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Unicorn General Webinar Recap April 7, 2017

Unicorn General Webinar Recap

April 7, 2017

Presented by: Cate Kozikowski


Today, I have some great things to share with everyone!



The first thing that we’re going to talk about, as you can see, is Shobbit.

Shobbit, as you have heard in previous webinars, is our flagship, e-commerce site, where you can find the most amazing products that you would find all over the place, on other e-commerce platforms—only at Shobbit, you can get them up to 99% off! And, there’s more! Shobbit has some very unique and great features for shoppers, as well as, for merchants. I’m going to focus mostly on “for shoppers” today.

As a shopper, one of the best things with Shobbit is that you get to pick your perfect price. All of the Deals that you see on Shobbit, start at their original price, or whatever the merchant has decided for a starting price; then, every 5 seconds the price drops by 1%. So, if you’re looking at a Deal and you say, “You know, I would like it—but at a different price.” Maybe 20% off is the Deal that is perfect for you. As soon as it gets to that price, all you have to do is push the “DEAL” button; and the first person who pushes the “DEAL” button and completes their payment, gets the Deal!

So, that’s really cool. You don’t have to wait for an auction to end, to see if you got the Deal. It’s not an auction site. It’s really exciting because you get to have a say in the price that you pay. Maybe you’re a stickler, and you say, “Oh, I’ll only buy things that are 50% off, or less!” Then, you can do that! It’s no problem! That’s the cool thing about Shobbit.

Now, what else is really cool about Shobbit? Honestly, there’s a number of things;

Shobbit is a Shop You Can Trust


...but what also is really cool, is that Shobbit is a “Shop You Can Trust.” That means there is no phishing, no malware; only real products, and real services. All the merchants who sell their products on Shobbit are verified through the application process; so that our customers, the Shobbit shoppers, can rest assured when they buy a deal, that they’re going to get exactly what they bought!

So, what kinds of products will you find? Well, I have a few images from some actual Deals that will be on Shobbit, and I’m going to share some with you today, so you can see what kinds of great products you can find on Shobbit—things like electronics.



This (image) is a “head light” meaning a light that you place on your head, so you can see at night. So, you’ll find different things like this;

toys and kids products


...and you’ll find cool things for your kids, like a Spiderman, wall decal that you see here—or,



...even cool toys, like this little race track; or,

star light


...different things for your home, like this star lamp that you see here; or,

smart phones


...even smart phones. This is an ASUS (smart phone) that you see here. You will find name brand products on Shobbit;

health and beauty products


...even health and beauty items, like this hand cream; or,

perfumes and colognes


...perfumes and colognes; or,

room spray


...even other things for your home, like this high-end, room spray;

as seen on TV products


...and, things that you’ve seen on TV for health and beauty. Again, these are high-quality products, things that you can find on other e-commerce websites, like Amazon, eBay, and many others.



Even great fashions, like this beautiful top;



...or this lovely blouse;



...even dresses, and many, many types of apparel for everybody—men, women, kids—you’ll find it all on Shobbit!



You can even find other great things, like this scanner!

outdoors items


Or for the outdoors like these binoculars.

designer handbags



You’ll find all different kinds of products on Shobbit, like purses from all different kinds of designers and brands.



Even high-quality jewelry;

jewelry sets


...including sets—so, not just one ring, but you can get a whole matching set!

high quality items


As I keep saying, these are high-quality items—and unique things, too!

unique jewelry


There’s a whole line of this jewelry that’s very distinctive, with the dark bands.

unique jewelry


It’s really cool. I know I’m looking forward to buying some of those items!



And you will find cool watches, like this one here.



For those of you that remember “IDealSmarter,” we have improved upon our basic platform; and every Deal that you see on Shobbit has the ability to have multiple images. So, for this beautiful Princess ring, you’ll be able to see multiple images for this one Deal.

multiple images on deals





Now, here’s something cool:

click on the deal image to see more info


...this gives you an idea of what it looks like when you click on the image on a Shobbit Deal.

You’ll see the main image, and multiple images (if available), that you can click on and see; as well as, a full description that includes the processing, shipping, and handling, and all the information that you need about that Deal.

Now, let me tell you a little story about this particular Deal. This exact same phone is sold on places like Amazon, eBay, and many others. If you were to go to Amazon, you would see that a new Nokia phone generally runs between US$350 to US$450, depending on the color. You can see here, on Shobbit that the original price is US$316.76. And, that was the original price, so you’ve already saved money off the original price; and then you see that the current price is only a little more than US$200! So, if you were buying this Deal, you would have saved yourself almost US$150, or more—versus buying it on a different site.

So, many times you’ll find that you’ll save money; even just buying a Deal with a lower discount (say, less than 50% discount, like 20%.) This one’s at 35% (off). And, of course, like I said, YOU get to pick YOUR perfect price! How great is that?!! You can’t always go to the store and haggle with the owner, “Hey, I’d like to buy this tomato, but I’d only like to pay 10 cents a pound, instead of 50 cents a pound.” Some places you could do that, but not everywhere; especially in countries like the U.S. You can’t go to the grocery store and do that! You can’t even go to a department store and do that!

But the cool thing is, that no matter where you live on our beautiful planet, you CAN do that in Shobbit! Personally, I love shopping on our Deal platforms. I’ve bought a number of things, and I’ve always received great products; they’re some of my favorite items, and I know that Shobbit is even better.

Love it? SHOBBIT!


Now, one of the cool things about Shobbit is that the payment system is a little bit different from some other platforms, in the sense that you’re going to have to first load your Wallet. So, if you want to buy something on Shobbit, the first thing you’re going to want to do is load your Wallet. You can load your Wallet through your We Share Success (WSS) balance, through credit/debit card, a bank wire, and even Western Union (online).

The cool thing about this is, especially if you’re shopping on a budget—say, you only have US$50 to spend, or US$100, or whatever your budget is. Simply load that into your Wallet, and go shopping! You know that you won’t go over your budget, because that’s all you have in your Wallet.

And, all Deals have to be paid for within 15 minutes of you clicking the “DEAL” button, or it’s automatically cancelled. So, this is where the Wallet comes in, because you want to load your Wallet first before you go shopping. Of course, you can browse and see if you want to buy anything; but I’m sure, out of some of the pictures I’ve shown you today, there’s at least one thing that you’re thinking about; or, at least one category that you’d like to see more of.

So, Shobbit makes it as easy and fair as possible, for all customers. And, the cool thing is, too, as we’ve said, this isn’t an auction site; so you don’t have to worry about paying more for the item; or, waiting for an auction to end, to see if you even got the item. You don’t even have to buy any bids, or anything! The money that you put into your Wallet, is the money you have to spend. So, that is really cool, and it makes Shobbit really fun and exciting to shop.

So, when we open Shobbit, which will be very soon (keep your eyes on the PI News, for updates, and our other channels, of course), we’ll be starting with a few hundred Deals, but every day we’re going to be adding more and more Deals—so, it pays to come back every day, to see what’s new.

That’s a little bit about Shobbit, for all of our Shobbit shoppers. And, of course, once we’ve opened, we will definitely share more; but, that gives you an idea, and helps you to understand how Shobbit is different from other platforms.

Now in other updates, for Cashback Marketing, I have some quick updates for all of our customers and Affiliates.

We understand that the Recaps from the webinar on March 31st took a little extra time to get published. It was a long webinar, and these things take time. So, we’ve received a number of emails, with members concerned that they had missed the previous deadline; so, we have extended the deadline, (and this is the absolute last day), for the current offers, which is the MMP, the Mega Marketing Pool; and cycle 2 of the SMP, the Special Marketing Pool.

Both of those offers are still available, and will be available until Monday, April 10, 2017, 11:59 a.m. (Pacific Time). So, you have until Monday, by noon (USA PDT), to move your Units from your Personal Marketing Pool to the Special Marketing Pool, if you are participating in that; or, to purchase new Units in the Mega Marketing Pool.

And I highly recommend, especially if you participated in the Special Offer, moving your Marketing Units from the Old Global Marketing Pool to the SMP with your US$109 guarantee. If you participated in that last year (Sept. /Oct. 2016), then you need to move your Units before Monday, in order to keep yourself qualified for that guarantee.

So, very important! Make sure you do that. That Special SMP has a goal of US$180 per Marketing Unit, after 180 days. So, definitely, if you have Marketing Units in the system, and you want to take part in that, make sure you get your Units moved over before Monday, at noon (USA PDT).

Now, what happens on Monday?

Well, on Monday, we will resume our normal promotions. That means that new Marketing Units (purchased), will go to our current Global Marketing Pool, like they have before. So, it’s just simply that the MMP closes, and the current Global Marketing Pool resumes. That means, for every Marketing Unit in the Current Global Marketing Pool, you can collect up to 50% cashback after 365 days.

So, that is still a really cool offer, especially for small and medium businesses. Nobody else gives them cashback on their marketing budget. And, very soon we will have more Marketing Instruments at Cashback Marketing, so now is a great time to buy Marketing Units and collect that extra cashback, so you can have even more marketing power when more Marketing Instruments open up—which will be very soon!

So, that’s for new Marketing Units.

Now, regarding the Special Marketing Pool, cycle 3 of the Special Marketing Pool is going to be back to our standard offer. And, the standard offer is that after 90 to 180 days, you will receive up to US$90 per Marketing Unit in Affiliate Commissions.

And, as we’ve said previously, just like with (SMP) cycle 2, cycle 3 is just going to be ONE Marketing Pool; there are no choices, like we had in cycle 1. We’ve kept it easy, so that way, nobody has to worry about if they picked the “wrong” project. You don’t have to worry about that—it’s just one SMP, and you can earn Affiliate Commissions by participating. Really simple; easy to do for anybody—even an internet newbie; so, that is awesome.

Ok, so, that is what I have to share for today. This Recap will be out tomorrow, no problem; so, that will be easy for everyone. And, of course, it will be posted in our General Recap blog (#4 is what we’re on right now).

So, that’s it. Thank you very much, everyone. I hope everyone enjoyed taking a deeper insight into Shobbit; and how fun and exciting it will be to shop! Because, as our tagline says, “Love it? Shobbit!”

So, WAAZZUUUUUB! Remember to bobl; play Jackpot Directory. And, keep your eyes on PI News; and as well, join us in PERNUM Chat. If you have a cell phone, and you can accept text messages, get your PERNUM Chat set up. We have groups in there, where you can chat with others; and we have news channels, where we always share updates and important information.

So, it’s very important to be involved. And always, also, communicate with your 1st Generation. Definitely, send your invited members emails, letting them know all the cool stuff we have going on—especially, the March 31st Recap. Everyone should read that.

The Unicorn Network is definitely a special place, and we have something for everyone. Thank you, again. HAPPY HEALTH to everyone. And, we’ll talk to you again soon. Bye-bye.


With your success in mind,

Cate Kozikowski and        

Your WAZZUB Support Team


Note from Support: For more info about PERNUM Chat, see this recap:




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Biggest Talent 2017 General Webinar Recap April 5, 2017

Biggest Talent 2017 General Webinar Recap

April 5, 2017

Presented by: Cate Kozikowski


WAAAZZUUUUUBBB, everybody! Welcome to another exciting webinar!

Today, we are going to talk about the Biggest Talent Contest. Now, I know everybody is so excited to find out who has the Biggest Talent in each country, but, we’re going to get to that at the end of the webinar; so stick with us!

First, let’s talk about what makes the Biggest Talent Contest so special. (For that, we have a few little videos.)

(View the Biggest Talent 2017 trailer.)



We know the contestants have already entered for this year; but, really, what can you win if you are the Grand Prize Winner, or Finalist?

Well, for starters, as a Finalist, you will be traveling to Las Vegas, Nevada, USA; and performing live, onstage, in front of a real audience in a fantastic theater. So, how exciting is this experience? Let’s check out some highlights from our last Most Famous Awards Show.

(View Most Famous Award Show 2016 highlights.)



That’s right! So, that was really exciting. Let me tell you, as someone who was there—it was amazing! Everyone had such a great time—the audience and the winners that were performing. It was just wonderful and I really look forward to our next live events, because really, they are just so much fun—and you meet the most amazing people!

So, how did those winners feel after the show? It’s one thing to hear it from just me, as I was just in the audience; but how did THEY really feel?

(View some interview highlights from the Most Famous Award Show 2016)



So, that is certainly amazing! As you saw, the audience and the winners all had the best time, attending and performing live, onstage, in Las Vegas.

But, what else do you win as the Grand Prize Winner?

(View Maya Pop's first 2 singles off her new Album.)




So, there you have it!

Maya Pop was the Grand Prize Winner of 2015/2016 Season, under the name, “I Wanna Be Famous”; and she has won, as you saw, a professionally-produced, full-length CD; as well as her live performance in Las Vegas. “Do Some Good,” the first song that we saw, is the first release from the album, and “Real Love” (the second song we listened to), is the second from that album. That means, there is still much more to come from Maya Pop!

And how does Maya Pop really feel about winning the Grand Prize? You saw some highlights earlier, and you can hear about her whole experience through her own words in her latest Vlog:

(View Maya Pop's Vlog about her experience.)



So, who will be the winner this year?

It's important to understand about the requirements for next round. Let’s look at the time table.


Here's the time table:


1. As you know, the Biggest Talent Competition is a professional competition, which means that the videos from the contestants will need to be created just for this competition; just for this next round.

So, we’re going to make some adjustments: every National Biggest Talent Winner, who is competing in the next round, will need to create a brand, new video; just for the Battle of the Countries Phase.

  • The video technical details are still the same; that part doesn’t change at all. (i.e. It’s still less than 7 minutes; can be uploaded in multiple formats; etc.)
  • The video that you submit as a contestant, must show the contestant actually performing the talent (e.g. If you are a singer, you must upload a video with you singing. If you play an instrument, you must be playing the instrument in the video. If you’re a dancer, obviously, you have to be dancing in the video.)
  • The video must not have any other graphic, (like another talent competition), have flashy borders and crazy effects, or be from years ago. It has to be a freshly-created video for this coming round, the Battle of the Countries.
  • And, it doesn’t have to be anything crazy fancy. You could be in your house, if that’s what you want to do; wherever you want to do it.
  • But these videos must be uploaded on, or before, 11:59 pm on April 19 (USA PT), to qualify for next round.

So, what this means is, that for those contestants that have won the Biggest Talent for their country, and are competing in the next round; you will need to create a brand-new video, and have it uploaded within the next 2 weeks.


2. Now, with that change, that means that the voting for the next phase will begin on April 20 and it will run for approximately 4 weeks for the Battle of the Countries.

  • The first round will narrow down to 32 contestants (from 40+); the next round will narrow down to 24 contestants, then from 24 to 16; and then finally, from 16 down to 8.
  • Therefore, the winners of the Battle-of-the-Countries’ Phase will be notified on or around May 20, 2017; and, at that time, the final travel preparations will need to happen for their live-show appearance in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, on June 25, 2017.
  • The Grand Prize Winner will be chosen live, on stage, by the live audience, and the live audience worldwide. So, in order to win, the contestant must be present in Las Vegas, on June 25, 2017, because the final round is live, head-to-head battles, on stage.


So, with this understanding of the timeline for the next rounds of competition, it’s important that all of our Biggest Talent country winners plan for the next rounds, starting now!

It’s important to get your visa and travel preparation done now. You will not have time in May to get your visa, if you don't already have the process going now. So, regardless, if you will be a Finalist or not, if you need a visa to travel to the USA, you must start that process now in order to be able to travel in June.

Unfortunately, only those who are legally able to travel to the USA are able to participate in the Final Round. And, as well, due to the recent, travel-restriction Executive Order 13780, if there are any contestants from Sudan, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, or Yemen, you may not be able to participate in the live show.

Now, if you cannot participate in the Final Rounds due to other obligations, we understand. You will still be the winner of the Biggest Talent 2017 for your country; and can always try again next year to be the Biggest Talent of the world.

Now, please understand that these updates, that I have shared today, for the requirements for the next rounds, are to ensure that we have a great Final Show; and, as well, that everyone has a fair chance.

Now, we may have some additional updates in the Recap; and we will try our best to have this Recap out probably tomorrow.

So now the moment you have all been waiting for... the National Winners of the Biggest Talent 2017 and now we will announce the winners by country.

Each winner will receive a certificate like this:


 Biggest Talent 2017 National Winner Certificate


As I read these names, contestants, imagine your name and country in this certificate that the winners will receive soon.

Drum roll please... they come in alphabetical order and bear in mind these are the usernames below and they may be a little different from their artistic names. Congratulations to everyone!














Marcel Fernandes







Congo (Dem. Rep.)




Czech Republic















valen ash



Ivory Coast











Rex Revol











South Africa












United Arab Emirates


United States










These are the National Winners of Biggest Talent 2017; we share a great round of applause for everyone! We are excited to see who is going to be the Biggest Talent 2017 of the world!

Remember, as I said before, now you know who the winners of each country are; all these artists are going to have to upload a new video for the next round. We are going to send to all the National Biggest Talent Winners an email to confirm that they are able to participate in the Final Show if they become finalists.

Remember that for the new videos, it is very important that the video is new; you do not have to have special effects or frames, or anything like that. This is a contest of music and dance talent, the video has to show the contestant singing, playing an instrument, or dancing.

Since you are the Biggest Talent 2017 of your country, at the beginning of the video you can add something to thank your fans and those who voted for you, saying a little thank you, or reminding them to vote.

We want to make sure that the video submitted shows you performing. If you are a dancer, you have to dance, and if you are an instrumentalist, you have to play an instrument, if you are a singer, you must sing.

It has to be a new video created for the Biggest Talent contest, we will use these videos in our contest for the audience to judge, and we want you to show your talent. Show the world what you have!

The new video has to be uploaded before April 19, 2017 by 11:59pm USA PDT. It can be done at home with someone filming it, it doesn't matter the location.

Congratulations again to all the Biggest Talent 2017 country winners! You will receive an email, with your certificate, and more information. The recap of this webinar will be published tomorrow.


So what do you think?

[The chat was opened for feedback; everyone loved it and is super excited. Congratulations were shared for all the artists.]


I’m looking forward to these next rounds, and especially the Live Final Show in Vegas! If you can make it, I definitely recommend it. The experience is amazing; and getting to meet other people in the Unicorn Network is just the best!

Thank you everyone! Remember to bobl; play Jackpot Directory; and HAPPY HEALTH to everyone! Take care, bye-bye.


With your success in mind,

Cate Kozikowski and        

your WAZZUB Support Team


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Unicorn Network General Webinar Recap March 31, 2017

Unicorn Network General Webinar Recap

March 31, 2017

Presented by: Dan Settgast


Unicorn Network Magically Changing the World


Dear Unicorn Members,

Thank you for being here today! My name is Dan Settgast, and I am one of the Founders of the Unicorn Network. On 11/11/11 (so on November 11, 2011), we started our Pre-launch, promising a better internet experience for all users. After pre-launch, about 5 years ago, we presented PI, the Perfect Internet homepage. Since then, many exciting things have happened. We added more and more services, and today we are looking at a Group of Companies, even with some projects that are connecting the global internet community with local businesses all over the world.

There are two ways to share an insight into our Group of Companies with you;

1) One, is simply a chart of our Group of Companies, and it looks like this:

Unicorn Network Group of Companies


You can see our Holding and Operations Company on top, as well as our Unicorn Foundation, our charitable organization; at least 10% of all profits are going to our charity; and our charity is donating to charitable projects all around the world, based on the recommendations of our members.

Then, you see our several sub-companies with all the things that they do—their business purposes like: Internet Services, Business Directory, Entertainment, Mobile Applications, Marketing Services, Social Communities, Stage and Screen Entertainment, Payment Processor, Health Services, Education, Sweepstakes, Advertising, E-Commerce, Affiliate Network, Privacy/Security, Social Search Engine, and so on, and so on, and so on.

2) And way number two, to tell you about our Group of Companies needs a little bit more time; but I am sure it will give you a better impression of what we have achieved so far, and of all the great things to come.


Unicorn Network


So welcome to the world of the Unicorn!


Our Unicorn Network is built on 8 core values—like respect, privacy, security, and quality. It is our goal to magically change the world, with our outstanding services and projects.



Unfortunately, many internet companies have built their business models on data mining, and on building secret profiles of all internet users. So, in other words, they are MONETIZING private data from you and me that they are collecting.

Internet and Greyzone


Even worse, they allow the bad guys to threaten us with spam emails, phishing, malware, and even fake shops. So, these bad guys try to hack accounts; try to get our credit card details, and other personal data, up to full identity theft; and they try to get malware, viruses, ransomware on our computers and internet devices, so that they can spy on us.

Internet, Greyzone, and Darknet


If they're successful, our data and our money disappear into the Darknet. In the Darknet is exactly where these bad guys get NEW email lists, passwords, software, and private data; so that they can do their phishy game again, and again, and again. 

That is why we decided to fulfill our promise for more privacy and more security...

SafeZone protecting


..and to do that we would need to create the SafeZone. Within the SafeZone, we offer maximum privacy, maximum security, no data mining, and malware protection.

The SafeZone is not just a fancy word; the SafeZone is for real!

SafeZone website mockup


Within the SafeZone, we offer your Perfect Internet experience, especially when it is about privacy, security, and about quality. Just to give you one example for how we protect your privacy, let us talk about PERNUM. 

PERNUM is your personal number for masking all your private data like phone numbers, email addresses, chat names, credit card details, meeting points, and more. Instead of spreading your private data all over the internet, simply store your data just one time; encrypted on our highly-secure PERNUM server, and then simply share your Pernum for communications and transactions. In a few minutes, I will give you a deeper insight into exactly how PERNUM works. 

One example for security: we have integrated a two-step authentication into our websites, which is a One-Time PIN, additionally to your password. This One-Time PIN is your additional layer of security. You are setting up a secret, 6-digit Master PIN, like, you might know it from online banking for example; and this 6-digit Master PIN is used to generate a random One-Time PIN whenever you want to login, to view or to change your personal data, or to execute any transactions. Even if hackers would know your username and password, they will be UNABLE to enter your account, to see your personal data, or to do any transactions in your name.

One example for quality: we have created “Seals You Can Trust” as your new quality standard on the internet; no matter if it is pages, shops, and aps, or even ads for advertising. If you see one of the Seals You Can Trust, you know that you're dealing with real companies, real products, and the best service available—no malware, no viruses, no fake shops, no phishing, no data mining—guaranteed!


PERNUM is your Shield


As promised, let me tell you a little bit more about PERNUM.

This is how PERNUM works:

PERNUM protects



…No matter if your phone number, email address, account numbers, shipping addresses, chat names, credit card details, meeting points—simply turn all your private data into one 10-digit number; your personal number, your Pernum!



The easiest way to explain how PERNUM works is by explaining PERNUM email.

how email works


You have a Pernum, let's say 12345, and the person you want to send an email to has a Pernum as well, let's say 54321; and what you now simply do is you send an email instead of to an email address, you send it to recipient 54321. Our PERNUM data base will check to see if the person behind the Pernum 54321, wants to receive emails from you, from your Pernum; if not, your email won’t be delivered, and you would receive a message that this person does not want to receive emails from you. Of course, if this is a person you know, and you've talked with this person before, they know your Pernum, and so you are accredited and your email would be delivered. That means:

a) someone would need to know your Pernum, and

b) they must send their emails from another PERNUM account; and that means there's literally no chance for any spam emails!

So, in the perfect world, all 4,000,000,000 people on this planet, with internet access, would have a Pernum, and would use our internal PERNUM email system.

Pernum protection


But of course, most people use other services like Gmail, or Hotmail, or Yahoo mail, or one of the thousands of other email services out there. With these open system of emails, that is the problem—that’s what is causing all the spam emails. You use your email address to register yourself for newsletters, for services, for shopping accounts; and when one of these tens or even hundreds of databases get hacked, the bad guys have your email address; and the bad guys can send you spam mail. 

So, of course PERNUM offers a solution here, as well. You don't have to change your existing email address, if you don't want to.

Pernum email


Simply use PERNUM as a shield; which means with your personal number, with your Pernum, you are able to set up not only from which other Pernums you would like to receive emails from, but you can also add your friends and business partners (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo mail, or any other email address), to your white list, as well.

And now, you tell them that 12345@pernum.email is your new email address, so the email traffic goes through the PERNUM Service, and PERNUM will do the same check as before, and if the sender is on your white list,

PERNUM Protects


... it will deliver the email to your email account.

If you, for example, sign up for new website, or you have a new personal contact, you don't even have to give them your private email address. You just share 12345@pernum.email , and the email will be delivered to your Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo mail, whatever mail account, but the sender will never know your real email address. So, if that their server gets hacked, with your email address on their server, the bad guys won't learn your private email address. The only thing that they would learn is 12345@pernum.email. And if they send an email to this email address, and they are not the white list, it won't be delivered. Therefore, PERNUM is the perfect tool to make your existing email account spam-free, as well. 

If you would receive a suspicious email from one of the people on your white list, there are two options: they sent it, so then you can think about if you want to receive emails from them in the future; or, you might be pretty sure that it was not them personally, so there’s a high chance their email account has been hacked. So, thanks to PERNUM, you will be able to tell them, “Hey, your email account got hacked. You need to do something.”

Of course, PERNUM is so much more than just an email, privacy and no-spam tool.



What you can see here is our design for our PERNUM App. You can see by the symbols that besides PERNUM Email, we will offer PERNUM Talk, PERNUM Chat, and PERNUMPAY. We will have our own PERNUM Internet Browser, and your Pernum will be your URL for your personal website, or Facebook page, or BOBL page, as well. PERNUM will navigate you to any address, but you don't have to share the address; you just put in the meeting point, or desired address, into the PERNUM system and server, and you create who shall be able to meet with you. So, only people on your white list for navigation, when they say, “Hey, PERNUM, navigate me to Pernum 12345, they will see and receive the address for their navigation software—the same for shipping. And on top of that, your Pernum will be your key to the best deals; and your Pernum will be the key to win valuable prizes, as well.

Prize Mania


For example, at Prize Mania: (by the way, since 2012, we have picked a new winner every 10 minutes) your personal number, your Pernum, is your ticket ID for endless, free, prize draws. Simply click on the WINNER button of each category, once per hour, and check if you are the lucky winner; because every 60 minutes we pick a new winner. So, the more often you come back to check, the more you raise your chances to win. We have 6 prize categories from eBooks, to Smart Phones, to Surprise Gifts, real Jewelry, a Shopping Jackpot, and a Cash Jackpot.

And, as we’ve been doing this since 2012, we have already had, not just one, but 2 Cash Jackpot winners! The first one was Sasa from Serbia; and he won more than US$5,100! And, on top of his prize money, we invited him here to our Headquarters in Las Vegas, and he received his prize money live on stage during a Las Vegas Show here on the famous Las Vegas Boulevard. If you think well, “$5,000 is nice, but it could be more...”

Safecracker Club


…here we go! At the SAFE CRACKER CLUB, your Pernum can win you US$100,000—and guys, that's a huge amount of money! Because of that, you don't have to trust us; you have to trust a globally-active, insurance company. At the SAFE CRACKER CLUB you type in a 10-digit code (for example, which can be your Pernum); and if your 10-digit code matches the 10-digit code that is in a sealed envelope, in a real safe in the beautiful city of Munich, in Germany, (because the headquarters of the insurance company is in Munich)—if your code typed in is the secret code, you will instantly win US$100,000!

These two websites to win, as well as some more websites, are a part of OUR Perfect Internet.


As you can see from this little commercial at Perfect Internet, we have much more to offer, beside the chance of winning some hard cash; and of these many, many pages,

Perfect Search


…let me introduce this new page to you.

Our Perfect Search

With Our Perfect Search you receive Google search results in privacy. Generally, you will receive the same results as if you were to directly search for a search phrase or website, images or videos at Google, with 2 important differences:

1) Thanks to our cooperation with StartPage, which is the world's most private search engine, Google is not able to identify you; and

      2) For every 10 searches, you receive a reward. For the reward, you can choose between a DEALPoint, and you can collect DEALPoints to shop for free at our FREE SHOPPING CLUB; or, you can choose a Token—and this Token can earn you, for example, US$100,000 at the SAFE CRACKER CLUB; because a Token allows you to type in another 10-digit code, to try your luck.

[Note from Support: The function to choose a DEALPoint instead of a Token will be implemented soon.]

My News Wall


The same mechanics work on our page, My News Wall. As I am born in Germany, I use My News Wall to read what happens in Germany, and what is driving the people in Germany. And here it is the same: for every 10 news articles that you read, you will receive one Token, or one DEALPoint. So, we are talking about you being rewarded for reading news; and that is, for sure, exclusive to the Unicorn Network.

[Note from Support: The function to choose a DEALPoint instead of a Token will be implemented soon.]

Within the Perfect Internet commercial, you might have seen “free downloads;” so let me show you what the “free downloads” are about:


So, why do we offer all these free services? And, why do we even give rewards to our members? Well, of course, one thing is about our core values. By offering our own services, that is the only way we can make sure that we can fulfill our privacy, security, and quality promises. But on the other hand, of course, we are doing business. That means, like all other companies, we want to earn some money. The more free services that we offer, the most likely our members will find our e-commerce pages as well. For example this one:




So, Shobbit is one of our many e-commerce brands; and, by the way, in EEBOOX.com; of course, you'll find eBooks for sale, as well. Shobbit is something very, very special; because, thanks to our patent-pending algorithm, Shobbit is the only page, the only website, where you have the chance to receive 99% discount on everything. On this screenshot, you can see a lot of jewelry. When Shobbit will launch, in about a week, you will find not just jewelry, but apparel, electronics, and other products as well, because Shobbit is a marketplace for merchants. 

I am happy to inform you that some of the most successful Power Sellers from other platforms, like Amazon and eBay, have already agreed on joining Shobbit; and using Shobbit as an additional channel to sell their products. The merchant behind these jewelry products, by the way, is selling more than a million items per year on other platforms. But on NONE of the other platforms, do you as a consumer have a chance to get any item with up to 99% discount. 

Here's how it works: every 5 seconds the price drops by 1%, but only the first user pushing the DEAL button is the winner. Only the first user pushing the DEAL button will receive the item for the displayed price. So it is 100% up to you, how long you want to wait. But, have in mind, you have to be the first to push the button; so when the price is right for you, don't wait too long.

So, what happens after the minimum price is reached, or someone push the DEAL button? The item will start at full price again. And I don't know if you know that, but most auction websites out there, even if they tell you that all items started US$1.00, they have minimum prices in their systems; which means you never, never have a chance to buy a certain item for US$1.00. What happens when you place a bid for US$1.00, the software will place a bid for US$2.00; and then you might bid $3.00, and if the minimum price is not yet reached the system will bid $4.00. It will display a name so you think, “Wow, there’s another user,” but, in many cases it's not another user—it’s just that they try to get you to pay a higher price.

The other kind of platforms with floating prices are these websites where the prices falling; and you have to pay to push the deal button, and if after you push the deal button, someone else is pushing the deal button, your 5¢, 10¢  (I've even seen it for 50¢, or a dollar), are gone! We don't do stuff like this at Shobbit, and not on any of our other platforms. You don't have to pay just for pushing a button; and the price that you see when you push the DEAL button, the item is YOURS at the displayed price. We think that this is the fairest way to interact with customers. So, check the Perfect Internet News from time to time, so that you can be one of the first to experience Shobbit, next week.

Totally different topic—one of our other projects....



…called HAPPY HEALTH. HAPPY HEALTH will be your one-stop shop for health, wellness, and fitness. We will have a HAPPY HEALTH Directory. We will have physical HAPPY HEALTH Centers in different cities all around the world. We will have HAPPY HEALTH Formula nutritional supplement products of the highest quality level, based on the guidelines of Dr. James Forsythe; who is a well-known specialist for fighting cancer, and for anti-aging.

For HAPPY HEALTH Edition, we will have books related to health topics. Dr. Forsythe himself, wrote more than 20 books about different topics; and all these books will be especially updated and upgraded exclusively for our HAPPY HEALTH Edition. Additionally, we have one of the best fitness experts on board. His name is David Vaughan, and he is in the process of developing a special HAPPY HEALTH Fitness exercise program.  We will have instructional videos, so that our members will be able to easily follow-up; and in the future we will have fitness studios and gyms all around the world, offering HAPPY HEALTH Fitness; as well as, other HAPPY HEALTH Services.

HAPPY HEALTH Website mockup


Here’s just a mockup of what the HAPPY HEALTH website will look like.  On top of that, HAPPY HEALTH will give Certificates to health services…

HAPPY HEALTH Certificate of Excellence


...and products, if they meet the high quality standards of Dr. Forsythe.

Here, I would like to share with you one more thing that is very, very special about the Unicorn Network, and that is that we are an open network. Don’t think that we create Seals and Certificates, and then we only use them for our own products, services, and websites. No! Every product, every website is welcome within the SafeZone; and, if they fulfill our requirements for privacy, security, and quality, they are welcome! So, we are creating an open platform; and at the same time while we are establishing new standards, in the interests of all internet users.

Next topic; again, a totally different topic...

Most Famous Brands


Entertainment! Our headquarters is in Las Vegas, and Las Vegas is the world capital of entertainment. No city has more theaters, more shows running, and more people visiting per year. 43,000,000 people visit Las Vegas every year; and on average they watch somewhere between one and two shows. So, of course, our Group of Companies has an entertainment division as well, which is Most Famous, Inc. And under our main entertainment brand, Most Famous, Inc., we have several projects like our Biggest Talent Contest, our Biggest Talent Contest, right now, is in the 3rd season, and we have artists from more than 40 countries fighting for the title of the Biggest Talent 2017.

The 8 Finalists will be invited to perform live on stage here in Las Vegas, later this year. I know that some of the artists might be here today, on the webinar, waiting for the winners of Phase Two to be announced—the Biggest Talent per country; but of course, we will make this a special webinar next week, just for Biggest Talent. The date and time are below.

[Note from Support: The BT Webinar info is at the end of the recap.]

Once per year, we have our Most Famous Awards Show, including red carpet, and step and repeat, here in Las Vegas as a live show. And two of our other entertainment projects are related to screen entertainment.  VEEDEO TV is a platform where you will find high-quality content, generated by users, and moderated and produced by TV professionals. Talking about TV professionals, we are very proud to have people like Pete Demas, who is a former vice president at MTV and Stars Entertainment onboard; as well as Matt Gallant, who is a successful TV host here in the U.S. One of his shows, The Planet's Funniest Animals, which he hosted for 5 seasons, is broadcast all over the world. So, you might have seen him on your TV screen before. 

These guys are taking care of our project VEEDEO TV. The tagline for VEEDEO TV is “Channel your life,” so we will have several channels—a news channel, a music channel, a comedy channel, of course, a HAPPY HEALTH channel; and we will have several sports channels as well. We've just signed a contract with a company from Mexico which has been producing for more than a decade now: Combat Sports, Fight Sports, boxing, wrestling, freestyle, Thai boxing, and Lucha fights. They offer subscription and pay-per-view services, and they’ve decided to have a free channel for Fight Sports, exclusively at VEEDEO TV.

Do you remember My News Wall? Well, what we will have now is My TV Wall as well; where you can pick TV stations from all over the world, and have them all at your fingertips on one page.

The last Entertainment project for today that I want to introduce you to is our BEST SEAT CLUB. At the BEST SEAT CLUB, we will bring you the finest entertainment from Las Vegas; as well as, from all around the world, to the comfort of your home. 


Best Seat Club Essence of Whitney Event


This Whitney Houston Tribute Event will take place the weekend of Sept. 9th and 10th, here in Las Vegas—live, in one of the huge theaters. The Unicorn Network and the BEST SEAT CLUB, exclusively, will bring the livestream of this huge event to people from all over the world. If you cannot make it to Las Vegas, and you are not lucky enough to get one of the 2,000 tickets for the live event, you will be able to watch the show in the comfort of your home. On top of that, with our Most Famous Event location network, we will have karaoke bars, night clubs, discotheques, movie theaters, hotels, convention centers celebrating this Whitney Houston Tribute Event together with us, by organizing local tribute events; and as a highlight of these events, to show the livestream of the concert; or, if it is impossible due to the time zones to show the (live) event, maybe (it would be)1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 hours later, so that it fits the local time zone.

So, enough talk about entertainment.

PerfectPages Brands


Our next topic: our global, local business directory, PerfectPages. PerfectPages together with our Perfect Bonus System, is perfect for any small and medium business on this planet to do targeted, high-quality marketing. With the Unicorn Network, it is impossible that things happen like has just been happening on Google and YouTube, where hundreds of companies withdrew their advertising from YouTube (and Google), because they don't want to see their advertising beside, before, or in-between low quality (ads) or even videos with types of content...we don’t even want to talk about that type of content here. That is why quality is one of our core values, having a team overlooking and checking content. 

Of course, that does mean that not everybody is able to simply upload stuff without control—no! We hand-pick the best content. And who knows best what kind of content you are interested in? That is YOU, and that is why influence is one of our core values as well. We listen to our members, and we add the content you would like to see, and that you would like to find within our Unicorn Network, if we can do it by ourselves; or within the SafeZone, when there is a third-party company offering the perfect products or services—of course, (only) if they fulfill the SafeZone quality, privacy, and security requirements, for your safety.

Under the roof of PerfectPages is Cashback Marketing, as well. We launched Cashback Marketing exactly a year ago; and because the PerfectPages has not been ready for all the Marketing Instruments, we have made some very, very special offers at Cashback Marketing, to sweeten the waiting time.

Now finally, the waiting time is over, which means from April onward Cashback Marketing will be mainly focused on small and medium businesses from all around the world, who are interested in the best marketing strategies. But, of course, we will keep at least one Special Marketing Pool for those of you who would like to benefit from online marketing, but you might not have your own website, product, or company.

So, that means we will see some changes at Cashback Marketing within the next few days. We will keep the so-called Mega Marketing Pool, as well as the special SMP open until Monday, April 3, 2017 (at least). That is absolutely the last date for these two offers (The offers will close anytime without warning after April 3, 2017). After Monday, we will go back to our standard Global Marketing Pool, which is still unbelievable—up to 50% cashback within 365 days! Guys, that means that small and medium businesses from all around the world can save up to 50% of their marketing budget; or even better, receive more marketing power on the same budget, thanks to our Cashback Marketing.

And with our unique Budget-Back Guarantee, every Cashback Marketing customer knows that they are always covered by far, better, than they are covered with any other marketing service provider. If you are waiting for the day when Google ads, or Facebook ads, are giving you a guarantee, “If you don't sell anything, we will give your budget back,” I am pretty sure you will need to wait for a long time!

You can see here one more logo, the Vegas Deals Directory, this is just here to let you know that besides our global, local business directory, we will have several local, regional, national, or topic or industry-related directories as well.

Vegas Deals Directory


The first one, of course, is related to Las Vegas and at the Vegas Deals Directory. These 43,000,000 visitors of Las Vegas per year, will be able to find the best deals in Vegas for shows, dining, tours, shopping, hotels, spas, services, activities—all included. Every Vegas Deals Directory...

Vegas Deals Perfect Bonus Card


...customer will receive a Vegas Deals BONUS CARD. This bonus card, thanks to our global Perfect Bonus System, is not just valid in Las Vegas. It is good to receive discounts in online shops and local shops, all around the world!

On the backside of the card, you can see a special 10-digit bonus code, and guess what? This is cross-marketing for our SAFE CRACKER CLUB. So, just for signing up for free for the Vegas Deals Directory; of course, people will have the chance to win up to US$100,000.

When we started 5 years ago, we promised our members that we would share our success with you. One way to share our success is by giving you benefits and rewards, Tokens, DEALPoints, free downloads, FREE SHOPPING CLUB, chances to win every 10 minutes, and so on, and so on. And Cashback Marketing (the cashback), is another way that we share our success with you. On top of that...

We Share Success


…we do that with our project We Share Success (WSS), as well. We Share Success is your business opportunity on the internet. We Share Success is our Affiliate Marketing Network.

So how does affiliate marketing work?

How Affiliate Marketing Works


This circle is starting on the right. You, as an affiliate, create a relationship with the business. Then, you, the affiliate, advertise products and services of that business; for example, on your website, on your Facebook page, or on your blog. So, the internet users visiting your pages see the advertisements; click on it, so the business receives traffic of interested, internet users. If these internet users, who clicked on a banner, or text link on your website, are closing a deal, ordering something (a product or service), then you receive a commission.

So, generally that sounds great; no risk. Normally, don't have to pay to become an affiliate, and you can earn money—cool.

How Affiliate Marketing Works


But, with other providers, you need a topic-related website, blog, or forum. You need to place ads on your pages; and the timeframe is limited. If someone is clicking on an ad on your page, and they don't buy immediately, but come back to that page after 30, 60, or 90 days, and they buy something, it doesn't count for you—even if you brought them to that website. There are thousands of affiliate programs out there, and you need to apply for each of them, if you want to have more than one.  And each affiliate program has their own rules.

We Share Success Affiliate Program is Different


So what makes We Share Success different?

Affiliates only need One Registration at We Share Success


At We Share Success, you just need ONE registration. When you are a Unicorn Member, you become an Affiliate Member. You just need to upload a Proof of Identity (POI) and a Proof of Address (POA), because by law we need to know, if we do business with you; and we're talking business here. By law, we are required to know with whom we are dealing. But ONE registration is enough for all our business opportunities!

So that means, remember PERNUM? Our members can buy easy-to-remember numbers, instead of their random, free Pernum. If you have invited this member, and they buy a Pernum, you will receive a commission. Remember Shobbit? When one of the members you invited is closing a deal on Shobbit, you will receive a commission. Remember HAPPY HEALTH? If someone is buying a book, or a HAPPY HEALTH Formula product, and you invited this person, you will receive a commission. Remember EEBOOX? If someone is ordering a paid eBook, you will receive a commission, if you invited this person. Remember the BEST SEAT CLUB? If someone is buying a ticket, and you invited this person to the Unicorn Network, you will receive a commission; and so on, and so on, and so on. So, this means thanks to just ONE registration,

Affiliates Never Miss An Opportunity at We Share Success


...you'll never miss an opportunity. Of course, if you have a website, then you can advertise certain products or services. If you have an entertainment-related website, you can place a banner for the Whitney Houston Tribute Event...

Affiliates don't need to advertise at We Share Success


But, with We Share Success, there's NO NEED to advertise;

We Share Success Affiliate Simply Invite FREE Members


Because the only thing you need to do is invite free members to join the Unicorn Network, and to join the SafeZone.

Unicorn Network Traffic Generation


Look, this is how the Unicorn Traffic Generation works for you. Invite other people to join for free, so they will find all the free prize draws, free lotteries, free services, free downloads and they will automatically win or collect free DEALPoints or Tokens; and, of course, they will check, “What can I do with my DEALPoints?” For example, at the FREE SHOPPING CLUB. “What can I do with my Tokens?” for example, at the SAFE CRACKER CLUB. So, as they learn that our services are for real, with the highest privacy, security, and quality standards, they want to collect more benefits. So, to do that, they have TWO options: they themselves invite new free members, and/or they automatically visit our other Unicorn websites; and there they consume advertising, and there they might buy our products, or services.

So you don't need to be a Whitney Houston fan; and you don't need to promote this special event, if you don't want to; if you don't want to spread the word. But, if someone invited by you is interested, and they see one of the Whitney Houston banners on one of our websites within the Unicorn Network, and they click on it, and they buy a ticket; the only thing that counts is who invited this member—and if it was you, you receive the commission!

To make it even sweeter for you, besides your commissions, you receive so-called Family Bonuses on the activity of your invited members. So, if they invite people who use a paid service, or buy a product, you will receive a bonus, a cash bonus—free for you to withdraw, or spend it within the Unicorn Network. 

The Unicorn Network IS Magically Changing The World!


This is, I mean now, ALL of this, what I've presented to you in the last hour, and about 45 minutes— THIS is what makes the Unicorn Network so special! This is how we are magically changing the world!

So, thank you for listening.

WAAAZZUUUB! Don't forget to bobl. Be proud to be a Unicorn; and always, HAPPY HEALTH.

Thank you for listening. Don’t forget to check the Perfect Internet News for special launch dates, and for the next webinars; and all the best to you. Thank you, bye bye.

With your success in mind,

Dan Settgast and        

your WAZZUB Support Team



Notes from Support:

The Biggest Talent 2017 Webinar was held on Wednesday, April 5, 2017 at 11am USA PDT and the recap is expected out on April 6 Company Time.


Upcoming Webinar!


Please join us for a General Webinar on Friday, April 7, 2017 at 11am USA PDT where we will share updates.



Check your time for the April 7 General Webinar here:


All the best to everyone and WE look forward to seeing you on our next General Webinar!

Make sure you share this with your first generation, family, and friends. Thank you!



Additional CBM communication note: At a later date more information will be announced about CBM specifically and the new SMP. The MMP and Cycle 2 SMP offers are still open for a very limited time, act fast!




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Unicorn/CBM General Webinar Recap March 17, 2017


Unicorn/CBM General Webinar Recap

March 17, 2017 

Presented by: Dan Settgast

(Updated March 20, 2017)


I can see many German members here, so let me say, “Schönen guten Abend nach Deutschland!” (“Good evening to Germany!”); and, of course, welcome to all the other members, as well!

Thank you, guys, for being here with me. My name is Dan Settgast. I’m one of the Co-founders of Unicorn Network, and Cashback Marketing, which is part of the Unicorn Network.

The webinar will be in the English language. I’m pretty sure there will be, at least, a short German translation. For our Spanish-speaking members, we have our immediate-translation service. Thank you, Rose for that.

So, dear Unicorn and Cashback Marketing Members,

You’re all waiting for some great news, and depending on your point of view, I have some great news for you. But I also have some disappointing news, as well; so let us start with one of those.

In none of the Special Marketing Pools, we generated enough revenue; which means that for all 4 of Special Marketing Pools, our Budget-Back Guarantee will be activated. So, all of you who have Marketing Units in one or more SMPs, you will receive the exact amount of Marketing Units booked to your Personal Marketing Pool. (This part is done already, you can see when you login at www.cashbackmarketing.online).

Those of you who moved Marketing Units from the Old Global Marketing Pool to the Special Marketing Pool, you need to place your Marketing Units back to the new Special Marketing Pool within the next 2 weeks; or, in other words, on or before March 31, 2017 (USA PDT), to keep your special US$109.50 guarantee active.


(Note from Support: The new SMP is open now (March 20, 2017).)

The new SMP will run for 180 days, starting on April 1, 2017, until Sept. 27, 2017. And on Monday, Oct. 2, 2017, we will cashout the Special Marketing Pool.

I know that many of you might be disappointed. Of course, I can hear the nay-sayers shout, “I told you! I told you!” So, please let me explain what happened.

1) The biggest difference between Cashback Marketing and most other marketing programs out there, is that we have real products, and a real business strategy. In the past, literally all websites with similar patterns disappeared after a while, because they just collected the money, and paid some of the new money coming in, to the old members. And whenever the day comes that more members cash out than money is coming in, they simply close their doors. And, in most cases, they launch the next website for the same reason.


Those companies, are in most cases located in Panama, Belize, Hong Kong, or other exotic places; and if you check their office address, in the best case, you find a virtual office. It has been like this for the last 20 years, and I know that this is true for most of our competitors which are online right now.


We are a company that is registered in Europe and in the U.S., with a real business license, with real offices, and real bank accounts in the name of the company. We are part of the real network of websites, with real traffic. (By the way, with more than 100,000,000 page-views in 2016; and we will have far more in 2017!)


And that is where you can rest assured that even if our SMPs did not take off the ground right away, that Cashback Marketing is a solid company with a solid business model.


2)  For all 4 Special Marketing Pools we needed much more preparation time to set things up, than we expected. The call center company that we wanted to work with, turned out to just try to get as much money up front as possible, with as few guarantees as possible; which is totally different than what they told us in the beginning when we started negotiating. So, we had to develop a totally different strategy there.


Marketing for PERNUM makes sense when we have our main PERNUM functions ready. Unfortunately, especially our partners for PERNUMPAY, for the PERNUM Browser, and for PERNUM Talk, did not deliver in time.


HAPPY HEALTH turned out to be much bigger than originally planned, with more and more experts joining the HAPPY HEALTH Network. So, besides Dr. Forsythe we will have more doctors, nutritional experts, fitness experts, and health and wellness experts, as HAPPY HEALTH Team Members. And HAPPY HEALTH will have their own channel as HAPPY HEALTH TV, within our VEEDEO TV project.


And it’s somewhat the same for E-Commerce. We have been able to get some big partners onboard, external merchants; so, it makes sense to delay the launch (in order) to have everything well-prepared.


So, what does this mean for the next 180 days? It means that the next 180 days will be fantastic! We expect them to be so fantastic that we are raising the goal from US$90 to US$180 per Marketing Unit. And, of course, we will keep our Budget-Back Guarantee; which is, by the way, still absolutely unique in the marketing industry. None of our competitors that I know (and I know many of them), is offering you the Budget-Back Guarantee. And, you can see how important this is, because the Budget-Back Guarantee saves your Marketing Units.


For the new SMP (Special Marketing Pools), we will have some changes, as follows:


Instead of 4 Special Marketing Pools, we will only have ONE Special Marketing Pool, and this Special Marketing Pool will be for ALL our marketing activities. That means there is no special risk or chance where you would need to pick the best Special Marketing Pool; you will simply profit from ALL our marketing activities.


So all Marketing Units, which will be placed in the new Special Marketing Pool, between March 20, 2017 and March 31, 2017, will be in this Special Marketing Pool, and will have exactly the rules like I described them before.


And, of course, you can move Marketing Units from your Personal Marketing Pool to the Special Marketing Pool, as well as still from the Old Global Marketing Pool, or from the New Global Marketing Pool (for all Marketing Units in the current GMP before March 20, 2017). But you have to do it (move your Marketing Units to the new SMP), on or before, March 31, 2017 (USA PDT).

(Note from Support: If you have Marketing Units in the PMP and wish to transfer them to the new SMP, click the "TRANSFER UNITS" Button under the PMP box, if you have Marketing Units in any GMP, and wish to transfer them, click the "TRANSFER UNITS" Button under the GMP box.)


On March 31, 2017, which is exactly 2 weeks from today, we will have our next Special Cashback Marketing Webinar, where we will close this Special Marketing Pool; and where we will present several very exciting marketing projects that we have prepared behind the scenes.


On this webinar (on March 31st), we will announce, as well, a NEW Special Marketing Pool for future Marketing Units; but, I already can tell you that the rules and conditions will be less attractive than for the Special Marketing Pool that we are opening on Monday, March 20, 2017. Of course, the US$180-per-Unit goal is our way to apologize that we have missed our goals within the last 180 days, so this is a very special condition.


So, therefore, we will keep the Mega Marketing Pool (MMP) offer open until March 31, 2017, as well (open for all new Marketing Units); so, therefore we can make sure that only Marketing Units which are in the system can profit from this very special, Special Marketing Pool offer.


Talking about cashout requests, I’m happy to inform you that definitely we will start processing cashouts on April 3, 2017 (April 1st and April 2nd is a weekend.) So, finally after 6 very shaky, bumpy months at Cashback Marketing, we are finally back on track; and that’s definitely great news! Because, now we know, “Hey, no matter what happens we’ll make it—we’ll survive!” And, you can rest assured that we do serious and solid business here.


You definitely should not miss the webinar on March 31st, because we will present to you several exciting, new products and services. And these new products and services are important to you for two reasons:


1) Of course, as a Cashback Marketing customer, you will understand why our US$180 goal for the next 180 days is realistic.


2) Most of these new products and services will be, at the same time, a business opportunity for you at our sister site, We Share Success.

Once more, I’m not talking about self-created, some kind of digital products. I’m talking about high quality products, delivered by strategic partners. We have closed several deals, and we are in the process of closing some more deals within the next two weeks. I can promise—not just a promise—I can guarantee that you will be very, very, very excited.

Please, don’t miss the webinar on March 31st.

Register for the next CBM Webinar here:


Check your time here:




One of the marketing campaigns to be launched is, of course, PERNUM. The PERNUM Browser is already in testing. As always, even though I’m using the PERNUM Browser for several months now without any hiccups, obviously, on other computers there are some glitches, especially when installing the browser; but generally it is ready, and will be added to the PERNUM services very, very soon. The same with PERNUMPAY.

So, it becomes very, very important for our members that you decide if you want to stay with your free Pernum, or if you would like to use a Premium Pernum, which could be an easy-to-remember number (like 1122334455); or which could be a Vanity Pernum, which means that you can put letters instead of numbers; or you might be interested in a shorter-than-10-digit Pernum.

If you have picked any Premium Pernum in the past, and have not yet paid for it, we have, finally, your seven (7) days for making your payments started.

If you already have paid for your Pernum, and login at www.pernum.com  and still see it as “not paid,” please send us an email (send your email to pernum@perfectinter.net); of course, with your proof of payment (and also include specific details such as your pernum, name, etc.).


(Note from Support: FOR PERNUM orders ONLY - any amount  US$50.00 and below  - We will have more updates on the March 31, 2017 webinar. All unpaid Premium Pernum orders (US$50 and below) are still safe until at least seven (7) days after the webinar on March 31.)

And, if you have not yet picked a Premium Pernum and you want to, you should do that as soon as possible, because we will have the price raised at PERNUM, for many Premium Pernums, in April.

So, thank you, guys. That’s it for today. Thank you for listening. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for your understanding.

WAAAZZUUUUUB! Don’t forget to bobl; be proud to be a Unicorn, and always, HAPPY HEALTH. Thank you for listening. Bye-bye.

With your success in mind,

Dan Settgast and        

your WAZZUB Support Team



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Unicorn Network General Webinar Recap - March 13, 2017

Unicorn Network General Webinar Recap

March 13, 2017

Presented by: Dan Settgast


WAAAAAZZUUUUUBB! Today we have a short and sweet webinar. I’ll give you some updates on how Unicorn Network positions ourselves on the internet; and, of course, what makes us special! I have prepared a little presentation for you.

While we are waiting for some to log on, let me tell you that we will have a webinar about Cashback Marketing, Friday, March 17th. Here in Las Vegas, we have changed our time zone, so we are one hour earlier, so that might result in many people trying to enter in to the webinar in about an hour. They will find out that we are already done; but, this happens every year, with these summertime/ wintertime changes. That’s ok. We will have a written webinar Recap, so nobody will miss anything. Again, we will have a special CBM Cashback Marketing webinar on Friday, March 17th, at 11:00 a.m. (Pacific Time.)

As I told you at the beginning today, I would like to talk with you about the internet, and our position within the internet. So here we go!

So, when we say “internet,” most of the people are talking about the internet that we all know, with websites like Google, Facebook, Amazon, YouTube, Twitter, and so on, and so on, and so on. People do what they love most on the internet, which is: chatting, getting entertained and sharing contents with their friends and family, and shopping. They read the latest news. They educate themselves, and all that stuff. Of course, that’s cool. Besides your internet provider fees, generally most of the internet can be used for free. Of course, you find a lot of info; you find a lot of entertainment there. That’s all cool, and that’s all fine.

But, many business models on the internet are based on data mining. They’re based on the so-called “big data,” building secret profiles of users from every little step they do—which websites they open, which phrases they are searching for; people they are connected with; topics they are obviously interested in; which news do they read, and so on, and so on. 

Unfortunately, that includes the big guys like Facebook and Google, and Amazon as well—of course, they try to find out which product you might be interested in; to display the matching ads, when you visit websites where ads are displayed. The “big guys” are doing that—that’s their business model: data mining.



If you ask internet users about it, they say, “Ok, I don’t really like it. On the other hand, I don’t really care, because there’s nothing I can really change about it.” And, some people say, “Well, I have nothing to hide. They can see what I do.” But, honestly, if you ask them honestly if they could CHOOSE between an internet with data mining, or an internet without data mining, a vast majority would say, “Oh, definitely without data mining!” So, it’s important to know about the internet, how the average internet user, like you and me, are handling the internet.



But, there is MORE online: we have the so-called Darknet. So that’s really the part of the internet where most people never go, and don’t want to go, and are not interested in; they will have nothing to do with it. Of course, because many things about the Darknet are about illegal stuff, of course, that’s absolutely right—the best thing is to simply ignore it.

So, on the Darknet, that’s where bad guys buy drugs, and weapons, and malware, viruses, hacking software; and, of course, private data. That can be a list of email addresses; that can be passwords; that can be credit card details; that can be whole stolen identities! You can get all that in the Darknet.

Again, the average internet user has nothing to do with the Darknet. They might know that it’s there, but they don’t use it. They ignore it. If it would just be like that, it would be some kind of okay; but, unfortunately, there’s something between the Internet and the Darknet, some kind of area connecting them—and that is what we call the Grayzone.



The Grayzone is where these fraudsters are, and where they’re using instruments from the Darknet to do their bad things to internet users.  We’re talking about phishing; we’re talking about fake shops; we’re talking about identity theft; we’re talking about password hacks, and ILLEGAL data mining; we’re talking about spreading viruses.

What exactly are they doing (in the Grayzone?)



They use instruments which they can find in the Darknet. Which is: they receive email lists, and you receive spam emails. They can buy passwords. They can enter your email accounts or PayPal accounts, Yahoo accounts, Google accounts; and send fraudulent messages to your friends and family, and so on, and so on.



And they use these instruments to spread malware, viruses, spam emails, fake shops, phishing websites, on the internet—on those pages where you and I are, and use the services! I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about fake shops on Amazon. You’ve heard about fake news on Facebook, and fake identities on Facebook. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about ads containing malware, leading to phishing websites, and so on.



That’s real life! That’s happening out there every single day, every single hour, every single minute, and every single second. When these bad guys do that, they want to bring traffic to their fraudulent websites, and they want to collect your data—the more the better: passwords, credit card bills—whatever they can get. What they really want is, they would know your full name, your address, your credit card details, your passwords. They use that to steal your identity, and to steal your money!



And, all this stolen money and stolen data some kind of “disappears” on the Darknet. So, the internet and the Darknet, and the Grayzone, in-between those two, that’s the typical scene we can find online.



So, for us, the highest goal is to create a SafeZone for internet users! A SafeZone, where you do not receive spam emails; where you’re protected from malware and viruses; where you’ll find no fakes. When you see a shop and a product, and it has the Seal You Can Trust, or a Shop You Can Trust Seal, you know they are real products and a real company, and everything is legal. When you connect you know that behind this ad there is a real website, and real products and services offered.

Of course, to make it difficult for those bad guys from the Grayzone: (Unicorn Network offers) maximum privacy, maximum security, which means all pages are covered by an SSL certificate; that means our security functions with a Master PIN and a One-Time PIN; that means the highest possible encryption. That, of course, means that a product like PERNUM will have a SUBSTITUTE for your email address, for your telephone number, for your chat name, for your account number. You don’t need to share your credit card details when you make a payment, and stuff like that. Because the less data you share, of course, the less risk there is that one of the bad guys is able to collect your data.

And, of course, talking about the internet and the “big data” business model data mining, where Facebook, Google are built on—the SafeZone, where NO data mining happens. Once more, to make it clear, the Unicorn Network does NOT collect any specific data about your activity on the internet. When you do a search, for example, at our Perfect Search, we do not store which search phrase you have searched for, and we do not display ads which might be connected to your search. We do not collect data of which websites you’re visiting. We are not collecting data of which members you are connected—for example, your BOBL friends, and how often you talk with them, what the topics are of your conversations.

And, believe me, Google, Facebook, and other companies do exactly that! For example, Google is scanning all emails for certain keywords. You have to decide, if you want that. I’ve never had a Gmail or Yahoo email address, and I will never have one.

So, this is our highest goal: to create a SafeZone for internet users, where they know we are safe—maximum privacy, maximum security; no data mining, no fake shops, no spam emails, no viruses, no phishing.

Those of you who have been with us for a long time, let’s say 2-5 years, know that right from the beginning, we have told you we wanted to establish a network of websites. This network of websites, of course, will be the core of the SafeZone. But what might be new for you is that our SafeZone, of course, is open for third-party websites, shops, and applications. Any website, any shop, any mobile app is welcome to become a part of the SafeZone; of course, if they fulfill our privacy, security, and quality requirements.

And this is very exciting for both: for the Unicorn Network, and our members, as well as for the third-party websites. Why? Because, we are able to offer even more services; and, if the third-party websites fulfill the requirements and qualify for the SafeZone, they gain many, many new members, because that’s one of the benefits of our Unicorn Network—you don’t have to sign up for each website and project separately. You simply can login with your user name, password, and One-Time PIN.

So, it’s much more comfortable for users, as well it is easier for third-party websites to gain more members. Of course, it’s always up to you, if you join one of the websites; and, of course, they will never ask any of your personal data just for joining them. You would need to actively share your data with them, if you want to. So, you’re always in control.



Our most important feature to reach a high level of privacy and security is our PERNUM. There you will see, we are in the process of updating, so “bad news:” you may see some down times within the next 48 hours that would happen as we’re installing new features in PERNUM. The good news is that you will see some kind of new PERNUM with new features after you login. And here’s how it will look like:



First, let us talk about the header bar on top. So you can see the Home icon (upper left hand corner), which means that wherever you are within PERNUM, clicking on that icon will bring you to the homepage, or the start page, of PERNUM.

The second icon is the Search icon. Right now, when you click on it, on our website you will find different versions of the Search. In the future, we will have, on all pages, the same Search Box, and that will be a website. Of course, it will be through our Safest Search; and you will be able, from any website, not just PERNUM, from any website, to search for websites, to search for images, to search for videos; and the Search results will open in a new window.

And, you will even see on any page how many Searches you need for your next reward; because, you know, we might not be the only one, but we’re one of the few pages that rewards you for searches.  And every 10 searches you receive, you can choose, if you would like to have a DEALPoint or a Token; and this Token can instantly win you up to US$100,000 cash with our SAFECRACKER Game. And, now we’re talking about standing alone, and being second to none; because who else out there gives you the chance to win US$100,000 just for doing 10 Searches?

The next icon is the BOBLPAD icon; so from there (which means from any of our Unicorn Network pages), you will be able to BOBL search, which includes the Pink Search, which could be for Weather info, Hotels, or for Jobs. It is much easier for new members to understand the functioning within our Unicorn Network with this new Header Bar.

On the right side of the Header Bar, you can see 3 icons, as well. The first one is the Menu icon. When you click there, that’s where we will move the “Invited By,” and, yes, as we’re doing business here, you can see on the page, instead of displaying “Invited By,” we’re displaying an ad space. Beside the “Invited By,” you’ll find a way to open a Unicorn Directory which will show you all Unicorn websites.

Then, you will be able to open a second directory; of course, after we have added third-party websites to our SafeZone. Then, we will have a SafeZone directory for all additional websites. You will find a directory for the Unicorn Support, to make it easy for New Members to orientate themselves within the Unicorn Network, and within our SafeZone.

The next icon is the “Login/Logout” icon. And the third icon is our Seals You Can Trust icon, so mouse-over or click on the icon, and it will give the user information that this page is certified by our Seals You Can Trust project for privacy, security, and quality.

Now let’s talk about PERNUM itself. Whenever anyone is signing up on any page within the Unicorn Network, and in the future, any page within the SafeZone, they automatically receive the free PERNUM. When they login for the first time at PERNUM, of course, their free Pernum number will be displayed. It is still a personal number. You can see the text: “is your lifetime (free) Pernum.” Instead of spreading your personal data on the internet, simply use your personal number as your email address, or chat name, account number, and more.

If you prefer to have an easy-to-remember Pernum, check out our Premium Pernums; and you will find Premium Pernums on our Premium Marketplace. And on that Marketplace you will be able to order “sticky” numbers; 10-digit numbers, maybe like displayed, “1234567890.” They will be able to order so-called Vanity Pernums. You know that the dial pad of a mobile phone has a code for letters, as well. For example, the letters ABC, are connected to the #2. So, you can build words and names, with numbers.

And that works with Pernum, too. So, if someone would like to have their first name, or last name, as their Pernum, they can check on the Marketplace (to see) if this Pernum is available, and then they have to pay for it, as a Premium Pernum. But, if someone wants to stay their lifetime with their free Pernum, it is fine. PERNUM, in general, is free to use for any internet user, with their free Pernum.

Additionally, on the Marketplace, people will find Pernums with less than 10 digits; and, the shorter the Pernum is, of course, the higher the price is.

And this is the exciting news part here about PERNUM. So far, when you login in to PERNUM, you’ll receive PERNUM Chat box, and icon; and here we will have a lot more functions. One of the new functions will be PERNUMPAY. You can use PERNUMPAY to load your account, and then to make payments within the Unicorn Network, right from your PERNUM account, without any additional fees; and, most important, without sharing your credit card details with the shop you’re buying in.

Within the SafeZone, with third-party shops, now you can see how our security system works. Of course, if the shop wants to be part of the SafeZone, they must accept PERNUMPAY as a payment option.

If you decide to give them your credit card details, because that’s another option, you can do that; but YOU can decide. And with PERNUMPAY we give you the option—NOT to share your data.

The next PERNUM function, our PERNUM Browser, is based on the Mozilla Firefox browser, with some exciting PERNUM features added; and some security and privacy features added. One of them is that Perfect Re-director, which keeps you from visiting malicious websites outside the SafeZone; is magically pre-installed in that internet browser.

The second very exciting special feature is that you can use Pernums as URLS. For example, my personal Pernum is the number 2. So that means within the PERNUM Browser, if you’re asking me for my personal website (which, by the way, is my personal BOBL page), I don’t have to tell you www.vl.us , plus “d-a-n-s,” which is my user name. I simply can tell you, “2.” (If someone asks) “What’s your URL for your personal website?” I can say, “2.” And if you type in “2,” into the PERNUM Browser entry bar, it will open to the page I have set up as my personal homepage and website. Of course, everyone will be able to do the same!

You can decide which website to be displayed when someone is typing in your Pernum. Remember, I told you that the Pernum is working as Vanity Pernums, as well? So, that means, since the number 2 is connected (on the mobile phone dial pad) with the letters A, B, or C, this has the side effect for my Pernum that if someone types just the letter “A,” in the PERNUM Browser, or just the letter “B,” or just the letter “C,” they will always get to my personal Homepage.

So, with the PERNUM Browser, which, by the way, will be delivered today to our Founding Members for a last round of testing (pending glitches). Then, we will have some adjustments, and I’m pretty sure some bugs and glitches fixing; but that will be just small stuff, because I’m using the PERNUM Browser, and some other Team Members are using the PERNUM Browser, and it works very well. Again, just a few things will need to be fixed. So, the PERNUM Browser will be available for all members very, very soon.

The next thing, PERNUM Win: you might remember our PRIZEMANIA, where we pick a winner every 10 minutes. In the past, we picked the user names, or to be exact, the RefID’s of the members. So, the PRIZE MANIA will be back, and from now on we will pick Pernums as winners! So, every 8 or 10 minutes we will pick a Pernum (of course, an existing Pernum from one of our members), as a winner; and then you will have exactly 60 minutes to collect your prize. After 60 minutes, we will pick the next winner—and we will do that every 10 minutes!

The PRIZEMANIA has been running for several years now, and I know from the feedback that our members loved it, and we’ve had several Jackpot winners, and several prizes in U.S. dollars and cash money; and we have had several small prize winners—like a winner for a smartphone, and a winner for jewelry, and for shopping DEALPoints. So, we are definitely excited. In the future, your Pernum will be your ticket to win at PRIZEMANIA. And, of course, your participation at PRIZEMANIA is free; and, of course, NO data is shared with anybody.

On top of that, we will have some DEALS. Of course, we will have some DEALS Pages in the making, and we will top that by having special DEALS connected to your Pernum, so you need to be in a certain range of Pernums, or have a special Pernum that has been picked for very exclusive, highly-discounted DEALS.

Last, but not least, PERNUM Email, which will give you the opportunity to send messages between members. This is based on our BOBL Mail system; so both parties need to be Unicorn/PERNUM members to be able to send PERNUM emails back and forth. On top of that, at a later stage, you will be able to set up for which email account you want your emails forwarded. So, you will be able to connect your Pernum, for example, to your business email account, and to your private email account; and you can decide which senders should be forwarded to your private (account), and which senders should be forwarded to your business email account.

So, you don’t need to share your email address, which is the main problem for spam emails that you receive; because, in most cases of spam emails, it is not about YOUR email account having been hacked, but one of the email accounts or data bases of companies where you are registered; or friends or family, or other people you are connected with, and they have your email address—THEY have been hacked. And, there the bad guys found your email, and now they can send you spam mail.

This is IMPOSSIBLE to happen with PERNUM email, because even if they know your Pernum (which is easy to know), if they are not accredited by you (meaning, allowed by you that they can send you emails), any kind of spam or unwanted or unrequested emails would NOT be delivered to your email account. This is how we keep the SafeZone spam-free.

For those of you who would like to earn some extra money, we will have two options at PERNUM.  Number one—the PERNUM Affiliate Program: invite your friends, family, and business partners to join for free, and you will receive a 20% Commission whenever they buy a Premium Pernum. On top of that, you receive a 2% Bonus on their Affiliate activity, as well. And, for even more success, you simply can place PERNUM banners and test links on your websites and blogs and social media pages.

The second, business opportunity related to PERNUM is the Pernum Premium Marketplace. You can become a Pernum re-seller and earn money by selling Premium Pernums on our exclusive Marketplace.

So, you can check our data base for available “sticky” numbers, or for unique Vanity numbers, in any language. Then you can buy those Premium Pernums, and offer these Premium Pernums at your own price, on our Marketplace; and, of course, cash-in each time when someone is ordering one of your Pernums.

So, when especially talking about Vanity Pernums, we have so many different languages on this planet, and each country has their own favorite famous first names, and most common last names; like Fred whatever. So, of course, we don’t have the chance to check each 10-letter word, or 8-letter word, to see if it might be a special Vanity Pernum in any language. That’s up to you! And you can buy Premium Pernums starting at US$1.00; and it this might be a common first name in your country, you might be able to sell it for US$50 or US$100, or even more! There’s no limit!

So, this truly is a huge, huge business model. We know that we have to share our success with you, and this is one way to do so. Yes, of course, we could have said, “No. We will sell our Pernums. We will pay someone to find Vanity Pernums in all different countries, and languages,” but we want to pass this business opportunity on to you.

Of course, we have several Premium Pernums under our control, which are mostly brand names; which are mostly general phrases, for example, like: Deals, Restaurant, News, and other words which we will use these Pernums within the PERNUM Browser, so that if someone is typing in “News” in the PERNUM Browser, it will re-direct them, for example, to their personal News Wall, or other news sources.

Of course, that makes a lot of sense for a comfortable and nice internet experience within the SafeZone. Other than that, feel free to search our Premium Marketplace for exciting “sticky” numbers, easy-to-remember numbers, and for Vanity numbers in English and other languages.

And, in the bottom, right hand box, you can see the Account Overview, and you will have 3 different balances in PERNUM. One, of course, is your PERNUMPAY account balance; one is your balance from Commissions, and Family Bonuses received from the PERNUM Affiliate program; and your third balance is from your Pernum Premium Marketplace opportunity.

So, that’s it for today. Thank you, guys, for listening.

WAZZZUUUUUUUBB! Don’t forget to bobl! Be proud to be a Unicorn, and always, HAPPY HEALTH! Thank you, guys. Have a great day! Bye bye.


With your success in mind,

Dan Settgast and

your WAZZUB Support Team


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Unicorn CBM/MMP General Webinar Recap - February 6, 2017


Unicorn CBM/MMP General Webinar Recap

February 6, 2017 

Presented by: Cate Kozikowski


WAAAZZUUUUB everybody! Hello, hello, hello! First of all, I want to say “Thank you” everyone for joining us here today. We have a lot of exciting information—it’s definitely exciting today!

Dan wanted to be here; unfortunately, he is way too busy; but he definitely sends his greetings and ‘hellos’ to everyone, and hopes that everyone is doing wonderfully.

Today we’re going to talk about Cashback Marketing, and some new developments that have just opened up. First, let’s look at some facts. Let’s begin by looking at the history and statistics of Cashback Marketing, so far.

We’ve paid almost 3 million U.S. dollars in cashback, since we began just one year ago; and over 1.2 million U.S. dollars in commissions and Family Bonuses. You can see these numbers when you log in at Cashback Marketing (CBM), https://www.cashbackmarketing.online scrolling across the top of the screen. So, that’s nearly 4.2 million U.S. dollars paid in cashback, commissions, and Family Bonuses.  

Now, of that amount, as we talked about in our last webinar, there are pending cashout requests for only about US$100,000. So that means that over 97.5% of all cashback and commissions, are booked and paid successfully. There is only a small fraction that we are still working on, and it is due to things that have happened outside of our control. If it was completely up to us, we would be 100% paid—and we will get there very soon!

Secondly, what has happened to us with cheaters, money being frozen, and stuff like that—that is actually all proof that we are a real business. Understand, if CBM were a fake business, we would not care about stuff like that. Fake companies would just try to collect as much money as they could, and then disappear. We are here to stay, which is why we are working to overcome these challenges. That is what we did, and that is what we do; and that is why we are having this webinar.

We thought about how to make it even better for everyone, and that is why we started this Mega Marketing Pool (or MMP for short.) You see, we wanted to find a way to compensate and thank our valued members (especially those who have been patiently waiting), with a way to increase their earnings through Cashback Marketing, and provide even more value to our already-great products and services.

So, after careful consideration we have created a solution which does all that, and more! This is our way of saying “Thank you” to all our members; so, we created this special limited-time offer—where the cashback is guaranteed, and the Marketing Units are strictly limited.

Let me introduce our Mega Marketing Pool. It is strictly limited to only 11,111 Marketing Units, and is only available for a limited time, until March 7, 2017; or until sold out, whichever happens first.

So, here’s how it works. For every Marketing Unit placed in the Mega Marketing Pool, you will receive from 0.5% guaranteed cashback, gradually increasing up to 1.0% guaranteed cashback, daily. This lasts for a full 365 days; so that means, if you keep the Marketing Units in the MMP for a full 365 days, you will receive 275% cashback on your Marketing Unit, guaranteed.

And here is the best part: you still keep your Marketing Unit after the 365 days, so you can use it for any other marketing instrument that we offer. Like for example, if you wanted to put it into the Special Marketing Pools, you could gain even more value from your marketing budget—and that’s why we call it the Mega Marketing Pool: you get the absolute most use, the most cashback from your marketing budget at Cashback Marketing; making your marketing budget stretch the most—and that is a MEGA VALUE!

For example, let’s go through how the cashback is granted during that whole 365-day process. Understand, your cashback is going to increase every 60 days.

For the first 60 days, you receive 0.5% daily Cashback, which equals US$9.00 in total.

For the second 60 days, you receive 0.6% daily Cashback, which equals US$10.80 in total.

For the third 60 days, you receive 0.7% daily Cashback, which equals US$12.60 in total.

For the fourth 60 days, you receive 0.8% daily Cashback, which equals US$14.40 in total.

For the fifth 60 days, you receive 0.9% daily Cashback, which equals US$16.20 in total.

For the last 65 days, you receive 1.0% daily Cashback, which equals US$19.50 in total.

That is a total of US$82.50 cashback received from each Marketing Unit in the Mega Marketing Pool!

And after 365 days, you still own your Marketing Unit, and can still use it for Marketing Instruments like articles, banners, or our Special Marketing Pools, and generate even more value!

So, what’s the catch? Cashback will start after the payments for the Marketing Units are received; that’s pretty standard. Now, as we mentioned, this special Mega Marketing Pool is only available for new Marketing Unit orders; and only for a limited time, or until sold out.

The cashback received from the Mega Marketing Pool cannot be cashed out until after 6 months have passed, from the time the Marketing Unit was placed in the Mega Marketing Pool. However, commissions and Family Bonuses can still be cashed out at any time, following our standard cashout rules. So meaning, if you make some commissions’ sales today, or have Family Bonuses, you could cash that out today, as long as you don’t have a pending cashout request already (because there’s only one at a time.)

Now, also understand, if you cashout the cashback from the Mega Marketing Pool after 6 months, and before the 365 days are up, that Marketing Unit will be moved to your Personal Marketing Pool, and no further cashback would be generated from those Marketing Units, after cashout. Of course, from your Personal Marketing Pool, you can use that Marketing Unit for any marketing instrument we offer.

If a Marketing Unit stays in the Mega Marketing Pool for a full 365 days, then that Marketing Unit is automatically moved to the Personal Marketing Pool; and, as I said, it is available for any marketing instrument. As well, if you wanted to move any of the Marketing Units from the Mega Marketing Pool to your Personal Marketing Pool for other uses, at any time, you can do that.

So, as you can see, this is a very exciting offer, and is strictly limited both in time (as we said, until March 7th, 2017), and in number of Marketing Units, with the maximum being 11,111.

So, what else makes Cashback Marketing special in the world of marketing, besides cashback? Cashback Marketing is open for both experienced business people, and for marketing newbies. We have two main target groups: the first one being small to medium businesses, who want to use our marketing instruments (such as banners, articles, etc.); and the other is for marketing newbies, who really want to just make money online, and may not have the time or skills to be successful on their own.

For marketing newbies, we have our SMPs (Special Marketing Pools), where there’s no experience needed in marketing, sales, or even business; and yet, they can still see success—because, with our budget-back guarantee, even if (for whatever reason) the success is less than the cost of their Marketing Unit, they will receive a full Marketing Unit to use again. That is something definitely unique in this industry.

I’m sure you’ve seen other programs. Most other programs designed for newbies, are really not designed to make the newbie marketer money. They’re designed to make the company money, over the marketer. Think about it! You’ve seen those programs: pay US$27, pay US$47, US$67, US$150, US$1,000—and learn our system. Then, you still need to do the work, or pay even more money for their team to do it for you. And if you fail, well, either give them more money, or you’re just learning the hard-knocks lessons of marketing.

At Cashback Marketing we do not do that. We provide the Special Marketing Pools; our experts do the work; and you simply reap the benefits through commissions every 90-180 days!

Now, I know everyone is excited to hear about the results from the first cycle of our SMPs, and we will definitely have that in a few more weeks, at the end of March. In the meantime though, understand the whole process and how it all works together; because this is definitely something every internet newbie should check out—instead of spending all that money, and learning through the “school of hard knocks.”

For Affiliates, this Mega Marketing Pool really can be a lucrative benefit for you. For those who want to promote, you can do that. This is the best offer, where cashback is guaranteed, and cashouts will be processed according to our rules (talking about commissions and the Family Bonuses!) Think about it! If you have Marketing Units that cost US$30 each; if you combine the commissions and Family Bonuses together, that’s US$9 per Marketing Unit.

We have 11,111 Marketing Units available for the Mega Marketing Pool. If you multiply that by the commissions, you end up with roughly US$100,000 in commissions and Family Bonuses that are up for grabs right now! Now, we know this offer will sell fast! Just over the weekend, when we had this soft launch, we’ve already sold 240 Units. That means, and we’re pretty sure, this will sell out before March 7th, 2017.

That means, for those of you who start to be active now, today, and start promoting Cashback Marketing to others, who will buy these Marketing Units, you will be getting a part of that US$100,000 in commissions. So, here it is! Go out and grab your chunk!

As I’ve mentioned, the commissions and Family Bonuses will be credited immediately, and are available for cashout through our standard Terms. That means that cashout requests from commissions and bonuses from sales starting on Sat., Feb. 4th, will be processed without any added delays. (of course you need US$50 minimum to be able to cashout with Payoneer, and if you have a negative balance in WSS, you will need to make that positive, before you cashout.)

Another point to understand, with regards to comparing the SMP to the Mega Marketing Pool: for the normal SMP, there’s no guarantee of US$90 per Unit over the course of 90 to 180 days. It could be US$31, or could be US$40, or US$90. And if it’s less than US$30, you get the budget-back guarantee.

(Understand that for the special SMP offer done in the fall of 2016, yes there still is a guarantee as was stated at the time. The above info goes for the normal SMP, as sold since then.)

With the Mega Marketing Pool, the cashback is guaranteed at US$82.50 per Unit, over the course of 365 days. Then, you still have the Unit which can be used for the SMPs, or for your own marketing through our other Marketing Instruments. Once the commission is paid on the SMPs, the Unit is finished.

So, if you want your Marketing Units to work the most for you, and receive Mega cashback and commissions, buy Marketing Units now, for the Mega Marketing Pool! Then, once the 365 days are up, move your Marketing Unit to the SMP, and cash in on commissions, or save it for other marketing instruments, and make your marketing budget work for your business, exactly how you want, for the maximum benefit.

Understand guys that this is a very special offer that we created just for you, our valued members. We did this as a “Thank you,” in order to give our Cashback Marketing members and customers a way to increase their guaranteed cashback and value with their marketing budget.

Now, I want to mention something else, as well. It seems that due to some unforeseen technical issues, even though we sent out an email to members with pending cashout requests over the weekend, some of them did not receive that email. If that is the case for you, we apologize for any inconvenience. That email that went out, detailed all this information that I’m going through with everyone today about the MMP.

Again, we’re terribly sorry about those payments that have been held up. We want everyone to understand that it’s important to see it in the right frame of mind. As I shared earlier, of all the 4.2 million dollars (U.S.) in payments of cashback commissions and Family Bonuses, 97.5% have been successfully booked. And through this offer, with the Mega Marketing Pool, we want to give all our members (including those members that have been patiently waiting), more value and more benefits with Cashback Marketing—and that’s what this Mega Marketing Pool is all about.

Understand also, that the success of Cashback Marketing as a company, with all the offers that we have, depends on the activity of the Affiliates and customers. If no one is promoting and buying Units at Cashback Marketing (and thankfully, this is not the case), if that would be the case, the business would be dead. In the same way, if no one was using Facebook, Facebook would be dead. If no one would Tweet, Twitter would be dead.

The important thing to understand is that Cashback Marketing is a real business, and as I mentioned we have two target groups: the small to medium business owners, and the internet newbies—and we have marketing instruments for both target groups.

So, if you have a pending cashout, and you would like to cancel that pending cashout, and use your money to buy Marketing Units for the Mega Marketing Pool, you are able to do that. As I said, you should have received an email over the weekend. If you did not, just email us at:


Please include your Ref ID, and a request to have your cashout cancelled. Also, if you would like a copy of that letter that we emailed out, you can request it through that email, as well; for those of you who have pending cashouts, I mean. Either later today or tomorrow, we will also have a special button installed in We Share Success, where you can click directly if you want to cancel your cashout request.

In the meantime, just contact us through the email, or you can also contact us through the Live Support menu option, at Cashback Marketing. We have multiple languages able to assist you through the Live Support. Again, we do apologize for any inconvenience.

Now, we have also created a Cashback Mega Marketing Pool FAQ for everyone.


So, if you want to check out that FAQ, you’re able to do that.

So, we hope everyone loves our new Mega Marketing Pool. That sums everything up on that topic. I just have a few other updates that I’d like to share with everyone.

As a reminder, our Biggest Talent contest is closing for new contestants, on Feb. 15th, which is next Wednesday. So, definitely, if you know any artists who would like to have their chance to get worldwide recognition, win a brand new professionally-produced CD or DVD, and the chance to perform in Las Vegas live, TWICE in fact (because they perform during the Finals, and they get to perform during the Most Famous Award Show), definitely contact those people; share your Reflink, help them get signed up, and upload their video. Don’t wait until the last minute. Sometimes it can take time for the videos to upload.

Now, besides contestants, there are also judges. If you’re not a contestant, then you can be a judge. So, let’s also start talking to our First Generations about voting in the contest. We want to make sure that each country is well-represented, and everyone has a fantastic time.

And one of the great things about our whole Unicorn Network is that the artists/contestants can actually make fan pages in our WAZZUB community. They can make clubs and blogs, and they can share that with their fans. Or, if they have external fan pages like in Facebook or Twitter, they can start promoting that they are a part of this contest, after they enter; and that will help draw more interest to their talent.

Because remember, especially getting through the first round, which is the national voting, it’s the members from the country where the contestants are, that have the first votes. For example, as a U.S. person myself, I would be only voting for the U.S. contestants in the national voting phase.

So, that’s really exciting, and I hope everyone is supporting and getting excited for their own country’s contestants; and then we battle it all out during the “battle of the countries” phase, which comes after that.

And if you need your Reflink for the Biggest Talent contest, you can get it from the Reflinks’ page in Perfect Internet; so that’s easy to find.

Also, in We Share Success, we have Affiliate tools there; so you can check that as well.

Now, here’s another cool thing, and this is only found in Cashback Marketing right now. Did you know that you can contact your sponsor directly through Cashback Marketing? It’s true! Check it out! After you login, you’ll see your picture, and then your sponsor’s picture, and a button right below, that says “Contact Sponsor;” and if you are a sponsor, check it out to see if your Unicorn family has sent you any messages.

So, step by step, great functions like this will be added on all our Unicorn Network websites; so, keep your eyes out for those kinds of updates.

One other quick update: the “Cancel Cashout” button is in place now, at We Share Success. So, if you are one of those members that would like to cancel their pending cashout request, so you can use the funds for the Mega Marketing Pool, you can go to We Share Success directly, and look for that inside the Affiliate area.

Alright, guys! That’s it from me. Remember to play Jackpot Directory; bobl; always have fun in our Unicorn Network; do your searches with the most privacy at Perfect Search; be proud to be a Unicorn; and always, HAPPY HEALTH to everyone.

Thank you very much, everyone! Thank you, Rose, for the translation, Recap team, as always, and our wonderful Support team, and everyone on the team—whether you’re a UFM, a member, in the team behind the scenes—we love you all!

So, thank you, and have a great rest of your day or night! Bye-bye.


With your success in mind,

Cate Kozikowski and        

Your WAZZUB Support Team


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Unicorn CBM General Webinar Recap February 2, 2017


Unicorn CBM General Webinar Recap

February 2, 2017

Presented by: Cate Kozikowski


Welcome everyone, to another exciting webinar! A lot of exciting things are happening and all of our projects are developing well. Today we will give you more updates on Cashback Marketing.

So, let me begin—we have 3 topics today. The first topic we’ll be talking about is cashout requests; then we will talk about cashback, and the Special Marketing Pools.

Regarding the cashout requests: understand that it is not a matter of any lack of funds—it’s just a lack of access to the funds that we have. Unfortunately, our funds are still blocked and frozen. We are doing everything that we can to speed up this process of getting our funds released, without filing any lawsuits. Because, as I’m sure you can understand, lawsuits can take years, and would cost lots of money, if we were to go that route. So, we’re avoiding that; this way we can have everything done as quickly as possible, with the least amount of cost necessary.

Our balance that is on hold is about US$100,000, so that is plenty of money to cover all the pending cashout requests. Generally, it is on hold for about 180 days, which means that in the beginning of March and April (at the very least), we will have more updates for everyone. We are working to get things done more quickly, but at the very latest we will have updates for everyone at the beginning of March and April.

So, once the funds are released, all cashout requests that are pending, can, and will be, paid immediately in the order they were received.

Additionally, everyone who has been waiting with a pending cashout request, will be receiving an email in about 2 weeks from now; and that email will contain a Special Offer to remunerate those valued customers who have been waiting because of this extended and unexpected waiting time. So, we definitely appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding during this time; and this is our way of saying “Thank you.” So, look for that in about 2 weeks or so.

Next, let’s talk about cashback. Understand that we still pay daily cashback on all new Marketing Units. So, all Marketing Units in the Current Global Marketing Pool still receive cashback every day of 0.13% per day; and if you were to leave those Units in that Current Global Marketing Pool, you could receive up to 50% cashback over the course of 365 days (including Bonuses); which is still a fantastic deal!

Regarding the Old Global Marketing Pool, the cashback is still at 0%, as it is guaranteed to be anything between 0 to 1% (per day). Of course, as I’m sure you all know, this is due to the other issues that happened previously; so we don’t need to re-hash any of that. The cashback will stay, as it is, at 0% for the Old Global Marketing Pool only, until all of the pending cashouts are done. So, I would not expect any changes on that until maybe sometime after April.

So, just because the cashback is limited to 0% on the Old Global Marketing Pool right now, understand that Cashback Marketing is still a very great business, and the offer that you have of buying Marketing Units in the Current Global Marketing Pool, as I said, is still a great deal! And nothing is changing on that, so that’s something that you can definitely count on; and we’re still unique in the industry. Who else gives you cashback on your unused marketing budget?—Cashback Marketing, that’s who!

Now, moving onto the Special Marketing Pools, if everything works out from today (as we expect it to do), we will have results after 180 days (for cycle 1), which means after March 23, 2017. Now, these results are expected to be between US$30 and US$90 per Marketing Unit. We will have updates for everyone, after March 23rd, with the exact details of how everything has worked out in this first cycle of these Special Marketing Pools.

Also understand, that if, for whatever reason, the results are less than US$30 per Marketing Unit, we have our Budget-back Guarantee; so again, you’re not losing anything. You would simply get another Marketing Unit, and you could use that for any of the Special Marketing Pools that you want.

This is completely unique in the marketing industry! No other marketing service cares about your marketing budget like Cashback Marketing does. Other marketing services just want your money. They don’t care if you get results; they don’t care if you make sales. They don’t care how your marketing does. At Cashback Marketing, we care; and that is why we offer our special guarantees—the cashback guarantee on the Current Global Marketing Pool, and the Budget-back Guarantee when you use the Special Marketing Pools.

To put all this into perspective, I know that everyone is anxious to hear about real results with the Special Marketing Pools. Let me help you put this into perspective, though. Think of it as if you are about to board an airplane to travel wherever you want to travel. As an airplane passenger, you are essentially a guest aboard the airplane. This applies the same way in Cashback Marketing. As a customer in Cashback Marketing, you’re a guest of Cashback Marketing, so-to-speak. The pilot of the plane, would be like the Cashback Marketing Company, in this example.

So, before you can actually even board the plane, or before the plane can even take off, there are a number of checks that need to be done to make sure that everything is safe and ready to go. Things are checked over and over again to verify that everything is correct, and that everything will work perfectly while you are flying that airplane.

Once it has been confirmed that everything is “good-to-go” with the airplane, and then the process of taking off can begin; leaving the ground, and flying in the sky. But that process of actually launching the airplane off the ground and into the air, takes so much energy! It actually takes more energy to get an airplane into the sky, than it does just to keep that airplane in the sky, once you have it there.

Then, once you’ve safely launched into the air, and you’re there, then it’s an easier process. The pilots can actually use what’s called auto-pilot; and that’s where they let the airplane keep itself in the air (of course, with special programs and everything). But it’s an easier time, and it takes less energy for that plane to be running on auto-pilot in the air, than it does for that plane to leave the ground, and get into the air in the first place.

In fact, you know the saying, having things “running on auto-pilot?” Well, it’s from airplanes that the saying comes from. These same principles apply to the Special Marketing Pools at Cashback Marketing. This first cycle of the Special Marketing Pools can be thought of similarly to how the airplane takes all of that energy, goes through all of those checks, with the pilots doing their triple-checks and everything, and launching into the air to fly.

The same applies with the Special Marketing Pools. During this first 180 days, we have gone through and done all the checks, and verified that everything will be successful; and we are doing our first round to show that it is successful, right now. Once this is done, we’ll be at that stage where we can run on auto-pilot, so to speak. Everything will be set up, and running smoothly.

So, it’s really the second cycle (and future cycles) where you will see results coming in more quickly, and with even better results; because the first cycle is all about getting that plane off the ground and into the air—and that’s where we’re at right now.

While this first cycle has taken the full 180 days to get the plane off the ground (and into the air), future cycles will be happening more quickly, with better results, on average; because we’ve done the hard work, put in the extra energy in the beginning, in this first cycle of the Special Marketing Pools.

I just wanted to put that into perspective for you. It’s not something like you open a book and, “Poof!—here you go; you’re working!” It’s something that takes time. It takes effort and energy to make it happen; and that is exactly what our experts are doing for all our Special Marketing Pool customers: doing the work, so our customers can enjoy the benefits on auto-pilot—complete with a Budget-back Guarantee to protect them, 100%, all the way around.

Understand, Cashback Marketing is not going anywhere—it is here to stay for the long-term; and your Marketing Units are safe with Cashback Marketing, because we will always be innovating, and creating new ways to help our customers reach their marketing goals, with the best success and guarantees possible.

So, thank you very much, everyone. These are all the updates I have for everyone today. Like I said, we will have more updates coming out at the beginning of March (as well as towards the end of March regarding the Special Marketing Pools). And for those customers waiting for a cashout, again, we very much appreciate your patience and support during this time. Look for an email, with a Special Offer for you, in the next couple of weeks.

Thank you, Rose, and thank you to everyone in the Recap team, and Support team. As always, we appreciate your hard work for everyone.

Have a great day, everyone! WAAAZZZUUUB! Remember to bobl, play Jackpot Directory, and check every now and then for more updates on the Unicorn Holding website.

Take care, everyone! Thank you! Bye-bye!


With your success in mind,

Cate Kozikowski and        

your WAZZUB Support Team


Announcement from Support: There is a special CBM Mega Marketing Pool General (Public) Webinar happening on Monday, February 6, 2017 at 12pm USA PST, where we will share brand new developments at CBM!

Register for the webinar here:


Check your time for the webinar here:




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Unicorn General Webinar Recap January 26, 2017

Unicorn General Webinar Recap

January 26, 2017 

Presented by: Cate Kozikowski 


Hello everybody! WAAAZZZUUUB! I have great, exciting updates to share with everyone today, and lots of great information. So, let’s get started.

First up, I want to talk about our Biggest Talent contest. We have been doing a number of updates on the website; and, as well, I have some other information to share with you.

On the website, you can now see a couple of new videos added. The first one that I’d like to share with you is our trailer for the Most Famous Awards Show 2016, which is available to view right now on the Biggest Talent website. So let’s watch.

[During the webinar, Cate shared the video; you can see this video directly on the Biggest Talent website before you login at www.biggesttalent.com.]

So there you have it! That is the trailer for our 2016 Most Famous Award Show. Let me tell you, as someone who was both there, at the show live, and as someone who’s seen the full video, it is fantastic! I had such a great time at the show, and I had an equally great time watching the video with my family in the comfort of my living room. The artists that we had performing this past November really did a stellar job!

The musical acts were fantastic, the comedian was hysterical, and the magician was amazing; as well, of course, Matt and Ester were both fantastic, as always. So, if you have not seen this whole video yet, we highly recommend it. You can watch it easily simply by clicking on the “Watch Full Show” button found on the Biggest Talent website.

There is promo-code for Unicorn Members and you can see that below.

Unicorn Members, if you use the discount code, "UNICORN" you can get a 50% discount, on your ticket price, which brings the price down to just US$15.00!

So, that’s really awesome. You know, it’s really fantastic, coming from the perspective of an artist who won this prize, to come and perform at the show—they really had a fantastic time; met a lot of great people; made a lot of connections, and got to do what they love, in front of an awesome audience—live, onstage, in Las Vegas, Nevada; which is really great!

That’s something that’s really awesome about Unicorn Network, and all the different projects that we do, like this Biggest Talent contest; it’s about helping people achieve their dreams. Together, with the “Power of We,” we help many people achieve their dreams; and that is something to be proud and happy about, and to share it with the world, because it’s definitely awesome.

Now, in other updates on the website, talking about artists winning, you can see Maya Pop’s brand new song; and this is part of her prize, being the Grand Prize winner of last year’s contest, under the name “I Wanna Be Famous!” So, let’s check out the video together.

[During the webinar, Cate shared the video; you can see this video directly on the Biggest Talent website before you login at www.biggesttalent.com.]

Wow! What an awesome song! That’s Maya Pop’s new song, “Real Love.” What’s really cool about this is that this song was exclusively written and produced for her, as part of her grand prize. She personally met the song writer and producer in Las Vegas, had studio sessions; and, together with the production team, finalized her new song. This is really fantastic, and I know we’re going to be seeing a lot more of Maya Pop, and all of her fantastic music, very soon.

So, in other updates, very soon we will also have an Interview Highlights video added on the Biggest Talent website. After the show, back in November, Ester Goldberg interviewed the winners and some of the attendees, and got their feedback about what they thought about the show; and it was really great—let’s take a look.

[During the webinar, Cate shared the video; you can see this video directly on the Biggest Talent website before you login at www.biggesttalent.com.]

Well, there you have it. You don’t have to just take my word for it. You can see right there, everyone had a fantastic time. And, now you can listen, on the Biggest Talent website, to that new song that Maya was hinting about in her interview. So, that’s fantastic, as well.

Now, due to us adding all of this content onto the Biggest Talent website, and wanting as many artists to participate as possible, so that they can have a chance of achieving their dreams, we have decided to make some last adjustments on the timeline for the Season 3 of the Biggest Talent contest.

We found that many talents were learning about the contest at the last minute; so, of course, we want as many artists and as many countries to be represented as possible. Therefore, we have decided to add 2 weeks to the deadline, which makes this final deadline of Feb. 15, 2017, at 11:59 p.m. (U.S. Pacific Time). So, as long as contestants have joined, and have their video uploaded by Feb. 15th before midnight, that night, they will be entered into the contest.

Now, we’ve made some other adjustments on the subsequent phases of the contest; and I’ll go through those with you, as well. So, once the contestants join, the next phase is the “Country Voting,” which is where members, in each of the countries, will vote on which artists they like the most, from their own country.

This will begin on March 1st, 2017, and will run for 3 weeks, until March 21st, 2017.

Now, it will take us a few days to tabulate the votes and announce the winners of each country; so that is why the battle rounds, where it will be country vs. country, will start on April 1st, 2017. During this phase, members will be able to vote on the artists that they like the most from each country; you won’t be restricted to just your own country.

We expect about 3 rounds of voting happening during this time, as we make our way down to the top 8 contestants.

Round 1 we’re expecting to happen from April 1st to April 7th.

Round 2 will happen from around April 11th to April 17th.

Round 3 will happen from April 21st to April 27th.

Then, in the beginning of May we will announce the 8 Finalists who will be invited to perform live during the final battles, in Las Vegas. The final battle will happen on Sunday, June 25th, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. (U.S. Pacific Time).  So, for all those who want to start planning to come to Las Vegas live, now you have a date; and for those who want to participate in the livestream online, at this time it will be easy for just about everyone around the world. We have a link in the Recap, so you can see what time it would be for you, see below. Just understand that Pacific Time (PT) is minus 8 (-8) UTC (Universal Time Coordinated/GMT).

Check your time here for the Biggest Talent Live Final Show 2017 livestream here: http://bit.ly/2kbNKyt

As I said, this will be livestreamed, which means we will have live voting during each of the battle rounds that day. We will learn, live onstage, who is the Biggest Talent of 2017. So that is super exciting, and I’m totally looking forward to that show; as I’m sure most of you are, as well.

And understand, this live show happening in June, is NOT the Most Famous Awards Show. This is the Biggest Talent live Final Show. The Most Famous Award Show 2017 will be announced at a later date, after the winners have been decided. So, look for updates after June about that.

The Terms and FAQ on the Biggest Talent website will also be updated very soon with this new information. So, definitely, get out there and talk to everyone you can, who would qualify to be a contestant. Get as many people, as many artists, from your country as you can, so you really can find the Biggest Talent from your country; and see if they can be the Biggest Talent in the world!

So, I have a few other quick updates, besides. Now, we will have an official press release about the Biggest Talent contest that is currently in some final development stages; and will be released tomorrow with the Recap. It’ll be a press release about the Biggest Talent and Maya Pop.

I want everyone to understand (some of you may, some of you might not): a public press release is a public company statement. By posting it on our website, that is publicly making our statement. We’re also in the process of learning what we’re allowed to share legally, during this process of going public with the company. So, please do bear with us and have patience as we release information as quickly as we possibly can.

For example, in the EU there is a law hundreds of pages long, just talking about how to announce a company acquisition; so this is not a simple or easy process, however we are moving forward, and we are making progress; and as soon as possible, we will keep everyone updated with all the latest and greatest information.

So, look for that new press release, coming out with the recap.


In other updates, next Thursday, Feb. 2, 2017 at 12:00 p.m. (U.S. Pacific Time), we will have our next General Webinar, which will specifically talk about the Special Marketing Pools at Cashback Marketing. The link to register can be found below, and we will make announcements in our usual places, across our network and in our PI News; probably later today, or when the Recap is posted, as well, so you can sign up.

Link to register for the CBM General Webinar:


Check your time here for the CBM General Webinar:


And lastly, I just want to say, rest assured, everything is moving forward as fast as possible. We’re not legally allowed to share all the details, however whenever we are legally on the safe side to share information, we will do so. So for now, everything has to be done as it is.

We thank everyone for your continued support, patience, understanding and pro-activity. So, thank you very much everyone. That’s all I have from my end for today. I wish everyone a fantastic day or night, wherever you are…WAZZZUUUB! Remember to play Lotto Madness/Jackpot Directory; remember to bobl; and have a great time being proud to be a Unicorn; and always, HAPPY HEALTH to everyone.

Thank you so much Rose, and everyone in the Recap team, and the Support team. You guys are awesome. So thank you all, and we’ll talk to you soon. Bye-bye.

With your success in mind,

Cate Kozikowski and        

your WAZZUB Support Team


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Unicorn General Webinar Recap January 11, 2017

Unicorn General Webinar Recap

January 11, 2017 

Presented by: Dan Settgast



Dear Unicorns,

Today is a very special day! My name is Dan Settgast and I am one of the Founders of the Unicorn Network. Today I would like to share with you all the aspects of our beautiful project.

Unicorn Network is so much more than just another startup company. The Unicorn Network is magically changing the world for Internet users, for businesses, for artists, for consumers, and in one word, for everybody. It is our main goal to create a global social community where all members treat each other with respect; a community that protects your privacy and a community that offers maximum security; a community that is rewarding you for your activities and where someone listens to your ideas about how to make things better; a community that is like a family where all members care for those in need; a community where you can always expect the highest quality of content, services, and products.

We are living in a world where the biggest companies are building secret profiles of every Internet user, and where more and more bad guys try to steal our data, or even our identity for fraudulent activities. Some people have even committed suicide because of anonymous hate speech in social media.

So, now is the perfect time to create a safe zone on the Internet; a network of websites and services for all Internet users where people can find high quality information, entertainment, communication, services, and products with maximum privacy and security. Ten years ago when we shared our vision with some Internet experts, they told us that this is impossible to do. Well, it took us five years of development, and another five years of testing and team building, but today, finally we are ready to share our vision with the world.

The Unicorn Network is free to join, and you will never have to pay to be a Unicorn. At the Unicorn Network, we offer three different types of membership: General, Affiliate and Professional.

As a General Unicorn member, you have access to all our services and websites without the need to register over and over again.  With just one signup, you have access to all our pages, and additionally, to all accredited third party websites, apps, and online shops, which fulfill our high quality, security, and privacy standards. They can be easily identified by our Seals You Can Trust. Even the ads displayed within the Unicorn Network, have a quality seal for no malware, no phishing, and no fraud, but real products and services only. That is why we named them—Ads You Can Trust.

As an Affiliate Unicorn member, you are invited to promote our websites, products, and services, or simply to share them with your friends and family. You will be rewarded with lifetime commissions, and on top of that, you will receive bonuses on all the affiliate activity of Unicorn members invited by you. 

The Professional Unicorn membership is for businesses, artists, salespeople, and for everyone who wants to monetize their skills within our Unicorn Network. For example, video artists can broadcast their content through our project VEEDEO TV, and they will receive a revenue share from subscriptions and advertising.

Now, let me share with you our most important projects:

Let me start with Perfect Internet. Perfect Internet is where you can customize your personal start page, displaying only the content that you want to see.

The WAZZUB Community is your place to connect with other Unicorn members in clubs and forums.

BOBL is where you can share and find videos, music, websites, games, pictures, and other exciting stuff. 

PERNUM is your tool for maximum privacy when communicating or transacting with individuals, shops, and businesses. 

PerfectPages is your global/local business and deals directory, with a built in loyalty system—Perfect Bonus. 

At Cashback Marketing, business owners, as well as newbies, can book our Marketing Instruments for maximum success in advertising. 

Prize Mania is where you can win prizes every 10 minutes, where you can play international lotteries for free, and where you can instantly win US$100,000 for cracking our virtual safe. 

Shobbit is your perfect place for the best deals on the Internet. Thanks to our secret algorithm, there is up to 99% discount on literally every product. 

Most Famous is our entertainment division. Join our global talent contest—The Biggest Talent, watch exclusive content at VEEDEO TV, and enjoy live stage shows when you are visiting Las Vegas. 

HAPPY HEALTH is our joint venture with Dr. Forsythe. We will provide HAPPY HEALTH Edition books, HAPPY HEALTH Formula nutritional supplements, HAPPY HEALTH Online Services, HAPPY HEALTH Fitness Classes, and even HAPPY HEALTH Centers for Medical Services.

12 Days is our global education portal, where experts from all over the world will share their knowledge in 12-day video courses.

We Share Success is the name of our affiliate network, where you can find the best affiliate programs and online business opportunities.

You can collect free DEALPoints from various activities across the Unicorn Network, and you can spend them at the Free Shopping Club for free products.

So, these are just a few of the projects we have in development. Based on the feedback of our Unicorn members we are constantly improving our projects, as well as adding new projects.

I told you in the beginning that we are not just another startup company; we are much more, let us say we are a 50-in-1 startup. We are magically changing the world with high quality services, and we want to give all of you the opportunity, not just to be members, but to be co-owners of the Unicorn group of companies. Therefore, we decided to go public with our holding company, as well as we already started the acquisition of a company which is already publicly listed for more than 15 years. 

In other words, all of you who want to participate in our financial success, will be able to buy shares of our holding company, globally through any accredited broker. All specific information regarding our group of companies, and our timeline and process of going public, will be released on a special website together with a public press release on January 17, 2017. And a link for this website will be publicly shared on Tuesday morning, 11:00 AM PST. For legal reasons it is important that all information regarding our going public, is available for the whole public at the same time. Therefore, this special announcement.

[Update from Support: Due to the U.S. holiday happening on Monday, January 16, 2017, the website and information will be posted on Tuesday, January 17, 2017. Thank you for your understanding.]

Thank you guys for listening, and stay tuned for more info. From now on we will have more General webinars, we will have General webinars in different languages, and we will finally start to provide our websites in different languages as well. So thank you once more for listening. Have a great day! WAZZUUUUBBBB, don't forget to bobl, always HAPPY HEALTH, and be proud to be a Unicorn. Thank you guys, bye-bye.


With your success in mind,

Dan Settgast and        

Your WAZZUB Support Team




Tuesday, January 17, 2016

Update from WAZZUB Support: The website for the Unicorn Holding Group of Companies is announced!


There will be more updates on the website happening today, so check back on the website periodically for further information.

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Unicorn General Webinar Recap December 6, 2016


Unicorn General Webinar Recap

December 6, 2016 

Presented by: Cate Kozikowski


And away we go! WAAAZZZUUUUUB! Welcome everybody! I am so happy to be here with everyone today. We have a lot of exciting updates to go through, so I will get started right away.

Our first topic is Perfect Search (www.perfectsear.ch). Now I know that we have received some messages and feedback from some members, who were concerned about their privacy when using Perfect Search. So, today we’re going to go through some things, so that everyone understands how to have the most privacy when doing your searches online.

The first thing that I want to go through; as you can see in the screenshot here…




I did a little search. When you see your search results, there are two main sections that you should be aware of.

The first section that you’re going to see at the top, has this light-blue background. It’s a little bit different, and at the top it says, “Ads by Google.” Understand that anything in this top section is an ad.

Now, what you should also understand is that Perfect Search, including all Unicorn websites and Start Page, does not collect any personal data; does not infringe upon your privacy at all. What you do have to understand though, is that there are a couple of things that happen whenever you visit a website.

The first thing is that many websites use Google Analytics, or even Alexa Analytics, and others. This analytical software that website owners use, helps them to see information about the people who are visiting their websites. So, if you use any website that is using this analytical type of software, you are sharing information with that website, according to those terms. The same applies when you click a Google ad, or any ad that is not an Ad You Can Trust—you are sharing details when you click those ads.

So, for some people who maybe are seeing things; like for example, you were to do a search for jewelry, and all of a sudden you would be seeing ads for jewelry; that’s because when you did that search you either clicked on a website that had some analytical software, or you perhaps clicked on one of the top results, which is actually an ad. So, be aware when you’re clicking on things, what you’re clicking on; and, as always we tell everyone, read the Terms and Privacy of the sites you visit. That will tell you what they’re doing with your data; or if they are collecting your data.

Now, many people wrote to us and shared their feedback, saying that they loved the Google search results, but they wanted more privacy; and that was why we partnered with StartPage for our Perfect Search, so that we could provide that level of service—the great search results from Google search engine, with increased privacy. And, let me share a little tip on how you can have even more privacy with Perfect Search.

Now, to show you a little bit bigger here:



This is the same search results we’ve been talking about, except you can see more clearly where the ads end, and where the actual search results begin, towards the bottom.

There’s a couple of cool functions that StartPage does when they show you the Google search results. The first thing is this Proxy link that you’ll see. If you want to view a website with the most privacy, regardless if they have analytical software or if they use Google ads, or whatever the case may be, the best way to do that is to click the “Proxy” link; instead of clicking the blue link or the green link, you simply click “Proxy.” When you do that (you’ll see here as an example)...




...you see the StartPage header at the top, telling you that you’re viewing that website by proxy; and then you’ll see the website down below, and you can scroll and interact with the website as you normally would. So, this is a really cool and convenient function that you can use to help your searching to be more private.

In a similar fashion, if you were to click on the “Highlight” link, what it does is, it will open up the website (still by Proxy); except that it will highlight your search terms throughout the page. So, in this example, I searched for “fun stuff,” and if I were to click on “Highlight” it would highlight every time the words “fun stuff” appeared on the webpage.




So, those are just a couple of quick tips, so that everyone understands how to do your searches with the most privacy, using Perfect Search.

Now, I also wanted to point out that when you’re doing your searches, every 10 searches will reward you with a Token; and with that Token you can see, instantly, if you’ve won up to US$100,000 playing at the SAFECRACKER CLUB.




So that is super exciting, and you’ll see that there’s a pop-out that happens when you do your 10th search; and you can see some options where you could view your balance, or play the SAFECRACKER CLUB. (Lotto Madness (Jackpot Directory) is there too because why not get your free lottery entries so you don't miss your chance to win part of a big jackpot because remember, WE PLAY YOU WIN! And no you don't need tokens for that.)




So that’s super exciting! Nowhere else online can you do searches and have a chance to win US$100,000 instantly; and that’s why we say, “Perfect Search is Privacy, Security, and Benefits for everybody!”

Another cool tip on, again, keeping your information as private as you want: instead of searching videos on a video site, such as YouTube...




...search for what you want up here at Perfect Search (under the search box), and click the Videos button. It will bring you video results for your search term; and the same thing applies—you still have the Proxy link available to you when you do it through the Videos button on Perfect Search. And, as well, for the images; the same thing applies. So, if you want to have the most private experience possible, use the various functions on Perfect Search, and remember to choose “Proxy” to view your results.

[Note from Support: Understand that "Proxy" does not always work with some websites, especially banking and financial ones, so you would have to visit those websites directly and accept those terms of use.]




So, next, let’s talk about My News Wall (www.mynewswall.com). We want to make sure that everyone understands how to use My News Wall, for the most benefit. My News Wall is really awesome, because where else online can you read news stories and have a chance to win US$100,000 instantly? I don’t know of any place, except My News Wall.

Just like when you’re doing your searches at Perfect Search, the same applies here in My News Wall, where every 10 news stories that you read will reward you with a Token, and you can see if you have won up to US$100,000 instantly. We have many more prizes to give away at the SAFECRACKER CLUB than just US$100,000. You might win DEALPoints, or great prizes like cell phones, and electronics, jewelry, and so much more.




Now, when you look at the top of My News Wall, you’ll see a couple of different options. You can always change your country. In this image you can see it says “US” right underneath the words “MYNEWSWALL,” and that shows that the country selected is the United States. If you simply click on that “US,” you can change your country to more than 70 different countries, and the news that you see will all be in the national language of the country that you select. The cool thing is that when you make that selection, and you logout and log back in later, it will still be there, just the way you left it. It starts at default for the U.S., and once you make your selection, it will stay at whatever you chose last.

And then, every country has a variety of news categories, and you can click on whatever one you want, to see the news in that category. So, definitely get your daily news from My News Wall, and good luck to everyone in the SAFECRACKER CLUB! Hopefully, you’ll win lots of great prizes.



Now, I want to talk with you about some exciting updates, and that is PERNUM. I’m happy to announce that tomorrow, after this recap is released, we will be re-opening PERNUM for the public, and our first function that is available for the public is PERNUM Chat. That is super exciting!





As you should know, but just in case (you don’t know yet about the Master PIN), you will need to have your Master Pin set up in order to log into PERNUM. So, if you have not done that already, definitely go and take care of that (first), so you will be all set. Here is some reminder information of how to set up your Master Pin, just in case anyone forgot, or needs more information:

See the October 3, 2016 General Recap for Master PIN details and tips: http://wazzub.com/blogs/webrecaps4/index.php?pst_id=128231]


Another thing to understand with the PERNUM Chat is that you will need a cellphone in order to use PERNUM Chat; not because the program is on your cellphone, but simply because you need to be able to receive an SMS or text message, as this is part of the login/verification process. You can use an inexpensive mobile phone. In the U.S. we have a few brands of cellphones that are no contract mobile phones. If you want to do something like that, it’s totally cool. It does not have to be any kind of fancy cellphone or smartphone. It simply has to be able to receive a text or SMS message. So, just keep that in mind.


[Note from Support: (For current Telegram users) PERNUM Chat uses the Telegram software as a base and right now, if you have both a Telegram Account and a PERNUM Chat account, you cannot use the same phone number for both. The best thing to do if you want to use the same number for PERNUM Chat is that before you set up your PERNUM Chat account, delete your Telegram Account. Or if you want to keep the same number with Telegram use a different mobile number for PERNUM Chat than you use with Telegram. This is only a note for current Telegram users. You do not need a Telegram account to use PERNUM Chat.]

And we will have many other functions to be released soon, of course.




So, with PERNUM Chat (once you have set up your Master PIN of course), just to give you a brief run-through (read more details at the end of this recap). What you’re going to do is, once the PERNUM website is open, you’re going to login to PERNUM first; and to open PERNUM Chat there is a button down at the bottom, called PERNUM Chat. So, it’s very simple; you’re just going to click that, and it will open PERNUM Chat in a new tab. Then, simply, you would enter your Pernum onto the PERNUM login screen follow the prompt. You would click “Ok,” then it’s going to send you a text message with the little 5-digit, numerical code. You simply enter that code, and then you're logged in to PERNUM Chat. So, the process of logging in, and PERNUM Chat, is fairly simple.

There are a couple of steps, (check for them at the end of this recap), to get you connected with the rest of the Unicorn Network in PERNUM Chat. Just like we have in Skype—we have many different groups and channels in PERNUM Chat to keep you connected with all the great Unicorn news and information; and members, too.

So, when you first start using PERNUM Chat and PERNUM, the first thing that you want to do is add PERNUM Chat as one of your contacts. “PERNUM Chat” is the admin account for PERNUM Chat, and it has its own Pernum. You would simply add their Pernum to your contacts; and then after you login to PERNUM Chat (see the full details below), you would send them a quick private message, with your details, and they will add you to all the relevant rooms or groups that you want to be part of. So once you do this little process here, and you’re added to all the groups, then you’re free to use PERNUM Chat as you want.

You can make groups with your friends. We have news channels, so you can see the latest Unicorn News; and of course, you can have private conversations with your friends on PERNUM Chat. At this time, there is no audio or video chatting capabilities in PERNUM Chat. It is only text and file-sharing; so you can share videos, images, and any other kind of file directly through PERNUM Chat. And of course, as we develop, we will add more features and functions and all of that fun stuff.

So, definitely look for the complete details at the end of this recap to help guide you, step by step, getting started with PERNUM and PERNUM Chat.




So, the next thing that I have to announce is TIX NINJA! This is a special website designed strictly for selling tickets. This is not open yet, however, it will be opening soon; and as you can see from this mock-up, you will be able to find concert tickets, theater tickets, sports’ tickets, and more—including the Most Famous Awards Show!

Now, the great thing about this website is that these tickets are offered through ticket brokers and private individuals; so you are able to find tickets, in some cases, to events that may have already officially sold out. In those cases, where shows may have sold out, or there is an extreme high demand, sometimes the prices may be a higher than the printed price; however, those are those select occasions, and there are millions of tickets available for hundreds of thousands of events worldwide. So, no matter where you live, you may be able to find a great concert, theater show, or sports’ event that you are excited to attend and want to buy tickets. So that is super exciting, and we are looking forward to seeing that come online very soon!

As you can see on the mock-up above, the Most Famous Awards Show 2016...well, that brings me to my next topic, and that is the Most Famous Awards Show 2016, that we just had last month in Las Vegas.




Our video presentation is going to be aired on December 17, 2016, and you can go to www.BestSeat.club and purchase your tickets.



As you can see here, the regular ticket price is US$30.00; however, Unicorn Members, if you use the discount code, UNICORN, you can get a 50% discount, which brings the price down to just US$15.00!



Now, the really cool thing about this event is that it will be showing in multiple time zones. For example, if you were in America, on the West Coast, you could see it at 8:00 p.m.; but if you were on the East Coast of America, you could watch the same showing at 5:00 p.m. So, depending on what time zone you are closest to (or what time you prefer), you can choose which show time is the best for you. (You are not required to watch any specific time zone; they all show the same broadcast just at multiple times worldwide for everyone's convenience.)

Another cool thing is that you can have viewing parties, locally. For example, if you are a family of 4 people, simply buy one ticket for your family, and everyone in your house (can) watch the show at the same time. If you have a smart TV, or simply a TV that can connect to your computer or the internet, you can even watch it on your big screen TV, right in the comfort of your own home! Again, you would only need the one ticket for the TV where you’re watching it. So, you could have a few people over, enjoy yourselves, enjoy the show, and have a great time for pennies on the dollar (depending on how many people you have at your little, local party). Remember this is a high quality, top-notch, professionally produced show that happened live on stage in Las Vegas on November 7, 2016.

We want everyone to have a great time, and really enjoy this whole experience! To help with that: on all paid ticket orders, (whether it is a member discount with the "UNICORN" code, or a full-priced ticket), all Unicorn Affiliates receive a 20% commission; and also, the Family Bonus applies—at 2% for 5 generations (Affiliate terms apply). So, just like you’ll see from Cashback Marketing, when your Unicorn Family Members buy a ticket for the show, you’ll receive a Family Bonus; or if they’re in your 1st generation, you’ll receive a Commission. So that’s super exciting! Everyone go out there, and get as many people as you can to watch our Most Famous Awards Show, happening on Dec. 17th at 8:00 p.m., locally (in many time zones), around the world! Great!

Founding Members: before you do anything, see the special message for you that is posted in our UFM Club Forum on December 6, 2016.

[Note from Support (Updated December 16, 2016): Due to technical problems Tilted Globe (our partner for the livestream) needs to postpone the show. As next weekend is Christmas and the following weekend is New Years Eve the new date is January 7, 2017. All tickets stay valid. Please spread the news.]

So, that’s all I have on my end. I hope everyone has a fantastic rest of your day or evening. I’m super excited to watch this show with everybody, and we’ll have more exciting updates and announcements very soon; so, always keep your eye on the PI News, and across our Galaxy. And, of course, once you login to PERNUM Chat, and start using that, you can always check for news and updates in PERNUM Chat. We have several news channels to help you stay informed.

So, thank you very much everyone! WAAZZZUUUUBBB!

Remember to play SAFECRACKER CLUB; remember Jackpot Directory, there’s lots of prize winnings for everyone; remember to bobl; read your news; and always HAPPY HEALTH to everyone!

Thanks everybody! Bye bye!


With your success in mind,

Cate Kozikowski and        

Your WAZZUB Support Team


How to login at PERNUM and PERNUM Chat:


For those of you who have already set your Master PIN, you can login to PERNUM (Once it is open):





So, when you go to this link you will see the PERNUM page and you will need to login.




Use the login icon in the header, as usual.




And you will see that this is the first place where you need to enter your One-Time PIN from your Master PIN. Now, this is why you need to memorize your Master PIN. It is because the One-Time PIN will always be 3 numbers from your Master PIN, and you will always need to enter it in the sequence as it is required.






Now, once you login, you will be prompted to enter your mobile number. Right now, the only way to use PERNUM CHAT is if you have a mobile phone that accepts SMS messages. And as you see, it asks for the Country Code, separately from the actual mobile number. So, for example for a phone number from the United States the country code is number 1; so you simply put the code from your country and do not put the + or 00 (represented by the +), simply put the actual country code numbers.

Then when entering your mobile number there is no need for spaces or hyphens, just type in the mobile number straight.






So once you enter these numbers, you click “Submit” and it will tell you that your mobile number has been updated successfully.

Then you are going to need to add a contact.


Here is what you need to understand about this system first. Understand that in PERNUM you are going to connect with people in a lot of different ways: through chatting, PERNUMPAY, PERNUM SEND, PERNUM Browser etc.; and by adding the contacts in PERNUM itself, you are setting up your own database of people that you allow to connect with you.

So all your contacts should start in PERNUM first, and from there you can allow them in various other PERNUM features, like PERNUM CHAT. And you may add and remove contacts at any time.

Locate the YOUR CONTACTS Box




To add a contact you simply click on ADD NEW CONTACT under YOUR CONTACTS.




So you simply enter the Pernum of your contact and you click on “Submit”.




And it will notify you that your contact has been added successfully.

Now, make PERNUM CHAT your first contact. PERNUM CHAT is actually the PERNUM CHAT Admin contact. So invite PERNUM CHAT Admin to your contacts in order to join official Groups and Channels in the chat! PERNUM CHAT's Pernum is 1000819955. (Add PERNUM CHAT Admin to your contacts in PERNUM first before launching PERNUM CHAT.)





So how do you enter the chat itself? Once you have done those steps, you simply click on the PERNUM CHAT icon to start the chat. [Follow this method here the first time you login. Afterwards you can use the other ways to start PERNUM CHAT as it suits you, like by clicking from your contacts menu in PERNUM – more details about this are below.]



Also, on the image above you can see that inside the PERNUM CHAT icon, you can click on “Edit Mobile” to edit your mobile phone number.




After clicking the PERNUM CHAT icon, the PERNUM CHAT page will open in a new tab. You will just have to enter your Pernum. Hit Enter on your keyboard or click NEXT.




Then you click OK.



The page automatically displays that it is generating a key for you.




Then it refreshes again to a page where you enter the code that arrives on your mobile phone via SMS text message.

[Note from Support: If for some reason, you do NOT receive the SMS code within the time, go back to the PERNUM CHAT Login page, refresh, and try again; or try another browser.]

Then you need to enter that code here on this page (in the above image), and the page will verify the code automatically (no need to press enter), and once verified you will see PERNUM CHAT open up.

Now there is a method of adding contacts in PERNUM CHAT as well. This is how you are allowing your contacts to communicate with you in PERNUM CHAT itself... so follow the steps below and click on the Menu inside PERNUM CHAT to add your contacts in PERNUM CHAT in order to start communicating with them.




Access the menu from the header bar.




Click "CONTACTS" from the menu.







Enter the personal Pernum of the contact, then click "SAVE" and that's it. Your new contact is added.


Once you are logged in to the PERNUM CHAT website, (after you add them to your contacts in PERNUM CHAT) send a message inside the chat to PERNUM CHAT Admin (PERNUM CHAT), and depending on the information you provide, you will be invited to the groups and channels within the chat, where you can connect with other people.

So, be sure to send PERNUM CHAT Admin a personal message inside the chat with the following info:

1. Full Name:

2. Your Pernum:

3. Ref ID:

4. UFM (Yes/No):

5. Country:

6. Language:





7. If you are part of the PI Team, state the Departments:

Enjoy using PERNUM Chat!



More Info About Contacts




This YOUR CONTACTS Box in PERNUM is the place where you manage all your contacts and the permissions you allow for each one. Currently the only permission you are adding is the ability for you to contact them in PERNUM CHAT. More will come later.

[Understand that as the different components of PERNUM are connected, this will be the place where you manage their permissions and settings (i.e. what webpage they see from your Pernum in the PERNUM Browser, if you chat with them or not, etc.]





From this area, you can modify your contacts.




You can see your full contact list. [Note: After you have logged in the first time via the PERNUM CHAT icon in PERNUM, you can also click "Chat" next to a contact's name to launch PERNUM CHAT.]



Quick PERNUM CHAT Group Creation Tutorial




Access the menu from the header bar.




Step 1

Click NEW GROUP from the drop down.




Step 2

Select your contacts to be added in your group. Note: You cannot make a group with less than 3 people including yourself. Click on the next button to create the group.




Step 3

Write your group name. Click on CREATE GROUP to create your group.


Accessing Group Settings



Click on your group name to have the group settings option.



Group Options




Click on the camera icon to add your group picture. To add new members from your contacts, click ADD MEMBER. Click UPGRADE TO SUPERGROUP to upgrade your group. Click the REMOVE link to remove members from your group.


About Supergroups




In a supergroup, new members see the full message history, messages are deleted for all members, Administrators can pin important messages. Creators can set the public link for the group. NOTE: Once you convert your group, this action cannot be undone.


PERNUM CHAT Important Notes

  • Note: If you make a group and want to delete it later, remove all the members of the group first before you delete it (not including yourself).
  • REMINDER FROM SUPPORT: do not create any groups with UNICORN/PI/WAZZUB/WSS or any other official terms/words. Official Rooms are created for all stars.
  • Thank you!

 Have fun and explore PERNUM CHAT

  • PERNUM CHAT is not available for mobile yet.
  • More functions will be added step-by-step.
  • Any suggestions for more functions/features, hold on to them for now, we will open a place for suggestions and ideas as soon as possible.
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Unicorn CBM General Webinar Recap November 23 & November 25, 2016

 Unicorn CBM General Webinar Recap

November 23 & November 25, 2016

Presented by: Dan Settgast


Part one (November 23rd):

Dear Cashback Marketing customers and Affiliates,

As you know, we have faced some challenges during the last 2 months, caused by some cheaters who created more US$100,000 in financial damage. I am happy to inform you that all cheaters have been identified and removed from the system. They all have lost their memberships and their accounts, and funds and Marketing Units have been frozen, to decrease the damage they have caused. Additionally, we have hired a lawyer in India where the main fraudster is living, to file a lawsuit against him, and his family members who have been involved in the unlawful activities.

Of course, all loopholes have been closed, so that this kind of fraud cannot happen again. However, Cashback Marketing is still affected by this incident. Our team spent hundreds of extra hours removing wrong Marketing Units, commissions, and bonuses, which was distracting us from our main business; which is to develop marketing strategies for our Special Marketing Pools.

Unfortunately, our payment processor for credit card payments put a hold on our funds until December, because they saw a higher risk for charge-backs as a part, or result, of the fraud that happened. On top of that, our payment partners at 2Pay4You are still fighting to get their funds released to be able to pay us. So, as a result, as of today, we are waiting for about US$100,000 to be paid to our accounts, which is the money that we have planned to use for cashout requests. Therefore, we need to put all cashout requests on hold (at least until next week), because tomorrow is a major holiday here in the U.S. So, we won’t have any funds available before next week.

It is important to understand that we did not run out of money, but that the funds for cashouts are on hold (at our payment-processing partners), due to circumstances out of our control. Nevertheless, we have been working hard, and we are working hard every day, on making our Marketing Pools a huge success. For all 4 SMPs (Special Marketing Pools), we have started our activities, and I’m happy to update you today.

So, let us start with HAPPY HEALTH. We have hired a highly-professional, TV and video production team to produce the mind-blowing infomercial about Dr. Forsythe and HAPPY HEALTH. Yesterday, I received a short preview, which might give you an idea of how top-notch and exclusive this production will be.

[Dan played the preview infomercial]


I’m happy that at least a part of you were able to watch it, since it didn’t function properly. This video, even just the preview, is really amazing! At the same time, while this video was produced, we searched for and finally found a laboratory and manufacturer for the HAPPY HEALTH FORMULA Nutritional Products. They’re from Atlanta, Georgia, and their CEO and their Vice President of Production have met with Dr. Forsythe several times, to develop the perfect, high-quality mixture, based on Dr. Forsythe’s guidelines.

So the HAPPY HEALTH FORMULA Products will not be just another nutritional supplement; but these products will be the top-notch, high-end, nutritional supplements on the global market. I am the lucky guy to be personally testing the first shake, a special protein shake, for some weeks now. I have been to a doctor before I started, and I have been to a doctor at the end of last week; and I can tell you that this special protein shake not only tastes great, but I also lost weight, and my blood pressure is much better; as well as my cholesterol levels are much better.

For those who know a little bit about it, my LDL cholesterol in September was at 167. This is now down to 136 (about 20% less). This is huge. It is still a ways from really healthy, but these are really, really great results—and that’s just after a few weeks!

So, these products will be really top, highest quality, and finally, products created by a doctor who really knows what he’s talking about; because Dr. Forsythe tries to get all of his knowledge (and how he is helping his patients every single day in his clinic), into these products—which has never been done before like that. And the manufacturer in Atlanta is right now setting up the production line; so that right after the holiday, they will be able to start producing.

On top of that, we will promote many of Dr. Forsythe’s books (of course, about medical topics), in a special, exclusive HAPPY HEALTH edition—exclusively available with us. A professional press release has already been prepared, as well as a website, in our unique Unicorn Network design. And, as soon as the infomercial is finished, we will start a huge, global marketing campaign.

And, as we use the funds from the HAPPY HEALTH Special Marketing Pool, for all our marketing activities here that are related to HAPPY HEALTH (including the video, the press release, the global marketing campaign), we’re expecting a very nice return on investment, from our company’s point of view. So, we will be able to pay you (the Cashback Marketing customers), who bought HAPPY HEALTH Special Marketing Pool Units: the US$90.00 per Marketing Unit, within the given time frame of 3-6 months.

And you know we’re right now, in the first cycle, so all the preparation is happening right now; so the first payment of this is not just for HAPPY HEALTH, but for the other Special Marketing Pools as well. The first payment will happen more likely after 4, 5, or even 6 months, rather than after 3 months. And that is exactly what we have communicated from the beginning that our time-frame is 3-6 months.

So guys, talking about the other 3 Special Marketing Pools, I have created a presentation; but this software (I don’t know why), is not allowing me today to get it on the screen. Maybe I have to remove and re-install the software. I’m really sorry about that; and it is important that you see the slides and presentation. It will make it much easier for you to understand the level that we’re working at; and really, the high quality.

So, as I mentioned before, tomorrow is a holiday here in the States (and it’s a major holiday), so the webinar recap will be released anyway on Friday. So, we will have a second part of this webinar on Friday, same time at 11:00 a.m.; and I will take the time to have a script prepared, so the full webinar can be released on Friday. Just in case the technical difficulties are still there, we will have the recap on Friday anyway, but I would love to share the exciting updates and presentation with you. You might hear it in my voice. I’m really sad, and disappointed now that this doesn’t work, for whatever reason.

So hopefully, so far, it was some exciting news for you. Your patience and understanding when it is about the cashout, is highly appreciated. Please, do me a favor, and see Cashback Marketing as what it is; and that is, a company specialized in long-term, global marketing strategies—and we’re just at the beginning of our journey.

So, thank you, guys, for listening today. And to all of you who celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow: Happy Thanksgiving! Let’s meet again on Friday, 11:00 a.m., PST, for the second part. Thank you, guys, talk to you soon. All the best, and always HAPPY HEALTH!


Part two (November 25th):

Today, we have our second part of our webinar, which started on Wednesday. The bad part is that I am still struggling with technical issues, and I do not want to make the software crash again, so I will tell you the news of course, but I will not share any images here in the webinar, so please check those in the recap for more information on what I am talking about here today.

I told you about our HAPPY HEALTH Special Marketing Pool (SMP), what we have planned there, and what we have set up. What we have left to speak about are the other 3 SMPs and what we are planning there.

All three of them are exciting, so let us start with PERNUM Special Marketing Pool. At PERNUM we have two (very crucial for the success of PERNUM) strategic partnerships in the making:  

1) A strategic partnership with an International Banking Group for PERNUMPAY, because PERNUMPAY will make us independent, as well as the whole Unicorn Network, from any other payment processor. That means, thanks to this International Banking Group, any Unicorn member (obviously of legal age) can easily open a PERNUMPAY cloud account. It will be an easy process to load money to your account through credit card or bank wire; and now you will be able to pay for goods and services within the Unicorn Network, you'll be able to send money from member to member, and you will be able to pay in online stores, as well as in local stores, restaurants, and other venues.

And thanks to our personal numbers (our Pernums), we will be the first payment processor keeping your personal data private. No business, no shop, no restaurant, nobody you pay through PERNUMPAY will receive your credit card details, or e-mail address. If you pay at a local shop or restaurant, they won't even know your name; and there is no Data Mining, which means there is no secret profile where someone is collecting the info about where and when you have been shopping or dining. And guys, the way other companies, the big dogs, are collecting data, this will be one of the hottest topics in one, two, three, four, five years.

And with our system, everybody will want a Pernum. Even if many members will stay with a free Pernum, even private people will want an easy-to-remember personal Pernum to be paid for; and like domain names on the Internet, businesses will pay a lot of money for nice, short business-related Pernums. That is what our Special Marketing Pool for PERNUM is all about. So, we have blocked thousands of special business-related Pernums. Pernums consist of numbers but they work like vanity telephone numbers, where instead of numbers you can put letters so that you can create words. One of the functions of a Pernum is to be a website address, a URL, as well. And just like I am the lucky guy who is allowed to test the HAPPY HEALTH Products first, I am also the lucky guy to test the PERNUM Browser first. My personal Pernum is 2, and in the vanity alphabet the number 2 is for the letters A, B, or C. I have connected my Pernum with my BOBLWALL, so instead of typing in the PERNUM browser www.bobl.us/username, if you simply type in the number 2, or the letter A, B or C, guess what happens?—It will bring you to my BOBLWALL because I set it up like that. 

So, a Pernum (personal or business) can be linked to any website, and because a Pernum consist of numbers, we have no copyright issues. That is already all approved. Talking for example about Coca-Cola, you would have copyright issues if you would register any URL, or any website domain containing Coca-Cola. In the vanity alphabet, Coca-Cola is 2622 2652, and that is a simple number. In the vanity alphabet, it means that whoever has this PERNUM and uses it with the PERNUM Browser by typing in CocaCola, they will get this member's website, whatever it is. Can you imagine that somewhere in the near future Coca-Cola might be interested in buying this PERNUM? Yes, but of course for a much higher price, like website domains have been sold for millions of dollars. So what we are doing right now before we start offering Pernums, is setting up everything so that PERNUM is really highly attractive, and that really every private person and business will need a Pernum.

2) Which brings us to our second strategic partnership...



We are negotiating to not just have a PERNUM App (we will have that as well), but there is a chance that we will have a PERNUM phone. A PERNUM phone means that instead of phone numbers, you will be able to use the Pernums to make calls; plus, and this is most important for our mobile world, you will be able to shop and pay online, as well as locally at local businesses and restaurants—with your mobile phone, simply from Pernum to Pernum, with no extra technical devices needed for the business, and with no data transferred beside your Pernum when you make a payment.

The great thing about our potential strategic partner for the PERNUM phone, is that just in the United States they have a network of more than 20,000 shops in city centers and shopping malls, where they sell phones. So why should it be interesting for them to sell the PERNUM phone, which will be a Brand name phone, with all PERNUM functions preinstalled? Because we told this strategic partner that we have a five-generation affiliate commissions and a Family Bonus system, which means that whenever someone who is not yet a Unicorn member is buying a PERNUM phone, this person will be in the strategic partner’s first generation; and whenever they make a payment, close a deal, or order something, they will earn money, unlimited. When they sell any other phone, they only earn one time. And now, additionally, they have a growing recurring income. So the more people have a PERNUM phone, or have the PERNUM App installed on their mobile phone, the higher the interest of businesses, and the higher the prices will be that businesses are willing to pay for a nice Pernum.

So let's talk about the next Special Marketing Pool, let's talk about the Call Center SMP. We did a test drive and we found out that it is not the perfect solution to simply hire external Call Centers, that it is much better to build a Service Network around the Call Centers. That is why we are right now hiring here in Las Vegas, not just Call Center agents to sell (to make the calls), but we are also establishing inbound Call Center agents for customer service, especially for our business customers. And we found out that through a Call Center we are only able to sell basic Marketing Services to the businesses, and that it is much more effective in many cases to sell them a basic service, or even just to give them a free listing in our network first. Then, in a second step, we send a sales agent in person to the business to talk about additional services. By doing it this way, we simply have much bigger success; because on the phone it is absolutely a no-brainer for a business to receive a free listing, and if you have given something to them for free, then that is the perfect door opener for the sales representative to upsell the business to our premium Marketing Services. So we will have this set up and tested here in Las Vegas, so that we are able to fine-tune our marketing campaign, and then to copy and paste it all over the world through our network of PerfectPages and We Share Success Country Managers, and Regional managers.

The last Special Marketing Pool is the E-Commerce SMP. We have negotiated with several companies about having exclusive rights to sell certain products, and I am happy to tell you about one of these products.

Those of you who have seen the interview highlights video for the Most Famous Award show, (our live show that we had here in Las Vegas on November 7th, which will be globally broadcast on December 17th), in the interview highlights there is one guy, his name is Phillip Mandella, and he is CEO of the company named PyraTea. They have a brand new product in development, which is a product for the target group “gamers and e-sports”, to give them an alternative to the so-called energy drinks, which mostly consist of sugar and caffeine. So at PyraTea they have developed a much healthier and easier to use alternative, which gives the gamer the same energy and focus boost, but much faster and again much healthier.

So they already agreed that this product will be available exclusively through the Unicorn Network, and as it will be a drink powder in pouches, it can be easily shipped and sold all over the world. Of course, for us at the Unicorn Network, it is great, because this product will give us access to people of age 14-25, which right now is not yet our strongest members group.

Guys, you should check for e-sports and the e-games industry; it is unbelievable! You not only have websites where millions of mostly young people watch other gamers play video games, I have learned that here in Las Vegas, we have at least one huge live event, that you could compare to a concert of a rock star, it is unbelievable! Thousands of people in a stadium, and instead of two teams kicking a ball, you have some young guys on stage playing video games, and they are displayed on huge screens, and everybody is excited.

So this is a huge market, and of course like with the HAPPY HEALTH Products, it is the same with the guys from PyraTea; they strive for top notch quality, so they are the perfect match for the Unicorn Network. This is just one of several products where we are negotiating, and our marketing specialists from New York, they are already in the process of setting up sales websites and matching marketing activities.

One of these activities is that we will be the sponsor of one of the most successful e-sports teams. And the numbers I have learned are really unbelievable. They play a huge tournament, and they have up to 10,000,000 people watching their games online. Here comes the kicker: if these guys in front of the camera say a sentence like, "Wow, now I need an energy boost!", and they use the PyraTea Boost products, many of the people watching will start to ask, “Hey what did he just say?”, or “What drink did he take?”... So they will order just because these guys, the successful guys, used it; so this is really, really exciting! 

On top of all that, we will start our own e-commerce marketing activities, and we will start tomorrow.



Most of you might know that we have a very special sales algorithm (patent pending), and this algorithm allows us to give up to 99% discount literally on everything. For the next three days, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday (until noon US Pacific time on Monday), we will celebrate our first Mega Deals Weekend! We will sell genuine jewelry and eBooks, both deeply discounted. And here is the good news: we will have a flat rate shipping for the jewelry (of course the eBooks are delivered without shipping costs electronically.) So, talking about the jewelry, no matter how many pieces a customer will buy, the shipping cost will always stay the same. We are really talking about gold, silver and titanium rings, and other jewelry like necklaces, bracelets, pendants, and all are high quality with rubies, garnets, diamonds, and we will have them at prices cheaper than anywhere else!


So, here is how Mega Deals Weekend will work. Every item has a starting price and every 10 seconds the price goes down by 1%, and no matter how many users are watching this article, only the first person pushing the DEAL Button, will receive the item at that current price. The price goes down to a randomly set minimum price, and this can be for any product, there's no limitation on specific products. Any product can go all the way down to 99% discount, which might be a pendant made from silver for US$0.50, or a ring with real diamonds for US$7.00! We have seen deals like that in earlier times, when we tested our sales algorithm publicly. 

So, finally we are back, and we have thousands of jewelry items in stock; and all orders will be shipped next week, so everyone should receive their orders before Christmas globally, of course in the United States. We have a shopping cart in the Mega Deals Weekend, which means you can hunt for the best deals the whole weekend, and then at the end make one payment; pay just one time the flat rate for shipping, and be a happy customer. Of course this Mega Deals Weekend is some kind of a final test drive, so that in the future we will be able to offer our business partners’ products. We can make a Mega Deals Weekend or even a Mega Deals Week, exclusively with their products.   

So that's it for today; that was the missing part. Hopefully the info that I shared with you today helps you to understand about the huge potential that our Special Marketing Pools have, and what is the business behind the Special Marketing Pools. All four Special Marketing Pools have the high chance to reach the US$90.00 per Marketing Unit in return, before the 180 days are over, but imagine how the Special Marketing Pools can really become a stream of income from marketing activity on autopilot. Because once these systems are set up, of course it will take shorter, and the shortest time frame as you know is 90 days. Hopefully, based on what I've shared today, you can see that here is the real chance that we generate US$90.00 from marketing activities within 90 to 180 days, over and over and over again, because we can always adjust marketing strategies, we can always remove products which are not selling, and we can always add new exciting products.

But as always, there is one little catch and I have to share it with you once more, and that is that the Special Marketing Pools are limited. We received emails saying, “If I buy more and more Marketing Units for the Special Marketing Pools just from the money received, I would be a billionaire in a year, or two, or three!” Of course that sounds nice, but the marketing budget we need is not endless, so the day will come where we will close the Special Marketing Pools and only those who are in the marketing pools when we have reached the end of one cycle, and you have received your US$90.00 per Marketing Unit, only the existing customers will receive the offer to rebuy the same number of marketing units that they have had in the Special Marketing Pool. So my advice for you is to not wait too long, and ask those members who are with us for three, four, five years now, to join us; because when we say one day we will close it—that means we will close it. This is not a marketing strategy to push you, this is simply the truth. If you are thinking about buying more Marketing Units, you should do it now, and if you see your role at Cashback Marketing as an affiliate member, you should connect with your friends, business partners, family, whoever might be a potential customer at Cashback Marketing, and you should tell them about Cashback Marketing now.

Thank you guys for listening, watch for announcements, watch for the webinar recap, and of course watch for our Mega Deals Weekend, it is planned to start in 24 hours, so check for messages and announcements within the Unicorn Network. Thank you guys, all the best, have a great weekend and talk to you soon, bye-bye.

With your success in mind,

Dan Settgast and       

your WAZZUB Support Team


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Unicorn General Webinar Recap November 11, 2016


Unicorn General Webinar Recap

November 11, 2016

Presented by: Dan Settgast


November 11, 11 minutes past 11! So guys, do you know what day is today?

(Audience answers that it is the WAZZUB/PI/Unicorn Anniversary.)

Yes! Of course! It is our birthday! It is our 5th anniversary since our first website, the WAZZUB website, went live. But today is another important day, as well. In many countries today it is Veterans’ Day, and so therefore, please let us spend a few minutes, and let us be grateful for all the brave heroes in the world.


Thank you, guys! We really have to be grateful for all these people around the world, risking their lives for us every day, to make this planet a safer place.

At the same time, we are celebrating our 5th Anniversary, and there are those of you who are with us since the beginning; I even know some of you really signed up on November 11, 2011. You know, and you remember, how all this started. We started by telling you that we would create one website, one home page for you that you would use as your start page, whenever you browse the Internet. That was our goal, to offer you a better Internet experience by offering you a website, a page where you would find all the things you are looking for: news, entertainment, shopping, as well as messages from your friends and family, games, videos, and all the stuff you like. 

Now 5 years later, this project has turned into not just one website, but a whole network of websites; so that now we can talk about a safe zone on the Internet, which means that you will be able to enjoy all the nice stuff on the Internet, without the bad stuff. At the Unicorn Network, there is no data mining; there is no phishing; we do not build secret profiles; we protect your privacy.

On top of that, all our pages are secured by high-end SSL Certificates for maximum encryption; and with our Master PIN and One-Time PIN, we are the first in the industry to make our websites safe and secure by a two-step authentication. You know that even on some financial websites, like PayPal, it is enough if someone knows your email address and password. But, within the Unicorn Network, this is not enough to login to your account, or to make any changes to your account. 

Your email address, when you use it to sign-up on any pages, as well as your password (because most Internet users tend to use the same password on different websites), your email address and password are stored in multiple databases; and you know from the news, how often it happens that databases, even from big companies like Yahoo, are cracked. Within the Unicorn Network, your Master PIN is stored exactly in one place, and that is our highly-secured servers; and on top of that, your Master PIN is encrypted—so even if someone were to hack the database, they would not be able to read your Master PIN. Therefore, your account with the Unicorn Network is 100% safe. 

Even if you use different passwords on every page, and even if you change your passwords from time to time, if you downloaded from a page outside the Unicorn Network, the malware (so-called Keylogger Software), is a software that knows from just you typing on your keyboard, which password you used. If this software were to be active while you are logging into the Unicorn Network, yes, it would get your username; and yes, it would get your password; and yes, it would get your One-Time PIN. Unfortunately for the bad guys, if they try to use this One-Time PIN to login to your account—surprise: the One-Time PIN changes every time you login! 

Honestly, I am sure that many of our security features, like One-Time PINs, like 100% SSL encryption of all pages, and of course, security and privacy features like PERNUM (your personal number), these features, within a few years, will be standard on the Internet, and you all know who was first. You know who set up these new standards of privacy, security, and quality.

Many of you know that actually today is not our 5th, but even our 10th anniversary, counting from the time when we, the Founders, started to develop this project; when we started to develop the Perfect Internet experience for every Internet user. Some of you might say, “Wow, 10 years in the making! That is a long time.” And of course, you are right.  But, you need to have in mind that our project and our vision is not just about creating one website or one project. Our vision is about creating the Perfect Internet experience, globally, for all Internet users. 

On top of that, we have developed several projects, which are building the bridge between the Internet (the virtual world) and the real world. This is why we decided, sometime last year, that the name "Perfect Internet" is not enough for what our project is all about. We thought about, “Hey, is there any animal or creature that would perfectly describe what we are doing?”—and that is how we came to pick the Unicorn as the name for our network. Unicorns are always magically changing the world; and hey, yes, that is exactly what we want to do. This is something that cannot be done in 1 year, or 3 years, or 5 years, or even 10 years—we are together with you on a never-ending journey. 

There will always be something new; and within the Unicorn Network, it is the members who suggest what shall be added to the Unicorn Network, and what is it that we don't like within the Unicorn Network. Within the last 5 years, thanks to your feedback, thanks to your suggestions, we have built the basics. If you would compare our project with a marathon run, the time until today has been the warm-up. We did not even start running yet.

But now finally, the time has come where we will start to put the pieces together; and very, very soon, not just you, but the whole world will see the bigger picture. The whole world will understand our vision. The whole world will understand that the Unicorn Network is really changing the world, magically.


So, all of you know this little lady. Her name is Miruna, and her artist's stage name is Maya Pop. She is the main winner of our Global Talent Contest; and she is here in Las Vegas right now, because on Monday we had our Most Famous Award Show here in Las Vegas, live on stage, right in the heart of the famous Las Vegas Boulevard at the Bally's Hotel & Casino. Before I tell you more about this amazing event, I would like to share with you what to expect on the next section of our journey. If you want to stay with the marathon, now that the warm-up is done, and now that the run is starting, what will happen within the Unicorn Network?

What will happen is the following: at a very fast pace you will see new websites being added to the Unicorn Network. You will see more and more of our "Coming Soon" projects being live; and like I told you before, you and every other Internet user, will step by step see the bigger picture. This bigger picture is our safe zone on the Internet—maximum privacy, maximum security, highest quality, respect, open for all, benefits, rewards; and finally, the chance really to be part of a global project. 

At the Unicorn Network we are listening to our members, so nobody knows today which projects or websites we might add in 3 or 5 years from now; because it is you, the members, giving us the feedback and suggestions. It was very important for us that our project is not branded to a specific industry. When I say Google, you think “search engine;” when I say Facebook, you think “social network;” when I say Twitter, you think “short messages;” and if I say Amazon, you think “shopping”. Unicorn is not just one venture. Unicorn wants to be everything—but better! 

So, let me give you an example. I am proud to tell you that today our brand-new, Perfect Search website will go online. You need to know that far more than 90% of all searches are done with the Google search engine. Of course, that is for a reason; because, obviously the Google search engine gives you the best search results. The challenge is that with every search that you are doing, Google learns more about you, and Google is building a secret profile about you. With our new Perfect Search, you are able to search for websites, for images, and for videos, and you will receive Google results in privacy. This means that:

a) Google will not be able to add any info to your secret profile, which, based on their Terms, they use mainly to sell the info to other companies, so that they can deliver targeted ads on your screen. Our Perfect Search does not allow Google to collect this data; and,

b) You will receive un-filtered search results, because most people don't know that if you and I search for the same search phrase, Google decides (based on their secret profile), what might interest me and what might interest you. 

Honestly, I prefer to decide by myself which search results I am interested in. Right now (meaning today), you can find in the news, articles about whether the Facebook news feed might have manipulated voters in the United States, because the news feed at Facebook works like the search at Google—they have an algorithm based on your secret profile, and they display the news which they think you are interested in. Do you really want a computer to decide which news you are allowed to read? Not me. 

So the Perfect Search, the new Perfect Search will be live after the webinar https://www.perfectsear.ch/ ; and on top of this huge advantage of maximum privacy, we are rewarding you for your searches; which brings us to the second page that is live after the webinar, which is our SAFECRACKER CLUB.

So for every 10 searches at the Perfect Search, you will receive one Token to use for the SAFECRACKER CLUB; and that means one try to instantly win US$100,000!


At the Perfect Search, the Tokens that you can get per day are limited to 3; and of course, it doesn't help to simply push the search button over and over again, and every 10 clicks you’ll get a Token—no. We're talking about real searches. But, if you follow the rules, you can easily collect 3 Tokens per day, which is 3 chances to instantly win US$100,000. If someone within your 5 generations wins the US$100,000, we say “Thank you,” by giving you US$10,000 on top; which means up to 5 people, 5 generations above the main winner, will receive an additional US$10,000 each. So the prize money, in total for all winners together is even US$150,000. And this prize money is guaranteed by an internationally active German Insurance Company. There are no restrictions about where you live. As long as free participating and free prize-draws are allowed in your jurisdiction, you are allowed to try to “crack our safe”; and like for the whole Unicorn Network, the minimum age to participate is 14.

So let us have a little recap of the last 10 minutes. We are talking about the safest web-search, giving you maximum privacy, the best unfiltered search results; and on top of that, for up to 3 times per day, every single day up to 3 times, you receive a chance to win up to US$100,000, just as a “thank you” for using our Perfect Search.

Some of you posted that you would like to see our new headquarters and the office, and here we go:


So, now you know! And we expect within about 6 to 12 months from now, to have 50-70, or maybe even 100 people working there, in our new headquarters; just for the Unicorn Administration.

We have one more page which is already live, and that is your Perfect News Source, and you can find it at the URL:


At My News Wall, after login, click on the words “COUNTRY NAME,” and you can select local news for more than 70 countries, in more than 50 different languages. I have been using this page for more than one week now, and I love it! If I want to read news here from the United States, then I do; and I think, per country, there are up to 10 different categories like: international news, science, sports, and entertainment; and when I am interested in what is happening in Germany, where I was born, I simply click on the country name, select “Germany,” and I have all the news directly from German news sources!

Now, let me tell you a little bit about our Most Famous Awards Show. On Sunday, we welcomed here in Las Vegas, our winner artists from all over the world: from Bulgaria, from Ecuador, from Romania; as well as our Cashback Marketing Las Vegas contest winners from the United States, and from Italy. Additionally, we welcomed artists here from the United States, Mark Riccadonna (from Philadelphia), an amazing comedian. Of course, we welcomed our first lady of BOBL, Ester Goldberg. We welcomed Adam Flowers: he is a Las Vegas-based magician, and he doesn’t have his own show here in Las Vegas, because whenever celebrities are in town (and that happens often here in Las Vegas), he is booked for their private parties, to bring some magic in there—especially close-up magic. Close-up magic means that he is doing his magic tricks right before your eyes! In the past, he has done his magic for celebs like Paris Hilton, Miley Cyrus, and several others. When you check his website, you'll see how successful he is. It was a pleasure having him on stage as well.

Of course, we welcomed Matt Gallant, who hosted our Most Famous Award Show; and as you know, will be our face of VEEDEO TV. Additionally, we invited an artist named Vudis, who is from Lithuania, and is the composer and producer of Maya Pop’s last year's winning song, which we heard earlier on the webinar, “Do Some Good”. He is producing a whole album of new songs for her. So besides the show, on Monday, we had studio sessions, recording new songs with Maya Pop and Vudis, as well.

Let me tell you about the Most Famous Awards Show. Our theater (the Windows showroom at the Bally’s Hotel), where normally, Las Vegas legends like Wayne Newton, and today's most successful magic show, are taking place, on Monday night it was our stage for our Most Famous Awards Show. The theater is good for about 220 people in the audience, and for the first time we were packed and sold out; so we had a great audience and atmosphere. And you know that we are very proud that we have former MTV and Starz Entertainment guy, Pete Demas onboard. He is here in Las Vegas as well, and he brought a whole professional team, so that we could have a TV-quality recording of the whole show.

And it will be not just a livestream with one camera. We had several cameras. And right now, while we’re talking, the post-production of cutting and editing the video footage from the show is taking place, to make it the perfect experience for all of you who haven’t been able to come here to Las Vegas. I’m very happy that I’ve been able to meet personally with many of you, but I know that most of you have not been able to come to Las Vegas; so we will bring the Most Famous Awards Show to you. This will happen as a very special event; the date is to be announced, together with a brand new partner of ours.

It is a company specialized in broadcasting huge events globally. They’re from Miami, Florida, and they came all the way to Las Vegas. The name of the company is TiltedGlobe; and thanks to TiltedGlobe, and their technology, all of you will be able to join the Most Famous Awards as the first show event to be broadcast from Las Vegas on the Internet to the whole world, in High Definition. As soon as the full production of the show is finished, we will sit together with TiltedGlobe, and find the perfect time and date for the show. Of course, we know about the different time zones, so we will take care that we have a showing for every time zone: America, Europe, Africa (which is for the most part in the same time zones as Europe), and of course, Arabia and Asia; and not to forget Australia and New Zealand; so that we have all time zones covered for you. For those of you who will not be able to enjoy the show as an event, there are plans to have the show available at a later time on our own network, VEEDEO TV.

On Monday (and this was not part of the show), we had our red carpet with our first lady of BOBL, Ester Goldberg, interviewing guests and interviewing artists; and just a little hint, you should check BOBL for Most Famous Awards, video snippets and pictures, because I know that within the next 24 hours we will upload a lot of stuff on BOBL.



Talking about BOBL, and talking about social media, when you check Facebook and Twitter, check for our artists; check for the page of Mark Riccadonna, of Ester Goldberg, of Maya Pop, and you will already find a lot of pictures and video snippets from the show.


So let us end today's webinar as we have started it, because it is still Veterans’ Day, and this time with our winter and/or Christmas version of our “Praise All the Brave” song. The first version was performed by Cherokee Blonde who are contestants, and especially Katy Edwards as a member of the band. She won the first season (of the Most Famous Awards Show), and was here on stage in Las Vegas, as well, last year. The following performance is by our fellow member, Rex Revol.


Rex, I don't know if you're here on the webinar, but if not, you will read in the Recap. Thank you once more for your version of the song, and thank you to Cherokee Blonde as well, and their whole band for their version of the song. 

And to all of you, I say Waaazzuuuub! Don't forget to bobl; be proud to be a Unicorn; and, always HAPPY HEALTH.

We will have another public webinar very, very shortly; especially for Cashback Marketing. We are still working on it. Thank you, guys!

Hello, hello, hello—for those 111 still there, don't close—because I just received a very basic, early version of the Interview section of our Most Famous Awards Show. It is low quality—it’s not finished at all, but just to give you a little impression what happened; and you will see that our show was so amazing that even our Gee (DaCosta) could not find words to express himself; and when you see the video, you’ll know what I mean. You will find a high quality version video in the Recap. So guys, have fun!

[Note from Support: The high quality video is not ready as of the time this recap is posting. Once it is available, the link will be added here. Thank you for your understanding.]


With your success in mind,

Dan Settgast and        

your WAZZUB Support Team


[Note from Support: your Safecracker Club reflink can be found in WSS (www.wesharesuccess.com) under the INVITATIONS & PROMOTIONS section and click on PRIZE DRAWS. Unfortunately, we are experience some temporary technical challenges with the reflink, so please hold on promotions. We will post here once solved, look for an update on Tuesday, Nov 15. Thank you again for your understanding.]



Posted November 15, 2016

- The SAFECRACKER CLUB Reflinks are still being worked on, so they are not ready for use yet.

- Interview Highlights from the Most Famous Award Show 2016 are now posted on Dan's BOBLWALL!

Check it out here:

Like, Comment & Share!

With your success in mind,

Your WAZZUB Support Team

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Unicorn General Webinar Recap November 1, 2016


Unicorn General Webinar Recap

November 1, 2016 

Presented by: Cate Kozikowski


WAAZZUUUBBB, everybody! How is everyone doing today? Welcome! Welcome!

We have so much great news to share with everyone today. Unfortunately, Dan was not able to make it. He, of course, sends his well wishes, and will be speaking with everyone soon, and I’ll share more about that in a moment.

I have some great information. The most important I want to share with everyone today is about the Biggest Talent contest. We have some great new promotions, and new Affiliate tools that will be released very soon, some of them with this Recap, and others in the days after that. So, we’re really excited to share that with you.

In other news, of course, as you know, we have our Most Famous Awards Show. That is happening on Nov. 7, 2016, and the show starts at 9:30 PM, at Bally’s in Las Vegas. Now for those of you who would like to attend, all you have to do is send an email to:


And, in your email, you want to include how many tickets that you would like, and if you would like assistance with a hotel room. We have a really great deal at the Westgate Hotel. This is a 4-star hotel, and was formerly the Hilton Hotel. So, that is really fantastic. Now, as far as any price for tickets, actually these are available for members. [To be very clear, there is no charge for the tickets to the Most Famous Award Show 2016, just send your email and let us know how many tickets you need.] So, if you can make it to Vegas, just send us an email. Let us know how many are in your party; and if you would like to stay at the Westgate Hotel, we can help you out getting that set up.

Also, to share with you, the line-up for the Most Famous Awards Show, we’re very proud to announce that, as you know, this is the Most Famous Awards Show 2016, and also the Biggest Talent Contest New Season Kick-Off Party. Of course, we will have Miruna Pop, from Romania; we will have Weil, from Bulgaria; and Juyanis, from Ecuador, will also be performing. Of course, our host, the wonderful Mr. Matt Gallant, who is also the new face of our VEEDEO TV, he will be there; as well as, Ester Goldberg, will be joining him on stage; because, of course, she would never miss the Most Famous Awards Show! So, this is going to be a very special event.

We will have some surprise guests, as well. So, all members are invited. Just send us an email, and let us know how many tickets you would like, and if you need any assistance with the hotel room. Oh, another great thing about the Westgate Hotel is that there is a monorail that runs between Bally’s and the Westgate, so as far as going to the show from the hotel, you can just take the monorail, to and from the show. So, it’s very convenient. You might even get to rub shoulders with some of our special guests, because they will also be staying at the Westgate Hotel. So, that is really fantastic, and we’re all super excited to see all of you at the show.

For those who cannot attend, we will be doing (of course, as we said), a very high-class, video production of the event; and that is anticipated to be available around November 11th. We’ll have more details about that later. It’s really going to be a high-class video, so you’re really going to enjoy it.

Other announcements: As you know, our 5th Anniversary is coming up on the November 11th, this year. To celebrate that, we have been making major improvements and updates across our whole Network, which I will share some “sneak peeks” with you today.

One thing though, on the Cashback Marketing website, on Thursday, Nov. 3rd, you should look for an update from the company, and that will be found inside your Member’s area.

Because we have so many great things coming out, it would take too long to share them all in one webinar on the 11th, so that’s why today we’re starting to share this information with you here.

Remember, on Nov. 11th we will have a General Webinar that will be happening at 11:11 AM, (U.S. PT), it’s already posted in the PI News, and in various other places, as well. So, if you haven’t registered already, definitely, you will not want to miss this (coming) webinar; so, be sure to register.



Before I leave (the subject) of the Biggest Talent, one of the special, promotional tools that we have coming out is an updated, Biggest Talent landing page, where a new person checking it out, can type in the RefID of the person who invited them. This will be especially useful, when for instance, you’re posting up a flyer, or passing out a card, or something like that, where you are inviting people to check out the page. You’ll see that update very soon online, as well.

[Note from Support: Look for updates on November 3, 2016 Company Time, here in the recap regarding the BT updates and new promo tools.]

Speaking of flyers, we are already in the process of doing the final touches on a promotional flyer for everyone, as well as some business cards that you can pass out.

[Note from Support: Look for updates on November 3, 2016 Company Time, here in the recap regarding the BT updates and new promo tools.]




Let’s talk about the updates in the Unicorn Network. Now, what we’ve done is, we have updated the layout of the Unicorn Network page, and you can see that mock-up here; where it’s more in our standard style, and makes it very user-friendly for new people visiting the page. That will be online very soon, as well.

[Note from Support: The Unicorn Network is back online now, the updates with the new landing page are still in process and you will see those complete on the Unicorn Network websites in the coming days. So watch for those.]




In other updates, we will have our “My News Wall” coming out, and this is really exciting. As you can see from this screenshot here, there are various news categories that you can choose from; and a very special thing is that for more than 70 countries around the world, we have local news, in your local (national) language. So, you will be able to choose which country you wish to have displayed on your My News Wall, and then you’ll be good to go. You can change your country at any time. When you set your country, first it will start at the default for USA; but once you set your country, when you logon next time, it will automatically stay where you left it the last time, or what you have it set as. So, that’s really convenient, and really useful for everyone, to be able to get all the news that you need and want in one place, in the national language of your country. So, that’s the My News Wall page.

This is one thing to understand. In PI, we have a news section, this new My News Wall will be integrated into PI later on, with a bit of a new design/layout, so it fits inside PI, and works just the way you want it to. So, look for those updates coming at a later time, as far as with PI; but we will have My News Wall online now and you can check it out.


[Note from Support: When you login, you will see the country selection under the My News Wall logo on the upper right box.]

As we’re always looking to make things better, and more perfect, we have done some improvements on Perfect Search; and I’m happy to share them with you today. What we’ve done is we’ve updated the layout. We added some additional features to help you search better; and as well, we have updated the rewards, and I’ll share with you more specifics with you in a little bit.




First, let’s take a look at how we’ve updated it. So, here you can see your standard Perfect Search page, before you’ve done any searches. And you’ll notice that now we have part of the Unicorn box with it, and of course, our Seal You Can Trust; as well as the Invited By and a new Search box, where you see you can search websites, images, or videos—very easily, just with one click there. And of course, when you do a search, all your search results show below (the top header). So, this header always stays at the top, and then your searchers all show at the bottom.

Now, in order to make things easier, both with the rewards that you can get, and how you understand the reward system, we’ve made some updates; but first, I’d like to share with you a very special video which will explain a little bit about what I’m about to share.

(Cate shared a new promo video for the SAFECRACKER CLUB (SCC); it will be available on the SCC website once launched.)

Alright! That’s right! You heard correctly! With the SAFECRACKER CLUB you can win up to US$100,000 instantly! So, now, he mentioned something called “Tokens.” So, Tokens—what are they? Tokens are a new reward that we are implementing throughout our whole Network. This will, in some cases, replace the collecting of DEALPoints; however, DEALPoints are not going away. So, we still have DEALPoints and FREE SHOPPING, but now we also have Tokens.

So, what are Tokens used for? As you heard in the video, you use Tokens to try your chance to crack the safe at the SAFECRACKER CLUB. And what you do at the SAFECRACKER CLUB is, you will use one Token and you will enter a 10-digit code (meaning, digits 1 through 0), in any combination; you chose what your code is for each time you try to crack the safe. And if you have the right combination, you could win up to US$100,000 instantly.

How do you get these Tokens? As you just heard, at the SAFECRACKER CLUB, for new members when they join for free, they receive 3 Tokens; that’s 3 chances to crack the safe. And with the new updates on Perfect Search, you will also receive the Tokens when you do searches. For every 10 searches you do on Perfect Search, you’ll receive 1 Token, instead of DEALPoints. And, as well, we will be implementing the Tokens across our Network, as I mentioned. So, for example, when you recommend a business, or post a review, or make a BOBLBOX, and many other activities, you will be able to get Tokens, and a chance to win US$100,000 instantly.

Now, even though I know we’ve mentioned this previously in other webinars and discussions, prize draws are not necessarily gambling. However, we know that not everyone likes prize draws; so, yes, whenever you collect a Token you will be able to choose if you would like a Token, or DEALPoints instead. It may, or may not be, a “1 for 1” exchange for the DEALPoints, it just depends on the activity. But you’ll see that whenever you collect a Token; you’ll see what your options are to choose—the Tokens vs. (or) the DEALPoints.

So, it’s important to understand: nothing has changed with our Terms, as far as how many accounts you can have. It is still one account per person. If you have a business account, separate and additional Terms will apply. So, if you ever have any questions, definitely see the Terms for details, or talk to Support, if you have a specific question.

Let’s talk more about the SAFECRACKER CLUB. What does it cost to play? As you may have guessed, it only costs 1 Token; and, as I explained, you collect those Tokens for free, by doing various activities across our Unicorn Network. Now, as I briefly explained about how you play, when you go to the SAFECRACKER CLUB, you’ll see, after you login, you’ll be able to enter your 10-digit code to try to crack the safe, and each time you enter a code, it will cost 1 Token; so it will simply be deducted from your balance (of Tokens).

So, what could you win? You can win up to US$100,000 instantly, as well as many other prizes—from DEALPoints to cell phones, jewelry, and a variety of other great prizes. So, what are your chances to win? Well, it really just depends on how many people are entering, and how close you come to getting the correct code. We don’t know what the code is; it’s super-secret. Only the person who cracks the code will know. So, collect as many Tokens as you can for the most chances to win, because each Token is 1 chance.

When does the SAFECRACKER CLUB start? It will be online very soon. It may be online as early as tomorrow, but otherwise, it will be happening very, very soon.

[Note from Support: Look for updates here in the Recap & PI News once the SAFECRACKER CLUB is opened in the coming days.]

How often can you play?—as often as you want; all you have to do is collect the Tokens. Does it end?—Nope. The SAFECRACKER CLUB will continue on giving away great prizes; and hopefully, very soon, someone will win that US$100,000 instantly, because that would be so exciting for everyone!




So, let’s take a look at how the website looks like. This is a little mock-up and you’ll see this online. That video that I played for you as well, will also be on the website when it’s online. As you can see, it’s our standard design; and you have some more information, and we’ll have our latest winners of all our various prizes posted there as well. So, we definitely wish everyone the best of luck, and hope you crack the safe, and wins lots of prizes!

Now, I just want to talk for a little bit about a couple of other points, so everyone understands a little bit more. Now regarding the Tokens—part of the reason why we implemented this new rewards system, is because it makes things a lot easier for people to understand; and as well, you can use some neat promotional ideas when you’re talking with people, and we will integrate many different things together for our business partners, as well. For example, when you invite someone to the SAFECRACKER CLUB, you can let them know, “Hey, you have 3 chances to win US$100,000 instantly, just by joining as a free member. If you don’t win the US$100,000 on those tries, you can simply do 10 searches at Perfect Search, for another chance to win. So, essentially 10 searches could get you US$100,000 instantly. It’s amazing!”

Another thing, too—if someone is looking at the FREE SHOPPING Club, for example, say you find something that you really like, and you go there, for example, it is 50,000 DEALPoints. It’s kind of difficult to think about it with our current system. Like, how long is it going to take to collect those DEALPoints, so you could get that cool thing from the FREE SHOPPING Club? Well, with this new Token system, you could easily (for example), if you’re just thinking about Perfect Search, you could say to yourself, “Oh, I just have to do 500,000 searches at Perfect Search, and I could get that item.”

Now, when you play at the SAFECRACKER CLUB, you have lots of opportunities to win DEALPoints; like chunks of DEALPoints, you know—100 DEALPoints, 1,000 DEALPoints, and maybe even 10,000 DEALPoints. So a Token is really a valuable tool for everyone and a great reward, all at the same time.

So, look for these updates coming online, soon. As I say, we have so many great things coming out over the next week or two that definitely you want to be paying attention to the PI News; and as well, checking for any other updates that might be posted in the WAZZUB Community, or across our other channels. So, definitely be sure to register for our upcoming webinar on Nov. 11th, at 11:11 AM (U.S. PT.)

Be aware, too, that the U.S. is going through its time change, and it’s actually coming this coming Sunday, Nov. 6th; so the webinar on Nov. 11th may be at a little bit different time for you than you’re used to. So, definitely be aware. In the U.S. we fall back one hour; so just be aware of that.

And as well, if you are able to come to Las Vegas, you definitely want to send an email, so you can reserve your tickets for the Most Famous Award Show, and the Biggest Talent Contest New Season, Kick-Off Party, happening on Nov. 7th, at 9:30 PM, at the Bally’s Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

I know Gee is so excited to meet everyone and I am, too; so definitely we look forward to hearing from everyone and seeing everyone at the Most Famous Award Show. Also, as I said, be sure to list in your email how many tickets you need, and if you want assistance with the hotel room; if you want to stay at Westgate Hotel. So, we’ll see everyone there!

So, that’s all from me for today. Thank you very much, everyone! Have a fantastic rest of your day or evening, depending on where you are. WAAZZUUUB!  Remember to bobl, enter to win at Jackpot Directory, be proud to be a Unicorn, and always, HAPPY HEALTH to everyone! Bye-bye, folks! Thank you very much! Have a great day!


With your success in mind,

Cate Kozikowski and        

your WAZZUB Support Team



Posted November 5, 2016


There are now various Promotional Tools to help you promote and invite artists to Biggest Talent.

These tools are located in WSS, and there are some specific ways that each are used best, so please read this whole update before you begin using the new BT promo tools.

1. The new Biggest Talent promotional landing page is now online, you can see it at


Here is how you use this site, it is specifically designed for the new person you are sharing this with to enter an "Invite Code" this Invite Code is your username with Unicorn. They will not be able to join unless they provide a valid Invite Code (username); this is done so that you can simply add your username as the invite code on promotional flyers and the promo cards that we have designed for you, as explained further below.

2. When you login at WSS, click on PROMOTIONS & INVITING from the center MENU after login.



Then click on "ENTERTAINMENT"



Then select "BIGGEST TALENT"



And then you will see many different Affiliate Tools to help you promote Biggest Talent to all your friends and family.




If you click on the "BIGGEST TALENT FLYERS", you will see 3 different flyers with 2 options each.



For the different flyers, they were all created with some specific promotion ideas in mind. First understand for any flyer that is listed as "PRINTER FRIENDLY" this simply means the text on the flyer is all black for less costly printing as needed (you still have the BT Logo in color, however if printed in black and white, the logo will show in grey scale, so that is fine).

To use the BT promotional flyers effectively keep a few things in mind, the FLYER 1 & FLYER 2 are intended to be hung up in places and are designed to be easier to read from farther away. Be sure to add your username as the Invite Code before you hang them up.

When people visit the biggesttalent.info page and click FREE REGISTRATION, they will be directed to enter an Invite Code, which is your username, so there is a place to add it on the flyers.

Now if you are hanging up the flyers and someone wants more info, or you are hanging up a flyer at a location where people will be able to see it up close easily, then we recommend the FLYER 3, as it has more information on it than Flyer 1 and 2.

All of the flyers are PDF files that you can download, print, and add your username as the Invite Code, simply click on the buttons and they open in a new tab.

And last but not least, if you click on the "BIGGEST TALENT REFERRAL CARDS", you will see the promotional cards we have designed for you.



The cards are a PDF file that you can download, print, and add your username as the Invite Code, simply click on the button and it opens in a new tab.

One last note, all of the Biggest Talent reflinks are fully operational and good to use. You can use the regular reflink as you see in the promo tools on WSS, or you can use the https://www.biggesttalent.com/username combination, where you enter your own username instead of "username" and additionally, as noted in today's update, you can use the flyers and promo cards with your username as the Invite Code and the biggettalent.info website. So whichever way you choose, you have more tools to help you invite great local artists to take part in the Biggest Talent Season 3 contest. We will have more updates on additional Biggest Talent Promo Tools soon as well.

In other updates, in case you have not seen, the CBM update will be coming out as soon as possible. Check for updates on CBM next week. We will post in this recap as well when those come out. As well, the Unicorn Network updates are still in progress so check for updates on that and the Safecracker Club next week.

Happy weekend to all!

With your success in mind,

Your WAZZUB Support Team





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Unicorn General Webinar Recap October 11, 2016



Unicorn General Webinar Recap

October 11, 2016 

Presented by: Cate Kozikowski



How is everyone doing today? Welcome, welcome!

I have so much exciting news for everyone, today. It is amazing. I almost don’t know where to begin, I have so much great news.

So, let’s begin. We have amazing updates for the Biggest Talent contest. I know everyone is full of questions and wants to know exactly what is going on. We have been very busy behind the scenes taking care and preparing all of these great updates that I have to share with you today.

Now, to kick it all off, we talked about major updates happening with the Biggest Talent website, and I am happy to announce that we have a brand new landing page that will be live shortly. It is filtering its way around the world, and very soon, you will be able to see it in your local area. In the meantime though, let me share with you some more exciting news.

We have updated the landing page at Biggest Talent; and as well, the Reflinks for the Biggest Talent work with the new landing page. So, you will have no problems inviting all the biggest talents that you know to come and participate in the Biggest Talent contest for Season 3. So that is super, super exciting, and it gets even better.

Everyone has been anticipating our Most Famous Award Show for 2016 (Season 2), and I am proud to announce that we have a venue which is even better than we ever could have hoped! Our Award Show is going to be taking place at the Bally’s Hotel & Casino, right on the Las Vegas Strip. Now, if you are not familiar with where exactly the Bally’s Hotel & Casino is located, I can tell you, it is right smack-dab in the middle of the Strip. I’m saying, it’s right next to Paris Las Vegas, where you see the big Eiffel Tower. It’s right across the street from the Bellagio, where you see the big water fountains. It’s also across the street from the Flamingo Las Vegas, and Caesar’s Palace. And, there are so many other casinos right there. It is literally smack-dab on the Strip. You can’t get much more “Las Vegas” than that!

The Bally’s Hotel & Casino is a really high-class place, where famous artists perform every day. In fact, Wayne Newton (as many of you may know, is a famous singer), performs at Bally’s several times each week. In fact, when you come to Las Vegas for the Award Show this year, you could even book a ticket to go see Wayne Newton if you choose, right in the same place. In fact, our Award Show is going to be held in the exact same theater that Wayne Newton performs in, when he performs there at Bally’s.

[Note from Support, we are renting the showroom for our 1-night event, so it will not be shown on the Bally's website in any way, the website shows only Bally's sponsored shows & bookings. For more info about Bally's, you can visit their website from this link: https://bobl.us/bobl/all?id=595928]

So, this is super exciting! And the date of our Most Famous Award Show 2016 will be Monday, Nov. 7, 2016, and the show begins at 9:30 p.m. We will have more information about booking tickets very soon. In the meantime, though, those of you who wish to come to Las Vegas to attend the Award Show, at least now, you can start preparing your plans. I know I am excited to meet all of you guys, because I am definitely going to be there; and you’ll get to meet a lot of other people, too!

Now, some really cool things, also, about our Most Famous Award Show 2016: we are going to have a different host this year, and to introduce him, I’m going to share a special video. But before I do, I want to explain some things about what we’re doing with the Biggest Talent contest. As we have our venue now booked, we also are going to do this totally “top-notch.” Pete Demas, who many of you know as part of our team through the Global Entertainment Partners, will be our Executive Producer of our Most Famous Award Show; and we will have three TV cameras taking videos throughout the course of the show, so that we can produce professional videos with interviews of the winners and (maybe) guests. All of this will be added to the Biggest Talent website, about a week after the Award Show. So, sometime in the middle of November look forward to seeing those updates.

As well, we will definitely have more information about the Award Show as we get closer. This show is going to be phenomenal!

Now we understand that some artists, just like other people, have their doubts about the contest: “Is it for real? Can you really win?” Well, this is part of why we are creating these professional videos and adding them to the Biggest Talent website, so that others can see that we are for real; the contest is for real; the winners are for real; the prizes are for real. And, you really do perform in Las Vegas, right on the Strip!

So, as it will be the middle of November before these videos are added to the website, we have decided to make some changes to the timeline of the contest for 2016/2017 (Season 3). Here’s what we’re going to do. You will have from now until Dec. 31, 2016, to invite all the artists you can.

Phase 1 will last until Dec. 31, 2016. That means that the artists have from now until Dec. 31, 2016 to join and upload their videos. So that’s super exciting; and allows a lot more people to come and join our contest. Even if they need more proof to feel confident, now, they can have all of that, and have plenty of time to get their videos uploaded before Dec. 31, 2016.

So, what do these changes mean for the rest of the contest?

Phase 2, which is where you are “liking” the videos from the artists in your country, this will last from Jan. 15, 2017 to about Feb. 15, 2017.

After that, we will begin Phase 3, and that will start around March 1st, which is The Battle of the Countries. We expect The Battle of the Countries phase to last about 4 weeks, which would put it ending around March 29, 2017. And the final, live show in Las Vegas, with the 8 finalists, will still happen in May of 2017. So, it doesn’t change the end of the timeline, just the beginning part of it a little bit. That gives artists from around the world plenty of time to join and upload their videos, before Dec. 31, 2016.

So, to go with our great updates, I would like to share with you our new trailer for the Biggest Talent contest; and in this trailer, you are going to see our host, Mr. Matt Gallant. Some of you may know Matt from his show, The Planet’s Most Funniest Animals, which is still being broadcasted in several countries around the world. So, some of you might know him.

Matt is very creative and talented, and not just a show host or presenter. He is also a producer and has officially joined our team; and you will see him a lot more often, as he will also be our Mr. VEEDEO TV! Matt is also going to help on various other productions that we will do, and we are very happy and proud to welcome him to our Unicorn family.

[The new trailer for the Biggest Talent contest was presented. After that, the chat was opened for some comments, and the comments were very positive; everyone loved the video]

That’s right. The more we grow and evolve, the more professional we become. Absolutely! (In response to a comment about how professional the video was.) For those of you who could not see the video here in the webinar platform, not to worry! We have already added it on the Biggest Talent website. And, in fact, if you go there now you’ll be able to see the new website, the video, and more!


So, there you have it. Now, Matt was going to join us today to say a few words, but unfortunately, he was unable to make it. He has a very busy schedule, so, absolutely, as soon as we can, we will have Matt come and share some words with everyone. In the meantime, we’re very pleased and proud to have Matt, and all of our TEAM, on board. This season of the Biggest Talent contest is shaping up to be absolutely amazing! So, definitely, you want to get out there and contact the talented people that you know. Invite them and share your Reflinks. We will have more helpful Affiliate tools for you, soon. We have a bunch of things in the process. So, as soon as we have more updates, of course, we will share them with everyone.

[Note from support, if you would like to learn more about Matt, you can check out his website from this link: https://bobl.us/bobl/all?id=595937]

That is it for today. As I said, we will have more updates about our Award Show soon, and where you can buy tickets. We will have some deals with hotels, too, I’m sure. So, definitely stay tuned for that information, and we look forward to seeing everyone in Las Vegas, at the Most Famous Awards Show; and we look forward to seeing all of the fabulous artists from around the world.

As for the live streaming, we will have some updates for that as we draw closer to the Most Famous Awards Show 2016. At the very minimum, you will be able to see a professional video afterwards; and that will be put on the Biggest Talent website, too, as I mentioned.

Ok, guys. That’s it from me. Have a great day or a great night, depending on where you are. Keep rocking! Remember to bobl, and we always wish you HAPPY HEALTH. So, thank you very much everyone. Take care, and bye bye.

With your success in mind,

Cate Kozikowski and        

Your WAZZUB Support Team

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Unicorn General Webinar Recap October 5, 2016



Unicorn General Webinar Recap

October 5, 2016 

Presented by: Dan Settgast


Dear Unicorn Members,

Today it is all about Cashback Marketing. Unfortunately, the damage which has been caused by a handful of fraudsters is much bigger than expected. We, as the company, decided to communicate with you straight and honest, so that you know exactly what is happening behind the scenes.

It all started with some suspicious cashout requests, which had to be investigated; just to find out that the cheaters had found two loopholes to manipulate our system.

Loophole number one: placing an order and asking for the order to be deleted; with a special setup, the order had been marked as “paid,” right before it has been deleted. So, unpaid Marketing Units have been added to the customer's account; 20% Commission have been added to the sponsor’s account, and five times 2% Family Bonus, as well, to the next five generations upwards.

Loophole number two: placing a small order, paying for it from the balance, and duplicating it by refreshing a certain page, which would have the same effect for the Marketing Units, Commissions, and Bonuses being added for no reason. 

Both loopholes of course, have been closed, but about 60 accounts have been manipulated. And because we have paid daily cashback on these accounts for unpaid Units; from this cashback, more orders have been placed, resulting in more false Commissions and Bonuses.  Therefore, the errors are not fixed simply by removing the unpaid Marketing Units. We need to check every single account by hand, for every order that has been created during these fraudulent activities.

So, for every order placed and not paid for, we need to check the account which ordered, plus the direct sponsor, plus five more accounts. As we have hundreds of fraudulent orders, it simply takes time; and unfortunately, our manpower is not unlimited; and even worse, those people working now on fixing these accounts are not able to work on their regular tasks.

On top of that, during our investigation, we found two members who obviously collected money from other members, but did not forward the money to the company; and two other members who tried some credit card fraud. You can rest assured that whenever we identify one of these fraudsters, that we will take legal action on all of them, no matter where they live. 

In one case, where a member from India caused the damage of more than US$100,000, we are already in contact with a local lawyer who is specialized in things like these. Of course, all cheaters will lose their membership rights within the whole Unicorn Network, and all their benefits, Commissions, Bonuses; as well as, paid Marketing Units, and such, are forfeited.

So, the direct financial damage is no fun, but the indirect damage hurts even more. As you know, we had to take Cashback Marketing offline for several days in order to close the loopholes, and to add some additional security features. This means that we had to shut down and reboot the whole business; which meant no orders for several days, a lot less orders after going back online, and of course, a loss of reputation. This kind of damage can easily add up to more than US$1,000,000. 

All I can tell you is that many businesses would simply shutdown forever. But fortunately, we have the strength to survive a situation like this, and that is why we are still here and having this webinar today, to explain to you what happened; and of course, to ask for your understanding and patience.

Of course, we know that our existing customers are disappointed about the fact that we had to set the daily cashback rate to 0% for the Old Global Marketing Pool until everything is fixed; which means until all unpaid Units are removed, as well as overpaid Commissions and Bonuses.

We still do not know how long it will take exactly; and on top of that, with our much lower cash flow since we have been offline with Cashback Marketing, the rate for daily cashback at the Old Global Marketing Pool won't go back to 1% for a longer period.

We have received some emails asking why we do not pay the guaranteed interest of 1% per day on their investment. So, please allow me, once more, to clearly point out that Cashback Marketing has never been, and will never be, an investment opportunity. Like we have it written and displayed on our website, right from the beginning, cashback is our Marketing Instrument to share our success with our customers. Of course, it depends on not just Cashback Marketing, but the general success of our group of companies. And right now, because of the whole damage caused by the cheaters, there is simply no budget available for any cashback in the Old Global Marketing Pool right now. As I mentioned before, the rate won't get back to 1% right away. It will be a longer process.

So, what have been our rules for the Old Global Marketing Pool from the beginning? From the beginning, we said that we will pay a daily cashback between 0-1%, and we have been at 1% from March until September; and due to circumstances out of our control, since September 22, we are at 0%. As the name of our company is Cashback Marketing, of course, we want to return to paying cashback somewhere between 0-1% as soon as possible. 

You need to understand that we never guaranteed the 1% per day; even if it is still our goal of course to be so successful that we are able to be back at 1% for the Old Global Marketing Pool. But you need to understand that our main business is not the cashback, but the marketing; and you have bought Marketing Units for marketing activities—that's our business.

Regarding the pending cashout requests, the money to cover all of them has already been deposited at Payoneer, and at our credit card account with Euro Exchange. We already have been able to identify the first accounts which are not affected by the cheaters, and those cashout payments have already been processed. Once more, it is not about the money; we've got the money to pay all cashout requests on our accounts. It is about the false Commissions, and Bonuses, and cashback that had been credited for unpaid Marketing Units. This needs to be fixed first, before we can cashout. So, more and more of you will receive payments within the next days, and we should be on top of everything within the next 2 ½ weeks.

With our added security, in the interest of all of us, it is very important that you go to your Profile page at www.unicorn.network, and that you upload, additionally to your existing Proof of Identity (POI), a Proof of Address (POA). It is exactly explained there what we can accept as a proof of address. 

And of course, to protect all of us, we will check every POI and every POA before we verify your account, and before we process any payment to you. If we would find that your POI is expired, it will be deleted, and you will receive an e-mail that you need to upload a new valid Proof of Identity. By the way, only because we've been asking for POI right from the beginning, now we know the names of the cheaters and fraudsters; and that is the only reason why we will be able to take legal action. So you can see, it is all for a reason.

Our Current Global Marketing Pool (GMP) cashback is fixed and guaranteed at 0.13% per day, which is about 4% per month, and up to 50%, if you keep your Marketing Units in the Current GMP for a whole year. This cashback rate, once more, is fixed and guaranteed; so, that won't change. As well, our Special Marketing Pools (SMP) are fully operational. 

For example, for the HAPPY HEALTH Marketing, we will have another video shoot this Saturday here in Las Vegas, with Ray, who is the Founder and CEO of the laboratory which is developing the HAPPY HEALTH Formula Products, based on the guidelines of Dr. Forsythe; and they are the manufacturer, as well. So, for our HAPPY HEALTH Formula Products we have one of the best doctors (if not the best doctor) on board, as well as one of the best (if not the best) facilities to produce natural supplements for HAPPY HEALTH Nutrition, with the highest quality standards. 

HAPPY HEALTH Formula is not about producing some cheap stuff in a quality-wise unknown location. HAPPY HEALTH Formula is about delivering the highest possible quality, and having the perfect mixture of ingredients for the best results. There is a huge market for these kinds of products, and with our highly, professionally-produced video teasers and documentations, we will have a huge impact on the market. And all Marketing Units placed in the HAPPY HEALTH Special Marketing Pool will benefit and profit from every sale, because we're taking this marketing budget to produce the marketing videos, and other marketing material. 

I think there should be no doubt that the HAPPY HEALTH Special Marketing Pool will reach the US$90.00 per Marketing Unit in Affiliate Commissions much sooner than in 180 days. It should be the same for the other Special Marketing Pools as well. For example, for the e-Commerce Special Marketing Pool, we have hand-picked some very, very exciting products, which can be sold all over the world, which have a high sales’ margin. And for these products, our marketing experts are creating special websites, pictures, blog entries, and Facebook posts to create a buzz, and to create traffic for these pages.  Of course, as soon as these pages are online, we will show you and share with you at least one example, so that you understand what the experts are doing. We will generate tons of sales, and that is why we are convinced that all four SMPs will reach their goal of US$90.00 in Affiliate Commissions per Marketing Unit, before 180 days are over. 

The Special Marketing Pools are the perfect opportunity for all those of you who don't have any marketing experience, and for those of you who do not even have your own products or business to promote.  The Special Marketing Pools are like hiring a marketing expert, giving them a budget, and letting them do the magic for you. Here, at Cashback Marketing, you just need one Marketing Unit to start with, if you want; and you know that one Marketing Unit is just US$30.00.

So once more, our Current GMP, as well as the SMPs, are fully operational. If you, right now, decide to wait before you place your own Marketing Units into one of the SMPs, and if you decide to wait before you invite others to join Cashback Marketing, it is you who will be missing Affiliate Commissions, sales Commissions, and Family Bonuses.  I know that especially for those of you who have Marketing Units in the Old GMP, it is a tough decision to transfer your Marketing Units from the Old GMP to the Special Marketing Pools; but honestly, this is the best thing that you can do. 

We are 100% sure that the Special Marketing Pools will have more return than the Old Global Marketing Pool, if it would be added daily rate of 1% for a whole year, 365 days. Therefore, we have decided to make you an offer:

For those of you who have Marketing Units in the Old Global Marketing Pool, if you transfer your Marketing Units from the Old GMP to the SMP, and of course, after 90 to 180 days you keep at least the same amount of Marketing Units in the Special Marketing Pools, additionally to our budget-back guarantee (and I'm talking once more only about the Old GMP, and Units moved from the Old GMP), we will give you an additional guarantee, that just in case that the Special Marketing Pools do not perform better than if you would have received 1% daily cashback for 365 days, that we will fill up the result for you. 

So, the caveat (stipulation) is that, generally speaking the Special Marketing Pool runs from 90-180 days each time. So, in order to qualify for the offer, a member would need to use some Affiliate Commissions each time to keep buying the same number of Marketing Units for a full 365 days, in order to qualify.

For example, let’s say you want to move 10 Marketing Units from the Old GMP to the HAPPY HEALTH Special Marketing Pool. If you keep those 10 Marketing Units in the Old GMP, you would receive (in best case), 1% daily cashback, which would equal a total of US$3.00/day, which after 365 days would equal a maximum of US$1,095.

So, with the Special Marketing Pools, if you move those 10 Marketing Units over to the HAPPY HEALTH Special Marketing Pool, for example; after 90-180 days, you would get US$900. Then, you would buy another 10 Marketing Units from that; and after another 90-180 days, you would receive another US$900 in Affiliate Commissions; rinse and repeat. So, even if you only participate in 2 Special Marketing Pools over the course of 365 days, you would earn US$1,800 instead of only US$1,095 through cashback.

The catch is that you would need to follow through for the whole 365 days; so, if the Special Marketing Pool pays in 90 days, you would need to buy another batch of Marketing Units from some of your Affiliate Commissions, and keep going until Sept. 22, 2017.

The special offer runs from exactly Sept. 23, 2016 to Sept. 22, 2017. All Marketing Units from the Old GMP transferred to any SMP before Oct. 15, 2016, at 12 PM USA Pacific time will get the time backdated, as if they transferred them on Sept. 23, 2016. So that is why the timeframe is like this.

So, we will add, for those of you who have Marketing Units in the Old GMP, a special button tomorrow, where you will be able to read and understand this very special guarantee to you; and you will have time, until October 15th (so 10 days), to make your decision.

The button “Limited Offer for Old GMP Units” can be found at https://www.cashbackmarketing.online right after you log in, at the bottom of the IMPORTANT INFO box.



Here is one more special gift to you, if you decide to transfer your Units from the Old GMP to our Special Marketing Pools. We will handle your Marketing Units as if you would have moved them to the Special Marketing Pools right on September 23rd; because we know that you have had no chance to move them, because we went offline on September 23rd; and we know of course, that you have been waiting since we were back online (Monday, September 26), to see if we would be back to 1% daily cashback right away. And that is why we decided to so-to-say date back the Units in the Special Marketing Pools to September 23rd, if you decide within the next 10 days to transfer them from the Old GMP to the Special Marketing Pools.

Nevertheless, this special offer is valid for any Marketing Unit transferred from the Old GMP to any SMP, since the time the SMP was opened until Oct 15, 2016 at 12 PM USA Pacific time.



Hopefully, you can see that once more, even in critical situations, we always think about you first, and try to make you happy, as much as we can. Please have in mind that the rules for the Old Global Marketing Pool is daily cashback between 0-1%, so hopefully you can see that this special offer, and additional guarantee, is a very nice and generous offer.

[Note: Understand that you can mix up which SMP you place Marketing Units into each time, you do not have to keep the Marketing Units in the exact same SMP that you started with before Oct 15, 2016. If you don't receive at least $109.50 within 365 days from regular SMP affiliate commissions per Marketing Unit, we will pay the difference to match $109.50 (which equals 1% daily cashback for 365 days) as long as you keep at least the same total number of Marketing Units in any SMP until September 22, 2017 at 11:59pm USA Pacific Time.]

Thank you guys for listening. In two days, on Friday (October 7, 2016, at 1:00 PM, USA PDT), we will have our next Unicorn Network General Webinar with our main topic: the Biggest Talent contest. 

[Note: The webinar has been rescheduled for October 11, 2016. For more details please check the PI News http://news.perfectinter.net/?m=201610]

Other than that, WAAZZZUUUBBBB! Don’t forget to bobl, be still proud to be a Unicorn, and always HAPPY HEALTH. Thank you guys. Bye-bye.

With your success in mind,

Dan Settgast, and

your WAZZUB Support Team

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Unicorn General Webinar Recap October 3, 2016


Unicorn General Webinar Recap

October 3, 2016

Presented by: Cate Kozikowski


Dear Unicorn members,

It is so great to be with everyone! WAAZZZUUUBBBB! Welcome to our General Webinar today. Unfortunately, Dan is busy taking care of important business, so he asked me to share these exciting updates and developments with everyone today. So, I have great news, and some very great updates to share with everyone; so let’s get started.

Now, I’m happy and proud to announce that our company has a brand new office and headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada (USA). This address is actually an address that you might be familiar with; it is in the same building as our very first office in Las Vegas; only this time, instead of having a small office, because that’s all we needed at the time, now we have the whole second floor! So, that is really exciting, and gives us a lot of room to grow over the coming years; as we expect within the next 6 to 12 months to be creating many, many, many new jobs in Las Vegas. So, we need a place for our people.

In our new headquarters, we’re going to start with our first office within the second floor, and that is Suite 200, and then we will be able to expand as we grow. That is really exciting and I have pictures to share with everyone.




So, this is the building. It’s a beautiful building, as you can see. It’s comprised of many different offices within the building. As you can see here, the second floor will eventually be all us! So that is really super exciting!




When you go up to the front door, you can see it’s a nice entry. Yes, this is the outside of the building to where our new office is now located, on the 2nd floor of 7201 West Lake Mead Blvd.; and, as I said we are in Suite 200, and that is in Las Vegas, Nevada.

So the street address is:

Unicorn Network

7201 W. Lake Mead Blvd., 2nd Fl., Suite 200

Las Vegas, Nevada 89128 USA




So, when you walk through the front door, you’ll see a beautiful lobby…




…and then, right down the hallway from the entry, you’ll see Unicorn Network, Suite 200, on the plaque there, showing where our office is located.




You’ll see some elevators that you can take to the 2nd floor…

...where next to our office door you will see...




....the suite number and Unicorn Network, and when you enter....




…you’ll see our office. In this picture, you can actually see Anthony and George sitting in the office (Anthony is on the right near the window, Jorge is on the left near the window), as well as our other great team members.

This is just a small section of the office, a little something to share with everyone. As I said, just to begin, we’re going to start with Suite 200, which is about 1,700 sq. ft., but the whole floor is actually 22,000 sq. ft. or more. Through our contract with the office building here, City Center West, we can expand throughout the whole 2nd floor. There will only be Unicorn Network on the 2nd floor. We just don’t need 22,000 sq. ft. right now; but as we grow, we definitely will need it. So, that is really exciting!

Now, another thing I wanted to share with you is that to go with our new office, we also have a brand new phone number, which is: +1 (for the United States), then 8446-UNICORN. Just like we have talked about with PERNUM, where there is an alpha-numeric code, UNICORN, our phone number does the same thing; where the “U” is represented by the numeral 8, the “N” is represented by the numeral 6, and so on. However, rather than having to think about a bunch of numbers for a phone number for Unicorn, it’s very simple to just think of (+1) 8446-UNICORN.

Now, we will have customer service through this phone number; and, as well, we will be having numbers similar to this, for our other projects to provide phone support for our customers. So, that is great news, and definitely helps our customers and members to connect with us more easily, and that’s exactly what we want.

Now, on to other updates. As we are always evolving, we have started to implement some increased safety and security features across our network of websites. Some of you may have already seen some of these updates on the Cashback Marketing website, in the login/sign-up process; as well as, after you have logged in. To catch everyone up, so that way everyone understands how to work with these safer processes, I’m going to share with you more information, so that way you will know.

The first thing we have done, if you were to go to the Cashback Marketing right now https://www.cashbackmarketing.online and click on the login icon, you will see that we have updated the login to include something called a “One-Time PIN.” So, let me explain what exactly a One-Time PIN is; how do you make one, and how do you use it.

Now, the first thing to understand is that the One-Time PIN is created from what is called a Master PIN. Each member will need to set up their own Master PIN, and they should keep this number private. Do not share it with anyone. This Master PIN is 6 digits long. It can be any combination of numbers from 0-9, in any order.

A few things to note when you are creating your Master PIN:

1) It cannot be changed; (or, if you need to have it changed, it will cost a US$25 fee, and you will have to provide documentation proving that you are who you say you are; because we take each member’s account, and their security, very seriously.) Ideally, when you set it up, you should chose something that you will keep for the long-term. So, to help you with that, I have a few more tips.

2) When you set up your Master PIN, try not to use the same numeral twice. This is for your own safety and security. Our system will work if you use the same numeral multiple times; however, for your own protection, we do not advise it. It’s best to have different numerals.

3) You should not use any number like your birthday, or your children’s birthday, or any number that someone could guess about you. Like if you always use lucky 7’s as your number all the time (if you’re always using that number), don’t use it as your Master PIN, because people know that about you. The object is to keep your Master PIN private. As well, don’t use your Unicorn password, or your RefID, or any other number combination that you use elsewhere.

So, once you have decided on your 6-digit number, you’re going to go to Unicorn Network, the website, to set up your Master PIN; or, if you are logging in, for example, at Cashback Marketing, and you do not have your Master PIN set up, simply click on the button “I have no Master PIN,” and then you will be taken to a page where you can have it set up.

Once you have your Master PIN set up, how does the One-Time PIN work? The One-Time PIN is based off your Master PIN, and it will only ask you for 3 digits of that 6-digit Master PIN. So, it will be important, when you create your Master PIN, to make sure you write it down and keep it somewhere safe; and memorize it. Eventually, you will memorize it as you’re using it; but you should have it written down, so that way it’s easier for you.

For example, when you’re signing in at Cashback Marketing, and you see it requests a One-Time PIN, and it says enter digits #4, #6, and #2 of your Master PIN, that would correspond with those digits on your Master PIN. So, for example, if your Master PIN is 457863, and it says the One-Time PIN should be digits #4, #6, and #2, that means that you would start counting the digits from your Master PIN, from left to right, and then you would enter the fourth digit, the sixth digit, and then the second digit. So, for the fourth digit, based on my example, you would enter number 8 (Master PIN is 457863). For the sixth digit, you would enter number 3, from my example (Master PIN is 457863); and for the second digit you would enter number 5 (Master PIN is 457863). So then your One-Time PIN, in this particular example, would be “835.” So, that’s what you would enter as your One-Time PIN. It will ask you for different digits each time. There are many millions of combinations out there.

So, why did we do this change? This is to give our members more security and safety with their accounts. Because you see, your Master PIN remains private. People will not be able to login to your account, if they do not know your Master PIN. Even if they were looking over your shoulder as you typed in your One-Time PIN, since the combination it asks for changes every time, there’s no way that they could copy what you typed, and use it again next time, because it would be different. And with millions of combinations, the Master PIN is virtually impossible to crack simply by going through the One-Time PIN over and over again, to try to guess.

So, you will need to enter a One-Time PIN when you login to your account. If you need to make changes in your Profile, if you want to cashout, and if there are any other sensitive updates you want to do on your account, you will need to confirm your account ownership with this One-Time PIN process. So, we are really trying to do our best for our members’ safety and security in mind always; and always looking for ways to make it even better—safer and more secure!

And as far as the new security updates, starting in Cashback Marketing, another security feature that we’ve implemented is the Proof of Identity (POI, for short), and Proof of Address (POA, for short.) We have implemented a new, updating procedure for that. You can simply click on those, and you will see more information about them. We’ve updated the upload process, so it’s more informative.

Now, to make it a little bit easier for everyone, here is an easy-to-follow guide when you set up your Master PIN (from the Unicorn website). Be aware that this new login process is first implemented in the Cashback Marketing website, but it will be happening across all of our network websites. So, this is something you’ll be seeing more frequently.

1. If you are setting your Master PIN from the Unicorn Network page https://www.unicorn.network you need to login and then go to your PROFILE.




Then you need to click on SET UP MY MASTER PIN button that you will see at the bottom of the Profile.




The next page is a form explaining a little bit about the Master PIN, and then there is a place for you to enter your 6-digit Master PIN. After you have done that, you click on UPDATE.



You will need to enter your password and click “Submit”, to confirm your changes.



Next, you will see a message stating that your Master PIN has been uploaded successfully.

And then you are all set with your Master PIN.

2. Now, if you are going to setup your Master PIN from the Cashback Marketing page https://www.cashbackmarketing.online clicking on the login button and then on “I have no Master PIN” button, here are the steps:



So you click on the “I have no Master PIN” button, and the next popup appears.




Then you click on “I want to set up my Master PIN”.




The next step is to login, and don’t forget to tick the “I agree to the terms and Privacy Policy” box.




Then next is to setup your Master PIN, and you are done.

More info on how to setup your Master PIN can also be found here https://wazzub.com/blogs/master_pin_setup_cbm_login .

Now, if you notice, on Cashback Marketing, like I talked about with the login process, you will also see some updates in the sign-up process; where we are helping new members understand the amazing array of benefits, and all that you get with a Unicorn membership. So, one free sign-up gives you access to all the pages in our Unicorn Network, without sharing your data multiple times.

In other updates, as well, like I mentioned in the One-Time PIN and how it will be used, you can see some of those updates in Cashback Marketing; for example, if you want to update your Profile. So, be aware of those.

Now, Dan will have some more exciting updates for us. On Wednesday, Oct. 5th, we will have our next General Members Webinar, and this time it will be held at 1:00 p.m., U.S. (PT); so be sure to join us for that. We’ll have announcements posted later today, so that way you can register.




In more news and developments to share with everyone, we have been in the process of creating a brand new landing page for our Unicorn Network, and I’d like to share with you a mock-up right now. So, here is going to be our new Unicorn landing page. You can see, it is in our standard design, where you can see your Referral, and that it is a “Page You Can Trust,” as well as some of the key features of Unicorn Network, like “Maximum Privacy” and “Maximum Security.” You’ll see this updated very soon.




In more updates and developments, we’ve also been fine-tuning our Biggest Talent page, and this is a mock-up of the new design, as well. So, you can see again this is our standard layout, and you can learn all about the Biggest Talent contest, check out the FAQ, and see previous winners. So, that’s very exciting. This is in the final stages right now; and to share more information with you, we will have a webinar specifically for the Biggest Talent, happening this Friday, Oct. 7th. We are going to also have this one at 1:00 p.m., U.S. (PT). We will also have announcements posted about that, so you can register right away.

So, those are the exciting updates for today. I hope you all liked the mock-ups and the increased security. As I said, we’re going to have more updates about Cashback Marketing and the Biggest Talent a little bit later this week. So, thank you very much everyone for joining me today. Have a wonderful day or night, depending on where you are.

If you have an urgent need of assistance, most of the time we have our live chat support; or as well, we will be starting our phone support. Read the Recaps for the most information.

Thank you so much everyone. WAAZZZUUUBB! Have a great rest of your day! Bye bye!


With your success in mind,

Cate Kozikowski and        

your WAZZUB Support Team

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CASHBACK MARKETING General Webinar Recap September 15, 2016

CASHBACK MARKETING General Webinar Recap

September 15, 2016 

Presented by: Dan Settgast



 Secrets to Successful Online Marketing


Dear Unicorn Members,

Let us get started right away; this is a very, very important topic.  We will talk some numbers today so if your first name is not Albert and your last name is not Einstein, I would suggest that you get a pen and paper and maybe a calculator so that you can check the numbers right away, and prove that the numbers that I give you are correct.

So the topic today is the secret to successful online marketing. I can tell you that what you will learn today, this content that I will share with you is very valuable. I know that other so-called marketing gurus charge their members and customers hundreds of dollars for a session like this. Don't be afraid, of course our webinars are free to join.

So let us start by talking about the real secrets to successful online marketing.


 15 years ago marketing was just for business


15 years ago, marketing was for businesses only. You needed to have your own business, your own products, your own services, and of course, you needed to promote it. So you picked some Marketing Instruments and a Marketing Strategy and promoted your business.


 Today everyone can earn


Today, every individual can earn from marketing thanks to the Internet. Because thanks to the Internet we have a totally new form of marketing…


 Affiliate Marketing


…and that is the so called Affiliate Marketing. Many businesses offer so called Affiliate Programs. You simply join their Affiliate Program, you promote their products or services, and each time when one of your friends, family, users, members, or whatever, is ordering, you earn a commission. So you don't need your own business, you don't need your own products, you don't need your own services, the only thing you do is promote. The only thing you do is some marketing. Let me give you an example.


 one example


One of the most successful Affiliate Programs online is from Amazon. And you, as an individual, can join the Amazon Affiliate Program. Now, you can pick any product that is offered at Amazon, for example a dress…


 one example, a dress


…and when someone is ordering this dress on Amazon through your Affiliate link…


 one example, a dress, can earn $25


CHA-CHING! You receive a commission. The commission is normally a certain percentage and it depends on what kind of product it is, and on how much the commission is. So in this example let's say the dress is worth US$500 and the commission is 5%, so you would receive US$25.00 paid from Amazon, each time when someone is ordering the product through your Affiliate link. Sounds easy, but unfortunately it is not.


 What you need to succeed


Let us check why. So if you want to place your Affiliate link and promote it, you need a URL (a domain name for your website where you will display the Affiliate link), and of course you need a website. And on this website if you just would put Affiliate links to several products, nobody would like your website, so you need content on your website. For example, if you want to sell fashion for women, you need content related to that topic, and by the way, you add here and there your Affiliate links to help promote the product. And it does not help to have just one-time content, you need to refresh your content over and over again.

Now when you have your URL, you have your website, you have your content, what you need next is traffic. If no one is visiting your website, no one will click on your Affiliate links, so no one will buy anything, and you won't receive any money. So you would need to do some Search Engine Optimization so that when people search for fashion they will find your website, you will need to place some ads, maybe at Google or Facebook to attract people to your website, and of course you have to pay Google and Facebook for displaying those ads. For Google and Facebook, for them it is not important if anyone is buying something on your website, you pay them just for the traffic. So it is all on your own risk.


 You set your budget


So for an average person, or especially for a newbie in online marketing, it is very difficult to succeed with Affiliate programs. That is why we have created our Special Marketing Pools at Cashback Marketing, where you set your budget, and you know it is starting at tiny US$30.00 for one Marketing Unit.


 Our experts do the job


Then our experts do the job for you.


 Power of Marketing Pools


Now let's talk a little bit about the power of Marketing Pools. You have tens of thousands of online marketers who earn between some hundreds, to several thousands of dollars per month by doing professional online marketing; and of course, they have their monthly budget. You can clearly see from statistics that the higher their budget is, the more money they earn. 

Many people do this as a side job, having a monthly budget of for example US$500, so they might earn US$300, US$500, and maybe US$700 per month, which means they earn US$1,000, they keep US$500 and they use the other US$500 as the budget for next month.

Now if you talk with fulltime online marketers, who earn US$3,000, US$5,000, US$7,000 per month, you will find out that they have a monthly budget of some thousand US$; for example they have a budget of US$4,000 and they earn per month US$10,000, so they keep US$6,000 and use US$4,000 as their budget for next month.

If you ask these marketing experts what would happen if they would have a budget of US$100,000 or US$250,000, US$500,000, or even one million dollars, they would tell you that they would earn even more. Because the higher your marketing budget is, the more Marketing Instruments you can combine for maximum success. And if you ask them, “OK why don't you have a US$500,000 budget”, they will tell you, “Because I don't have that much money”; so they do their thing every month and they're happy; working from home with no fixed times. 

But I know that most of you are no marketing experts and you would not know where to start, and you would pay a lot of money for online courses, and there would still be no guarantee for success. And I am pretty sure that most of you would not have enough funds for a good marketing budget.

So with our Special Marketing Pools, we create a very special opportunity for you, because you can be a part of a huge marketing budget with your US$30.00, or with your US$150, or US$300, or US$600, or whatever. You can rest assured that our marketing experts do the job.

Remember you set your budget, and our experts do the job.

Of course, our experts want to be paid, and of course, we do pay them, but as they don't have to deliver the budget, we have something to share with you.


 Old GMP


So now let's check some numbers. I know that many of you have parked Marketing Units in our Old Global Marketing Pool, where we pay up to 1% daily cashback. Now let us think the best-case, that we continue to pay 1% cashback per day for the Old Global Marketing Pool. So that means on one Marketing Unit you receive US$27.00 within 90 days. And you receive US$54.00 in 180 days, but guys once more, these amounts are not guaranteed. So to give you an example: if your 1% daily cashback right now is, let us say US$400 per month, you should not go to the car dealer, buy a brand new car, and get a loan to pay that car, because the monthly rate for the loan is just US$400 and you receive that from daily cashback.

So let us check for the Special Marketing Pool.


Special Marketing Pools 


You receive for one Marketing Unit a maximum of US$90.00 in a maximum of 180 days, and this might be new for you—a Budget Back Guarantee covers our Special Marketing Pool. It is our goal to reach the US$90.00 in Affiliate commissions within 90 days. Our maximum timeline is 180 days. If we don't make at least US$30.00 (which has been the price for your Marketing Unit) within 180 days, you will receive the difference to what we have made, credited for new Marketing Units. But, once more, it is our goal to reach the US$90 in Affiliate commissions within 90 days.


 another example


Now let us compare the cashback vs. the Special Pool; lets calculate just with one unit.


 another example 90 days


So after 90 days add 1% cashback per day, you would have received US$27.00 in the best-case. And in the best-case for the Special Pool, you receive US$90.00, but of course you would take US$30.00 to put it into the same or another Special Pool. So what you receive is US$60.00.


 another example 180 days


After 180 days, with cashback would have received another US$27.00, for a total of US$54.00, and in the Special Pool, you would receive your next US$90.00, and again you would put US$30.00 back into the Special Pool, which brings you to a total of US$120.


 another example 270 days


After 270 days, another US$27.00 from cashback, (please always have in mind we're talking in best-case), and at the Special Pool you would have another US$60.00 because you received US$90, and you would put US$30.00 back.


 another example 360 days


So after one year you would've received US$108 in cashback, and in the Special Pool a total of US$270 received. So, you can clearly see that the Special Pool is businesswise, definitely a better decision.

Now here comes the part where you will need some pen and paper to follow the next numbers, because here is another more fair comparison. Let us check.


 example 3 - 90 days


After 90 days, cashback calculated with 1% per day, brings you US$27.00. And you know that in the Special Pool in the best-case, you receive US$90.00. So in this comparison, you just take out US$30.00, which is very near to the US$27 so you receive the same amount, but now you have US$60.00 to go back to the Special Pool. So for the Special Pool, you are cashing out US$30.00 and you put US$60.00 (2 Marketing Units) into the Special Pool. So after 180 days, what is happening?


 3rd example 180 days


For the cashback you are now at US$54.00, and in the Special Pool, say you cash out another US$30.00 so that brings you to a total of US$60, which is just a little bit more than US$54 with the cashback example. But how much did you receive in the Special Pool? Instead of 1, you had 2 units, so you don't receive one time, but you receive two times US$90.00, which is US$180. You cash out US$30.00, which means that you can put back US$150 into the Special Pool. US$150 is five Marketing Units working for you. So let us check what happens after 270 days.


 3rd example 270 days


With the daily cashback worth US$81.00, and in the Special Pool we do the same once more. You just cash out US$30 which is still slightly more than the US$81.00 in cashback, because now you have the total of US$90.00. But remember you have five Marketing Units working for you in the Special Pool, so how much money did you receive from the Special Pool?—five times US$90 and that is US$450. And you just cashed out US$30.00. So now you have US$420 to put back into the Special Pool.

So after 360 days with the cashback you are at US$108. And now here is my question to you:

If now you would cash out all the money you receive from the Special Pool, after 360 days, how much money is that?


3rd example 270 days 


(Chat was opened for answers)

The answer is US$1,260.

So let's see, US$1,260 are 14 Marketing Units times US$90.00. And by the way you still have the US$90.00 that you cashed out before so that brings you to a total of US$1,350.


 3rd example 360 days


So just on one-year calculations, the Special Marketing Pool beats daily cashback by up to a factor of 12. Please have in mind we have calculated the best-case here for both, daily cashback and for the Special Marketing Pool.

So let us go back once more.

Just to make it clear: One US$30.00 Marketing Unit with cashback, in best case turns into US$108. One Marketing Unit in the Special Marketing Pool, and then every 90 days buying another Marketing Unit for the Special Marketing Pool from your commissions, and not out of your pocket, leads to between US$270 - US$1,350 within one year (or more depending on how many units are put into the SMP during that year).

And here is a special message for those of you who already did not believe the 1% daily cashback. Remember, what I told you about the online marketing experts, they for example have a monthly budget of US$4,000, so they earn US$10,000, and they keep US$6,000, and from their profits they pay their marketing budget for next month. So after 12 months from a US$4,000 budget they will have received 12 times US$6,000, which is in total US$72,000. So what we're talking about here is simple business that happens online thousands and thousands of times while I am talking to you here. But, remember our topic is the secret to successful online marketing. None of the online marketing experts is interested in sharing their secrets with you, because they want you to click on their Affiliate links. Cashback Marketing is part of the Unicorn Network and it is a success-sharing phenomenon; it is our highest goal to share our success with you. And that is why our Affiliate program and [our] Affiliate network is We Share Success. That is why we have created the Special Marketing Pools. Honestly, the 1% daily cashback was our marketing strategy to get you interested and to get you on board; and yes the name is Cashback Marketing but our focus of course is on the MARKETING. If you are smart, you will follow us and instead of sitting, waiting and hoping for the daily cashback, pick your favorite Special Marketing Pools and watch the miracle happening.


 SMP beats cashback by factor of up to 12x


Thank you guys for listening. Hopefully I can welcome all of you on the professional side of online marketing and I want to see all of you smiling like this guy here. 

Thank you guys, WAZZUUUUUBBB, don't forget to bobl, be proud to be a Unicorn, and always HAPPY HEALTH. Thank you.


With your success in mind,

Dan Settgast and        

Your WAZZUB Support Team

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Unicorn General Webinar Recap September 13, 2016

Unicorn General Webinar Recap

September 13, 2016 

Presented by: Cate Kozikowski


WAAAZZZUUUUBBBB, everybody! How is everyone doing today? Welcome, welcome! Thank you, very much, everyone.

Ok, so, today we have some very exciting news to share with everyone, as I know everyone has been anxiously awaiting the next season of our Biggest Talent Contest. We have lots of great information to share with everyone today!

First, as always, Dan, Nicole, and Roland send their greetings and well wishes to everyone.

Now, many of you may know a little bit about Biggest Talent; today we’re going to be talking about the Biggest Talent Contest, and all the information you need to know right away.


 Biggest Talent Contest


This year, we’ve made a few changes; most importantly in the name of the contest, which is because what we are looking for is the biggest talent from around the world. So, how are we going to find the biggest talent from around the world?—there are so many countries! Well, what we did was create several phases to the contest.


 Phase 1


Phase 1 is from right now, to Nov. 10th, and this is the open registration period for all the various artists from around the world. So, right now Biggest Talent is only open for artists to register.


 Phase 1 Who can participate


Now, who can register? Basically, we have broken it down into 4 general categories, and this is another change we have made. The categories do not matter as much as they did previously. It is now, just a general guideline as to who can register, who the contest is open for.

Now, what we mean by singers, is anyone that can sing. That can be a solo artist. It can be a duo, or even a group like a Gospel choir. If you are only singing, then you would qualify in the “Singers” category.

So, what do we mean by dancers?–the same thing. If you are dancing, whether that is solo, a duo, or a group of dancers, if you are only dancing, then you qualify in the “Dancers” category.

For bands: generally, bands do both singing and play instruments; so again, if you are a one-man band, where you sing and play an instrument (or more), or if you are two people singing and playing instruments together, or you are a huge band (or even a small band), both singing and playing musical instruments, then you would qualify in the “Bands” category.

And for instrumentalists, that means you are playing an instrument, and not singing. So again, if you are one person, a duo, or a full orchestra, where you only play instruments, then you would qualify in the “Instrumentalists” category.

Now, another change we have made this year, is that this contest is open for people that are 14 years old, or older. At a later time, we will have something geared toward kids, but that will not be this season. So, anyone 14 or older that has some kind of talent that we talked about, is eligible to enter. Of course, if you are between 14 and 18 years old, depending on your country, you may need parental consent [to participate in the Finals]. So, be sure to take care of that, if you need to.

So, now that we know who can participate, let’s go through how the contest will actually take place. As I said, right now until Nov. 10th, it is only open for artists to register and upload their videos.


Phase 2 


So, now, on Nov. 11th, we will open the doors for all members to vote for their favorite artists from their local countries. So if you live in Spain, you can only vote for artists who are from Spain, in Phase 2. You are free to watch any video from any artist; it is just that you can only vote for artists from your own country, in Phase 2.

Now, another thing that is important to understand, that is different from the previous seasons, is that on Nov. 11th the doors will close for any new artists to join the contest. So, really, you have from now until Nov. 10th to invite every artist you know who may want to participate in this contest. So, it’s very important. Any artist who wants to take part in this contest, needs to register for free and upload their video, at Biggest Talent, before Nov. 11th.

Now, during this Phase, when you are voting for your favorite artist from your country, we have simplified the voting process in this Phase 2. You will have a simple choice: Yes, you like the video, or no, you do not like the video. The videos with the most “Like” votes will progress to Phase 3.

Additionally, for those artists who win, as the Biggest Talent from their country, after Dec. 31st, those winners will receive a small trophy and a certificate declaring them the Biggest Talent of 2017 for the country where they are from. Hopefully, we will have many, many, many countries participating, so that we will have lots of big talents from each country. Also, understand in this Phase, as we talked about, the categories are just a general guide as to who can participate, and when we are voting to determine the Biggest Talent of each country, artists from all 4 categories will compete against each other. So, we will only have one Biggest Talent from each country at the end of Phase 2. In Phase 2, it is about which videos get the most likes from each country. More clarification will come about this when we get closer to Phase 2.


 Phase 3


Now that the national voting has ended, what happens in Phase 3? Phase 3 is the Battle of the Countries! This is where all the winners of Phase 2 will battle in random battles to find the 8 Finalists. So, depending on how many countries we have participating in Phase 2, will determine how many battles we will have in Phase 3. So, let’s say we have more than 128 countries participating, the first round of battles in Phase 3, will battle until there are only 128 countries remaining. Then, those 128 will battle until there are 64, and then those 64 will battle until there are only 32. Then, those 32 will battle until there are 16, and those 16 will battle until there are 8. These final 8 artists will be the Finalists who will progress to Phase 4. No matter which round in this Phase, for the artists who are participating in it, the battles will always be chosen randomly.

Now, here, in Phase 3, the voting is open for all members to vote in all battles, just like we have done in the previous semi-final rounds in past seasons. So, you will watch both videos, and decide which one is the winner.

Understand that during each round of battles, the video that is chosen as the winner the most times, will win that round, and the other artists who uploaded their videos, will be eliminated during that round. So, if you do not win in that round of battles, then you will not progress to the next round of battles. You are out.

Once we have the 8 Finalists, then about 2 months later, we will have the final show, live in Las Vegas, and we are anticipating this to be in May of 2017, figuring on the Phase 3 battles (battles of the countries), to be over about March 1st, 2017.


Final Show 


So, we have learned that it takes about 2 months for visas, so that is why the final show is in May of 2017. And, of course, more details will be announced as we get closer.

Now, what’s important to understand is, if you are one of the 8 Finalists going to Las Vegas, the company will pay for round-trip airfare, and hotel accommodations in Las Vegas for up to 5 people in your group. Obviously, if you are a solo artist, you are covered for yourself. If you are a band or other group, then just be aware, if you have more than 5 people, you will need to cover the expenses, both airfare and hotel accommodations, and other expenses, for the additional people in your group. Also, be aware, that in order to win, you must be in the live show in Las Vegas. So, if you do not want to travel to Las Vegas, the most you would be able to win is the Biggest Talent for your country; so, be aware of that.

Now, if you need assistance raising money for additional people in your group, you can always do a local fund-raising activity, and other activities, to let people help you. So, you can keep that in mind, as well.

So, here is the really cool and exciting part. For the audience, you will be able attend the live show in Las Vegas, and we will also (live) stream it online; so, if you cannot travel, you can still vote for your favorite artists in the final show.

During this live show, we will have 3 rounds of battles. The first round will have the 8 artists competing against each other, in 4 battles. Then, after each battle, the audience, both live and online, will have roughly 10 minutes to vote, and the winners from that round will progress to the next round, where we will have 2 battles, going from 4 artists to 2 artists. Again, the same thing: the audience will vote both online and live, and then we will have the final battle where the top 2 artists will compete to see who the Biggest Talent for 2017 is, and the runner-up.

Now, during this final show, we will end up with 4 artists in 4th place (from the first round of battles), then 2 artists in 3rd  place, for the second round of battles, and the final round will determine the Grand Prize Winner, and the runner-up in 2nd  place. Now, if you are the Grand Prize Winner, you will receive a professionally produced and marketed CD or DVD (of your songs or act), and you will be invited to perform and be the main act at the Most Famous Awards Show 2017 with airfare, hotel accommodations, and ground transportation covered while you are in Las Vegas for the awards show.

So, that is really exciting, and a great opportunity for any artist around the world who wants to show off their biggest talent, and gain world-wide recognition in the process.

A couple of other things: understand we did these changes for many reasons, but the most important is that now we can really highlight our countries; what makes our local culture, music, and dance the best! It is a great way for the artists to represent their country in a global battle to see who has the biggest talent for 2017.

It’s similar to the Eurovision (Song) Contest, only there is no limit as to the country you can be from. It is open for everyone around the world.

Now, we will also be having a very special kick-off party, on Nov. 10, 2016 in Las Vegas, and more details will be coming out about that very soon; so, keep your eyes open for that.


Biggest Talent 


So, there is the Biggest Talent contest, and everything you need to know. The website is live, however we are doing some last-minute adjustments on things; so, not to worry, if there are some places that still say “I Want to Be Famous.” Those (changes) are already in progress, and will be updated very, very soon.


As for using your Reflinks, it is best to wait before using any Biggest Talent or old IWBF reflink. We will update everyone once they are able to be used. So, for now, be thinking of local artists that you know who would be great for this contest! We will have more updates for everyone about the reflinks as soon as possible.

Remember, as always, it is 100% free to participate. Membership is always free. You may have your own things to cover on your end locally, but as far as our website goes, and any cost that we charge—we don’t charge anything. So, that is always fantastic!

Ok, that is all from me for today. Thank you very much, everyone! Have a great day or night, depending where you are. Remember to bobl, and be proud to be a Unicorn! For sure, HAPPY HEALTH to everyone! All the best, everyone! Take care, and we will talk again next time.

Oh, and definitely (one more thing), you cannot be famous in your own country, in order to join. This (contest) is for amateur and semi-professionals. Semi-professional means that you might do it for a living; however, you are not famous. You have no professional CD, DVD, or contract. More details about the videos will be announced, as well. There is some information already, when you login at Biggest Talent. So, no worries about that.

Ok, folks, thanks so much! All the best guys! Bye-bye!


With your success in mind,

Cate Kozikowski and        

Your WAZZUB Support Team

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Unicorn General Webinar Recap September 8, 2016

Unicorn General Webinar Recap

September 8, 2016 

Presented by: Cate Kozikowski


Dear Unicorn members,


Welcome to another exciting Unicorn/Perfect Internet General Webinar!

Today, I have a lot of exciting updates to share with you!

For those of you who don't know, my name is Cate. I am the Sales Director with Perfect Internet, and it is my pleasure to share these exciting updates with you today.

Dan is, right now, up here in Reno preparing for an exciting video shoot, which we will share with everyone soon. He wanted me to share his greetings with everyone from him and Nicole, and of course, from Roland as well.

Now, on to our updates. 

Our topics for today will be:

Topic #1 – Cashback Marketing (CBM) updates

Topic #2 – We Share Success (WSS) updates

Topic #3 - The Biggest Talent (BT) contest updates



We begin with Topic #1 – Cashback Marketing (CBM) updates.

As you may have learned from our last General Webinar, we introduced a brand-new Marketing Instrument that is sure to excite you, when you learn more about it.

As many of you are aware, our company is built on a concept that we call, The Power of "We." So, as yet another way to harness The Power of "We", we have created a Special Marketing Pool designed to help even the greenest of newbies achieve success in marketing.

Here's how it works.

You deposit one Marketing Unit, or as many Marketing Units as you desire, into the Special Marketing Pool (SMP) of your choice.

And what we, as the company, have done, is created Partnerships with many experts in marketing and sales, where they will use their skills and strategy in sales and marketing to turn your US$30.00 valued Marketing Unit into potentially US$90.00 in Affiliate Commissions, in about 90 to 120 days, on average!

Doesn't that sound exciting?

The really great part about this Special Marketing Pool, is that you do not have to have a business, or even have a product or service of your own to promote. Anyone can participate. We will do all the work for you. Simply add your Marketing Units to the Special Marketing Pool (SMP) of your choice, and after 90 to 120 days watch your Marketing Units bring you Affiliate Commissions, without you needing any skills in marketing or advertising.

Cashback Marketing is, after all, all about marketing. With this special Marketing Instrument, the Special Marketing Pool, everyone (regardless of their experience), can see success, and even create a nice income for themselves, with this Marketing Instrument.

What these marketing professionals are going to start doing is marketing and promoting specific products that we offer, or that we are affiliated with. I will get into more details in a moment. One example, though (that Dan mentioned before), is with the Custom PERNUMS, which due to their unique nature, many people will be willing to pay a much higher price to have them. So, these professionals will make sales through their promotions, and from those sales you will earn Affiliate Commissions because you utilized that service, through that Marketing Instrument. This is no different than a large company going to a marketing agency and utilizing those services that the marketing agency offers.

The difference here is that, just like we do with everything, we make it more accessible and more affordable for more people to benefit and take part in. If you were a business and went to a marketing agency to use their services, it would cost you thousands, if not millions of dollars, depending on what you wanted to do. With Cashback Marketing, and the Special Marketing Pool, we remove those high-cost barriers to success, because you can utilize the services of a marketing expert for just a tiny US$30.00—one Marketing Unit! And when you do that, they will use their skills and expertise to turn your US$30.00 Marketing Unit into (up to) US$90.00 in Affiliate Commissions. That’s three times as much as when you started, which is really awesome!

Now, I have to say that, as with any business venture or any other activity in life really, there is always a risk. When you place Units in the Special Marketing Pool, your Affiliate Commission is not guaranteed; however, we have done our due diligence to pick Partners who are experts in their fields, so that you have the greatest chance for success, rather than if you were simply doing it all on your own. So, even though there is some risk, the ability for you to earn more money is greater. As always, the choice is up to you, as to whether you participate or not. You are not required to participate. This is something we have developed to help everyone be successful in marketing, if that is what they want to do.

Now, here’s an example of the power with this Special Marketing Pool. Let’s say you start with 10 Marketing Units (MUs). After let’s say, 90 days, you can triple that money! So, that means that 10 MUs times US$30.00 is US$300; that is your starting budget in the SMP. Tripling that (times 3), is US$900 in Affiliate Commissions when you use that budget in the SMP. Then if you, let’s say, cashout US$300 of that US$900, and you put US$600 back into the SMP of your choice, then when that campaign is a success, then you’ll have US$1,800 in Affiliate Commissions. Let’s just say that it takes, on average, 120 days for each of these campaigns to be fully successful, so you’ve taken that original block of 10 Marketing Units (US$300 value), and over the course of about 1 year, or a little bit less than that actually, you will have earned US$2,700 in Affiliate Commissions, which is amazing—all with no work on your part, other than buying the Units and putting them into the Special Marketing Pool (SMP) of your choice. 

Now, we say 90 to 120 days, just as a general average to give you. Marketing campaigns can work much quicker. Maybe you’ll see your Affiliate Commissions in 60 days. It all depends. Now, if you were simply keeping those 10 Marketing Units in a Global Marketing Pool, you would not receive the same rewards through cashback, as you would through the Affiliate Commissions in the same time period.

So, let’s see how it works. I have some mockups to share. [These updates will go into effect with the recap posting.]


Transfer Units


So, the first thing you’re going to do when you go to Cashback Marketing is, you will need to transfer Marketing Units to your Personal Marketing Pool [so you can use them in the SMP]. As I mentioned, the Special Marketing Pool is a Marketing Instrument, so you can only book Marketing Instruments from the Personal Marketing Pool. So, under the Personal Marketing Pool click the button “Transfer Units” and you will see a screen like you see now, where you can decide how many Marketing Units you would like to transfer. Remember, you cannot move Marketing Units back to the GMP from the PMP. Once you have transferred Marketing Units to the Personal Marketing Pool, they are in the Personal Marketing Pool, so just be aware of that.

So, once you do that, then you will see a box at the top where it says SPECIAL MARKETING POOLS.


Special Marketing Pools


From there, you will need to decide in which Special Marketing Pool you would like to participate.




The first Special Marketing Pool is for PERNUM. As you can see here, our Marketing Experts will market and sell Special Custom Pernums which are valued higher than average due to their unique nature; and for using this service, you will receive up to US$90.00 in Affiliate Commissions for each Marketing Unit booked. So, you would simply enter the number of Marketing Units you would like to transfer to this Special Marketing Pool, and then click the button BOOK UNITS.

And understand, once you book a Marketing Unit into any Special Marketing Pool, you are using that Marketing Unit to purchase the Marketing Instrument, so there is no way to transfer it back out after that. All your bookings are final.




So, taking a look at the other Special Marketing Pools, we also have the HAPPY HEALTH Special Marketing Pool, and it works exactly the same way as the PERNUM SMP, where you transfer the Marketing Units and click the BOOK UNITS button to make your decision. And with the HAPPY HEALTH SMP, our Marketing Experts will market and sell exclusive HAPPY HEALTH-related products and services. This includes, the HAPPY HEALTH Edition e-books, the HAPPY HEALTH Formula Nutritional Supplements, and it will also include HAPPY HEALTH Center marketing.





The next SMP is the Call Center SMP. This is where our Call Center Sales Experts will sell products and services, and you will earn an Affiliate Commission when they do. Generally, this is primarily related to PerfectPages, however there are many other products and services that we can have our Call Center Sale Experts sell, as well.





And finally, we have the E-Commerce SMP, and this is where our Marketing Experts will market and sell various e-commerce products from high-quality sources and, in turn, you will receive an Affiliate Commission when they do.

So, with all of these Special Marketing Pools, when you book Marketing Units, you are booking that Marketing Instrument, and they all work the exact same way. You simply enter the Marketing Units that you would like to book, and click the (BOOK UNITS) button to confirm.

So, once you have booked your Marketing Units in the Special Marketing Pool of your choice, you are done! Your Marketing Units will be used in the manner that you chose, and you can check back, periodically, to see updates on the sales’ progress. Otherwise, please allow up to 90 to 120 days, on average, for Commissions to be posted. As I mentioned, of course, if the Commissions come in sooner, you will see them posted sooner, as well.

With this exclusive Marketing Instrument, any person can participate, whether they are experienced in marketing and sales, or just everyday people who want to make money online; now, with the Special Marketing Pool Marketing Instruments at Cashback Marketing, you can!

This is something really exclusive. No one is doing this the way we are doing it at Cashback Marketing, making it easy for everyone to use these services, and this Marketing Instrument.

The Special Marketing Pool is open now. Make sure you read the full recap and understand the SMPs and how they work before you book any Marketing Units, as your bookings are final.



Topic #2-We Share Success updates

(Part 1)

In order to clear up some confusion for some members, help other members save on unnecessary fees, and to assist the Team to manage the workload so that all members can have the best experience possible, we have decided to make some changes in the cashout procedure.

This change has gone into effect on the website since September 7th, 2016, and the Terms are being updated as well to reflect these updates, and those will be posted very soon.

What is going on is that we have many members who misunderstand, perhaps, the US$50.00 minimum threshold, when they request a cashout. Perhaps they think they can only cashout US$50.00 at one time, which is wrong. It is simply that the least amount of money you can cashout at once is US$50.00, so that’s the minimum you need to cashout. 

We have other members who cashout every single day. Due to these actions, it’s causing the members: 1) to pay, unnecessarily, increased fees to receive their money, and 2) because each cashout request needs to be manually verified and certified for everyone’s safety and protection, this is causing an increased workload for the Team. To help solve these challenges, we have changed things a little bit, when you request to cashout your funds through WSS.

What is happening now, is that when you make a cashout request, all requests received before Friday at 12 PM, Pacific Time (USA PDT), will be processed the next week, with payouts expected the following Friday, provided there are no U.S. holidays that week. If there is a holiday going on, please allow extra time for your request to be processed. So basically, every Friday, if you want to make a cashout request, make sure you have it done before noon (USA PDT), so that it will be processed in the next group in the following week. So, this is an every-week thing that happens.

Also, understand that you can only have one pending cashout request open at one time. So, if you know that you usually get Commissions, or whatever it is that you have coming in on a regular basis, just make sure you do one cashout request before Friday, at noon (USA PDT), and your cashout request will be processed the following week. So, understand, if you make a cashout request early in the week, you cannot make another cashout request until your first one has been processed.

This change also helps us to process your payment request more quickly, as whenever you request a cashout, funds need to be moved to release the money to you, and that takes time, because you’re dealing with banks, and they like to take time.

So, by gathering up all the requests, and making one bank transfer, that allows us to move the funds to pay your request more expeditiously, which means you get your money more quickly. This is just the time that it takes us for our processing. Depending on the cashout option you have chosen, some additional transfer time may be required. For example, if you have chosen a wire transfer, of course, it’s going to take another few days after that.

If you want to receive your funds the quickest, choose the PI Debit Card. Once your cashout has been processed, generally funds are available through the PI Debit Card within 24 hours or less; sometimes within minutes, so that’s really fantastic!

(Part 2)

Now, some other news:

We have to make some other updates, as well, in order to ensure that things are processing smoothly and quickly for all of our members, concerning our cashouts. Part one is what I just shared with you, and part two is what I’m about to share.

We will be removing 2Pay4You as a cashout option because Payoneer is quicker and we want our members to have the quickest options possible. 2Pay4You is still one of our great Partners, and we’re very proud with what they’re doing. They’re really handling things professionally, and as quickly as possible. We are simply, just wanting to make these updates in the meantime. You may still, of course, use 2Pay4You as a credit card processor when making a payment in Cashback Marketing.

So, as I said, 2Pay4You is fine. There’s nothing to be concerned about in any way. They are taking care of what they need to, and doing everything absolutely perfect with everyone in mind.


Now, for our last update:

I know many people have perhaps heard rumors of “Biggest Talent Contest” coming back, and you will get to learn all about everything next Tuesday, Sept. 13th, at 12 PM (USA PDT), when we will have a very special General Webinar all about the Biggest Talent, and what you need to know about the contest.  

[So be thinking about all the great artists you know that you can invite!]

And if you’d like to register, you can do so from this link:


There is another webinar coming up, as well. This one is for all UFM.

There is a UFM webinar happening on Monday, Sept 12th at 12 PM, Pacific Daylight Time (USA PDT); so, look for your invitation email (they have already gone out) if you are a UFM, and of course, we’ll have updates.

So, that is all from my side for today. I hope everyone has a great rest of your day or evening, depending on where you are, and I wish everyone all the best!

Hey! Remember! Visit the Jackpot directory, and be sure to bobl, too! Especially, visit the Jackpot directory. You never know when your numbers are going to hit, or our numbers are going to hit, and it pays to play! So, good luck everyone! http://www.jackpot.directory/

Oh, one quick response, as far as the payment processing goes for cashouts. If you have US$50.00 available in your account, then you will see the button and options, to cashout your account; and, if you don’t have your PI Debit Card (which is through Payoneer), then once you have US$50.00 available, click the button to order the card, or set up your account. You’ll see it there.

And, yes, all Marketing Units, whether they are in the Old Global Marketing Pool, or the New Global Marketing Pool—any Marketing Unit may be used in the Special Marketing Pool. So, definitely have fun, and good luck again to everyone!

And if you already have Payoneer, you still need to wait for your account to have that US$50.00 positive available, and then you would still click on the button to set up your Payoneer account. Then you’re going to choose that you “already have a Payoneer account”, and then there is some other information to fill in after that. You’ll see.  

Awesome! Ok. Thank you very much, everyone! Have a great day! WAAAZZZZUBBBB! Bye bye.


With your success in mind,

Cate Kozikowski and        

Your WAZZUB Support Team

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Unicorn General Webinar Recap September 1, 2016

Unicorn General Webinar Recap

September 1, 2016 

Presented by: Dan Settgast


Dear Unicorn Network members,

Welcome to our public general webinar today on September 1, 2016.

[Note: when attending a general webinar please do not chat once the webinar has begun, as we provide a translation to Spanish while the webinar is happening. From time to time the presenter may ask for feedback in which case that is the time to submit your response through the chat. Otherwise we thank you for not chatting during the webinar presentation.]

First, I would like to share our vision with you. About 10 years ago, it was the vision of our three founders, Dan (which is me), Nicole, and Roland. About five years ago it became the vision of more than 4000 Unicorn Founding members, when we launched our first pre-launch website, called WAZZUB. It was, and still is, the first true success sharing phenomenon on the Internet. And today another five years later, we are proud that we already have paid millions of dollars to our members, in rewards and hard cash. To be honest, we are still just at the beginning. I would say that we are right now finishing the first chapter of our never-ending Unicorn story; and together with you we will add many, many exciting chapters because today our vision is bigger, stronger, and clearer than before.

Imagine a company treating every member with respect; a company welcoming members from all countries and treating them like family members; a company respecting the privacy of every member; a company offering maximum security; a company offering high quality free services; a company listening to their members about how to improve services; a company rewarding members for their activity; a company creating real business opportunities for their members; a company paying the highest commissions and bonuses to their affiliates; a company donating huge portions of their profits to charity; a company paying taxes right in those countries where they earn money (not where the tax rates are the lowest); a company magically changing the world in many industries.

For example, we are changing the entertainment industry by creating global platforms for artists, where the artists directly participate in the success; by running global talent contests; by building a global network of personal radio stations; by live-streaming shows from Las Vegas to the world bringing high class entertainment to those who cannot afford to travel; by creating a global network of TV channels with user-generated content produced and presented by industry professionals.

Or for example, we are changing the health industry by partnering with the best doctors and medical professionals; by creating a product line of top notch nutritional supplements; by building a global network of local Health Centers; by revealing the dirty secrets of the global Pharma industry, which is driven by profit, profit, and profit.

We are also changing the e-commerce industry by offering the highest discounts to consumers with up to 99% discount on literally everything, and by only listing recommended businesses in our directories.

And we are changing the marketing industry by creating a new level of quality with our Ads You Can Trust; just to name a few.

Imagine a company which is creating a never known before level of privacy and security, by having 100% of our websites protected with the highest level of encryption, by installing the most secure login procedure, by keeping your private data private, with a unique personal number called PERNUM, which will become your e-mail address, your telephone number, your bank account number, your address, and much, much more! Imagine no more spam, no more unwanted phone calls, no more phishing, no more Data Mining.

The question is, would you like to use the services of such a company?

(Feedback was asked of the participants, and resoundingly everyone said yes!)

And besides Unicorn and the Perfect Internet, do you know such a company? Is there any other company out there offering this bundle of quality and services?

(Feedback was asked of the participants, and resoundingly everyone said that they did not know of any other company.)

So right now we are about 350 people here on the live webinar, so do you think by coincidence that we are the only 350 people who think like that, or do you think that a company like ours has the potential to attract millions of users?

(Feedback was asked of the participants and resoundingly everyone agreed that millions of new users were possible, and more.)

So my last question for now is, “Do you want to be a part of it?”

(Feedback was asked of the participants and resoundingly everyone said yes!)

So then I have great news for you; simply stay tuned for some exciting updates.

So let us talk about our Cashback Marketing project. At Cashback Marketing, in just five months we have paid more than three million dollars in cashback, commissions, and bonuses to our members. Until yesterday, we have had a very attractive offer at Cashback Marketing, promising up to 1% daily cashback on unused marketing budget. Some of our competitors still wonder how we are able to make an offer like that. And now that we have changed the rules some of them might say, “Ha, we always knew that this 1% per day offer won't last long.” So generally, they are right. What they don't know is that even if the cashback is now a lot less (because from now on it is a maximum cashback of 50% per year, which is 0.13% per day), the marketing is much more lucrative. You need to have in mind that the name of the company is “Cashback Marketing”, not “Cashback Cashback”, and it is not our goal to attract people who want to buy some Marketing Units simply to cash out to endless daily cashback.  Our company is about marketing and (as some of you might remember) we announced earlier that we will have Marketing Instruments even for those who have no business of their own, or product to be marketed. Today I will explain to you why marketing is much more lucrative than sitting and waiting for daily cashback.

So here we go. When experts do online marketing, they normally do it to sell a product or service. It is simple basic math that a marketing expert wants to earn more profit than what they paid for the marketing. For example, if someone is paying US$100,000 for marketing, they expect to earn more than US$100,000 from their marketing campaign; and of course they are not paying US$100,000 to earn US$101,000 or US$110,000. Marketing experts are not even happy with US$150,000 or US$200,000; marketing experts expect five, seven, eight, or ten times the money paid in return. This is what is happening around us, day and night, every day, 24/7, 365 days per year. That is the main business model on the Internet and of course that is the main business model of every company out there. When a company, like Apple, Google, or Facebook for example, if they are reporting billions of dollars of profit, and you compare it with their marketing costs, you will find that they are creating exactly the factors that I told you before: five, seven, eight, or ten times their marketing budget in profit. It is exactly the same for any other smaller business. Take a restaurant for example. If a restaurant is creating US$10,000 in profit and you ask them how much they are paying for marketing, they will tell you something like US$1000 to US$2000, which means that they create the same—five to ten times more profit than they spend on their marketing. And at Cashback Marketing, we will do the same. Beside your Personal Marketing Pool where you would book Marketing Instruments for your business or to promote your products, and beside the Global Marketing Pool where you can park your Marketing Units for future use, we will introduce Special Marketing Pools, which are perfect for those of you who have no business or product of your own. So what you simply do is buy Marketing Units, and you put these Marketing Units into one or more of our Special Marketing Pools. Each Special Marketing Pool has its own products or services to be promoted. I will give you a few examples now:

One Special Marketing Pool will be related to PERNUM. For this Special Marketing Pool we have reserved thousands of attractive Pernums, and with your marketing budget we will promote these Pernums, and sell them at a higher price. So this means that you have to do nothing, except put Marketing Units into the PERNUM Marketing Pool. As a service, we will use your marketing budget to promote these special Pernums, and for every Pernum sold, you will receive a commission.

It is important to understand that this is not a substitute for our PERNUM Affiliate Program, we are talking here about a special exclusive bundle of high-value Pernums, which can be sold at a much higher price. Just to give you one example: the Pernum 7378287268 is a 10-digit Pernum, which normally would cost US$1.00. But with our letter code, this Pernum reads RESTAURANT. You can imagine that not just one restaurant, but maybe a chain of restaurants, will most likely pay much, much more than US$1.00 to be displayed in our PERNUM browser, whenever someone is typing in “RESTAURANT”. And we have many more of such Pernums reserved for the PERNUM Marketing Pool. So of course, it is our goal to create the maximum in profits.  And of course, not all of the profit will be paid as a commission, but at the end of the day it is our goal to bring you three times of what you have put as marketing budget into the pool, as return in commissions. And it is our goal to reach this return in 3 to 6 months, which is 90 to 180 days. 

Now let's do the math for the “up to 1% per day” in the Old Global Marketing Pool. If you just keep your units in that Global Marketing Pool and assume that we will have constantly 1% cashback per day, after 90 days you would have 90% cashback, which is still less than what you paid for the Marketing Unit. After 180 days, you would have received 1.8 times the value of your Marketing Unit in cashback. Having your Marketing Unit in one of the Special Marketing Pools, you will receive up to three times the value of your Marketing Unit in commissions. And if we're not just doing a good, but a great job, you might have US$90.00 returned in commissions on a US$30.00 Marketing Unit within 90 days, which would be on average US$1.00 per day. And we're just talking about one Marketing Unit.

Of course we're talking business here, which means no success and no commission is guaranteed. Please have in mind that the high cashback in the Old Global Marketing Pool is not guaranteed as well. And you can imagine that only if we are successful in our marketing strategies, we are able to pay the maximum cashback.

For new orders and new customers from now on, it should be absolutely a no-brainer—choosing between 0.13% in cashback, or a much higher return in the affiliate commissions—I am pretty sure that it is an easy choice. Under the line, Cashback Marketing today has become even more attractive than it has been until yesterday with up to 1% cashback. And to point it out once more: the only thing that you as a Cashback Marketing customer have to do, is to put Marketing Units in one of our Special Marketing Pools. Then we do all the work for you. That is our service, and of course we receive our profits from these pools, so we are creating once more a win-win-win situation.

(Feedback was asked of the participants related to the Special Marketing Pools. Feedback has been very positive with some people needing more explanations, however the vast majority of people were very excited to hear about the Special Marketing Pools.)

Of course, I know that you would love to start right now, but it is important that every member understands what the Special Marketing Pools are all about. Therefore, we will launch the first Special Marketing Pools on Monday, September 5, 2016. We will have the webinar recap released on Friday in English and hopefully on Saturday, Sunday and on Monday released in other languages as well. People need to understand what this is all about. Cashback Marketing is a company offering Marketing Services, not only for business owners but for all Internet users who want to earn money from marketing activities, like millions and millions already do on the Internet.

Our Special Marketing Pools give you the opportunity, without any knowledge about any marketing, to create multiple streams of income by having your marketing budget (your Marketing Units) be handled by experts. So you give the money, the experts give their knowledge and do all the work, and you receive your share in affiliate commissions. Once more, this is something that has never been done before because normally marketing experts don't share their secrets. Here of course, it is the same; we won't share marketing secrets with you; we will just give you commissions because it was your marketing budget that the experts worked with.

So here is our next topic, and that is PERNUM. The PERNUM Chat is in testing and the feedback is amazing! So we will open the doors to all members very, very soon. And we will have another exciting feature at PERNUM, which is the PERNUM Browser. Our Unicorn Founding members will be invited in groups starting on Monday, September 5, 2016 to test the browser. I have been able to test a pre-alpha version yesterday and I have to tell you, it is definitely amazing! Instead of typing in a whole website address, like www.whateverthenameis.com for example, you simply type in the Pernum and you are directed to the matching website. So my personal Pernum is the number 2, so in the future when someone is asking me, “Hey what is your website”, I can simply tell them, “2”; and of course they will ask me, “What do you mean?” And that is the perfect moment to explain all the great advantages for privacy and security, and of course making business is a lot easier with PERNUM. On top of that, the PERNUM Browser will have the Perfect Redirector pre-installed, saving you from entering fraudulent or phishing websites. And as a nice side effect, for websites which are still widely used, for example Amazon for shopping, you will simply need to type “Amazon”, and you will be directed to their website. Of course if you want to go to the www.unicorn.network website you simply type in “unicorn”. And if you type in “PI” you will find yourself at the Perfect Internet website. So life will be much, much easier, much safer, and much more secure with the PERNUM Browser. 

The next topic is our Global Talent Contest. The last two seasons have been under the name I Wanna Be Famous, and because we decided to have a reality TV show produced here in Las Vegas under the name I Wanna Be Famous, we decided to rename the contest to Biggest Talent. This is because that is what we are searching for, we are searching globally for the biggest talent. We will have some changes in the rules to make it even more exciting for the artists, as well as for the audience. We will open the website at www.biggesttalent.com for artists to register on Saturday, September 3, 2016. The artists can be singers, bands, instrumentalists, and dancers. From Saturday September 3, to November 10 is the time period for artists to register. Of course our contest is free for the artists to register, as well as for the audience.

On November 10, 2 things will happen:

1) We will close the doors for artists, and

2) We will finally have our Most Famous Award show for our last year's winners, as well as our kickoff party for the Biggest Talent contest, live, here in Las Vegas, Nevada USA. 

We will offer tickets soon, we will offer hotel packages soon, and I am happy to tell you that our last year's winners: our fabulous instrumental duo Weil from Bulgaria, the brilliant Juyanis band from Ecuador, and our main winner, our Maya Pop from Romania (Maya is the artist’s name for Miruna), they already confirmed that they will be live on stage in Las Vegas on November 10, 2016. Of course we will have more artists on stage. We will have a host from Hollywood for the show, of course we will have Ester Goldberg on stage, and we will have a few more surprise guests.  I am pretty sure that we will not stop partying after midnight and what comes after November 10? It is November 11, which means this is our 5-year anniversary of launching WAZZUB in 2011, and it is our official 10-year anniversary of starting this project in 2006. We will be happy to meet all of you in Las Vegas; the more, the better to celebrate with us. Of course our winners from the Cashback Marketing Las Vegas contest will be invited to join us on November 10, as well as our LotteFree US$7000 jackpot winner.

So back to the Biggest Talent contest. On November 11, we will open the doors for the audience to vote, and here comes one of the exciting new rules. The audience will be able to vote for artists in their country only, so members from the United States will be able to vote for US artists only, and members from Spain will be able to vote for Spanish artists only, and so on, and so on.  This voting period will take place from November 11, 2016 until December 31, 2016. And of course we will have one winner artist from each country. And starting January 15, we will have our battle rounds, country vs. country. I am pretty sure that we will have more than 64 countries participating, it might be even more than 128 countries participating. So, we will have several rounds of country battles going from 128, to 64, to 32, to 16, and to 8 artists. And the eight artists of course will be from eight different countries, and these eight artists will be invited to the final show, here in Las Vegas. In Las Vegas, live on stage we will have the final battles from 8, to 4, to 2, and with the last and final battle we will find our biggest talent of 2017. This final show will be live streamed globally, so that not just the live audience will participate, but every user around the world will be able to vote.

We talked with some of the artists and it is making them even more proud to participate, because they have the chance to represent their country in a global contest. So I am pretty sure that we will have a very, very exciting contest with thousands of participants. 

Here is our last topic for today, and that is about our plans on going public. You might have heard that we are planning to have our newly formed holding company publicly listed, and I would like to explain to you why we would do that. Normally, a company is going public to collect money at the stock exchanges, but we don't. Going public for us is about our main vision and goal, which is to share our success on all possible levels. Therefore, we want to be publicly listed so that all members, all users who want to participate in our success as a company, are simply able to buy shares.

Unfortunately, it is quite difficult, time consuming, and very expensive to go public. At the global stock markets you have several levels; you have the so called Entry Standard, you have the so called General Standard, and you have the so called Prime Standard. Of course, the higher you want to be listed as a company, the more requirements you need to fulfill, and the more money you have to pay. So it was our goal to go with the Entry Standard, which is not where we see our company, but it would have been the cheapest way to be publicly listed. Of course, we strive for more, so of course we would love to be globally listed in the General or even better in the Prime standard, but on the other side that would mean that we would need to pay most of the money (that we would love to share with our proactive members instead) to lawyers, consultants, bank institutes, brokers, and authorities, they ask a lot of fees as well.  So we tried our best to find a better solution, and you know we are the masters of doing things differently. So what we did is we searched for, and we found a company that is already listed in the General Standard, and is fulfilling all requirements to be even upgraded to Prime Standard. Prime Standard is the same level as companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, and McDonald's; just so you understand what we're talking about here.

I have been informed this morning that the majority of the shareholders of this company are willing to merge with our holding company. As a result, we will have our company right away listed at least in the General Standard, but we will strive for the Prime Standard as soon as possible. After the merger, we, (and that means our group of companies and of course our investors and shareholders), we will hold far more than 99% of the new company. This is for sure a great deal for the other company, and for us it means that we saved millions of dollars and at least 3 to 5 years, which would be needed to go from Entry Standard, to General, and to Prime Standard. Of course this will have a huge positive effect on our shares’ value, and for sure the whole world will have an eye on us; we will be in the spotlight. And that is great, because remember our vision from the beginning? We just need to get the word out about all the great things that we are offering, and then for sure not just millions, but billions of users might be proud to become a Unicorn. 

From today on we should just need about 6 to 8 weeks to finalize all the processes of the merger. Believe me, you don't want to know how much crazy but important stuff and steps need to be done to stay within all applicable laws, and to make the deal safe and lucrative for all involved.

So, very soon every person in the world will be easily able to officially invest into Unicorn shares, and because we are in the beginning of our journey (remember, we just finished our first chapter), I am pretty sure that we will have a very exciting and successful ride at the global stock exchanges. So one day, there will be an official press release and from that date on, right away, you will be able to become a Unicorn shareholder, if you want to. 

And of course we will share more details with you as soon as we are allowed to by law, and this is one of the reasons why this webinar today is a public webinar. All announcements related to our going public, and to our merger, they have to be public.

So thank you to those nearly 300 that are still here with me after more than 2 hours; I am pretty sure it was well worth the time. Stay tuned, WAZZZUUUUBBB, don’t forget to bobl, be proud to be a Unicorn, and always HAPPY HEALTH.

Next webinar will be announced very soon, just check http://news.perfectinter.net/ and our pages for updates.

Thank you guys talk to you soon, bye-bye.

With your success in mind,

Dan Settgast and          

your WAZZUB Support Team



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Unicorn General Webinar Recap August 6, 2016


Unicorn General Webinar Recap

CBM Updates & Strategies

August 6, 2016 

Presented by: Cate Kozikowski




Welcome everyone! Thank you for joining me here today. For those of you who don’t know, my name is Cate. I am the Sales Director with PI. I want to start off by sharing greetings from Dan and Nicole with everyone, and I want to wish Nicole a very special Happy Birthday today! Dan and Nicole are spending some much-needed time together today, so we wish them a great and restful day together from all of us. They certainly deserve it!

Today, we are going to talk about Cashback Marketing, updates, and strategies for both Affiliates and Advertisers. So first, let’s go through some updates.




Our current Global Marketing Pool is limited to 111,111 total Marketing units. As of this webinar right now, there are 31,269 units remaining to be sold, and you can always see the current number when you login at Cashback Marketing, on the website. The new Global Marketing Pool will open, once the current Global Marketing Pool is full, or on Sept. 1st, whichever happens first.




So, what are the differences between the current Global Marketing Pool and the new one? As I mentioned, the current Global Marketing Pool is limited to 111,111 units. You can receive from 0-1% daily cashback. The cashback is not guaranteed, and there’s no limit on how long the unused Marketing Units in the Global Marketing Pool can receive cashback.

Now, with the new Global Marketing Pool (GMP), there are no limits on the total Marketing Units in the Global Marketing Pool. You will receive 0.13% cashback daily from the new GMP, and the cashback is actually guaranteed now. Cashback is limited to 365 days per Marketing Unit, and customers receive a 2.55% bonus after 365 days in the Global Marketing Pool, which means, with the new Global Marketing Pool you can receive up to 50% total cashback, per Marketing Unit. After 365 days, the Marketing Units are automatically transferred to your Personal Marketing Pool.

So, those are the basic differences between the current GMP, and the new GMP.




Now, there are a few points to remember. Marketing Units are good for:

1) Marketing

2) Advertising

3) Promotions

Marketing Units do not expire, even if cashback is no longer granted. As I mentioned, after 365 days, the Marketing Units in the GMP will move to your Personal Marketing Pool, the PMP, and they will be there until you decide to use them.




So, how about the power of cashback? You can collect cashback to boost marketing power or to reduce marketing costs. Cashback can be used for more marketing power at the PerfectPages or for other products, like PERNUM, HAPPY HEALTH, EEBOOX, and more; or you can cash out through PERNUMPAY, which we’ll be opening soon. Through PERNUMPAY you can reduce your marketing costs, and we will have bank wires and other options available for cash out.




So, how do these new Global Marketing Pool updates affect the auto-order? Auto-order still functions exactly the same. Once US$30 is reached in your balance, one Marketing Unit will be ordered and paid for from the balance. Those new Marketing Units will go into the current GMP until it is full. Once the current GMP is full, the Marketing Unit will go into the new Global Marketing Pool. So it is pretty much exactly the same.




So, what about Affiliate strategies? As an Affiliate, you should promote Cashback Marketing to businesses and independent entrepreneurs. They should understand that marketing is a part of life for businesses. They generally know their marketing budget one year in advance, and the industry average is 7-10% of their revenue. So, that’s basically what every business’ market budget equals, 7-10% of their revenue.




So, what about as an Advertiser? What type of strategy should you employ? As an Advertiser, if you deposit 6 mths.-1 year’s marketing budget (and for the best results, you could deposit 2 years), you collect up to 50% cashback on the first year, and a full 50% cashback on the second year. For the 3rd year and onward, deposit one year upfront for a full 50% cashback.

As an Advertiser, we have many different, flexible strategies, so whatever is best for each business or entrepreneur, we can handle.




Cashback Marketing offers tons of advertising and marketing options. Businesses can increase sales and customers by using the Articles, Banners, Events, e-commerce, our loyalty program, and more.




Cashback Marketing offers a variety of targetable audiences, whether the business is interested in e-commerce, entertainment, health, family, communication, information, charity, and more. We have the audiences that businesses are looking for.




Whether the business is looking for global or local audiences, we have the people that they are looking for. Whether they are in Australia, Canada, the Ivory Coast, the Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, Romania, the United States, or across the globe, and we will have many local markets to come, as well.




Now, Cashback Marketing also offers the integration with PERNUM and PerfectPages for maximum benefits. Through these integrations, businesses can see extra benefits, savings, services, and more. They can even save up to 70% on their marketing costs. This is truly amazing! No one else is offering what we offer through Cashback Marketing, PerfectPages, and our whole Unicorn Network.




Cashback Marketing also offers high privacy and security standards. All of the ads displayed throughout our network are certified Ads You Can Trust. Cashback Marketing is protected by HTTPS as well, and we have a $1Million warranty. So, we do whatever we can to make sure our members and our customers have their privacy and security protected.




Here are some dates and deadlines you should know. Sept. 1st—keep your eye out for that date. As you’ve heard, the new Global Marketing Pool will be opening on Sept. 1st, and Sept 1st could be a really exciting day for many other reasons too, so definitely stay tuned for more updates about Sept. 1st.

As we talked about, there are 111,111 total units in the current Global Marketing Pool. As I mentioned, there are about 31,000 left today. So, now is the perfect time to be sharing Cashback Marketing with businesses and independent entrepreneurs. And if you wanted to buy any units, I would definitely do it so sooner rather than later.

Now, over the last few days, there has been work done to solve a glitch in the Cashback Marketing system that is still being worked on, and our team will have it solved as soon as possible. Due to our team focusing so much on this Cashback Marketing glitch, we have decided to postpone the launch of PERNUM until Monday, Aug. 8th, so look for announcements on Monday about PERNUM launching.

(Note from Support: Late Monday (Aug 8), it was announced that due to the challenges being solved with CBM, the PERNUM launch is delayed further until August 10, 2016. More details can be found on the PERNUM website www.pernum.com.)




About this Cashback Marketing glitch, I want everyone to understand. The glitch does not affect everyone. There is only a limited group affected. If you are affected, there is no need to report anything. Once the accounts are corrected, the cashback will be updated accordingly. All units, cashbacks, commissions, bonuses are safe, and nothing is lost, so there’s no need for anyone to worry. [Understand that some overpayments were made, so those figures are being adjusted accordingly as well.] And, of course, thank you as always for your patience and understanding. We really do appreciate it.




Now, we’ve talked about Cashback Marketing, and we’ve mentioned PerfectPages, but what does PerfectPages do for businesses and members? I have something new and exciting for everyone today! We are in the process of creating a new landing page for PerfectPages, and I’m happy to be able to present our new design to everyone today! So, let’s check it out together.




As you can see, PerfectPages is still the place for the ABC of Benefits, with Articles, Bonuses, Coupons, Deals, Events, and FREE Shopping.




PerfectPages is your all-in-one directory. This is the place where you can find shops, hotels, classifieds, restaurants, services, events, and even jobs, so that is really fantastic!




What’s more, with PerfectPages you get to collect all kinds of free rewards, from Gifts, to Prize Draws, Downloads, FREE Shopping (who doesn’t love to shop for free?), Secret Deals, Bonuses, and even Tokens for more free rewards.




If you are a business owner, you can use the PerfectPages to boost your business with more traffic, more customers, more revenue, more profit, more freedom, and more fun!




So, how do you all like it? Does anyone have any questions?

(Feedback from the audience about the new PerfectPages landing page design was very positive and everyone loved it.)


General Webinar FAQ’s:

Q: With cashback, can we purchase Perfect Bonus Cards?

A: At this time, we do not have that ability, so you would have to purchase the Perfect Bonus Cards separately, not with Marketing Units.


Q: Is the new PerfectPages ready for us to promote?

A: No, not yet. When it’s live, then you can promote it. But, right now you got a “sneak peek.”


Q: Can I buy CBM units without having a business?

A: The answer is yes, that is why I mentioned “independent entrepreneurs.” Understand though, that Marketing Units are used for marketing and promotion, so definitely if you have something that you would like to market or promote, buy some Marketing Units! That’s what they’re there for.



Q: I want to know when the current GMP is considered full.

A: The current GMP is considered full when it reaches 111,111 total units, or Sept. 1st, 2016. If there are still a few units left available in the current GMP on Sept. 1st, those people with Marketing Units already in the GMP, who have “auto-order” enabled, will, when they buy more units, those units will first fill up the current GMP until that’s full, through the auto-order. Either way, 111,111 units is the maximum in the current Global Marketing Pool.


Q: How long will the advertising instruments stay online?

A: For that, it depends on the type of Marketing Instrument you have chosen. Some Marketing Instruments, like Articles, do not come offline, unless you purposely take them offline. Other Marketing Instruments, like Banners, have limited empressions, so once those empressions run out, that Banner will come offline. So, it just depends exactly on what you are doing.


Q: Is 2Pay4You ready to pay out transfers through bank wire?

A: 2P4Y is still in the process to solve the challenges. As soon as possible, we will have updates for everyone. Definitely, keep your eye out for when PERNUM and PERNUMPAY launch soon. If you have a specific need, contact Support for more information. As always we thank everyone for your patience and understanding.



Q: Someone wanted to know if they could transfer Marketing units to a different person.

A: No, they are for your marketing, not anyone else’s. If you would like to market a different person’s business, like, for example, if you have your favorite Pizza shop locally, you can do stuff like that. But you cannot transfer the actual units themselves. And, of course, always read the guidelines and Terms when it comes to advertising.


Q: When will the new PerfectPages landing page be available?

A: Very soon, and we’ll definitely let everybody know, and you’ll see it, too, when you go to PerfectPages; not right now, but when it’s live.



Q: Here’s a question from someone about not being able to cash out CBM commission through 2P4Y, and what to do now.

A: Please contact Support for more assistance, specifically, for your situation. Otherwise, have patience, and once PERNUMPAY is available, we will have even more options for everyone.



Q: What about the Budget Back guarantee?

A: There are specific rules and terms for that Budget Back guarantee, and if you were to receive your budget back, it would be in the form of the Marketing Units that you used in the first place. So, simply, if you used 10 units for your Budget Back guarantee, you would see 10 units put back into your Personal Marketing Pool at the end of your guaranteed campaign. That’s why it’s called a Budget Back guarantee.


Q: Did you say that with the new GMP, all Marketing units go to PMP automatically after 365 days?

A: Yes, I did say that in the new Global Marketing Pool, after 365 days, unused Marketing Units, on their 365th day, will be moving to the Personal Marketing Pool, because they’re no longer able to get cashback, so they don’t need to be in the Global Marketing Pool at that point.  


Q: Is Payoneer still coming as a processor?

A: Yes, we will still have Payoneer. 


Q: Can someone pay for a lottery ticket from their WSS balance?

A: You can always get one for free through the Jackpot Directory. If you would like to pay for your own, you would have to pay for that separately. That is nothing directly connected to us, as far as, when you buy your own tickets. 


Q: Can I buy units for other people from my wallet in 2Pay4You?

A: Yes, that you can do. Just make sure when you make that payment that you send your confirmation email with all the information: with people’s Ref ID’s, the CBM order number, the register emails—all the details. That way, the team can process the payment correctly, in the quickest time possible for you. Contact Support if you need further assistance. 


Q: In the Philippines, do you have guidelines as to what banks will be connected to PERNUM?

A: Not yet. More information will come out once PERNUM launches with PERNUMPAY. And again, all of that may change and evolve as everything does. So, stay tuned for more information about local banks and PERNUMPAY. 


Q: With WSS balance, can you purchase Perfect Bonus Cards?

A: Not directly yet, at this time, though definitely we could figure something out, if you would like to purchase Perfect Bonus Cards and you have a positive balance in WSS. Please connect with Support right now; if you want to do something; otherwise, as soon as possible, we will have more updates on that. 


Q: Is it 365 days for each marketing unit or all marketing units on Dec. 31st?

A: No, it is 365 days per marketing unit that can be receiving cashback; so if you deposit one unit today, one unit next week, and one unit two weeks from now, they will all be transitioning to the PMP (Personal Marketing Pool) at different times because each one was put in at a different day.


Q: When can we use Payoneer?

A: We will have more updates on Payoneer soon. Everything is in process right now, so as much as some of us would like to have things done with a magic wand, the real world doesn’t work that way, and things take time. Everything is in process and moving forward in the absolute quickest way, and quickest time possible.


Q: With the balance of WSS, can PERNUM be purchased?

A: As far as purchasing PERNUMs from WSS, again, we will have more updates on things after PERNUM launches. So, thank you for your patience on that one.



Q: Is the 365 days applicable to both the current Global Marketing Pool and the new Global Marketing Pool?

A: No, the current Global Marketing Pool has no restrictions or limitations on the time that the units can receive cashback, so units in the current Marketing Pool would not be moving anywhere, unless you, personally, moved them to the Personal Marketing Pool. And remember, once you move a unit to the Personal Marketing Pool, you cannot put it back into the Global Marketing Pool.


Q: If I have advertising, can I see it in my city, my country, or in the whole world?

A: Great question! It depends on where and how you set up that advertising, and what country specifically or city where you are located. For example, if you are in Spain, we have the Spanish PerfectPages, so you could set up your advertising to display only in your local country, and even down to the city, depending on what exactly you are doing. If, for example, you are in a region where we do not yet have a national PerfectPages, then generally speaking, you would see your advertising around the world. There is more localized targeting that can be done, if you are advertising in a location where we have a national PerfectPages set up, otherwise your advertising would be shown globally.


Q: When we have both the current Global Marketing Pool and the new Global Marketing Pool, can we choose to use the new Global Marketing Pool for personal advertising?

A: The way it works, is that there is no choice once the current Marketing Pool is closed. Then the only Global Marketing Pool, as far as getting new units in it, would be the new one. So, you can use Marketing Units from either Marketing Pool. It doesn’t matter where the units come from when you move them to your Personal Marketing Pool. The only difference is when they are in the Global Marketing Pool, as far as the cashback goes. Otherwise, a Marketing Unit is a Marketing Unit in the Personal Marketing Pool. They are all the same.


Q: In short, what is the difference between Cashback Marketing and PerfectPages?

A: In short, the difference between Cashback Marketing and PerfectPages is that Cashback Marketing is intended as a starting point to the PerfectPages, or like a PerfectPages “light.” So, it’s a way we can attract businesses and entrepreneurs to come and advertise across our network, and share with the additional savings and benefits that they receive with a full PerfectPages membership, as a Business Partner. Essentially, Cashback Marketing is an introduction to PerfectPages, in many ways.


Q: Can cashback be moved to WSS, and then through PERNUMPAY to your personal account?

A: Yes! That’s exactly how it will work. If you want to cash out from Cashback Marketing, you would move the funds to WSS, and then from there move to PERNUMPAY, and then cash out as you would like to do. And we will keep everyone updated once that opens.


Q: Can one choose where he or she wants to advertise, to be shown globally or locally?

A: As I mentioned, yes. It depends on the specifics. For example, if you’re in Spain, you definitely can advertise locally. If you’re in Mexico, it is done globally, however there are targeting features on select Marketing Instruments. It just depends on where you are located, where you want to advertise, how you want to advertise, and so on.


Ok, so that looks like the end of our questions.



I want to say “Thank you, very much!” to everyone, and “Thank you!” to Rose, especially. Have a wonderful day or evening, depending on where you are. WAZZZZZUB! Remember to bobl, be proud to be a Unicorn, and always, HAPPY HEALTH to everyone! Bye-bye!



With your success in mind,

Cate Kozikowski and     

your WAZZUB Support Team    

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Unicorn General Webinar Recap June 7, 2016


Unicorn General Webinar Recap

June 7, 2016 

Presented by: Cate Kozikowski


For those of you who do not know, my name is Cate. I am the Director of Sales and I am here to share with you some exciting news today. Dan sends his greetings to everyone.

What I want to talk about today is the opportunity that we have with our whole Unicorn Network. Many times there are people who want to make more money, and what we have with our Unicorn Network is a network that you can use to make money. We have many different Affiliate opportunities throughout our whole network, and I am here today to share with you some of the newest things that we have to help you generate the income that you desire, as an Affiliate within the Unicorn Network.

So I want to start with the news that just a few days ago we released some awesome improvements to our We Share Success (WSS) website. For those of you who have not been there yet, I definitely suggest that you go there after this webinar and check it out. 


On the main page you will see some great information about our featured Affiliate opportunities, as well as information about each of the three membership levels within We Share Success.  Additionally, you will see testimonials and other basic information on our redesigned We Share Success landing page.

Once you login, you will notice that you have many different options to help you with your promotions, your marketing, and keeping track of all your rewards that you collect through the Unicorn Network.


 (After you login, when you see the WAZZUB and BOBL icons near your Sponsor, click them to connect using those methods. To access your Family Sheet, you find it in the menu under Affiliate Area.)


One thing in particular that I want to point out for everyone is our new Family Sheet. When you click on the FAMILY SHEET Button, you will see it open up and show you all your first generation members that you have personally invited to the Unicorn Network. Now, you can also see when they have set up a BOBL profile or a WAZZUB profile and you can connect with them with just a simple click of a button. This makes it so easy to communicate with your first generation across our whole network, and you can really bond and support each other so that all of you can be successful together. Because remember, this is The Power of “WE”, not The Power of Me. So definitely click on your Family Sheet, get in touch with your first generation, and share with them the new We Share Success improvements.

Now, I want to say that these improvements that you see on WSS are thanks to our dedicated team of programmers, as well as suggestions from members across our whole network, putting their ideas into our project. One of our great members, Dirk, he was instrumental in compiling all of the suggestions from our members and communicating with our programmers, so that they could put your ideas into reality. So definitely a BIG THANKS to Dirk, our team of programmers, and all the members who put their most valuable suggestions and ideas forward so that they could be implemented.

So definitely, this is another important aspect of our whole network, when you have ideas, suggest them. You never know what awesome idea that you have, might be the next coolest thing that we put into reality.


(To access the specific areas to leave your suggestions or see what others are suggesting, visit the UTT Support Center below.)



So as you are going through We Share Success, you will see our Affiliate opportunities. One of our newest ones that you probably know, however maybe you just don't know the power of it yet, is Cashback Marketing.

Cashback Marketing is a way you collect commissions from the paid orders of your first generation, and you can collect Family Bonuses from the paid orders of all your five generations below that. So with Cashback Marketing, you want to be focused on independent marketers or other business people that you know, and share with them that we have a fantastic platform and group of members worldwide, where they can advertise their businesses and services. And with Cashback Marketing, one of the best features is how you can boost your Marketing Power, really without doing much of anything! This is really valuable and really amazing! Simply buy a few marketing units, put them in the Global Marketing Pool and turn auto-order ON. When you have enabled the auto-order, every time you receive cashback it will accumulate, and as soon as it reaches US$30.00, you get another marketing unit. This means that your cashback also increases, which means that your Marketing Power increases at the same time because now you are able to do more marketing on the same budget that you started with; and that is the power of Cashback Marketing!

So when you are talking to business owners, especially think about businesses that are having a hard time finding great advertising platforms. If you have any questions about whether or not a business is allowed, or a product or service is allowed, look through our Terms, we have answered all your questions.  And if you still have more questions, contact our support. However there are many, many opportunities in your local areas and worldwide where business owners aren't looking for the services that we have to offer, and you, as members and Affiliates of our network are able to help them, simply by recommending our services to them. And of course, as with all things in our Unicorn Network, it is always free to sign up as a member. There is no charge for you to create your account and enjoy the huge benefits that we offer.

Now, additionally, as far as Affiliate opportunities go, on top of Cashback Marketing we have PERNUM, which was recently released into the public pre-launch, and this is really amazing! For those who are not quite familiar with what PERNUM actually is, let me break it down to you simply. PERNUM stands for PERsonal NUMber, and that is what PERNUM is, it is a number.  Now one of the cool things that you can do with PERNUM is if you look at your telephone keypad (like right now if you have a phone next you, pick it up and look at the numbers on your keypad), you will see that there are letters that correspond with those numbers. I'm sure many of you have seen this in your own local countries, where companies have phone numbers but when they give it out it's like “1-800-PLUMBING; call me to fix your plumbing”, or something like that. And you know that when you go to call that phone number you don't dial in the letters, you dial the numbers that correspond with those letters, and you can reach the person that you're trying to call. Now with PERNUM, it is similar to that, only better! So with PERNUM, when you choose your PERNUM, it is in numeric form, it's in numbers, yet you can use those numbers to create a word, going by the code that is on all common telephone keypads. So for example, the numbers 5683 can be spelled into the word love L-O-V-E using the code on your telephone keypad. So if you wanted to buy this custom PERNUM, you would purchase it as the number 5863, and when you want to share it with other people, you will be able to simply tell them “love”.

For example we will have our own PERNUM browser, and in this browser instead of typing in the website like www.love.com, all you would need to type is “love”. And with PERNUM, the great thing it is that you decide who goes to what place, whether it is your website address, or when someone is calling you which phone number they should call you on, weather it is an office number or a home phone number, and it is the same with our PERNUM browser. When people type in for example “love”, and that is your PERNUM, you can decide for example some people to send to your Facebook page, other people to send to your website, and still everybody else you would rather they go to your referral link for the Unicorn Network. And you could totally do that. With PERNUM, we put privacy and security in your hands and in your control, you decide who sees what, and you have all the convenience and functionality, without giving away your personal details unnecessarily.

Now here is where the awesome Affiliate opportunity happens with PERNUM, or at least one of them, as we have many things in store for everyone. So what I want to talk about today is having to do with creating custom PERNUMs, or vanity PERNUMs. One thing that will be opening very soon is something called our PERNUM Marketplace, and this is really exciting! Have you ever wanted to be the first one when the Internet opened and everyone started buying URLs, website addresses? With PERNUM you have an even bigger opportunity ahead of you, this is through reselling custom PERNUMs that you have purchased. So for example, let's stick with our LOVE example. If you were to purchase the custom PERNUM “love”, which is 5683, and you put it up for sale in our PERNUM Marketplace and another person decided they really wanted the PERNUM, the only way for them to get it would be to buy it from you in the PERNUM Marketplace, because you were the one who thought of it and bought it first. So this gives you an opportunity to get creative and think of different words or combinations that are popular in your local areas, where other people would really want to have those custom PERNUMs.

So our PERNUM Marketplace will be opening up soon and we will keep you updated as to when that will happen. However, in the meantime you are free to think of various names and combinations that would be popular and that you would like to order, so that you can resell them in the PERNUM Marketplace, of course for profit. Sometimes you might make a fortune, it just depends on how creative and lucky you are in getting that perfect number or combination.

Especially right now, if you can think of 10-digit, 9-digit, and 8-digit custom PERNUMs, they're relatively inexpensive for you to purchase. However on August 1 we will be making some changes and the PERNUM Marketplace will be opening soon around there, so you have from now until then to think of different numbers and to purchase them as they are available. Right now you can only buy one PERNUM but very soon we will open it up for you to purchase multiple ones, and that's when this comes into play. So right now be creative and think of great ideas so that you can take advantage of this amazing opportunity. Think of it like gold digging, so definitely have fun and good luck to everyone!

Now, talking about other affiliate opportunities we also have some amazing things going on with HAPPY HEALTH which will be opening soon. We have great opportunities for you to collect commissions on the paid orders of the HAPPY HEALTH Edition eBooks that Dr. Forsythe is updating and putting together right now. We will have many more updates about HAPPY HEALTH very soon, but just keep that in your back pocket and definitely talk to people, let them know that we have an amazing partner with Dr. Forsythe. He is a world renowned physician, he is making new strides in the medical industry to help people in the most natural and best ways possible for them, so it is really and truly an honor to have him partner with us for HAPPY HEALTH. I know personally, when I talk to my family about him they are all excited, so I am sure that you will get the same reactions too.

On top of that, like I said, we have our amazing Unicorn Network and we are always coming out with more, and more ways to share our success with you. All it takes is for you to take action and be a part of it. So on top of Cashback Marketing, PERNUM, and HAPPY HEALTH, PerfectPages will also be a great opportunity for you as an Affiliate. Very simple, all you will have to do is recommend your favorite businesses. We want only the best businesses listed in our PerfectPages, so definitely if you have a favorite business that you love, recommend that business. Our team of Profit Instructors will visit that business and if they sign up, and you are the first person who recommend them, they will become part of your first generation along with all their customers that they invite (those will be part of your subsequent generations), and you will receive commissions and Family Bonuses based on their activity; all this is passive and residual income for you as an Affiliate.

Now additionally, if you know awesome salespeople who love sales and you think that they would be great working as a Profit Instructor for PerfectPages, hey we will have a place for you to recommend those people too! And guess what, if they are hired, you will automatically receive a percentage of their commissions that they get and that is amazing! Again, this is passive, residual income coming in for you just by recommending an awesome salesperson. Who knows how much this commission could be, it really will just depend on the local region and the Profit Instructors that you recommend, so definitely, to have the best success, recommend the best salespeople you know!

We will keep you updated when that function opens, in the meantime definitely be thinking about all the great salespeople who would be excellent for our PerfectPages team.

So to sum it all up, now is the time; now is the time for you to be sharing our Unicorn Network and all your favorite places within it, with everybody you know. In fact, if you have been a member for a while and you have people who lost communication or never followed up for whatever reason, go back and contact them if you have their info. If they have signed up and the past, they are still a member right now, all they need to do is log in. And if they forgot their password or they don't know their username, simply contact support. Definitely share what we have to offer with your friends, with your family, with everybody you now, because if they sign up with someone else then there's nothing we can do; they are lost for you forever as far as being in your generations and receiving the commissions and Family Bonuses from their activities. So make sure you talk to them and that they sign up with you first, because we have so much to offer. Even if you don't want to be an active Affiliate per se, and you just want to tell people about the cool things we offer, hey guess what, when they place orders, you collect commissions and you didn't even have to sell anything; all you did was invite them. So there is nothing like the Unicorn Network anywhere in the world, take advantage of all the awesome things that we have already created, that we are in the process of creating, and that we will create to share our success with all of you. Because that's what it's all about, together we can Magically Change the World for all of us.

So that's it for today. I just want to say one more little point about PERNUMs and when you are thinking of different names, just to clear up some confusion. Just to let you know, don't even bother trying to grab the Brand names for any company in Unicorn Network because it won’t work, they are already set aside; as well as many of the top Brand names worldwide are also set aside. Definitely focus on those key words and phrases that are popular in your country, in your local areas, think about what people use for website addresses, think about phone numbers, different phone numbers that you see that are popular, vanity phone numbers, or even vanity license plates that you see on cars; there are so many inspirations all around you.

OK guys, so that's it from me, thank you so much for listening. I hope you have a great day, or a great night depending on where you are; all the best to everyone, WAZZUUUUUBB and we will see you all next time. Bye everyone!


With your success in mind,

Cate Kozikowski and      

your WAZZUB Support Team


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Unicorn General Webinar Recap PERNUM Pre-Launch May 20, 2016

Unicorn General Webinar Recap

PERNUM Pre-Launch

May 20, 2016 

Presented by: Dan Settgast



 So today, we will talk about PERNUM. For those of you who have never heard of PERNUM before, PERNUM stands for PERsonal NUMber. Try to imagine instead of having several different numbers and addresses, like for example a telephone number, an account number, an e-mail address, and a physical address, we have created a system where you have one number, and that is your PERNUM for all purposes. So your PERNUM is your PERsonal NUMber, and is one number with multiple functions.

I am happy to present to you today the most important functions of PERNUM.



The first function of your PERNUM is that your PERNUM will become your new email address. No more letters, no more @ symbols, no more (dot).com etc.; your e-mail address will be a number.

The good thing about PERNUM is that you are in control. You set up from which senders you want to receive emails, which means that PERNUM is 100% spam free. Of course if someone of your accredited senders would send you spam, you would easily be able to remove them from your list.

So how does this work?

If the sender has a PERNUM as well, you will be able to send and receive emails within PERNUM. If the sender has no PERNUM account yet, they will need to send an email of course through their e-mail provider, and as their email provider is working with common e-mail addresses, they would need to send an email to your PERNUM, let's say 12345@pernum.net (I am pretty sure it will be “.net”). So you can receive emails from outside of PERNUM and you can still setup which senders are allowed to send you emails.

You, as a PERNUM member, you can set up what shall happen with an email received. You can keep it in PERNUM or you can forward it to one of your regular email accounts. So for example if you have a business email account, you can tell PERNUM to forward certain emails from certain senders to your business email address. For friends and family, you don't want to receive those emails on your business email account, so you can set up PERNUM to forward emails from friends and family to your private email address. 

So now what happens if you might need to change your email address, because you might have a new job or your private email account got hacked? Now you don't have to inform your contacts about your new business email address or your new private e-mail address, you simply change those email addresses in your PERNUM account, and your PERNUM stays the same.

Your PERNUM is for your lifetime, which means once you have decided what you want your PERNUM to be, your personal number will never change.




Feature number two. We will have our own PERNUM browser and within the PERNUM browser your PERNUM will automatically be your website address. This means that no matter if you have your own website, or you have a blog, or a Facebook page, or a BOBL page, the people will just type in your PERNUM and they will be automatically forwarded to the page you set up. Here it is the same; you can split it into business and private contacts and you are able to send them to different pages by sharing the same PERNUM with them.




Feature number three is that your PERNUM will help you to save money by receiving discounts. So when you are connected to a businesses as a customer, or maybe just as a receiver of their newsletter, and they know only your PERNUM (so you are not sharing all your private details: your name, email address, telephone number, whatever), as they will be able to give specific discounts to specific groups of customers, and if you are in some of their groups, you will see those discounts and special offers.




The next feature is that your PERNUM is automatically your ticket ID for lotteries, prize draws, and sweepstakes. And without sharing any of your personal data with any third party, you will be able to win up to US$100,000 in cash and many, many other prizes.




Feature number five. PERNUM will be your navigation system. If you want for example to drive to the house of a friend for the first time, the only thing you need is the PERNUM of your friend. The PERNUM APP will guide you and navigate you to the right address. No more misspellings of street names, no more switched house numbers, you just need the PERNUM and that's it. The same if you invite someone to your house, there is no need to give the whole address, just give them the PERNUM and that is enough. Of course, people accredited by you will be able to see your address. So if someone who is not allowed and not accredited by you to see your address, would try to navigate to your address using your PERNUM, they would simply see a message saying that they are not allowed to use the navigation with your PERNUM.




The next feature is that your PERNUM will be your telephone number as well. So if you would like to call someone from PERNUM to PERNUM, it is really easy like that, just dial the PERNUM and you will be connected. For privacy reasons, here it is the same; only people where you have authorized calls will be able to call you. So no more unwanted calls with PERNUM.




PERNUM will even be your address for shipping. If the sender is a PERNUM member, and they want to send something to you, they just need to type in your PERNUM and they will see your shipping address.





And if you want to meet more than one person, so a group, which can be a business meeting, or birthday, or an anniversary, simply login to PERNUM, take all those who are invited, set up the meeting details, and that's it. Now, if they want to learn about the meeting, they just need to click the “meet” icon in the PERNUM APP or the PERNUM website and they will see the meeting details. 




The next feature of PERNUM is that you will be able to chat in privacy, which of course is most important for group chats. You can start group chats and only invite certain other PERNUMs, as well as be in an open chat with other members who will only see your PERNUM. If they are not in your list, they won't be able to send you emails, or call you, or to connect with you in any other way.




The last and maybe most important function of PERNUM is PERNUM PAY. Together with your PERNUM membership, you will have a secure online wallet and you will be able to connect this wallet with your bank account, and you will be able to apply for the PERNUM debit card. Whenever you are in a participating shop, you will be able to pay just with your PERNUM. You don't have to give your credit card or any other personal details. The business will have a PERNUM as well, so simply send the amount you agreed on, or what your bill is, from your PERNUM to their PERNUM. They will immediately see the money received so they can print your receipt, and fulfill the services or hand out the product that you have bought. PERNUM PAY is the most private and the most secure way to pay. And for businesses, it will be much, much cheaper than accepting credit cards or other mobile payment systems like Google Wallet or Apple Pay for example, as well as PayPal or other payment processors. They don't need any extra equipment, the only thing they need is a PERNUM, and that's it.




In a few minutes I will share with you what the PERNUM website looks like, and as always we will make the website live about 24 hours after the webinar, when the written webinar recap is available.




PERNUM will be in pre-launch until the end of July. On August 1 we will have a public launch with all the functions in place.  Between now and August 1, we will have step by step, even in pre-launch the first functions available.




So what exactly is your PERNUM? What will it look like?

Your personal number has 10 digits. If you are already a member of the Unicorn Network, including all pages like WAZZUB, PI, We Share Success, and many more, you don't need to sign up again, simply login with your Unicorn Network login credentials. When you login or sign up (which of course is free to join), you will see a PERNUM already set up for you. And it may look like this:




It has 10 digits, and now you might say “OK I like this PERNUM and I will stay with it.” And that is fine. However, we have an option for you to pick your favorite PERNUM.




And if your favorite PERNUM has 8 to 10 digits, you will need to pay US$1 to reserve your lifetime favorite PERNUM. And the shorter you would like your favorite PERNUM to be, the more money you would need to pay, as follows:




For a seven-digit PERNUM the price is US$10

For a six-digit PERNUM the price is US$100

For a five-digit PERNUM the price is US$1000

For a four-digit PERNUM it is US$10,000

For a three-digit PERNUM it is US$100,000

For a two-digit PERNUM it is US$1,000,000

Now you might say, “Wow, who would pay that huge amount of money just to have a two-digit PERNUM?” Well I can tell you that people all over the world pay millions of dollars, and in some cases even more than $10,000,000 for special telephone numbers just in their telephone network. Or they pay huge amounts for special license plates for their cars, and it is the same here. Of course a short PERNUM will be some kind of a status symbol, so there will be private people and especially businesses willing and able to pay 10,000, 100,000, or even one million dollars to have a two-digit PERNUM.

Imagine if you picked 42 as your two-digit PERNUM, so your e-mail address would simply be 42; your telephone number no matter from where someone is calling you, your telephone number is 42; your address is 42; and your account number is 42.

The bad news is that one-digit PERNUMs are not for sale.




So when you pick your favorite PERNUM, you can pick digits, for example 5432112345. That is 10 digits and that will cost you US$1.00. That is your PERNUM for your lifetime, and there is no additional charges for your PERNUM. There is no monthly or yearly membership fee either; it is a one-time fee for your favorite PERNUM.




What you can do as well is that you can pick letters. When you have a mobile phone and you check the dial pad, you can see that every letter is connected to a certain number, and that means that you can create words with numbers; it could be a business name, it can be your personal name, or generally any other word.

Here for example for the name Michael, the numbers are 6 for the M, 4 for the letter I, 2 is for the letter C, and so on. So 6424235 would be the PERNUM for you to tell the people that your PERNUM is Michael, and when they dial 6424235, you will receive the call. If they would type Michael into the PERNUM browser, they will see your website. When they send an e-mail to Michael, you will receive the e-mail, if the sender of course is accredited by you.

So now, let's have a look at how the website looks like (www.pernum.com):




You will see that of course the website is in our unique design, which assures that it looks good on computers, laptops, tablets, and on smart phones as well. And you can see here that there is a box JOIN OUR AFFILIATE PLAN, and it says:

Invite others to join PERNUM for free and receive lifetime commissions on every order. It is free to join our powerful affiliate program and you will receive a lifetime 20% commission on every order of members who have been invited by you. On top of that, you will receive bonuses from their affiliate activities.

Those of you who are already members of the Unicorn Network, know that for every affiliate's activity in your five generations, you will receive a so called Family Bonus. So that means if you know a business and this business is signing up for PERNUM now for free, and let's say in a month, or two, or three, they decide to buy a shorter personal custom PERNUM for let’s say US$10,000, which is a four-digit PERNUM, you will receive a 20% commission, which is US$2000.

If you invite a business or a person to join PERNUM for free, and one day they decide to order a two-digit PERNUM, you will receive 20% which is US$200,000. If this happens in one of your five generations PERNUM family, you will receive a 2% Family Bonus, which still would be US$20,000 on a two-digit PERNUM.

But there will be more money to be earned with the PERNUM affiliate plan. I mentioned before that we will have a branded PERNUM debit card. This PERNUM debit card of course will not be an average debit card; the PERNUM debit card will be loaded with additional special offers and discounts. Whenever a member invited by you will decide to order the PERNUM debit card, you will receive 20% of the price paid.

So by inviting free members to join PERNUM, you are creating a lifetime passive, absolutely passive income, because there is nothing for you to do besides inviting the free members and there is nothing that you would need to sell.



So that is it for today; hopefully you like what I have shared with you about PERNUM. As I told you, in about 24 hours from now, we will have the written webinar recap, and together with the written webinar recap we will launch the website.

You will find in the webinar recap screenshots as well, so that you know how to login as an existing member, and as a new member how to sign up; as well as of course how to secure your personal favorite PERNUM.

Thank you for listening, have a great day or great night depending on where you are. WAZZUUUUUUBBB, remember to bobl, and be proud to be a unicorn. Thank you, bye-bye.


With your success in mind,

Dan Settgast and          

your WAZZUB Support Team



Additional Information from WAZZUB Support:


As an existing member, to Login at PERNUM (www.pernum.com):



Click the SIGN IN icon; enter your Username and password to login.



As a NEW Member, to sign up for PERNUM (www.pernum.com):




Click the FREE SIGNUP button and then click to SIGN UP FOR PERNUM...




Then enter your details and fill out the form to become a member of PERNUM and Unicorn Network.



After Login at PERNUM:

Once you login at PERNUM, you will see your system generated FREE PERNUM. If you like this number, then there is nothing more to do, the free PERNUM is yours forever.

If you would like to customize your PERNUM, follow the instructions below.







Enter your favorite PERNUM in numerical digits and click to CHECK AVAILABILITY.

If you are looking to create your favorite PERNUM in letters, check this image below to see the corresponding numerals for each letter you would like to include.



So for example, to create the custom PERNUM "Michael" you would enter "6424235".




Congratulations, your favorite PERNUM is available. To secure your favorite PERNUM, click to ORDER NOW.




Choose how you would like to pay for your favorite PERNUM.




All payment methods will be available after Monday, May 23, 2016 (USA PDT).




After Monday, May 23, 2016 when you finalize your payment, you click MAKE YOUR PAYMENT. If you no longer want the custom PERNUM you created, click to CANCEL ORDER.

You must complete your payment within 7 days from your order to secure your favorite PERNUM forever.




For your reference, here is the PERNUM Pricelist.

(Note for all UFMs, the 50% discount is no longer available.)

If you have any questions or challenges, contact our Support Team for assistance.


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Unicorn General Webinar Recap May 16, 2016

Unicorn General Webinar Recap

May 16, 2016

Presented by: Dan Settgast


From Dan:

Welcome Dear Unicorn Family Members, and Welcome Dear Guests who are not yet a member of our wonderful global family of Internet users.

My name is Dan Settgast and I am one of the Founders of Unicorn Network. Today I will share with you some secrets about Unicorn and I will explain why we are one of the fastest growing communities on the Internet.

The story of the Unicorn began in 2006, when my Co-Founders, Nicole, Roland, and I created the vision of a global network of safe websites, free to use, and respecting the privacy of every user. We dreamt about an international community of like-minded people activating The Power of "We" and creating something that has never been done before as a global group of humans from all countries, races, and religions. We believe that it is one of the deepest desires of every individual to live in a peaceful and respectful world. We want to contribute whatever we can do to make that happen. That is why we have chosen the words, "Magically Changing the World" to describe the Unicorn Network.


The Unicorn Network it is built on eight core values: Respect, Security, Privacy, Quality, Benefits, Influence, Family, and Charity. For us, these core values are not just a marketing strategy; it is how we treat others and how we want to be treated. We are happy that when we shared our vision with the public in 2011, we found more than 4000 like-minded people from 150 different countries. We call them our Unicorn Founding Members and together with them we created what you can see today as what we call the Unicorn Network. Even if it is almost 10 years since we started this project, and almost five years since we invited our Founding Members to join us, today is just the beginning! All Internet users are invited to join our family and to become a part of The World's Biggest Project.

So what exactly makes us different? I will try to explain it to you by giving you some examples. 

Most business models on the Internet are built on collecting data, on building secret profiles of the users, and on using this collected data to display ads, to sell products and services, and in the worst case to sell the users’ data to third parties. Most Internet users do not know how much data has been collected about them and they have totally lost control over who has access to their data. 

A student from Austria forced Facebook to send him all the data which they have collected about him for years of moderate usage.  They sent him a PDF file containing more than 1000 pages of data, including information he thought had been deleted. Google is collecting data about you, even if you have no account with them and most websites share data about you with third parties without your knowledge whenever you open one of their pages.  Here is an example: when you open cnn.com, which is one of America's most popular news websites, your personal data, which might be your IP address, your browser data, info about your computer device, and more, this data is automatically shared with about 20 other companies. I personally use a browser named CLIQZ which displays how often a website tries to send data to third parties and who these third parties are; in my test earlier today, the CNN website tried to share my data more than 400 times in less than 5 minutes. And they don't stop trying as long as I keep their website open. At the Unicorn Network, we do not share any personal data with any third party, PERIOD.

But privacy and security is much more than this. We are on track to become the first global network of websites which is 100% protected by the highest level of encryption, and on top of that we are in the process of installing a login process which is safer than most other websites, including what banks and payment services like PayPal have to offer. First we are removing the email address as a part of your login process. Why? Think about this: Your login credentials consist of email and password (50% email, 50% password), but your email address is normally shared so if you think about it, does it make sense that a lot of people already know 50% of your login credentials at sensitive and private websites? Additionally your email might change, or you lose control of your email accounts due to hackers or something like that; just by having access to your email account, a hacker can send password reminders from other pages to your email. So from our point of view, your email address should be shared the less the better, and that is why in the Unicorn Network you will need three things to login:

1.  Your username

2.  Your password

3.  Your one-time pin

For those of you who think that a username and password combination is safe, you might not have heard of a so-called keylogger malware. Keylogging or keyboard capturing is the action of recording the keys struck on a keyboard, typically covertly, so that the person using the keyboard is unaware that their actions are being monitored. The malware will read, record, and report your passwords and other confidential data to the hacker. Experts estimate that millions of devices globally are infected with keylogger malware without the knowledge of the owner. That is why we are adding a new level of security to the Unicorn Network.  As a member, you will be forced to set up a six-digit master pin; whenever you are logging in, or if you want to change personal data, place an order, or cash out money, you will need to enter a three digit one-time pin, randomly created from your master pin. No keylogger malware will be able to hack this system. Of course, the master pin is encrypted within our database so nobody is able to read it.

One of our newest projects is dedicated to maximum privacy and maximum security as well. At PERNUM, we will replace most of your contact data with one personal 10-digit number, which is your lifetime personal number, which is the name of the project, PERNUM (PERsonal NUMber). Step by step your PERNUM will become your email address, your telephone number, your bank account number, your website URL, your shipping address, and much, much more. Thus you only have to store your private data one time on our highly secure PERNUM server instead of sharing your data over and over again on the Internet. Only those accredited by you will be able to send you emails or to call you.  With PERNUM you can say goodbye to spam emails and to unwanted marketing calls. But PERNUM is much more than that.  For example, your PERNUM will be your ticket number for lotteries and sweepstakes, with your chance to instantly win up to US$100,000 and many other prizes. All of this still without sharing any of your data with any third party outside of the Unicorn Network.

An important part of PERNUM will be the feature to complete online and mobile payments. With PERNUM, you will never again need to share any credit card or bank account details with others.  Online shops, restaurants, supermarkets, or gas stations, with PERNUM you will be able to pay without any of your personal data shared and thanks to our built in loyalty program, you will receive exclusive discounts and bonuses. PERNUM is free to join and that is why everybody will secure their free personal number. 

Wouldn't it be great for PERNUM to be a business opportunity for our members as well? Guess what – PERNUM is a business opportunity for all of you!

I told you that a randomly picked free PERNUM will have 10-digits. Well your PERNUM will be some kind of your digital name for the rest of your life, so many people will prefer to have a customized PERNUM or even a shorter than 10-digit PERNUM.  Our price range for custom PERNUM is from one US$ up to one million US$, which would be for a two-digit PERNUM, which by the way is a great offer for businesses. Of course you don't have to spend US$1,000,000 for a nice PERNUM, for example a seven-digit handpicked PERNUM is just US$10.00.

So when you invite someone, and that person picks a custom PERNUM, you will receive a 20% commission on the price paid. Additionally you will receive a so called Family Bonus each time a member within your Unicorn 5-generation deep family, receives a commission. Oops, now I've just shared with you our global and marketing compensation plan for all our business opportunities. You might have joined in the past an MLM or network marketing or RevShare program, and do you remember their compensation plans? That is where they tell you on 10, 20, sometimes more than 30 pages about requirements, commissions, bonuses, levels, and whatever. Well Unicorn is magically changing this world too.  We Share Success (WSS) is the name of our Affiliate Network, and of course, it is free to join.

As a free Basic Member, you will collect free DEALPoints simply by surfing Unicorn Network websites, watching videos, inviting friends, playing games, listening to music and much more. Then redeem your DEALPoints for free gifts at the Free Shopping Club or win up to US$100,000 for a single DEALPoint in one of our sweepstakes.

As a free Affiliate Member at We Share Success, you will receive cash commissions for recommending websites, businesses, products, and services, for example PERNUM. And no matter if you are an absolute beginner or a top professional, all members receive the same commissions and all members receive the same bonuses. Of course, if you invite more people to join for free, there is a higher chance for more orders, more commissions, more bonuses, it is totally up to you.

We shared our business model with some marketing experts and they told us that our system won't work. Nevertheless, we gave it a try with tremendous success. Six weeks ago, we launched Cashback Marketing (CBM), a website where businesses from all over the world can buy marketing budget for advertising on our websites.


So in less than 7 weeks, we have paid more than US$130,000 in commissions and bonuses and on top of that, our customers received a whopping US$150,000 in cashback! Our top members earned more than US$7,000 in commissions and our top 5 members from April have been invited to visit us in Las Vegas later this month.


The great news is that the same contest is running again until the end of July 2016. So if you would like to meet me and the other Founders in person, if you would like to visit our headquarters and if you would like to meet with other members, this is your chance.

There is one more project, which I would like to introduce today. Once more, magically changing the world is what we will do with our HAPPY HEALTH project. We are proud and honored to present one of the world's leading double boarded physicians, so he is a classic and a homeopathic doctor at the same time, a man who treated more than 200,000 patients since 1964. The only doctor practicing for more than 50 years and being specialized in anti-aging and in successful alternative cancer fighting therapies. His name is Dr. Forsythe and he has joined our team to create a new level of medical services and information on the Internet, as well as in local HAPPY HEALTH Centers.



Transcription of video from Dr. Forsythe:

Hi, this is Dr. James William Forsythe, Medical Director of our newly formed HAPPY HEALTH component to the Unicorn Network. We want to welcome all of you guests and tell you briefly about the exciting setup that we have developed, which includes the HAPPY HEALTH website, the Daily Health Tips, the HAPPY HEALTH Newsletter, a number of medically related books that I have written, and our supplement packages which are going to be tremendous and will be of the highest quality of constituents. So thank you all for coming.

I might give you a little bit of a brief background of my background in integrative oncology because that is what I practice here in Reno, Nevada and it is a combined specialty of certified medical oncology and homeopathy; so I'm double boarded here in Nevada. I am also a member of the University of Nevada Medical School Associate Professorship ranks. I am also, for your information, a retired full Colonel in the U.S. Army Medical Corps so I am an extensive military background as well. I did my schooling after graduating from high school in Los Angeles in 1956, I got a full ride scholarship to the University of Berkeley and from Berkeley after getting a 3.65 grade point average in biochemistry/physiology I was accepted across the bay to the University of California at San Francisco in medical school.  After four years of medical school and graduating in the top 20% of my class, I immediately joined the army as a Second Lieutenant, mainly for financial reasons, as I had it accumulated some debt and had a family to support, and was not a rich man at the time by any means. I was sent to the Presidio in San Francisco for my internship and from there to a lovely assignment to the island of Oahu, Hawaii were I did a pathology residency for two years, and then because the war in Vietnam was breaking out, I was transferred from there to North Carolina to the 82nd Airborne Unit at Fort Bragg, North Carolina to the Special Forces Group where I was a paratrooper and also a Pathology Director at the local hospital there. 1969-1970, as a director of four different laboratories in Vietnam, and had some close calls with my airplane being shot at and going down in a Chinook helicopter, but still surviving those very intense experiences, without injury I might add. When I got back to the United States in San Francisco, I was assigned to Letterman Army Hospital where I completed my regular army duty and then I joined up with the reserves, the National Guard, and I completed my 26 years in the military, finally in the nineties becoming a full bird Colonel. I was trained in San Francisco in internal medicine for several years and then in medical oncology, a new subspecialty of internal medicine, and became one of the first medical oncologist to achieve their boards in this specialty. After one year of practicing in San Francisco, I moved to Reno, Nevada and have been here for the last 42 years, being the original medical oncologist in Northern Nevada, (at that time, there were only two oncologist in Las Vegas).

I practiced conventional oncology through the early nineties and then an epiphany hit me when I saw that our patients, over a long period of time, even getting a cookbook style chemotherapy, exactly to the teaspoon so-to-speak, or Betty Crocker type chemotherapy protocols, were not doing that well compared to some of the alternative medicine patients I had seen who were the patients of naturopaths and homeopaths in the community who did not get the usual paradigm of surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, and yet were doing much better and looked better too.  So I thought to myself, I have to do something to bring more of natural medicine into my practice. For that I studied for and was granted a degree in homeopathy through the British Institute of Homeopathy. Since that time I've been an integrative oncologist, having run at least four expensive long-term studies with various natural supplements when added to low dose chemo. My current study of 1000 patients over a six-year period has shown a whopping 71% survival rate as compared to the conventional literature which boasts about a 2% survival rate, so I'm very happy with our data.

I became interested of course in the program set up by Dan, our fearless leader, who has gotten me very interested in being the Medical Director of HAPPY HEALTH.

Thank you very much for allowing me to expand on this and we are looking forward to answering any of your questions or comments and to meeting with all of you at various times individually, if possible. Thank you again and goodbye.


From Dan:

So this one of a kind doctor decided to exclusively work with the Unicorn Network to provide top notch medical services, information, and products to the world. Dr. Forsythe is the author of more than 20 books, of course with medical topics.  All these books, one by one will be updated and upgraded with additional content to an exclusive HAPPY HEALTH Edition. These books will be exclusively available through HAPPY HEALTH and through our members, which means that you will be able to offer these books and whenever a book is ordered, you will receive, guess what, 20% commission. Of course, we will have the 2% Family Bonus here as well. On top of that, we will have HAPPY HEALTH Formula products like nutritional supplements, and we are negotiating with the highest standard laboratories and manufacturers to find the right partners to develop and to produce based on the recommendations of Dr. Forsythe and his more than 50 years of experience, to create nutritional supplements at a totally new, never seen before level of quality. Again we will have the same rule here, whenever someone you invited to join the Unicorn Network will place an order, you will receive a 20% commission.  And whenever one of your five generations Unicorn Network Family Member will receive a commission, you will receive a bonus.

I've been talking to you now for more than 1 hour, and honestly we have just started to share with you the wonderful details and projects of the Unicorn Network. We have not talked about WAZZUB, our social community; we have not talked yet about BOBL, our social search engine where you can share all the exciting content that you have found on the Internet; we haven't talked about PI, The Perfect Internet Experience, and how you can customize your personal homepage; we haven't talked about Prize Mania; we have not talked about the SAFECRACKER CLUB where you can instantly win up US$100,000; we haven't talked about Lotto Madness, our jackpot directory where you can play international lotteries for free and win up to US$10,000,000; we haven't talked about the PerfectPages, our business directory; and we haven't talked about our Perfect Bonus Program. So now you know why the Unicorn Network is The World's Biggest Project. I could talk with you for another two, three, five hours and I would not need to repeat anything. There is always something new to explore within the Unicorn Network. And all of this is covered and protected by our eight core values. To make it easier for you to identify a website of our Unicorn Network, we have created the Seals You Can Trust for pages, for online shops, for advertising, and for applications, so that you can easily know when you are in the safe zone on the Internet. From now on we will offer webinars for specific projects and topics so that whenever you are interested in learning more about a certain project, that you can go and join the matching webinar.

I hope that you like what you have learned today about the Unicorn Network and I would be happy to meet you somewhere on our websites and our members’ area.

Thank you for listening WAZZUUUUUUBBBBB, don’t forget to bobl, and be proud to be a unicorn.

Have a great day or night, wherever you are. Thank you, bye-bye.


With your success in mind,

Dan Settgast and          

your WAZZUB Support Team

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Unicorn Network General Webinar Recap January 4, 2016

Unicorn General Webinar Recap

Presented by Dan Settgast and Peter Demas

January 4, 2016


From Dan:

Happy New Year and welcome to the first global business presentation of the Unicorn Network!

My name is Dan Settgast and I am one of the founders of the Unicorn Network. I am very proud to be here with you today. Today is the first business day of 2016 and for us today is the first day of the “Year of the Unicorn”; to be more exact, 2016 is “Year 1 of the Unicorn” because we are here to stay, and we are here to change the world.

The Unicorn Network is no average startup Internet project. What you will learn today has been in the making since 2006, based on a vision that my co-founders and I have had nearly 10 years ago.

But what is so special about our project that it needed so much time? And why do we need about 3 hours today to explain it to you?

According to experts and according to professional investors, a successful startup needs a fixed target group, a niche and a product plus a business model that can be explained in less than a minute.

Well, let me have a try:

If you have a watch at hand, please check if I am able to fulfill these requirements and describe our project within 60 seconds.

My minute starts….


Hello, my name is Dan Settgast. I am one of the founders of the Unicorn Network. It is our goal to create a perfect Internet experience for all Internet users by offering free, secure, and useful websites, applications, and services. On top of that, we want to help small and medium businesses (SMB) all over the world to attract more customers and at the same time to lower their marketing costs. Within the next 5 years, we strive to reach 10% market share in both areas, talking about 330 million active Internet users and 12 million SMB to be served. As the Internet users are the potential new customers for our business partners, we are focused on creating a unique network of free websites for them by setting new standards in security, privacy, and quality. At the same time we have created a wide variety of unique marketing instruments for our business partners. Thank you for listening!

Okay, hopefully I made it in 60-seconds, because that would be my 60-second-pitch for the Unicorn Network and I guess everything was in there.

Our two target groups are nothing less than all Internet users, which equals 3.3 billion people and all small and medium businesses globally, which is about 120 million businesses.

Our niche is connecting consumers and businesses.

Our main products are our unique marketing instruments, which we sell to our business partners.

Our business model is to create traffic on our websites and to monetize this traffic.

That’s it! But wait… is it really that easy to describe our project? Of course it is not!

Based on these 60 seconds nobody would be able to understand how unique our Unicorn Network is, nobody would know about our eight core values, about our 8-in-1 business model or about all about the exciting projects which are part of the Unicorn Network. For the first time ever a global company is combining the highest ethical core values with a strong multi-business strategy. Thus, the Unicorn is magically changing the world by creating a perfect Internet experience for both consumers and businesses, and by building bridges between the virtual world and the real world as well.


It all starts with The Unicorn’s eight core values:

Here is the link to the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=skY3uqC2ess


Now let us start with our first core value, which is respect.

#1 Respect



The Unicorn is a global network, open for all, no matter which gender, age, race, religion, or sexual orientation. Members from all around the world are welcome as long as they agree that every human being is unique and that every person has the right to be respected as they are. We have a zero tolerance policy for insults, hate speech, bullying, and other kinds of offenses. Of course, this is easier said than done and for big social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube it is a huge problem because their streams are full of insulting posts and comments. That is why we added our “toxic” button beside the like and dislike buttons. The “toxic” button is not a button to flag or report a post or comment for being inappropriate but to mark it as inappropriate in our system. Whenever a post receives a certain percentage of negative check marks, it won’t be displayed on the public pages.


#2 Privacy




At the Unicorn Network, we respect the privacy of our members. We don’t do any secret tracking or data mining and none of the members’ data is shared outside our network. We do not use cookies on our websites before signup/login; after signup of course we need these internet cookies to credit you for your activity, but we do not use cookies to track your activity and to create secret profiles of you; so literally, the Unicorn ate all the cookies. Of course we do not build any secret profiles for marketing reasons. And we do not collect any unnecessary data from our members, which is a huge topic concerning privacy. Let me give you an example. Many websites ask for your date of birth to identify if you are a minor or an adult. According to privacy experts it would be enough to ask just for the year of birth or even just to ask the general question “Are you 18 (21) or older?”

Asking for your exact date of birth allows the big data miners not just to calculate your age but to find out your preferred activities to celebrate your Birthday, to serve you with targeted advertising, and to sell your data to other companies who are interested in contacting you because you match their target group due to your age and/or your interests. At the Unicorn Network, it is voluntarily for members to add their DOB. Pages for adults only (for example our free lotteries) will ask you if you are of legal age in your jurisdiction to participate.

Here is another example: Facebook proudly announced in 2014 that they will give you more than 50 options to identify your gender. Sounds great and very open minded, but when you put in your gender in any data base, they will be able to create lists as they want and hackers would be able to do the same. Can you imagine what a long list of people who identify themselves not as simply male or female could cause in the wrong hands? Think of countries with repressing laws. At the Unicorn Network, we don’t ask our members for their gender. If you would like to share your gender, sexual orientation or religion for example with other members, you can do so in your personal description and statements, but nobody is forcing you to do so and it will never be stored in our data base or tracked in any way.

We voluntarily follow privacy standards, which are so strong that we are qualified to apply for an official Privacy Seal with German authorities, which would make us the first social network ever receiving this seal. And Germany has some of the strongest and strictest privacy policies and laws.


#3 Security




At the Unicorn, we establish the highest security standards possible, creating a “Safe Zone” on the Internet free of malware and viruses. All our websites will be secured by premium SSL certificates including extended validation and so called SHA-2 2048-bit encryption. We will be even covered by a US $ 1,000,000.00 warranty. Additionally, we developed the Double Password Technology (DPT) for extra safety, making it impossible for hackers to manipulate account settings. On top of that an external team of experts will operate daily malware scans with automatic malware removal for just in case, and ongoing vulnerability scans on all our websites.


#4 Quality




At the Unicorn, we strive for the highest quality to create the perfect Internet experience for our members. Therefore, we have established a new level of quality standards for websites, online shops, apps, and even for advertising. Our SEALS YOU CAN TRUST makes it easy to identify quality content.

[SYCT video]  




The red seal if for "Apps You Can Trust." Apps must be high quality as well as free of malware and money pits.





The Perfect Redirector is a good example here, protecting thousands of users with Chrome and Firefox browsers from visiting fraudulent websites.

Our second seal is for "Pages You Can Trust."




Websites need to fulfill certain requirements to receive the “Page You Can Trust” seal such as no fraudulent or misleading content, no secret tracking or data mining, and a strict privacy policy and fair terms. Additionally we display no pop-up or pop-under ads and we do not allow layer ads, as well as generally, ads are limited to a maximum of 20% of the whole content. Of course we display “Ads You Can Trust” only, which are handpicked and verified by our sales team.



Whenever you see an “Ad You Can Trust”, you can rest assured that on click you will be forwarded to an approved website with real products and real services.



On top of that, online shops need to have fair shipping and return policies to become a “Shop You Can Trust”.



#5 Benefits




At the Unicorn, we reward members for their activity. Therefore, our network is full of free benefits for our members. We offer free services like the Safest Web Search, where you can search Google and other search engines with privacy. None of your data is collected and you can open search results through a proxy server to avoid tracking. At perfectinter.net our members can set up their personalized start page for a perfect Internet experience.


[PI commercial]


We offer free downloads, for example at eeboox.com; our members can download one valuable eBook per week for free.


[EEBOOX commercial]


Our next benefit is that we offer free prize draws at Prize Mania, LotteFree, and the Jackpot Directory, where our members can win up to 10 million US $ without a catch.


[Jackpot Directory Teaser]


At the Jackpot Directory we are buying tickets for international lotteries. We always pick the biggest lotteries with the highest jackpots. Right now, as we speak, the total amount of jackpots is more than 640 million US$ and our members can win for free. You can see we have 4 draws coming up, 3 tomorrow and 1 the day after tomorrow and that is the US Powerball lottery where the jackpot is nearly 400 million US $ and people in the USA are going crazy buying tickets, and our members can win for free because WE PLAY, YOU WIN. When we hit a jackpot, the prize money is split into chunks of 10 million US $ each and we pick multiple winners from our participating members, no strings attached.

Additionally, we are rewarding our members for their daily activity on the Internet like searching and sharing with valuable DEALPoints. DEALPoints qualify them for free shopping at our exclusive FREE SHOPPING CLUB.


[FSC commercial]


And for those who want more, we have established our affiliate network named “We Share Success”





At “We Share Success”, we are rewarding our members with CASHPoints. CASHPoints can be converted into real cash and even more DEALPoints.


[WSS commercial]




#6 Influence




Your ideas are welcome at the Unicorn. Our members are invited to share their ideas on how to improve our websites and services because it is all about YOU, the users, and members. That is what we call “The Power of We”, allowing us to create and follow new trends and always to be up to date.


 #7 Family




At the Unicorn, we treat our members, business partners, and customers like family members. It is our vision to create a global family of partners that is built on respect.


#8 Charity




Right from the start we will establish our own global non-profit organization named UNICORN FOUNDATION to support charitable projects all over the world. A minimum of 10% of all profits will be donated and our members are involved in the process of selecting the projects supported.

But there is so much more that we can do. Together with our 2015 winner of the Most Famous Awards Maya Pop, we will launch the “Do Some Good Club”, where our members can share how they helped other people.

Additionally, we will have a special section for all the heroes who risk their lives for us to spread the word about them. I would like once more to say thank you to Rex Revol who created a beautiful Christmas version of our theme song “Praise all the Brave” and I am proud to present to you today the world premiere of the main version of this beautiful song:

Katy Edwards, our 2014 Most Famous Female Singer, together with her band Cherokee Blonde, created a heart-touching version of “Praise all the Brave”. Here it is:


[“Praise all the Brave” video]


Now that you have learned about our eight core values, let us talk about business:

Do you remember what our main business model is?

Correct, our main business model is to create traffic on our websites and to monetize this traffic. So how does this work exactly?

Generally our network consists of three different kinds of websites:

-          Pages to attract new members

-          Pages to keep the members within our network

-          Pages to monetize our traffic

The more members we have, the more traffic we generate and the more we will be able to monetize our traffic. I have prepared some graphics for you to explain how this circle of traffic generation looks like:





In the first step, new members join for free, and we are happy that we already have over 4,000 founding members and more than 50,000 affiliate members at WSS, and that we have already more than 800,000 members who have signed up for free.

So these new members who have joined for free, they find free prize draws, free lotteries, free downloads, and free services, and what happens is that they win and collect free DEALPoints.

Of course, they will check the FREE SHOPPING CLUB for rewards to see what do they get for their free DEALPoints, and as they see high quality rewards and of course, most of them are at a range where they need to collect more DEALPoints to receive them for free, they want to collect more DEALPoints.

What is the easiest way to collect more DEALPoints? It is by inviting other new members. And these other new members, guess what? They will join for free and they will find the same free prize draws, lotteries, services, they will collect their first free DEALPoints, and they will check FREE SHOPPING CLUB for rewards.

Yes it is still the easiest way to collect DEALPoints by inviting new members, however there are other ways to collect free DEALPoints and so they will visit our other Unicorn websites.

On these other Unicorn Websites, they will consume advertising and they will buy products and services if they find something they like, because that is what Internet users normally do when they are on the internet. So why should it be different when they are in the Unicorn Network with our high quality standards and special offers.

This sounds easy to do if there would not be so many competitors for traffic. Check out these numbers according to the website internetlivestats.com:




We have right now nearly 3.3 billion internet users in the world. And we have nearly 1 billion websites registered, and about 1/3 of them are active and seeking traffic. Another interesting stat is the number of emails sent today which is 143 billion. This would mean that each internet user on average has received around 40-45 emails. Unfortunately far more than 90% of those emails are spam.

Another number you can see if the number of Twitter, Facebook, and Google active users.

Within the next 5 years, it is our goal to attract 10% of all Internet users, about 330 million people, which is approximately the number of Twitter users as of today, or about 20% of Facebook’s number. But instead of having just one project or website, we have many of them, and our Unicorn Network is built to be flexible. Whenever a new trend is on the Internet, we are able to add it, if it meets our quality standards.

Of course, we are more focused in creating our own trends and to set new standards, and I know that our business strategy is setting new standards.

The Unicorn Network is proud to have a unique 8-in-1 business strategy by connecting several industries in our global network:

-          Marketing

-          Advertising

-          E-commerce

-          Commissions

-          Memberships

-          Licensing

-          Streaming

-          Entertainment




#1 Marketing

Our global business directory PERFECTPAGES is the heart not just of our marketing services but also of our whole business strategy. We have created a wide variety of exclusive marketing instruments for up to 20x more marketing power on the same budget for all B2C (business to consumer) companies. As of today, our sales team is already active on all continents and thanks to our strategic partnerships we have already listed more than 200,000 businesses. It is our goal to build within the next 5 years a global sales force of 40,000 experts, each of them serving 300 businesses in their region. This would still be a market share of less than 10%.


#2 Advertising

Instead of displaying ads from one of the established global advertising networks, which are all built on data mining and tracking, we have created our very own advertising network that is assuring high quality content for our users as well as a high quality audience for our advertisers. Remember our "Ads You Can Trust" Seal. Thus, we are able to ask for higher rates per ad impression and still deliver more clicks and new customers than our competitors. Whenever you click on an ad without the "Ads You Can Trust" Seal, there is a risk you will be forwarded to a fraudulent, phishing, or malware website. This is impossible in our advertising network. Of course, this means a lot of extra work and more time to be prepared. Believe me the long wait is worth it.


#3 E-Commerce

E-Commerce is generating huge profit streams. With our patent-pending sales algorithm, we are able to take B2C e-commerce to a new level. Imagine deeper prices for consumers and higher profits for sellers at the same time. Impossible? With our secret formula we make it happen! Imagine up to 99% discount on literally everything and at the same time up to 58% more profit per item for the sellers compared to other established sales channels.


#4 Commissions

Our online market places are made for all the dealers who are now selling through eBay, Amazon and other online channels. With cheaper fees and all the advantages of our patent-pending formula, we are creating a powerful alternative to any established sales channel. Of course, from any sale that happens on our platforms, we will receive a commission from the seller like eBay, Amazon and other platforms. Additionally, we have signed strategic partnerships with global leaders like Booking.com, Accuweather, and Indeed.com, where we are able to add content from our partners to our network and to receive commissions for every sale, view, or booking.


#5 Memberships

Our services and websites are always free for private users. For small and medium businesses, we have created a variety of paid memberships from Basic to Platinum for up to a 50% discount on our marketing instruments and services. On top of that, all paid business members are allowed to participate in our global-local PERFECT BONUS loyalty system for an extra portion of exposure and new customers.


#6 Licensing

At the PERFECTPAGES, we are building our global sales force through a network of Country Managers. The Country Managers are in charge of the national sales agents for the PERFECTPAGES in their country. As each country has different laws and regulations, each Country Manager is running their own business and paying license fees for using our brands and software.


#7 Streaming

Internet connections are getting faster all around the world, opening the gates for streaming of audio and video content. Most musicians and video artists have problems to attract significant audiences, while the established music and video portals earn billions by displaying third-party content with no or only a small revenue share. The Unicorn Team has developed a fair and global business model for artists helping them to monetize their creations.


#8 Entertainment

Together with experts from the entertainment industry the Unicorn will bring entertainment from the studios and stages into the living rooms of every member. With our headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada, we know how difficult it is for the theaters to fill their seats every night. We developed new strategies for both worlds, online and offline, bringing new audiences and more profits together.

Talking about experts from the entertainment industry I am very proud and happy to introduce our new Partner who will be in charge for our projects at “Global Entertainment Partners”. His name is Peter Demas and he is here on the webinar with us today. Peter, please introduce yourself!


Unfortunately, we have not been able to establish an audio connection to hear Peter with the GVO platform. I am sorry, we tested it before the webinar and it is definitely not something on Peter's end. It is just unfortunately out of our control today.

Here is what we will do, first there will be a webinar recap, and I asked Peter to write down his introduction and you can read it below.

On top of that, for all Unicorn Founding Members, we have an exclusive webinar for all UFMs starting tomorrow, January 5, 2016 at 12 noon USA PST. And I just talked with Peter for a moment on Skype and he has agreed to be on the webinar tomorrow and that gives us time to check and re-check everything so that he can finally speak to you.

Thank you Peter, I know you tried all you can; we are very proud and happy to have you on board.


From Peter:

Hello, I’m Peter Demas and I’m very excited to bring my experience to Unicorn and the Perfect Internet. My professional experience spans cable, broadcast, and premium subscription TV. I also have a great deal of sponsorship experience and have worked extensively with a top Media Agency to integrate international products into network programs. Along the way I produced the first inter-active programming for MTV online, I worked with a Venture Capital backed company to launch an interactive music channel with transactional features built into the TV set-top box; and helped revitalize The People’s Choice Awards (and the website) to attract and handle 11 million voters in a 30-day window.

In cable TV: I worked with the people responsible for launching CNN and I produced successful TV series about High Fashion, Hollywood Entertainment and profiles on Fortune 100 CEOs. I was brought into MTV as a founding member of MTV News and Docs. I produced/directed hundreds of hours of television including news and documentaries; I worked closely with the creators of Reality TV on The Real World, and many live telecasts like the Video Music Awards. Later, I launched MTV Home Video on a global scale and established programming to parts of the world where MTV was not yet being distributed.

Working on the Interactive Music Network, I presented network strategies to Venture Capitalists and would help secure the very first contracts with major music labels for 0.99-cent downloadable music tracks. We also developed iCloud for the music that was purchased over the TV set – this was all before Apple.

At the Media Agency I handled the accounts for P&G, Masterfoods, Kraft and other major consumer products company. I had major multi-million dollar integrations for products in programs like The Apprentice and The Biggest Loser and brought the M&M characters to TV where they interacted with the hosts of Entertainment Tonight 25 times.

In Premium TV, I handled major theatrical releases in the pay TV window for Disney, Sony and others; I spearheaded network promotional strategies for Starz Original Series and bringing high level media analytics to target key demographics and drove the success of such series as Spartacus, Black Sails, DaVinci’s Demons, Outlander and many others.

In essence, I have worked within every business model connected to movies, television, and the internet.

I’m here with you now because I believe in what The Unicorn Network stands for: Secure Privacy and Integrity towards its member/users on the internet. Dan is an exceptional marketer and strategist and together we plan on activating our members through the amazing content we are planning to create. This content will be a combination of programs we produce and content we help guide our members to create with us. We’re both excited to share those plans with you in the very near future which include our Veedeo TV project as well as our online talent contest and our Most Famous Awards Show.


From Dan:

You can see that there are exciting times ahead with the Unicorn. Thank you for listening, have a great 2016 and stay tuned for our next webinars. For our UFMs we will meet tomorrow for our exclusive UFM Webinar. WAZZUB, get ready to bobl, bobl, bobl, and be proud to be a unicorn. Thank you for listening and talk to you soon. Bye-bye.



With your success in mind,

Dan Settgast, Peter Demas, and

your WAZZUB Support Team


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Unicorn Network General Webinar Recap December 10, 2015

Unicorn Network General Webinar Recap

December 10, 2015

Presented by Gee DaCosta



How is everyone doing today? Let's go ahead and get started because time is of the essence. So we're going to talk about some serious business here and at the same time we're going to have some fun.


I want to start by saying “Welcome everyone to where you belong in this crazy Amazon of the Internet; as you know it is a jungle out there, however we have all found a home here in the Unicorn Network.” So it is home for you and me and soon to be for every Internet user around the globe, and as well for their loved ones who do so desire to be in this safe place, whether it is working, playing, having fun, and/or all of the above, plus conduct some business.


So I am very excited about our developments! As you know we have been here for almost nine years now, and every day is a battle, as it is in life in every aspect. You cannot win a battle if you don't fight it, right?! So for almost nine years we have been battling to get where we are today. This battle is going to continue within our network to make it a perfect place for the world of the Internet to battle in.


Our battle is positive; if you have been on the internet for some time, you all know that so many companies come and go, and most of them are gone; we are the opposite of them, we are here to stay. Why? Because we do everything carefully as a team, step by step by step; because success is not a destination, it is a journey. The most beautiful thing about our Unicorn Network, is that it is not I, or ME, or YOU, it is US; we are member driven; that is one of the strongest points about our network because we're not alone. I am not alone, you are not alone, we are not alone, and we are here together and having fun along our way there.


Today I'm going to share with you some things that have been in development. And before I forget I want to share with you: Every day be proud to be a unicorn, be proud to be part of this amazing family that you and me together—WE are creating together.


Now let's get to the other important part, I have a few topics that I want to share with you about improvements, with the first one being about the badges. We have the Searching badge activated at Unicorn and the first members have already received the badge. It is simple, fun, and easy to get your badge too! All you simply have to do is to do 30 searches using our Perfect Search within one month and you will receive the badge; and of course you will qualify for all the bonus DEALPoints related to your five generation unicorn family searches. So remember that you are not alone, you have all of that plus you have five generations, so it is important that in order to move up faster, you need to stay in touch with your five generations on a regular basis. You can only stay in touch with your first generation, but if you do not stay in touch with them, and some folks in your 4 generations below are not participating in the webinars and reading the recaps, they may be lost. So it is important that you stay in touch with all of your generations through your first generation. And you know that you qualify for DEALPoints from all 5 generations, when they do searches. Power of WE right? Yes it is!


By the way each search allows you to also collect a star towards increasing your unicorn membership level. This is not work, this is fun, right!? You can do searches at http://PerfectSear.ch or you can also do your searches directly from our new header bar, which will be implemented step by step on all our pages that are already live within the Unicorn Network. The header bar is live on the Unicorn Network, Jackpot Directory, and Free Shopping Club. So it is getting more exciting!


Now this brings us to topic number two, which is our Free Shopping Club. http://freeshopping.club/ Hey guys, the Free Shopping Club is live and ready to take your free shopping orders! If it is free it is great right! I know that on most sites out there when you want to order free stuff, you have to go through a loop; and I know that it is frustrating and takes time if you even get there at all. But not with the Free Shopping Club. At the Free Shopping Club you will find brand-name products. I know that on other sites, maybe you can find some of the same products but you have to go through loops and it takes time if you can make it at all, while we make it easy and fun!  


Everyone loves free stuff, I believe that the top search word on the Internet is "free", correct me if I'm wrong. We offer brand-name products for free, and there's no catch, we are really offering them to you for free. Our Free Shopping Club is live and running as we speak; when we're done, go take a peek, have some fun, and invite your friends and family.


Be excited when you share this with your friends and family, because if you're not excited about what you're sharing, you will not transmit the message properly.


Now topic number 3. I am proud to present to you, a world premiere of our newest music video, that in my opinion is going to rock the world this Christmas time and beyond. I am proud to share this video and to be honest with you it has even made me shed some tears; that is how good this song is. I want you to have the same experience, pay attention to it, the gentleman singing this song is someone that you already know, and he is one of us.



You can also find it here:


(Feel free to share this link to increase traffic for our network.)


How do you like it? Awesome, right! So this video, I believe will go viral, and everyone will appreciate the message. This song is talking to everyone because one thing is for sure, everyone loves and appreciates having a cozy home to keep their family safe inside. So praise all the brave around the world! And the rest of the story you already know.


And I don't think anyone could've done a better job than our own Rex Revol! It was beautiful! So thank you Rex!


We will have our next UFM webinar this coming Saturday, December 12, 2015 at 11:00 AM US PST.


Thank you all for listening and that is it for today. Be proud to be a part of the Unicorn Network. See you on our next webinar. Have a great day, or night depending on where you are.


Wazzzzuuuuuuuuuuuubbbbbb! Bye-bye!


With your success in mind,

Gee DaCosta and

your WAZZUB Support Team

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Unicorn General Webinar Recap November 30, 2015

Unicorn General Webinar Recap

Presented By: Gee DaCosta

November 30, 2015




From Gee

Long time no see! It has seems like it has been awhile since we have interacted but as we know, here we are once again. I hope that everyone who celebrated Thanksgiving have a wonderful time with your family and loved ones. For those of you who do not celebrate Thanksgiving, I still hope that you all have a wonderful time with your loved ones. It is a pleasure for me, once again to be here with you.

You know that Dan is one of the main founders of this entire organization and together, we will make the world a better place for all of us. If you cannot be at the webinar, at least read the recap so that you know how close we are getting to make all these great things happen. You know that Dan has shared all the information and great stuff that is happening in our enterprise recently. So in this webinar today I am going to bring you some more good news, updates, and that is why I'm here today. We will go ahead and get started, as I'm sure you have been anxiously waiting for the news.

I want to bring to your attention that within the next 24 to 25 hours, you will see some updates on our pages; it might be a few hours longer for some of you because as you know, in certain parts of the world it takes a little bit longer for the pages to propagate. Therefore, if you do not see some of the pages back that up within this timeframe, don't fret; patience is a virtue and as you know in our Unicorn Network, we know how to be patient.

Tomorrow you will see Lotto Madness, all new and beautiful with the five biggest jackpots; that will be live tomorrow. Between those five jackpots there is over USD$ 200,000,000 up for grabs. You know that we consistently play every week in every drawing; one day we will hit one of those jackpots. Tomorrow we will have Prize Mania, as well as BOBL also coming back online. So tomorrow will be a great day to explore our creations.

Of course you know when I say "ours", it means you, yours – we are building it together. Therefore, of course we need everyone to go and support our pages, our works of art that we have all created together. So tomorrow will be an exciting day.


 Customize Your Unicorn



Also tomorrow will be the day that you can start to collect more stars to upgrade your unicorn. If you have already activated your unicorn, which I am pretty sure you all have, if not do it as quick as possible. Now if you have already activated your Unicorn Network account, you already gained 500 stars. If you have not activated your Unicorn account yet, as soon as you activate it, you will gain your first 500 stars. This makes all of us Newbie Unicorns and now, all you need is to collect 4500 more stars for you to become a Baby Unicorn. So finally, tomorrow, the time will be here for all of us to collect more stars and have some more fun on our amazing pages in this creation that we are all a part of. 

Guys, today the good news for you is what I've just shared here today. Tomorrow it is a big day as we release some of our pages, so the last thing I will talk to you about is that tomorrow, remember to get back into high gear and bobl, bobl, bobl, bobl! Together we will be climbing all the way to the top with all of our innovations. There will be more news on our next webinar, and the date will be announced soon. Keep an eye on the PI News because our blog is still under construction.

[UFM Reminder: Dec 1, 2015 at 11am USA PST is a webinar for Founding Members - Recap to be posted 24 hours afterwards.]

So today's meeting was short and sweet to whet your appetite and I will see you all tomorrow bobling, bobling, bobling! Thank you all for being here and we will see you on our next webinar with some more great news.

Bye everybody; have a nice rest of your day, evening, or morning depending on where you are, all the best and be safe wherever you are. See you tomorrow. Rod, Rose, Cate it is nice to work with you all, everyone else as well, take care, and WAAAZZZZZZZUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUBB!


With your success in mind,

Gee DaCosta and

your WAZZUB Support Team

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Unicorn Network General Webinar Recap November 23, 2015

Unicorn Network General Webinar Recap
November 23, 2015
Presented by Dan Settgast



Dear Unicorns!

First, I have to say thank you for all the great, amazing, and positive feedback that we have received so far. You know as I explained it to you in the webinars before, it is crucial that we do everything step by step. It is not that we are just creating one single project; this is huge! We have a running network of websites, which is our PI Galaxy, and now we are getting everything in sync. This is not just about re-launching, but about implementing everything in a way that works, not just properly but perfect. And that needs time. We need to check and test, and if there are glitches, we have to fix them. If it were up to me, I would flip a switch and everything would be online; however that is not the way it works.

Do not compare us with the others; they might have one website, or tons of millions of budget, or whatever. We are different; we are a family; we do things together. We respect your feedback, we learn from you, we try to implement whatever we can from your great ideas, and that costs time.

With that said, I am happy to share some new stuff with you and we will do it exactly the same way like with the last webinars. We will talk about it today, then tomorrow the recap will be released and tomorrow you will see the changes live.

Before I start sharing the new stuff with you, I need to clarify something that people wrote to us “Hey on the last webinar you talked about DEALPoints, Bonus DEALPoints, 5-generations, badges, and qualifying for badges to get Bonus DEALPoints; but what about CASHPoints?!

Of course, for CASHPoints it is exactly the same. You are in charge of your own activity for your own CASHPoints if you are an Affiliate member. You know general members are not allowed to collect CASHPoints. That is why I talked about DEALPoints on the general webinar and not about CASHPoints.

On the other side, I know that most of you are Affiliate members, or even Founding members which includes the Affiliate Membership, so rest assured that we will have Bonus CASHPoints as well and it is the same simple rule to qualify for Bonus CASHPoints from your 5-generations and that is by activating the badges.

For those very, very few who posted some negative thoughts about the Bonus DEALPoints, Badges, that you need to be active to get the badges, and stuff like that, please have the following once and forever in your mind:

DEALPoints, as well as CASHPoints, as well as whatever we give to people including FREE SHOPPING, LotteFree, Lotto Madness, the free eBook downloads and all this stuff—it is gifts from us the Company to YOU the members. You don't have any RIGHT to receive any of these gifts and it is not about you to set up rules when and under which circumstances WE GIVE a GIFT to you.

You know that from the beginning, since 2011, we told you that instead of spending tons of money on marketing like other companies do by placing ads here and there, we share our success with our members by giving them Free Gifts and that is what it is, so take it like that.

So these questions we received like “But what if I am not able to qualify for a badge because I work or I have no internet access…” Honestly, if you are somewhere in your city and there is an ice cream parlor giving away free ice cream tomorrow from noon to 1 pm and you have to work during that time, definitely you will miss the free ice cream, and it is the same here. If you are not able to qualify for a free gift for whatever reason, you will miss it, and that is all. Moreover, before you complain how hard these rules are, send a letter to Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Yahoo; ask them, "Hey I am using your services, what is your free gift for me?" So please stop telling us that we are not fair because we stick some rules on our free gifts to you.

So now, let’s talk about some new stuff. The first thing I am proud to present is our new header bar that will be standard on all our pages. Whichever page you will be on in our network in the future, you will see the same header bar. This header bar gives you easy navigation.

Header Bar


The header bar will be launched at UNICORN first, but some functions are not yet available.


So no matter if you are on a website from your desktop computer, laptop, or you visit one of our websites on a mobile device, this is our standard header bar. PI (Perfect Internet) is our start page. PI is your personal start page and you will be able to set up your personal start page in a more flexible manner after re-launch than it is right now. The bad news is that we will need to take PI offline for a few days to make the changes. But wherever you are within our Galaxy of websites (and of course we can still talk about our PI Galaxy of Websites), whenever you click on the PI Home Logo, you will find yourself on your own personal start page.

And now you might ask, “OK and when I am at PI, what will happen if I click on that symbol?” On the PI page, there will be a Home Icon Button with a purple “U” for Unicorn Network. So from PI you will be able to hop directly to the Unicorn Network page through this logo; from all other websites it takes you to PI.

The second Home icon is always the icon you would click if you wanted to go to the homepage of the current website you are visiting. For example if you are in Lotto Madness on the winners’ list page, click the home icon and you are on the Lotto Madness homepage.

The third icon is the Search icon. When you click on it, you will see a box for Perfect Search. So in the future, no matter which page you are on, you can do a Perfect Search straight from that website. As you also know, there is a searching badge and you will receive DEALPoints for searching, so this is what we do to make it easier for you to do your perfect searches.

The next symbol, those 3 bars, is the menu icon. When you click the menu icon, you will find a menu with buttons. A part of the menu will be to navigate the page you are currently on, and some buttons on the menu will be for additional functions, like to play your favorite radio station-Most Famous Radio, or to launch BOBL Chat, or check the Perfect Weather info, or for example to change the language. This will all be behind the menu button.

The next button is our standard Sign In button. The Sign In button always needs a lot of space and in several languages even the larger button is not enough, so we have a symbol for this button now. This is the button for "Sign In" with the arrow pointing inwards and we have another button with the arrow pointing outwards, that is our standard "Sign Out" Button.

And the last icon, you know it already from our “Ads You Can Trust”, it is always in the top right corner, you can see the Seals You Can Trust (SYCT) icon. We will have this standardized for websites as well and it will always be at the top right corner. If it is a website it will be blue, purple for shops, green for ads, and red for applications.

So these 5 buttons and the SYCT Icon are easy to understand, and they are very, very helpful. In addition, the good thing is that not like for other websites where you have one appearance on a computer and different on mobile, we have the same design for all devices. Moreover, with our boxes (like from BOBL, WSS and other pages), you already know that this is a beautiful design for big screens, as well as for small screens. This header bar makes it perfect because it is easy to use, easy to understand, and it is very helpful.

On our website, when you have a bigger screen we have 3 buttons on the right, 3 on the left, and in the center if there is enough space, there will be a news ticker where the latest news from our network will be displayed. On mobile, there is not enough space for news, so you will just see the 6 icons.

(Chat was opened for some feedback - everyone loved the new header bar and thought it was very easy to use, understand, very cool, and unique.)

So the second thing I would like to share with you today is what you will see in the future when you click on the Network Button at Unicorn. It will show you 8 topics for websites from our network.


Unicorn Network


On this mockup, you can also see how the header bar will look on a larger screen. You see the 3 icons on the left, the other 3 on the right, and in the middle you see the news ticker. You can imagine the ticker running here.

Nevertheless, let us talk about how our network will be displayed. Keep in mind we are talking mostly about new members who will join us in the coming months and years, especially for those joining from Unicorn. They will see the 8-core values right after joining, but then they will want to see the network. So they will click on the NETWORK Button and then it is up to them, depending on what they are interested in. You can see the topics: Entertainment, Free Stuff, Prize Draws, Games, Shopping, Sharing, Information, and Communication.

So when they click, for example on Prize Draws, what they will see is the prize draws we have to offer. Right now, that includes Prize Mania, LotteFree, and the Jackpot Directory. And when we launch new prize draws in the future (we already have some in preparation), we simply can add them here.

So this is an easy and nice way to introduce several websites to our new members. Of course, for you, especially when you have been with us for 2, 3, 4 years now, you will say “Hey, why should I use this page if I have my PI Homepage set up with all the links I need?” You are absolutely right! This page is to excite NEW members, to take them by the hand and show them what we have created for them the easy way. By creating this website, introducing our 8-core values, finding a way to get our new members active through these points and badges, of course our lovely unicorn, and of course this page as well displaying our network, we have our solution. Because that is always the difficult point, that is the challenge, if you have created something as big as our galaxy of websites, it is about how to explain it to them without confusing them. This is one of the points shared with us from your feedback in the past; you told us that everything was nice but difficult to understand. That is why we make things easy now.

On the other side, we had people sending us messages, posting in the blogs, clubs, and in forums telling us that our new Unicorn page looks nice but with the flowers in the background, they think this is for kids, for people who like to play. So they think this has nothing to do with business and wonder how shall they do business with the Unicorn page?

The answer is simple: don't try to do any business with the Unicorn page! If you send a business partner to the Unicorn Network as the first place of contact, he will say, "Huh? What is that?" You need to understand the purpose of the Unicorn page. It is for those more than 500 million people who were totally excited a few years ago to play Farm World, and for those 1 billion people who were/are totally excited to play Angry Birds, and for those 1.5 billion people who spend hours every day on Facebook playing games, watching videos, etc.

The Unicorn website is one more entry gate into our galaxy of websites. The same applies for example with the We Share Success (WSS) page, for people who love shopping, send them to the Free Shopping Club, and for people who love prize draws send them to the Prize Mania page.

Like when you need to pick clothes to go outside, you need to pick the right clothes that match the weather. We give you a variety of websites that you can use and you can pick the right one for your contact. If you have a contact interested in online business, don't share the Unicorn Website, share WSS and if it is an owner of a business, share the PerfectPages website with them. If you have a friend who loves shopping, share the Free Shopping Club page with them. We give you a range of instruments so you can choose the right instrument for the right target group, for the right person.

And we will give you one more instrument, this will be your Public Profile Page. You know with the PI Homepage, when you have set it up for yourself, only YOU can see it. At Unicorn, you will have a customizable Public Profile Page.

Unicorn Personal Public Profile


You can see as well our header on top; however, this is just very basic about what this page will look like. You will be able to select the background including choosing from video backgrounds to specific colors, you can customize the color of the boxes and buttons, and you can customize the color of the font.

On top of that, you will be able to decide which boxes will be displayed on your Public Profile Page. Of course, we have one static box – that is the box with your profile picture and username, telling the people since when you are a member. You also have a box where you can add a personal welcome text and a button for people to join your family, where people can click to sign up.

All other boxes, if you want to make it more private related to the Unicorn, you could decide to display your unicorn, your badges, and the text about the Unicorn network. You will be able to display boxes with recommended websites from our network. If you want a more business like profile page, you can select another background and select boxes related to WSS, our business opportunities, Perfect Jobs, and whatever you want.

Additionally, you will be able to display your activity here as well; for example, the 3 latest BOBL boxes that you have created, or videos that you have shared on Pure Emotions, or articles that you have created at NE.WSNE.WS, or videos you uploaded to one of our contests, and so on and so on.

Pages like Facebook and Twitter are offering widgets so that you can display your latest tweets and Facebook shares on your websites and we will integrate this function as well. This way, if someone wants to learn more about you and at the same time, see your activities on pages even outside our network (like Facebook and Twitter), this will be the page you will send them to visit.

The public profile page will be launched on Dec 1.

(Chat was opened for some feedback – feedback was also very positive and happy with these new developments and features.)

I can share with you our next steps. We will have our next General Webinar next Monday, November 30, 2015 at 12 pm USA PST.

You might know that on Thursday, November 26 is one of the biggest holidays in the USA, Thanksgiving, and it is celebrated over the whole weekend, so it is Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Therefore, next Monday, we will re-launch several pages in our new design so that you will be able to collect stars starting on December 1 and of course, you will be able to collect DEALPoints and CASHPoints, update your badges, and pamper your Unicorn to the next level where you will begin to design your unicorn.

On Wednesday, November 25, we will have a special webinar at 11 am USA PST, exclusively for our Founding Members.

Thank you for listening, WAZZUUUUUB, remember to bobl (BOBL will be back online very, very, soon), and be proud to be a Unicorn!

Guys, if you want to know something about our IPO, read the webinar recap where I explained about the IPO. Nothing will change from what I told you about the IPO.

Thank you guys, talk to you next Monday for the General Webinar, and in 2 days for our Founding Members on Wednesday. Talk to you soon guys, bye-bye.

With your success in mind,
Dan Settgast and
Your WAZZUB Support Team

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Unicorn Network General Webinar Recap November 19, 2015

Unicorn Network General Webinar Recap

November 19, 2015

Presented by Dan Settgast


First I have to ask you: have you seen that on the Unicorn Network main landing page, our forest is a little bit more magic and enchanted now? http://unicorn.network/ . Maybe if you sit and watch the forest for long enough, you might see a unicorn, although generally unicorns are shy and ours is the same.


(Chat was opened, everyone had seen the updates)

OK great, and when you go and click on the button to ENTER THE WORLD OF THE UNICORN, you will see that the language button moved up, and where the language button has been, there is now a video button, so have you seen the video?

(People have not seen it yet, after they saw it, feedback was positive)

It might be that it takes time for the video to show for you, as when we upload the video and new changes, it takes time for the changes to go into effect all around the world.

If you cannot see the video yet, you can see it from the link below



OK the first thing I would like to share with you is how it will look like when you share your Reflink with someone. They see the forest and click to ENTER THE WORLD OF THE UNICORN, then they click on “Join Now”, and this is how it looks:


Pic 1 Login



The center bottom one will show your profile pic, and if you don't have one, our Unicorn logo will display. This way it is easy for your friends and family to see that they are invited by you.

If you tell your PI/WSS/BOBL family that we have Unicorn now and they need to sign in for the first time, it would be good for you to tell them to always click on the PI/WSS/BOBL “sign in” button, just to make sure that they don’t click the wrong button; and the wrong would be to click on JOIN NOW and not the SIGN IN button. Clicking the correct buttons ensures that they do not create new accounts and ensures that everyone stays in the proper place within your Unicorn/PI Family.

If they create a new account or try to join through Facebook or Google, that would mean that they are creating a second account. But, we would easily find out, and as you know—only one account per person—so we would delete this new account when we detect that this has happened.

By the way, we are doing it today like we did on Monday. That means that whatever I show you today will be visible tomorrow after the recap has been posted online, and the recap will include all the step-by-step information on how to do it. And we have seen on Monday that it was very useful to do it that way, and that is why we will do it today exactly the same way.

So after the process of signing in, and not only after the first sign in now, but when you login for the 2nd or third time, or any future time, what you will see after the login is the main page.


Pic 2 After Sign In


So this is your main page, where you can see the 8 buttons: My Profile, My Unicorn, My Family, My Level, My Points, My Stars, My Badges and My Trophies.

This is what we will talk about today, we will go through all 8 pages so you know what happens if you click on them, and so you can know what you will be able to find there.

So let us start with MY PROFILE.

Pic 3 My Profile


This is how your profile page works at Unicorn. You see your username and you have learned that your username is unique and fixed, so you cannot change your username.

Then you see EMAIL 1 and EMAIL 2. If you don't have a second email, you can simply click on the blank space to enter a second email address.

One thing to note within our privacy and security settings, is that whenever you change anything in your profile, you would need to enter your password again and confirm it. So that is why the password is not displayed here.

Imagine if you were in an Internet Cafe and you forget to logout; so the next person would see your details but would not be able to change any details nor see your password. So if we displayed your password, it could be a security risk for you.

So if you want to change your password, just click on the stars hiding your password, and you will be able to type in your old password and type in and confirm your new password. Only if you know your old password, can you change it here.

If you have entered the system and if you had challenges to link your Perfect Bonus Card, you can enter it here. Of course also since it is just one Perfect Bonus Card per member, you cannot change your Perfect Bonus Card number here. As I told you we will have special bonuses for each member, however you only get the bonus one time per member/Bonus Card, so that is why your Perfect Bonus Card is fixed to your account.

You see your membership status here (Basic, Affiliate, Professional, Unicorn Founding Member) and you will see your level, and as I told you, everyone starts as a Newbie Unicorn.

The SHOW MY PUBLIC PROFILE PAGE button will not be there tomorrow. I can tell you why. If you decide to share it with the public, on your public profile page we will show your activity on our different pages within the Unicorn Network. This is why we have used similar designs with these boxes for our new pages (for example BOBL, WSS) so it is easier to display info you want on your public profile page, like displaying your latest BOBLBOXES, the latest videos you have shared on Pure Emotions etc. However, you know that these pages are offline now waiting for relaunch.

Please understand that this is hard work for our programming team; it takes time to synchronize our whole network with our rewards systems in 5 generations, and stuff like that. It is like if you would try to change something on a fast driving race car, so you don't want to stop the car, but you still want to make changes. So rest assured we will make it, and you will see how beautiful our pages are and this will happen very fast. So therefore this SHOW MY PUBLIC PROFILE PAGE button will not show tomorrow, as those pages we would get content from are not back online yet.



Pic 4 My Unicorn


As I told you, you all will start as a Newbie Unicorn and it is all grey with no special signs. As a Newbie Unicorn, you won't be able to change anything here. As you grow in levels, you can change the hair color for example, or the eye color, you will get special accessories to make your unicorn unique and special, etc.

And of course your unicorn has a date of birth; for many unicorns it will be today, and for future unicorns it will be the date when they join or sign in to the Unicorn Network.

So step by step we will have many different unicorns and your unicorn will be displayed on your public profile page, so you can share it with other people when they visit your public profile page.

OK next page is MY FAMILY.


Pic 5 My Family



So when you click on the My Family circle, you can see your personal Reflink for the Unicorn Network on top, and then your 5-generation family. Of course you will have other links for our other projects as well, which will be found on those specific pages. On the WSS page you will be able to find all Reflinks together. And like you know it from WSS and PI, you can see the usernames of your first generation only and you can connect with them, and for the rest of your generations you can only see the number of members. As you know for privacy reasons, you can only see the info on your Generation 1 because they are connected directly to YOU. If you want to connect with people in lower generations, you need to send a friend request for example on BOBL, and both of you need to agree to be connected.


Next page is MY LEVEL.


Pic 6 My Level


Here you can see your current membership level, and as I told you on Monday, you have to collect stars to reach the next level. And as we have our page “My Stars”, I will explain to you then how to collect stars.

As you can see there are 8 levels: Newbie Unicorn, Baby Unicorn, Teen Unicorn, Junior Unicorn, Unicorn, Senior Unicorn, Master Unicorn and Legendary Unicorn. And you see numbers here too: 0, 5000 (5k+), 25.000 (25k+) etc. These are the stars you need to collect to get to the next level.

What is special about these levels? The higher level you reach, the more you will be able to design your unicorn and of course you will also see special offers, prizes, and even special deals for members in specific levels. For example in the Free Shopping Club, there will be special offers for Master Unicorns, or Teen Unicorns, or Legendary Unicorns, and so on.

So it will be very exciting, fun and rewarding to reach certain levels!


Next page is MY POINTS page.


 Pic 7 My Points



Here you will be able to check your DEALPoints (DP) and CASHPoints (CP). New members will find easy and simple info to help them explore our Unicorn Network and find pages where they are rewarded for their activity by clicking on “How to collect DP or CP” and “How to spend DP and CP”, and of course they will find a button where they can donate points to our charity.


Now the next page is the MY STARS page.


 Pic 8 My Stars



When you sign in for the first time, the confirmation screen tells you that you have received your first 500 stars, so when you check your balance tomorrow, you will see 500 stars. As you were able to see on the MY LEVEL page, you need a total of 5000 stars to reach the next Baby Unicorn level. So this means you need 4500 more stars now to reach that level.

How to collect stars is very easy to explain; generally whenever you collect DEALPoints, you receive stars on top of the DEALPoints. And we will have some activities where you can get extra stars, for example, the easiest way to earn DEALPoints and Stars is to invite other free members.

You know that we have about 800.000 people who signed up so far for Wazzub/PI/WSS/BOBL, and with more than 7 billion people on this planet and the biggest websites on the planet having between 1-2 billion active users, there is a lot of room to invite new members.

And all other activities where you collect DEALPoints will give you stars as well. You know that DEALPoints are our way of saying Thank YOU for using our services, so whenever you collect DEALPoints, you also collect Stars.


Next is MY BADGES page.


Pic 9 My Badges 2



What you can see here is 8 different badges; this is how it looks if you have fulfilled the requirements for all 8 badges. This is crucial here, because this is our rewards system, so please listen carefully now.

We told you that we would have our new rewards system, and that you will be able to collect DEALPoints for not just your activity, but also for activity from your 5-generations as well. We tried hard to find a way for you to see easily that you are qualified for these bonuses. Because as we told you, you would need to be active in different areas and websites to receive these bonus DEALPoints. So what you see here with these badges is super easy and super fun!

These 8 badges all have our Unicorn and different letters. These letters represent different activities which bring you DEALPoints and qualify you for the Bonus DEALPoints from your 5-generations.

For example the B badge is the bobling badge, and to receive this bobling badge, you need to create within 1 month 20 BOBLBOXES by sharing content you find on the Internet or content you create yourself, either way it doesn't matter. If you have created 20 BOBLBOXES, then you will receive bonus DEALPoints from your 5-generations, from BOBL as well.

The C is for creating, so this is the creating badge, and just once per month you need to create new content on our pages; for example creating a news article at NE.WSNE.WS, it could be uploading a video as a contestant at our Talent Contest, and some more activities where you create new content.

Letter I is for Inviting, so that is the inviting badge. This means that within 1 month, you will need to invite 3 new members for your first generation, to receive this badge. When you have your inviting badge activated, you are automatically qualified for Bonus DEALPoints when your 5-genrations are inviting other new members.

Letter L is for Liking; whenever for example you like a video at our Talent Contest, or when you like a video at Pure Emotions, or of course when you like a BOBLBOX at BOBL. And with 30 likes per month (that is one per day, but it could be 3 every 3 days, or 7 once per week, so it is not about being active on a daily basis, it is just about 30 likes in total per month) you will be qualified for the liking badge and get Bonus DEALPoints from your 5-generations as well.

Letter P is for posting. We are talking about leaving comments, especially at BOBL and at other pages as well, like NE.WSNE.WS and Pure Emotions. With 10 comments, you are qualified for the posting badge.

Letter R is for Recommending & Review. This means for the PerfectPages, you must recommend or review at least 3 businesses per month. I am pretty sure in 1 month, you are buying services or products from at least 3 different businesses so that you are able to recommend them or post a review.

Letter S is for Searching. You are qualified for the searching badge with 30 searches per month, of course with our Perfect Search, and you know that is the safest web search available.

The last one, Letter W is the winning badge. To be qualified for DEALPoints from the activity of your 5-generations you would need 50 entries in our Prize Draws. That might be Prize Mania, Lotto Madness, or LotteFree, so definitely it is easy to do.

So when you take care that you have all badges activated, you won't miss any Bonus DEALPoints from your 5-generations no matter if your 5 generation family members are active enough for a badge or not. You are in control, if you have all 8 badges activated, you will receive the maximum amount of bonus DEALPoints for the activity of your 5 generations.

You can see here that all the badges are purple. Purple is the color of the first letter on our Unicorn logo. The colors of your badges will change depending on how many months in a row you have qualified for a certain badge.

So let's stay with the bobling badge. This all starts for the month of December. So in December you create your 20 boxes to get the purple badge. So now in January you create more than 20 BOBLBOXES as well, so the color will turn to the next color of our logo and that is blue. So after 6 months in a row, after 6 months creating more than 20 boxes in a row, you would have a red bobling badge. If you continue fulfilling the requirements for the bobling badge, after 9 months you will get a silver badge, and after 12 months in a row, you will receive the golden bobling badge.

So the highest you can reach is to have 8 golden badges and it will take you at least 1 year to get there. So if you create more than 20 BOBLBOXES in December, January, February, and in March you fail, that means you will go back; you lose your bobling badge and the next month when you fulfill the requirement again, you will start at purple again. The longer in a row that you keep your badge, the more stars you will receive, on top of all the DEALPoints. So the more you are active, the faster you will reach higher membership levels.

Of course on the website, when you click on one of the badges, you will see the details of what you need to do, and since when you are qualified for this particular badge.

Now you will see how the badges look when they are not activated.


 Pic 10 My Badges 1



Here you see them grey because they are not activated. So your goal in December, if you want to qualify for Bonus DEALPoints and collect more stars, you goal would be to turn these grey badges into purple badges; and the more badges you collect, the more stars and Bonus DEALPoints you will receive.


Now we go to MY TROPHIES page.


Pic 11 My Trophies



As I told you with the stars page, you will be able to collect extra stars, and we will have extra tasks to do; we will have those here on MY TROPHIES page and if you do them, you will get a trophy and extra stars.

For example, this could be for doing translations. You might know that some companies let their users do the translations so that they have proper websites in all languages, and with our tons of websites launching, it would be impossible for our Language Department to translate everything in a timely manner, so every member will have the chance to get a translation trophy for example.

All trophies will be something special and not always translation related. Whenever there is a chance for you to receive a trophy you will learn about it through our news channels.

So guys that has been the 8 pages in our Unicorn Members Area, and hopefully you liked it.

You will find the webinar recap tomorrow around this time, and you will find the pages as we have talked about it, also tomorrow at this time.

Here is the after sign in page again because I want to show you something.


Pic 2 After Sign In


As you can see here, there is a button called NETWORK. On our next General Webinar we will talk about this button, and that will be on November 23, 2015 at 12 pm USA PST. This is your entry to the Unicorn Network, here is where you will find sorted by topic all the websites of our Unicorn Network.

Guys, thank you for listening. I wish all of your a great day or night depending on where you are. WAAAAAAZZZZZZZUUUUUUB! Remember to bobl, bobl, bobl, bobl, bobl when BOBL is back online (BOBL will be one of the first pages to come back online), and be proud to be a Unicorn!! Talk to you soon; Bye-bye.

(Chat was opened for feedback – feedback was very positive and excited about these new developments.)


With your success in mind,

Dan Settgast and

Your WAZZUB Support Team

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Unicorn Network General Webinar Recap November 16, 2015

Unicorn Network General Webinar Recap
November 16, 2015
Presented by Dan Settgast


[Edited November 17, 2015]



From Dan

You know that in the last 4 years we have learned a lot. Of course, you know that for many of the things that we have done, we have succeeded through trial and error (try, get an error, try, get an error, try, and succeed). So you know that we have learned a lot over the last 4 years and you will see that when I share some mockups with you. Hopefully you like what you will see.

It is simply that this time we want to make it right from the beginning. What we have learned is that things, especially good and perfect things, need time. We need to be sure that you have enough time to understand things. We need to make sure that for example, our fabulous Support Team has time to prepare guides so that you know how to sign up, do different things, and so on.

With Unicorn, we are making exciting and major changes to our whole network including our rewards system and so on. You know that. Therefore, we want to make sure that everyone has time to understand and go the steps they need to go so that we have the time to have everything synchronized and properly connected. That is why today, I will share many screen shots with you and explain to you what will happen when you do this or that.

Then we will wait for the written recap and in the recap, it will take a little bit longer to get it online because I am sure that the Support Team will add additional explanations in the screenshots so that you know exactly where to click, what to put in where, what to do when, and stuff like that. So I expect that tomorrow by this time, you will be able to have the written recap to read, go through each step one at a time, know exactly what happens for each action you take, and understand why we do things.


Unicorn Network

Here you can see the new design for our main landing page whenever someone is going to the Unicorn Network directly or from your Reflink. You know that we had the waves as our first background; many people loved it and I did as well but I knew the waves were not the perfect background here. The thing is with the waves, some people asked us if it was a shrimp, a seahorse, or some even complained that they got seasick from watching the waves, and stuff like that.

So we asked our Unicorn, where did you used to live? The Unicorn answered, "In the woods, in the forest where there are great places to hide." So we changed it to the nice picture of this forest and on the second page, when you click "ENTER THE WORLD OF THE UNICORN" you see that we have beautiful cherry blossoms.

World of the Unicorn

You can see here that we will adjust the colors of the circles and the color of the font; it was created to match the waves originally. Now that we have the beautiful cherry blossoms, we will change the colors to what you see here.

When you get to this page after reading the recap, you click on the "SIGN IN" Button in the top right corner, (do not click the "JOIN NOW" Button, as you are already Unicorn Members). The first time you sign in, there are some questions you need to fill in so that your account can link together properly.
To avoid any confusion, we will open the "SIGN IN" Button tomorrow, November 17, 2015 and the "JOIN NOW" Button to welcome new members will open later this week. It is important that we do not create any confusion. Guys, understand this is not about a delay, this is about making it right the first time. You have told us to do it right so many times over the last 4 years, "Take your time and do it right." So this is exactly what we are doing.

So the first thing to do in order to make it right is to wait and make sure you read the full written recap before going through everything on your own. If you have a downline who do not speak English or Spanish, write to them, and explain what they need to do. If you can, make translations of the guide, this way they know what to do when they first login, and they can join the Unicorn Family as soon as possible.

When you get here, click on the "SIGN IN" Button and it will bring you to the following page.



Of course, the SIGN IN page is designed so that you can sign in from your preferred network. You know that the PI credentials are the same for WSS and BOBL; however, I know there are some members who do not know that they are the same. You know, so you click on the PI logo, however even if members click on WSS or BOBL, the procedure will be exactly the same.

You already can see the Facebook and Google icons there; they will not be activated tomorrow. Why? We do this so that they are not mistakenly or accidentally used to create a new account with your Facebook or Google account credentials. This is for people who will use their credentials from those services to create their Unicorn account; from there they would just click on those corresponding icons to login.

What you do is click on the PI logo.


Complete Login


You can put in your PI registered email address or your username at PI and your password. Click the "GO" Button. If you forgot your password, there is a link for you to get a password reminder sent to your PI registered email address. I am pretty sure that you all know your PI registered email and password, so type it in and click the "GO" Button.


Welcome to Unicorn Network

When you click on the "GO" Button, you will see the next page, and it will tell you, Welcome to the Unicorn Network! Now it is time to choose your username. Your username is unique and will be displayed on your public profile page. It is part of your personal link for inviting other free members. It must contain letters and numbers only. And as it is for your Reflink, no special characters please. It needs to be the standard for Internet usage. Maximum 16 characters. And very important because we use the username to identify you and for your Reflink, your username can't be changed later. So this is your absolute last chance to select the username that you want. If you want to keep your current username from BOBL/PI/WAZZUB (I know that some of you have different usernames in each of those), you need to decide and select ONE username, if it is one you already have, pick the one you want to stay with, and please type it in the box. Your Unicorn username will be your username on all other Unicorn Network pages as well. PI/BOBL/WAZZUB/WSS and for all the other pages within the Unicorn Network, from today onward you will have ONE username for the whole Unicorn Network.

Reminder: Usernames cannot contain any punctuation, spaces, underscores, special characters or dashes. If your current username does, then you must change it. More information here from Support: http://wazzub.com/index.php?page=forum&section=topic&top_id=106683

When you type the username in the box, the system will tell you if it is available or not available. If it says it is unavailable, you will need to type another one because they are unique. When you have found a username that is available, confirm it by typing it in the second box and then click the "GO" Button and it will bring you to the next page.


Enter second email


Here you can see we have learned from the past. We have had so many times where people contacted us, hey for whatever reason, I don't have access to my email account anymore and can you please send my password to this other email address? When this would happen, we would have to make sure by asking for proof of identity and so on. In the future with a basic member, who only needs the username, they don't need to put in their real name or any other real details about themselves, it would become very difficult to help them while still keeping things secure and private.

So the solution is to let people enter a second email address so that way, in case you have no access to your primary email account for any reason, we will send password requests and password reminders to your secondary email address. So do not put in your first registered email again. The page will tell you that this email is already in the system. It needs to be a different email address.

If you don't have a second email address right now, simply click the "I don't have a second email." link and it will get you to the next page.


If you have a second email, please put it in here. This is just for you to get password reminders if for whatever reason you cannot login anymore. So don't put your Mailaxy email there either because you use the same password for both accounts. So very important, put a second external email address here. For example, if you have a job or a business email address, you can put your business email there.

Of course, we will never spam you, sell your data, or share your data with anyone else. You know that one of our 8 core values is PRIVACY. You know that in the last four years, you have never received unwanted emails and that will stay the same. We will never share your data with any third party.

So, either enter your second email and click the "GO" Button, or click the link, "I HAVE NO SECOND EMAIL" and that will bring you to the next step.


Perfect Bonus Card


Next, the system will ask you if you have a Perfect Bonus Card (PBC), if yes, enter the 16-digits on the card. If you have no PBC yet, just click the link at the bottom "I HAVE NO PERFECTBONUS CARD." link at the bottom.

Why do we ask for it? Because by entering the 16-digit card number, you then will be able to get special offers and exclusive bonuses from our existing and future Bonus Partners.

This is a brand new feature that will be added to the PerfectPages and the Perfect Bonus System. Our Bonus Partners will be able to offer our cardholders a special 1-time Welcome Bonus. It might be a special discount or any other bonus you can think of. The special thing here is that this Welcome Bonus will have a fixed value and to redeem the Welcome Bonus, you will need to print out or pull up on a mobile device a special voucher, which will have your 16-digit PBC number. (As I told you before this Welcome Bonus is only available 1-time per member per Bonus Partner.) This way, when you redeem the voucher to receive the Welcome Bonus, you will need to show the voucher and matching PBC otherwise you will not be able to redeem this bonus.

You can say that with this special voucher, it is like a Living Social or Groupon voucher; the special thing is that you don't need to pay up front for it and that is why we need to have this security measure so that every member can only redeem it 1 time per Bonus Partner. Therefore, we will need to link it to your one and only PBC on your account. You will only be able to activate and link one Perfect Bonus Card to your Unicorn Account.

In addition, nothing has changed; you know that you are only allowed to set up one account per person. If you don't listen and open more than one account, we will delete ALL accounts. So don't try to cheat because when we catch you, that is it, you're done.

So once you have either entered your Perfect Bonus Card number or clicked that you have no Perfect Bonus Card, you will see the following screen.





This page lets you set up your newsletter preferences. You should never miss an update; you can do that with our Unicorn Newsletters and we offer different newsletter topics for your convenience. Simply click "OPT IN" for your favorites and you can change your preferences at any time, later in your personal profile. If you have previously set up your newsletter preferences, you will see those already set up, so instead of "OPT IN", you will see "OPT OUT", which means that you are already set up to receive those newsletters – so there is no need to click anything.

So you can opt in for all 5, which gives you access to all info, or you can opt in or out of any combination thereof. I think the names speak for themselves, but we will have some short info explaining what to expect from those newsletters to help you. Then press the "GO" Button.





This is the confirmation page and states, Congratulations! Your Unicorn Network Account is set up and ready to go. Your Membership Status is...and now it depends on what your membership status is; Basic, Affiliate, Professional, and I am pretty sure we will have it display the Founding Member status as well.

When it is a Founding Member or a Professional member for example, we have talked about them as Membership Levels however, they are more like a specific Membership Status.

Now, brand new to the Unicorn Network, additionally we will have Membership Levels! Since you are all brand new to the Unicorn Network, your Membership Level will be NEWBIE UNICORN. As you are familiar with from forums and games, based on your activity and based on you fulfilling specific tasks, you will reach the higher Membership Levels with the highest level you can reach (Level 8) being a LEGENDARY UNICORN.

And as Unicorns need things to do, in order for your Newbie Unicorn to reach the next membership level, you need to collect a certain number of stars. By creating your Unicorn Account, you automatically receive your first 500 stars.

Once you are done, click on "GO TO MAIN PAGE."




Now this is the page that you will see the second time and all the future times when you login. The procedure we just went through is ONLY applicable for the very first time you login from an existing PI Galaxy account.

You see this design looks similar to how it is on the outside except the "Sign In" Button now says "Log Out" and the topics are different; My Profile, My Badges, My Trophies, My Stars, My Points, My Level, and My Family. When you click on one of the circles, and this is something I will explain to you during our next General Webinar on Thursday, November 19, 2015 at 12pm USA PST, where I will introduce to you the World of the Unicorn.

I just have one little sneak peak today, when you click on the My Unicorn Button, you will have your own personal Unicorn pet. Of course when you login for the first time, the age of your unicorn will be zero days, and it will be a grey unicorn.

Newbie Unicorn


All Newbie Unicorns look the same with the grey hair, eyes, horn, and hooves with no special signs. When you get to the higher levels, the higher your level is, the more you will be able to personalize your unicorn.

Enter the World of the Unicorn


So that's it for today, hopefully you like what I have shared with you today and hopefully you understand that we need to take the time to do it right.

First, make sure you understand the written recap, go back through anywhere you need more clarification. Once ready, go to the Unicorn Network and sign in to begin. Follow the instructions above as you go through each step.


Thank you for listening; talk to you on Thursday, November 19, 2015 at 12pm USA PST. WAAAAAAZZZZZZZUUUUUUB! Remember to bobl, bobl, bobl, bobl, bobl when BOBL is back online (BOBL will be one of the first pages to come back online), and be proud to be a Unicorn!! Talk to you soon; Bye-bye.

With your success in mind,
Dan Settgast and
your WAZZUB Support Team



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General Webinar Recap November 11, 2015 our 4th Anniversary!!!


General Webinar Recap

November 11, 2015

Presented by: Dan Settgast



Dear PI Family, Dear PI Founding Members, Dear Team Members,


Today is a very special day! In India and many Asian countries, you celebrate Diwali, the Festival of Lights; in many European countries, today is the start of the Carnival Season; in Australia and many more countries today is Remembrance Day to honor the end of World War I 97 years ago and to honor those who died during the war. And here in the United States today is Veterans Day, which honors military veterans.


And yes, today is our 4th Anniversary as well, but please let us first honor and remember the millions of heroes all around the world, who risk their lives for us to make this planet a safer place and to remember all who died in action.


Together with Miruna, our grand prize winner of the Most Famous Awards 2015, we are producing a song for this Christmas season, which will be released end of November. I asked the producer team if they would be able to pre-release a short version especially for today. The name of the song is “Praise all the Brave” and this is our way to honor the veterans, the active soldiers, the firefighters, the policemen, the doctors, and all the other heroes, especially today and of course all year around.


Please watch this short video and send some prayers to your special heroes.




Rod, please open the chat, so that the members can type their thoughts while we are listening to the song.


(Chat was opened and emotional thoughts were shared)


We should never forget that whatever we do would be impossible without these heroes.


Now let us talk about PI, and let us talk especially about the big milestone we are reaching today. 9 years ago we started to brainstorm, develop, prepare and create this wonderful project, and exactly 4 years ago we opened the gates to the world during our pre-prelaunch at wazzub.info as the world’s first Success Sharing Phenomenon.


We promised you a project that has never been done before and we promised you an exciting journey while creating a full galaxy of websites. Yes, we have faced many challenges, sometimes we struggled, and some would name us “the Masters of Delays.”


BUT! We are here, we are stronger than ever, and today is the day we are making our biggest step ever, the step out of the dark into the light! From today on we will be visible for all Internet users, we will send out press releases to journalists all over the world, we will give interviews, we will be in the news, we will create a buzz, and we will go viral.


But before we do that, we needed to do some changes. For a global success it is crucial to be well set up and to be properly prepared. We started as a small project and today we are a global group of companies, active in several industries, and competing with the biggest multi-billion-dollar companies out there. Therefore, everything must be as best as we can.


As a business, our experts advised us to restructure our companies, from a long chain of companies with some side arms, to a clearly structured holding with sub-companies and divisions for each industry. All of you know Google Inc., the world’s biggest Internet Company. Today, their name is not Google anymore, their name is Alphabet now. Why? Because their experts gave them the same advice, because they started as a search engine and today they are a global company, active in so many industries and some of them outside the Internet. But for the people, if you ask them “what is Google?” they will answer “a search engine”. Now, with their holding named Alphabet, they can clearly structure their business activities, and so do we with our new structure. By the way, I am very happy that we announced our plans in a webinar for our PI Founding Members a few weeks before Google made their plans public, so nobody can say that we have copied their plans.


So, Google selected a totally different name for their holding company, and it is obvious that they plan to add more letters to their Alphabet than just the letter “G” for Google; for example “A” for Android. And we decided to pick a totally different name as well, because what we are planning to do is so much more than creating the perfect Internet experience.


Of course we thought about the Alphabet as well, and our first company founded in 2006 was named A-to-Z Marketing, but honestly I don’t like that name. For me it is more a sorting system than a carrier of any spirit or emotion. But we are emotional, we don’t want to just line up our businesses from A to Z.


Many countries, many sports clubs and many companies are trying to communicate emotions through an animal, which they use as their mascot in their logo or even in their name. So we started thinking about which animal would perfectly describe our project, and guess what!? We found it! Now I would like to ask you to type in the chat which animal you think this could be. Our directors, please do not participate, all others please type in our chat, which animal you think perfectly describes our company, our goals and our vision.


(Chat is opened…people try to guess posting many animal names)


Let me give you the first letter. It is U….

We got a winner!


Yes, it is the Unicorn. Everybody dreams to see one, because it is always friendly and helpful; it is clean, it is magical, enchanted and the only reason why it exists is to make this world a better place. And that is why we decided to make the unicorn not just our mascot, but our logo, and even the name of our future holding company. I am proud to present to you for the first time in the public, our new official logo:



How do you like it? Please open the chat… (Everyone loves it)


So guys, from today on we all are Unicorns, and our new unicorn website will present our core values to the world. Before I share the link with you let us talk about these core values. For those of you who think that they already know them (the 5 values), here is the surprise. The Unicorn will have 8 values:


RESPECT - The Unicorn is for all people who understand that every human being is unique and that every person has the right to be respected as they are.


PRIVACY – At the Unicorn we respect your privacy. No data mining, no tracking and none of your data is shared outside of the network.


SECURITY – The Unicorn has the highest security standards. For your safety we have created a safe zone on the internet, free of malware and viruses.


QUALITY – Only high quality websites and partners are allowed to join the Unicorn. Even ads are 100% handpicked. And you can easily identify them, the ads, the shops, the apps, and the websites by our SEALS YOU CAN TRUST.


INFLUENCE – Your ideas are welcome at the Unicorn. Our members are invited to share their ideas on how to improve our websites and services. And that is what we call “The power of WE”. And you know that many of our existing websites are based on your ideas and suggestions.


BENEFITS – The Unicorn is full of free benefits. Additionally you are rewarded for your activity on the internet with DEALPoints and CASHPoints, and on top of that we create job opportunities all over the world; on top of that we not only have success sharing, but also profit sharing with our PI founding members, and we decided to give every person on this planet the opportunity to become a part of the Unicorn business-wise by doing our IPO for our future holding company as soon as possible. Other companies waited for years, some even for decades to find the best day when they would earn most money from an IPO, and many founders use an IPO to exit, to leave their company, to make money. But, this is not why we do our IPO. We do our IPO at a very early stage to give the masses the opportunity to become shareholders in the beginning. The good thing is that we have no big institutional investor on board, like a venture capital firm, a bank or any other professional investor. They would push us into another direction, but there is nobody who could push us, so our Unicorn, our new holding company will be one of the fastest companies ever to be listed and quoted publicly. And I am happy to share with you that our financial department is working hard, headed by our CFO Garry and his team (and some members of our team as well dedicated to the preparation of our IPO). So Garry confirmed that because we have everything pre-approved within the last month, we will be able to go the final step (and that is to report our financial numbers, confirmed and approved by experts) and that will be finished and ready to rock within the next 2 weeks. After these 2 weeks there is no need to wait for anything else, so we would expect that our Unicorn IPO will happen in 2015; and for sure not around Christmas, or between Christmas and New Year’s Eve.     


FAMILY – The Unicorn treats all members like family members. Whenever you need a helping hand or support, someone will be there for you. You are never alone with the Unicorn.


CHARITY – We do not forget those in need. More than 10% of all profits are automatically donated to our WAZZUB Charity funds, which is supporting projects all around the world.


Guys, you can be proud to be an active part of this project. The Unicorn will change the world for sure. And sometimes it needs time to make changes. I have been informed by our programmers that it is impossible to install main new features to our network without having all pages offline at the same time for several days. We want to make the signup and login process smoother and easier; we want to have one unique username for each user so that we can use them for your future Reflinks to invite other members. We want to give you DEALPoints and CASHPoints 5 generations deep; we want to integrate the brand new unicorn website into our existing and running system, and put it on top; and we can’t do that while our pages are online. Therefore, today and tomorrow, we will take all websites offline, except Wazzub Community and BOBL so that you are able to communicate. Then these 2 (Wazzub Community and BOBL) will follow on Saturday going offline. And on Monday we will fully launch the Unicorn website and it is crucial, that every existing member is logging in to the Unicorn page one time while we re-launch our other websites step by step. We will have our next general webinar on Monday November 16 at 12pm U.S. Pacific time to explain the exact procedure. Please understand that big things need some time. And please understand that this time we want to make it right; we have to, because the world will look at us.


So, what is our new main domain on the Internet?


It is www.unicorn.network


Please open the Chat for feedback. (The comments are very positive.)


Thank you for your feedback. About the background, you will be able to select between backgrounds (videos or pictures), so you can pick your favorite, just like on BOBL.


Now let us talk about the first new project powered by the Unicorn. We will unite singers and musicians from all over the world to create the “longest song on planet earth”.


When you check the Guinness book of world records, you will find the current record holder which is about 2 hours long. We have already connected with Guinness and we told them we would try to create a song that will be at least 3 hours. So how will that work?


A composer and producer from Germany was so nice to write a song for us where we will invite singers and musicians from all over the world to add a verse in their language, and to sing the chorus. So they will be able to download the instrumental version and to add their verses, to write the lyrics and to sing a melody to the given instrumental. And we will add new verses and choruses to the song, so it will grow and grow and grow…


There was only 1 person we shared this idea with, and this person is our beloved Rex Revol. I shared this idea with him and he was super excited. He shared it with a few friends and they were super excited as well. I asked if they would be able to create some verses and sing the chorus, and they did. So look what happened.




Chat opened for feedback.

(Feedback was very positive, everyone loves the song, rhythm, and think we can unite the world together. Some people loved it so much they were speechless.)


Thank you for your feedback, you will be able to see it on YouTube and very soon on one of our websites.


So someone asked what is exciting about creating the longest song? I can tell you what it is about... it is a simple project and it is a project that will connect and unite people from all over the world. I am pretty sure that the verses in different languages will have very nice matching messages like the ones Rex and his friends created. So this project will make the people talk about the Unicorn and of course there will be an option to download the full song, or parts of the song and when downloading it will be for free, but we will ask for donations. And the musicians and the singers will be able to suggest charitable projects in their countries, and the WAZZUB Charity Funds will donate to these projects. And we think this project is a perfect match to many of our 8 core values. And of course we will update you on this project very, very soon, exactly on Monday in our next General Webinar.


So this has been the official part of the webinar, but we have one thing left and that is our prize draw for LotteFree!


I know that this prize draw is only interesting for people who made it into the jackpot draw, which means if you have won at least 1 time since Oct 15 at LotteFree in the daily drawings. I can tell you that more than 800 winning tickets have been picked since Oct 15, 2015. And exactly 815 winners. We promised you a winner today and that means we might need to have several attempts to find a winner, so if you do not have a ticket and if you are not interested in this part, you are able to leave as there is no other info to share besides who is our jackpot winner and who will be joining us in Las Vegas. We pay the flight and hotel and the prize money is handed out on stage like we have done it with our jackpot winner Sasha from Serbia, who won US $ 5,532. Today it is about US $ 7,000 and besides that 5 generations up, if they have played at least 1 time at LotteFree since Oct 15; 5 generations up will receive 700 each, but the main winner that we find today will receive $ 7000.


(Dan was drawing the numbers starting from the last digit, from right to left. We had 3 draws of which the third one was a winning one. Dan was checking the full winners list the whole time.)


First drawn number: 9565 (no winner)

Second drawn number: 7433 (no winner)

Third drawn number: 0089 (WINNER)


Jim Shipway claimed to have the winning number 0089.


OK let me check the list to make it official, and yes it is confirmed, Jim CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! We will be in contact with you.


So guys, thank you for joining, thank you for listening, Jim celebrate!


Have a great holiday! And we will keep you updated, thank you guys we will talk to you soon. WAZZUUUUUUB and remember to bobl, bobl, bobl, bobl, bobl! And remember we are all Unicorns now and Unicorns are always positive. Bye-Bye.


With your success in mind,

Dan Settgast and your

WAZZUB Support Team




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General Webinar Recap November 1, 2015

General Webinar Recap

November 1, 2015

Presented by: Dan Settgast




Dear PI family,

I am happy to be here with you on a Sunday, and thank you for being here with me on a Sunday. I am happy that I am able to share some exciting news and updates with you today.


So you know that our fourth anniversary is not far away, it will be in 10 days from now exactly, so on November 11 we will start global fireworks of great news. And to be honest, it is very difficult for me to not tell you all the exciting details which I already know. But you can rest assured that what I have brought with me today is very exciting too!


So let us start with LotteFree. Yesterday we welcomed winner number 5000 at LotteFree, and at our jackpot draw which will take place on November 11 we will have a guaranteed winner for the 7000 U.S. dollars jackpot. Actually, we will have up to six winners because all five generations above the lucky winner will receive 10% of the jackpot value, which of course is 700 U.S. dollars each. They will receive these 700 U.S. dollars only if they have played LotteFree themselves, between the last jackpot draw and November 10. Just to make it clear, the main winner to be picked on our jackpot draw on November 11 will receive 7000 U.S. dollars and all five generations above him (so the person who invited the winner and the person above that person, and so on… five generations up) will receive on top the 7000 (so it won't be deducted from the main jackpot). So if all 5 generations above the lucky winner have played LotteFree themselves this month, there will be one-time $ 7000 and 5 times $ 700 to be paid out; which brings the total prize money to more than 10,000 U.S. dollars.


However, only one person will be invited to come to Las Vegas and that is of course the main winner. The main winner will receive (on top of the cash jackpot) return flight tickets and hotel accommodations here in Las Vegas, and will receive the prize money live on stage at one of our shows.


So what does this mean for you? Do not miss this huge chance because for the first time we will have a guaranteed winner on our next jackpot draw. And if you are not the lucky winner, please have in mind that if a member of your PI family five generations down is winning the jackpot, you will automatically win 700 U.S. dollars, if you have participated in LotteFree at least one time this month. http://lottefree.com


And just in case that you think that $ 7000 or $ 700 is not much, and you're interested in the big money, check Lotto Madness.  Guys you can see some huge jackpots right now: one is at 144,000,000, one is at 142,000,000, and we have four more draws within the next few days with jackpots between 20 and 60,000,000 U.S. dollars. And here, and that is brand new, we have the same five generation bonus winner system as I explained it to you for LotteFree. That means that if one of your PI family, five generations deep, becomes a winner at Lotto Madness, you will receive 10% of the prize money won, on top.  And as you might know, the maximum amount that can be won at Lotto Madness is 10,000,000 U.S. dollars, because we're splitting the big jackpot if we win, so that we produce more winners.


At Lotto Madness you know that you enter real lottery tickets, while we buy the lottery tickets and you can enter for free. And it is crucial that you have entered the same lottery draw of the lottery where your PI family member has been picked as a winner, in order to receive the 10% on top. So even if you are not picked as a winner, one simple click to enter could bring you up to 1,000,000 U.S. dollars just as a bonus. So my recommendation—do not miss any draw at Lotto Madness! http://lottomadness.net


And within the PI galaxy you have more chances to win. I am proud to announce that today we are launching our new Prize Mania in our new and modern design. Please check it out.




For those of you who have not seen our new Prize Mania splash page you can check it out at




(Chat was opened for some feedback – all feedback was positive and excited)


As you can see at Prize Mania we are celebrating more than 100,000 winners picked since we launched it in 2012. And that is because we are picking a winner every 10 minutes. At the beginning for those who remember it was every 15 minutes, and now it is every 10 minutes. And the rules have not changed, that means the winner needs to click the button at Prize Mania within 60 minutes, because with 6 different categories and picking a new winner every 10 minutes, that means that for each category we pick a new winner every 60 minutes. And that means that the current winner has exactly 60 minutes to click and confirm the winning of the prize. If it is not clicked, we will have the next winner picked after 60 minutes.


And in Prize Mania as well, we have the five generation bonus rules. If someone in your five generations is winning at Prize Mania, you will receive 10%. And now you might say, “Hey how do I get 10% of a smart phone?” Ha-ha, that would look funny. So at Prize Mania of course if it is a cash jackpot you would receive 10% in cash; if it is anything else you will receive 10% of the value in DEALPoints.


When you check the new Prize Mania page (www.prizemania.net), when you scroll down you will see the new testimonial box from our winner Sasha from Serbia. And he was so kind to send us tons of photos from his trip to Las Vegas and a long written report. We will add some photos and some text so that you can read it in his words. By the way he is not the only winner. We have had a second cash jackpot winner at Prize Mania, and two weeks ago a member from Canada won 500 dollars in jewelry. And now that we have Prize Mania in our new design, I am pretty sure that we will celebrate winners even more often. 


So what else am I able to share with you today?


We have another launch today and this is a huge step for us.  Because it is so huge, we will have to do the launch step by step.  Some of you already have received an invitation to join our brand new BOBL CHAT!!! Yes guys you have heard it right, we have our own BOBL CHAT now where you can chat by sending text messages, and of course audio and even video chat. You will be able to send files, documents, as well as audio, and video messages. I can tell you that I downloaded it yesterday and installed in on my desktop computer, and it is great!


Right after the webinar, those of you who have already received an invitation, will be able to install, to start using it and to report all those small bugs and glitches that we still have there. Each and every day, from now on, we will add more people to the BOBL Chatters. And guess when… on November 11 it will be released to the public. So don't be surprised if you receive a message, "Hey, please join the BOBL CHAT." This is not fake, this is real.


About our new rewards system, you know that We Share Success is our new rewards central for the whole PI galaxy. We found out that it is very, very difficult to have it installed and displayed for some of the projects and adding it to more projects step by step, so we have decided to launch it fully on November 11 as well. So we will reopen We Share Success. Right now when you go there you will see our Halloween placeholder, and when we've reopened We Share Success you will find some new stuff after login, however you won't find a new rewards system yet. So we will go offline again with We Share Success; this is expected to take place starting on Monday, November 9 going through November 11.


Please understand that with our new rewards system—because it is affecting a total of six generations (one is the person who receives the reward and then five generations up) and with our existing PI family of about 800,000 people registered and activated—we have to be very, very careful that we keep the old structures, and at the same time add the new functions.


And there is one thing left that I can tell you what will happen on November 11, and that is that we will finally launch the next season of our Global Talent Contest. We will have a huge surprise for all our global artists because on November 11 we will launch a musical official world record attempt, which means that we all together will try to break an existing officially filed world record with the Guinness Book of World Records. This will be part of our new season of our Global Talent Contest. This will be just one more thing that happens within our PI galaxy that will be picked up by news sources all over the world. Because on November 11 we will start our huge global marketing campaign as well.

That is it for today and thank you for listening. Our next general webinar is, guess what, on November 11. Have a great rest of your Sunday. I know for some of you it is even already Monday, so have a great week and thank you for listening.

WAZZZUUUUUUUBBBBBB, remember to bobl, bobl, bobl, bobl, bobl, and very soon with our brand new BOBL CHAT as well, of course directly at bobl.us.

Thank you guys, talk to you soon, take care and bye-bye.


With your success in mind,

Dan Settgast and your

WAZZUB Support Team

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General Webinar Recap October 15, 2015

General Webinar Recap

October 15, 2015

Presented by: Gee DaCosta, Dan Settgast & Suresh Kumar



From Gee:

Hello everybody, it is so great to see everyone here today! Let's start first of all with our famous salute, WAZZZUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUBBBBBBBBB!!!!!!!


It has to be with a lot of EnerGEE because we have lots of great news; not just great news today but also great news for your future. It is our mission to bring you the good news all the time.  You know that we are not perfect yet, but that is one of our goals to be the perfect place on the Internet for everyone, for every Internet user. So sometimes we have to have news that is not so good because we're not perfect, but that does not mean I will have bad news for you today. No, no, no! All it means is that we are not perfect yet, that's it.


So today I would like to start this webinar a little bit out of the ordinary. We usually end these webinars with our LotteFree jackpot drawing, today however, we're going to do things the opposite and begin with our LotteFree jackpot drawing first.


We can have more than one winner, so it is our wish to put a smile on some of your faces. So we're going to start with the jackpot drawing for LotteFree. Go grab your numbers, get them ready, grab your favorite beverages as well, put your feet up, and let's draw the numbers. We wish you all good luck!


OK guys we are going to draw the first number, and as you know there are four numbers to match. If you match all four numbers you are the winner and our jackpot today is 6,420 USD and we know that will make someone or some of you very happy! OK so out of the four numbers, we're gonna draw the last number first starting from the right.


Here we go!

Spinning....  Spinning....  Spinning...  And stopping at number 6!

_ _ _ 6


So if you have number 6 as the last number in your sequence of four you're still in the game!

Now let's draw the next number.

Spinning....  Spinning....  Spinning...  And stopping at number 3!

_ _ 3 6


So if your last two digits are 36 in your row as the last number in your sequence of four you're still in the game!

Now let's draw the next number.

Spinning....  Spinning....  Spinning...  And stopping at number 8!

_ 8 3 6


So if your last three digits are 836 in your row as the last number in your sequence of four you're still in the game!

Now let's draw the last number.

Spinning....  Spinning....  Spinning...  And stopping at number 7!

7 8 3 6


So if you have the sequence of 7836 you are the winner in our $ 6420 jackpot drawing!


(Chat was opened and no one claimed to be the winner during the webinar)


So unfortunately we did not have a winner to claim the prize today during the webinar; however, I'm going to make an announcement right now that will put a smile on your face starting right now. Our next jackpot drawing with LotteFree will be on November 11, 2015. You know that on November 11 we have the fourth anniversary of PI. We have a lot of great things that are going to happen that day with a lot of great news and we're adding more great news today. Because it is our first anniversary of LotteFree, on that day, we will have a winner because it will be a special jackpot drawing. We will have a guaranteed winner, and you know why? Because we are not going to stop drawing numbers until a lucky one, two, or three or who knows how many are a winner that day. Just because it is our first anniversary of LotteFree and the fourth anniversary of the PI galaxy. It is a special day and a very, special date.


Most people who don't know us yet, in the future they will definitely be wishing that they had known us before, like you all have. We have been here since the beginning, since the inception as the WAZZUB family. We have gone through the good and the bad and you know, we don't have to talk about it. We want to show up like a galaxy with many bright shining stars. I foresee that we will make jealous many of the big guys out there who've been out on the web for a long time; we'll make them think twice, we'll make them really jealous. But, it is not our intention; our intention is simply to be special, to be the perfect and safest place for people and families to play, shop, and have fun on the Internet. 


Guess what? The winner of the LotteFree jackpot drawing on November 11 will be invited to Las Vegas and PI will pick up the expenses, which include: your roundtrip flight from whatever country you are from to Las Vegas, plus four nights accommodation, you will receive your prize on stage at one of our shows (because you know we will have daily shows in Las Vegas), you will receive your prize in cash, and you will receive tickets for a show. That is really going to be special!


Let me refresh your memory... Play LotteFree like crazy, like you never have before, because you not only will receive the money, but you will get to meet all of the people who work behind the scenes to make all of this happen in Las Vegas! And that is going to be awesome; to shake your hand and give you a hug, congratulate you, and you will have the time of your life in Las Vegas. Pretty exciting stuff right!?


So I want to know, who is going to be this winner on November 11? I want to hear some excitement so we will open the chat for a little bit.


(Chat was opened and everyone is very excited and wants to be the winner)


It is going to be fun! So you know what you have to do, play LotteFree like crazy!


One more thing before the next topic, I want to remind you that we do the best that we can always, again we are not perfect—yet. We always do the best that we can to make you happy. You know we offer all these free and amazing services for you to win at LotteFree, Prize Mania, etc. And… I want you to get in your mind the Jackpot Directory. Guys, if you are not supporting some of your stars, please start doing it now. You know the Jackpot Directory is an amazing and beautiful sight and right at this moment we have jackpots waiting to be won. We have at least half billion dollars waiting to be won. You know at the Jackpot Directory it is always free, so enter the free drawings as often as you possibly can. Think about it; one day we will win and when we do, you win!!! I say we will win, because you all know that nothing in this world takes the place of persistence and we played all the draws up to 30 lotteries in the world persistently and not only that but consistently every week, every draw. And when we win because of our persistence, what do you think is going to happen? Do you think the world will know us then? The only free, fun, real worthy site on the Internet that will give them a chance to win millions for free. Do you think we will draw the world's attention? Surely we will.


What do you think this will do for the worth of our companies in our galaxy? You know traffic, traffic, traffic, traffic on the Internet is where the gold is. When you get there guys, the company wins and consequently our members win, especially YOU here and our future members have the chance to win millions as well. So please when we're done go to the Jackpot Directory http://www.jackpot.directory/  and enter the free draws, let your five generations know about it, because if you don't tell them some of them won't know. Remember traffic, traffic, traffic is the name of the game on the Internet.


Now let's change the subject here. You know guys in our highlights for today's webinar, one of our topics is the We Share Success rewards plan so today you are going to learn not only about the rewards plan for We Share Success, but you will learn it from the best. And who is the best to tell you all about it? No one else but Dan himself. So please guys give your full undivided attention to our main man Dan.



From Dan:

Thank you Gee for the great news so far. So talking about LotteFree, when you check free lotteries or so called free prize draws on the Internet, you always find a catch. But not with LotteFree. We don't send spam emails to any members, you know that. Those of you who have played LotteFree so far you know you have not received any emails with unwanted advertising, or from other people that “we might have sold your email address to.” You know that some places sell your emails and send you lots of spam and stuff like that. We're not doing that. LotteFree is just one of our many, many ways that we say THANK YOU to you for being one of our valued members.


And Gee already told you that we will have a guaranteed winner on November 11, so if you want to have a good chance to win, go to LotteFree http://www.lottefree.com/ , invite some people, invest some DEALPoints if you have them, and increase your chances of winning and be qualified for the monthly jackpot drawing. I know that the jackpot with $ 500 added would be somewhere around 6900 something, but we will make it a straight $ 7000. So the jackpot draw next month on November 11 will be a jackpot of 7000 U.S. dollars, and we will pay your flight ticket and a hotel in Las Vegas so that you can come here, meet us and get your prize money in cash in your hands, live on stage here in Las Vegas as our biggest jackpot winner so far. 

Because you know Sasha from Serbia won a little bit more than $ 5000 in Prize Mania http://www.prizemania.net/ , and we invited him here as well. Those of you who are connected with him, ask him and he will tell you the story. He received real money and a real flight ticket, everything is real. He met me, he met Gee and other team members and it was really exciting for him. I wish him all the best.


And talking about Prize Mania and just in case you are thinking that you are simply clicking here and there and nobody ever wins anything, let me tell you that we have had several Prize Mania winners from our prize draws every 10 minutes; and of course it is difficult to win because you only have 60 minutes to find out if you are a winner. I can tell you for example that just last week, one nice lady from Canada won real genuine jewelry valued at 500 US dollars in Prize Mania. So it is not fake, it is for REAL guys and if you don't click, you will never win at Prize Mania. And if you don't enter at LotteFree, you won't be the next jackpot winner. And if you don't enter the lottery draws at Jackpot Directory, you will never be able to win a prize there. And of course I know, like you know, the chances to win a lottery jackpot is 1 to 100,000,000 for example or maybe even 150,000,000, or whatever. And normally it is expensive to buy lottery tickets, especially when you buy lottery tickets for many different lotteries. But at Lotto Madness (Jackpot Directory), We play and YOU win! And by playing several bundles of numbers and several lotteries, the chances to win a jackpot is much, much higher than if you would just buy one lottery ticket one time and pay your hard money for it.


And as you know at the Jackpot Directory, we have the highest amount of prize money waiting for you. If we win one of the big jackpots, and right now the jackpots we are hunting are adding up to more than 250,000,000 U.S. dollars, which is more than a quarter billion dollars. And if we win 1 jackpot, then one, two, three or maybe even more of you will win up to 10,000,000 U.S. dollars!!!


Honestly for me winning $ 10,000,000 would change a lot in my life and I'm pretty sure it is the same for you. And here in the PI galaxy, you have a real chance to win it and you don't even have to pay for the lottery tickets. And at the new Lotto Madness website we are displaying every single lottery ticket that we play and we are playing the most famous, biggest jackpots in the world – REAL Lotteries. That means you can always check to see if we have won, not by just believing us but by checking on the official lottery websites - check the numbers on our ticket and check the winning numbers of the lottery and see if we have won. 


And again we do not send you any spam, or any unwanted emails, we do not sell your e-mail address to any third parties.  The Jackpot Directory again, is one of our many ways to say THANK YOU for being one of our members.


And of course we are displaying ads at LotteFree, and Prize Mania, and at Jackpot Directory, because that's how we earn money. But we display only “Ads you can trust”; handpicked ads from our business partners from the PerfectPages and of course ads for our other websites and projects. So you are safe. The only thing that can happen is that you are the next winner. That isn't too bad huh?!


Now let us talk about the brand new We Share Success rewards plan. As you might know, originally We Share Success has been planned as a project separated from the PI galaxy, but there has been a major change. We Share Success will not only be a part of the PI galaxy, but it will be the rewards central for all our websites. We Share Success will be the page where you can see all your rewards from all our PI galaxy pages. As you know, all members are qualified to collect DEALPoints for many activities.  For example: searching the web with our Safest Web Search http://www.perfectsear.ch/ , for inviting other free members, for recommending businesses at the PerfectPages http://perfectpag.es/ , for sharing an emotional video at Pure Emotions http://www.pureemotions.net/ , and so on, and so on.


Starting on November 1, We Share Success is your place to find all your DEALPoints from all our websites. And you will find your DEALPoints account with a current statement telling you where you have earned DEALPoints. Because we have received many emails asking, "Hey, I found some DEALPoints in my account, can you tell me where they're from?" In the future, you will know exactly where they come from.


And in the past we have had different rules for each website on how to collect DEALPoints. And yes it was not that easy to follow and understand the rules. And we have had no place where you could check for all the rules so that you could have known exactly what to do to collect some more free DEALPoints. And that is why we decided to make We Share Success the Rewards Central for the whole PI galaxy and that is why we decided to set up a brand new rewards plan for the whole PI galaxy, which will be activated on November 1, 2015.

I will share all the details with you today, and then between now and November 1 we will add the new rules to our existing websites step by step, so that on November 1 everything is set up for you and for your PI family.

So let me explain the new We Share Success and rewards plan and why it is so special. First, and most important, it is FREE and it will stay FREE FOREVER to join and to collect DEALPoints. This, anyway makes us different and separate from most other offers out there on the Internet to collect rewards. But it is getting even better, so here we go:


As a general member, as well as of course with any higher membership level, but as a general member, free member, you are qualified to collect DEALPoints. And you will be able, to collect DEALPoints for things that you do anyway on the Internet, like recommending businesses, sharing videos, doing web searches, etc.; only now you get rewarded for doing it. Of course the easiest way to collect free DEALPoints is by inviting other free members to join. So far, you might say “Hey that is nothing new.” But now, listen carefully because now it is getting really exciting.


From now on, when you are active on one of our pages and you collect DEALPoints, you will receive not only DEALPoints for your activity, but you will receive DEALPoints for all the activities on that website from members within your five generations of your PI family. Let me give you an example. You are using the Safest Web Search and like before you receive DEALPoints for using the Safest Web Search. The new part is that when you are using the Safest Web Search, you will receive DEALPoints for every web search that one of your five generations deep family members have done. Whenever they do a web search, you will be rewarded as well. If you shared a video at Pure Emotions, you are qualified to receive additional DEALPoints whenever one of your PI family members five generations deep, is sharing a video at Pure Emotions. And so on, and so on, and so on. And on each website, as well as the collected info for all websites on We Share Success, you will know exactly what to do to qualify for these additional DEALPoints.


And there is a fixed formula, I promised you that we would make it easier to follow the rules and to understand where DEALPoints come from; so we have one formula for all our websites and that is:


Of course the member doing the activity will receive 100% of the reward, let's say for example 10 DEALPoints. So 100% goes to the active member. Now here is the new part: 5 times 10% of the reward (in this case 1 DEALPoint, 5 times) will go to the five upper generations of that member. Or from your point of view, 5 generations down you will receive 10% of whatever one of your family members received for their activity.


Let us stay with Pure Emotions. Five generations below you—so you invited someone, they invite invited someone, they invited someone, and they invited someone, and they invited someone; so five generations deep, there's a high chance you don't even know that person, however because you invited the first now this person is in your PI five generation family. And when this person is sharing a video on Pure Emotions, you would receive extra DEALPoints, 10% of what the active person received. But only if you are qualified, and you are qualified when you have been active at Pure Emotions as well.


We will have fixed rules so that you know exactly what to do in order to be qualified. And it is always the same formula: 100% for the active member, and five times 10% of the rewards as a bonus for the five generations up.


But it is getting even better!!!

We have talked about LotteFree, and we have talked about Lotto Madness earlier today. We will have the same rules here, the same formula. So if you are participating, by entering the prize draws and the lottery draws, if one of your PI family members five generations deep is a winner, you are automatically a winner as well! So that means that on November 11, when we have our guaranteed winner at the LotteFree jackpot draw for our $ 7000 jackpot, there could be automatically up to five more winners winning 10% on top, so that is $ 700! The only thing to be qualified is that you need to have entered LotteFree draws between today and November 10.


And yes, that means that if one of your family members (5 generations deep) is entering a lottery draw at Lotto Madness and is lucky to become a winner in a specific draw, if you have entered the same draw as well, you will receive 10% of what your family member has won; meaning if they win 10,000,000 USD, even without being a winner you would receive 1,000,000 USD, just because one of your family members won.


And now I already hear some people who don't understand saying “Oh this is MLM, this is a pyramid… this is whatever.” Guys, this is not MLM, which stands for multi-level marketing, this is MGR ─ multi generation rewards, free rewards for free activities for free members. We're talking about gifts here, we're talking about our very, very special way to say thank you, sharing our success with you. This is not about buying, selling, paying money, membership fees, registration fees, or whatever. FREE FOREVER, like we have promised right from the beginning nearly four years ago. 


And you know that beside the general membership level, there is another free membership level as an affiliate member. And affiliate members, are able on top of DEALPoints to collect CASHPoints. And what I will tell you today is that affiliate members will find the same rules for CASHPoints as well. That means they do not just receive CASHPoints for their specific activities (which are different from the activities for DEALPoints, that's why I say on top of DEALPoints), but they will receive bonus CASHPoints five generations deep as well, with the same formula. So we made it really easy: 100% for the active member and five times 10% for the five generations up.


And we will have another general webinar before November 11; this webinar will be on November 1, 2015 at 12:00 PM USA PDT.  On November 1 I will explain all the missing details to you.


And now another very important question: if you are able to collect so many DEALPoints in the future, where can you spend the DEALPoints and what can you get for DEALPoints?


And this is the point where I will give the mic back to Gee because Gee will introduce you to our new Free Shopping Club!  Gee please take over. And guys thank you for listening.


(Chat was opened in between for some feedback, feedback is overwhelmingly positive everyone is happy saying it is great news and quite amazing!)


Gee just pinged me, and he is having some challenges with GVO so if you agree I will introduce you to the Free Shopping Club. 


OK generally you have two ways to spend your DEALPoints. This is important for you because we know that thousands of you have collected thousands of DEALPoints over the last few years. I know that some of you already used the chance to order some stuff with DEALPoints through our deals pages. But here as well it is getting even better now. There are two ways from now on to spend your DEALPoints:


Way number one is: for each DEALPoint you receive a free entry at LotteFree. Additionally you receive free entries for inviting others to join LotteFree, but you can get additional entries one per DEALPoint. And as we have a guaranteed winner on November 11, you should think about if it makes sense to get some additional entries at LotteFree.


The second and brand new way to spend your DEALPoints is by SHOPPING for FREE. And you know if we say free, we mean free and that is why we have created the Free Shopping Club. At the Free Shopping Club the biggest dream of every shopper just came true! You join for free (of course as an existing member you simply sign in with your PI or BOBL credentials) and you collect free DEALPoints as I just explained it to you, and you use the DEALPoints to shop for free. This means on the brand new Free Shopping Club web site, you will find products in seven different categories: you'll find e-books, you'll find toys, home and garden, jewelry, sports and outdoors, health and beauty, and the category electronics. I am pretty sure that everyone will find exciting products.


Just to give an example let me click on “more” under Electronics, and the first items that I can see are an Apple iPhone 6, a Sony Walkman MP3 Video Player, a Garmin navigation system, and scrolling down I can see a Samsung Galaxy smart phone, an HP laptop, a Nokia smart phone, a PlayStation, a karaoke system, an Acer desktop computer, and so on, and so on, and so on.


And each product has what you would normally name a price tag, and on this price tag there is no dollar amount but a DEALPoints amount. So you can check your balance for how many DEALPoints you have and then you can browse the categories; and of course you can sort the categories from low to high so that you can see exactly which products you can shop for free, or for which other products you might collect some more DEALPoints so that you can order them.


Let me tell you one thing, as you might know, DEALPoints have no fixed value and the prices for the free shopping products in DEALPoints are not fixed. So one day when you check the Free Shopping Club, you might find a smart phone for 100 DEALPoints and then you should be fast because these offers are always just for the first member who grabs that item. So if you were to check that tomorrow, the price might be higher. And that's why it is not a price tag, because the Free Shopping Club is another way for us to say THANK YOU for being an active member.



The Free Shopping Club is our gift to you. If you are one of the many members who collected DEALPoints and you have some DEALPoints, feel free to check out the Free Shopping Club and to order if you find something that you would like to have, if you have enough DEALPoints. The starting price is 100 DEALPoints for some items. And no matter wherever you live on this beautiful planet, shipping is included. That means that depending on where you live and depending on where we have to order the selected item from, it will take 6 to 8 weeks until you will receive your free shopping item. And as we have thousands of members with more than 100 DEALPoints, depending on the amount of orders that we will receive within the next one or two weeks, that could cause another delay of a week or two, because it is new for us as it is new for you.


Officially, the Free Shopping Club will launch on November 1.  That makes sense because on November 1 we will have the new rewards system setup. But I wanted to have the Free Shopping Club opened today for our existing members so that you are able to be the first to order. And even if I have said it would take up to six, seven, eight weeks or maybe even 10 weeks, of course we will do whatever we can to have the first people who received free shopping items as soon as possible (those who ordered not through our deals pages, but ordered here at our brand new Free Shopping Club website.) Because you know other people will say “Hey, this is too good to be true. Joining for free, collecting free DEALPoints, and then shopping for free, and even shipping is included, this must be fake, scam, or whatever.” So you ─ by ordering ─ you help us to give proof that we are for real.



And the URL for our Free Shopping Club is



It is easy like that. Guys check out the Free Shopping Club. The domain should work, understand it is brand new so it might be not yet online all around the world. Unfortunately I have to leave now for my next meeting, so Suresh perhaps take over here; of course as our Mr. President he is involved and knows what's happening.


On Saturday we will have our special webinar exclusively for PI Founding members. OK thank you guys, have a nice weekend, bye-bye and wazzuuubbbbbb!


From Suresh:

Yes there is a small glitch, the programmers are aware of it and they're on top of it, it should be fixed ASAP. OK guys, like Dan explained, there is a wide variety of products available, you will find products from the high and all the way to the average product, of quality and of substance for members to enjoy.

Gee is back, so Gee the mic is all yours.


From Gee:

Oh my goodness, I have never had so much trouble in my life getting back into our GVO system. Thank you Suresh, I appreciate you taking over right there with Dan, and I'm sure that Dan did a great job explaining everything to you guys. I'm sure you are all excited. Got lost in translation here but I'm sure the message is delivered. I just want to re-emphasize the importance of playing LotteFree; do that as much as you can.  Tell your five generations to do the same. I am sure Dan explained to you what happens when someone wins in one of your generations, not only that but also in our Lotto Madness.  When they win - you win - and we win. That is the most incredible definition of a win-win-win! So I am sure that Dan told you all about that; I'm not going to repeat it because Dan is always flawless, he does not let even one thing escape.


Guys I just wanted to let you know that we are eager as you are for our next general webinar on November 1, 2015 at 12:00 PM US PDT.


On our November 11 general webinar we will have our huge jackpot drawing for LotteFree at 11:00 AM US Pacific time. You want to be in this webinar. And maybe even you will be a winner of the LotteFree. And we want to meet you in Las Vegas - one, two, three or however many of you will win. So what you have to do to make it happen, is simply play, play, and play like you have never played before. What does it mean? Have fun! That's what we do, we conduct serious business here but we also love to have fun and we share and spread the fun. Now how much more fun will it be when you meet us in Vegas? So I know we have been here for a long time on this webinar, your ears might hurt but keep the dates guys. Keep your eyes on the PI news, on the blog, on the Wazzub community, and also in the Skype rooms, wherever you are. Don't be left behind.


With that guys I wanna say thank you for sticking around for so long today. I hope you are just a little bit or a lot happier then you were before the webinar, I sure am! I am looking forward to our next one. So have fun playing guys, we will talk to you very soon. Wazzuuuuuuuuubbbb, have a great day and week everyone and take care.


With your success in mind,

Gee DaCosta, Dan Settgast, Suresh Kumar, and your

WAZZUB Support Team

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General Webinar Recap September 16, 2015

General Webinar Recap

September 16, 2015

Presented by Gee DaCosta


Hello everybody, wazzub!

Welcome to another family gathering, we are all very glad that you're here. You know that we have been here together as a family for quite some time now and we want to make this relationship last a lifetime for us. We as a family at PI, we do everything we possibly can to make it fun and rewarding for everyone. Of course, we are human and sometimes we fall short.  We do what we can, we have just not learned how to do magic yet. If we did, we would definitely make everyone here a winner every time. Since the beginning, it was always meant to be a win-win situation for everyone. And since we can't do magic, you can use your magic fingers to type in and participate in every single one of our projects. At least 66 of us here have done that and continue to do that. Since you are here, I don't have to tell you because you already know about what we offer. However, it is always good to be reminded.

We love to have fun and our favorite saying is "If it ain't fun, don't do it." And if you are not having fun doing what you like, what is the point, right? And that's why we do the things that we do for our members; to try and change their lives for the better in many ways, and one of them is financially. We offer LotteFree, Lotto madness formerly ─ now Jackpot Directory, which is amazing, and Prize Mania – just to name a few.

Today we will talk specifically about LotteFree – that is what we are all here for. So in LotteFree, we have an amazing more than 4572 winners of small prizes! However we have yet to find the big cash jackpot draw. We have been trying to give this cash away since the beginning of LotteFree. Let's see if we can change that today. I am hoping that one of you, since you are a committed and relentless participant, let's see if we can award one of you guys, or maybe even two or three because there could be more than one winner.

So today we're going for $ 5920!

That could change your financial situation at least a little bit.  With no further ado, let's get right to it! Grab your numbers, cross your fingers, say your prayers, and even better feel in your heart that you have already won – feel that you are the winner.  Think about it because you now that thoughts become things.  Always choose the good thoughts. So think of yourself as the winner of the big jackpot drawing today. Good luck to all of you and let's go.

As always, we start from the last number and work backwards in sequence; if you match all four of the numbers in sequence you are the winner!

I'm ready; Are you ready?

Ready, set, go!

Spinning...  Spinning....  Spinning...  And stopping at number... 4!

_ _ _ 4

So let's go for the second number, here we go.

Spinning...  Spinning....  Spinning...  And stopping at number... 2!

_ _ 2 4

Number two is the next number drawn, so if your last two numbers are 24 you are still in the game.

So let's go for the third number, here we go.

Spinning...  Spinning....  Spinning...  And stopping at number... 2!

_ 2 2 4

Number two is the next number drawn, so if your last three numbers are 224 you are still in the game.

So let's go for the final number, here we go.

Spinning...  Spinning....  Spinning...  And stopping at number... 0!

0 2 2 4

So if you have a sequence of 0224 you are the winner! Our LotteFree jackpot is worth $ 5920! I hope that one of you here is the winner, let's open the chat and see if we have the winner present today.

(Chat was opened – no one claimed to be the winner today.)

Not to worry folks, if we don’t have a winner, $ 500 will be added to our cash jackpot for next month's drawing which means next month's drawing will be worth $ 6420! Keep on playing because you just never know.

We appreciate all of you joining us here. Even though we have not had a winner yet, you're still here persisting and pushing forward and that is the only way you'll be successful. Just like an advertiser on the Internet, if you're selling something and you put an ad one time and that is it, you won't sell very much. But if you keep persisting and put an ad every day and people see it every day, it will stick in people's minds like a subliminal message. So keep on playing LotteFree and check out our amazing jackpot directory where we are playing consistently and relentlessly every week. We hunt the biggest jackpots in the world and give you the chance to win up to ,000,000 for FREE. The only thing you have to do is to play consistently for yourself. We are not going to stop playing it, so you shouldn't either. It's free, it's fun, so why not play. Not just that, why not share it as well. Remember we're not selling anything we're giving it to you for free. Let’s play and share.

Also Prize Mania, remember to check if you are a winner there.  We have winners every 10 minutes in Prize Mania every day. And explore our PI galaxy, you are a huge contribution to the creation of this galaxy and all the stars are there for your enjoyment.  Remember you can't win if you don't play.

As always, we appreciate you being here, patiently and enthusiastically. And I know that in your heart you are already a winner because you're on the win-win-win team. And we are not going to stop. I wanna thank you all for being here one more time, and let's add more people to our family by giving them the prize of sharing your link. And we will definitely see you next month for the next jackpot drawing, thanks again for being here guys, we love you all. Thank you Rose, Cate, Rod, thank you all brothers and sisters around the world, all the best to everyone and wazzuuuuuuuuuuub!


With your success in mind,

Gee DaCosta, and your

WAZZUB Support Team

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General Webinar Recap August 24, 2015

General Webinar Recap

August 24, 2015

Presented by Gee DaCosta



Hey, how is everyone doing today? This is a great day for us and we have some great info for all of you. We are going to go a little bit slow because I want to make sure that everybody gets the exciting messages as they're supposed to be. So bear with me because we are The Power of WE, which means all of us together, and we need to get this information through because it will change the way people see the Internet. We are The Power of WE and we are creating everything together as a whole. But first our main salute, Wazzuuuuuuuub world here we come!


OK so let's go ahead and get started. First of all, we have all been eagerly awaiting our Most Famous Award show. However, for reasons beyond our control we have to postpone our show, which means we have canceled it for now. Again, this is for reasons we cannot control. It does not mean that we are not going to work with our artists. We are in the process of making this big award show even bigger and better! However when will this take place, we're not sure at this time, yet it will happen. You know that everything we have promised since the beginning, is in the process of being fulfilled. Great things take great time. And you know we don’t do things half-way; we do it all, or we don’t do at all! So everything we have said that we were going to do, we have done, and we are still doing a lot of the projects.


The big show in Vegas is going to take place in the very near future, and this will be a much bigger event then we had originally anticipated. Now some of you may see this as bad news, however the way I see it and maybe you can follow me, is that it is a blessing for all of us that we are again for reasons beyond our control delaying the show. What are the blessings in this? Let me tell you, this will give everyone more time to plan, more time to get your ducks together, more time for the company to improve, more time as we wait for the IPO, and generally more time for us all to have more money in our pockets, and more success under our belts. So rest assured that for the second Most Famous Award show, the plans are to make it memorable and much bigger and much better, and we will definitely keep you posted as to what is coming.


Now while we are working on this, we are also working with some of the artists. You know that we have a winner, everyone knows her name, and it is Miruna. Miruna has her first song, of course she has her whole album, but her first song now is already being professionally produced, and the name is “Do Some Good (The Power of We)”. I'm going to show you right now just a snippet of her video. Please understand that this is not the final version; it is just to bring you up to date about what we are currently working on with her. Another thing that you must know is that we have a contract with the Vu-Records and that this song and her whole album are going to be available in shops of all kinds around the world. Right now, I am going to share with you the YouTube link.




Guys isn't that amazing! This is what we talk about ─ The Power of WE, and this song just might change the way the world works if people listen to the words. We find the right people, at the right time, for the right thing. It is no wonder that Miruna won, and we are very happy with her and with Vu-Records, and with The Power of WE.


There are several things to which we are committed, we're committed to change the way how the Internet Works, and one person at a time will change the world as people understand what The Power of WE is all about. That is huge! And every one of you is a big part of it, so be proud. The other thing is that we are all diligently patient with our projects as we develop them. Just rest assured that this is the biggest project on the Internet and we don't have any deadlines to finish it, it is going to be an ongoing process and it will get even more exciting as we move forward.


So you know that you must keep an eye on PI news, the blogs, participate in the webinars with Dan, me, Suresh and also the Directors and our country managers, to know what is coming up next. For sure you will be drawn in and you will know the next steps.


Now let's talk about We Share Success (WSS) because of course we have all been waiting, again patiently, for the development of that big star WSS. What I'm going to do now is show you a lot of improvements and the release of our superstar WSS.


I am going to post a link over here, please follow my directions so you can see some of the major improvements on WSS. First, what I want you to do is log in. We're gonna take this slow so that we all stay on the same page.




Now, you see in the top of the page you see the menu with things like Language, Directors, Co-founders, etc. Click on Videos first.


You are going to see all the projects that we are working on: Prize Mania Videos, Free Shopping Club Videos etc.


For now follow me.  Click on BOBL videos. Here you can see all the videos that we have already produced for BOBL, and there may be more in the near future.


I am now just showing you the improvements, but when we are done with the webinar you can check all this and do your homework.


Now follow me on this one here too, right below the Videos button where you clicked, there is another button labeled Projects, so click there next. Now over here you will see our projects in development, our upcoming projects and you see that WSS creates projects based on the feedback and ideas from our members, needless to say The Power of WE. You can explore this later on as well, after the webinar.


If now go back to the menu above, in the button below the Projects button, you will see Marketing Tools—click there. To the left you will see some tools and again you can explore this after the webinar.


These are things you have not seen before, this is material that is in everyone's best interest to explore. And as we speak, you know our superstar Cliff Tavares, he is creating banners and more banners. We will have an arsenal of marketing tools.


Now let's go back to the menu again and click on Co-founders.  You know that before this improvement here on the Co-founders page we had a lot of boxes of our Co-founders without pictures.  That did not look good, it never did to me and am pretty sure you did not like it either. So all the members who do not have a picture on WSS, we do not show them in the boxes anymore. So if you are one of them and you want to be on this page, which gives you a credibility, you must add your picture.


No picture = you can’t be on this page. If you have a friend who you know does not have a picture, let them know. Again you can explore this later on as well.


Now at the top, look where you see WSS News feed. This is also a new improvement and as you can see the first post is “A Great Opportunity Awaits You! Become a Country Manager!” We're going to bring you news right to this page as well; news and information that everyone must have and know. Our projects will always be improving and right now we're nearly where we want to be.


Now click on the We Share Success logo in the top left corner (come back there so you can explore more later). I just wanted to show you the Free Shopping Club that we have here, right below the Free Stuff. This you can see if you scroll a bit down, on the right. This is also something new.


With WSS we are ready to rock and roll! So when we're done here, you have a lot of fun work to do because you know “If it ain't fun don't do it”—so make sure to have fun.


Now what I'm going to talk about is something extremely exciting as well, and that is Lotto Madness! You know that we have been playing six of the highest jackpots in the world; we have been doing this for quite some time. We're patient, however we have not had a chance yet to win the big jackpot, nevertheless you know that nothing takes the place of persistence and consistency. We wanted to make this even more attractive, better, and maybe even easier to win. With the main goal being to make it extremely attractive for new members with the idea of “not giving them a way to say no.” So we have changed a little bit in the direction that we were going and one of the changes is that instead of hunting only six of the highest jackpots in the world, now we're hunting up to 50 different lotteries, with the minimum being the top 5 highest jackpots in the world. Right now, we are hunting one that is up to $ 340,000,000. I will show you a link of what I am talking about here; I want you to click this link and see the beauty that we are creating.




So this page is called Jackpot Directory. On this page, you will see the 5 jackpots that we are hunting right now, plus an extra one making the total 6 today. Every day we will have at least the top 5 highest jackpots with the option for more as their prizes grow. You can register or login and click on the “We play – You Win” Button to be registered for the draw in each lottery. You can also click on “Play your own numbers” to pick your own personal lucky numbers.


Guys we have assimilated in one place up to 50 different jackpots from around the world! You don't have to leave the comfort of your sofa or chair in order for you to participate in one, two, five, 10, or up to 50 jackpots and lotteries for your chance of winning. You're never going to find this in any other page or any other site or business on the Internet. We are not only making it easier, we are making it attractive, and the best part is that it's FREE, except when you play your own numbers. Regardless, we hunt a minimum of 5 biggest Jackpots in the world, all you have to do is register and play!


Here's the other thing, as we say “If it ain't fun, don't do it,” on the bottom of each of the boxes of the “Play Your Own Numbers” page (http://www.jackpot.directory/playown.php) you will see Facebook and Twitter Buttons, so with a click of a button you can share it all over the world via Twitter and Facebook. Remember, the more we share collectively, the more exposure we will gain, and that leads to more success for the entire PI Galaxy. Pretty exciting right? It is very exciting!


So let us switch gears here guys, there is something else exciting that you have been waiting for! And me too! And that is the BOBL CAM! You know that our team of developers have been working hard to make things possible, easier for everyone and more exciting. So right now, I will share with you a link for the BOBL Cam and before I do that I want to let you know a couple of things.




It is good to go on android smart phones and tablets, the iPhone version is in the final stage of testing. We expect that to happen in about a week or so. You can download the app for your android smart phone or tablet.


Guys this is getting super exciting, keep up your positive attitude, your patience and your support; and do your sharing, encourage others to do theirs as well because we are all in this together.  We are the Power of We and the more exposure ─ the more success! And you know well that our next 2 IPOs are BOBL and WSS after PI, so remember, this is our family business. Everyone counts! Everything you do is helping your project, your business, your success and the word that I love the best is your legacy; this is our legacy that we are building to change the way the Internet Works and therefore to change the lives of so many people around this world, giving them a safe, fun, profitable and exciting place to be on the net. Once they know how amazing we are, they will not want to go anywhere else, and why would they!? So guys every little effort counts. Why talk about little? We are not little, we are big! We are the biggest project on the Internet and therefore, look at yourself, look at our projects, look at us as a whole, look at our family that are doing a huge favor to Internet users all over the world; that's big! So be proud because I am, we are, and we're all working very hard to put a huge smile on the world's face. One by one we will get there.


I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to be here with you, sharing our excitement, our projects, and our motivation to change the things that are wrong in this jungle called the Internet. I wanna thank you all for being here, all of our brothers and sisters because we really are around the world. Thank you Suresh, Rose, Rod, Cliff, Alex, Cate… and we are looking forward to welcome our new players into our playground.


Again I wanna thank you all for being here, let's put the pedal to the metal and let's show with the world what we're all about, and remember to bobl, bobl, bobl, bobl, bobl! And our last salute is, wazzuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuub!  Good bye everybody, see you soon.



With your success in mind,

Gee DaCosta, and your

WAZZUB Support Team


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General Webinar Recap August 17, 2015

General Webinar Recap

August 17, 2015

Presented by Gee DaCosta


Welcome everyone to another fun day at our meeting. Let's get started. First off, all I wanna say is a warm hello to everyone, to all of our family members around the world, and of course our famous salute, wazzuuuuub!

You might notice my voice is a little bit different today because I've just gotten back from visiting family in Brazil for the last five weeks. I was yelling, screaming, singing, and all those crazy things when I was with my family; so I have not regained my voice back yet. But, I'm sure you can relate, when you meet your family it is all love, it is all fun and for sure extremely rewarding.  And now I am back to my family in PI, wazzuuuub! You know we always have fun here too. And you know our Mantra: If it ain’t fun, don’t do it! So today we are going to have some fun.

This is going to be a short webinar. I would like you guys to make a note, that we have a lot of things in preparation and they might happen rather quickly, even more quickly than I expect. I'm not ready to share the details of this with you yet and for that reason we will have another general webinar next Monday, August 24, 2015; and later today I will announce that on our blog.


You heard our song in the beginning of our webinar about how we are one, and we are a family. So what I'm looking for today is someone to win our LotteFree jackpot! We have $ 5420 up for grabs, but only our family is fortunate enough to participate. We're going to go straight to the point because we are hoping that one of you right here will be the lucky winner or winners today, because there could be more than one.

So let us go right ahead and draw our numbers! It is a series of four numbers and as usual we start drawing the numbers starting from the last number on the right first. Then we will draw the next number in this sequence and so on until we have the complete winning number. So grab your numbers, I will grab the wheel, and I wish you all good luck!

Are you ready? Here comes the first number, I'm going to spin the wheel...

Spinning...  Spinning...  Spinning and stopping at lucky number 7!

_ _ _ 7

So if you have number 7 as your last number in your sequence you're still in the game. So let's go and run the next number, here we go...

Spinning...  Spinning...  Spinning and stopping at number 5!

_ _ 5 7

So if you have number 57 as your last numbers in your sequence you're still in the game. So let's go and run the next number, here we go...

Spinning...  Spinning...  Spinning and stopping at number 2!

_ 2 5 7

So if you have number 257 as your last numbers in your sequence you're still in the game. So let's go and run the next number, here we go...

Spinning...  Spinning...  Spinning and stopping at number 2!

2 2 5 7

All right guys, I am hoping that someone has the sequence in order, the winning sequence of numbers is 2257. If you have this number in that exact order, you are the winner of US $ 5420 cash! I know it was not me, let's go ahead open the chat. Please let me know if you are the winner!

(Chat was opened –no winners spoke up during the live webinar)

Guys you know that nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. You know that if you are persistent and you consistently stay persistent you are getting closer than most people are, and that is a great winning attitude! So keep that in mind guys because in our next LotteFree jackpot the drawing the prize will be bigger if no one wins this time around. It will grow even bigger by $ 500.

Guys listen, we do appreciate you guys being here and being excited about everything that we do. You know that we do the best that we can to put a smile on your face. Next week on our next general webinar, we should have a lot more great news. So stay excited because you know that we have been here since 2011 and we are moving in one direction together with the Power of WE. We cannot be wrong guys, we're so close to so many great things that not only us here in our amazing PI galaxy will experience, but our children and their children will also, because we are creating a legacy that most businesses on the Internet will envy and wish they were the ones who thought about it first. Together we will move mountains.

So I want to congratulate all of you for your determination and loyalty to PI.

And please stay tuned for next week’s webinar on Monday. Check the blog later today.

Have a great day, a great week, and all the best! Good-bye and WAZZUB!


With your success in mind,

Gee DaCosta, and your

WAZZUB Support Team


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General Webinar Recap July 16, 2015

General Webinar Recap

July 16, 2015

Presented by Gee DaCosta & Suresh Kumar


Good day and good evening to all of you. I have some news for all of you, I am in Brazil right now and the Internet connection is not as good as it is in the United States. So have patience with us and we'll get to all the exciting updates.

Thank you Rose for being here as you always are; when you guys get a moment give a big hand to Rose, this could not happen without her; she is one of the most amazing people in the Latin community. And for those of you who have been missing in action for a while, you are always welcome back. Thank you Cliff for all of your hard work. And thank you Cate for keeping an eye on me; sometimes I mess up, but we're all human beings so thank you Cate. Thank you Rod, thank you Alex. And thank you Suresh for always keeping an eye on me too, the CEO always has one eye on me.

OK so guys were going to get started; welcome everyone!  Wazzuuuub we're all family here. I find myself in an interesting position now vacationing and working at the same time. The internet here is definitely a little bit slower than it is in the U.S. 

We're going to talk about a couple of exciting things tonight and usually we save the very best for last. However the very best is going to be first today. There are many reasons for this, the main reason is that I do not want to lose my connection so I will do my part first which is our LOTTEFREE drawing, and then I will pass the mic to our main man, who has always been there, our CEO Suresh and he will take care of the rest.

So before we start the show, I have a couple of announcements.  The first one is that I know many of you here in our family gatherings are profit sharing members, so even though we have not announced the next PIFM webinar, I am announcing it right now because it is short notice. You will still be able to find this news in the blog right after the webinar.

So, Dear PIFMs,

I know we love surprises especially when they're good surprises; and this one is good, very good. Tomorrow, Friday, July 17, 2015 the PSM Advisory Board will be hosting a PIFM webinar. This will be announced after this webinar on the PI news and also on the Wazzub family blog. So that is one thing.

Next, I'm going to go ahead and talk about LOTTEFREE. If we have a winner today, the winner will be invited to Las Vegas to receive the prize live on stage at the Most Famous Award show on September 2, 2015. Just like we did last year, the winner from Prize Mania came on stage and we had a lot of fun together. We want to keep rewarding the most active people, so if you are the winner, you will be invited to receive your cash prize right on stage at the Most Famous Award show.

So now before I pass the mic to our main man Suresh, I want you guys to all grab your numbers, cross your fingers, count your blessings, because this is special as we all know and I'm going to go ahead and spin the wheel. First I'm going to give you 30 seconds to prepare, grab your numbers and get ready.

Pray that you are the winner because this is going to be a big deal.

(Gee counted down 30 seconds...)

Jackpot today is US $ 4,920

If this is your first time here, let me tell you that we draw the numbers like this: from right to left, so it is the last number we draw first. OK grab your numbers in here we go, we're looking for the winner for our jackpot drawing of $ 4920.

3, 2, 1 here we go…

Spinning...  Spinning...  Spinning...  And stopping at number 3!

_ _ _ 3

If your last number is three you're still in the game. OK let's try the next number

Spinning...  Spinning...  Spinning...  And stopping at number 7!

_ _ 7 3

So if your last numbers are 73 you're still in the game. OK let's get the next number the third spin here comes!

Spinning...  Spinning...  Spinning...  And stopping at number 9!

_ 9 7 3

So if you've got 973 as the last three of your numbers you are still in the game! Now let's pick the last number, here it comes!

Spinning...  Spinning...  Spinning...  And stopping at number 6!

6 9 7 3

So if you have the sequence of 6973, you are the winner and you are the one being invited to Las Vegas to receive your prize winnings in person at the Most Famous Award show on September 2, 2015! You will receive your prize money live on stage during the Most Famous Award show. Which is great! I am hoping we have a winner here tonight so we will open the chat and see if we have a winner.

(Chat was opened – no winner among the present members)

Guys just be glad, if we do not have a winner another $ 500 will be added to the jackpot for next time. Thank you all for your participation, you are all amazing as always. I'm looking forward to seeing a lot of you guys in Las Vegas on September 2 at the Most Famous Award show. Take care and I'll pass the mic to Suresh, our president who will bring you more great news. Guys just know I am on a timeframe here, I'm going to jump off this call but I will get the replay and the recap later on. Thank you all, take care, good night and here is our main man Suresh.

From Suresh:

Wazzub! Thank you Gee. Gee must be having too much fun in Brazil! First and foremost I would like to wish all of our Muslim members here, happy holidays. Enjoy your EID holidays, some of you might be celebrating it on Friday and some maybe on Saturday, depending on where you are.

Okay about BOBL – BOBL is progressing with more things to come shortly, as more things will be added to BOBL for your pleasure, just be patient. This will happen after the holiday, because the programmers and many others are on holiday; so enjoy using BOBL, have fun and trust us, there are a lot of other surprises coming your way and real soon. You will see beautiful, perfect surprises coming to you soon. Not in one month, not in three weeks, not even in two weeks, but soon. What it is? A surprise.

So invite your friends, your family, and get them to use BOBL. Yes BOBL chat, as we promised will also be there soon in stages.  When the BOBL chat comes, the next question will be where is the audio and video call? It will come in stages, step by step.

Does anyone have any concerns or questions in general about BOBL? We will have a 10 minute question and answer right now about BOBL.


-     When will BOBL IPO happen?

-     It will happen after PI IPO.



-     Can we promote BOBL now?

-     Yes, you can send personal invitations now. The company has not started its marketing, we will soon. For now it is open for the public and you as members can invite others, your family and friends. You do have a Reflink along with all the others. You can also use www.bobl.us/yourusername. And if you share a BOBL box on Facebook or Twitter, anyone joining from your post goes in your first generation.



Thank you very much, there is a PIFM webinar tomorrow and we will see you there. Thank you very much and have a great day.


With your success in mind,

Gee DaCosta, Suresh Kumar and your

WAZZUB Support Team

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BOBL Updates Webinar Recap June 18, 2015

BOBL Updates Webinar Recap

June 18, 2015

Presented by Suresh Kumar



Hello guys! Wazzuuubb!!!

Ok guys we will make it short. Today we are going to talk about your preferences. So now please login to BOBL (www.bobl.us) and go to SET UP YOUR PREFERENCES.

The first section is about Languages. You have 4 options here:

1) You select all languages

2) Select 1 language, 2 languages, or a maximum of 3 languages. So you can select up to 3 languages or all languages. If you start selecting languages, make sure you unselect the “all languages” option.

Now this languages selection is strictly for the global wall, for what you see on the global wall. So if you select English, on the global wall you will only see posts made in English. If you select English and German, then on the global wall you will only see posts made in English and German, and so on and so forth.

Please remember this is ONLY for the GLOBAL BOBLWALL.

And remember that after selecting, you must click the “save” button.

OK next, you have Friends. You have “Allow All” or “Block All Requests”; the choice is yours.

If you allow all, everyone can send you a friend request. If you block all, nobody can send you a friend request but YOU can send friend requests to people. People that know you can message you and then if you want to become friends you are the one who has to find that person’s public wall and send a friend request.

OK the next section is Posting...

Now, do not get confused; this is more towards rebobling. When you rebobl, you can rebobl onto your friend's wall. This section is about giving permission for others to rebobl and post to your wall.

So if you chose “Allow All” anyone can rebobl onto your BOBL Wall and it will be visible on you public wall (the URL with your username). If you select “Friends only” then ONLY your friends can rebobl on your public wall. And if you restrict, then no one can rebobl or post on your wall.

Just like in FB, you have the option to allow anyone to post on your wall, friends only, or you don't allow anybody to post on your wall.

OK next in line are Notifications. I am sure everyone is familiar with this; you choose what you want, you want to select certain notifications, the choice is there.

For the Personal you have: display name and display username, display age, display city, and display country. It is your choice; you choose what you want to display.

Now for privacy, this is very, very important. When you select, you have to understand the flow. If previously in the Friends section you have “block all requests” selected, and then in privacy you select “private”, you close all the doors.

This means that if someone who knows you from 20 years ago, a real friend you had, joins BOBL and tries too look for you, he will not be able to find you; first because you blocked all friend requests and second because you selected Private.

Only your friends can find you then.

For example, I block all requests, but for privacy I put public; so I just make it more difficult for users to request to be my friend, they need to message me.

Any questions on the privacy?

You have to play with it and see how it goes with the friend requests. If you make it private in Privacy, you close all doors, so if they do a rainbow search they cannot find you. So you know how to play with it and understand, it is simple and straightforward.

Remember that if you make yourself unsearchable, only your friends can find you; NEW users can not find you, tag you, and send you a request or anything like that. They can see your boxes on the Global wall, but if they want to friend you and find you, they cannot. They can only leave a comment in your post like “do you remember me?… add me as a friend”. They also cannot tag you.

For the displaying of the name or username… you can still be found if you set your username to show instead of your full name. People can post your name in search and they will find you. Of course this works as long as you have not set your privacy to private.

And if you have blocked all friend requests, people can still follow you, but they cannot request to be your friend.

Now the last one is the Global Categories. Here, you have the option of selecting to display all the categories which are: video, audio, text, games, pictures, and websites; or you can select specifically any of the 6 categories. If you are going to select all 6, then just select “all”. If you are only interested in videos and games, you just select those 2, so whenever you go to the global wall, you will only see videos and games.

OK if there are no questions, we shall call it a day today; if we have updates we will have a webinar tomorrow, otherwise no.

We will fine tune it now; once that is done, in about a week or so, we will add more stuff.

If you select 3 languages for boxes on the Global wall, but you have friends that are speaking other than those 3 languages, you will not see their posts on the Global wall but you will see them on your Personal wall, because they are your friends. So remember, by choosing the language it will NOT effect what you see on your Personal BOBLWALL... it is only for the global wall.

When selecting languages from the lists, if you see your language is missing, let Anthony or KingBier know, they will check and let me know. Also you can report it in the BOBL Bug reporting Skype room and someone can do the needful and we can proceed.

OK so unless there is something important, we will no longer have these daily webinars; if there is something which needs to be shared, we will let everyone know.

Amante please remember to promote the YouTube channel and the Facebook page.




In reference to those links above, everyone go like, comment, and share; not only with PI, share within FB and Twitter; ask your family and friends to go comment, like and share. It is not only to promote within our PI Family; when we ask you to share, share with everyone you know.

OK thank you very much, have fun bobling and we will keep in touch through Skype for now; if there are any updates we will update you. Have a good day, bye-bye and WAZZUUUUB!


With your success in mind,

Suresh Kumar and your

WAZZUB Support Team

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General Webinar Recap June 17, 2015

General Webinar Recap

June 17, 2015

Presented by Gee DaCosta


Wazzub everybody!

Thank you for being here and thank you for your amazing patience! That I know − patience is one thing that we are accustomed to have since the beginning of our enterprise.

Welcome everyone to another PI family webinar, which I call more of a family gathering because that is what we are; so thank you for joining us. It is a pleasure for me to be here. The last time that we joined together was a month ago, and we hold these gatherings at least once a month to bring you the good news. We're also looking for those lucky ones (maybe not today, but I hope it is today) who will walk out of here with more than $ 4000 in prize money from our LotteFree jackpot drawing.

Today's LotteFree jackpot drawing is worth $ 4420.

I have some great news for you today besides our LotteFree jackpot drawing, and we will get to that right now. Before the end of our webinar we will drop the winning numbers in LotteFree and hopefully one of you will be the lucky winner.

So we're going to get started today talking about our IWBF season winners and our award show in Las Vegas Nevada.

Guys you know that every year we have our Most Famous Award show in Las Vegas. Last year our first one was on June 30. This year we had scheduled to host our Most Famous Award show at the Tommy Wind Theater in Las Vegas on the 1st of July. However, because of some technical reasons some of our artists are not able to get their visas on time for the July 1st show. So for that reason (which could be a good thing for some of you, and I will explain in a moment) we had to postpone our Most Famous Award show to the second half of August 2015.

Now the reason I said that it could be a good thing for some of you is that this will give you more time to plan your trip to Las Vegas. And it is our goal and vision and our desire to meet each and every one of you in person; this event is the perfect place, time, and date. 

So there you have it, now you can work on your plans and hopefully we will be able to meet you in Las Vegas. We will announce further details in one of our blogs, the PI news, the Wazzub community, and of course in our Skype rooms as well.

So in that regard we have more great and exciting news. Now of course we already have our winners for the Most Famous Award show. The main winner you already know; you may have voted for her − Miruna Pop. And we have partnered with Vu-Records, which is a music label from Lithuania. They saw us in action and they wanted to be involved so they have become a part of our family. They are producing a song for our main winner − Miruna Pop. I have heard a bit of this song and I'm so excited that I know you will be too! It is amazing! Soon you will find out how amazing it is!

As a way to help welcome Vu-Records into our PI family, please like and share their Facebook and YouTube pages.





This is really exciting to bring this powerful record company into our PI family, so let us give them a warm welcome by liking and sharing their pages with our friends and family.


Now let's move on to BOBL, but first I have a question...

Are you ready to BOBL?


Now I know that many of you have been enjoying and having fun on the BOBL platform and you just can't wait to share it with the world. Me neither! So we have been waiting for the release and the big day where we can share BOBL with the public. Now because we are a very patient family here in PI, for sure we all understand the reasons why we have not released BOBL yet to the public. And it is because we are never, ever going to release an unfinished product. As long as it takes to get it right… and we will release it when it is right and ready.

The good news is, guess what?

We are getting ready right as we speak, right now during this webinar. I am not saying that we are releasing it today, hear me out please. We have already closed the test level and we are activating bobl.us as we speak. Now I am not a programmer over here; we have a huge project and it could be live within the next 24 to 72 hours. Patience is the key; and it will take some time to propagate around the world because it is a huge project. It will propagate in different areas and different zones and at different rates. We are excited for this development, and finally the day to finally launch it to the public!

Now before we released the BOBL test link to you, we asked you not to share that link with the public. I know that some of you did not follow that, but I know you are excited and I'm not going to yell at you. What I am going to do though is ask you this: if you have been sharing your test link, you need to go and remove it; replace it with your correct link once BOBL is actually live. The test links will not work any longer.

So stay tuned for the release of our bobl.us. Woohoo that is exciting!!!!!!!!!!!

And now we have our famous first lady of BOBL, Esther Goldberg who has recorded some fun videos explaining BOBL. This is exciting, funny and I want you to be the first ones to check it out.


Isn’t she amazing?!!!

Now, we're going to talk about who wants $ 4420 in our LOTTEFREE jackpot drawing! We're gonna go ahead and draw the numbers right now. Are you ready? Get your numbers and let's do this! Good luck everyone; let’s everyone join hands and root for one or more of us to win this jackpot today.

OK here we go; as usual we start from the last number on the right and work our way backwards to the left, drawing four numbers altogether. If you match all four numbers correctly you are the winner of our $ 4420 jackpot drawing. Keep in mind that there may be more than one winner; in that case the prize will be shared among all winners in equal parts.

Alright let's go, three, two, one... GO!

Spinning....  Spinning...  Stopping at number...


_ _ _ 2

If you got number two as your last number on the right you're still in the game right now. We're gonna go ahead and run the next number.

Here we go, it's spinning... Spinning....  Spinning...  Stopping at number...


_ _ 2 2

All right guys, so if you have 22 as the last two digits in your sequence of four, you're still in the game. Now let's go ahead and draw our third number.

Here we go, it's spinning... Spinning....  Spinning...  Stopping at number…


_ 7 2 2

All right! So guys if your last three numbers are 722 you are still in the game to win the LotteFree jackpot!

OK here we go the last number, it's spinning... Spinning....  Spinning...  Stopping at number...


8 7 2 2

Our winning four digits sequence for LOTTEFREE is 8722. If you are the lucky winner who has this number, then you are the lucky winner of the jackpot today!

(Chat was opened and no one claimed to be the winner today during the webinar)

If you are the winner, definitely come forward and claim your prize, and if there is no winner this month then that just means that the LotteFree jackpot drawing for next month will be even bigger so keep playing and good luck to everyone!

I just want to thank you all for being here, I'm sure you are excited with all the good news. We will let you know exactly when BOBL will be ready to share with the world, so get excited and get pumped!

Are you ready to BOBL for real? I know I am!

OK everyone have a great day or night; we will talk to you soon and we will keep you informed through our Wazzub family blog, the PI news, our Wazzub community, and of course our Skype rooms.

Wazzuuuuuuuuuuub and thank you very much everyone! Bye-bye.


With your success in mind,

Gee DaCosta and your

WAZZUB Support Team


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BOBL Updates Webinar Recap June 13, 2015

BOBL Updates Webinar Recap

June 13, 2015

Presented by Suresh Kumar


Hello everybody! Today I am going to share some updates with you. Please everyone login to BOBL. Please listen to me first, do not do anything yet.

Now, all this while we have been making posts in BOBL in one way, and now we have made updates and things are a little different now. The procedure is still the same, but we have made some adjustments.

Now everyone follow along so you learn. We will do a dark green text box first; everyone click on the pen icon and click on the dark green box. Now please select your language, country, category and enter any keywords. This is just to test so after you can delete the box.

So after you select the language, country, category, and keywords please click submit. You will get a popup screen. In the descriptions (both) just put test. Now at the bottom a source link is asked, so simply put www.PerfectInter.net. OK now click submit. You will get another popup screen; here you will be asked, where do you want to post? You have: my wall, global wall, friend’s wall, groups (open or closed) and circles. So you can choose where you want it posted. Please choose where you want it posted and make the post. You have a few choices open to you now, so choose, follow the procedure and click submit.

Now have all of you made the post? Ok so no problem, they are simple steps, we just broke it down into 3 steps.

In FB and other networks, you have these options, but people don’t know. So in BOBL we have split things up to make it easy.

Remember if you are going to share a post on someone's wall, you need to be careful and make sure they do not mind you sharing a post on their wall.

OK now, in terms of the preferences: notifications, sound, and all that… this is in the making right now; and all your suggestions, the important ones that we can fix right now, we are also monitoring and doing things step by step.

The most important thing is on the 17th of June so make sure all of you attend the webinar, and keep spreading the news about this webinar. It is a very important webinar and a milestone; one of the many milestones that we achieve and that we can be proud of; and on the 17th of June, you will know about it. So attend the webinar and spread the news about the webinar.

Most importantly, read the forum that Dirk and Amante created, it is very important to maintain our quality. At the end of the day, when you make a post and it is not attracting your friends to come, like and comment, then what are you posting for? For example: I am wasting 1 hour each day; I make several posts a day but if no one is liking, commenting, or rebobling my posts then I have wasted 1 hour of my life that I could be doing something more beneficial.

It is not a duty to post in BOBL but when you do something you must get results. What is the result you are looking for in BOBL? You are looking for people to like, comment, rebobl your posts; you are sharing your experiences and you are looking for the result to be that other people are also sharing in your experiences too.

I know I have not been very active in BOBL, I have had no time to look and check; I am too busy, I have had many, many things to do.

So please help to spread this information to our members; not to the public, just to our group of testers.

Any questions before we close the webinar for today?

Ok guys thank you very much and bye-bye!


With your success in mind,

Suresh Kumar and your

WAZZUB Support Team


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BOBL Updates Webinar Recap June 10, 2015

BOBL Updates Webinar Recap

June 10, 2015

Presented by Suresh Kumar


Hello everybody! How is everybody doing!

Ok guys here are the updates. In your UPDATE MY PROFILE section the “About me” is completely set up now and there is a character count and as you type you will see it indicating how many characters you have left. So please, you can go and update it after the webinar.

For groups open and/or closed, now you have the option to allow members or users in your group to either make a post in the group or you can restrict it, you have that option. Where is this option located? Click on your personal wall, go to the group icon, select create group and a popup will open. You put a description, upload a profile pic for group and there you will have an option to allow users to post. If you select that option, any user in the group can make a post in that group.

If you have already created your group before this option was put in place simply go to edit your group; a popup will open and there you can select to allow other users to post in the group.

Simple and straightforward right?

You already know how to create groups; this is just for you to allow other users to also make posts in the group.

OK all this while, when you wanted to share a picture, you needed to download it and then upload it from your PC... this is the light blue box. Now you have the option of also sharing a picture online; so you simply take the image URL and you post it. There is a field to enter the image URL.

You can even share animated images... please listen carefully... in the box display it will be static, when you click on the image then it will be animated. The reason for this is when people come to the global wall, we don't want too much animation making the page look like a disco.

OK so you can share pictures from online sources and copy the URL, or right click on the image and copy image location and make the post. Again, if it is animated the picture will be static until you click to see the image and then it will be animated.

Now back to groups… Later, after the launch we can allow specific people to post in groups; for now it is open to all members of the group, if you select that option.

How to find groups? Very simple, click on the B - your personal wall... you will see your BOBLPAD. At the bottom you will see open and closed groups; if you want to search open groups, you just click the open group icon, simply click GO and all open groups will be displayed. Then you can search for the group you want to join.

The rest of it is work in process, a lot of things have been fine-tuned; when you use BOBL you will see a number of things fine-tuned.

Now earlier there was a discussion about searching... some people are not understanding it. In our search we have language, country and category; there are 2 ways you can look at it: the simple way or the complicated way.

If you try to analyze it you complicate things, for example... When I want to search something in BOBL I have to know exactly what I want to look for. Now, let's say I want to look for prank videos. I am not interested in what language it is, I don't care about the language and I don't care from which country the prank if from. The only thing I want to search for is the category -  a video about pranks.

How do I search? I select the Blue icon for videos and then I search for pranks (choose pranks from the category dropdown), and I get all videos about pranks. Now there are 2 types of pranks: one where there is no talking, it is action, the other type involves also people talking. So if I only want pranks that have English Language... I select the language English and I select Pranks; then I will get all results of pranks in English meaning only if they are talking.

Now listen carefully and try to understand...let’s say you make a prank video with no talking or subtitles. For example I get Alex to run and when he almost reaches the top of the stairs I put some grease at the top, when he gets there he slips...no talking just funny action. So when I upload the video why should I put Malaysia? I choose All countries. For language, why should I put the language, there is no talking... so I just choose all languages, and then the category pranks.

Now if someone was searching in Korean or whatever, when they are searching for Korean pranks they are looking for those with talking or subtitles or something.

If you are sharing things with no talking, there is nothing wrong with using all languages...

I will choose a category news...but for country I have 2 options: I can choose Malaysia or I can choose all countries. If I choose Malaysia, my content will only be found if someone is searching for news in Malaysia.

When I do a search in BOBL News... understand the search results, new posts are always at the top... when I am searching for global news, I don't choose a country; the MDB News is about many different countries; this news involves many countries and even investors all around the world are monitoring this news.

So they have 2 options of finding this news:

How do they find?

1) specific... they want to know about MDB ... they put that in the search phrase and they will find it.

2) they can just select the Category News, and it will show at the top on the day I post it, or you might have to scroll down a bit. If you are too lazy to scroll then use the search phrase.

The point here is that you need to know the content you are posting; if the content is only related to your country then select your country. There are some news in the Malaya language, I also share this news, but when I do, I select the language and country. So people in Malaysia will search by categories; they only want to see news in Malaysia and they will get the news. Now of course there are other Malaysians in Germany or other places around the world, so how do they find? They select the Malaya language; they don't need to select the country and they will see the news in the Malaya language they selected.

So don't try to analyze things too much, if you do, you get confused; take it as it is.

If I am sharing a local folk song in my local language, do I share all countries? No. I select my country and my language.

Oh but what about all those who live in other countries? If they want to find a local folk song, they will select the language and they will find it, no matter where you are around the world. They have set it up in such a way that you just need to know how to use it and use it as it is.

18 years and below we consider them as minors; Minors cannot make a friend request to adults; adult cannot make friend requests to a minor. Some people will want to change their age.. then there is nothing we can do.

Most of you here are already friends in BOBL correct? Maybe not all of you, maybe you are friends with 10 people, or 5, or with everybody as me! I study, I watch the Global wall. Some post 100 posts in one minute. What I look for is who is liking this post, who is commenting on whose post, who is contacting everybody…

Zoltan is very active, doing a good job. But even in the platform here very few of you post valuable content. When you share your experience then your content will have value. What is the point to post so many videos in 5 minutes, just copy pasting descriptions from YouTube? You have to watch, hear, read or play…when you have done that then you can share your experience, and only then your content will have value and people will come to check your post. Why are you sharing that post? Tell us! Share your experience with us, what made you share that post!?

I am thinking about asking the programmers to give me a special key for deleting crappy posts; I will form a special team and tell them “hey go delete all this people’s posts.” If they keep posting crap just delete, no questions asked, just delete. Because we are explaining things for 3 months now! But they don’t listen, they don’t read recaps, they do nothing. Do we want another Facebook or YouTube?


Ok Guys, if there are no more questions, let’s finish for today. I will let Anthony or Amante know around 4 hours before the webinar, whether there will be a webinar tomorrow. If we have nothing new, maybe we will have BOBL webinars every 2 or 3 days. But if there are updates and things you need to know, then we will have webinars even every day if needed.

Any questions?

Question: sometimes it happens that adults show their age like they were less than 18; how can we protect children from such malware adults?

Answer: You know how there are laws against drugs, murder and all that, but people still go and do that? There are rules we are setting but we are not the police. There are authorities who will take care of it; they have the cyber security etc. If an adult changes his age they will catch him. But first they will come and check us and they will see that our setup is good, that we do not allow adults to contact kids; that is the law.

But people can go and change their age.. I can’t control.. we can’t control. How can I know if you are a normal user, I’m not going to go and check. There are kids 4,5,6 years old have Facebook accounts. Am I right? Facebook’s rule is 14 years and above. So who set up that account? The Parents! The Parents are managing their kids’ accounts and then they hide the age. So the parents break the rules, and we cannot control that.

So we can only set the rules, but we cannot control who brakes them.

Ok, so tomorrow wait for my announcement whether there will be a webinar, around 3-4 hours before the webinar.

Thank you very much! Bye-bye!


With your success in mind,

Suresh Kumar and your

WAZZUB Support Team


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BOBL Updates Webinar Recap June 9, 2015

BOBL Updates Webinar Recap

June 9, 2015

Presented by Suresh Kumar


Ok guys…so on BOBL you will see things happening; don't panic when you see our programmers working to enhance and add a few small updates to make BOBL open for the grand opening. This does not mean that after the grand opening we will not continue to enhance and add staff, we will continue. BOBL will be a continuous work in developing, adding new things, improving, and making things better. Some of you have noticed small changes and upgrades that have been done; very briefly and very quickly I am going to run through them with you.  Some of them are already in place but there's still work being done to make them even better before we open for the public.

Everyone login to BOBL.

(I will not be sharing my screen unless someone has some kind of challenge, it is very important to pay attention and follow step by step; only do something when I say to do it; only then will you not get lost.)

I can see that there is a confusion regarding what is a Personal wall and what is a Public wall; so let's get this straight.

On the BOBLPAD on the top left is the Global wall. Next to the global wall you have the yellow circle with the letter B, and here is where the confusion lies.

When you click on this B, you will see other stuff below. You will see your picture right below it on the left. And below your picture there is another B with the yellow circle right? Ok, so this B with the yellow circle is something that only I see, nobody else can see this wall. Because only I can see it, I call it the Personal wall. Do you all agree to call it that so we don't get lost? The reason I am saying it as Personal wall is because only I see that wall. This wall has my created boxes and all the boxes of my friends or the people I have bobled.

The Public wall is the wall other people can see. Each of you has a public wall, and you can see it when you click on your profile picture, right above the yellow B. Other people can see it when they click on your name or your profile picture in one of your created boxes.

Now, we are here when we first clicked on the Yellow B, right next to the Global wall on the BOBLPAD. At the bottom you will see the open group (left), closed group (middle) and the circles (right).

The open group icon is at the bottom on the left. Now click on it. If you have joined an open group or created an open group, you will see your group there.

If you have created an open group, then use that as an example. If you have not created an open group, then use the group that you have selected. For those of you who have not created any groups, please hold on, do not do anything.

Now listen very carefully, on the top you will see the profile of the group that has the name of the group, who has created it and how many followers it has. If you click on the followers it will show you who the group followers are; it will open a new page. Click on it. There you see all the followers of that group.

Now click the Back button on your browser and come back to the original page.

Below that you can see the description of the group, what the group is all about. Now click on the name of the group in blue color. If you look at the URL, it consists of the name of the group. But some of you might not see it, I will explain later. Some of you will see it...

The other thing that you will see is the first box beside the BOBL pad which is the group profile. So when people go to your wall, they have the option from the wall to read what the group is all about and there is a button to join the group. From your group wall they can directly join your group.

I know you have a few questions and I know what the questions are, I will answer them.

Now there was a question: I created the group, and why do I see the “leave group” button; I'm worried that I might accidentally click on it and leave?!

There's a reason we do this. We're right now in the setup process and we are going to allow more than one moderator in the groups. Now it is your choice, when you allow more than one moderator you might want to leave that group.  You can add a couple of moderators and maybe a couple months later you decide you want to leave, so now this group can be taken over by one of the other moderators and you can leave, instead of just deleting the group all together.

It is your personal group and if you don't want to pass it to anyone, the simplest way to close the group is to go back to the organize section and click the “x” on the group box to delete the whole group.

And you always get a popup for confirmation; in every action that you take you always get a popup asking you to confirm.

You can comment in groups only if you join the group. If you don't join the group you cannot comment. You need to join the group to like and to comment.

All this applies for the closed groups to, but it is in the process of setting up still.

So when you click on the dark blue name (the name of the group) it opens a page of the group. Here the first box you see is the profile box which contains the name of the group, the moderator’s name, the number of followers (members who joined) and a short description of the group. If it is an open group it will either give you an option here to join the group (or leave the group if you are already a member); and if it's a closed group it will say “request to join” the group. So it is very convenient.

So in every group that you visit, you will see this first box explaining what the group is about, the group name, the moderator or creator of the group, and how many people are following.

And that's about it for groups.

Now for those of you who want to learn how to create a group let me show you. Today we are going to talk about creating an open group, but the setting up for closed is the same also. Click on the Open Group (from inside your BOBLPAD under the yellow B icon), now in the middle you see “Groups and Circles”. Here there is dropdown, so click on the dropdown and select “create group”, and then select GO; you'll get a popup.

Here first you give your group a name. Then you enter a description about your group, with a maximum of 300 characters. Then you choose: open group from the dropdown, or closed from the dropdown. In this case select open group. On the right hand side select to add some friends to your group. And then you add a profile picture for the group and click submit. The group is created.

Now how do you create a post in the group? You go to the pen, and do the same thing you do when creating any BOBLBOX.

Now in the group you will see a pen “edit group” where you can change the URL. When you customize the URL right now you cannot make a comment afterwards; there's a bug, we will fix it.

Remember when you're making a group post (BOBLBOX), after clicking the pen, some colored box, and selecting language, country, category, keywords…. make sure you select “group” if you want to share it with the group, or if it is a circle, make sure you select “circle; because only then when you select submit, this box will appear and then you can make the group or circle post. If you do not select the BOBL group or circle, when you click submit you will have no opportunity to make a group or circle post. It is very simple.

OK now for the group name for the URL, please listen very carefully; special characters are not allowed. The only things that are allowed are numbers (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0) and letters (a-z). No other characters are allowed. It has to be in English alphabet only. If you're using Chinese or Arabic you cannot change the URL. Understand? And no spaces can be used in the URL either, that is a standard.

When you set up the name of your group you can use whatever language you desire and you can use spaces, however when you customize the URL it must be in English alphabet or numbers (or a combination of those 2) and no spaces.

We have checked other sites to see how they allow you to customize the URL, and they only allow letters and numbers in English; some allow full stops and others allow underscores too, but these are the only variations we have found.

Currently if you go to look for some more specific boxes while you are inside a group you can simply click on the category colored icons from your BOBL pad to see the specific posts about those categories. However if you go to the global wall and search through the rainbow box you can use specific keywords.

But as far as using the rainbow while inside the group, we will have to get back to everyone about that tomorrow.

Next… very important, this is the most important thing. Everyone go to the orange header, and click on your name next to BOBLCASH. After clicking your name click on “Update your profile”. You see one box has been added here called “About me”. Here you can write a short text about yourself and the maximum is 500 characters. You can use any language and special characters here. After filling this, you just click on “Update”.

Now what is this box for? This box will appear here…if you click on your Profile picture from the BOBLPAD, the first box is your profile: it gives your name, age, country etc. Yes I know that not everybody wants to have their name, age, or country displayed. Be patient, we will have the options to choose what you want to display. Before we open to the public, you will have these options in SET UP YOUR PREFERENCES. Please be patient, very soon you will have these options.

It is up to you what you want to show, but if it is me…if I do not see your profile picture how will I know who you are; if I do not see your country, something about you how will I get to know you? For me this is important, but for different people different things are important. There is no right or wrong.

And you know, we will even have the option whether somebody can post on your wall or not. I am not talking about your Personal wall, but your Public wall, the one with your URL. If I bobl on your wall, it will also appear on your public wall because I am posting on your wall, I am sharing a post on your public wall. This is the wall where other users see you. So you will have an option to block people from posting on your wall.

The Facebook and Twitter options are not available yet; we will tell you when they will be available.

Ok guys thank you for being here. See you tomorrow. Bye-bye!


With your success in mind,

Suresh Kumar and your

WAZZUB Support Team


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BOBL Updates Webinar Recap June 8, 2015

BOBL Updates Webinar Recap

June 8, 2015

Presented by Suresh Kumar


Wazzub everybody! Are you guys having fun?!

Ok we have a lot of touching up and additional features on BOBL such as notifications − turning on and off depending on when you want to receive notifications and so on and so forth. So we have added a lot of features to things already existing.

With that, there is nothing much to share today except I want to talk about circles. I find there are many who do not understand the concept of circles. So imagine this: when you are sending an email you select Bcc, and in Bcc you can add in as many emails as you want. Let's say you enter 10 emails; you want to send this email to 10 individuals so you type in 10 emails. Then you send the email and all 10 will receive that email although each of them will not know that it has been sent to 10 people. They cannot see that that email has been sent to 10 people, they think that only they received that email.

So a circle is exactly in that concept, but unlike emails where every time you want to send a message to this group of people you have to enter their emails, in the circle you already have the information of these 10 people. So when you want to share a BOBLBOX (any one), you can just send it to a circle and automatically they will see it on their wall.

Also in circles... if you are my friend, I don't need your permission to put you in a circle; it is for my convenience. For example: Cate, Anthony, Alex, and Rod are all directors of PI, so I could make a PI Directors Circle and put all these people in there (yes they have to be my friends.) So when I want to share a website, text box, image or whatever with these people, I can just send it to that circle.

But remember, you need to use circles professionally. It is not about simply creating circles and putting whoever you want in there. If you put me in a MLM circle and you share a MLM audio, website, or whatever, I will see it and know you sent it. If it is something I don't like, I will send you a message asking you to remove me from getting those messages, and as my friend, you should remove me from that circle.

If I send you a message and you ignore me, then I can block your messages or remove you as my friend.

So if you receive a message from someone asking you not to send them some type of messages, you should comply with that request or you will end up blocked and without any friends.

Any questions about Circles?

OK so from my side, there are no updates to show or share with you, I will open the floor for questions. Please put no proposals or suggestions here, just questions if you have any challenges using BOBL.

Tomorrow we will have some updates and when you see these updates, you will know that we listen to you; those suggestions that can be implemented immediately and important, we will implement immediately; for those that are good and accepted but not needed immediately, we will implement those in upcoming phases.

OK so since there are no questions, we will meet tomorrow at 9:00 am Pacific time for BOBL Updates. That is 3 hours earlier than today.

Right now we are not adding any new features to BOBL, we are just fine tuning what is already there. Once we fine tune and make any last minute polishing changes, we are ready to go. So we are at the final stage of opening BOBL for the public and remember, once we open for the public, we will continue to add new features and fine tune.

Ok Bye-bye everyone... see you tomorrow!


With your success in mind,

Suresh Kumar and your

WAZZUB Support Team

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