBL is getting ready to conquer the world. We already have a group of testers selected to start initial testing on the BOBL platform beginning this week. The response that we have had already about BOBL has been phenomenal. And you know that on March 1 the world will start bobling. The official testing will start next week and everyone here is invited to become a tester. So if you are interested to become one of our testers, when you go to your BOBL profile, you will find a button to register to be a tester. Simply click the button and you will register to become a tester starting next week. If you are selected to become one of the BOBL testers, you will receive an e-mail with an invitation for you to be one of them.

Guys this is going to be exciting primarily because the testers will know the system inside out before anyone else. That is going to be an amazing platform because as you can already see you will not waste any time logging in and out on all the different social platforms you use on a daily basis; you will have them all on one page. So that is exciting to me! I am looking forward to seeing the progress and the success of BOBL.

So go to your Profile in BOBL and click on the button at the bottom if you're interested in becoming a BOBL tester. 


Now last but not least, we're going to draw the numbers for our LOTTEFREE monthly cash jackpot drawing! We will draw the numbers going from right to left as we always do, with the last number being the first one drawn.

Here we go guys… best of luck…

First number drawn...  Spinning...  Spinning...  Slowing down...  Stopping...  At number...

_ _ _ 7

OK let's go ahead ...  Here we go...  spinning...  Spinning...  Slowing down...  Stopping...  At number...


_ _ 0 7

OK let's go and draw our third number...  Here we go... spinning...  Spinning...  Slowing down...  Stopping...  At number...


_ 3 0 7

You know the jackpot today's $ 2420; we hope to have a lucky winner right here.

OK let's go and spin the wheel one more time...  Here we go... spinning...  Spinning...  Slowing down...  Stopping...  At number...



9 3 0 7

If you have this number you are the winner of the jackpot for $ 2420 cash! We're going to open the chat for a little bit to see if we have the winner right here with us.

(Chat opened, but there was no winner)

Ok so we don’t have a winner but we have 3453 winners, not for the big jackpot of course, but they are LOTTEFREE winners. Keep on playing, you know it is free, so don’t lose hope and keep on playing.

Ok so guys this will conclude the webinar for today. I want to remind you that if you want to be a BOBL tester, you need to go to the BOBL page, log in, and in your Profile section, at the bottom you will find a button that you need to click on.

Also there is IWBF (I Wanna Be Famous). Go there, have some fun and make someone’s day or life!

Lotto Madness − play every day! It is FREE!

And plan meeting us in Vegas! The BOBL release party is going to be on March 1st, 13 days from now. If you can’t meet us in Vegas for the BOBL release party, plan to meet us for the IWBF second live show in Las Vegas boulevard, right on the strip. It will be on July 1st 2015.

Stay tuned, keep your eyes open for the news. Check the blog, the PI news and our WAZZUB Community. I will see you on our next upcoming webinar. Thank you everyone for being here!

WAZZZUUUUUBBBBBB and Are you ready to bobl?!!!!


With your success in mind,

Gee DaCosta and your

WAZZUB Support Team


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General Webinar Recap Jan 30, 2015

General Webinar Recap

Jan 30, 2015

Presented by: Gee DaCosta

Topic: WSS, BOBL, PI Updates & 12 DAYS pre-launch



From Gee:

Wazzub everyone! Good morning good afternoon good day to all of you, our family all around the world; welcome to another super exciting webinar and you will be the judge on how exciting this one will be. I've got some good stuff in store for you so let's go ahead and get started.


First I wanna start with a powerful and exciting reminder. You know that we have our Lotto Madness running every week with over 12 chances for our members to play in the Lotto Madness lotteries (the six biggest jackpots in the world) for free with a chance to win up to US $ 10,000,000! It just so happens that the U.S. Powerball today is at US $ 289,000,000! If we hit the numbers we will make 28 US $ 10 million millionaires for free. We don't want you to be one of those people who say “Why did not I play, darn we won!”; because you can't win if you don't play.

And OK now let's talk about our success sharing phenomenon “We Share Success” (WSS). We have only 20 more days before the doors are closed forever. We want all of our members to collect as many free shares as they can – and once again it is up to you. Remember that on February 19, 2015 the doors will shut down and be locked forever. 

I am not sure if some of you are not collecting shares because you don't know how. We are called The Power of We for a reason.  There's no “I am successful” or “I” in team – we are The Power of We and we want everyone to achieve success here.

You know hypocrites say “Do what we’re saying and don’t do what we do.” That is not us, we say, “Do what we say and what we do and you will be successful.” We have many successful people here: old and new members both achieving great success collecting a lot of shares. So we decided to put things together and pick their brains to see what they're doing to be successful. What are they doing, how are they doing it, what are they using, and how they are inviting new members. So we decided to put their ideas in a blog. Now we have a blog that tells you exactly what they're doing so you can copy their success. Not just that but also, so you can offer your ideas too, what makes you successful. Go there after this webinar. I'm sure there's something there for everyone. Do it now because seriously, what company out there is giving away free shares and especially one that is going public this year. 

The success of this company depends upon us, the members – we are member driven, not company dictatorship driven. We want you to collect as many shares as you possibly can by sharing this information with others. How successful we will be, how much our shares will be worth – it is up to us. So what do you want it to be? To be or not to be, that is the six million dollar question isn't it?! That's the perfect question. We have The Power of We and the power to be extremely successful. Our success here is unlimited! Let's do it guys, follow the link after the webinar and have fun.




Now let's talk about some exciting updates in our business activities. First I'm happy to share with you that we have uploaded our brand new PI commercial in 25 different languages so far. The video now is available in Spanish, Russian, French, Hindi, Vietnamese, German, and many other languages so far. I want you to be some of the first to know and watch these videos.




For all the other languages, we are looking for members who would like to translate it. There are only about 20 words in the commercial. Look at the list below for the languages missing:

Català, Hebrew, Papiamentu, Samoan, Tongan, Fijian, Tuvaluan, Kiribati, Greek, Turkish, Norwegian, Danish, Croatian, Uzbek, Georgian, Kazakh, Slovak, Estonian, Albanian, Latvian, Bulgarian, Lithuanian, Azerbaijani, Bahasa Indonesia, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Bengali, Tamil, Bahasa Melayu, Bhutanese, Khmer, Japanese, Korean, Nepali, Khalkha Mongol, Turkmen, Tajik, Kyrgyz, Pashto, Lao, Burmese, Sinhala, Maldivian Dhivehi, Thai, Kannad.



If you can speak one of those languages, please connect with our support team and they will give you further instructions. That way we can activate the power of who? The Power of We! I love saying that.

What is exciting for me, and I'm sure that it will be exciting for you too is that we could be one of the first companies to have their commercial in more than 70 different languages. Again if you speak one of the languages that are missing and you can translate, simply connect with our support team and they will be able to help you and you'll be able to help us. It's a win-win-win right? I know that it is not just the PI team and me but that many of you love the commercial too because it is short, sweet, and it really tells the whole PI story in just a few words.

And now we're going to talk about another fun and exciting topic; topic that is related to the password, 12days. This is not related to something that will happen in 12 days from now but this is surely a very exciting story. I am very proud and happy, and excited to share this with you. I am pretty sure many of you have seen Mr. Bobl already. As I'm sure many of you can understand he has other jobs besides being just Mr. Bobl. His name is Jamie, and he is here with us today in our live webinar! I will introduce him to you in just a minute. 

First I need to tell you a little story about how we connected with Jamie. This happened a couple of months ago right before we produced the Mr. Bobl videos. He told us what his main business was besides being an actor. So now I would like to presents you a video of him and his lovely wife Amy, and then you will understand more about the password we used for today − 12days.




Wow – exciting isn’t it! Well now you might be wondering how does this tie in with us. Our members came up with tons of ideas for health and fitness with an option to share healthy tips, recipes, and a lot of material related to fitness and nutrition, weight loss and lifestyle stuff. The challenge was to have professional content with one expert or more than one expert who would be able to take care and maintain a platform like that.  So when we met with Jamie and Amy, they told us that they were dreaming about a global health and lifestyle fitness portal where they could spread their idea of this 12 Days course to get people on track to reach their goals while having fun. And what is our main theme here if PI guys? If it ain't fun, don't do it! So yes, here is definitely about having fun.

So we made them a proposal, we told them that their 12 days idea is great and that we have some great ideas for a portal like that too. We already have a huge member database, and you know we are pretty good at what we do – marketing. So what about doing a joint venture − we asked them. And as you can imagine, what you are seeing now is our first joint venture. I am really proud to share this with you.

And now without further ado I would like to introduce Jamie, our very own Mr. Bobl. Jamie please share a little background about your idea and your excitement about our joint venture together.  The mic is yours.


From Jamie:

Wazzuuuuub and hello to everybody! My wife and I are so super excited to be partnered with all of you guys in Perfect Internet and the extended family all around the globe. Because we know the benefit that comes from just helping one person improve their life with their health, how that brings more joy in their day and more joy in everyone else's day that interacts with them. So that's part of our excitement.

About eight years ago I found myself in America, married and living a comfortable life. I stop focusing on what was a healthy life and my health deteriorated. It got to a point where I was really in a serious health situation. I had to make some changes and that was the picture that you saw from 2012. The picture doesn't really show it, including my emotions and everything, but the quality of my life just wasn't there anymore; and I didn’t realize it until I had to turn around. That's when my wife and I said “let's make some changes, let's change the cause and not just treat the symptoms.” She has a lot of knowledge with 26 years of experience in nutrition. So I said OK I will listen to what you know and I will study for myself too. So the short story is that within 12 months I completely transformed my life and in 2014 my life got better and better; and we created these concepts of how you can have more fun in your day.

Everybody around the world enjoys fun. I've traveled around the world for work and I've been in many countries around the world. Everywhere I went, even if I couldn't speak the language, I could still have fun with people, we would joke, laugh, dance, make funny facial gestures, and that connectedness of fun is intoxicating and exciting. And that is what we want to bring into everybody’s life; the opportunity to have more fun and the opportunity to have better health.

The 12 days program was actually something that we did a couple years ago; it originated from that Christmas song about the 12 days at Christmas. “On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me...” The fact is that every day built upon the first day. So every day gave more and more, so at the end of 12 days we have all these fabulous gifts. So we thought if we could increase day by day for just 12 days; everybody in the healthier habits, healthier information, healthier concepts, tips, ideas… by the end of the first 12 days you're in the foundation steps of creating a habit; a habit that then becomes a lifestyle and then that habit grows and you become healthier and healthier.

Most people don't have all the correct information and they don't know where to start. So this is an opportunity for people to start, and that’s the 12 days.

We have been expanding this idea so it's 12 days of fitness for this and that, but we weren’t able to reach more than 40 to 50 people at a time. So the opportunity to reach thousands of people is awesome. Now we can share this information through the Internet and people can have this information no matter where they are. So partnering with Perfect Internet is absolutely perfect.

And you guys are passionate and excited and this is a fantastic opportunity to grow and to share, and for everyone to have a healthier life. And that means having a happier life which means positive brain chemistry, the ability to focus… Our motto which we wish for everyone is to help you take control of your health and have the best shape of your life.

If you want more energy, more focus, and more strength − it has to be healthy. If that doesn't originate with health it is not long lasting.  It doesn't matter how much money you have or where you live, if you don't have your health, the quality of your day is depleted. The more health you have the more benefits you have in your life. So we want to share this information so more people have an opportunity to have a healthier life.

I get so excited by everything that is possible. The excitement of what it means for everyone to be able to improve the quality of their life, and for everyone to share that information with their friends and family and improve the quality of their lives. Just to see one person in 12 days that is happier and healthier, and then that person shares the information with just 10 people; that means it grows through their community so they're all having a happier home life, a happier work life and more friends. The more friends you have the better life is; you have people there to help you. I believe that if you're not happy and healthy on the inside it's hard for that to be shared on the outside.

If everyone in the world was a little happier because they were a little healthier, the whole planet would be a much, much happier place. And I am excited by that opportunity that the world will have more friends and be happier and healthier.

I know personally that when I was not healthy, I know how hard it was to be motivated to improve my life. When I wasn't healthy, my emotions were not good, I had less friends. And now everyone I meet is a friend, everyone is a best friend – my group of friends, of so many dynamic and wonderful people is just growing, and growing, and growing. Life is just fantastic!

I encourage absolutely everyone, to take an opportunity to gain some tips, helpful knowledge from my wife and I, who for the last 2 ½ years have been super, super focused on what it means to be healthy. It's not just exercise, and is not just nutrition; the human body is a dynamic organism of so many different contributing factors that health is across the board with nutrition, exercise, your hydration, your sleep…there's a big difference between getting 6 hours of sleep in 8 hours of sleep. How it affects your hormone balance in your body and your ability to have cognitive thought. Anyway I am getting sidetracked into the science of the brain and how nutrition affects the body. That's a big part of health is how happy you are in your environment and with yourself. So we’re so happy to share that with you and whatever benefit you can get from it will improve the quality of your life and we start to have more and more happy and healthy people all over the planet. So let’s make it happen!

It's fantastic to be a part of Perfect Internet; it's like an enormous extended family that Amy and I now have and that is fantastic. We love you all and we look forward to growing into a very dynamic future.


From Gee:

Wow what a treat that was. Jamie thank you so much for being with us here today; we're so excited to be a part of this with you too. And you are right Jamie we're all going to get healthy with you in this amazing new venture 12 DAYS. Thank you again Jamie for your presence here today.

OK so let's continue this for a few more minutes and I will let you go excited, I promise.

OK so here's the deal, we're so excited to partner with Jamie and his wife Amy, because you know that PI only brings great stuff to the members. This, the 12 DAYS, is one more proof that PI is far more than just an average Internet Company. That is exciting isn’t it!

We are going to change the way that people surf the Internet, how people e-mail on the Internet, how people communicate on the Internet, we are going to change the way people are doing things on the Internet now for the better. Along with that, we are going to change the lives of those who need to change their lifestyle with the 12 DAYS campaign.

Here's the deal: Jamie and Amy and their team are going to provide all the content that we need – the videos, there will also be an app, and there will be different fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle courses. One of the greatest things about it is that it will be affordable for everyone no matter where you are on this great green planet of ours. The charge will be something so small, something like 99 ¢ for 12 days! Isn't that amazing?

I know myself, I exercise every day; I go hiking, bike riding, and I know that it is hard to stay motivated to achieve your level of fitness. However, with Jamie and Amy everything will change because it will be fun and you'll never be alone. And once again we activate The Power of We.

Now guess what? From which Advertising Network will the advertising banners be displayed in the 12 DAYS project? You got that right; we are going to keep it in the house, in PI of course.  Likewise, our deals will be exclusively displayed on their 12 DAYS portal. Don't we always talk about win-win-win? If it isn't a win-win-win we will never do it. Everybody wins here, 12 DAYS wins, PI wins, and our members win.

Here is another exciting piece, guess which music will be used in their instructional videos? It will be from our Most Famous Artists exclusively! Guess what else? The artists will receive royalties for their music being used.

Guys, Jamie and Amy are planning to give out licenses to fitness studios, personal trainers, personal training studios, from all around the world to join the 12 DAYS campaign. Now guess where these gyms and fitness studios will be listed?  They'll be listed in the PerfectPages! We keep it in house. This is exactly how 12 DAYS fits into our Perfect Internet like a glove. 

The pre-launch for 12 days will start today. We apologize for the fact that it was supposed to start a couple days ago. I know that some of you have already shared this 12 DAYS with others and you have some members that have joined already. Guys, I believe that unfortunately those that have already joined might need to join again. The login is not ready yet. It is currently disabled for another 2 or 3 hours. Also you know that the PI members don't have to join. All PI members simply have to log in. You know that you will all have your Reflink. Everything will take care of itself once the login is available, so give it about 3 hours from now.

The pre-launch starts today and the launch of the 12 DAYS club will be on March 1, 2015. If you are fortunate enough to join us at our BOBL release party on March 1 in Las Vegas, you will meet Mr. Bobl, Jamie and Amy, Dr. Bobl, Ester, and many of our PI team because they will all be there. The party will go on with or without you, but we would love it to be with you.

Now why are we launching BOBL with the 12 DAYS program?  Well where do you think the videos will be available for the 12 DAYS campaign? They will be available exclusively at BOBL. Are you ready to bobl? That is what we can expect from Mr. Bobl; come and meet with him in Vegas.

As you heard Jamie early on here, you heard that he was very excited because this is their dream to have such a global platform. And of course guys, most successful companies and people out there, they become successful mainly because Like attracts Like. We are excited, they are excited; they needed a professional partner, they found us, they're happy, and we're happy too and hopefully you are excited and happy too! Of course we all are. 

I'm gonna tell you a couple things before we go. Visit our blog for the WSS Marketing ideas, pitch your ideas, collect ideas and learn new ways to be successful. Tomorrow is the 31st of January, on Sunday it is February 1 already – in less than 30 days our BOBL party will be on. Plan on meeting us there if you can, in Las Vegas. We are excited about this event, if you can't make it for this event there will be more such as on July 1 with I Wanna Be Famous! Ultimately guys, we want to meet you and greet you, and welcome you personally to our family.

OK so that's it for today. Let's celebrate the pre-launch together. In a few hours you know you will receive your 12 DAYS Reflink, that you will find in your PI Back Office where you find all your other Reflinks.

Let me remind you something I said just a little bit ago – for those who joined early into the 12 DAYS, you need to join again.

They are working on the login right now. It should be ready within the next couple of hours so keep checking later today. Also check the PI news and the family blog for new upcoming webinars.

With that said I thank you again for being here. All the best to you all, good day, good night, good evening to all of you wherever you are. We will see you on the next upcoming webinar.

WAZZZUUUUBBBBBBB and Are you ready to bobl!?


With your success in mind,

Gee DaCosta and your

WAZZUB Support Team

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General Webinar Recap Jan 16, 2015

General Webinar Recap

Jan 16, 2015

Presented by: Gee DaCosta

Topic: Live Jackpot Draw for LOTTEFREE; WSS, BOBL, IWBF and PI Updates



Hello everybody!!! WAZZUUUBBBB! How is everybody doing today?! I am doing great and getting better! I'm glad to see you all excited; I'm excited too and let's get started. I love all of you my little brothers and sisters, and welcome to our exciting webinar for news and updates.

First we're gonna talk about some improvements and PI galaxy updates. We're getting better every day but you need to see it right? Right! We have been uploading some new pages, and one of the great updates is the new PI signup page. It has been improved and it looks great. If you would like to see it you need to be logged out of PI and then you will see. When new perspective members go to this page, they can Take the Tour of our galaxy before signing up. Also we have a new login page.

We are growing and we have so many stars in our galaxy so we don't want people to get lost. We want to give them direct simple access to explore our creation. You are a big part of this and you should be proud of it, because this is indirectly your creation. The power of we, right! Also, we have a new MY SETTINGS page and we have new Reflinks added to the MY REFLINKS page.

After the webinar, give yourself some time for you to go and explore what I have just explained – our new PI galaxy updates.

Now let us switch topics and talk about We Share Success.

Do you realize that our countdown clock is ticking? Time goes by so fast when you're having fun doesn't it? Today is January 16 of 2015, we have only 34 more days on our countdown clock to invite others who want free shares and to collect as much shares as we desire.

We have been thinking about how we can help you to get more new members and consequently more shares. We have put together an idea that will help you doing just that. I am going to caution you right now, you are a shareholder; it is very important to understand this. It is a big deal and a responsibility. I am sure that you understand and you want to get more shares. Not only that, you also want your shares to be worth a lot of money. That is one of the reasons we are here, right? Having fun alone doesn't cut it, we need money to survive.

If you are one of those people (I'm not pointing fingers at anyone; I really only want what's best for you, our family) who have acquired a certain number of shares and you think that you are OK with that, you are satisfied, that is all you need; if you have stopped inviting, marketing and being active, you have it all wrong. You know why? Because you need to remember that the window for this once in a lifetime opportunity is closing very fast, after which, there will be no more WSS shares ever again.

So the deal is that you are a shareholder in WSS and you want it to be extremely successful, but that is completely dependent upon you, the free shareholders. You got your shares for free but there is still work to do, and it is fun work to do.

The responsibilities are several: Stay active in our PI galaxy. The more active you are, the more traffic we are getting. Invite more and more people; the more people you are inviting, the more valuable your shares will be. So it is up to us, the shareholders, and we only have 34 more days more to give away valuable company shares.

And who are those in your mind who you would love to get rich with? Is it strangers or family and friends? Guys, we are giving this away for free. What other company out there is doing that? WSS is a solid stable company backed by a multi-million dollar company – PI. Who in their right mind would not like some free shares, real company shares in our amazing company? You are not selling anything, you're giving it away! You don't want your family and friends to see you living a new and exciting life without them; they will be upset because you did not share the wealth.

There is a saying that goes like this: "If you are lucky enough on the Internet to make it to the top, it is your responsibility to lower down the ladder so others can climb to the top with you."

How exciting this is - right!

We have 34 days to put the pedal to the metal and make everyday count, every minute counts. To help you be successful we have marketing ideas in our WSS page and we have put together some more for you.

We, the directors got together last week. There are a lot of great members achieving success and we decided to have them share the “how they are doing it” and “what they're using.” Everyone comes from different backgrounds with marketing ideas. Thanks to one of our amazing members, Amante Elnar (everyone give him kudos at the end of this webinar) we have a blog that he put together; a blog with some great ideas, real stories from members who are making it happen. Also on this blog, if you have an idea or want to share something that is working for you, at the top of the blog there are instructions on how you can share your idea and be added to the blog. The people who have been added on this blog so far are achieving success and we have no doubt they will go to the top. They are lowering down the ladder for you to climb and share your ideas.




The last thing I wanna say about We Share Success is that we have 34 days countdown; on February 19, 2015 it will be closed forever. Let's put the pedal to the metal and make every second count!

Thank you Amante for that great work buddy, we appreciate you!

All right now let's go ahead and turn the page, switch gears and I will show you right now a world premiere video. Guys this is another one of our creations for I Wanna Be Famous. You know that last year in June 2014 we had our first Most Famous Award show live in Las Vegas. The winner of it all was Artie Simon – he performed live for us and this world premiere video is part of the first prize winning, which is his first professionally produced video. Watch the video from Artie's brand new website.



Alright guys how do you like it? Great right!

(Chat is opened for some feedback –the majority loves it)

On this website you will find a guestbook, you can go and leave a comment, giving your support.

We're going to have a BOBL release party in Las Vegas on March 1, 2015 and Artie Simon will be performing on stage at our BOBL party! Exciting stuff right? I say right on!

We have another world premiere to show you, you know that the minds in PI never stop – they are always thinking and always creating what is missing in the world. Right now I'm going to show you the new creation. We have a brand new way to entertain, not just members but anyone with a pulse.


It is called TALENTS ON STAGE. It is a mix of entertainment acts and we're talking about live entertainment. Keep in mind this is not related to I Wanna Be Famous, these are not artists searching for fans and votes and prizes; yet you can be a fan and you can vote live for them to let them know you love them but there are no prizes. This is a new way to enjoy a wide entertainment with live singers, dancers, comedians, and much more.

The first show will be on March 2, 2015. How convenient right, because on March 1 is the BOBL release party, so if you can stick around for March 2 you can see the Talents on Stage first show.  That’s going to be an official public event. However, besides March 2 there are three more shows planned for 2015. The first one being on March 2, another one in May, another one in July, and another one in November. The dates will be announced right here on this website (as you see in the mock-up image above) when it goes live.

Let me say again this is not related to IWBF; however it is produced by Most Famous Inc. The great thing is that we decide who goes live on the stage, in other words anyone from I Wanna Be Famous who wins, has an opportunity to perform live in Talents on Stage, in Las Vegas.

So now you have many chances to come and meet us live in Las Vegas. Remember also we will have our second Most Famous Award show on July 1, 2015 in Las Vegas. So that is six shows in 2015: BOBL Party, 4 Talents on Stage Shows, and IWBF Season 2 Award show. Entertainment, entertainment, entertainment for the soul!

And one more thing: In our March 2 Talents on Stage show the winner from it I Wanna Be Famous 2014 will also be performing live on stage. The main winners of 2015 have the opportunity to be also on stage with the shows this year.



Alright, and now we are going to switch gears and draw our monthly Jackpot winner for LotteFree! Grab your tickets, and get ready because in just a moment we will spin the wheel.

Now I am proud to tell you that we have made some exciting improvements that you will love. Pay attention because this is exciting.

Now, when a member wins, their sponsor also wins! And we have more than 1000 winners every day!

Let me explain to you how this is going to work. Let us say that you get two numbers on a daily drawing, you will receive 20 DEALPoints, and the person who invited you or your sponsor will receive 10 DEALPoints. So they will receive 50% of what you receive (50% on top of that). 

If you get three numbers, you will receive 200 DEALPoints and your sponsor will receive 100 DEALPoints. If you get four numbers on a daily draw, you receive 1000 DEALPoints plus US $ 10.00 added to your PI account. And your sponsor will receive 500 DEALPoints and US $ 5.00 added to his PI account.

If that was not exciting listen to this: if you win the monthly jackpot, your sponsor wins 50% of what you receive as well.  Today the monthly jackpot is worth US $ 3146 and assuming you win this, you get US $ 3146 and your sponsor will win US $ 1573. 

Now why am I telling you this? Simply because the more people you invite to play LotteFree, the more chance you have to win.  Stay in contact with them through your first generation. They will get excited and you have more chances to win. Remember we have over 1000 daily winners; chances are some of those people are yours, your members or might even be you.

So we always talk about win-win-win, and there you have it, nobody wins alone!

Keep in mind that LotteFree is not the only way to win. We have Prize Mania, Lotto Madness, and by the way, in Lotto Madness tomorrow's draw will be for US $ 194,000,000. We have the ability to create 19 of US $ 10,000,000 millionaires and 40 members winning US $ 100,000 each − that is what will happen if we win. But you can't win if you don't play! And it's free! Where else in the world? Only in PI guaranteed.

Now is the time for us to spin the wheel. I hope everyone gets their numbers in their hands and like we did last time we are going to start from the last number – so we will draw the last number first and so forth.

What I want you to do for good luck for all of us is blow on the microphone on your computer like you blow on the dice in Las Vegas; so everyone give a big blow right now...

I am going to press the button and boom it is spinning....

Number six is the first number we have drawn.

_ _ _ 6

OK now we are to do another spin, remember give a big blow on the microphone on your computer...

OK it's spinning...  Spinning...  Slowing down…  And stopping at number…


_ _ 3 6

OK so if your last two numbers are three and six you're still in the game. Now let’s draw the third number. Here we go everybody....  Spinning....  Slowing down to number....


The third number drawn is number six.

_ 6 3 6

If you have that in your winning numbers you are still in the game! OK last number coming up everyone...  Spinning...  Spinning...  Slowing down to number...


1 6 3 6

The winning number for the monthly jackpot draw for January 15, 2015 is 1636 (displayed in the correct order). Now let us see if we have the winner here on our webinar right now. Remember if it is you or one of your members, as their sponsor you will win half as much too!

Is a winner here today? (The chat has been opened. No winner in the webinar.)

Remember even if you are not the winner this time, every month you can be here for your chance to win! There will be plenty of chances to still win.

I have one more thing to share and then we are out of here. OK you know only members can participate so invite more members because the more you have, the more chances you have to win. 

Last but not least, we have some BOBL info for you. Are you ready to BOBL?

We have our first BOBL release party hosted at the Tommy Wind Theater in Las Vegas Nevada USA. It is the same place where we had our first live Most Famous Award show and most likely where we will always have our parties because it is in an amazing central location. So the party is going to be March 1, 2015. That is going to be a great party! I hope you can join us over there; if not there will be other BOBL parties around the world on the same day. The best place will be joining us in Vegas with Artie Simon who will be performing live for us that day!

Another thing that is super important and needs your attention, our second Most Famous Award show is going to be on July 1, 2015. And we definitely are hoping that you can join us there.  We also need you to support our artists as often as you can. Do this by going to our I Wanna Be Famous website and vote, make comments, become a fan because they need your support.

Also I am sure that you go out to dinner, you go to events, go to concerts, dances, you know instrumentalists, and you could be there to discover them, you could be their white knight by inviting them and giving them your link. Let them know about our amazing I Wanna Be Famous and that artists worldwide have an opportunity to become famous. You could be that person to hand them a business card that we have already made for you and be their white knight. 

Please go to this link and see that we have already created the business cards for you to give out and invite more artists. It is simple, easy, and fun. You don't need to explain if you hand them the card. They will forever be grateful to you, let them know that you will become a fan and vote for them and tell others. You will be that artist’s next best friend for having discovered him.

Visit this link and click to download your IWBF Business Card template:



This webinar is ending. Start planning now guys, you will be excited; imagine how much fun it will be for us to meet. Thank you very much everyone for being here I hope you are as excited as I am. We have great, great things coming. PI is never going to stop; you are part of it, enjoy it and spread the word.

I just have one question for you: Are YOU ready to Booooblllll!?

I will see you all in Vegas my friends goodbye, good day, God bless you all, keep your eye on the blog and the PI news for announcements on the next webinars.



With your success in mind,

Gee DaCosta and your

WAZZUB Support Team


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General Webinar Recap Dec 15, 2014

General Webinar Recap

Dec 15, 2014

Presented by:  Gee DaCosta

Topic: Live Jackpot Draw for LOTTEFREE; WSS, BOBL and PI Updates



Wazzuuuub everybody it's party time!

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening to all of our members around the world! Wake up cause today is money day! Today we’re going to celebrate the winner of our LOTTEFREE jackpot!!!

Let's get this show on the road.

Welcome everyone; once again it is a pleasure to be here with you one more time for another exciting webinar. We're going to talk about a few updates, and other good things. One of them is the official jackpot draw for LOTTEFREE that is going to take place at the end of this webinar. So please stay tuned because you are the first who receive the good news, live on this webinar. Hopefully we will draw a winner that may just be one of you who are here and present. Stick around until the end of this webinar, which I believe will not be too long.

First I wanna talk about a little hiccup we had on our last webinar. The hiccup was about the picture we were supposed to upload to the BOBL platform. I told you on the last webinar, that you need to have a picture of you and/or even your cereal box; no pets, no Logos, no letters, no phrases and that was the wrong information-for that I apologize.

What we need is a picture of yourself or even a picture of you with your dog, or your cat, or your child; and maybe even you holding a cereal box or some item, but you must be in the picture. That is the correct information on that picture hiccup.

All right, we're going to talk about BOBL more in a little bit, right now though we're gonna talk about We Share Success. You know that we have more than 643,000 members and growing everyday; very soon we're going to grow even faster and I will tell you why in our next subject.

You may have noticed on our We Share Success website that the Co-Founders tab (which may be you) is already live and shows your picture with your name. You may have also noticed that there are a lot of people who have not yet uploaded their picture.  So whether it is you or someone you know, please let them know.  That page does not look very good with just blank images. Also, even if you don't know who they are, please send an e-mail to your first generation and let them know so they can do the same for their first generation, which will be your second and so on and so forth. 

Alright let's switch gears and talk about PI. We are gearing up to grow the whole galaxy even faster than it is growing now, and we have just released our perfect newsletter website, and it is now live.






You see five sections: News edition, Entertainment edition, Winner edition, Free stuff edition and Deals edition. Now you can set up your own newsletter preference. What we recommend is that you as a member need to stay up to date on everything, so we recommend that you stay opted in to all of them. Then again it is your preference. When you see five OPT OUT buttons − that means that you're already opted in to all newsletters.

When you click the OPT OUT button, a window will pop up that says, "Are you sure you want to opt out?" So don't worry you cannot opt out by just doing one click, there is a warning that shows confirming your selection. Very soon, we will start sending out newsletters, very often and to our entire database. That is how we are going to wake up some of our sleeping members and encourage them to stay active. Therefore, we will grow much faster because there is communication, constant communication.

There is one more thing, which you must do – you need to add

noreply@perfectnewsletter.com to your whitelist, which indicates that this e-mail address is not spam. If you do not do that, you may be on the list of people who will not receive our newsletters. You need to make sure that this is done correctly so you don't miss any important news. Make that e-mail good as I believe within the next few days our first newsletter will go out. I do not know exactly when so keep checking your e-mail.

Now let us switch gears to something even more exciting. That is, are you ready to BOBL?! We have some great information about BOBL. As you know, we are scheduled to launch BOBL and have a BOBL release live party at the Tommy Wind Theater. This is the same place where we held our first live I Wanna Be Famous award show in Las Vegas last June. The BOBL release party will be on March 1, 2015. Right now, we are negotiating with Ester, our first BOBL lady, Mr. Bobl from Australia and Dr. Bobl – we're trying to get them all live on the stage for that day. That will be fun!

To refresh your memory of who they are I'm going to show you briefly their first art work for us.



So that is Mr. Bobl, he may join us for our BOBL release party in Las Vegas on March 1, 2015.



Alright that was Dr. Bobl who may be another one of our guests.  And now let's take a look at our first BOBL lady, Ester Goldberg.



So those were three of our boblers: Ester Goldberg, Mr. Bobl and Dr. Bobl and we are negotiating with all three of them to be live on stage with us during our BOBL release party. Regardless of what happens the show will go on at the Tommy Wind Theater and for sure Tommy Wind will be performing his world famous magic. Tommy Wind himself will become one of our official boblers too!

You know last season when we celebrated our I Wanna Be Famous award show we had a blast. This time we already have his venue set up for us, especially for our show and not only that, we also have the venue reserved for our second season of the I Wanna Be Famous live award show. More about that in just a moment. If you look at the BOBLYMPICS website


You will see that Ester has already been bobled over 760 times, woohoo! And we have some of our members that have already been bobled some more than 500 times! We also have boblers who have bobled more than 6,000 times, that tells us that people are getting excited about BOBL. 

So you are all invited for our BOBL release party in Las Vegas in a little over three months from now. All the details will be in our newsletter, so make sure you’re opted in. Also we will share more details in our next webinar.

Now let us switch gears to I Wanna Be Famous. Our second I Wanna Be Famous award show for the best voted talents from all over the world, will take place at the same venue, the Tommy Wind Theater and the official date is July 1, 2015. To refresh your memory, the Tommy Wind Theater is right on the Las Vegas strip, the Las Vegas Boulevard where all the very important and most famous people do their shows. That means we're also very important. Soon, we will be universally known and of course very important. We'll be able to experience firsthand, the exciting red carpet, with the limos arriving with the talents and for sure it will be extremely exciting; I believe it will be 10 times more exciting than the first show.

After the show, we will have our after-show party where you will be able to mingle with everyone, all the members, put a face to a voice and a name; and meet Mr. Bobl, Dr. Bobl, and Ester if they are able to participate; as well as to enjoy the world famous Las Vegas Boulevard with all the amazing attractions. I believe this party is going to be crazy; it will last for many hours if not days.  So you all get to meet each one of our brothers and sisters from around the world who come to party with us. The details on this are also going to be in our newsletters and on our upcoming webinar.

Switch gears one more time for our last subjects for the webinar. We will find out who will be the lucky winner for LOTTEFREE as we draw the winning numbers right here. The jackpot cash prize today is at US $ 2,654! We have 2,041 daily winners from LOTTEFREE entered for this drawing. Every time you win on a daily drawing, that winning number is entered for the monthly cash jackpot drawing in LOTTEFREE.

Let me explain how we generate the winning number. We could have more than one winner, or even none. The winning numbers are comprised of four digits going from 0000 to 9999. If there is no winner this month the jackpot will be raised by $ 500 for the next jackpot. We hope there will be a winner or winners here today.

Now we draw these numbers randomly and it is fully set and automatic, there is no way to cheat or manipulate the system.  We will draw four numbers.

We will go ahead and draw the first number which will be the last number of your four-digit number; we will go from the last to the first.

So the number is…


Eight is the first number drawn and the last number in your four-digit sequence. Now let's go ahead and draw your second number.

The second number is 3.

So for now we have


Now let us stand for the third number. The wheel is spinning and spinning, it is slowing down now and now it is stops on number... 5.

So if you have


you are still in the game and you will have a very Merry and richer Christmas. Now let us draw the last number. Hang on tight, here we go, it's spinning....  Spinning...  Slowing down to number...0

If you have


YOU are a winner! It could be one or two people we don't know.

If you have 0538 you won $ 2564 absolutely for free in our cash jackpot!

Now remember, in case that we don't have a winner this month, the jackpot will be raised by US $ 500 for the next jackpot drawing which will be on January 15th, one month from today.  We will announce it in our next general webinar, which will be on that same day.

Once again, our next general webinar will be one month from today on January 15, 2015. Because of the holidays we will have no more general webinars until January 15, 2015.

So keep your eye on the PI news and the blog for updates and announcements.

What I want to know right now is if we have the winner of this jackpot right here with us?

If you are someone who has the numbers 0538 as an entry for the cash jackpot at LOTTEFREE let us know right now so we can celebrate together.

(The chat has opened so that we could see if anyone on the webinar is the winner. Nobody there was the winner)

Keep your eyes on the PI news and the blog and we will announce if anyone comes forward after the recap.

We wish everyone here a Happy Holiday season and we will see you all next year on our next general webinar on January 15, 2015. Everyone be blessed, hug your family, kiss your kids and be safe please. Goodbye everybody and I'll see you next year!

Thank you Rod, thank you Cate, thank you Rose, thank you to all of our amazing members at this webinar; thank you very much everyone and have a great night!


Are YOU ready to bobl!?


With your success in mind, 

Gee DaCosta and your

WAZZUB Support Team


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General Recap December 5, 2014


PIFM & SSM Webinar Recap

Dec. 5, 2014

Presented by:  Gee DaCosta

Topic: WSS Updates and BOBL Fun



From Gee

Wazzub everybody! Good afternoon, good morning, good evening, to all of you, my brothers and sisters around the world. Welcome to another family gathering. We have a few exciting things to share with you and we are going to get straight to the point.


First, we are going to talk a little bit about We Share Success, and then we have some very exciting news about BOBL, which you do not want to miss; so, stick around until the end of the webinar. It should be a fairly quick one.


To begin with, I would like to give a big welcome and congratulations to our brand new Country Managers for We Share Success. Welcome, on behalf of PI, WSS, and all of our members! Very soon, we are going to have a lot of material translated into many different languages, thanks to our WSS Country Managers. For our members, we also have many support rooms open in the PI/WAZZUB Chat Rooms. Very soon, we will have a support button working with all the support we will offer you. If you have any questions, remember no questions are stupid questions—they are all welcome. We need them for our FAQ.


Please send your questions to:



Now let us get to the fun part of WSS. This is time sensitive. You know that we have only until February 19, 2015, to collect as many shares as you can, and that's it. I just want everyone to take this to heart, understand that this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you—for sure!


There will be three kinds of people here: (1) there will be those who will cry real tears for not taking action; (2) there will be those who never even knew about WSS and only found out when it was too late. This tells us that it is in our best interest, it is our job to tell them. This is what you do. You want to tell your family and friends first. It is free, extremely rewarding, and this can change their lives, and yours. Chances are that your friends, who were never told about this, will be upset with you. They can say “No,” and that's OK. Later on, you can tell them that you told them about it.


The third kind of people here are (3), the ones who will be wealthy, happy, and they will tell others by taking action. This opportunity is only open and available until February 19, 2015. That is it. The doors will NEVER be open again. The sooner you take action, the more chances you have to reach others. The question for you is which one of these three kinds of people will you be?


Remember, there are so many opportunities out there, so many! It is a jungle out there right. If you have been around for some time, you know that 99.9% of them are not even worth it to touch them with a 20-foot pole, because they disappear. Look at our track record; look at PI, who is backing WSS; look at our presence over here—about three years and going strong. This will just get stronger. The more shares you have, the more members we will have, and the more Profit Share there will be for everyone. The question is: how much monthly Profit Share do you want, starting March 1, 2015? Moreover, how many shares do you want for the IPO at the end of 2015? The choice is yours, and theirs.


So, the last word on WSS is: promote it, promote it, and promote it. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance. That is all, for now, about WSS in this webinar.


Now, let us talk about some extremely fun things happening, in BOBL.US! I am excited to share with you today: BOBL.US. As always, first we talk about the things, which are not so pleasant – let me tell you about some challenges.


If you have opened BOBL, you may have seen some obscene pictures of members. Even if this is not you, it may be someone in your generations (your first generation, or somewhere all the way down to five generations), who may be posting pictures that are not acceptable. This is your image to the world. We are on the World Wide Web. Your picture is how people see you—it is how the world will see you and you are branding yourself. Is that how you want the world, your friends and family, to see you and remember you by?


At the same time, this is the image of We Share Success as well and let me tell you, with images like that it will get ugly. If you know the one(s) who have posted obscene, offensive, or even naked pictures, let them know. Maybe they do not know that this is the World Wide Web. I do not want to see any more naked or obscene pictures. Write to your generations and make sure everybody understands.


Let us talk about some good, great, and fun things now. Guys, BOBL.US - it's exciting and look at how much fun we are having. Soon the whole world, will be bobling. What I want to do right now is share with you the excitement that some entertainers are having—so much so that there are already three new BOBL videos that Ester Goldberg herself has done. She is drawing a lot of attention and we want to continue it this way. Very soon, the whole world will be Bobling with us, starting on March 1, 2015.


BOBL Video – Part 2 from Ester Goldberg



I just think she is a character isn't she! Now let us jump to part 3.






Pretty funny, right? Now there is another video coming up in a moment, I want to tell you something first. Ester Goldberg is our BOBL First Lady and we are so glad to say she has become a real Bobler on her own, that is why you may see 2 pictures of her in BOBL, the first one (the BOBL video) and the second one is a picture of her and her dog. If you like her videos, feel free to BOBL her too!


We have two more great things to share and the last one you will be absolutely so excited to hear. We have another BOBL video, which is called the BOBL Color Code that makes BOBL even more exciting. Watch this:





Now, isn't that a very good, professional, high-quality video that explains exactly how exciting BOBL is for everything that you do on the Internet?


I am sure that many of you are wondering about or wishing that these videos could be produced in your native languages. Nevertheless, we have decided not to produce these videos in many other languages, because it is extremely high quality, and we want to keep it looking great on the World Wide Web. However, here is what you can do: in every place, country, and region on earth, we have people who are able to ADD SUBTITLES, those of you who have more of a technical background with videos. These videos are available to be downloaded and you can find someone, in your country or region, which would be able to do subtitles. If everyone pitches in to find someone who will produce the same high-quality video with subtitles, you would have them produced for your country. So, please—help us to help you!


There are two more things that I want to tell you.


You may have noticed on BOBL.TV that the videos do not always play immediately when you push the PLAY button. It all depends on your Internet connection and your computer's speed. For me, it takes about 12 seconds, for you I do not know—give it a shot and try it out. There is nothing wrong with the system, I want you to know. There is a reason why it takes a few seconds to start. The reason is that when you press the button, it takes that long for the video to be uploaded to your screen. Again, this depends on your Internet speed. Everything is working fine.


Now let us talk about the most exciting part of our webinar today. Guys, we have what you might call a contest, but we do not call it a contest. We call it...





BOBLYMPICS! Like the Olympics, it is a race and we call it BOBLYMPICS. We have the Olympic Games for Boblers here! Let me explain to you how this works and how rewarding it will be for all the Boblers. Here is what will happen: we have three categories. On the left, is for the Boblers who have invited the MOST new Boblers; number two is for the Boblers who have been Bobled THEMSELVES the MOST; and the third category is for those Boblers who have Bobled OTHER PEOPLE the MOST. BOBLYMPICS!


This link is opened today.


Visit the link, and you will see who is currently placed in the top for each category. This will be shown in real time and this is a race to the top!


Here is what you need to do and this is for everyone! Some people do not have their name on their profile. They have question marks or whatever other things. Therefore, the first thing that needs to happen is that everyone needs to check their profile and make sure their name it is filled in. So have it there. That way you can see when you are placing in the BOBLYMPICS. Otherwise, you will not know that you have placed, because your name will not be showing.


The top 100 in each category will be rewarded; however, we are going to keep the reward a secret for now. No one knows what the rewards will be right now. On January 15, 2015 we will have a webinar and we will reveal what those prizes are on that day. Of course, there will be many other webinars before then, but on that particular one, we will announce the prizes for the BOBLYMPICS.


Very soon, we will have a policy in place about your profile pictures, so that way everyone knows. For you here right now, let me tell you: for your profile picture, it needs to be YOUR picture of yourself – not just logos, pets, or whatever and also no foul language. It needs to be a picture of you, or you with your dog, or you with your child, or maybe you with your cereal box; but YOU must be in the picture. There should be NO pictures of CHILDREN, because BOBL is for 13 years old and up. If you put a picture of a child in there, we will assume it is someone under 13, and your account will be deleted. This is a community where people meet and share fun. This is not a business; there is no need to hide. Honestly, if you want to hide, this is not the place to be. Go hide somewhere else. Understand that I am saying this with all love. No one is forced to BOBL.


As you remember we were talking about pictures earlier, and we do not want to see any naked, offensive, or obscene pictures. If we find pictures like that your profile, your page and your account will be deleted with no further notice.


Here it is, folks: BOBLYMPICS. You can find the link on your statistics page, or you can just go there directly at:


It is already live with the right statistics and results.


That is our webinar for today. I hope you are excited, because I am. I want to wish you all an amazing week and weekend. Of course, let us go to our BOBLYMPICS and play our game. I want to thank PI, and our amazing team behind the scenes, Rod, Rose, Cate, Alex, and all of our members here.


Let me ask you this one question:

Are you ready to BOBL?!!!!  Have fun with our BOBLYMPIC Games!

Bye everybody. WAZZUUUUUUUUUB?!



With your success in mind,


Gee DaCosta,

and your

WAZZUB Support Team


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General Webinar Recap Dec 1, 2014

General Webinar Recap

Dec 1, 2014

Presented by:  Gee DaCosta & Dan Settgast

Topic: BOBL pre-launch Party



From Gee:

Hello everybody WAZZUUUBBBB!

Today is a very special day for our PI family members around the world! Today we are celebrating and having a BOBL pre-launch party; so get ready to dance and celebrate with us!

Today I have a lot of great information to share with you, and I am going to encourage you to stick around until the end of this webinar. I don’t know how long it’s going to last, but I know this – you will going to be extremely excited with all the information we’re going to enjoy here together. At the end of this webinar, we’re going to experience the BOBL pre-launch splash page, which is absolutely fantastic and beautiful. You will be proud to share it with others, because this is our product, our creation to the world. And also you’re going to experience our state of the art BOBL.US main page. So please stay until the end of this webinar, because you don’t want to miss any of this information.

Now why did we show you so many music videos in the beginning? There is always a reason why we do things here at PI. The main reason is “If it ain’t fun, don’t do it”! And besides, if we’re not having fun in life, doing anything at all, what is the point, right? So here in our galaxy, we not only conduct real, amazing and incredible business, but we also have fun!

Back to my question: Why did we show you so many videos at the beginning? It’s because we are preparing you subconsciously for our big fun in Vegas 2015, late June or early July. We will share with you the exact date very shortly. We are looking forward to that event, and trust me you don’t want to miss it. How many business opportunities that we have gotten involved with in the past, have given us the opportunity to party with all the members there. I don’t know about you, but for me it has never ever happened. So this IWBF show in Las Vegas 2015 is going to be extremely special, and don’t worry about the “how”, just plan to be there. The “how” is the domain of the universe and when we want something bad enough, we will find a way and it will happen.

Ok, I am pretty sure you are prepared for that. Now let’s switch gears.

Today is the day we are celebrating BOBL.US pre-launch. Today December 1, 2014 is the pre-launch of BOBL.US. But always keep in mind that BOBL is not a business opportunity, it’s not to make money with. BOBL.US is fun, and it will make your social life on the internet much more easier, much more fun. It will organize your social life on the internet to the point that it has never been done before.

And you waste no time going from page to page, in order to communicate with friends, family, and business. You find it all in one page wasting no time at all. Most of all, while you are Bobling you are having fun.

BOBL.US is not a competitor to any business out there. BOBL.US is a smart, fun addition that helps you organize all of your social networks in one page, like Facebook, Google plus, Pinterest, YouTube; all of them all in one page.

Imagine this, today you go to YouTube to search for a video. Let's say you find the video, and now you're going to share it with a friend or a family member on Facebook or Twitter. So you would have to jump out of that page, login to another page and then send it. If they like it, they will have to go through the same process that you did. Therefore a lot of time is wasted right?

Now check this out: From one single page you simply say: Hey bobl this video for me. BOBL will find it. Now when you want to share it with a friend, from one page you bobl your friend with that video. Then if he likes it he can re-bobl it over and over again all from one page! Therefore he is wasting no time and having fun while doing it.

Who would not be excited being this organized? Because I too, have wasted a lot of time going from page to page, almost to the point of being overwhelming. And now with this amazing new star in our galaxy BOBL.US we don't have to waste any more time. What a smart addition to our social life on the Internet.

The question is…

Are YOU ready to BOBL!!??

I'm going to show you the beginning, the middle, and the continuation of our “BOBL to the world creation” along with a world premiere of BOBL videos; and some of them show some influential celebrities.

Even though you may have already watched a few of these videos, I want you to watch them again because this is the sequence of our creation and the gifts to the world of the Internet.

In order to make it easier for everyone (because this GVO platform does not make it easy for all of us to be able to watch videos or images here), we are posting the links here, so you can watch them in your own tabs. Even though some of us may have challenges understanding the language, still watch it for your own benefit.




Now we are assuming that you have seen this video quite a few times; yet it is still exciting with that funny guy. Now let us go ahead and watch the second video.





All right now, that was our video, now let's watch number three.




And now for number four.





As you can see, we are having some very influential and special people that speak about BOBL. Like this Doctor here, he got so excited about this and he is one of our boblers now. He is an actor in our video and does a fantastic job.

As you know “like attracts like”. We have all kinds of people in the BOBL videos but they will attract not only alike people to them. For example if BOBL is good enough for a Doctor, it will be good enough for others. Not only for Doctors but for people in all categories. I would take a Doctor’s word, because he is a busy guy and he wants to organize his time on the social network. So that tells me that this is for busy people, and also for people that are not as busy but they don’t want to waste any time. The Internet is a jungle out there; you can spend a lot of time on the Internet and never stop. You know that there are billions of articles, videos and content out there, and there is no way to explore everything, but the things that you like you will explore in BOBL in no time.

Now let’s watch video number 5.




Wow! I love it and I'm sure you do too. We don't want to show the world something that is monotone; we want to show them something that is different and that applies to people from all walks of life. So the western style is awesome.

In one moment we will be showing you another video. In this video we show businesses how to bobl. BOBL will help all businesses to get their own social networks organized. This makes it even more powerful to spread the word and attract their customers. So BOBL is for everyone; BOBL will revolutionize the social lives of everyone out there, because it is not a competitor. We simply make them more professional without wasting any time. The beauty about it is that the video speaks for itself, so you simply show them the video. Let us celebrate together what BOBL can do for businesses.



I get excited all over again by just watching this video. It will definitely wake up a curiosity and not just for members, but for business owners all around the world too.

Now remember that I told you about some very influential celebrities that we have joining us, because BOBL is very attractive and in order to capture people's attention you have to be attractive. We're talking about that we're attracting all kinds of people, “like attracts like”, celebrities attract other celebrities and their followers. So we're very excited to celebrate with you this world premiere BOBL video with a lady who has been in many different kinds of stages: shows, radio, TV, and even the red carpet at the Oscars.  We're very excited to share with you our first BOBL lady, Esther.



Esther Goldberg is a very important celebrity. When we're done here go and search for her online, once BOBL starts you'll be able to bobl her, see all on one page everything about Esther. Esther has joined us and many like her will follow; her fans and many others will be bobling all over the world.

This is great! I want you to understand that in PI the most important people to us are not the celebrities; the most important people here in PI are our members, you, me, and all the others that will join us for the fun and for our enterprise. We know that we are for sure the most important people here because not only we are the founders, and the Co-Founders, and those who have been a big force in growing our network in PI; but we also know that there are many other people out there who have not joined us yet. They will join us. We know this because we have done test markets with people all over the world and we have asked them about how they feel about BOBL. These are not members, rather just people around the world that we have asked their opinion.

We have a special video where you can see their reactions, this will be the last video of today, but stay tuned afterwards for some important information.



Pretty soon on March 1, 2015 the world will start Bobling! Here is some more great news! We keep talking about March 1, 2015 when you and the world will have the first opportunity to bobl. I have just heard from our amazing programmers that you and I will start bobling today!

Starting today, you will be able to invite your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, business partners, and all the other connections you have, to start bobling!

Remember that BOBL.US is not a business opportunity. Do not use it to earn money because it is not for that purpose and it will not work for that purpose. However, you will be rewarded for your activity with BOBL Cash after March 1, 2015. The more boblers that we have bobling before March 1, 2015, the more profit we will start making starting March 1, 2015. What will happen as well is that we will have more profit to share. This will also lead to a much stronger IPO in the last quarter of 2015 for We Share Success.

So starting today, (in a little bit we will announce exactly when) you will be able to start bobling. For now you cannot share content; content sharing will happen after we launch on March 1, 2015 at our global release party. But you will have the privilege two start bobling ahead of the crowd today.

Concerning the Internet, the grass is always much greener on this side of the fence, on our side of the fence. That is very exciting and now I will pass the mic to our very special guest speaker, Dan Settgast.

From Dan:

How do you like it so far?

(the chat was opened for feedback. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive.)

For those of you who have not been able to see the videos even on YouTube: wouldn't it be great if we had a place where you could see the videos all on one page? Try this one. This is just for you here; this is not for you to share.




The final link will be simply bobl.tv

We're in the process of making the page live. Understand that when we press a button to make the page live that doesn't mean it's live simultaneously around the world.

This will be your Reflink page. When you give your reflink to other people they will land here on this page, they we'll be able to watch the videos and will be able to pre-register.

On top of that, we will have a brand new BOBL.US pre-launch page.

On that page, as Gee already told you, you will be able to already bobl people. So what does it mean to bobl someone? To bobl someone is to follow a person.

We will have our launch of BOBL, with a huge launch party on March 1, 2015 and the whole world will start to bobl. We will have a huge party, not just on the Internet but for sure here in Las Vegas; and I am pretty sure in at least one or two other places around the world we will have some more BOBL parties. So that will be very, very exciting.

On March 1, you will be able to share content, to bobl your videos, images, text, posts, whatever it is.

Later today you will be able to bobl the first people. When you see someone at BOBL.US and that is someone who you would like to follow (to bobl), then you simply click on" bobl me" for that person and that's it! That's how easy BOBL.US is. Simply one click you have bobled the person. In your statistics, you will be able to see how many people you have bobled and how many people have bobled you, and of course home many people you have invited to become boblers – that is our first generation. With this feature you will be able to bobl people right away and with this feature it makes absolute sense to not wait until March 1.

Some people might be thinking: I will wait till March 1, and then I will see how BOBL moves, and then I can decide if I want to join or not. No! Right now is the perfect time to invite all your followers on Twitter, on Google plus, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and more. Whichever social network you use, share BOBL with them because the more people you have bobled and the more people that are bobling you, the more BOBL Cash you will collect starting March 1.

To point it out once more, BOBL is not a business opportunity, but for the first time you will get rewarded for your activity on social networks. I am not saying that BOBL is the next Facebook, no, Facebook is welcomed. BOBL makes it easier for you to use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and many, many others, by using them at the same time from the same page.  If you find something interesting browsing your BOBL wall, and this interesting stuff is on Facebook, simply click on the link and you will be exactly where you want to be on Facebook, or Twitter, or YouTube and so on, and so on. So BOBL is not a competitor, BOBL makes your social network activities, makes your social life on the Internet easier, faster, and much more comfortable.

We will make it, and you have learned this from our BOBL business video. So businesses instead of telling their customers: follow us, like us, become a fan of us, they will simply say or have one button BOBL US. Then they can do whatever they want on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and so on − their customers will see all their activity on one page. This is truly revolutionary.

On top you will get rewards. These rewards are named BOBL Cash. You will be able to convert your BOBL Cash into coupons, into Free Shopping deals, and into real cash. That once more does not mean that BOBL is a business opportunity for the average Internet user. How much did Twitter pay you for your last tweet? Nothing. How much did Facebook pay you for your last post? Nothing. How much did YouTube pay you for your last video upload?  If you are not one of the YouTube stars, they get paid, the average Internet users get nothing. Starting on March 1 at BOBL, you will receive BOBL Cash on top. You will do nothing different, you share videos, you share posts, you share songs, you share games, you share pictures, and you get rewarded. This is the cream on top.

If you want to promote a business opportunity, you can do so by promoting We Share Success. That is the business opportunity. When you promote BOBL, promote fun, excitement, happiness, party, gathering together, sharing stuff online because that is what most of the 2.5 billion people on the Internet do every day. Guess why Facebook has about 1.3 billion members?

BOBL is the perfect match for each Facebook member. We don't tell them close your Facebook page and come to us. They can keep their Facebook page; they shall keep their Facebook page, and their Twitter account, their YouTube account, their Pinterest account. It is simply that you put BOBL on the top of all of this, so you could say that BOBL is the crown of your social activities on the Internet.

One very, very important thing, as a PI member and as a We Share Success member you are already in. There is no need to register. So the splash page that I have shared with you is for new members only. This is just to get new members in.

Depending on how fast the World Wide Web is, in just a few hours from now you will see our brand new pre-launch page at BOBL.US

You will see a login button where you login with your PI (or We Share Success credentials) and you're already in, you're already a bobler.

Even if you have received a lot of information today, even if you are ready to bobl right now, you should spread your BOBL Reflink not before you can see both pages online:




I know that you are excited, it is the same for us, but please be patient. We can change a lot of things but we cannot change the speed how websites on the Internet are accessible in all countries, it needs some time. So simply be patient, check BOBL.US from time to time, later today you will see the brand new pre-launch page.

I know you will love it! You will see a page like you have never seen before!


When you see the new BOBL.US landing page, when you click the login button and you don’t see the “Ups you are too early”, then you know you're ready to bobl. You will see thousands of people and if you want you'll be able to bobl them all. Keep in mind that the more you Bobl, the more BOBL Cash you will collect after March 1.

Thank you for listening, I am pretty sure that to fill up to 2 hours, Gee will talk for another 90 seconds. Have a nice day, have a nice night where ever you are, and enjoy life. Thank you!

From Gee:

Thank you Dan for that great information. And yes, we are ready to BOBL!

We are very, very excited to start bobling today! Remember, 99.99 % of people across the world do not know and have no idea what BOBL is all about. You are the privileged one to show them BOBL for the first time. So get out there (when the links are live) and don't be afraid to share BOBL with your family and friends because it is not a business opportunity; it is simply a fun and exciting time-saving way to help them organize their social life on the Internet. So be the first one to share the videos with them and the videos will do the talking for you. And you have to share your link.

With that I want to thank you all for being here one more time, we will open the chat in just a moment for you to share your excitement and say our goodbyes. We will see you on our next upcoming webinar; keep an eye on the blog and also on the PI news and our WAZZUB community.

The last thing I have for you is simply one question:

Are YOU ready to BOBL!?

Let's bobl together! 


With your success in mind, 

Gee DaCosta, Dan Settgast and your

WAZZUB Support Team

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General Webinar Recap Nov 25, 2014

General Webinar Recap

Nov 25, 2014

Presented by:  Gee DaCosta






Hello everybody WAZZZUUUBBBBB!

We are going to get started now. Today is all about good news.

You know that we are constantly and always creating new things, new stars, improving and moving forward with our project. One thing that we always strive to do is to keep our members happy, to give them everything and anything they need from the web. We know that people go to the web for research mainly; then for news, sports, games and entertainment; but it is really a jungle out there with so much to explore so you can find what you are looking for.

So we do our best to bring all those things that are useful − all in one place. Because it is a jungle out there and honestly no one wants to be hooked to the computer all day long. I know I don't, I have a life outside of the web and I am sure you do too.

So the less time I spend on a computer, the more time I have to enjoy all the other things in my life. Even though it is great to be here with all of you every week when we get together, still we have many other things we do in our lives such as: family, family entertainment, holidays, cooking, playing sports and all those great stuff.

So we have added 2 more amazing new things for you, as we always strive to please our members. So we are going to talk about these 2 new things and then we will talk about the real and true power of WSS − what it can truly and pretty much effortlessly do to change your life: financially, emotionally, professionally and more.

We are also going to talk about our gathering in Las Vegas next summer for our second LIVE IWBF Show. And that is where we are going to put a voice and a face to a name, and that is exciting.

So first I would like to show you guys our new video for our FREEBIES for you every week. And you know, most companies out there offer freebies like eBooks, videos, entertainment etc., but they always want something in return. And one of those things is unwanted advertisement in your face. There is always a condition why they give us something, so they display those ads we don't want to see.

And what do we do HERE? We give you what you want unconditionally; we don't ask for anything in return, therefore no boring ads. You came here to get something; therefore you will get it, with no conditions.

So we will show you our first video about EEBOOX and what you can do with it.



What a great video! I know some of you might not be able to understand it because it is English. However it is one of our weapons and soon enough we will have it in other languages.

You saw the video; it is clean, fresh and just what you are looking for. And you know the eBooks we have are valuable; we only give our members things of value. And if you did not download your new eBook from Friday, you can still do it; and you can create your own eBook library. You never know when you are going to need to do some research, or look up a recipe. So download your free eBook and create your own eBook library.

And VOTE for the next eBook. We give you what the majority votes for. Also invite your friends and family to download their free eBooks each week. Pretty exciting right! There is no condition whatsoever. When we say it is FREE, ti is really FREE; FREE of distractions, FREE of ads, a FREE eBook on what you are looking for.

Let's talk about the newest thing we have created for entertainment, this is also FREE for our members and can bring you profit.






So here it is guys, this is BRAND NEW. It is not just a way to have fun and entertain yourself, but also to WIN a free JACKPOT which is at US $ 2,654 already.

We have had 371 winners already and it is less than 1 week old.

On the right it shows you how to invite friends. Now look at this page, it is nice and clean, no advertisements in your face. When you look at a page, you generally look in the center. You can see some ads at the top and the bottom, but these are not boring; these are our own enterprises, our own stars. We don't display boring ads from other companies.

When you are done here, you can go and play, have some fun and even WIN CASH. This is another exciting thing we have created for our members.

And here is a little reminder about how to earn more DEALPoints that you can play with. Click here and go to the April 3rd post.  http://wazzub.com/blogs/pi_community_faqs


Now let’s talk a bit about We Share Success (WSS).

You have 2 options. You can simply go and join free and collect your 10 shares, but that will not make much difference in your life. The other option is that you can share your link with your family, friends, contacts, acquaintances etc.

If you do that you will collect more free shares, and you know, the more shares you collect, the more you share in our profits. And the more shares you collect, the happier you will be when we go to IPO (in the 4th quarter of 2015, about 1 year from now), because you will have more money.

Here is the power of this guys...

I don't know about you but I have been on the internet, digging for gold, looking for that opportunity to change my life, to work from home and spend more time with my family, and having the financial freedom I desire. I am sure you can relate to that being here with us. For so many years, since the beginning of the internet, I have been connected, just to find out that it truly is a jungle out there. It is very hard to find the right opportunity. But you know my time was not wasted searching. I knew it was out there. We hear stories every day, on TV, news, radio and here is the honest bottom line truth of my heart:

I have found several opportunities on the internet and I have done pretty well with them, but I never considered them a success because most people could not do what I did. For me success is a win-win opportunity where everyone wins. And that, I could not find.

However, as you know nothing can take the place of persistence, and because of my persistence I have found that gold, which I have been digging so long for; and that is the Perfect Internet Experience. Right here, where WE are and what WE have. No fluff, no gimmicks, no lies! And just as everything else in life, it takes time to mature and build, and therefore to make it profitable; and furthermore to be that dream opportunity so we can truly have our time to spend with the people we love the most - our families.

And guess what? Most companies I have been with cost money. Sure they look good but they cost money. Most of them never last, they are here today and gone tomorrow, and the common denominator is frustration. Yes I have had my share of frustrations. They run away with our money, our lists of contacts and friends we have created, and they are nowhere to be found.

What we have found here in PI is a bunch of like-minded folks, a bunch of good people who have been persistent in their efforts to find the right things and the right opportunities. And here we are! Remember that you can do anything you want! Find a business on the Net for example and join them just to find out there is too much work with those other companies. You might find they are unstable. They are here for a couple years and then they are gone and they take away everything you have built.

I know this is the way in the jungle out there, I have been there.

As your big brother, the last thing I want to do, is tell you my brothers and sisters, to go faithfully with The Power of WE! PI has been here growing strong for the last 3 years, and will keep on growing. We have so many stars in our galaxy, and now we also have the new company We Share Success, which is extremely rewarding for everyone who would want to experience it. Take advantage of it!

I am going to encourage you to take advantage of this and build it for yourself and your family. Because I believe that if you don't, you will end up doing something else which inevitably will end in frustration. And of course it is always up to you.

This is how powerful this can truly be for everyone here. I am going to give you some numbers to help you understand and change the course of your life financially, emotionally, and even physically.

Now, how many companies, real companies, do you know of out there that are scheduled to go public in 1 year, are giving their free members real FREE company shares?

Sounds like a dream doesn't it? Well I know one and it is WSS!

Before I share these numbers I want to ask you this:

Do you understand what WSS is all about?

The only way to not be successful with this is by NOT understanding. Because you need to understand it with your head first, then you will fall in love with it. You cannot fall in love with it until you understand it with your mind, so once you understand it, it will drop down to your heart. You have to be sold 100% into anything to be able to sell it to others.

The beauty of WSS is that we don't have to convince anyone. We don't sell; we are giving it away for free!

Every new member will get 10 free company shares as a bonus just for joining. Now how hard is that? How hard is it to tell someone: "I want to give you 10 free company shares. I know it sounds too good to be true but it is TRUE!”

You can even show them the Board of Directors, the multi-million dollar company PI backing it up, which is stable and debt-free. This is a big deal yet most people don't know about it.

Now to the numbers:

Let's assume that you will strive to meet your goal of finding 10 new free members who love the idea of receiving 10 free company shares for nothing in return, zero cost.

Write it down and make it your goal. You will not be able to achieve anything in life if you don't write your goals down, with your own hand on a piece of paper.

“I will have 10 free members by the end of today, tomorrow, one week”... whatever time is feasible for you. And go get it!

And I am sure everyone here knows more than 10 people who want free company shares.

Now here is the bottom line. You got your 10 and now you know exactly what you had to do to get those 10 people. You have created your own blueprint for success, because you see the big picture. You are excited! Only NOW after getting your free members can you teach those people what to do. Everyone wants this; they just have to understand it first.

How easy will it be for you to train those people on what you have done yourself? Now we create the ripple effect. Now you simply share your support, compassion, and love by helping them get their 10, maybe even individually. That will show you care.

As people say, "People don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care."

When you get your 10, show them how to get 10 (we are going to say 9 because the online calculator only goes to 9); when you do this, you will collect about 360,000 real company shares.

Imagine this...our company goes public 1 year from now, and you are holding about 360,000 company shares. WOW!

And besides from March 1, 2015 you are receiving profit share every month. WOW again!

So when you do this, you will never need another job in your life. This is the beginning of your time and financial freedom; this is your chance, so take it into your heart and spread the word. Create your own family of believers, people who are in need. You can be their big brother or sister − the person who changed the course of their financial future. But it has to start from you, that is the only way.

And one more thing. You should create a blog, club, Skype room, or whatever you see fit for you to connect with them. You can only download your first generation; you only have control over your first generation. But now that you have created your blog, Skype room, etc., you can connect with all of them, help and train them.

Now imagine you have all those people in your generations; you are their hero!

Now imagine this...IWBF Second Season LIVE Show in Las Vegas next summer. All your members are happy and loving you for you have been their white knight.

We all meet in Vegas; 200, 1000 or 10000 like-minded people meeting together. It is a dream come true! I am looking forward to meet every one of you with a big smile on your face in Vegas and have the time of our lives.

The truth is, you will never need another opportunity every again. This one can retire you happy. Pretty exciting isn't it?!

So, the last thing I want to say is this: IWBF needs your support too. We have many new artists and they need us to go there and vote, comment constructively; because we are the judges and they will grow by our constructive criticisms. So go and vote for them and invite others to do the same.

The bottom line is we have something here that everybody wants. They just don't know where to get it. You can be that cornerstone to bring it into their lives.

With that said, I want to say thank you very much for being here. I hope you understood the message crystal clear and take it to your heart.

And the question is: ARE YOU READY TO BOBL!!!!!??????

Happy Thanksgiving to all those who celebrate, we will see you on the next webinar.

Keep checking the blog, PI News, and the WSS Back office for more news and updates.

Good night/good day everyone and WWWWAAAZZZZZUUUBBB!!!!!!!!

With your success in mind, 

Gee DaCosta and your

WAZZUB Support Team

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General Webinar Recap Nov 20, 2014

General Webinar Recap

Nov 20, 2014

Presented by:  Gee DaCosta

Topic: IWBF, WSS updates and the BOBL story continues




Are you ready to BOBLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We were born to BOBL! We just did not know it yet. Let's get this show on the road now.

Good morning to me, good afternoon, good evening, and good day to all of you wherever you may be. Welcome everyone!

I hope you are as excited as we all are to BOBL. Today we have some exciting updates for you guys. Pay attention from beginning to end because every piece of information is important.

First off, since you said that you are ready to BOBL and since I have been saying for a long time − "If it ain't fun don't do it!" − let's start with some fun stuff, because we have a lot of fun but also we conduct a real business. In life and in general, if you're not having fun with what you do, then what's the point? So we conduct a real business, we have a lot of fun, and we will prosper together in every area of our lives, right here within The Power of We. Nothing can be more exciting for me and hopefully for you too.

In order for us to start Bobling with excitement, I want to refresh your memories as I'm sure we have brand new members here, so  let’s all watch together BOBL videos and plant the seed of the BOBL tree in our new members’ minds. Because that is how The Power of We works, as we BOBL it together.

I wanna show you the progress of our Bobling world that we are creating together. First I want you to watch our BOBL video part one, then we will show you part two, part three; and possibly part four, as we are gradually getting to the big day to BOBL together.




That is just how the BOBL story began and I would like you to follow me on part two now.




All right guys, pretty exciting stuff right!

And now let us go to part three.




Next video in line is number four, the continuation of the bobble story.




All right guys there you have it!

I have more information for you and you want to be paying attention or you might miss some of the information.

The BOBL story continues. Just in case you don’t understand the importance of BOBL, keep this in mind: BOBL is going to sweep the globe and we together are introducing BOBL to the world.

On December 1, 2014 we start with the pre-registration and on March 1, 2015 we launch BOBL. And BOBL will be a keystone to shoot us up to the sky into massive profit. However, do not advertise BOBL; BOBL is not a business opportunity, BOBL is fun, information, excitement, communication − all this in one place.  We already have celebrities who are excited about BOBL and we will have many more that will help us to spread the word throughout the world.

In Las Vegas, Nevada USA, if you are with us you will meet some of them personally, and I will give you more details about this towards the end of the webinar.

As I said do not promote BOBL. Promote We Share Success (WSS); that is the business opportunity, it is powerful, and it is free.

Enough of that, now let us move on to some exciting updates that you have been waiting for.

You know that in every business we need exposure to spread the word,  and advertise. Every day we are adding, we are creating tools for our members to spread the word in a more efficient and professional way. So take a look at your member’s area of We Share Success.





We have already updated your profile page, and when you're done here, you can go to your profile and do your magic. I want to encourage you to add your picture; make sure you upload your picture to your profile. People love to see who they are doing business with. Especially your friends and family, they want to know if this is for real, and if you are real. It makes it very personal and real and can make a difference in your business.

Now some of you have checked your Back Office for updates to see the tools that we have created for you. When you log in now you will see that banners have been added to your Back Office. We have professional banners in three different sizes. I would encourage you to do this homework, go and check them out and share them with your links.

Also you have been looking for an e-mail, so we now have a company approved e-mail template. You can simply copy this e-mail from your Back Office, (your links are already there) and all you have to do is fill in your name and your contact information.

Another thing is, you know that we have been doing videos in every language as fast as we possibly can. We have 3 videos uploaded; and the Spanish video is now ready to rock and roll (it will be uploaded there right after this webinar.) It is important to use company approved material, because that way you'll never get in trouble misrepresenting the company. You know it is your company and you do not want anything terrible to happen to it or to you.

Some of our members were having challenges with a glitch that was happening, and it has been fixed. This glitch was regarding not seeing your sponsor from your inviter’s link. We talked about it before for everyone to not do anything until we found a solution.

The glitch has been fixed and we will now have a button on the side, that will give you the ability to delete that account. When you click that button, a window will pop up and will ask you if you're sure that you want to delete that account. Make sure that you read it and understand before you press Yes or No.

Only the brand new members, who sign up for We Share Success will see this button. Current PI members will not see it, because we foresee that PI members could accidentally click there and delete their present and future business with PI. So, there is no need for PI members to see this button, only brand new WSS members will see it.

Now I want to give you a quick reminder here. BOBL is going to be amazing on March 1, 2015. The more Boblers we have, the more profit we will make. So it is important that everyone understand that BOBL is our cornerstone. It is what will give us a lot of traffic and excitement, and in turn – profit, starting March 1st. Everyone here will have monthly profit share, and the more you do with We Share Success, the more potential we will have for profit. This is not a one man job; this is The Power of We job.

We have now covered the updates and there are two more pieces of information I want to share with everyone.

You remember that I told you about Las Vegas the summer of 2015, late June or early July, celebrities, gathering, and parties. You know our company is headquartered in Las Vegas. Last June we had the first live I Wanna Be Famous show right on the strip.  That is the only place to party in Las Vegas in style − on the strip. Yes we were there, we met many of you there and we had a blast!

And now we're getting ready for our second season of I Wanna Be Famous, the live show for the finals held in Las Vegas. It is going to be even more fun and more exciting, and why is that?  Because we will have celebrities, we will have all the Boblers, so much excitement, we will meet and put a face to a voice, everyone here will be able to be there, there will be no excuse unless you don't want to. Imagine, 200, 500, 1000, even 10,000 Boblers in one place celebrating our success! The first party was the best party I have ever been to and this one will be for sure ten times more fun than the first one. We are giving you the vehicles to get there with us. Remember I just said profit share starts in March. April 15, 2015 will be the first payment for the first month of profit share − which is March.


Now I want to ask you a favor, do this favor for me, for yourself, and for your family here – The Power of We. We are the first to bring a global talent contest to the Internet with" I Wanna Be Famous!" You know that we have many stars in our galaxy and I Wanna Be Famous is one of them; giving a chance to all talents around the world to become famous and they need our support.  And yes they are the reason for the I Wanna Be Famous live show in Las Vegas. We must support them! Here is the link of IWBF:



This is the I Wanna Be Famous business card template, where you can download and print some cards and share it with musicians, dancers, instrumentalists, everywhere you go print these cards and share them. This is your business in your company, when you see an artist, someone with talent, hand them a card. I want you to have fun doing it because you can be the reason for someone's talent to be discovered. You can be their hero and isn’t that what life is really all about? Helping others? There are so many talents that need to be discovered. Some people die with a dream still in them; don't miss an opportunity to help them. Print the cards and were ever you go keep them handy. You can even leave a stack of cards in different places, like bars, restaurants, print shops, anywhere you see it fits.

Not only this, but here is the other thing that is crucial that you do. Take your time, 10, 15, 20 minutes a day and go to I Wanna Be Famous to check out our brand new artists and their new videos. We want you to watch them, share, Like, leave a comment – be sincere in your comments, offer some constructive criticism, and become a fan. This is the route that is going to take us with excitement to Las Vegas. We want you to enjoy our I Wanna Be Famous creation. If you are brand new here, what I said is a 100 % true and our members have played a huge role in the creation of every single star that we have, and IWBF is one of them; because we are driven by our members – The Power of We.

Our next general webinar will be Tuesday, November 25, 2014 at 10:00 AM US Pacific time. Our next PIFM webinar will be this Saturday November 22, 2014 at 10:00 AM US Pacific time.

Let me recap just a few points and then we are all set. First we shared the videos for BOBL, make sure you watch them. Number two: we shared the updates in the members' area of WSS; the banners are up, the e-mail template is up, the Spanish video will be up, and check for more updates. 

One last thing that I did not share with you:

Before you log in to WSS, scroll down to the bottom and look at the world map of our members globally. It gives you a search; if you put your mouse and click, you can go and explore to see our members worldwide who are live online. It's pretty exciting!

Also remember I Wanna Be Famous, print the business cards, watch the videos, support our members and don't forget about our next upcoming webinars. Keep your eye on the PI news and also on our blog. We will be talking to you very soon; stay connected, stay blessed!

WAZZZUUUBBB and Are you ready to BOBLLLLLL! 

Let's BOBL all the way to the bank.


With your success in mind, 

Gee DaCosta and your

WAZZUB Support Team



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General Webinar Recap Nov 14, 2014

General Webinar Recap

Nov 14, 2014

Presented by:  Gee DaCosta



“We Share Success “WARNING“

How to Keep Your Account Active and SAFE


Blue Print to Success



Hello everybody! We don’t have a translator like we always have, (like Rose.) It has got to be late for her. However, Cate is going to type in English and of course you can translate that to your language.

Let's get started!

Are you ready to Bobllllllllllll?!!

That will be our new salute. I have quite a few things to share with you.

First we will start with the bad news. There is good news and bad news in everything. So here goes the bad news. You may have noticed that we are blocked on Facebook. We talked about ZERO tolerance for Spamming, and I am not sure if some of our members understand what Spamming is.

When we talk about SPAM that is a very serious offence to any business you are promoting; and especially it is disrespect to the members of such company.

It could be ignorance; it could be that our members just don't understand what SPAMMING is. SPAMMING is not just emailing, it is not just sending tons of emails to people who have not requested information from you. SPAMMING can be done via Skype, Facebook, Forums, or any other social media.

Right now WSS is completely blocked on Facebook. And that is what happens when we SPAM. When you post your links all over these places that is a real offense to a company, and it is NOT FUN.

Everything we do here, we want it to be fun for our members, and therefore profitable, and rewarding. So guys this is a business, this is your business. If you want to become a shareholder of this company and be a part of this amazing company, DON'T SPAM! There is no reason; there is no need. This is so big and so huge there is enough for everyone here. You don't need to have 100,000 members in your first generation; there is no need for that.

SPAM hurts your company; and we have talked about this since day one. Since the beginning I have asked everyone to read the Terms. Don't be ignorant of the facts. Know your business; know your company.

We state clearly that your account will be DELETED if we receive a complaint because you SPAMMED with your link. There is no second chance. Your account will simply be deleted and you will lose everything you have worked for.

So that tells you that we are a real business, a real company and we have a ZERO tolerance for SPAMMING! This is in the interest of all fair and honest members. You will not ruin this just for you; you will regret later ruining it for everyone.

So please if you are one of those people, go and remove your links from wherever you have SPAMMED. And again, this is not fun when we have to do this type of conversation, because of some unfair members.

And if it was due to ignorance forgive me, but know the facts before you do anything with YOUR company, with YOUR business.

This is the WARNING! I don't know how many times we have talked about this, however we will do so as long as we need to, but it is also a waste of time.

OK now you know what to do and let's switch gears to something more positive now.

Yesterday we talked about the glitches which have been fixed, about showing another sponsor. The database is correct, there is nothing wrong there. It has come to my attention that some members while sponsoring new members, are experiencing some difficulties. Let me explain:

For example: One person posted that he has 2 new members, so he should have 20 shares (10 for his own registration, and 5 for each new member), but it showed just 15.

Again this may have been something wrong on your end, something you are doing, because the system is working 100% accurately.

What you can do is:

1) Tell them, before they sign up, to make sure they see your name and/or picture as their sponsor.

2) They have to verify their welcome email they receive from the system (this may have been the case.) Even if they see you as their sponsor, but it does not show the shares you have received for that person, it doesn't mean it will show up if the new member doesn't verify their email. They need to click the link in the email.

Next, we will talk about how to keep your account active and safe all the time.

The first thing is what we talked about: SPAMMING! Make sure you don't do that and tell others not to do it either. Most people don't read Policy and procedures; however for this one you should encourage them to take their time and read, and you should do the same.

Guys, this company can absolutely change your life, your financial situation in a hurry. So understand what we are about. If you do that and everyone else does that, everyone can keep their account active and safe all the time.

It can be very frustrating for you to wake up one morning and realize that your account has been deleted.

So the number one thing to do is to READ THE TERMS and the procedures. This will also help you answer questions your members might have, because THEY have not read; you can tell them the answer and show them where it is in the Terms.

In a little bit I am going to give you the blueprint and how to be very successful with this company; that is also a part of keeping your account active and safe.

Now let’s talk about some updates. The most fun part!

If you have noticed on your WSS Back Office, we already have 3 videos there: English, French, and Russian. Others are on their way; once they are ready we will post them.

You may have also noticed the Splash page is ready to rock and roll, so everybody has their own splash page, and you also have your main page link. Whichever you feel like sharing with others, do it.

Especially with friends and family, I would send them to the main page. If you want to just take a shortcut, the video itself will do most of the work for you, less reading. You know like for marketers, they don’t read much so send them to the splash page. They want simplicity and they can watch a video.

The other things will be uploading in the next few days. We are upgrading all the time.

Also remember we talked about most companies, and how they don't display the people behind the scenes. 3 years ago we had a big issue with the pre-launch of WAZZUB. People wanted to see who was behind the company.

Well, the Board of Directors for each region is now in place. If you click on the DIRECTORS tab, you will see that it is already there. And the directors of the company will be up there soon.

Now, I know that people have questions about our company. And remember there are no stupid questions; your question may be one someone else had in mind, but did not ask. So whatever your questions are we want to hear from you. You can send an email with your questions to the following email:


And your questions will be in the FAQ section.

Note: Do not add that email address to any marketing lists or your address book.

Now let's talk about the blueprint to success. I know some people have called us crazy, or dreamers, etc. in the past. That is OK. The reason we are here is because we don't have a job mentality. We know that there are people on the Internet literally making millions of dollars; some even overnight. Why can they and we cannot?

The number one thing is persistence, perseverance, and a belief in the company. How long have we been here? Almost 3 years! And honestly we have not even really started, but we are for REAL as you already know. But let them call you crazy, or dreamer one more time. Because this may be the last and ONLY rodeo that you need to succeed and to show them what perseverance can do. I am confident that this is going to happen, so stretch yourself one more time with this company. And of course you are here because you are serious.

So here is the blueprint:

It is simple. The first people we should invite is our friends and family; simply that. You can even show them PI because you are already in; the proof is in the pudding. Show them our Investors section; show them the board of Directors and tell them that this is for real and it is free. Simply tell them, “Hey just watch this video.”

Some of you are a Co-Founder of WSS, so show them your main site and they will see your picture in the Co-Founder section. That is what you are; it is a privileged position.

You don't need to invite the world, hand pick your best people, your brothers, sisters, mom, cousin etc. Tell them: Look what I found, watch this video and read about the company, then I will answer all your questions. That is why it is important for you to read the Terms and the procedures.

So here we go, the blueprint:

Let's assume you invite 10 people. The moment you have 1 or more new members, download your first generation and send them an email. Tell them what YOU did to get them. If you do that, they will be excited because they have a coach, a mentor; that is what you are since you did it. The only way to coach and mentor someone is by learning how to do that yourself. And if you did it, you know exactly what you did to get those members; now you can coach, teach, and mentor. We are all teachers; we teach people to teach people. We help others to help others! That is The Power of We!

Assuming you have your 10 people; if you do that, take it to your heart and you will see your generations explode. Let's assume you did this successfully, and it continues down in 5 generations.

If you invite 10 and they all invite 9, you will have 369,050 shares. This only happens when YOU take action yourself. Don't be a hypocrite by telling others to do what YOU are not willing to do yourself.

Some people may invite more or less, but the bottom line is that you do your part; your own goals must be fulfilled.

Imagine 1 year from now you are holding 369,050 shares. Imagine how much money that will be with a powerful company. On March 1st, when the world starts to BOBL this company can be worth a lot of money. We don't know exactly how much but understand on the internet it is all about traffic, traffic, traffic. Millions of people bobbling daily…just imagine…it is up to you.!

Even if these shares are worth just 1 US Cent, 369,050 shares still equals $ 3,690 and even more as the price of shares increases. And after March 1st, we will all start receiving monthly profit share.

So what if the share is worth 10 cents, that is $ 36,905. But if it is $ 1 that is $ 369,050. How many people make that kind of money? Not many, especially in some parts of the world.

And what did you do to achieve this? You simply invited 10 people and showed them what you did to invite them. This will explode your generations; and you have created thousands and thousands of family and friends.

So is it worth it to promote and be fair to your company and your members?

Make sure you know your business, that you love your business, that you share your business with the ones you love first, and all of a sudden you will have many of the unbelievers from the past believing in you once again.

The first question is: What are you going to do about it? Because no one can do it for you right?!

The last question:


This concludes our webinar today. We appreciate everyone being here on such a short notice. I hope it was worth it for you to be here as it was for me. I look forward to seeing you all at the top!

Keep your eyes on the blog, PI news, our WAZZUB Community, and the We Share Success Back Office for news, updates, and improvements. Have a great weekend; see you in the next upcoming webinar. Thank you Cate and Rod! I appreciate you all! Now let's BOBLLLLLLLLLLL!!!

With your success in mind, 

Gee DaCosta and your

WAZZUB Support Team

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General Webinar Recap Nov 13, 2014

General Webinar Recap

Nov 13, 2014

Presented by:  Gee DaCosta & Dan Settgast

Topic: We Share Success & its first project


From Gee:

Let's get this show started because there's no time to wait.

There will be a lot of exciting information today. You will hear some more updates about We Share Success, as this is our part two WSS webinar.

First I want to congratulate all of you who have been active, upbeat, and excited, who see the vision of We Share Success; and not just that you see the vision but you are actively sharing that vision. Congratulations because even though we don't have all the features in place yet, you have been active. As you know projects as special is this one cannot be developed in a snap of a finger. You know by now that we do things right, sometimes it might take a little bit longer, however it's always worth the wait because we give you the best of the best when it's ready.

We have acquired through The Power of We more than 2000 members in less than 24 hours. So congratulations to all of you! That means that the vision is becoming clearer with every minute. Very soon, we will see an explosion and we will go viral all over the Internet! 

Let's talk about the bad news first; which is not really bad, you know glitches happen with every single Internet project. As I'm sure you know we have had a few glitches so far. However we have great programmers and that is the remedy. You may have noticed that one of the glitches makes the site displaying the wrong sponsor. This is one of the main reasons why we have not been able to update the other features. This is just a small delay because we want to give you a product which is fully functioning.

The important thing is that your Reflinks are working fine. We have tested many times and we see that the data base is fine. Rest assured that when you spread the link out there, your Reflink, your new members will be added to your first generation.

As I mentioned, you also might have seen the wrong sponsor displayed. That is just a display error and it is not from the database. I am glad to tell you that I've just heard from the programming team and this issue has been fixed.

Now let's talk about some improvements. You know that we will constantly improve, and one of the things that have been fixed is the ability to download your first generation which of course will only happen after you log in. That is functioning just fine.

Number two, when you are logged in, you may see under the video box, one of our videos and maybe more because the programmers are working on this as we speak. So you can download that video link and you can upload it with your own text on sites like YouTube or some other similar places.

This is just for now, soon you will have a splash page and that could happen later today. Keep checking as improvements are on their way. And keep checking the boxes inside once you login.

Also check the banners box because as we speak banners are being uploaded for your use. The templates for email texts and things like that are also been uploaded.

So today and tomorrow will be the time for us to start our fire. Once we start the fire it will be hard to put it out.

I'm not going to tell you about any more improvements because you will see them once they come in your back office.

So now let us switch gears here and talk about the promise we made on the last webinar. We told you that today we would reveal what is going to be our first We Share Success project. On March 1, 2015 something really special and so secretive is going to happen. Yes it is a big deal and a big secret even for me; not even I know exactly what will happen.

I have received a crazy video message right from the Australian outback that I am allowed to share with you. So I want to share this video with you and you will be more curious − if not even more than I am as to what will happen.

Rod our favorite DJ is going to play for you our video.




So, guys that is going to be our first project. Pretty exciting right!

I have a special guest speaker who will be here to give us more information. But before I do that I want to share something with the PIFMs:

Remember in the last webinar when I brought to you Amante’s idea about the WAZZUB song? Well here is a quick note from Amante:

The minus one (music without vocals) and the lyrics for the song are ready for download and you can get them from the Google drive account that he has provided in the club. http://wazzub.com/clubs/pifmsmv

Now let’s go back to WSS. You have everything you need to make We Share Success a success for you: banners, links, emails, even a splash page – simple, exciting, and straight to the point. It should be live later today; however I want to show you the face of it.





Look at that guys, it is beautiful, clean, and professional splash page that everyone will have later today. There's not too much text, because most people, especially marketers, they don't like to read. If you want to hide something from them give them something in writing because they won’t read it. However they will watch a video. So this page will do most if not all like 99% of the work for you. And this should be available for everyone to use later today.

Now, as I promised you, we're going to give you some more information about WSS. And there's no one better to talk to us than our marketing director, our main man, one of our founders, Dan.

From Dan:

Let me share a little bit more about the new project BOBL.US.

The first and most important thing for you to know is that this project BOBL.US is based on several ideas from the PI Think Tank. We have received many ideas: what about a page to share this, what about a page to share that, what about a page to share photos, videos, general tips, games, comics, what about a page to share this, and that and that.

So based on all these ideas, we started thinking about “Hey this would be a lot of pages.” And we already have a lot of pages out there in the Internet jungle where people share; like tweets on Twitter, pictures on Instagram, videos on YouTube, and so on…

So we said OK, what about creating a page that will cover all of it. One page with a smart system, that knows how to organize the exact content that you want to see, and you can see the exact shared content from other users that you want to see.

You know that on Facebook you can become a friend of someone, and on Twitter you can follow, Pinterest you can pin, and so on. And right now as we're talking, a huge programmer team, bigger than the team working on our PI galaxy of stars, has already started developing this page.

This is by far our biggest and most exciting project so far and we're not creating another community, we're not creating another social network, another Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or whatever.

What we create is connecting all existing social pages in one page, plus adding some cream on top. The sweetest cream on top is that we will remunerate Boblers for their activity. As we are connecting existing social networks on our page, we literally remunerate them for being active on the other pages if they do it on our page. 

I know that now you have tons of questions about BOBL. And guess what?  You need to be patient. BOBL will be launched on March 1, 2015. This date is fixed. We will have a testing phase about two weeks before that date. We will see and check with the programmers as to how many members can be invited to be the very first Boblers to test and check the system. 

Guys this is going to be huge! On March 1, 2015 for sure the whole world will start to BOBL.

What we will do right now, we will have the page launched with the video that you just saw. We will open the pre-registration at BOBL.US on December 1, 2014. Because right now you should be concentrated on promoting We Share Success.

You know that I always talk straight with you, and I can tell you that a project like We Share Success will never attract hundreds of millions of users because it is some kind of business opportunity. And there are many Internet users looking for a business opportunity but the masses, they want to be entertained and that is what we do with BOBL. Even if there is a remuneration system, our so called BOBL Cash, there should be the fun and the entertainment in the foreground, not the money making and the remuneration.

We Share Success is a huge opportunity for every single Internet user that wants to get their stake in a global Internet company without investing any money. And BOBL as the first project developed by We Share Success − will share success. But when you start promoting it in about 2 and half weeks, (and you should wait that long because there is no registration form before December 1, 2014) you should not promote it as a business because it is not a business. It is a social page with a lot of fun inside, with included system of benefits and remuneration. If you want to promote a business opportunity, promote We Share Success. And to get all the other people, start on December 1st to promote BOBL. Because the more Boblers we have registered on March 1st the bigger the impact will be.

You know that there's a new social network, that just started, and they are sharing their revenue so everyone is very, very excited. The big difference is that they need to fight against Facebook, Google plus, and other social networks. BOBL does not need to fight, because BOBL is connecting all existing social networks. 

The only question is, are you ready to BOBL? Cool

Now for our next webinars. We will have a very important and exciting webinar for all PI founding members exclusively on Tuesday, November 18, 2014 starting at 10:00 AM USA Pacific time.

And our next General webinar will be on Thursday, November 20, 2014 10:00 AM USA Pacific time.

As Gee told you, we're in the process of adding features and content to the We Share Success page. So stay tuned. Right now after the webinar do not try to send me any private messages because I am busy for the next 2, 3 maybe 4 hours, getting things uploaded with our programming team. So you'll see a lot of new stuff very soon.

So the main domain of our first WSS project is www.BOBL.US

It is based on several ideas from PITT so you can be very, very proud of it!  This is your first project and it will be a great one!

Thank you for listening, have a nice day, have a nice night depending on where you are, and I will talk to you soon.

So now for PI we have our WAZZZUUUUUBBBBBB, and for We Share Success we have the most important question ever – and the question is:



With your success in mind, 

Gee DaCosta, Dan Settgast and your

WAZZUB Support Team

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General Webinar Recap Nov 11, 2014

General Webinar Recap

Nov 11, 2014

Presented by:  Gee DaCosta & Dan Settgast

Topic: WAZZUB third pre-launch birthday and the start of “We Share Success”



From Gee:

Hello everybody! So guys what is today? Today is our WAZZUB pre-launch third birthday.

So Happy Birthday WAZZUB!

Congratulations to all of you!

We're very excited to be here today, we're celebrating our third birthday with our most favorite people on the web − all of our amazing members!

Guys, it has been a great journey so far, however there is so much more to come. Today is another very special day. You know that usually when you have a birthday, the guests will bring a gift right?

Well today is the third birthday celebration of our WAZZUB pre-launch. However, WAZZUB does not want you to bring it a gift. Instead, WAZZUB is going to give you a gift, or a few gifts. And believe me; you are going to be so excited because today we complete one more milestone!

On behalf of PI and WAZZUB, I'm going to give you those gifts. However, if you remember three years ago, had we told you the whole story, (what you have seen so far is so much right) you probably would not be here today because you would not have believed us then. And three years ago, I told you that this is a huge project.

If you recall, I painted the picture of “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time right?” And it will be no different today. It is still is huge elephant and you will get today, one little bite at a time. Believe me, when we're done here, you will not only be full, but you will be satisfied and excited to start a brand new journey within our journey together.

To celebrate our third anniversary, I want us to start today with our celebration song; there will be no birthday celebration without it. So Rod, our favorite DJ is going to play the WAZZUB Family song, “The Power of We”.





Hopefully that put you all in a great celebration mood. So happy third birthday to you and our WAZZUB Family!

Some of you remember three years ago we started that Profit Sharing Phenomenon. Today, the gift for you is another phenomenon which we call a “Company Sharing Phenomenon.” You are here today because you want to be the first ones to have a taste of the fruits of our labor. They say that in order to enjoy the fruits of your tree, you have to take care or nourish that tree to produce sweet fruits. So the Profit Sharing Phenomenon is back by popular demand and stronger than ever! It is more appealing than anything I have ever experienced. The fruit is so sweet that I can guarantee that you are going to share it with all the people you know; including your family, your friends, and your neighbors. I can guarantee this because I am doing the same.

Three years ago, there were people who wanted to shout to the world that we were not for real; that we were in the business to collect email addresses, then sell them and spam them. Unfortunately for them they are not here today, and therefore they are unable to taste the sweetness of these fruits.

Guys, they wanted to see who was behind the company and they wanted to see if we were for real. And you know I’ve always loved what I preach because I learned from the best, and that is: first you believe it and then you will see it. It is not the other way around.

You may know we also had problems with cheaters, people creating fake accounts. People named those accounts after their pets, their dogs, their cats, their hamsters, food, etc. We had to put out so many fires. And you know what − we did a great job doing that. However there was no way that we were prepared to be bombarded with all those naysayers and unbelievers; and a lot of our time was consumed putting out those fires.

Guess what though; perseverance is the name of the game. We are here today, three years later, strong and very proud of it. Today, you are going to see and experience a brand new page with our Company Sharing Phenomenon. That will be the fruit that I am telling you about.

So, this time we are more than prepared to go viral in the world, creating a buzz, and our buzz will speak for itself. We don't have to put out fires wasting our time anymore. The page will do all the work for you; it is fun and exciting to promote We Share Success; it is done professionally. In a little bit I will share with you our brand new video that will do all the talking for you.

You can simply tell someone: “Hey watch this video.” and you will be building yourself an empire; an empire that no one will be able to break down. Or look at it this way; you will create a fire of excitement so big that no one will be able to put it out.

We have a Board of Directors on that page; we have the Co-Founders – consisting of many of our PI Founding Members; we have videos in many languages; and we have this company, PI that is backing us up − this multimillion dollar company, which has been successfully building projects all over the world.

If you have uploaded your picture on PI in your Profile, this page will show even your picture as the sponsor of the people you invite. When they watch the video, if they have a heartbeat, which I'm sure they will, they can't help but join.

So what are we doing here? We are giving away free company shares simply for inviting new free members to our project. And as our PI Founding Members remember three years ago, the song, the broken record, it is still the same – nothing to sell, nothing to buy, nothing to be paid; simply come, register, and start promoting! Collect free company shares, which are the fruits, and give a bite to your friends and family, your coworkers, your neighbors, your Facebook friends, your Twitter friends by inviting them to join the team. Again you don't have to do any talking or selling with our new phenomenon. This professional page will do all the work for you.

We have a calculator, that the members and you will be able to calculate your success. The calculator is limited to the number of members you can invite, it is only 99. Of course you can invite more but the calculator numbers are limited.

If you are a marketer and you see the big picture here, you invite let’s say your 99 and then support them in any way that you can. If everyone does the same in your five generations you could be a wealthy person when we go public. You will see this when we open the page for you at 11:11 AM US PST. We also have a pre-launch countdown clock and then we have the launch countdown clock.

As exciting as this really is, I have some bad news for you; if you try to cheat, create fake accounts, and try to beat the system, you are out. We have a ZERO tolerance for cheaters. What will happen is that you will lose your account forever and everything you have built. So do not cheat!!!

I am telling you this not because I think that you will cheat, but simply because there will be people who will try to beat the system and they will lose. If they are below you, you will also lose because whatever they built will be deleted. You will not lose your account, but you will lose the members that they have invited; even the honest ones, which is sad, but it does happen in the real world. That is the bad news.

There is absolutely no reason to cheat and try to beat the system. There is enough here for everyone!

I want everyone to understand; we have our Terms and Privacy Policy and everyone needs to read them and understand how it works. We are doing legal business, abiding by all laws that govern us in the USA. We need people to understand that this is a real business and we do not tolerate cheaters. That is the bad news right, well it is good for us because we only want honest and straight forward people. 

The best part is that this is open for everyone in the world wherever they are. And now I'm going to give you a taste of what we have prepared for you.





(The chat was opened for 1 minute for everyone to give their feedback. Feedback is overwhelmingly positive.)

As I told you we have everything top-notch and professionally done; and as I've also told you we have learned from our past experiences, we are well equipped now. In a little bit you will see that page live for you.

The second gift for you, which we think is a great idea, will be created by the PIFMs as a gift to us all. Check this out guys, one of our amazing members, his name is Amante from Saudi Arabia, is inviting all PI Founding Members, the Co-Founders of We Share Success to participate in the following fun project.

His message is:

We are full of excitement every time we meet together in our webinars. To have a better introduction while waiting to begin, we are inviting you to participate in the making of the very first Music Video (MV) of PIFMs singing our PI theme song, "The Power of We."

In very simple mechanics, we will provide you the minus one (music without vocals) and the lyrics of the theme song. What you have to do is simply create a video of yourself singing that song. And really don't worry about being out of tune, the wrong timing, bad voice, and all those intricacies – this is only for fun.

When we're done here, all PIFMs make a note, you will find all this information on Amante’s brand new club that he created. Here is the link:



You will get all the information in this club.

As we always listen to our members, now we want to listen to you again as we hear your voice. When we're done here, if you want to participate and get more information, connect directly with Amante. That is going to be exciting as well and you will be able to show people “Hey, check this out that's me”. Remember, if your voice is not perfect, or whatever, this is all just for fun. LaughingCoolTongue out

Now back to our Company Sharing Phenomenon, I encourage all of you, if you have not done so yet, upload your picture to PI and do it ASAP (as soon as possible). In a little bit you will get your link. If you don't upload your picture in your PI profile, when you invite your friends and family with your WSS Reflink they will just see a blank picture. We are a real business and you are a real person, so they should see your real picture.

Also to the right of your picture we will display a list of our newest members – only the newest members will be shown as they join.

Join and collect your welcome bonus free shares; however this will not make a big difference in your life. What will make a big difference is to share this with your friends and your family so you can collect more shares. Think about this, who are those people that you care about the most, they should be the first ones you invite.

Some people, the naysayers, who say that this is not for real; they should know that PI is a multimillion dollar company and is backing We Share Success.

So we are excited, and we are ready to get this party started and we just can't wait! 

Once again I want to encourage all of our members, even if you are a Co-Founder or on the board of Directors, I want to encourage you to read everything, read the Terms so you can speak intelligently to others. This time we have disclosed everything up front. Three years ago we could not. This time everything is disclosed so know your product. If you take care of your product, which is the tree, that tree will produce for you many sweet fruits.

What I am going to do is let the page do the further explaining for you and this way you will know what you have. Since the WSS page is so professionally done, it does all the work for you. That is how easy it is and usually I don't like to say that things are easy; I like to say that they are simple. But when you see and experience what I have seen and experienced here, you will agree that this is easy.

The final touches are being put in and it will be live soon, hang tight wherever you are.


From Dan:

Thank you Gee.

Guys, we're talking about real business here and real company shares. We want to make everything perfect so that when you share a Reflink, this person goes in your first generation. So we have tested everything and everything is fine. Right now we are connecting everything to the live system.


As planned, the We Share Success Website was prepared to go online for 11:11 AM USA Pacific time. And as we have learned throughout our time, launching websites can come with a few hiccups, which is what we have experienced today. If the website is not showing live yet in your area, remember: when we put something live on the Internet, that doesn't mean that YOU can see it live on the Internet in that second. It depends on Internet connections, cables, etc.; there are so many technical things, I have no idea how these technical things work. The only thing I know is that it could take some time.

So it might be that members in Australia are the first ones to see it and then other people. You should stay tuned and refresh the page from time to time and please report in the WAZZUB Community, Skype rooms, or the forums the second when you are able to see the new page, and share it with other people.

I asked Rod to upload a screen shot, a mockup of the new page, and we will share it here so that it least one time within the webinar you will have seen the new page.

(At the time of this recap, the website is online in theUSA and many places around the world, therefore below is an actual screen shot of the Pre-launch WSS Website landing page.)




So this is what all the excitement is about. I can tell you that I am really, really proud to have this page. This is really the first step into a new era.

Another important thing, our next general webinar will be on Thursday, where we will work live on the page, really go through the details, and explain everything to you.

The video that you have seen, will be available in many different languages, we already have the Russian, Spanish, and the French versions. They all will be uploaded to our servers so that you will be able to download them and post them on pages like YouTube or other video pages.

I don't want to repeat what Gee already shared with you. What I like most about this page is that this page looks great on every device - smart phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computers with big screens – they all look great. It is because we are not displaying the full page no matter what the screen size is, instead this page is some kind of intelligent and responsive. If you open this page on a tablet computer with a smaller resolution, or a smart phone, you will see displayed only the first box, and then when you scroll with your finger you will see the menu, the registration form, and all the information.

Like Gee told you, this time we have had the experience from our first pre-launch. This time we had a chance to make it a lot better because all the information is there and that is cool. I am pretty sure that very soon you will see it live on your computer screen.

(At the time of this recap the page is live online; some functions may still be under construction and if not already connected, will be soon.)

The next general webinar is on Thursday, November 13th at 10:00 AM USA Pacific time and we will dive deep into the We Share Success project.

And one more thing, the only question which is not yet answered, will be answered on Thursday, and that is: How will We Share Success make money after launch on March 1, 2015? What will be the first project developed by We Share Success Team? I am pretty sure that we have mentioned that the We Share Success Programming Team is working totally separate from the PI Team, because we don't want to slow down any progress in PI.

So happy WAZZUB!!! To all of you from the bottom of my heart, happy WAZZUB, happy PI, and happy We Share Success!

And yes, you will get your WSS Reflink, the second the page is live you will be able to see your WSS Reflink once you log in.

Someone asked a question if we could start sharing it. Yes, in the second when you see the page live on your computer screen, you log in, copy your Reflink, and then you can spread the news.

Thank you. Have a great day, have a great night depending on where you are, thank you for listening, and talk to you on Thursday. WAZZUUUUUUUUUUB!


With your success in mind, 

Gee DaCosta, Dan Settgast and your

WAZZUB Support Team




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General Webinar Recap Tues., July 29, 2014



General Webinar Recap
Tues., July 29, 2014

Presented by: Gee DaCosta

Subject: Updates, Creative Monkey, & Cash Cow

How is everybody doing today?  Wazzzzzzzzzzzub? Even though I cannot hear you, you can say “Wazzzzub?” The Universe will bring that positive energy to us. So, Wazzzzzzzzub?

So, folks, long time no see!  I’m glad to be back here.  Welcome everyone to this special PI family webinar for all our family members from PSMs to SSMs, and everyone else who has just recently joined us. Welcome! As you may already know, my name is Gee DaCosta.  I’m the director of Public Relations for the perfectinter.net. We are going to go right ahead and get started, so Rod please do me a favor and hang the hat (close the chat.) Thank you.

First thing I’m going to say is, Rose, thank you so much! I know you have been in an earlier webinar today with Dan, doing what you do best, translating for our Spanish community, and I know it’s very early for you. Here you are back doing the same thing, supporting our team and our PI family.  Thank you, Rose.  Everybody give a big hand for Rose, she deserves it!J (Yay!)  And thanks to all of YOU, all of our team members, and our PI family members from all over the world that have joined us!

I know for some of you, or for a lot of you, the time is very early or very late. You know when we get together at these webinars, it’s very important; and the ones that usually embrace the opportunity, and grasp the content, and follow our growth, are the ones who will capitalize more, better, and faster; so I congratulate all of you for being here.

The first thing we are going to talk about is a new division that PI has created. I’m sure that most of you know about this division already, and you know that we are in business to service and to market the need that is out there. PI is unique in every sense of the word. From the beginning we’ve created things that stick, things like services that are valuable; and most of all, most of them are free of charge for everyone. Our mission is to create the perfect Internet experience—not only for us, the members; but also for the WORLD OF INTERNET USERS out there, and for businesses around the world.

Having said that, you know we have many unique talents within our PI family; and lately (well it’s been around for quite a few months I believe), there is a new division of PI called Creative Monkey. We’ll talk more about it in a minute; but our talented creator of this division is Alex! Everybody knows who Alex is. Alex is our Director of Security for our entry page, and therefore for our entire Galaxy—a very talented young man. So folks, you know that everybody wants to sell a product or a service out there, and I’m sure that you will agree with me that a good MARKETING STRATEGY plays a VERY IMPORTANT ROLE when it comes to selling products and/or services effectively.


So here you have the Creative Monkey.  To explain, monkeys are not people, but they think outside the box. That’s what the Creative Monkey is all about.  It’s thinking outside the box that brings new creativity, and makes any brand stand out. So, you see that on the screen over here (below.)

monkey 1





Creative Monkey. If you remember, there was a song. I don’t know if you know this song or not, but you know how monkeys sound.

That’s a little song my kids learned at pre-school. That’s funny, because monkeys are smart! They think outside the box. What they do, works. So it is, with PI. We create everything. Thinking outside of the box is the Creative Monkey marketing strategy that suits everyone. So there you have it.  Cliff, let them know how to get to the Creative Monkey.  If you have a business, probably you should be put up there, and PI can definitely help you.

monkey 2


So take a look at what Creative Monkey is all about, and if you would like to order, please contact Alex at: creativemonkey@mailaxy.com   

and the subject line is Creative Monkey. He’ll get back to you and assist you with your marketing needs. Also check out:


Perfect! Now, folks, give Alex a big hand, because this guy is going to the skies with us! Thank you, Alex! We appreciate your work. Also check it out on Facebook; Like and Share it with friends: https://www.facebook.com/creativemonkeyOfficial 

PI Base Camp

Here is something else that is very important. If you have been to the blog lately (or right before this webinar), I posted there the PI Base Camp. With the PI Base Camp we are going start the group meetings this Friday, Aug. 1st, 3 days from today. The information you need for that is on the blog: http://wazzubfamilyblog.com



I don’t have to go into details here because the detailed information is THERE. This is very important because we have something here so unique that it will not only help YOU, it will help anyone that you talk to. We have our team over here to educate them on Base Camp. What we have here is very, very effective. Members will be hand-trained, if you will, by our very own co-founder Dan Settgast, starting this Friday. When we are done here, make a note please, and go to the blog and collect that information.

Now let’s move on to the next subject. The last time I was here on a webinar, it was June 29, 2014, just a few days after I came back from Las Vegas for the IWBF live show. I know it may have been frustrating for some of you who were not able to join us over there, but you heard the testimonies. Folks, IWBF last season was amazing! This new season, which just started on July 1, 2014, is going to be even better! One of the reasons it’s going to be even better is THAT EVERY ONE OF YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO JOIN US THERE. It’s going to be massive! This season we have added several more categories. We have many, many more talents than we had last season signed up—bands, vocalists, instrumentalists, kids’ category, magicians—a lot of great stuff there; and every day we have more talents joining us.

What this means is that THIS SEASON is going to catch on fire, because everybody knows IT IS FOR REAL! We had so much fun in Vegas! It is the place to be, to meet, to have fun—especially, us, our PI family here. I want to encourage you to do what I encouraged you to do last season. Don't think of the “HOW” you are going to get there, but dream on. Put your dream on a piece of paper, color it and put all the details there. Put a picture of Vegas; put a picture of money; of meetings, and having fun. Dream whatever you want to dream, and it will come true, if you really wish to be there. And who wouldn’t?

When you do that, folks, you’re just writing your goal, that desire within you, of what you want. So bring it out, and put it on paper. Now, put that paper everywhere; in your office, in your house, your fridge, your mirror, and kitchen; and every day look at that and dream a little. In less than one year that can become a reality, and we can meet you in Vegas. Folks, the first one was a huge success. We had a lot of fun, but this one will be even bigger, because we know what more can be done.

We didn’t know everything (the first time), and we still don’t; but we’re learning what was missing, and what else could have been done—time frame, how to help our members with money, and taking opportunities. In a little bit we’ll talk more about the money. Just do yourself a favor, and write yourself that goal, and color your goal beautifully.

Not only that, take your time and go to IWBF, at least once a day, and watch some of the battles taking place; and vote, comment, encourage them, critique. That’s how they will grow. Become their fan. There is so much cool stuff over there that you won't see anywhere else in the world; but you will see all of them, right here, in one place—IWBF!

It’s exciting, because we are the judges, and they are depending on us. When you see something really cool that you really love, tell your friends, “Hey, go check this out!” It’s free, right? It’s like when you go to a great movie, you tell everyone, don’t you?—same thing here. You don’t need to fake it; tell them about an artist that you sincerely love.

And we even created IWBF business cards, a template that you can download. You can download this, fill in the blanks, print it, and carry it along with you, wherever you go. If you see a band, a street performer, or a dancer, hand them your card. They can join IWBF, for FREE! Carry them with you! Here is the link for the business card for IWBF, where you can download the template:

I WANNA BE FAMOUS (Tools & Tips) http://wazzub.com/index.php?page=forum&section=topic&top_id=102918
Carry them with you wherever you go.

I mean this: I DO want to see YOU, all of you, to meet you face-to-face; shake your hand; give you a hug, like we did the first time (in Vegas.) Make plans to be there! It’s going to be an unforgettable experience!

So now let’s talk about our Cash Cow, ready to be milked. I’m never going to stop talking about this, because it is THAT AMAZING and unique! Here’s a way (ONE of the ways), you can rake in a lot of cash. It’s a unique business. It pays you down 2 generations, and is NOT multi-level marketing (MLM) or network marketing; this is our family business. Another division. Nothing is born perfect, except us. We were born perfect, every one of us; and then you know what happened. Anything created by man is never perfect at first. Perfect Internet is not perfect either—YET. With The Power of "We", we’re going to get there, or the closest to perfection that anyone could get to.

What I am talking about is the PI3DTAB. The first website we created for the PI3DTAB is pretty generic. I’m not sure if you’ve seen the latest and newest one. We’re going to put the link here, and I want everyone to go there. I want to show you something. We’re going to walk through together. It’s so well put together.



I’m going to take you on a little journey. Look how beautiful this new website is—interactive, new, and unique in every sense of the word. It uses our No-Click-No-Scroll Technology. We created this! We’re the only ones with this, as far as I know. Put your mouse on a 3D function (don’t click), and look at the display to the left. Pretty awesome, isn’t it? Now if you move it over the different sections, you can see the different features. To go back, simply mouse over the X at the upper right—no need to click!

This is not only an incredible business, it’s fun! Most people, 99.9% of them, DON'T KNOW ABOUT THIS TECHNOLOGY. You could even say to your friends, “Hey, check out this technology,” and, using YOUR LINK for the PI3DTAB, show your friends this new technology. The first thing they will say is "Wow, what is that?!" That’s the first thing I said when I experienced it.   And if you actually HAVE a PI3DTAB, show them the functions and what it does.

You can tell them, “Hey, this is the ONLY 3D Tab on the market; my company! You can watch ANY 2D videos, and convert them to 3D; and covert pictures, new or old, from 2D to 3D; play games in 3D, and even convert 2D games to 3D. The best part is, you don’t need 3D glasses!” “What?!!” “You heard me right. You don’t need the glasses!”

I believe I shared with you, what happened on the streets of Vegas. We were walking around a couple of hours on the streets with the prototype (model) of the PI3DTAB, and in the restaurants. People were just amazed. The only thing missing was that we were not prepared to SELL one. I had many people that wanted one.

I just came back from Brazil, where I showed it to some friends. They were WOWED, and all of them want one. This will be the ultimate birthday gift, or holiday present. Let's face it, some people have everything, just about; but they do not have a PI3DTAB! The best way to sell this is by SHOWING THEM YOUR OWN. Even so, the reaction we got on the streets of Vegas was amazing, yet we were not prepared to sell one. We were just having fun with it and wowing people; then I realized there was one thing missing—a business card. You need one with YOUR LINK on the card.

When you have one of those business cards with you, and the PI3DTAB, people will be wowed and ask, “How much it is that?”(about U.S. $ 400) And guess what? YOU BECOME A DISTRIBUTOR, THE MOMENT YOU BUY ONE; you get a link for yourself; and everyone that buys one from you (your link), you can make up to U.S. $ 44.40 per TAB. This amount is credited in REAL TIME to your PI account, and you can get paid daily, if you like (withdraw the money), with your own PI Debit Card.

That’s all we have to say to them. Imagine, just playing with it on the street! Every day, go play; go have fun, right? “If it ain’t fun, don’t do it!” That’s my favorite saying. If just 5 people buy one, you just made yourself a little over U.S. $ 200 (in commissions); with 10 sold, over U.S. $ 400. Wouldn't that change someone’s life? Sure it would.

Furthermore, when those people who bought with your new link make a sale (your 1st Generation), you will earn up to U.S. $ 11.10, effortlessly. If you live in the UK, USA, Japan or Australia you can even get a free PayPal credit card swiper, right on your TAB or phone; then to the person who wants to BUY ONE RIGHT THEN AND THERE, you say, “Ok,” take their card, swipe it, and cha-ching, SOLD! Is this exciting, or what?

You get paid in real time! You just take your PI Debit Card, and you can go right away to an ATM, wherever you are, and withdraw your cash—24/7(once you load your card from your account.) So, there was one thing missing, the business card; well, Cliff has made the business cards, and here’s the link:


Go to this link and download your own PI3DTAB Business Card template. Before you print your cards (and fill in your personal link on the card), FIRST SHORTEN YOUR LINK BY BUYING YOURSELF A SHORT DOMAIN NAME. When I was in Vegas, I suggested to my friend Magdi, from Australia, to buy a short domain similar to PI3DTAB, so he picked <myPI3DTAB.com>. So, you think of a short name, similar; and buy your domain. I bought mine at GoDaddy.com, but you can buy it from anywhere you want. Once you buy your own domain, you can redirect your website to your Reflink. Your PI family members can help you with this step when you buy your domain, if you don’t know how to do this.

Now you put that short link on your PI3DTAB business card (and print it.) Now, let’s think about this. Make a goal; just like we did to go to Vegas. Say, “I am going to sell 5 TAB’s per day,” (or whatever number that’s believable for you, per day.) Do the same thing that you did with the other goal. Write a goal down and put this goal everywhere you can see it. Live, eat, breathe, dream, and think PI3DTAB and Vegas (for IWBF.)

Now let’s assume your goal is selling 3 TAB’s per day. 3 x 40= 120 bucks (U.S. $) a day. How many days per month do you want to do that? How many days do we have until June of next year? Do the math, and you’ll come up with the answer of how you can INDEPENDENTLY, outside of any other income, be in Vegas with us.

You’re here because you’re one of us. You’re a believer in what we’re doing. For two and a half years we’ve been working on this together. IT’S GETTING TO THE POINT THAT YOU CAN START CAPITALIZING ON THINGS. There are different ways; this is just ONE of them. You know we are a debt-free company, scheduled to go public at the end of this year, or the beginning of next. We are on our way to HUGE success, to conquer the Internet together. Imagine what will happen in the next few months, or even a year and beyond. We are going to be meeting each other on the beaches of the world.

This is not a far-fetched dream, folks. We know this is going to happen; for us, for me, for you, and for all those who believe it. Together, as we have been doing since the beginning, two and a half years ago, we will get to our goal; and finally make the Perfect Internet the perfect Internet experience, the perfect Cash Cow, the perfect place to meet, and a perfect legacy to leave for our children.

We are convinced we are onto something for which most companies (if not every company out there on the Internet), will envy us. They will be thinking, “Why didn’t we think of this?” And there will be copy cats, but it will be a long, frustrating time for them to catch up to us; and they won’t. We have something here that’s so special. We have The Power of "We." Pay attention to what’s going on here. Set your goals, and you will have your lives changed forever.


Creative Monkey. Use the link, and visit Creative Monkey and find out what it’s all about.

We have a PI Base Camp starting this Friday, Aug. 1st. Go to the blog when we’re done here, and see the times for the different meetings, and get ready to rock n’ roll!

Then we have IWBF. Take some time and support our artists. Check out some cool videos. Get to the IWBF business card template and print it. Make sure to print yours, and wherever you go, have them ready, because you WILL see talented people everywhere you go. Hand one over to them, or 2 or 3.

PI3DTAB: You saw the beautiful marketing website. Find your PI3DTAB Reflink in your Profile Page:
(Login Perfectinter.net >Profile >Show my Reflinks)
Get yourself a short domain, and redirect it to your PI3DTAB Reflink. Put the short domain address on your business card, and print it.

Last but not least, write down your goals.

Quick scenario. I told you last time there was a lady that was very motivated. She was homeless, living with her daughter. She could not afford to be in Vegas; but she followed what I said on a webinar one time: DON'T BE CONCERNED WITH HOW YOU ARE GOING TO GET THERE. JUST KNOW IT IN YOUR HEART; DESIRE IT. MAKE IT VIVID; SEE YOURSELF IN VEGAS. And guess what? She made it to Vegas, and I was so proud of her! Many others did too, but she is a cornerstone story, for me, of how someone’s dream can come true. All you have to do, everywhere you go is dream—just dream. So have fun, and we will see you in Vegas in 2015!

Thank you so much everyone for being here! I hope this short webinar was informative enough, and exciting for you to see where we are going, and how we are going to get there. We’re here to help you, every one. So participate in our clubs, and chatrooms, ok? Ask questions. If you don't know something, please ask. We are here to help you; we have many clubs that can help you. Don’t be alone. We’re family. We’re ready to help, because we DO WANT TO SEE YOU SUCCEED. I’ll meet you in Vegas.

Thank you Rose and Cliff for your help. Thank you Alex for your amazing creativity with the Creative Monkey. Once again we hope to see you all in Las Vegas, in less than a year. Thank you to everyone for joining us here. Goodnight!


With your success in mind,

Gee DaCosta and

Your WAZZUB Support

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PI Marketing Workshop with Dan Settgast July 29, 2014

Workshop Webinar Recap

July 29, 2014

Presented by: Dan Settgast

Topic: Marketing/Promoting PI


Available in Spanish here:




So, let’s start! This is not one of our regular webinars. There was one not long ago, for our PSMs. There will be another one held by Gee later today (depending on what your time zone is.) First, I have to say THANK YOU that more than 100 are here today interested in our marketing strategies. To be honest, this will be more of a workshop than a webinar. It is our goal for today to explain our MARKETING STRATEGY FOR PI, and WHAT YOU CAN DO TO BE PART of this marketing strategy. Starting September 1st, we want to create a HUGE BUZZ ABOUT PI all over the world! Not only on the Internet, but also in newspapers, on the radio, and on TV.

When we talk about marketing for websites, most people think about things like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), email marketing, and placing Google ads. Additionally, the Internet is full of options for traffic exchanges and other sources for paid traffic. Well, this is only a small part of Internet marketing (i.e., marketing for a website); and on the long term, it is even the smallest part of the marketing.

Off the record (and I know some of you may be shocked), most SEO is cheating, because you try to beat the system to get listed higher than your competitors. You know Google is dominating the search market, and they are changing their algorithms from time to time to beat the cheaters. During the last few years, most so-called SEO Marketing experts have created tons of back links and cross-links to get higher rankings, and now GOOGLE IS PENALIZING EXACTLY THOSE PAGES that have these kinds of links; because these fake links generate either fake traffic, or no traffic, and search engines count this as a sign that this page might be important. Google changed their rules. Not only do they not count these links, they even de-list pages that have created tons of links on other websites just to get higher on Google search results. The funny thing is, Google is not penalizing and will never penalize ORGANIC LINKS AND TRAFFIC, and that is why WE NEVER SPEND TIME OR MONEY ON SEO. There is no better SEO than having thousands or even millions of REAL INTERNET USERS sharing your links—on websites, on blog posts, on tweets, and emails—the more sources the better; and the more traffic these sources have, the more real traffic will go to PI.

So let us check Google for our main keywords, to see what we have reached so far. I can tell you that especially for common words like “perfect” or “Internet” it is not easy to be listed on top, because these words are used billions of times, from other websites. For the word "perfect" I have two examples for you. These are just two out of hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands that you can find out there. What is interesting here is that these examples are from the market leaders in their industry. Cliff can you please display the screenshot of TripAdvisor?


tripavisor example page




For those of you who don’t know TripAdvisor, they are a world leader when talking about hotels/restaurants/vacation entertainment reviews. Of course, they live from advertising, and from referring their traffic to the hotels and to the restaurants. When you go to the main page of TripAdvisor.com, what can you see? –their search mask, and the phrase on the top, “Plan your perfect trip.” Again, they are a market leader in their industry.

So let's check out the second screen shot...



GoDaddy page example




GoDaddy is the global market leader when it comes to domain names and hosting. So, this is their page to search for domain names. And what do they say? “Find your Perfect name." And, no, TripAdvisor and GoDaddy are not related. These are just two. I have found websites, “Find your perfect car,” “Find your perfect whatever.” “This is your perfect whatever.” This is the thing with us, creating the brand Perfect Internet... all these other companies (GoDaddy and TripAdvisor, and all the others), HELP us when they use the world “perfect.” Why? The more people can read the word “perfect” (perfect trip, perfect domain, perfect car, perfect hotel, perfect whatever) THEY GET USED TO PERFECT INTERNET, just as a phrase, and that is the best that can happen for a brand.

So now go to www.google.com and search for “Perfect Internet.” Tell me, what do you see? There are 331,000,000 results. Our official PI site is in position number one, and the results that follow are all related to PI. Folks, we started with the PI about 2 years ago; you know that—Perfect Internet itself. It’s easy to name a company, let’s say Google, and then to become #1 for that search phrase, because IT’S A NEW WORD. We are talking about common words here, “Perfect Internet.” If we would have asked one of those SEO marketing specialists, what we need to do to become number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 on Google for the phrase “Perfect Internet,” those (SEO) experts would have told you that we would need to spend tons of working hours, and tons of money to be the top search result on the main search engine.



Google Search Results image for Perfect Internet





And by the way, we asked some experts, and they told us all the same. We said, “No. Thank you.” And look where we are now! We have those top spots with ZERO SEO, because we simply did what search engines like Google, or Bing, or all the others are EXPECTING—that you DON'T try to cheat, and that you don’t try to beat the system. You simply let them measure how important your website is, related to the search phrase.

But hey, you know that Google (and Bing the same), is collecting your data and is displaying only those search results that Google is thinking might be interesting for you. As you often visit Perfect Internet pages, it might be no surprise that Google is giving you PI as the top search results. So, let us make a test. Let us go to www.safestwebsearch.com (You may have heard about this webpage); and let us do the same search. First search-G (private Google search.) And after that, we will do the search with Multiple.




Search-M results from Ixquick for Perfect Internet




What can you see here now? These are Google search results WITHOUT GOOGLE GUESSING what would be interesting for you, and instead based on your INTERNET BEHAVIOR. So, is our page still on top? So, now we know that we really made it to spot #1, with Google.  (About 127,999,821 results) But now let's do a Search-M, which searches MULTIPLE search engines and displays the most important results on top—and again (PI is) #1! Thank you! I also did the test with other search engines, like bing.com, and it is the same. No matter which search engine you use for the term “Perfect Internet,” it is always displayed as the top search result, and that is GOOD.


Search-M search results for "Perfect Internet" from StartPage



But what does this mean for our marketing strategy? We need to use phrases like “Perfect Internet,” or “It is your Internet, make it perfect,” or “the Perfect Internet experience,” AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE ON ALL OUR WEB PAGES and marketing activities. Why? Because we need to get the words “Perfect Internet” into the head of our potential members—first as a phrase, later as a brand name.

So, if they hear something about whichever product, or star from our Galaxy, maybe they won’t remember Prize Mania, or IWBF, or whatever, but we need to make sure we always mention the Perfect Internet. Because when they remember “Perfect Internet” (and that’s easy to remember), and they search for it, whichever search engine they use, they will find it. By the way, this is the main reason we did not create a unique brand name for PI, but stayed with the words Perfect Internet.

Internet in most languages means Internet, and perfect in most languages means perfect, even if it might be Perfecto, etc. All over the world people can understand it. Now you know a little bit about what we needed 8 years for—to find out all these little details to make PI some kind of perfect, as an internet project. So we said we need to get the words “Perfect Internet” into the heads of our potential members. And HOW DO WE DO THAT?

We do that by spreading the word about PI, and about the stars of our PI Galaxy where ever we can. We need to create blog posts, forum posts, reviews, comments, press releases, interviews; in short words, WE NEED TO CREATE ORGANIC CONTENT that can be used by news pages, newspapers, radio and TV stations, to report about PI and our stars.

And then something will happen, because we are GENERATING A BUZZ for “Perfect Internet.” Our main website will be more and more, and more, and more important, and RECOGNIZED as more important by the search engines, and therefore EVERYTHING RELATED TO the Perfect Internet and our website will be more important, too. This means search phrases like LOTTO MADNESS, Prize Mania, or WAZZUB, even if they do a typo, (MAILAXY, IWBF whatever it is), these search phrases will lead to Perfect Internet-related results more and more often.

And as I told you, we (PI and our stars) want to start creating a buzz on September 1st. So, we need to prepare the content NOW. When I say content I mean blog posts, forum posts, news reviews/comments, press releases, interviews, etc. This gives us enough time to prepare good content and to translate texts into multiple languages. All this while our programmers and PIBC project groups are working on the projects and the web pages. Of course, creating this content is another part of the PI Base Camp, so whoever supports us by creating content, and by translating content, will be a part of the PI Base Camp team, and will be remunerated with $FACTOR. When I say that our programmers and our PI Base Camp project groups are working on webpages, you know that there are already hundreds of great ideas posted in the PITT, and we are very, very grateful for all those great ideas. The first step: we will concentrate on our main projects until September 1st.

For September 1st, it is our goal to have the PI main page improved with a brand new tour added (there have been several ideas about it in the PITT), so that new members easily find their way through the PI Galaxy to all our stars, and specifically those stars that the specific member is interested in—the same for IWBF, and the same for our WAZZUB Community. We want to have the WAZZUB Community improved before September 1st. We want more and more national PerfectPages up and running, and we want to have Prize Mania and LOTTO MADNESS really ready to rock! Some of you might have noticed that you already receive DEALPoints for watching battles and voting at IWBF, and we will have many more activities awarded with DEALPoints on September 1st.




So these are the projects that we should concentrate on when we are preparing news and info content. Let us start with IWBF. How and where could we promote IWBF? Let us start with the “How to:” what is special about IWBF? What do you think? Why should a newspaper, radio station, or TV station report about IWBF? WHAT IS SPECIAL ABOUT IT?

We opened the chat for 2 minutes, and within that time we found tons of great reasons why it is worth it to spread the word about IWBF. So, we are not limiting the contest and, let’s say for example, ONLY seeking for singers between the ages of 18 and 22, say, and ONLY from South America. NO! It’s generally a WORLDWIDE TALENT CONTEST. Now read all these!


No limits on age.

It’s worldwide.

Pioneer, online talent contest.

They will earn income.

It’s worldwide and unique.

Low cost to enter.

Global exposure for talented people.

It’s FREE.

Open to everyone.

Includes traveling.

Discovers your hidden talents.

The members vote (judge.)

Raw talent can be discovered.

The only global company doing it.

Winners go to Las Vegas.

First-ever talent contest on the internet where members battle it out.

You can vote for your favorite artist.

You can become famous for free!

There’s a possibility for young people to get a name.

Winners get a recording contract as a prize.

Anyone worldwide can become famous.

Great prizes!

Gives more opportunities to artists.

It’s available to those who would not have the chance to be seen otherwise.

No matter what your initial skill/talent is... you can still try to be famous.

Another comment:  “IWBF should be on a national basis.”

Dan: That is why we have the country areas. Yes, when we have tens, or hundreds of thousands, or maybe even MILLIONS OF CONTESTANTS, then we will have winners on a national basis. We will have global winners, too! But, guess what? People from Italy (for example) are interested in talents from Italy; and the same for any other country, and that’s what we will do. But we have the global contest on top, and always built-in.

It is the members who vote. The winners go to Las Vegas. Guys, for artists, entertainers, DJ’s, singers, bands, comedians, magicians, whoever it is, their HIGHEST GOAL is to have their own show, on the strip in Las Vegas! If you have reached that, you have made it! That is what all the artists are dreaming about; and we gave proof this year that we are serious. The winners of season #1 went to Las Vegas; they were on stage, right on the strip of Las Vegas Boulevard. (I know that some of you were there, and it was great!)

Now we can spread the word that IWBF is for real—not fake or a scam. Now we have artists (that have won), and people can ask them, “Hey, I read that you were one of the winners. Really?” And all of will say, “Yes! They paid my air fare. They paid my hotel room. I was live on stage performing several songs; no strings attached, nothing to be paid. It’s exactly like they promoted.” And this is special! Here in Las Vegas, not every day or every week, not even every month, are there finals or the awards for a global talent contest. This is something REALLY SPECIAL, and as a GLOBAL CONTEST, it has never been done before—period! So this is special! And THIS IS IMPORTANT TO KNOW FOR EVERY SINGLE TALENT OUT THERE! And, hey, for the audience it is fun to browse the talents and vote! On OUR page (IWBF) not just 1, 2, or 3 so-called VIPS or stars are voting. At IWBF, it is YOU deciding who will be on the winner’s stage. What could be more exciting? So we have a lot of stuff that is worthwhile to be told about IWBF.

Now the second part of the question—WHERE would we promote IWBF? [Chat opened for a few minutes.]


Ok, thank you, thank you, thank you. So, many of you posted (answered) TV and Radio; so, I know all over the world you have national, and additionally regional, or local radio and TV stations. So what do you think? How could you get a local TV station, or newspaper, or radio station to report about IWBF? Yes, IWBF is special, but WHAT is special for them?

It is special for them IF THEY CAN BUILD SOME KIND OF RELATIONSHIP to THEIR readers, to THEIR audience. So, check out our IWBF talents, from WHICH CITIES they are, from which region, or which country. Imagine what will happen when we have prepared a nice press release for newspapers, TV, and radio stations, and customized it with, “Hey, did you know that [name of a local artist] from your city, your region, or your country is competing in a GLOBAL TALENT CONTEST! The chance they report about the contestant, is at that point, higher than if they just report about the contest itself. But when they report about the contestant, then they also HAVE TO REPORT about the contest (IWBF.) This is just one of several thousand options on how to promote IWBF.

Someone wrote about music forums. There are so many pages on the Internet—forums, blogs, and websites, about music and the music business. With IWBF we are creating an ABSOLUTELY BRAND NEW SYSTEM on how to support talents. You know we have one radio station now online, at mostfamous.fm. We already have licenses for 29 MORE RADIO STATIONS, and we will do them in different languages, to make a total of 30. That means we will have mostfamous.fm in 30 different languages; so we get a maximum of our users LISTENING to mostfamous.fm. On these stations, we will play exclusively music from our talents and contestants. The monthly winners will automatically be the featured artists for the following month, all around the world on our radio stations. We will have radio commercials advertising on our radio stations, and A PERCENTAGE OF THE ADVERTISING REVENUE WILL BE PAID TO THE ARTISTS; another thing that has never been done before!

These are the messages about IWBF that need to be spread all around the world, and to all the music-related websites; but not ALL the details on one press release. That‘s too much! We need to prepare SEVERAL press releases, drop by drop, by drop, by drop; and we have more than 5 weeks left to prepare the content that we want to spread on Sept. 1st. I can tell you that the German version of America Idol has about 30 thousand talents applying each season—the same for “Germany's Got Talent.” For American Idol, I don't know the exact number, but it is somewhere between 100,000 to 150,000 talents, and these are just the main talent shows in JUST TWO countries. So there is no reason why we should not have MILLIONS OF TALENTS one day--not tomorrow, and not Sept 2nd. Maybe in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 years from now, we’ll see MILLIONS OF TALENTS BATTLING to become famous, battling to hear their music on the radio, battling for the chance to be live on stage in the entertainment capital of the world; and that is Las Vegas.

Can you imagine ONE MILLION TALENTS telling their friends and family, “Go there and vote for me! I want to be famous!” This means traffic/page-views for PI! Listen, traffic is not important because we want to be #1 on Alexa. Traffic is important, and page-views are important to DISPLAY ADS, to display paid banners, to display advertising banners, to display our deals from IDS, SoDEALicious, IBookSmarter, CHEEAAP, Punch the Price, etc.; because, YES, we are running a business!

Now let us talk about Prize Mania. What is special about Prize Mania?

[Chat opened for comments.]

Yes, that's it about Prize Mania: 1) it is free; and 2) you can win money or prizes; yes, and 3) it is fun! And you don't have to wait. You know all these prize-draws ask your email, your name, your address, your telephone number, and in the fine print you can read they will pick one winner in 5 months, so you need to wait 5 months to find out the winner. At Prize Mania you don't have to wait 5 months, 1 month, 2 weeks, 1 week, 5 days, 3 days, 1 day; YOU KNOW IMMEDIATELY IF YOU HAVE WON.

We don't force you to put in your private data over and over and over. WE DON'T GIVE YOUR PRIVATE DATA TO OTHER COMPANIES. By the way, that is WHY most of the other prize-draws on the Internet are held, THEY WANT TO GET YOUR DATA. For us, Prize Mania is about getting new members; because yes, you have to register. But we take care of your privacy; WE DON'T SHARE YOUR DATA. No PI member has ever received an email from another company because PI gave your data to another company. We have had other companies approach us and say, “Wow! You’ve got 2.5 million email addresses in your data base! What about U.S. $ 10,000 (up to U.S. $ 100,000) for that data base?” Our answer: “NOPE!”

Prize Mania is the one and only place on the Internet where your data is safe, AND you can win every 10 minutes, and you can win valuable prizes. Yes, your chance to win might not be the biggest chance, but, hey, IT IS FREE! In a moment we will talk about LOTTO MADNESS, and how many people play lotteries all over the world and they PAY for it. Prize Mania is FREE, and it is safe! So Prize Mania should be the perfect instrument. We know it has to be improved, and it will be improved by Sept. 1st. But then Prize Mania must be a great star to attract new members. The same with LOTTO MADNESS: do you know any other place where you can play official international lotteries FOR FREE; where you can win up to U.S. $ 10,000,000 FOR FREE, and you receive NO SPAM EMAILS?

For sure, you will find some people on this planet who will say, “Hey, I don't do prize-draws or lotteries.” That's OK; don't try to convince them. What about the hundreds of millions, if not billions, of people who PAY for lotteries, every week, all over the world—those millions who DO participate in prize-draws? Why shouldn’t they participate in LOTTO MADNESS?

We just need to get the word out! And definitely it helps to do the typical Internet marketing with traffic exchange, banner exchange, and stuff like that, to get some additional traffic. But that is not the way Facebook, Google, Amazon, Groupon, Pinterest, Twitter, and all the others have become successful. They have become successful because THEIR MEMBERS TALKED ABOUT AND RECOMMENDED THEIR SERVICES, and one day the newspapers, radio, and TV stations started to report about them; because, hey, they did something special. And if what THEY do is special, tell me about PI! IS IT SPECIAL WHAT WE DO? IS IT UNIQUE? IS IT WORTH REPORTING ON?

[chat was opened]    
Everyone agrees, “Yes!”


Dan: So Anthony brought up this point, “The things we do are special, and now when it LOOKS special too, the sharing will increase.” That is exactly what we are doing now; and we will NOT stop doing, until we are #1, and there is no reason why we shouldn’t be #1. I can tell you WE ARE EXACTLY ON TRACK. We might be a little bit delayed, but we are on track, and we will follow that track. The next step on our track is to START SPREADING THE WORDS PROFESSIONALLY WITH UNIQUE, ORGANIC CONTENT. Thanks to our whole team, including directors, including PSMs, and including supporters, we really have THE POWER TO BE SO LOUD that everybody will hear us; even if they did not know about PI before. It is still the same now; about 99.9% of ALL Internet users, even today, have NEVER HEARD ABOUT PI—never ever!

Now imagine you are one of those who never heard about PI, and now you hear/read about the Perfect Internet, or about one of our stars—free stuff, secure stuff, unique stuff, exciting stuff—wouldn't you check the page at least one time? Even if that first page you check is our WAZZUB Community, and you don't like what you see; then you might hear about Prize Mania next week, from another source. Even if, for both of them, it was said that it was part of the Perfect Internet, that does not mean that you, as a potential member, when you hear about Prize Mania (and free prizes draws, and Jackpot, and a new winner every 10 minutes), would think, “Awww, that might be related to that freaky community I have seen.” No! You will check it out! And if you like Prize Mania, you will register. And this is our plan: it would be perfect if he/she visits one of our pages for the FIRST time. Yet, if he/she becomes a member after visiting 3 pages, or 5 pages, or 7 or 10, it is still a new member. If people don't like Facebook, they don't like Facebook, that’s it. With us, if people don't like ONE of our stars, hey, we have a whole Galaxy FULL of stars!

Last but not least, let us talk about the PI main page at PerfectInter.net. I told you it is our goal to have our main page improved with a brand new tour added, and we want to have it even a little bit more customizable by Sept. 1st. This is so unique and special: a global company, where the members not just decide, but now with the PITT, the PSM’s even actively take part in the CREATION of our global websites! Believe me, newspapers, radio stations, TV stations WILL START TO REPORT ABOUT PI as the main project very, very soon!

So what are our next steps? If you want to be a part of the group preparing the marketing content for the projects; if you have not done so yet, please go to the PI Base Camp website, http://basecamp.perfectinter.net,   and apply. Apply means put your name on the list. For sure, we will not deny any application. It’s not up to us to decide if you have the skills or not. You will get a chance to give proof of your skills.

Three days from now, on Aug 1st, we will have meetings here in the Conference Room, to build the bigger project groups for PI3DTAB, for PerfectPages, IWBF, Prize Mania, PI itself, WAZZUB Community, etc., so we really have the WHOLE MONTH OF AUGUST TO PREPARE THE STARS and to prepare the MARKETING CONTENT. And the MORE WE ARE, THE MORE AND THE FASTER WE WILL MOVE. If you for any reason do not want to participate in the PI Base Camp, please at least join the PITT, and share your ideas.  The PITT is no fake project just to keep you busy. We will get many, many, many ideas from the PITT. Realize: we will make it happen! Then imagine the great feeling when you can tell others, “Hey, by the way, this feature, this project, this function (whatever it is), it was MY IDEA!”
For more info on Aug. 1st meetings: http://blog.perfectinter.net/

So, thank you for listening, hopefully you enjoyed it. Later today (for some of you, tomorrow), we will announce the exact times for Aug. 1st, for our first meetings. All of you who have already registered in PI Base Camp, will receive an email, with the info for Aug. 1st. We already have some small groups working on the PITT ideas, and on Aug. 1st we will start getting very concentrated, to get all these things done. Keep in mind, THIS IS JUST THE FIRST STEP to get the main projects ready for Sept. 1st. We will not stop on Sept. 1st. On Sept. 1st, the very, very, very exciting part of our journey begins; and that part of our journey is not for a week or a month, it will be for the next YEARS; creating truly a Galaxy FULL of useful, exciting, safe and secure websites, for every Internet user.

Thank you for listening. Have a nice day! Again for those of you celebrating EID, happy EID! Bye, bye!



With your success in mind,

Dan Settgast,

and Your WAZZUB Support Team

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General Webinar Recap Mon., June 30, 2014

General Webinar Recap
Mon., June 30, 2014

Presented by: Gee DaCosta

Subjects: Most Famous Awards Show,

PI3DTAB, Special Guests

Gee: Let’s go ahead and get this show started! We have some exciting info to share with you today! Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening to all of you around the world, our PI family members! Welcome to this webinar, where we will be talking mostly about what happened in Vegas.

However, I believe that what they say is wrong. They say, “Whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” That is not true, because I’m going to spill the beans of what happened in Vegas. Of course, I’m going to leave some parts out—ha! But the most important things that happened you will find out through this webinar, and I believe you’re going to be excited; maybe not as excited as we were in Vegas (and still are!), but you WILL catch some excitement, definitely!

First I’m going to tell you that we had a VERY SUCCESSFUL, upbeat, happy, productive, first I Wanna Be Famous Show, in Las Vegas! Now, I don’t know if you know this or not, but Las Vegas is a big city. In order for you to be noticed, you have to be on the main strip, and that is exactly where our show was presented. Our finalists performed their songs, and we were ALL very excited about it.

But don’t take MY word for it! We’re going to show you a slide show of what happened there. Cliff is going to show you some exciting stuff that happened there. Then you’re going to come back here, and hear from some of our members that were there, about their experience. Cliff, please play the slideshow. When you’re done, I’ll come right back on.

Most Famous Awards slide show video. Click to watch: http://awards.perfectinter.net

WAAAAHOOOOOO! How about that?!!! That was just a few clips of what happened over there, but the show went on for about two hours. Soon enough, you’ll be able to watch the recorded show. Again, I don’t want you to take my word for it. What I want to do is ask a few people to come on here, and let them TELL you their experience that they had in Vegas, ok? Then we’re going to talk about the PI3DTAB, Prize Mania, and other cool stuff.

You know, I’m going to share with you just a little bit. I, myself, had a blast! It was so much fun, from the day I got there, to the day I left! I met everybody, and hung out with Cate and Dan, with Joe, with Margie, Norbert, Sonny, Cynthia, and many more people. But let’s hear a couple of minutes (from each) about their experiences they had.

Here’s what we’d like. We’d like to hear from the day you got there: the hospitality; meeting our Team Members, and some of our Members; your experience with the Show; how you think it went; the PI3DTAB; and then the after-the-show party. Alright? So that’s what we want to hear. First I would like to give the mike to our amazing Cate! Come on up—the mike is yours!


Thank you so much, Gee! Absolutely, just as Gee was saying—it was so fantastic, so awesome to meet everyone there in Vegas! We had such a wonderful time, just to connect with other Members, and the Artists. It was so fantastic.

So yeah, from the moment that we got there—the hotel was nice. We were luckily pretty close to where the Tommy Wind Theater is. We had rented a car. I went with my husband and me. We drove down from Reno; so that’s only about an 8-hour drive to Vegas, so that was great.

We just had a fabulous time. We went to the rehearsals for a little bit. We got to meet a few of the Artists before the show. Later that evening, we came back for the show. It was just great! Gee was so funny, cracking jokes, and of course just being himself, which is absolutely fantastic. The Artists performing were just so phenomenal! They were so happy to be with us, and to meet everyone.

It was a nice little intimate Award Show, and I know the Artists commented that they had a great time, and really appreciated having that connection with the audience, that you can get with a small intimate setting. So that was really fantastic, and after the show, at the after-party it was so great to just meet and talk with everyone. We were taking pictures, and saying, “WAAAZZZUBBBB?!!!” all over the placeJ. It was really fantastic.

So, definitely, you guys, get prepared because we want to see EVERYBODY next year! We’re going to have a fabulous show, and I look forward to meeting everyone! So, that’s it from me. I had a great time. My husband had a great time, and it was fantastic to meet everyone there—just totally awesome! Thank you so much everyone, and back to Gee.


Awesome! Thank you, thank you, thank you! We took pictures (I forgot about that part), saying, “WAAAZZUUUUUUUUUUUUUB?!!!”
That was so much fun! Ok, so, let’s bring on Joe! Joe, there you are. Take it away, buddy.


Yeah, like Cate and Gee were saying, it was a blast to go out there. Tuesday night, we were fortunate enough to meet up with Cate and her husband, and Lila, and just have a nice dinner together, and talk about our experience. Those of you who don’t know who I am—I’ve been with PI for two years now, in development and structure. I take care of the server. I launched the very first PI pages.

I was in charge of the IWBF website development. To go out and see what my development produced in a physical environment, is just amazing! Us developers sometimes are known to be what we call “under the hood.” We kind of sit behind the desk at a computer, and look at numbers and figures all day long. What something like IWBF produced is just amazing.

So, Wednesday at the Show we had the rehearsals, and the contestants were just as professional as all get out. They had maybe 2-3 minutes of rehearsal time, and they were good to go; and the Show went off without a hitch. I mean they were like nothing (you’ve seen.) They were like a professional concert! A lot of these guys haven’t been on big stages. It was intimate. We had just a nice stage environment. It was amazing! And I can guarantee you that we are going to pack the house, the next couple of years.

I don’t know how long we’re going to fit in the Tommy Wind Theater, but we’re going to try our best to do it, because it is a great theater. The venue is awesome. Tommy Wind is awesome—first class, all the way! I got to tag along on Thursday to do the photo shoot with Artie. It was an amazing experience; something I’ll remember for a lifetime, and hopefully we’ll have many more to come. Just amazing!


Thank you, thank you, thank you, Joe! Awesome! Absolutely, absolutely! Of course, I didn’t tell anyone what to say. Everybody had their own experience. So now, let’s bring on board, Lila! Lila is one of our amazing members. She’s the one who won the trip, with all accommodations, for being the winning Judge for IWBF. So, Lila, go ahead and share with us your experience.

Lila's testimonial:

I had a fabulous time in Vegas! I went to a great rock ‘n’ roll percussion show, and saw Model Human. I met Gee, Joe, and Magdi, and had dinner. There was a lot of talk; kinda like a meeting of the minds (business & philosophy). There was lots of laughter!

We went to part of the rehearsal, and as Gee said, the Artists were very professional and excited. I got to talk a little with them just before, and after, the performances. I sat next to Tatiana Simonov. I also saw Magdi again, and two friends of mine who live in Vegas.

Dan is so generous with all he does in PI, and he thanked me for my comments to the Artists. I just want to thank all these gentlemen who made this Perfect Internet possible; giving so much needed attention to the world's Artists!!! They are so creative.

I also met Sasa. I was able to preview the 3D tablet earlier at dinner, and again after the performance. I've also got to thank Cate & Jeff for their help in Vegas!!! I love you all!


Cynthia’s text:

The Las Vegas show was AMAZING! Gee was excellent as the "Master of Ceremonies". He is a very funny man, as well as being a kind and caring person. Model Human performed first, they are even better live than on video! The band "Pocket Cage" was unable to come, but one of the band member's father did come and collect the award. There was a great country music singer who performed in their place. I am sorry, I don't remember his name.

Katy Edwards performed next. She is a beautiful, and a humble person with a beautiful voice. Artie Simon (Artem) was the final performer and he was great—a true performer! He also learned the IWBF theme song, and sang it fantastically for us. The magician/illusionist Tommy Wind performed acts in between the PI performers’ acts. Gee was truly awesome, introducing the performers. The theatre was fairly small and comfortable; a perfect choice for our first IWBF Awards show; and Dan is the man who pulled this all together.

The whole show was great! I had the opportunity to meet Dan, Gee, Joe, Jorge, Cate, Govind, Norbert, Sonny, Lila, Joyce and more. I also saw the 3D tablet in 3D! It's cool, and there should be a great market for it! I am sorry I did not take pictures; but there was a photographer, so I am sure there will be some pics soon.


Ok, let’s continue with this talk. You have heard/read on the slideshow about Sasa. Sasa is the gentleman that won U.S. $ 5,132 in Prize Mania. We flew him in to collect his money right on the stage. He’s from Serbia. He was so excited! I’d like Cate to share with you his testimonial. Cate, if you would, please, post it.

Sasa’s text:

I've just gotten back from Las Vegas, where I was invited to attend The Most Famous Award Show (2014.) It was amazing! I met Dan, Gee, Cate, Nicole, and one great family from Missouri, and a lot more people. (I'm sorry if I forgot someone.) The Show was great! Model Human, Katy Edwards, and Artie Simon were actually BETTER LIVE than in video clips. Gee made jokes, and the whole show was in the Tommy Wind Theater. Tommy Wind is a magician, so he performed some very nice tricks, etc.

The reason I was invited to be there is that


During the last few months a lot of members were posting the question, “Who is the person who won the first jackpot on Prize Mania?” Guys, now I can tell you, that's me! The reason I didn't tell this earlier is that I was asked not to tell, because I was invited to be on Most Famous Award Show as a SURPRISE GUEST, and that is the only reason. Now I can share this with rest of you!

There were a lot of cameras, and I'm sure that videos and pics will be shown here, or on the IWBF website. It was really amazing visiting Vegas, and I can tell you, now I got my (prize) money; and MORE THAN THIS, I have the best impressions of my time spent in Vegas, and MET all these people who you can actually only see pictures of here. So, I can tell you, PLAY Prize Mania! I won, and maybe one day it will be some of you!


Now let’s talk about the other excitement that happened in Vegas—the PI3DTAB! We had 3 prototypes on my desk. Everybody was incredibly, incredibly impressed; and the feedback was 100% “thumbs up!” Or TWO “thumbs up!” I’ll share my experience of what happened.

We were at a restaurant, having dinner; playing with the TABs. The waiters, the bartenders, those passing by (the customers), that saw it ENCIRCLED us in awe! They all want one! And you know what? The only thing that we DIDN’T have ready is a BUSINESS CARD. No one had a business card for the PI3DTAB.

We’re going to hear (now) from one more excited Member. There are many more, but I believe this one is going to knock your socks off as well. (Sonny comes on to speak.)




Hi guys! I had a great time in Vegas. I’ll tell you what—everyone needs to start hanging up “I’m going to Vegas, this coming year.” It took a long time to get there because of weather, but it was well worth it. People were telling me I had to dress up because it was a red carpet occasion (which it was!), but I was the only one who came in there with suit and tie on. Everyone said I looked like part of the program. They thought I was a movie star or something, but I wasn’t.

But the show for the first time was great. I got to meet Gee, and I got to meet Dan, and I also got to bring one of the mock-up PI3DTABs home with me. I played with it all the way here (home) on the airplane. When I got to Dallas, a whole bunch of army people were going to Fort Knox which is right outside where I live in Louisville, Kentucky.

I got to playing one of the games on there with one of the little soldier girls which was next to me, and we played almost 2 hours on that game. And so I gave her my site, in order to be able to order one. So maybe we’ll get a whole lot of army people getting one of these PI3DTABs. I hooked it up to my widescreen TV today, and with an HDMI, watching movies on there. Of course, they don’t come out in 3D; it does, but it’s not really, really clear (using HDMI), but the 2D is unbelievable!

So, it’s a fun, fun TAB to be able to use, and to take with you. And I’ll tell you what, I can’t wait ‘till next year to go back. I partied a little bit too much, though, but I enjoyed it. I had to sleep for two days when I got back, because of the jet lag. I really enjoyed the show, and I think everybody should get prepared for it next year, because it’s going to be HUGE next year! You could just see it and feel it in Vegas.

I congratulate the winners, and I congratulate Suresh, and Gee, and Dan, and all you guys for what you’ve done, in such short notice. I feel next year it’s going to be well worth your time to go; and Cate you’ve done a fantastic job. It was great meeting you, too. So, that's about all I have to say guys.


Thank you, Sonny. Alright buddy! Hey, that was awesome, meeting you as well—very, very good! Thank you so much for being here, and spending time with us, and partying with us.


Your welcome!


Ok, let’s continue here. Talking about the PI3DTAB: there’s not ONE PERSON that we talked to, and showed it to, even out walking on the street, that they were not amazed with it. When I got home, I stopped to eat at a restaurant. I showed it to the waiter. He called the bartender, and another waiter, and other people around in our area, and they were ALL so impressed!

And they all want one—at least (one); because it’s amazing, unique; and I’ll tell you what: this IS our brand new Cash Cow! The only drawback I had, and other people have had, is that we didn’t have a business card. But we all have that long PI3DTAB Reflink. Every Member has one.

But the best way to sell this, is by not selling; by NOT TRYING to sell. The point is: anyone you come in contact with, you take out your TAB and say, “Hey! Do you want to see something amazing?” “Check this out,” and play it. I’ve noticed that even strangers on the street, when you ask them that question, they think, “Who the heck is this guy?” They start to walk away, but when you start playing the video in 3D, they stop.

They will watch the whole thing. They want to hold it, they want to touch it, and they want to see. That’s my experience, along with others of our Members. So, when I got home, even though Cliff is a very busy guy (and our multi-media director), HE CREATED THE BUSINESS CARD for the PI3DTAB.

So every one of you can now download it, and Cliff is going to give you the link, right over here.

PI3DTAB Business Cards: http://wazzub.com/index.php?page=forum&section=topic&top_id=103590

So, now that you have that, PRINT IT OUT: your business card! Print it! Wherever you go, share that! Even if you don’t have a TAB, pass on your card. Here’s what I’m going to recommend that you do, BEFORE YOU PRINT THE PAMPHLET.

DO NOT COPY AND PASTE your link, that long Reflink, onto your PI3DTAB business card. It’s hard to type it in (for the customer); nobody’s going to do it; forget it. Here’s what I recommend you to do. Buy yourself a SHORT DOMAIN NAME. I particularly like godaddy.com. I think it’s U.S. $ 12 per year for a domain. They even have an option that you can re-direct that link to your long Reflink.

Just like this: I’ll show you guys mine. I want you to click on this link and see WAZZUB. Hold on. I would encourage you to think of something like this, ok? There, you see, my link is a short one: my3Dtab.com. But the right way to do this would be: mypi3dtab.com. Click there and see where you go. But a friend of mine, that was there with us, I had given him a suggestion, and he ALREADY GOT mypi3dtab.com link. So RUN TO GO THERE, and see what you would like to have.

Create something like myPI3DTABrocks.com, or something like that. Something short; the shorter the better, because when someone on the street says, “I want one. How do I get one?” You can tell them, “Go to my3dtab.com,” and that’s it. You’re going to print THIS, your SHORT DOMAIN, on your business card.

I’ll say it again: Don’t walk, RUN with this; because it’s a new concept, a new technology! Nobody’s got it, but US! Here’s what’s going to happen, folks: you can use this card, and use it everywhere. Christmas is only six months away!

You know those people that are hard to buy presents for; they have everything? (Not everything! They don’t have THIS!) You can provide it for them; and for kids, for their birthday gifts. These are amazing! I don’t have to tell you about the quality; you already read that on the website. You’re going to be able to convert any YouTube videos to 3D; any movies to 3D; any pictures to 3D.

We were walking down the strip, and someone was doing a magic trick. Magdi, the gentleman from Australia, filmed her. Then we converted that into 3D. It’s amazing what this thing does! So, go to that link, and create or buy your own short domain, and put fire under this thing! It doesn’t matter how many you sell; each time, you get U.S. $ 40 each.

And not only that: everyone that buys it, automatically becomes a distributor as well, just like you. And when they sell 1 (2, 3, 4, 5 or whatever), every time they sell ONE, you make U.S. $ 10. So, you make U.S. $ 40 (actually $ 39.99) when YOU sell one; and when your 2nd Generation sells one, you make U.S. $ 10.

WIN, WIN, WIN all the way around! We’ll create an army of people selling this TAB, and an army of more friends. I know, folks, we’re going to rock the world! Ok, enough of that for now.

Let’s talk about Prize Mania. It is for real! Don’t take it for granted. Lotto Madness is for real. Though we haven’t had a winner yet, if we play every week, we will one day have a winner; but YOU CAN’T WIN IF YOU DON’T PLAY. Model: Sasa. PLAY, PLAY, PLAY. You just never know.

And the PI3DTAB is also amazingly for real! You have a powerful, powerful unique business in your hand. It’s not MLM, but we still give you one extra level to earn U.S. $ 10; every time your 1st Generation sells a tablet. We’re going to hear BIG stories here in the near future.

We would like YOU to be one of those with a story. We KNOW that our next IWBF show is going to be HUGE—HUGE! I can see that in the future; and so did everybody else that shared over here. You really DO want to meet every Member, next year in Vegas, in June. We know it’s going to be huge because our second season of IWBF starts tomorrow, July 1st.

We have SO MANY PEOPLE (ARTISTS), already signed up! And you want to be there to meet us. On the last webinar I told you that you don’t have to think about the “HOW.” In the mega-movie “The Secret,” they talk about “HOW” as a domain of the universe. All you have to do is the “WANT TO.” Don’t think about the “HOW.”

Write it out, and KNOW that you’re going to be there. Say, “I am going to be in Las Vegas, at the Second Edition of IWBF, next year, 2015.” Write it down. Watch the video that’s coming with the entire show. Dream it up; that you’re going to be there! Last time I told you there was a lady who took my advice.

She could not afford the trip, and didn’t know how; and she’s even a homeless, but doesn’t live in the streets though. She lives with her daughter, but doesn’t have a house of her own. She’s in a wheel chair. She took my words for real, and wrote it down, and dreamt it up, and voilà! We met with her right there as well.

She didn’t think of “how;” the “how” just happened. Just be excited about it. KNOW that you’re going to be there; because whatever you ask the universe, it will give it to you—but you have to want it badly enough. If you want something badly enough, you will find a way. If you don’t want something badly enough, you’ll find an excuse.

The way to do it is: sit down in a quiet place. Dream it up. Write it down. Post it in the office, on the fridge, in your bedroom, on your bathroom mirror. Every day you’re seeing what you want, and you’re attracting that to you. The lady I just told you about, her name is Joyce.

You can do it, too! Even better now, because of the new Cash Cow! So, folks, I hope this information you received today, is useful to you. I know it is to me, and to everyone I met over there, in Vegas; and we want to see you there next year, ok? 
So, get your TAB. Don’t try to sell it. Just go out there and have fun with it, because “If it ain’t fun, don’t do it!” Right?

So, I’m very, very excited with what happened with this show; and I’m even more excited now—that NEXT YEAR AT THIS TIME, every one of you will have a story that you’re going to be telling and sharing with the world; and who we really are as a family.

PI ROCKS! Everything we do is for real, and I know you know that, but you have not actually been there, touched and felt what we’re all about. But I am looking forward to seeing all of you, next year in Las Vegas.

Thank you so much for being here and sharing your precious time with us. Thank you, Cate. Thank you, Joe. Thank you, Sonny. Thank you, Rose, for staying up late. I love and appreciate you so very much! And all our brothers and sisters, worldwide. Have a great day, and a great week ahead of you. God bless everyone! And, WAAAAAZZZUUUUUUUUUUUB?!!!

With your success in mind,

Gee DaCosta, and

Your WAZZUB Support


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General Webinar Recap June 19, 2014

General Webinar Recap

Fri., June 19, 2014

Presented by: Gee DaCosta

Subject: PI3DTAB, PI Debit Card, Goals

Gee: Hello, everybody! WAAAZZZUUUUBBB?!!!! How’s everybody doing today? Alright, let’s go ahead and get this show on the road! I hope everybody’s doing well today. It’s been a while since we were together. Good afternoon, good evening, and good day to all of you; all of our PI family members, worldwide. We’re in different time zones; however, thanks to the power of the Internet, we are live in real time with everyone.

So, welcome, welcome! This is our General Information webinar. We have good news, and information that we’ve all been waiting for. You know that since the beginning of our project we’ve been building, and building, and building. We have a goal to reach; a time and date to explode into the market.

Our project consists of not only ONE single thing. As you all know, there are many stars in the sky, on the rise; and some that are being created; like one of our Cash Cow stars, which is the amazing PI3DTAB. I’ve been very excited about this because I’ve been watching the development closely; and I’m here to tell you that this star alone is going to change the lives of many of us here!

Our goal is to show everyone, leading by example, that gets involved with the PI3DTAB, how we can create an ABSOLUTE POWERHOUSE INCOME, from day one, JUST WITH THE TAB ALONE. Then again, we have other Cash Cows, but let’s forget about them for now.

I’m excited to tell you about THIS ONE; because not only are we PI3DTAB, but we are also powered by NEO3DO. We have EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS to sell/ to distribute this tab. You as a member of this PI family, and every brand new member of our family, has that SAME OPPORTUNITY to cash in, in a big way.

We are at a time that the market will be begging for this TAB. Think about this: at Christmas time, there is always something NEW, that someone thought of, and brought to our awareness. If you’re like most of us, or especially if you think a little bit like me, I usually say, “Wow! Why didn’t I think of this—first!” and it’s something that “sells out.” Right?

Well, folks, I’m here to tell you that this product, RIGHT HERE, is going to be THAT PRODUCT for you, and for all of us—and not only for Christmas! Think about birthdays, graduation, or any occasion. NOBODY KNOWS about this! We are the ones to bring it into the market. You are SITTING ON THE FRONT SEAT OF A ROCKET SHIP! By that I mean, it is no “hard sell.” You want to simply have fun with it. Show someone, as I have, and they go, “Wow!” The flight attendant, on my flight from Vegas back home, said, “I want one!”

The same thing’s going to happen to you! The beautiful thing about it (everything’s great about it, but what I really love about it), is that it is NOT a Multi-level Marketing platform that we’re operating on. It’s a REAL BUSINESS to be proud of. You can even say, “I am a distributor of this product,” because that’s what we are. You already know that the commission is 10%!

Did you guys ever have certain friends or family members that it’s very hard to buy something for, because they have just about everything? Not anymore! Right? This is a product that everyone is going to love. What converts YouTube videos to 3D? Even your photos—black and white/color, it doesn’t matter—it converts them to 3D! Watch movies and play video games in 3D. The objects fly right out of the screen, right at you! It’s amazing! And no glasses! It’s a product for ALL ages!

Now, every single one of us here, right now, can already start promoting it through your very own Reflink. You login to your back office by clicking on Profile, then to the left, the bottom left square, you’ll see a button that says “Show My Reflinks.” Click on it and you will find your own personal Reflink for the PI3DTAB. You’ll be able to order your own from your Reflink, and already make a commission on your very own purchase; about U.S. $ 40.

Now, show someone that, anyone, or buy another one; and you will have already earned about U.S. $ 80, which is enough money for you to ALREADY ORDER your PI Debit Card that is going to be available for you to order, STARTING MONDAY! Yeah! The moment we’ve been waiting for! This coming Monday, June 23rd, 2014, you’ll be able to order it; and if you bought one and sold one, or bought two, or whatever—you’ll have enough money to purchase it.

When your Debit Card arrives on your doorstep, it even has a BALANCE. You already have money on your card! Now, let’s take the doubts out of the way, by USING that card! Activate it. Go buy something; or go to an ATM machine and withdraw your cash! Then, you’ll have PROOF that this business is FOR REAL! That’s going to be fun and exciting!

Now, imagine this: playing with the 3DTAB at a bus station, on the Metro, in your living room, or at your friend’s house. Show that to them. Let them see over your shoulder. You will even be able to sell one, right there! If you have the PayPal Swiper, you can swipe his/her card—right there! And if you have bought 2, 3 or 4, (and have them with you), you can deliver to them—right there! Because, yes, you can buy a few.

But you don’t HAVE TO stock it up, it will just take longer to arrive. But, folks, that’s a business. Think about this: who else has it? You know that we have the NEO3DO, but our PI3DTAB is going to be loaded with features; MORE features that the NEO3DO. It’s going to come loaded with our PERFECT APP. Everyone that purchases a PI3DTAB will receive the PERFECT BONUS CARD with it; and they will have to activate the PERFECT BONUS CARD (to get their PERFECT BONUS), and two amazing things will take place.


1. They’re going to love it because there is a U.S. $ 10 of digital downloads of music/video games. They are getting U.S. $ 10 of value on that card.


2. When they activate that card, guess what’s going to also happen? Yes, you guessed it right! They will go onto your “family tree,” and they will go into your 1st Generation, and now they are a business partner of yours. When they do the same thing that you did, and sell one, the buyer will follow the same process; and they will go on your 2nd Generation, and the 3rd, and so forth.


Now you’re creating an army of happy customers that don’t have to try hard to sell TABS. Just by selling 2 a day, by having fun with it (“If it ain’t fun, don’t do it, right?”), is U.S. $ 80. That’s a lot of money for a lot of people. But if it’s not enough for some of you, simply have some more fun—sell some more! Then, do the math!

I’m really excited about the upcoming event in Vegas, next week, for many reasons; but one of them is that everyone in that room is going to be able to touch, and feel, and see, and play with the prototype of the PI3DTAB. On July 15th, we’ll start shipping the final First Addition product.

That’s going to be fun; but you don’t have to wait until then. You can start advertising the link ASAP. You know that Amazon has launched the Fire Phone—32 GB. That is the ONLY Smart Phone with Dynamic Perspective 3D. That’s a SMALL screen, a small thing; and they sell it for U.S. $ 649. It’s also available with 64 GB for U.S. $ 749. However, they are so SMALL, they cannot compete.

We have something here that is not only bigger and better, but also with EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS, and WE PAY MONEY for you to play with it and sell it. Amazon doesn’t pay you anything! Amazon’s product is going to be released July 25th, 2014. Our product: July 15th. We are ahead of the curve in a big way.

Now, the ones that see the big picture here, can run with it and win the ballgame. It’s not a competition between us; however, often a lot of people get the product a bit later, or much later than others, then complain, “Why is it late?” Now there’s no more excuses! We’re all “in” at the same time.

The field is WIDE OPEN! We all have the same exact opportunity; and for you who are going to be in Vegas with us, you will be some of the first ones to see, touch, and feel, and play with it; and you’ll be able to meet most of our team at PI. It’s going to be exciting.

However, some of you who will not make it to Vegas—don’t fret; don’t worry. We’re finding a way to record the show and broadcast it to our members. Now don’t hold me against the wall for what I just said. I said, “We’re finding a way;” and I’m sure where there is a will, there’s a way. We’re going to get it done (I don’t know how soon), and you’re all going to be able to enjoy the show; not live, but recorded.

And on our next IWBF (next year, 2015), we’re all going to be able to meet. Not only because you want to, but you will also have a Cash Cow that’s GENERATING PROFITS FOR YOU; and I believe that this Cash Cow is going to go far. Next year none of us will have any excuse (for not coming!) Then, we will have to put a face to a name, or a face to a voice, in Vegas; and then on the beaches of the world!

So, I surely hope that this TAB, and this information that I’m sharing with you today, will hit home. You see, our number one thing at PI is to have fun, and help others to have fun; and help others to change their lives, financially. This is the time that if you set your goals of what you want to do with this TAB, soon enough, you’ll be looking back and saying, “I’m so glad I did it. I’m so glad I set that goal.”

I want to tell you something really quickly. Setting goals is something that should never be taken lightly. I know I have taken it lightly in the past, but then I learned that everything that you need to be successful, is WITHIN YOU—not outside of you; not out THERE!

I’m not sure if you attended one of my webinars, a while back, when I shared with you folks how I discovered, that DESIRE can make you or break you; and desire is powerful! If you put that into perspective, you’ll see results, the results that you’re looking for—the outcome of what you’re looking for. In that particular webinar, I shared with you all something I learned and put into practice, AND IT HAPPENED!

It happened to others before me, but I didn’t believe it until it happened to me. There it was! What I shared with you is this: “Look! Don’t worry about money! Don’t worry about ‘how?’ Do not think that you cannot do it. Just write it down on a piece of paper: your goal; what you want accomplished. YOU determine the period of time.” I said that to you (at that webinar) because the goal was for us to meet in Vegas. “Don’t think ‘How?’ Just have that strong desire. Write down, ‘I am going to be in Vegas, no matter what! June, 2014.’”

Some of you took it lightly, and some others took it seriously. At least one of our members (that had “no way, no how” to be in Vegas), listened to my words. She wrote it down, and put it on her fridge, in her office, in her car, wherever she wanted. She called me the other day and said, “I’ll see you in Vegas, Gee!” She had NO WAY, NO HOW (of getting to Vegas.) I’ll share with you her name, later on, in another webinar. (We have to ask her permission first.) But that’s the power of setting goals!

Now, why am I telling you like this?

1. Because I’m your big brother. I was here first. I call myself your big brother because I’m a lot older than most of you, and I know a bit more of this business than most of you do.

2. And, I care about every one of you.


Why am I saying this? We have an amazing, and an exclusive business here—PI3DTAB. We are the FIRST ONES in the market. DO NOT TAKE THIS FOR GRANTED! When we’re done here, go SIT DOWN in a place where you can dream; and dream it! WRITE IT DOWN; what you want out of this business. Only YOU know that; I don’t.

Think about this: take into consideration, that you, wherever you are, are holding A GOLDEN GOOSE. None of your neighbors, your friends, your family—none of them have one—nobody! Your surroundings can create an amazing amount of wealth, because we have a product that no one has; and when they see it, they want it; and they can’t get it from anyone else but YOU!

Go and dream it. Write it down. Once you’ve condensed that on a piece of paper (what you want from this business), then make a copy/several copies. Place one on your bathroom mirror; so it’s the first thing you see in the morning, right? —One in your purse, one on your fridge, one on your desk, one in your wallet, whatever—the more the merrier!

Do that, and the dream that you dreamt WILL come true, because you’re attracting it, with everything that you’ve got. The power of attraction is amazing. I’ve lived through it, and made it happen. I’m a living proof of it, and there are many others out there; even some of you here on this call.

If you’ve never been serious about a goal, get serious now. As a big brother, I’m begging you! A day, a month, a year from now you’ll be saying one of two things: “I am so glad I did it,” or, “I wish I had.” I want to hear some stories from you guys. We want to create a WALL with our dreamers, with accomplishments. Make a goal to be at the top of the chain.

Remember, we’ve been around since 2007, in the making—a lot of money (millions), invested in this project. Right now is the time for us all in PI to shine—PI3DTAB, PerfectPages, and what about our Initial Public Offering (IPO) at the end of this year, or early 2015? Everything is right here, right NOW. This is the year for every one of us to have a powerful story to tell.

But it will start in one place—it will start with YOU! Remember this: everything that you need to be successful is within YOU. It’s not out there! You were born/equipped with everything you need to be successful—your talents, and everything that you do comes from within YOU, whether you want to believe it or not.

The talents that you have within you are like the juice of an orange. You cut that orange and squeeze it, and it will come out, because it’s in there. The same thing as with us—it’s in there. So let’s bring it OUT. And I will be there with you; not just me—Dan, Rod, Cate, Suresh, Cliff—all of us! We’ll be there with you to support you, every step of the way. I really believe that we will create some amazing, life-changing stories in our company; this year and beyond.

So, let’s recap a couple of things. The show in Vegas will be just a few days from now; next Wednesday. We’re going to exhibit the PI3DTAB prototype. July 15th we’ll start shipping the product. Right now you have your Reflink, in your Reflink area. You buy for yourself, and you sell with your (PI3DTAB) Reflink.

Starting THIS MONDAY (June 23), you will already be able to order your PI Debit Card. I believe that I will not be speaking with you again, until at least after next week. We’re very busy preparing the show, and all the things that we need to prepare. There will be no time for another webinar.

However, we will have a follow-up webinar to this one, to bring you the news from Vegas, the PI3DTAB, and hopefully some of your success stories that we’re creating here. As soon as next week goes by, we will schedule another webinar. So, folks, I want to let you go out and dream your life away. I want to thank you for being here. I know some of you won’t be in Vegas, BUT be there in thought and spirit with us; because our success is your success, and your success is our success.

So with that, thank you all for being here. God bless you all, and I will see you in Vegas, or in our next upcoming webinar. Goodnight everybody, and WAAAZZZZZZZZZUUUUUUUUB?!!!!!

With your success in mind,

Gee DaCosta, and

Your WAZZUB Support


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General Webinar Recap May 24, 2014

General Webinar Recap

May 24, 2014

Presented by:  Gee DaCosta

 Topic: Most Famous Awards Show and PI3DTAB!



Welcome to this webinar! We’re going to talk about some very special things that are happening. The first thing I want to say is that I have been a true believer in this project since we started. Sometimes, you have to pinch me to wake me up, and smell the coffee, and know that this is real! Having said that, I’m speaking to you from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. I came to see the whole operation, with my own eyes!





You’ve known me from the beginning; and even I, sometimes, need to see things for myself. So, haha, what I see, and what I touch, and what I feel, used to be “unreal.” Not anymore. I’m here with Dan (PI Marketing Director.) I’ve visited the headquarters office. I’ve met Gorge (PI Secretary.) And I am extremely in awe right now.

The next thing I want to tell you is that you know that PI is a strong company that cares and shares. We’re not perfect yet, but together in The Power of “We,” we will make it perfect. PI has given many opportunities to our family members—you! The last one was the CFU’s (crowdfunding) opportunity we gave you, once. Then, we have had quite a few members who have ordered CFU’s, but have not sent the payment; so we have given you ANOTHER CHANCE to purchase, or to PAY for, the units you’ve already purchased.

Regretfully, and also with pleasure, I can tell you we’re “sold out.” We’re closed. We’re done. Even if you go to the site right now, and the order page is still open, the order will not be filled, if you place an order. However, if you have placed an order already—PI’s still giving that chance, that opportunity to everyone who has pushed the button to order the crowdfunding units (CFU’s.) So we’re closed, we’re done, and we don’t take any more orders; but you can still own the units that you’ve ordered.





And for another 4 days, until Wednesday, you can pay for your order; then, that will be it. Whether you paid, or not, you’re done. You’re never, ever, ever, EVER going to see this opportunity again. And if you don’t remember, just to remind you—think about this, ok? You are paying U.S. $ 100 for 1 unit, and that U.S. $ 100 will give you already a discount when you buy the PI3DTAB; plus, I’ll tell you in a little bit about what I’ve seen on the Tab, but here’s what you need to know.





After what I’ve seen, touched, and felt; met with the owners, the creators, the guys from NEO3DO; I AM POSITIVE we will sell not only 5,000 units in a hurry, but the numbers could be astronomical! However, when we sell 5,000 units, you are already earning 2 cents per unit sold; so that translates to U.S. $ 100; you’ll get all your money back, ALREADY!





PLUS, you have 500 shares of the Perfect Internet, Inc. I mean, “What crazy company would do that? Seriously?” That’s what I asked myself. Really! You get your money back, you have 500 free shares, and we believe that when we go public late this year, or early next year, those shares will be worth no less than U.S. $ 2 each. Experts tell us that.





Pretty fantastic, isn’t it? So, 500 shares, at U.S. $ 2 each, how much is that? You do the math. Anyways, this translates to WIN- WIN-WIN. No matter how you cut this cake, you’re going to have a fine slice, and celebrate. So, keep in mind: Wednesday, MIDNIGHT, Pacific Time—we’re done; no more. If you send the money on Thursday, we’ll send it back to you. This is the last chance. Do whatever it takes, but you NEED to own one of these units, if you can. If you can’t, don’t do it. Enough of that.





I have MORE exciting news for you! As I’ve said, I’m here in Vegas RIGHT NOW. I’m sitting right across from Dan’s desk. Yesterday, we had two meetings; the first one with the PI3DTAB creators. I went, met them face to face, and shook his hand (David’s, Nick was not there.) You won’t BELIEVE what I tell you. As soon as we walked in, David was so excited to see us, and we were excited, too!





I was asking myself, “What’s up with this guy?” Then he showed me and Dan about 5 or 6 certificates, and awards, for “The Best Entrepreneurial Business in Las Vegas”—SHOWED us, and I will show you these, sometime soon—a certificate from the Governor (not just of Las Vegas, but) of NEVADA (the state.) He showed us a plaque….I’m going to have to stop here, but I am so impressed—RIGHT NOW—much more than I’ve been in the past. Because they are REAL, and amazing; a unique company, with a product and an approach that NO ONE else has.





And guess what? We are the company to take them into the world! We work hand in hand with them. This company will benefit us TREMENDOUSLY; and we will benefit THEM tremendously. So, since the beginning we’ve wanted to create a WIN-WIN situation for everyone. I believe that when you are GOOD, and you mean WELL, you will find the right partners to partner with you, in the future of your business; and that’s what we’ve found here.




Imagine this: we, PI, are the FIRST to bring this technology into the world. The PI3DTAB is THE MOST AMAZING THING, and I’m holding it in my hand right now—the prototype. I did not believe that I could really see games, and movies, and whatever, in 3D with no glasses. I’m holding in my hand right now, the 3D Tab, and no matter how much I tell you about it, you won’t know it, until you hold it in your hands.




But you’ve known me, now, for several years. The truth is, I was already impressed. But right now, I’m in awe completely. And we, by being the first company to bring this out into the world (you, PI, and especially you that own CFU’s), will benefit endlessly from our success. I’m not even going to try to sell you or convince you, but what I’m telling you, is this: take it, or leave it. If you leave it, I can promise you, you will kick yourself in the behind. I’m serious! I’m so excited with this. So, it’s up to you; seriously. You have until Wednesday ONLY, to pay for your order. We don’t care if you pay or not. It’s up to you.





Now, let me tell you about this. You know, if you’ve been in network marketing or on the Internet for some time, looking for something that you can earn money with, like MLM, and things like that; I’m not knocking them, but I’m tired of that world. We have an opportunity here, right now, with the PI3DTAB, for every single person in the world to change their lives.






Hey, remember what I always say, “If it ain’t fun, don’t do it!” So, you hold this Tab in your hand and play a game. Go out there, play with your friends on this tab, and as they look over your shoulder at what you’re doing, you’re having a lot of fun with that: playing games, watching movies in 3D with no glasses. When they see that (they’ve never seen it before!), what do you think they’re going to say?






“Where do I get one?!!!” And guess what you will do? You will hand them one of your business cards, and say, “Go get one.” Or, better yet, (not in every country, but what I can tell you, right here in the U.S., U.K., Japan, and Australia), you can sell them one, right on the spot. When they say, “Where do I get one of these?” “You can get one from me, RIGHT NOW. Give me your credit card!” You can swipe it RIGHT ON THE TAB! You can sell it right there…”swoooop!”





Or, they can go to your site and they can buy it right there. Give them your card. So, if you’re tired of the rat race out there, MLM, your job, or whatever, remember: for EVERY TAB THAT YOU SELL (and remember, you’re not trying to SELL, you’re just PLAYING with it!), the company’s going to pay you 10%, from U.S.$ 400 (or $ 399, let’s say $ 400.) You make about U.S.$ 40 per Tab. And what did you do? You just went out there, and had some fun with it.





You know, I see every single one of you having so much fun, and appreciating what PI has given you, that you won’t be able to shut up. I promise you that. Think about this: your brother, your sister, maybe even your mom and dad, your friends—NOBODY KNOWS ABOUT THIS new technology. And guess what? YOU are bringing it to them. No more problem! They’re not going to doubt you anymore, when you hold the Tab in your hand. It’s amazing! I CANNOT put it down!





So, you buy one for yourself. I said you make about U.S.$ 40 commission on each, when you sell one. And here is another big plus for you: out of your OWN Reflink for the PI3DTAB, you can buy YOURS, and make $ 40 commission on your own sale too. So, it’s U.S.$ 400 for the Tab, you pay the money, and then you make $ 40 commission on it.  Just to be clear, because it is a commission, this will NOT be shown as a discount when you place your order. It WILL however show as an earned commission on your account and you will receive your due commissions as per PI's normal pay schedule.





Now, go out there and have a lot of fun with that; sell 10 Tablets (without even trying), and your Tab is paid for! You’ve got to sell THE ONE-OF-A-KIND Tablet. You will be able to pre-order this Tab by next week, June 2-6, at www.pi3dtab.com. The first edition is only going to be/produce 999. It’s going to be a Special Limited Edition. It’s going to be numbered, from 1 to 999.





So, here’s how it’s going to work. You want a way to grab the first one. The lower the number it is, the more valuable the Tablet will be for you. You can show them, “I am a pioneer. Look at the number of my Tablet.” However, to be fair to everyone, the numbers will be given on a first-come, first-serve basis. That means: the first money IN, the first Tablets OUT.





The first one will receive, #001 of 999, (and so forth.) So, keep in mind: in PI News, or on the Blog, the PRE-ORDER PAGE will be up. Here’s the link: www.pi3dtab.com; but don’t go there now, and be distracted. Hear everything that I tell you. Keep the link, and go there later to see the artwork. I call it artwork, because that’s what it is—it’s amazing! I have to pinch myself! “Am I really here? Do I really see that?” hehehe





Hear everything that I have for you, or you’re going to kick yourself, if you miss some of this information. Let me tell you what you’re going to get WITH YOUR TABLET. You’re going to get a case for the Tablet; you’re going to get a keyboard for the Tab; plus a 32 GB (of EXTRA space) memory card. The value of all that is about U.S.$ 50. This is ONLY INCLUDED FOR THE LIMITED EDITION. It’s free.





That means that when we’ve sold out on the first 999, everyone who buys the Tab AFTERWARDS, will have to pay the (extra) U.S.$ 50. So, instead of U.S.$ 400, it will be $ 450 (for all the extras included.) PLUS, if you buy the Tablet, one of the limited edition units, you will be entitled to a $ 50 DISCOUNT COUPON on our NEXT GENERATION Tab, in 2015. Which means, when you’re the first one to buy the limited edition, you’ll be the first one in line to buy/own, the next generation 2015 PI3DTAB, too.






(Cliff shows a couple of ads for the PI3DTAB.) Now, guys, check out this art work. Do you see the little 3D cube there, spinning? It looks 3D, even in 2D. But you will see it better, when you pull it up yourself. Look at this, “this amazon would kill for a glasses-free 3D tab.” “3D on a smart phone is not smart—it’s small!” I’m telling you, the PI3DTAB is going to rock the world! Look where we are: 7 months before Christmas. Guess what? All the parents that you know, and the kids that they have, they are going to want one for their children. You can be the proud one and tell them, “This is from MY company!” You can say that, because YOU ARE a brother or sister. This is The Power of “We” at its best!





(Gee asks to open the chat to hear comments.) No questions—just comments! I want to see if you feel what I feel! Pretty awesome, right? And remember—this is YOUR COMPANY, YOUR PROJECT—not PI, but WE. It’s The Power of “We” that’s bringing this into the world! You—YOU made this happen, WITH US!




(Gee answers a question: Look, if you have any problem paying, via PayPal, send an email to: cfu@perfectinter.net. They will reply to you, how to pay for your unit.)




Gee answers another question: I just want to answer one question there, because it’s important.


Q. Do we take the U.S.$ 40 off the top WHEN WE ORDER?

A: The answer is NO! Remember, it is not a discount what we receive; it is a commission on our own orders. This is something normally other companies do NOT do. So because it is a commission, this will NOT be shown as a discount when you place your order. It WILL however show as an earned commission on your account and you will receive your due commissions as per PI's normal pay schedule.


So, you have to order through YOUR OWN REFLINK, on Tuesday, or whenever it opens. So check, we don’t know exactly when it’s going to be open. Update: Order button will be installed by next week (June 2-6), so keep checking!





Isn’t that great, you guys? I know you feel as I do! I cannot shut my mouth about this Tab! You CAN ABSOLUTELY MAKE A LIVING, change your life, FROM DAY ONE, if you know what I mean. “If it ain’t fun, don’t do it!” There’s nothing NOT FUN about this Tablet! It’s beautiful, SO good-looking, and SO SLICK; and it’s a pleasure to hold it in your hands!





We are going to present the Tab, the prototype; OUR OWN prototype of the PI3DTAB, at The Most Famous Awards Show. (By the way, I’m here for a few days to help organize the event, and I’ll tell you a little bit more about the theater later, but WOW!) This is the only way to really experience something exciting; new technology. Like every year they have this technology show in Vegas: the CES Show in Vegas, of new technology—people right here from all over the world, just to touch, and to feel it, and to be here; to say, “I was there!”






And YOU are going to be that person! You’re going to hold the prototype in your hand. Unfortunately, we’re not going to be able to make it in time to deliver the Tab at the event, on June 25th and 26th. However, we are going to have the prototype, (a couple of those), and you are going to hold that in your hands; and play with it, touch and feel it, and know, this is the pioneer; that you’ve been here—“You were there!” You’re going to go home, and you won’t be able to shut up; just like I can’t. And I say, “There’s only one way to find out: to touch and feel it!” So, at the show, The Most Famous Award Show in Vegas, June 25th and 26th, we’re going to hand you this jewel, in your hand, so you can touch and feel it.





Every time that something new like this comes into the market, I remember that I’m always, not the last, but not the first (or the second, or the third); but somewhere in between. Right now we have the opportunity to be THE FIRST. As when we created MAILAXY, we were the FIRST. We gave you that, and now we’re going to give you the Tab, and it’s going to be THE FIRST; not only to see, touch, and feel it, but also to USE IT FOR FUN, play with it, and MAKE MONEY—WHILE you’re having fun! Anyway, the delivery is not guaranteed for June, but we’re looking at probably early July, somewhere around the 15th or so; and that is because WE WANT TO HAVE THE BEST! We are not a MEDIOCRE company, therefore we have no MEDIOCRE services. And I can guarantee you this: you’ll be PROUD of this product; as you are, or will be, with the company.






But remember, ok? First money IN, first Tablets OUT. Alright? Not only that—this tablet, the PI3DTABlet, as you already know, is very, very unique. You know, when you turn on your computer, your PC? The first thing you see is Windows, or whatever. Well, we’re not bound by any Windows, or any other “giant” to dominate us. When you open the PI3DTAB, guess what you’re going to see??? First of all, you’re going to see what you just saw (in the Tab ad)—the PI 3D logo, the cube; and when you click on that cube and you enter, you’re going to see, first of all, the Perfect APP (it’s loaded with the PA), then the PerfectPages, and ALL the STARS OF OUR GALAXY.





And check this out! Everyone that buys the PI3DTAB from you—(the PI3DTAB is to be delivered WITH the Perfect Bonus Card, which is LINKED to YOU)—they will be forced to register to collect the U.S.$ 10 downloadable bonus; and, when they register, they’ll be registering to YOUR link. Whoa-a-a! So what just happened here? A NEW PERSON IN YOUR FAMILY! Wa-a-hoooo! Guess what else? You’re going to be able to collect CASHPoints! Woooooo! DEALPoints! Wooohoooo!





I don’t have to tell you. I know you’re smart enough to realize that this PI3DTAB will PAY FOR ITSELF! Have you ever worked in a business, or ran a business, or had a job where you can truly forget the outside world, and just concentrate on having fun? And by having fun I mean: while having fun selling it, you sell 10 of these a day, and that’s U.S.$ 400 in your pocket—PER DAY!!!! Now how much fun do you want to have? People are going to be able to see that over your shoulder, ok?—3D movies. You’re going to be watching 3D movies, and playing 3D games. They’re going to be looking over your shoulder, without glasses. They’re going to see you’re having so much fun, they’re going to ask, “OMGosh! What is that? Where do I get one of these?” Pull out the business card from your pocket and say, “Are you serious? Here, I can sell you one right now!”





Or, you can be SMARTER than that, and just buy a few, and keep them in your briefcase or car, and you can say, “I have one in my car right now. Want to buy it?” Boom! Waa—hooo! $ 40! I’m telling you, YOU CAN MAKE A LIVING with this! This is something you can be completely, totally proud of—this company and this product. And check this out: another surprise for you. I’m sure that you watch videos on YouTube, and on other websites, and buy products on other websites. You will be able to convert ANY 2D video into 3D. Think about this: You’ve been on vacation and gone to places and taken pictures. You’re going to be able to CONVERT ALL of those pictures into 3D pictures! Think about that! Now, you’re THE FIRST ONE to show your family, friends, and neighbors, whatever! They’ll be able to see that with NO GLASSES! I better stop talking about this, because I can’t shut up. I’m just excited about it. But, remember: this is absolutely a WIN-WIN-WIN situation, no matter how you cut it. And you want to be the FIRST!






Now, let’s talk about another EXCITING thing that’s happened. You know, you’ve been following and voting for the battles, since we started on May 3rd. Right now, we are on the final battle, going on right now. Tomorrow is the last day, and that (final battle) is going to be between Katy and Arty!! Woooooooooooo! Katy is from the USA, and Artie is from Russia. This is the FINAL, FINAL battle, and guess what? YOU choose! You’re the judge. You’re the one that’s going to send your favorite one to the pedestal to win that great grand prize! U.S.$ 50,000 worth, the VIP package. He or she is going to get a FULL-ALBUM CD CONTRACT; a recording contract! It’s going to be produced, and advertised. They’re going to be truly famous! They’re going to get 7 days of VIP treatment in Vegas; 5-star luxury hotel accommodations; limousine service, and all that lavish attention. So, it is in your hands. YOU decide!





And now let me tell you my truly amazing experience I have had here in Vegas. Vegas is a HUGE city, and you can perform anywhere in Vegas. You can go to a coffee bar, in a corner somewhere, and you won’t be seen. People won’t see you. What we are doing is a BIG deal. We are NOT HIDING ANYWHERE IN A CORNER, or anywhere in Vegas. We are right downtown, in the center of the city, RIGHT ON THE STRIP—the Tommy Wind Theater.





I was there last night, and guess what? I watched his show, and he doesn’t even know who I am. He picked me out of the crowd to be a guest on the stage. I was up on the stage with him. It was fun; exciting. I even did some magic tricks with him. I’ll tell you the details later—no details now, but it was fun! So, I met him (Tommy), not only him at the theater, but his whole family, and the manager. I was so excited, and guess what? When I stepped out of that place, and looked to the left, you see right next to you, MGM Grand; look to the right, New York-New York, and then you see Monte Carlo; right behind us, Planet Hollywood; straight ahead, Paris. We are in the MIDDLE, THE CENTER, downtown; where the most expensive, luxury shows/tickets are—Copperfield, Celine Dion; all the amenity sights, where all the people with big bucks are; where all the big money is. This is a BIG DEAL!





And WE have rented the whole theater (Tommy’s Theater), for ONE WHOLE NIGHT! We’re going to have our Most Famous Award Show, with all of you who will be able to come. (And I’m telling you, right now, guys: get the money somehow, because you need to be here—find a way!) Think about this: Make some phone calls, and find out how much it would cost to rent a place right on this strip, downtown. Just call, and find out; just out of curiosity. Yes, we have rented the whole theater, but not only that. The theater also has a night club. We have the whole theater for us to present the Most Famous Awards Show. Then, we’re going to have our AFTER-SHOW PARTY: the FIRST PI WAZZUB FAMILY GATHERING! We’re going to party in style, folks! You need to be there!






And, generally, the admission for any place, downtown, on the strip, is anywhere from U.S.$ 300 to $ 500, and even more. That’s for GENERAL, not VIP. And here’s what we’ve got for you! Have you ever watched the Oscars, or the Grammies’ Awards? OK? Well, we’ll have the RED CARPET TREATMENT—red carpet FOR EVERYONE! Think about this: we’re going to have a crowd over there, you and all the fans, waiting outside the theater, with the red carpet rolled out. Then our stars, in a limousine, are going to arrive. They’re going to see you waiting for them, right in front of the theater, with the paparazzi and reporters. Radio and TV stations are going to be there. They’re going to welcome our stars, coming in style in the limo! It sounds like a dream; but I’m NOT DREAMING! I’m HERE, right now.





Then, we have our Most Famous Awards Show. Then the host of the show…we don’t know who it’s going to be yet. You probably don’t know that name—someone strange, actually. I’ll tell you his name anyway: Gee DaCosta! Woooooooooo! I will be your host, on stage! Then, when we’re done with the show, we’re going to party the night away! This place is amazing! It has 4 bars, booths, balcony, and everything you can think of in a fine night club, or theater. We’re going to have a couple of VIP sections; but anywhere you sit, you will have a full view of the stage.





But, I have some bad news for you. The bad news is that you have to be one of 500 guests. There are going to be ONLY 500 tickets sold—only 500; because we want to make it comfortable for you. We don’t want to pack the house, where you cannot move. No—we want to party in style! The tickets will go on sale, NOW! The tickets are on sale, NOW! You, as a member, are going to have a 30% discount. If you are a PSM, 50% discount, —for OUR MEMBERS. AND, one more surprise for you: joining me on stage, Tommy Wind himself, and our stars; AND two surprise guests! And there will be other surprises for you, too.





I’m going to ask now, for the video of our Most Famous Award Show page, where you are going to get all the information. Now, cut all your distractions right now, and check this out. (The video ad for the Most Famous Award Show is shown.) Hey! How about that, huh? Ok, Rod, open the chat for a little bit, I want to hear some excitement. Give us your comments on that. You know, everything we do, we do our best to make it FIRST CLASS. “Wow!” is right, Laurie! “Fabulous!” “Awesome!” “Cool!” “Great video!” “I’m impressed!” Alright, folks. It’s amazing! Give a huge hand for the people behind the scenes. Cliff is out there, and Dan, he’s another one of them. They’ve done a great job, and I had no idea they had it in them—yes, our very own Dan, and our very own Cliff.





Have you ever been invited to a Grammy Awards or Oscars? No, right? Well, we have 500 seats. I believe a lot of them are already sold. People I’ve talked to, they want to be here. So you can go ahead and order your tickets, right after we’re done here. The last thing I want to say: These tickets are about U.S. $ 170 per ticket; but because PI Cares and PI Shares, like I said, there’s a discount for all members, 30%; and for PSM 50% discount. What you REALLY don’t want to miss is our first WAZZUB PI family gathering, where we’re going to party the night away, right after the Show, for… LESS THAN $ 100!!! Whooooooooooo! Where do you find that?!! Only in PI!





I want to give you two reminders here:


1.)       When you’re done here, go to www.pi3dtab.com and pre-order. (Update: The button to pre-order Tablet on that page will be installed by sometime next week, June 2-6. Keep checking for it.)

2.)       Go to Most Famous Awards, www.mostfamousawards.com and purchase your ticket.

For those who buy the tickets, we’ll have a special hotel deal—a discount of up to 35%. So, when you buy your ticket, send an email to Mostfamous@perfectinter.net , and we’ll guide you how to get the special rate. And I, particularly, cannot wait to see you there. It’s just about a month from now. So make sure folks, when you can, to come and meet us. I promise you this: when we have our first WAZZUB PI family gathering, your life, my life, everyone’s life will never be the same.






All the doubts that you may have had, or have, or other people tell you, will vanish—will be gone! This is the only the beginning; because, next season, starting July, we’re going to have several different categories. Right now we have many dancers, singers, bands, and auditions already registered. I’ll tell you what, when you’re done here, if you haven’t seen it yet, go to IWBF and watch some new videos—especially, one of my very favorites: a guy from Australia, an 18 year old kid, who’s doing his own funk dance, like Michael Jackson—only better! I’m a huge Michael Jackson fan, but this guy runs circles around Michael Jackson. When I watched that on my PI3DTAB, this guy doing a kick, HeeeEeeeee… like Michael Jackson, he almost kicked ME outside of the Tab. (Can you play it for us, Cliff?)






Anyway, I’m here visiting, and it’s just amazing what I have experienced. Here we go, (shows video of Australian teen doing the funk dance.) How about that, huh? So, if you want to see more great talent, you know what to do. Ok this is it, and thank you so much for being here, this Saturday evening, or whatever it is. It’s gotta be Sunday for some of you. I really appreciate you all being here with us, and sharing this excitement with us.






I’m looking forward to seeing all of you in Vegas, at our grand show on June 25th and June 26th. Make plans, and let’s be there. Goodnight everybody, and I’ll see you on my next webinar. And my last word for you is Waaaaaaaazzuuuuuuuub???!!!!!





With your success in mind,


Gee DaCosta, and your

WAZZUB Support Team

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I WANNA BE FAMOUS Special Webinar recap May 2, 2014

I WANNA BE FAMOUS Special Webinar recap

May 2, 2014

Presented by: Suresh Kumar



Firstly, we wish to thank all present for taking the time to attend this webinar, where you will receive information that will give you a better understanding on the Finals; which will begin on May 3rd. It is VERY IMPORTANT. We wish to thank all our contestants who took part in IWBF, and helped us to grow.


Today we are at a point where we are receiving 4-5 new contestants every day. Rest assured, Most Famous Inc., under PI, will do whatever is needed to make IWBF an even MORE recognized site, where everybody will want to be a part of it!  Rest assured, we at PI will do our best, and we will make it happen. If we DO work as a team, the success will be much faster. So, for that, we do thank you all from the bottom of our heart, for your patience and your support in making this a reality—together with us. Yes, it was something new that we ventured into, with glitches, and issues; but we have overcome all those. It is a starting phase, so with the next season it will be a better, and smoother process.




With that said, we will move on to the agenda of this meeting. As we all know, the Finals will start on May 3rd, 2014. When we talk about Finals, the battles are among the contestants WITHIN THE SAME CATEGORY. A dancer will not compete against a singer; male singers will not compete against female singers. The rules state that there need to be 16 ACTIVE CONTESTANTS (minimum) in a CATEGORY, in order to qualify for the Finals. Only if there is 16 active contestants in a category will the contestants of that category qualify to compete in the Finals.  WE HAVE 4 SUCH CATEGORIES. Later this afternoon, we will draw their battles randomly for each category.




It is not like previously, where contestants would choose who they wish to battle. Here, for the Finals, you will be ASSIGNED BATTLES RANDOMLY, within your category. Please REMEMBER, THIS IS IMPORTANT: Do not change or try to replace your video, UNTIL you have NO BATTLES. IF YOU HAVE ANY ACTIVE BATTLES, AND YOU TRY TO REPLACE OR CHANGE THE VIDEO, YOU AUTOMATICALLY LOSE. Basically, there will be the FIRST ROUND of battles, and when you FINISH that first round of battles, you can replace your video or change your video, if you want to. This is VERY IMPORTANT and crucial. For those who qualify for the Finals, battles will be assigned to you randomly, and DO NOT REPLACE OR CHANGE YOUR VIDEOS FOR THAT ROUND OF BATTLES. WAIT for that round of battles to FINISH, and THEN you can change them.



Now, I mentioned there are 4 categories (with 18 active contestants), which have qualified for the Finals. They are:

Male Vocal

Female Vocal


Bands Vocal




These are the 4 categories that will be battling in the Finals; among these categories (listed above.) Now from the other categories: in Male Dancers, although we have 18 contestants, as of yesterday, there were only 12 ACTIVE; and as you know, we sent a couple emails reminding everybody, and yet no action was taken by them.  So, automatically, and unfortunately, the Male Dancers’ category is disqualified to run for the Finals. We from PI tried our best by sending out emails to everybody to do the needful. You who are here, know this for a fact.




However, for the other non-qualifying 4 categories (which include the Male Dancers), what management has decided to do, based on the previous month’s performance, is to CHOOSE A WINNER FOR EACH OF THESE CATEGORIES. The categories are: Male Dancers, Female Dancers, Duos, and Dance Groups. So, basically, management decided they will choose the best performer of each of those 4 categories, and they will be awarded A TITLE AND A TROPHY, based on their Famous Factor. This is to show OUR APPRECIATION to all the contestants who participated; but we have to stick to the rules.




Although those in the 4 categories that did not qualify for the Finals, (who are the winners of those categories), WILL receive an award and trophy based on their Famous Factor, they DO NOT QUALIFY to go to Las Vegas. The only contestants to go to Las Vegas will be those contestants from the 4 categories who will compete in the Finals; and there will be ONE WINNER PER CATEGORY. THE 4 WINNERS of the 4 qualified categories which are running in the Finals, WILL PERFORM LIVE IN LAS VEGAS on June 25, 2014.




For the Finals, the 4 qualified categories and the contestants who are competing in the Finals, THIS IS VERY, VERY, CRUCIAL. We are not saying anybody is doing it, but we will monitor. PLEASE DO NOT CHEAT in voting by creating fake accounts, because all this can be tracked. IP addresses can be tracked, and there are many other methods which we can track. So please, please do not cheat. Let us make this happen. We want winners. If you are good, give your best, and you will be the winner.




We have put together something to help you promote not only yourself, for the final competition, but also to promote the whole project. Alex, can you put the FB IWBF link here please?





Now, FOR ALL CONTESTANTS: we are in the process of adding all your videos there. PLEASE USE THIS PAGE. Invite your friends, family, whoever. IF WE DO THIS AS A GROUP, in a SINGLE PLACE; you as a contestant can be promoting your video; and, if we all do it from the SAME PLACE, it will also be a VERY AFFECTIVE and powerful tool—to promote not only yourself as a contestant for this season’s Finals, but also for PROMOTING THE NEXT season! Remember, YOU HAVE TO BUILD YOUR FAN BASE. With this page, we will ASSIST AND MAKE IT EASIER for you to build your fan base. So please use this page to promote yourself; which will be a very effective tool, not only to promote yourself, but also the whole project.



Coming to the next Season 2, 2014-2015.


The interesting thing for SEASON 2 is, we will be adding 4 MORE NEW CATEGORIES. We will have MAGICIANS, COMEDIANS, VARIETY, and also a CATEGORY FOR KIDS up to age 13. So IWBF will be much more interesting and challenging; but most of all, we need to understand what IWBF is all about. IWBF is a very unique project, where we have created it, to give an opportunity to inspiring talents from anywhere in the world—to be exposed, to be noticed. ONLY when you are exposed and you are noticed will you get the opportunity (to be known/famous.). It is a platform for you to be known. This is why it is very important that we work TOGETHER AS A TEAM to promote yourself, and the project as a whole. And if we do this, every candidate who has the talent anywhere in the world, has the opportunity to be noticed and to be heard. When that happens, YOU will be the next Star. Here we are, giving you the opportunity to be heard and to be noticed.




Next season: When we started, the first 3 quarters were slow and the last quarter picked up momentum. When we go into the new season, starting July 1st, we are confident that at least the 8 categories (including those that didn’t qualify this year) will qualify for the Finals next year.  So for those contestants from the 4 categories who failed to qualify for the Finals, please don’t be disheartened. You will have Season 2 to pursue your opportunity.




MORE GOOD NEWS IS, in about 6 hours (2 PM Pacific Time), we will officially launch Most Famous Radio. For all contestants, if you have your own composition of songs or music, you are more than welcome to send them to us, in MP3. We have given you instructions on that as well. It can be ANY NUMBER OF SONGS, and they do NOT have to be a song that you have uploaded in IWBF. It can be ANY SONG as long as you OWN RIGHTS TO THE SONG. There are opportunities for you, by your song being played on Most Famous Radio, and we will update you on the details; either by email or another webinar.



I hope you guys are as excited as we are about the launch of Most Famous Radio!



We also wish to inform you that on July 1st, we will have our Download Shop ready. This will be a platform where you will be able to SELL YOUR SONGS or music, if you have full rights to them. We will have other plans to help you generate income, which we will explain later. We are looking forward to a very exciting, and very tough competition in the Finals. Those who qualified for the Finals, UPLOAD YOUR BEST VIDEOS AND PERFORMANCE. And Season 2 (2014-2015), will be a much, much more exciting and challenging competition.




We thank you for your attendance. Let’s go out there and have fun! And please, please remember to USE THE TOOL WE ARE PROVIDING via FB for IWBF. Whether you are a finalist for this season, or a new contestant for the next season, if we all are using the same tool to promote it, IT WILL BECOME VIRAL. When it becomes viral, YOU THE CONTESTANTS will be building your FAN BASE. When you go into the battles for the Finals, and in the next season, they will be voting for you.




With that said, thank you very much, and we look forward to having more fun with all of you at the Finals, and in our next season (2); where we will be having 4 more new categories to add on to our existing 8 categories, so we will have 12 CATEGORIES NEXT SEASON.




Please remember, NO COVER VERSIONS. It has to be your own composition, if you want your song to be played on our Most Famous Radio, or to be offered in our Download Shop.





With that said, we wish to CONGRATULATE all those who qualified for the Finals! Have great battles, and do your best! For those who did not qualify, the OPPORTUNITY IS WIDE OPEN FOR ALL OF YOU in Season 2. PLEASE SEND VIDEO FILES TO THE EMAIL THAT WAS IN YOUR EMAIL MESSAGE.



Thank You. Have a nice day.

With your success in mind,

Suresh Kumar, and

Your WAZZUB team

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General Webinar Recap April 22, 2014

General Webinar Recap

April 22, 2014

Presented by: Gee DaCosta

Subject: IWBF, Lottery, CFU’s, Gee on TV Interview with Nick from NEO3DO, Vegas





How’s everyone doing today? I hope you’re doing well. I know that The Power of “We” is all over the world, and there’s only one explanation for that—you and I—we; and we’re going to spread love around the world! Welcome everyone! It’s a pleasure to be here with you all!




First of all, you know we’ve been having a huge problem all over the Internet with the HeartBleed bug. You know that the culprit has been caught; a young kid, a 17 year old, I believe, from Canada. However, don’t take a chance. Change your passwords, everywhere. If it happened once, it can happen again, because history always repeats itself. Unfortunately, this could happen to one of us here. If it happened to others, it could definitely happen to us.




Make sure you let your family and friends know! Because you are protected (in PI,) and they need to be protected as well. That’s another great way to be a part of our family. They will be using the safest services on the Internet; from the free services, to the safe search engine, to the Perfect APP; and, to be able to access the brand new PI 3D tab. It’s just amazing what we’re doing, and they need to know about it; but primarily to protect them.




Next, I want to talk about June 25th and 26th, I Wanna Be Famous! This is going to be huge: our first live show, I Wanna Be Famous; and it’s going to be just a couple of months from now. We do have a lot of artists on IWBF, but you know what? We want more! The more the merrier! The more people enter our community, the more famous they will be, and they will be members of our family for life. Even the ones who don’t win, will continue to love our services.




We need you, and everyone to be prepared. Download the IWBF business card/pamphlet, and print some, and carry them with you. It’s easy to invite others. When you hand out a card to an artist, they will appreciate it, because they will not know you love their work, unless you say so; and what better way to say so, than handing them an IWBF business card, with your name and your link on the card. They will know you appreciate them, and they will say, “Thank you, thank you, thank you!—not only for liking my work, but that I also qualify to enter the contest!”




Think about it. If you were one of them, doing art. Wouldn’t you love to receive a card from someone inviting you to the contest, because you are that good? Absolutely! Well, it’s the same thing. They may be starving for success, and you could be their hero. Not only do you hand the card to them, you also tell them, “I like it so much, I will vote for you, and I will be your fan.”




Then they can send their video, their link to their family and friends, letting them know that they have entered this amazing contest, and that they need them to vote for them. What do you think they are going to do? Their family and friends are going to love it, and they will register to vote for them. You kill 2 or 3 birds with one stone, by handing over one card.




Now, I know for a fact that every one of you go to places and you see artists, bands, and musicians, and dancers. If you don’t, you’re living under a rock—haha! So, they need our help, and we need them. It’s a win-win situation all the way around. So here is the website you can go to, to download the business card/ pamphlet: www.bit.ly/iwbfcards




Another thing about that, ok? I have received email and some Skype messages from members saying something like, “How am I going to be able to afford my trip to Las Vegas? I want to go, but how?” Well, listen folks, the “how” is the domain of the universe! If you watched the mega movie “The Secret,” you know that the “how” is the domain of the universe. You don’t have to complain, you simply have to ask for what you want, and believe you have received it, and act as if you have. Don’t worry about the “how,” seriously. It’s whatever you want. Write it down, and post it everywhere in your office, in your kitchen, in your bedroom. Look at it every day—just dream it up! Dream, dream, dream! That is how dreams DO come true!




I know it sounds like wishful thinking, but it isn’t. You’ll only know the truth of it by doing it. What I mean is Las Vegas, this June 25th! Plan, because we can be short-sighted. It’s going to be the party of the century; for us—unforgettable!




Ok, enough about IWBF! I want to remind you of what we’re about. For 2 and a half years I’ve been telling you, and you’ve been knowing about what we offer our members. We offer what no other company out there offers! A lot of games, lotteries—everything is for free. All the great things we can do on the Internet are free, and I can guarantee that most of us are taking most of those things for granted.




Prize Mania is already at US $ 5,092. We want a winner! Who’s it going to be? The shopping jackpot! And seriously, think about this: anyone would kill to be a part of this. Be an example and play it! We want a winner! We are eager to give away the US $ 5,092 and the 53,500 points, and much more! So, please, play!




Many people play the local lottery in their area, and they pay money to play. We offer 6 world lotteries (x 2=12), and 12 spots to play each week—a chance to win US $ 10,000,000 for free! I can guarantee that most of you are taking this for granted. Power Ball (U.S.) lottery is already at US $ 150,000,000, and you can win—for free! And if you don’t want it, or even if you do, give it to someone else.




I will be sending an email with a list of all the benefits you can get (in PI.) “Win a US $ 5,092 jackpot for free!” Write to your first Generation and remind them of what we offer, and that they are already a part of this. If only your first Generation knows what’s happening, and your second Generation doesn’t, that means your third, fourth, and fifth Generations are dead. They depend on each other. The third depends on the second, and the second depends on the first, which is you! It’s a way to revive your enterprise, and refresh mine.




So, when we’re done here, please, go play Lotto Madness because you know that every successful thing, business, money-making opportunity, that is successful, is simply because of persistence. Nothing can take the place of persistence. There are winners, all the time. Two times a week. That’s called persistence. One day, that persistence will pay off; and think about it. One day, when we win, and you didn’t participate, how are you going to feel? Don’t think about how you’re going to feel, because you don’t want to feel that way!




So let’s tell others to play. When we play consistently, we have a 50% chance to win. If you don’t play at all, you’ll have a 100% chance to lose (not win.) There’s a movie about that. The bottom line was that all the players consistently played together, and as a group they won. Ok? That’s the bottom line. They end up winning, and he saved all the money every week. His wife did not know that. None of his family knew that he was playing. Well, they knew, but they didn’t believe it. In the end, everybody won. But they paid money—you’re not paying one red cent. So don’t take it for granted.




Now, the PerfectPages: You know the PerfectPages, it is rocking around the world! And all we need is you, our members (the more the merrier); the more success we’ll have, the more success we’ll share with everyone. Not only that, but we are offering jobs all over the world, and the number one position available is Profit Instructor. It’s simple; it’s easy; it’s fun; and it’s extremely profitable. And we train; we have the best trainers; the ones who wrote the script, led by Dan himself, our Director of Marketing; who has made millions in his marketing career, before PI. Now he’s doing it for us. You will learn and be trained by the very best.




Even if you do not want to apply, I’m sure you know of people who would LOVE a high-paying, flexible job. I’m talking about, the first year’s income having the potential of up to US $ 150,000; second year, almost US $ 400,000; and the following year the sky is the limit. So we are on a mission to hire 4,000 Profit Instructors around the world.




Remember, we have no real competition because we give lots of benefits to the consumer, and so much more profit for the business owner. And who’s their hero: YOU, the Profit Instructor. Imagine your town, your city, your state—people know you by your name. “This is the guy, who helped my business as a whole,” or “…who saved my business,” or “…the guy that helped me make so much profit!” Yes, YOU can be that guy, or a friend, or family member. Spread the word, folks. We need more Profit Instructors, and more businesses recommended.




Ok, we’ve been talking about our amazing, new PI 3D tablet. Why is PI so amazing? Because it is a member-driven project. Everything we do is a member-driven project. You are one of those members. “Ok, Gee, but what does that have to do with the PI 3D Tab?” Everything! You know that when you vote for feature, for books, for things that we can provide, we are listening; and we are creating those things for you, and we are listening. The programmers create, and they are amazing. On the 3D Tab, we’re going to have all of the features of the Perfect Internet; and for that matter, the Perfect APP.




What I’m going to encourage you to do is this. We can make it super, perfect—if we get more in tune with what we want to see on the Perfect APP, and on the Perfect Internet as a whole, because those features (that we choose), are going to be on our amazing, new, one-of-a-kind PI 3D Tab. So what is it that you want to see? Tell us, ok?




Let me give an example. We provide a global weather app at your fingertips—for free right? Do you think it’s free for the Perfect Internet, or for the programmers, or for us? It’s something that’s not even done, but we do it because that’s what we are about. We have signed a contract with a world leader (in weather), actual weather people. Many of you voted for this and now we have it. You can see what the weather is, without leaving your home. Just one of the examples.




So, what else do you want to see, when you open/turn on your PI 3D Tab? When you turn on the computer, it starts with Windows. Voila! Windows, right? So we’re going to have our Perfect APP—voila! That is so awesome! Now, we want you to project, WHAT IT IS YOU WANT TO SEE, WHEN YOU OPEN/TURN ON YOUR PI 3D TAB?




Again, you’re talking and we’re listening. We’re changing the way the Internet works. Believe me, we are the first and only company that owns a PI 3D Tab, and therefore, we will sell thousands; or hundreds of thousands; or even millions. So WE NEED YOU TO TELL US HOW TO MAKE IT PERFECT!




Take some time. Go to the Perfect APP; go to the web. See what we can do with it; WHATEVER YOU FIND THAT YOU THINK IS BETTER; BECAUSE THIS IS OUR PROJECT, YOUR PROJECT. When people look at that and say, “Wow, this is amazing!” you can put your hand up in the air and say, “Hello. I am one of the creators!” Yes, you can be proud to say that, because it’s true!




Here’s a little surprise for you. You know when we record updates, or PI News, or blog information we will usually let everybody know at the same time; but because you’re here, here’s what happened. I did a special Gee on TV with two very special guests. You know those special guests; Nick and Dave from the NEO3DO Company that we are partnering with to create the PI 3D Tab. On this live interview with them, it is Nick himself answering some of our members’ most-frequently-asked questions (FAQ’s.)




Usually, we wait to send this to everybody, but this time, because you’re here and you’re a great supporter, our superman, Cliff, has put that on PI TV tube for you to see. So you are the first ones to see this and know what’s going on before the other members, and the masses. After the video, we will close the webinar. Cliff, please have the honors.




Text of Video:

Gee: Hello Nick and David. Thank you so much for joining us on this special episode of Gee on TV. Before we talk about the PI 3D Tab, could you please introduce yourselves, and your company, NEO3DEO?

Nick: Hello, my name is Nick Spriggs, and my partner David Briggs and I started NEO3DO, a no-glasses, 3D android company.





Gee: So, NEO3DO aims to deliver a high-end, 3D experience on a high-quality mobile device, and not just another average product. That’s fantastic!

Now, why do you think that PI is the perfect match for a strategic partnership?

Nick: The Perfect Internet is the perfect strategic partner for NEO3DO, because of their strong belief in the naked-eye 3D viewing experience, and their Perfect Internet platform.





Gee: How did you guys find out about the Perfect Internet?

Nick: We met Dan, of Perfect Internet, at an Investors’ Meeting, and had some follow-up conversations with him, and found that we had overlapping interests; and thought that it would be a beautiful partnership.





Gee: Back to the PI 3D Tab. How will it be different, compared to your current NEO3DO Tab?

Nick: The PI version tab will be different from the NEO3DO Version 1 tab, and it will include all of the PI Galaxy applications, pre-installed, and will receive all the PI updates.





Gee: Can you tell us a little bit more about the features, besides the state-of-the-art 3D technology? How is the PI 3D Tab positioned amongst Apple, Samsung, Amazon, and other brand names?

Nick: The NEO3DO PI Tab will vary from the Apple, the Samsung, and the other more traditional brands that you might be familiar with, in that: we have the front camera, and the back camera; we have a strong processor; good battery life; and most important, the great customers are missing our wonderful warranty.





Gee: Cool! So, with the PI 3D Tab, we have a regular fully-featured 2D tab, but exclusive 3D technology optimized for a Perfect Internet experience. Wow! Are there any plans to install some of the PI features in the next generation NEO3DO tab?

Nick: Yes, the NEO3DO tablet will include all of the PI Galaxy of apps, pre-installed, and all the features included in that set.





Gee: Amazon just announced a 3D Smart Phone for the end of 2014. Are you scared?

Nick: We’re very excited that Amazon has announced their naked-eye 3D cell phone, because that will create more awareness and demand for naked-eye, 3D products. Anything that’s ok on a phone, is way better on a tablet.





Gee: So the PI 3D Tab will have a much bigger screen, and a higher resolution. That sounds perfect for a real 3D experience! And talking about 3D, what kind of content will be available for the PI 3D Tablet?

Nick: The NEO3DO PI Tab will be able to show all existing 3D viewing content, plus it has the ability to up-convert 2D content, to 3D!





Gee: We know that the PI 3D Tab is still in development. However, can you share some technical specifications with us?

Nick: NEO3DO PI Tablet has an 8.10” diagonal dimension; 1280 x 800 resolution on the display; we have a Cortex Mod GK chip set; and dual, Mali-400 GPU’s, so the performance and battery life are outstanding, along with the fact that the visual graphics are impressive.





Gee: Why did you decide to use android as an operating system?

Nick: NEO3DO chose to use the android system because it’s an open sourced platform that was developed primarily by Google and Samsung. Open source allows us to have 500,000 apps (mostly free content), and free applications for all of our customers.





Gee: What about the price? You see, the PI 3D Tab is announced at US $ 399. That is slightly higher than the current NEO3DO Tab. Why is that?

Nick: The NEO3DO PI Tab is a little more expensive than the NEO3DO Tablet, but the reason for that is the inclusion of all the PI applications, and all of the future development. There is a proprietary available just to the PI members, and therefore they have to pay a little bit for the amazing amount of additional features.





Gee: Shouldn’t there be a discount for PI members?

Nick: We believe that the product is fairly priced, and it is discounted relatively to competitors Apple and Samsung; and we have a tremendous more amount of features, in the hardware and the software, that aren’t available anywhere else.





Gee: That sounds fair. When will the first PI 3D Tabs be available?

Nick: Everyone asks when the PI 3D Tabs will be ready. It’s our goal, if everything goes right, to have those delivered by the June 25th PI family gathering.





Gee: Thank you, guys. Here is my last question for today. From your point of view, why should every PI member own a PI 3D Tab?

Nick: From my point of view, every PI member should own a PI 3D Tab because they love the features of the PI interface, and they’re dedicated to the ongoing success of the PI universe.

Gee: There you have it—straight from the horse’s mouth! Isn’t that super exciting?

(end of Gee on TV interview)





Gee: Great job, Cliff! Thank you! So there you have it; seriously, straight from the horse’s mouth. That was Nick and David; however we only heard Nick there. Next time, in Vegas, you’ll be able to meet them both in person.




Now, let me remind you of this partnership. It’s very important for everybody to understand, that this is going to cost PI about US $ 100,000 to get this project on the road, and we are well on the way, with the money. You know that the founders decided to split this US $ 100,000 into 1,000 crowdfunding units of US $ 100 each; you already knew that.




If you did not know that, and you’re here for the first time, listen carefully. We have the capability to go to Investors, to ask them to invest in our company, in the tablet. However, this is a members-driven company. Why not offer it first to our members? Of course, you and all of us are responsible for our success, so I believe it is a smart idea for everyone involved. Just for participating in this crowdfunding, PI is giving three amazing perks, benefits, or gifts, if you will. I still can’t believe that PI is doing this, but I am supporting it, 100%.




For each crowdfunding unit (CFU), that you purchase for US$ 100, you will get 3 amazing things:

1.  You will receive a US $ 10 discount on a future purchase of the PI 3D Tab; which means that the more CFU’s you get, the higher your discount will be. We expect that the final price for the PI 3D Tab will be US $ 399, as you heard in our Gee on TV interview. So if you purchase 40 CFU’s, you will receive a 3D tablet for free. If you get 20 CFU’s, you will receive a US $ 200 discount for a tablet; 10 CFU’s, a US $ 100 discount, and 3 CFU’s, a US $ 30 discount on the purchase of a tablet.

The bottom line is, you get a US $ 10 discount (toward the purchase of one PI 3D Tab) per crowdfunding unit bought.



2.  You will receive two (2) U.S. cents for every sold PI 3D Tab, which means when we sell 5,000 3D tablets, you will receive 5,000 x 2 cents, or US $ 100. In other words, you will have received all your invested money back. If we sell 10,000 tablets, you will already have doubled your money invested, which is fantastic!



3.  And the icing on the cake is this! You know that there are no more C.O.P. sales. No one can buy any more COP’s, right? However, look at the third thing PI is giving to each of our supporters. For each CFU that you purchase, you’re going to receive (besides the two things I’ve already told you), 500 preferred shares from Perfect Internet, Inc., on the day of our IPO.




And you know that it is our goal, to reach a share value of no less than US $ 2 (and up to US $ 6 or more) by the time of IPO. Yet even if it is only US $ 2 by the end of the year, it will still turn into US $ 1,000. So if you buy 10 CFU’s, you could get a minimum of US $ 10,000. That’s amazing! That truly is amazing!




Why is PI doing this? I don’t know. I can only think of one reason: PI Cares, and PI Shares. PI is always a win-win. Everybody wins with PI. The only ones who are not going to win, are those that don’t participate in PI.




Keep in mind that this is on a “first come, first serve” basis. When the 1,000 crowdfunding units are gone, they are gone for good; and there will be no more purchased shares, either. So this is definitely, absolutely your last chance to put your hand on some CFU’s, along with some shares of Perfect Internet, Inc.




That’s the icing on the cake. This is the type of investment that investors kill for. Why? Because every start-up company, when they start, it doesn’t generate much buzz, because they have to wait years before they have their IPO. But not us. Our IPO is right around the corner. If investors found out about this they would lunge for it; but it’s not available to them. Only registered PI members can participate.




If you have any family members, or best friends that you want to introduce them to PI, and they register, they are eligible as well. As of today, over 70% of the CFU’s have already been ordered. The video (Gee on TV) that you just watched, will have an ad attached to it. Tomorrow (April 23) we will release the special Gee on TV. And a newsletter is going out to all of our members; over 600,000 active members. All these units will be gone quickly.




So, what I want to encourage you to do; do yourself a favor, and pick up as many as you can. But don’t break the bank. Don’t take food off your table to do this. Do just what you can. And if you order some, or you have already ordered some, and you didn’t send your payment, don’t wait! Do it, because it doesn’t matter if you’ve ordered some, you don’t own them yet. When the last US $ 100 comes in for the 1,000th CFU, and you haven’t sent any funds for your shares, you lose! Because only 1,000 are available. First come, first serve basis; so don’t wait!




Also, if your money comes in right after the 1,000th is sold, the company will send your money back to you, and you will not be able to get any CFU’s, and therefore no shares either. So it’s important; it’s time-sensitive. If you are serious, send your funds in immediately! Don’t wait! And don’t tell me later that I did not warn you!




So there you are. You are the very first ones to learn about this offer, which is made available to you by our shareholders GIT Europe Ltd.

You’re going to find information in detail here: www.supportpi.com

Last but not least, remember what I told you about planning for Vegas. Don’t worry about “how.” Just be excited to be there! When the day comes, we will see you there.




Thank you so much for being here, and being a great supporter of our project. I hope you’re excited. We are super excited. We work very hard behind the scenes, to make this perfect project perfect—not just for you and me, but for the world to see!

So thank you all. Keep checking the PI News for the announcement of the next webinar, and we’ll see you all there!



With your success in mind,

Gee DaCosta, and

Your WAZZUB Support

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General Webinar Recap April 15, 2014

General Webinar Recap

April 15, 2014

Presented by: Gee DaCosta, Cate Kozikowski

Guest Speakers: David Briggs & Nick Spriggs (Co-founders of NEO3DO)

Subject: New PI 3D Tablet



Gee: Hey, everybody! Waazzuuubbb? Welcome everybody. This is going to be another one of those amazing special webinars. We have two very special guests here tonight, that we’ve been talking a lot about; and we’re so proud that we are the ones bringing this amazing product into the market. In a few moments you will be hearing from the horse’s mouth, so it’s very, very exciting! The Perfect Internet is in a very amazing position with this company (NEO3DO), and you can be a huge part of it (you already are!) We will show you how that’s going to happen.




Suresh: We have our special guests here. As we know, we at Perfect Internet, will be launching our 3D Tablet. Most of you have some information about the 3D Tablet. I would like to invite our guests to speak first. So, Rod, if you would kindly give either Mr. David or Nick the moderator access. Mr. Nick or David, please feel free… we appreciate your presence here…the mike is yours.




Nick: My name is Nick Spriggs, and I’m with NEO3DO. My partner, David Briggs and I founded the company back in 2011, based on the belief that naked-eye, 3D technology is something that the world should benefit from; and it’s something we based our company on. We were fortunate enough to meet with the team from PerfectPages. We really have a lot of overlap in our interests.




Our goal when we set out to start the company, was to produce simple, affordable, reliable, enjoyable naked-eye 3D display—that it had an easy user, and you could do everything that you want to do in 2D, plus the ability to watch 3D content. We had our Indiegogo campaign Jan. 2013. We started shipping our product in July of 2013. We’ve now reached the point that we’re ready to start our 2nd generation product.




We’ve had fabulous compliments from our customers, all over the world. We’ve had very good fortune with our customers enjoying the product, and the reliability of the product has been outstanding. Now we’re ready to advance onto the 2nd generation tablet, where we will increase the resolution, and increase the connectivity by using 3G or 4G LTE options. We also want to include the G functionality. So we’re looking to complete the market research portion of our development on this device, and we’re looking to the members of PerfectPages to choose the final specifications in a crowd-source development exercise.




Earlier today Gee and I spoke, and we also spoke with Dan. So our current tablet is in the android tablets; we’re up to android operating systems 4.1.1; and it’s working very stably, and consistently. We have the 3D still photographs; and we also have 3D video, where can show any 3D video content in 3D. We also have 3D video games, and one of the fun features is the ability to take 2D videos and convert them to 3D videos, on the fly. We have an application that allows us to use any of the YouTube videos and view those in 3D as well.




Many of our customers like the ability to create their own content and view the content without having to go to the computer. They can simply take their micro SD card out of their camera or their phone, and insert it into their tablet to view and/or to share their photos with their friends and family. One of the ways both David and I use the tablet is to use as a viewer in the field, for our still photographs and our videos.




Many times when we show the tablet to people the first question they ask is, “Do I have to watch EVERYTHING in 3D?” The answer is “No.” It works just as well as a 2D tablet and allows you to do email, Facebook, or web-browsing, just like you would on a regular tablet; and you have the benefit of 3D when you want it, but no negative aspect of 3D, when you don’t want it.




So after meeting with Dan and the PerfectPages team, we decided that making a Perfect Internet and a PerfectPages prepared tablet made a lot of sense, because it will allow all the PerfectPages and PI members to have the Perfect Tablet, and have it in 3D.



One of the things that we’ve discussed is which features would the user-group be most interested in. Currently we have a dual-core processor, and dual-core GPU. We have Wi-Fi activity. We have the 1280 x 800 display, so we’re curious as to what resolution to use. Is 1920 x 1080 high enough? Do we have interest for a 4K tablet? Is 3G connectivity enough, or do we need 4G LTE?




So we’re really interested in hearing what the group would like, and any questions that the group has. (The chat room is opened so members can type in questions.)



Q: The first question that I see, is asking to install a more powerful battery.

A: One of the good things is that as we improve the quality of the chips and the power of the chips, they actually use less battery; so, our current 4-7 hour battery life is something that we intend to improve on the 2nd generation tablet.



Q. Is the Perfect Image branded tablet going to be the only tablet sold (by your company?)

A: No, it will not. The Perfect Image branded tablet will come pre-configured with the Perfect Image feature set, including the Perfect APP, Perfect Internet, and PerfectPages. So PI will be the first group to get the 2nd generation tablet, and we will still sell the 1st generation tablet. We will see how sales develop on the 2nd generation tablet, and we’ll go on from there.



A: Yes, the Quad-Core 4G LTE is leading in the race right now, so I think that one will be very important.




Q: How much will it cost PI members?

A: Initially the price target is US$ 399; and we anticipate a 4G LTE, GPS, 1920 x 1080, 8-inch tablet, with the Perfect Internet pre-installed, so that a PI user can simply logon and have all the access that they have on their computer.




Q: Why do PI members pay US$ 50 more, to get the tablet, than outsiders do?

A: On that question, the target price of US$ 399 is the price of a tablet that has not been built yet. The existing tablet is Wi-Fi connected only, and it doesn’t have the Perfect Internet, and it doesn’t have the Quad-Core, and it doesn’t have the 4G LT. So I see that that is important.




Q: Will there be an HGMI pluggin to Sony?

A: Right now there’s an HGMI output that outputs into full 1920 x 1080i; and we’re working on developing, so that there can be an HGMI in-plug and it can be a monitor, or a camera, or a playback device, or a phone.




Q: What will be the price of the tablet in Jordan?

A: In Jordan? The price should still be the same, just the shipping will be higher. All of our manufacturing is done in China. If we ship directly from China to Jordan, we should be able to keep the shipping to a more modest price.



Q: How much will the price range and cost for 3G vs. 4G?

A: I don’t know answer to that on the cost side for the development. I think the 4G LTE would be the more desirable one, provided it doesn’t drive the total cost for the bill of materials above the price that would allow us to meet that US9.


Other features we’ve considered adding is the gesture control for the 3D side, and iTracking; and we’ve also considered having 2 cameras on the back for a 3D photo capture.





Q. It is neat that you can turn the 3D on or off. Can you explain this a little more?

A: The way that we make 3D on the tablet is by using something called a parallax barrier; and the parallax barrier is a thin layer of film over the LCD module that we can activate electronically to turn on the parallax barrier to create 3D; and we can turn off the parallax barrier to have regular 2D. And you’ll notice just a slight darkening of the subject when the parallax barrier comes on, but that’s what creates the richness, depth, texture, and the separation of objects in the image.





Q. Will you discontinue the 1st generation, if the PI brand 2nd generation does well?

A: That’s an interesting question. We have room for a small, medium, and large option. There are schools around the world that could benefit from a 3D display technology, but don’t have the budget for 3G or 4G connectivity. We need to have the lowest cost solution for students around the world, where they still get the benefit of having a 2D and a 3D tablet with connection with Wi-Fi at school. We wouldn’t necessarily discontinue the tablet, but it may become an education-only or low-cost-only tablet.



Q: Will the 3D tablet have 3G or 4G support?

A: The next generation tablet will have at least 3G and most likely 4G connectivity, providing the chip set that we choose for our final chip set, has that capability.




Q: How will the tablet compete with other companies, because I’ve heard of a 3D tablet from Amazon, etc?

A: Very good question. The current market place has our tablet, the NEO3DO. Hampoo has a 10” tablet that’s US$ 1,000, but it only has a 1-hour battery life. It has perfectly wonderful 3D, but it has less features than ours, and is made by a different manufacturer. Amazon’s is a cellphone, much like the LG Thrill, or the HTC EVO, and it’s a 5” screen. Instead of using parallax barrier or lenticular lenses, it uses a backing to manipulate the picture to show you what it WOULD look like IF it were a 3D tablet. I’ve not yet seen one of these displays, but I’m very happy and very excited that Amazon has chosen to enter the 3D market, because it creates even more awareness and demand for better products. It is our goal to produce the very best product that our customers are the most happy with.




Q. What system are you using in the tablet?

A: Right now we’re using the Jelly Bean android operating system, 4.1.1.




Q. Can the tablet make a call like a hand phone?

A: There’s two ways to answer that. One is “Yes,” and one is “No.” Even on a data plan you could use the voice-over I.T. protocols like Skype or Google Hangout, or like what we’re using, voice-over protocol, right now. With the cellular activity we will have the telephone feature enabled, provided you have that service with your cellphone carrier. My suspicion is that the more dominant usage will be data only, and then using the free phone services through Skype and through Google Hangout.




Q. Why don’t you supply it with a better camera?

A: Absolutely! That is my personal favorite room for improvement. My personal cellphone is a Samsung Galaxy III that has an absolutely wonderful camera. On our initial product we had to be very mindful of cost. By being mindful of cost, we went with a *** megapixel forward facing, and .3 megapixel rearward facing camera, simply for our budget. As we develop more demand, and more sales volume, we can definitely afford to put a much better camera, perhaps even dual cameras for 3D capture. That’s one we’re looking into, as far as a dual camera.




Q. Is there any warranty?

A: The warranty is one year, on exchange for parts and labor. The one area we’ve seen some issues with is the LCD module cracking; which, typically if it doesn’t ship with the cracked LCD, it was cracked by the user; and we’ve been probably more generous than Apple and Samsung in replacing, in that regard. We’ve had less than a 5% return, defect or failure rate; so we’re very proud to keep the quality up, and keep improving that.




Q. Can the tablet be used in different languages?

A: The android operating system supports 85 languages natively, and the 85 languages that it’s currently supporting is growing.




Q. Will PI members get it cheaper than outsiders?

A: Yes, I do believe PI members will have a better price, and a lower price for more features, than outsiders, based on being early supporters and early adopters.




Q. Why does the production cost US$ 100,000?

A: The initial development and design—like if you are building a house, or building a building; you have to do all the plans, and do all the design, and get everything in order before you begin production. Those are the “soft” costs associated with the final design and specifications; and the tooling that’s required to then begin assembly on a large scale.




Q. How will PerfectPages and Perfect APP work—from the parallax barrier, or from the un-programming code, or something else?

A: Every application on the tablet, has the ability to integrate our software developer kit, which is the code that allows one to turn the 3D on or off. One thing we’ve discussed in our researching: does it make sense to have a hardware button that would turn the 3D on or off?—it would be so simple that if, for some reason, the 3D was somewhere you didn’t want it, you could turn it off; of if you wanted 3D somewhere else, you turn it on. If we made it hardware dependent, rather than software dependent, would that be something that the users would enjoy? So that’s one of the questions that I put back for (you), our user-group.




Q. What is the support for telephone and SMT?

A: I don’t know which of the cellular standards we will be using. We’re most interested in the MEDIA-TECH chip right now. I don’t have a good answer for that one right now. We need to research that, and choose one that is better.




Q. What will the processor be?

A: Right now, our target processor is either the Qualcomm Snapdragon S800 8094, which is a Quad-core CPU/Quad-core GPU, very similar to the one in the Samsung Galaxy III. Alternatively, MEDIA-TECH has a chip set that is a Quad-core CPU/8-core GPU that performs similarly to the much more expensive Qualcomm chip; and as long as we can get the MEDIA-TECH chip to be cell-end compliant in the countries we need to sell in, then we will use the MEDIA-TECH chip. If the MEDIA-TECH chip can’t be made to serve the cellular connectivity that we need, then we may need to go with the Qualcomm chip.




Q. What are the sales projections through 2015?

A: I can tell you from the beginning. We’ve sold 850 units from July, 2013 through December, 2013. Our 2014 projections are to sell 35,000 units; and just over the weekend, we had interest from one buyer for 30,000 units; so I think we may need to revise our figures upward to 50 to 75,000 units in 2014. That is based on our current duration. The 2nd generation tablet may be even more desirable, provided we can build it at a cost that still allows us to be at that US$ 399-or-better price. That’s really what we’re looking for, to deliver the most need for our customers; but also with the features that they want, and NOT the features that they DON’T want. We only want to spend the money where people enjoy it.

2015 sales projections: we would like to be in the 100,000-200,000 range. A lot of that depends on how many countries the tablet take off in. Right now we have U.S. global distribution through Ingram Micro. We have U.S. retail distribution in Fry’s Electronics. Ingram Micro is a 37 billion dollar, global, electronics company; so the more awareness and demand that is created for 3D tablets, the more sales, I believe we will generate; based on our packing the most 3D features into the tablet, per dollar.




Q. Will PI members be able to sell the tablet, and get commissions for that?

A: Currently we have offered both referral and re-seller agreements. Some people that are interested. We haven’t boiled that down to a commission per tablet, but that’s something I’d like to talk to Dan and the PI team; to see how we could keep track of that logistically. If we generate a unique coupon code for each person desiring to generate commissions, I think that could be very beneficial. I’d like to say “Value created, is value rewarded.”




Q. Are the PI tablets going to be carried in any stores such as Best Buy?

A: We are not in Best Buy retail stores just yet, but we are on BestBuy.com, based on our placement and distribution agreement with Ingram Micro.



Q. What processor are you using?

A: I think I answered that before. (see answer #23.)




Q. For us the price is still too high. Can you make it cheaper for us?

A: Right now we’d rather under-promise, and over-deliver. Since we still have value engineering, and component sourcing to do, we’d like to surprise all consumers with a better price and more value, but right now it’s hard to predict what price we can secure all the components.




Q. Can it be sold on eBay?

A: Yes, we actually do sell on eBay, but out of the past year, we’ve only sold 2 units (on eBay), vs. 200 on Amazon.com, and 600 from our website.




Q. Would it be possible to include the PI software on all of your production?

A: Absolutely! We would love to include the PI software on all the tablets, to grow the PI community. One of the things that my partner, David, and I are most excited about in working with the Perfect Internet team, is the global reach. We thought we had sold into a lot of countries when we just reached 26 countries, but with over 180 countries out there, we would very much like to be up to the 50, or 100, or 125 range. So that’s something we’re very excited about in working with a global team.




Q. Is your technology unique, or were you preceded by others?

A: That’s a very good question. 3D technology began in 1850, so it’s been around for over 150 years. The precise technology, the parallax barrier technology, has been used in the LT Thrill, the HTC EBO, the Nintendo 3DS, and sold in the high-single-digit millions of units. So that allowed us to learn what worked and what didn’t work, in creating our product. We believe others will continue to create naked-eye 3D products, and we look forward to the competition.




Q. How soon will PI members be able to get a tablet to demo to others?

A: At this time, I believe the 1st generation tablet will be available, providing we can get the PerfectPages interface and Perfect Internet working on the 1st generation tablet. I know there’s a big meeting coming up in June, in Las Vegas where we’re based. That could be a good fit; but we need to work within the team to coordinate the logistics and the total number of units.




Q. When will we be able to buy the tab and show it off?

A: I’d like to think we could make something happen before June 25, whether it’s on the 1st generation, or the 2nd generation tablet. The display will be very similar, just the performance will be faster, and the battery life will be longer.




Q. Is the tablet compatible with all operating systems?

A: Our tablet is not. It only runs on the android-operating system. The technology itself for the display could work on Apple, or could work on Windows-based systems, but I’m unaware of anyone developing a display for those systems.




Q. Will the final version be out on June 25?

A: I don’t think that’s likely, because it would take longer than from now to June 25 to get FCC and CE and CSA approvals. So that’s the challenge. If we raise enough funding to reach the development cost, and get it through as fast as we can, we may not be able to make the 25th, but we’re looking to have the 1st generation, with the Perfect Internet functionality completely built-in, to be ready by the 25th.




Q. Please do not sacrifice features to save a few dollars. It must be the best quality for Perfect Internet.

A: I hear you and agree with you! That’s very much what David and I are in agreement with. Let’s make the most amazing tablet that we can, while keeping price in mind. Let’s not be short-sighted. Let’s make a tablet that will have the performance to be desirable 2 or 3 years from now, and not just be a disposable one-year product.




Q. How different is android OS from Windows?

A: I’m not really qualified to answer that, except that I know you can’t run applications for a windows tablet on an android, or visa-versa.




Perfect 3D for the Perfect Internet experience!

(Answer to a question from Gerard): Gerard, we do have the RJ 45D USB adapter available, and I’ve personally tested it, and it works very well; especially when Wi-Fi isn’t available or people are sensitive, so I think you’re right on point with that.



Q. Do you need 3D glasses with the tablet?

A: The tablet is used without glasses.



Q. Do you have a demo video we could use?

A: We have a number of demo videos for the current generation, and user-reaction videos, and how-to videos. As we develop, I believe we will share the working process videos to show the progress that we’re making. It’s fun for us, and I think it’s fun for the people that are following it.



Q. Can we buy the tablet from your website?

A: Yes, currently we have the tablets for sale on our website. You can use the coupon code: “auto D”, so that we’ll know that you learned about it through this call, and through this webinar. If you see it, like it, share it, and promote it, it’ll make the Perfect Internet and the Perfect Tab even bigger successes than we hope for them to be.

I can’t wait for the 2nd generation tablet. I’ve been using my 1st generation tablet and prototype since Sept., 2012. I’m super excited to get cellular connectivity, higher resolution, better performance from the chip set, and a way-better camera, in addition to the gesture control, and iTrack. We should come up with some survey questions and share with the group, so we can tally exactly what the best feature set looks like.




Q. Will the tablet have the features like Sony and iPad?

A: We will have the features of Sony and iPad, and THEN SOME; by adding the 3D and the gesture control, and perhaps a 3D scanner, or a 3D camera capture system on the back. We’ll be the Ferrari of tablets, and Sony and Apple will look to us to copy our advanced design features.



Q. David, Terry, and Nick: How did you guys find out about Perfect Internet?

A: We met Dan, here in Las Vegas through his presentation that he presented and we presented; and followed up afterwards, and have been having conversations for the last few months.

Thank you, Dan; and thank you to everyone who stayed up late to listen, and we will follow up as often as Dan recommends.




Gee: Thank you so much, Nick, for being here. OK fantastic, so, hey, what great, great information we got from Nick! It’s just a blessing for all of us (at PI) to be the one to bring this PI 3D tablet into the market. It’s amazing! We are very grateful for our partnership with NEO3DO who will create the exclusive PI 3D Tablet. We are very, very excited. Now, you heard about all the features and why the world will be so excited about getting their hands on one. I am, and I’m sure you are all, too!

You know that PI will be the very first one to have this device, and we are thrilled! As Nick had explained, as an android device, it will be fully compatible with millions of other android applications. You, the members, are always the very first ones to know what we are up to, and what we are doing.




Cate: Hi there! We lost Gee. Thank you Gee. We know there are some technical challenges sometimes that we all have to go through, and we appreciate everything you do for all of us. Thank you once again to David and Nick for joining us today. It was such a great experience hearing from you guys, and having our questions answered. We really appreciated your time with us today.




Now, real quickly, before we go: Remember, this is YOUR CHANCE TO MAKE HISTORY! Take part in our newest success story, and JOIN IN OUR CROWDFUNDING PROGRAM, to finance the development of the new PI 3D Tab. You just got to hear how exciting this new 3D tablet is going to be, and now it’s YOUR chance to be a part of history, by joining our crowdfunding campaign.




As we’ve said, our goal is to reach US$ 100,000 to develop and produce our new, 2nd generation 3D tablet; and our crowdfunding units start at US$ 100 each—and for that US$ 100 you will receive:

1) 500 preferred shares of Perfect Internet, Inc. on the day we go to IPO

2) A US$ 10 discount on your future order of a PI 3D tablet

3) You will earn 2 U.S. cents (additional return on investment) for each PI 3D tablet that we will sell between June 25th, 2014 and Oct. 31st, 2015; so that’s more than one year of sales that you get to benefit from.



So that is really, really, awesome! And remember, the more crowdfunding units you purchase, the more discount you have on your future order of your own 3D tablet; as well as additional return on investment that you earn for every 3D tablet that we sell, for more than one full year!




Plus the fact that for every crowdfunding unit (CFU) that you buy, you will receive 500 shares of Perfect Internet, Inc., when we go to IPO. So think about it: if we sell only 5,000 PI 3D tablets, that would mean that you would receive your US$ 100 invested back already; not including the other benefits that you’ll have with the 500 shares, and the discount on your own tablet.




This is an awesome promotion, and believe me, if you have the ability to take part in it, do so! Be a part of our history. You’ve already been a part of our history so far—continue to be a part of it, as we grow and prosper and succeed! We are the Perfect Internet, and we are The Power of “We!”




You can go and read all this information yourself, by going to www.supportpi.com, and order your crowdfunding units (CFU’s.) Remember, this is a LIMITED TIME OFFER; so get your orders in now, get them paid for, so you’ll know you’re all safe and ready to go.




Most recent update (4/15/2014): Already 50% of the 1,000 CFU’s have been ordered. So, very important—if you want to partake of this crowdfunding campaign, do so NOW. We’re also going to be sending an email to the entire data base with the newsletter, so these last 50% will go very quickly. Make sure you are not left out. Pick up as many CFU’s as you can, as soon as possible. As you know, when this is gone, there will be no more offers for shares in Perfect Internet, or the special offer with the PI 3D tablets. When they’re gone, they’re gone for good.




If you have already ordered, make sure you get your funds in right away. That’s the other thing. Just because you’ve ordered doesn’t mean that’s yours, until it’s paid for. Make sure that you are not left out. If you’ve placed an order, we thank you so much for your commitment and your support. We appreciate everyone—all of our PI members here. And absolutely, if you’ve placed an order, make sure you get your money in right away, so that way you’re all set, you know that it’s yours.




I want to say thank you to everyone here: thank you, Dan; thank you, Gee; thank you, Suresh; a big thank you and round of applause for Nick and David for joining us here today; and, of course, as always, to Rose, Cliff, Rod, and Alex.

Thank you, all! Have a perfect day, or evening, or night; and we will see you all on our next Wazzub PI family webinar.

So goodbye everybody! WAZZUUUBBB!!!




With your success in mind,

Gee DaCosta, and Cate Kozikowski, and

Your WAZZUB Support




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General Recap April 11, 2014

General Recap

April 11, 2014

Presented by Gee DaCosta




Welcome everyone.  This will be a very special webinar for all PI members.

Today we're going to talk about some very important and timely information.


1.  Heartbleed bug and

2.  PI 3D Tab (extremely important info that everyone must know)


First let's talk about the Heartbleed bug that I'm sure most of you are aware of and the danger every Internet user is facing.


What we found out this morning and it is all over the news everywhere; the whole Internet is infected with this extremely dangerous Heartbleed bug and you need to change all the passwords (some crazy people won't) immediately.  They are saying that it's even better that you do not enter the Internet. This has been a huge security breach for two years now - all your emails, all your credit cards data, all your passwords, all your banking records - they have all been made accessible for hackers, scammers and cheaters.

So, the first thing we needed to find out was "Is the Perfect Internet" affected or is it not?


But hey, we are forgetting that, we are the Perfect Internet, and as it was expected, we are NOT infected Woohooo!


You don't have to believe us, you can find the sources on the Internet, several Internet experts did tests on the top 10,000 websites and right now they are testing the top 100,000 websites, just to find out if there's any more security breach.


I'm here to tell you that this is an exciting time to celebrate this amazing project that you and I "The Power of We" have created. PI and all of its stars have been proofed by external Internet experts to be one of the few safest places on the Internet for the last 2 years even with this Heartbleed bug online that nobody new about. For the last 2 years, hackers, scammers and cheaters have been able to easily get FB, Google, Yahoo, Amazon, and many other big players’ passwords to read emails, to get credit cards and banking details and so on and so forth.


But hey, NOT on the Perfect Internet - and what a great and safe place the Perfect Internet is for you and me and all the people we care about to hang out and/or do our Internet stuff. Now you don't even need to tell or convince them..."SHOW THEM" proof; www.perfectinter.net/heartbleed.php  (copy/paste and send to all of them; I am sure they will listen this time) and they WILL all love to join you and use our amazing services for FREE that are safe for everyone! WOW, now, who in their right mind would not want to use our services? And what an amazing selling point - that it is totally FREE!


I'm sure that NOW you understand how truly special PI really is and once again, while the big guys are infected, we are "wooohooo" one of the few safest place to be on the Internet.


I'm telling you it's time to undoubtedly celebrate PI, once and for all. I've been telling you since the very beginning that we take your privacy seriously. Better yet, let me show you something right now that some folks have taken for granted. If you go to: www.perfectinter.net and scroll down to the bottom and click on "VISION" – here is what it says:



"The World Wide Web is the future and it is our VISION to create a PERFECT INTERNET for all.


Nowadays, you have to click and scroll and waste a lot of time to find what you are really looking for. The big search engines, communities and email services collect your data to serve you with tons of unwanted advertising and to sell your data. Your mailbox is full of spam and spyware/malware is always around the corner.


In our VISION, we create a HOME for a GLOBAL FAMILY of users, where your DATA is SAFE and where you find all the USEFUL SERVICES that you need at your fingertips.


Imagine a company that is not only LISTENING to but DRIVEN BY its MEMBERS. A company that is SHARING SUCCESS and CREATING JOBS all around the world...


Welcome to the PERFECT INTERNET!"



Hello... Now go and read what CBS and all other news sources are telling the world... The heartbleed hit list - you need to change your passwords RIGHT NOW!


Change on all of them:


  • Do you need to change your Facebook password immediately? YES! LinkedIn? YES! Instagram? YES! Pinterest? YES! Google? YES! Tumblr? YES! Twitter? YES! Yahoo? YES! Gmail? YES! Yahoo mail? YES! Amazon Web services? YES! GoDaddy? YES!
  • Perfect Internet??? NOOOOOO!


And it's been proved by EXTERNAL EXPERTS in black and white "PI in row 4940" (http://perfectinter.net/heartbleed.php) There it is... it is not me, not you and not anyone else from our company saying that. The external experts did this test and they went... Testing Perfect Internet... Results: (PI in row 4940)... NOT VULNERABLE/NOT INFECTED... HELLO???? Do I need to say more...?

The Perfect Internet is SAFE, and whatever we can do to make the Internet a safer place we will do. And that's what we do for YOU!


And here's what else we do for you, (which brings us to the #2 thing we're going to talk about)...


Check this out...

Let me ask you a question:


Who is the FIRST to announce a branded 3D tab with ALL the Perfect Internet functions at your fingertips?


Is it Apple? Is it Samsung? Is it Nokia? Is it Microsoft? Is it Amazon? .... NOOOOOO! It is us... PI, Our Project, The Power of WE! YeeeeeeHawwwwww!


And guess what? Once again PI is sharing its success with you and here it is:


We have built a strategic partnership with NEO3DO to create this exclusive PI 3D Tab where you can watch 3D movies and where you can play 3D games without wearing special glasses.


June 25, 2014 is the day when we will celebrate our Most Famous Awards Show and at the same time our first PI/WAZZUB Family Gathering.


Additionally, we will present on June 25, live in Las Vegas, the PI 3D Tab with the Perfect App and the Perfect Pages in 3D, pre-installed for your convenience.


We will be the first company ever to have not only our own mobile device but a 3D mobile device and our state-of-the-art 3D App.


Can you imagine Gee on TV in 3D?

Can you imagine product pictures in 3D?

Can you image games, news, videos, shops and so much more, all in 3D on an 8 inch screen without the need to wear special glasses?


Not Google, not Microsoft, not Apple, not Facebook, not Amazon... We will be the first to have a device like this. As an Android device it will be fully compatible with millions of other Android based applications.


And once again, you, our loyal members, are the first to know, to learn and the first to be able to get a PI 3D Tab.


In just a moment I will let you know how.


First I would like to tell you that we are still receiving emails from our members asking if there is any chance to buy some C.O.P. Units and you know that the answer is NO. On the other hand, we know that many of you would like to have a chance to get a chunk of our success story. As our company lawyers told us, we need to avoid any stock related activity at least 6 months before our IPO and we will stick with that. As you know we have the IPO planned for late 2014 or early 2015, so setting November 1, 2014 as the earliest date for IPO we would have a very small window of about 3 weeks to make you a very special offer.


And here is what the founders decided:


Developing the Perfect App and the Perfect Pages in 3D and customizing the android software for our branded PI 3D Tab, costs us about 100,000 US $. We decided to split these 100,000 US $ into 1,000 Crowd Funding Units (CFU) of 100 US $ each.

Instead of going to investors, why not give it to our members, the ones that are the reason of our growth our success?

It's a smart idea and a win-win situation for everyone involved.


And here's what you are going to LOVE... With each CFU you purchase, you will receive the following:


1) 10 US $ discount on a future purchase of a PI 3D Tab. The more Units you have, the higher your discount will be. We expect the final price of the PI 3D Tab to be US $ 399 so with 40 units you can expect to receive 1 tab for free. With 20 Units, you will receive 20 x US $ 10 = US $ 200 discount, with 10 units 100 $ and with 3 units 30 $. It's a 10 $ discount per unit.


2) You will receive 2 US Cents per sold PI 3D Tab. If we sell 5,000 Tabs in total, you will receive 5,000 x 2 Cents = 100 US $,  in other words, you would have received all of your invested money back. If we sell 10,000 Tabs you would already have doubled your money.


3) This is a biggie: You will receive 500 preferred shares of Perfect Internet Inc. at the day of the IPO.


It is still our goal to reach a shares value of US $ 2 (up to $ 6) per share at IPO.  So, 500 shares would turn into a value of 1,000 US $ (or more).


Keep in mind that this is on a first-come-first-served basis; when the 1,000 CFU are gone, they are gone for good and there will be no more and no more Preferred shares of PI either. So, this is definitely your very last chance to put your hands on some shares and CFU. 

NOTE: As of today 04/11/14 over 30% of the 1,000 CFUs have already been ordered in just 48 hours.


And remember, this kind of deal is what investors would love to put their hands on. Why? Well PI is an amazing fast growing global company, it is debt-free and already in profit since last year and this offer is happening right prior of our IPO. But unfortunately this is NOT available for them. Only for our valued members.


You are the very first to learn about this great and exclusive offer, made by our main shareholder GIT Europe Ltd., and you will find all the details about it and the order form right now at: http://supportpi.perfectinter.net/


Last thing:  start making plans NOW to meet us all in Las Vegas this June 25, 2014; this is going to be a fun gathering/event.


Thank you all for being here and congratulations on our amazing beautiful and safe project.


Good night and God bless,


The PI Team & The Power of “WE”

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PA General Recap February 27, 2014

PA General Recap

February 27, 2014

Presented by Gee DaCosta


Tomorrow we will publish the recording of this Webinar on the new blog for Family webinars, for those who have not been able to hear it now. Thank you guys for your patience!


With these platforms, there are always technical difficulties, but thank you for your patience and support. Unfortunately, a few of you have failed to solve the sound, so we are going to have to start. Thank you for being here.

This will be the last time that we will have a webinar on the Perfect APP Cash program, because the PA Cash program ends tomorrow, and that is before next Thursday so unless we have special news, there will not be another webinar on the PA Cash Program, although there could be other webinars, depending on the needs.

This webinar will be the shortest webinar ever.

The PA Cash program ends February 28, 2014, at 11:59:59 Las Vegas time.

Thank you for participating in this program.

Congratulations to all who took action by inviting others to the PA Cash Program.

You have a few hours left to let everyone know that after midnight on the 28th of February they won't have another opportunity to capitalize on the PA CASH Program.

This is the last chance you have to invite family, friends and contacts.    

Some might get angry when they find out that you're making all this money and you never said anything to them...


Whether they join or not, what matters is that you covered all the bases and you may have a document or email as proof that you invited them sometime, so they can never accuse you of not inviting them.

All those who joined before February 28, 2014, will be able to capitalize on 5 generations in the PA CASH Program forever.

In addition, if you recommend 100 businesses, and they buy Bonus Cards, all those who want to use the cards will have to activate them, and they will go in the 1st generation of the Business. Automatically they will be in your 2nd generation. I don't have to tell you what will happen next. The first generation will receive DEALPoints for free shopping. And it just keeps getting better and better.

This is huge!

Remember that the PerfectPages is like a rock star, and is never going to stop inviting people or recommending businesses.

When new members who join after March 1, also recommend businesses and earn DEALPoints, just imagine the army you are going to have in your 5 generations! Very powerful!

I'm going to answer some questions that have been asked.

At the end of the Webinar, we will open the chat questions, and now I will only answer questions about PA that we have not responded to earlier.



1. The people who are enrolled in the PA Cash Program who were never able to download the app for any reason, will be able to download it during the launch and after the release, and can still capitalize on all of their 5 generations.


2. Everyone who signed before February 28, 2014 will always capitalize from their 5 generations.


3. All those that joined in any of the stars, that have not downloaded or used the App for any reason, do it now or after the release, and can still capitalize on their 5 generations.


4. Everyone who joins PA from March 1, 2014, will receive DP for inviting new members.


5. Everyone here still have a few hours to invite others.

We are all waiting for the launch of the Perfect APP and the PerfectPages March 1st, 2014.

Please, I know that everyone wants to download the App on their mobiles, but unfortunately it will not be possible until we have integrated the Perfect APP and PerfectPages and we have tested them. When we know that everything works well, then it will be available for the mobile world. So please, don’t expect to see anything different in the Perfect APP right away.


Meanwhile, keep recommending businesses. We are very excited with the Perfect APP and the PerfectPages, but are all professionals, and we have patience and understand that we don't do anything halfway. We cannot throw something out there that isn't 100% finished and tested. So it may still be a few more days before everything is ready.


What you have to do is look at the PSM club, the PI news, or the Family Blog to get the latest news and updates and to stay connected. Because as it opens, it will be very exciting and powerful.


Our first months of profits for 2014 will explode, and you know what can happen, based on the number of businesses that we have recommended.

I do not know the latest numbers, but on Monday we had over 48,000 businesses recommended!


Those members who recommend businesses will succeed. This has never been done before, and is most likely that it will never happen again. Having said that, we are so advanced with this unique project that it is impossible that anyone has copied it. And it is all thanks to the power of us, with what an incredible group of believers, visionaries and super workers have constructed.


Congratulations to all of you for sharing our vision!


Now is the time to capitalize on all that we have done together, be sure that this is just the beginning for us, it will be very fun and profitable, but it may still be more profitable for each of you, if you recommend more businesses.


Our mother is PI, the Perfect Internet.

I want to meet you all in person in Las Vegas, NV, USA, June 21, 2014 in the great show of IWBF.

How are you going to go there? Look to see how many businesses you have recommended and will continue recommending to earn enough money to come to Vegas and have fun with all of us.

And then, the next stop, the beaches of the world, where we will work with pleasure and fun.

The lighter is in your hand, you can start the fire, the fire of excitement. Your enthusiasm will make the fire burn and the whole world will come to watch; maybe even to join you.

This has been the last webinar of the Perfect APP CASH program.

Now we are going to open the chat for questions about PA that I have not answered yet. Please, no comments now, only those questions that have not been answered yet.


Q. Can you give more days for the CASH program? It would be more than great!!

A. NO. Everyone had more than 3 months and we have already given more than enough time. We said from the    beginning that we will never again open the Perfect APP CASH program.


Q.  Gee, are you saying that we can continue inviting people to PA after the release and that will help me to build my 5 generations?

A. YES, but all the people that you invite after the launch will not earn money as you, they will get only DEALPoints.


Q. All of us who registered before February 28, even if we invite new people in June let’s say, do we continue making money or the cash program ends for us too?

A. Yes, all who come after the launch will earn DEALPoints, but you, if you joined before the launch will earn money (Cash Points).


.Q. The number of persons registered in Perfect APP by March 1, will join the dollar deal?

 A. What do you mean by dollar deal? If you mean $Factor, no, that's just for PSM and PSM program was closed long ago. But those people will continue to receive CASHPoints for ever.


Q. Once PA opens to the mobile world, those who use PCs/laptops will we have to buy a smart phone?

A.  No, you don't need to buy a smartphone, you can continue to use pc or laptop.


Q. We expect it to change the value of $ 0.001 per CASHPoint?

A.  NO. $ 0.001 is a fixed value, but you can increase your income by recommending businesses.


Q. As PSM generations I and also in PA, would receive wages or money from Wazzub?

A.  Wazzub is not a program of money, it is only PA. Anyone who would join any of our stars - before the 1 March  2014 — is automatically registered in PA and PP and enters your CashFACTOR.

Q. If I recommend a business, will it appear on my first generation or the Profit Instructor?

A. If you're the first person to recommend that business, it will be shown on your first generation.

There are 86 people here who have been here for a long time with us and they are going to see the fruits of our work. Congratulations to all!

RodLicari: Perfect APP info: http://wazzub.com/blogs/pa_updates


Cate: The PerfectPages will have its launch in a few days. Anyone who lives in USA or Canada and wants to buy the Bonus Cards immediately, can send me an email to north_america@myperfectinter.net  The first Bonus Cards will be sent tomorrow morning!


We will announce the next PSM Webinar after the launch. Be connected and alert for any updates. This is the last Webinar of the PA Cash Program.


Thanks to all and good night, God bless.

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