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Unicorn General Webinar Recap

December 6, 2016 

Presented by: Cate Kozikowski


And away we go! WAAAZZZUUUUUB! Welcome everybody! I am so happy to be here with everyone today. We have a lot of exciting updates to go through, so I will get started right away.

Our first topic is Perfect Search (www.perfectsear.ch). Now I know that we have received some messages and feedback from some members, who were concerned about their privacy when using Perfect Search. So, today we’re going to go through some things, so that everyone understands how to have the most privacy when doing your searches online.

The first thing that I want to go through; as you can see in the screenshot here…




I did a little search. When you see your search results, there are two main sections that you should be aware of.

The first section that you’re going to see at the top, has this light-blue background. It’s a little bit different, and at the top it says, “Ads by Google.” Understand that anything in this top section is an ad.

Now, what you should also understand is that Perfect Search, including all Unicorn websites and Start Page, does not collect any personal data; does not infringe upon your privacy at all. What you do have to understand though, is that there are a couple of things that happen whenever you visit a website.

The first thing is that many websites use Google Analytics, or even Alexa Analytics, and others. This analytical software that website owners use, helps them to see information about the people who are visiting their websites. So, if you use any website that is using this analytical type of software, you are sharing information with that website, according to those terms. The same applies when you click a Google ad, or any ad that is not an Ad You Can Trust—you are sharing details when you click those ads.

So, for some people who maybe are seeing things; like for example, you were to do a search for jewelry, and all of a sudden you would be seeing ads for jewelry; that’s because when you did that search you either clicked on a website that had some analytical software, or you perhaps clicked on one of the top results, which is actually an ad. So, be aware when you’re clicking on things, what you’re clicking on; and, as always we tell everyone, read the Terms and Privacy of the sites you visit. That will tell you what they’re doing with your data; or if they are collecting your data.

Now, many people wrote to us and shared their feedback, saying that they loved the Google search results, but they wanted more privacy; and that was why we partnered with StartPage for our Perfect Search, so that we could provide that level of service—the great search results from Google search engine, with increased privacy. And, let me share a little tip on how you can have even more privacy with Perfect Search.

Now, to show you a little bit bigger here:



This is the same search results we’ve been talking about, except you can see more clearly where the ads end, and where the actual search results begin, towards the bottom.

There’s a couple of cool functions that StartPage does when they show you the Google search results. The first thing is this Proxy link that you’ll see. If you want to view a website with the most privacy, regardless if they have analytical software or if they use Google ads, or whatever the case may be, the best way to do that is to click the “Proxy” link; instead of clicking the blue link or the green link, you simply click “Proxy.” When you do that (you’ll see here as an example)...




...you see the StartPage header at the top, telling you that you’re viewing that website by proxy; and then you’ll see the website down below, and you can scroll and interact with the website as you normally would. So, this is a really cool and convenient function that you can use to help your searching to be more private.

In a similar fashion, if you were to click on the “Highlight” link, what it does is, it will open up the website (still by Proxy); except that it will highlight your search terms throughout the page. So, in this example, I searched for “fun stuff,” and if I were to click on “Highlight” it would highlight every time the words “fun stuff” appeared on the webpage.




So, those are just a couple of quick tips, so that everyone understands how to do your searches with the most privacy, using Perfect Search.

Now, I also wanted to point out that when you’re doing your searches, every 10 searches will reward you with a Token; and with that Token you can see, instantly, if you’ve won up to US$100,000 playing at the SAFECRACKER CLUB.




So that is super exciting, and you’ll see that there’s a pop-out that happens when you do your 10th search; and you can see some options where you could view your balance, or play the SAFECRACKER CLUB. (Lotto Madness (Jackpot Directory) is there too because why not get your free lottery entries so you don't miss your chance to win part of a big jackpot because remember, WE PLAY YOU WIN! And no you don't need tokens for that.)




So that’s super exciting! Nowhere else online can you do searches and have a chance to win US$100,000 instantly; and that’s why we say, “Perfect Search is Privacy, Security, and Benefits for everybody!”

Another cool tip on, again, keeping your information as private as you want: instead of searching videos on a video site, such as YouTube...




...search for what you want up here at Perfect Search (under the search box), and click the Videos button. It will bring you video results for your search term; and the same thing applies—you still have the Proxy link available to you when you do it through the Videos button on Perfect Search. And, as well, for the images; the same thing applies. So, if you want to have the most private experience possible, use the various functions on Perfect Search, and remember to choose “Proxy” to view your results.

[Note from Support: Understand that "Proxy" does not always work with some websites, especially banking and financial ones, so you would have to visit those websites directly and accept those terms of use.]




So, next, let’s talk about My News Wall (www.mynewswall.com). We want to make sure that everyone understands how to use My News Wall, for the most benefit. My News Wall is really awesome, because where else online can you read news stories and have a chance to win US$100,000 instantly? I don’t know of any place, except My News Wall.

Just like when you’re doing your searches at Perfect Search, the same applies here in My News Wall, where every 10 news stories that you read will reward you with a Token, and you can see if you have won up to US$100,000 instantly. We have many more prizes to give away at the SAFECRACKER CLUB than just US$100,000. You might win DEALPoints, or great prizes like cell phones, and electronics, jewelry, and so much more.




Now, when you look at the top of My News Wall, you’ll see a couple of different options. You can always change your country. In this image you can see it says “US” right underneath the words “MYNEWSWALL,” and that shows that the country selected is the United States. If you simply click on that “US,” you can change your country to more than 70 different countries, and the news that you see will all be in the national language of the country that you select. The cool thing is that when you make that selection, and you logout and log back in later, it will still be there, just the way you left it. It starts at default for the U.S., and once you make your selection, it will stay at whatever you chose last.

And then, every country has a variety of news categories, and you can click on whatever one you want, to see the news in that category. So, definitely get your daily news from My News Wall, and good luck to everyone in the SAFECRACKER CLUB! Hopefully, you’ll win lots of great prizes.



Now, I want to talk with you about some exciting updates, and that is PERNUM. I’m happy to announce that tomorrow, after this recap is released, we will be re-opening PERNUM for the public, and our first function that is available for the public is PERNUM Chat. That is super exciting!





As you should know, but just in case (you don’t know yet about the Master PIN), you will need to have your Master Pin set up in order to log into PERNUM. So, if you have not done that already, definitely go and take care of that (first), so you will be all set. Here is some reminder information of how to set up your Master Pin, just in case anyone forgot, or needs more information:

See the October 3, 2016 General Recap for Master PIN details and tips: http://wazzub.com/blogs/webrecaps4/index.php?pst_id=128231]


Another thing to understand with the PERNUM Chat is that you will need a cellphone in order to use PERNUM Chat; not because the program is on your cellphone, but simply because you need to be able to receive an SMS or text message, as this is part of the login/verification process. You can use an inexpensive mobile phone. In the U.S. we have a few brands of cellphones that are no contract mobile phones. If you want to do something like that, it’s totally cool. It does not have to be any kind of fancy cellphone or smartphone. It simply has to be able to receive a text or SMS message. So, just keep that in mind.


[Note from Support: (For current Telegram users) PERNUM Chat uses the Telegram software as a base and right now, if you have both a Telegram Account and a PERNUM Chat account, you cannot use the same phone number for both. The best thing to do if you want to use the same number for PERNUM Chat is that before you set up your PERNUM Chat account, delete your Telegram Account. Or if you want to keep the same number with Telegram use a different mobile number for PERNUM Chat than you use with Telegram. This is only a note for current Telegram users. You do not need a Telegram account to use PERNUM Chat.]

And we will have many other functions to be released soon, of course.




So, with PERNUM Chat (once you have set up your Master PIN of course), just to give you a brief run-through (read more details at the end of this recap). What you’re going to do is, once the PERNUM website is open, you’re going to login to PERNUM first; and to open PERNUM Chat there is a button down at the bottom, called PERNUM Chat. So, it’s very simple; you’re just going to click that, and it will open PERNUM Chat in a new tab. Then, simply, you would enter your Pernum onto the PERNUM login screen follow the prompt. You would click “Ok,” then it’s going to send you a text message with the little 5-digit, numerical code. You simply enter that code, and then you're logged in to PERNUM Chat. So, the process of logging in, and PERNUM Chat, is fairly simple.

There are a couple of steps, (check for them at the end of this recap), to get you connected with the rest of the Unicorn Network in PERNUM Chat. Just like we have in Skype—we have many different groups and channels in PERNUM Chat to keep you connected with all the great Unicorn news and information; and members, too.

So, when you first start using PERNUM Chat and PERNUM, the first thing that you want to do is add PERNUM Chat as one of your contacts. “PERNUM Chat” is the admin account for PERNUM Chat, and it has its own Pernum. You would simply add their Pernum to your contacts; and then after you login to PERNUM Chat (see the full details below), you would send them a quick private message, with your details, and they will add you to all the relevant rooms or groups that you want to be part of. So once you do this little process here, and you’re added to all the groups, then you’re free to use PERNUM Chat as you want.

You can make groups with your friends. We have news channels, so you can see the latest Unicorn News; and of course, you can have private conversations with your friends on PERNUM Chat. At this time, there is no audio or video chatting capabilities in PERNUM Chat. It is only text and file-sharing; so you can share videos, images, and any other kind of file directly through PERNUM Chat. And of course, as we develop, we will add more features and functions and all of that fun stuff.

So, definitely look for the complete details at the end of this recap to help guide you, step by step, getting started with PERNUM and PERNUM Chat.




So, the next thing that I have to announce is TIX NINJA! This is a special website designed strictly for selling tickets. This is not open yet, however, it will be opening soon; and as you can see from this mock-up, you will be able to find concert tickets, theater tickets, sports’ tickets, and more—including the Most Famous Awards Show!

Now, the great thing about this website is that these tickets are offered through ticket brokers and private individuals; so you are able to find tickets, in some cases, to events that may have already officially sold out. In those cases, where shows may have sold out, or there is an extreme high demand, sometimes the prices may be a higher than the printed price; however, those are those select occasions, and there are millions of tickets available for hundreds of thousands of events worldwide. So, no matter where you live, you may be able to find a great concert, theater show, or sports’ event that you are excited to attend and want to buy tickets. So that is super exciting, and we are looking forward to seeing that come online very soon!

As you can see on the mock-up above, the Most Famous Awards Show 2016...well, that brings me to my next topic, and that is the Most Famous Awards Show 2016, that we just had last month in Las Vegas.




Our video presentation is going to be aired on December 17, 2016, and you can go to www.BestSeat.club and purchase your tickets.



As you can see here, the regular ticket price is US$30.00; however, Unicorn Members, if you use the discount code, UNICORN, you can get a 50% discount, which brings the price down to just US$15.00!



Now, the really cool thing about this event is that it will be showing in multiple time zones. For example, if you were in America, on the West Coast, you could see it at 8:00 p.m.; but if you were on the East Coast of America, you could watch the same showing at 5:00 p.m. So, depending on what time zone you are closest to (or what time you prefer), you can choose which show time is the best for you. (You are not required to watch any specific time zone; they all show the same broadcast just at multiple times worldwide for everyone's convenience.)

Another cool thing is that you can have viewing parties, locally. For example, if you are a family of 4 people, simply buy one ticket for your family, and everyone in your house (can) watch the show at the same time. If you have a smart TV, or simply a TV that can connect to your computer or the internet, you can even watch it on your big screen TV, right in the comfort of your own home! Again, you would only need the one ticket for the TV where you’re watching it. So, you could have a few people over, enjoy yourselves, enjoy the show, and have a great time for pennies on the dollar (depending on how many people you have at your little, local party). Remember this is a high quality, top-notch, professionally produced show that happened live on stage in Las Vegas on November 7, 2016.

We want everyone to have a great time, and really enjoy this whole experience! To help with that: on all paid ticket orders, (whether it is a member discount with the "UNICORN" code, or a full-priced ticket), all Unicorn Affiliates receive a 20% commission; and also, the Family Bonus applies—at 2% for 5 generations (Affiliate terms apply). So, just like you’ll see from Cashback Marketing, when your Unicorn Family Members buy a ticket for the show, you’ll receive a Family Bonus; or if they’re in your 1st generation, you’ll receive a Commission. So that’s super exciting! Everyone go out there, and get as many people as you can to watch our Most Famous Awards Show, happening on Dec. 17th at 8:00 p.m., locally (in many time zones), around the world! Great!

Founding Members: before you do anything, see the special message for you that is posted in our UFM Club Forum on December 6, 2016.

[Note from Support (Updated December 16, 2016): Due to technical problems Tilted Globe (our partner for the livestream) needs to postpone the show. As next weekend is Christmas and the following weekend is New Years Eve the new date is January 7, 2017. All tickets stay valid. Please spread the news.]

So, that’s all I have on my end. I hope everyone has a fantastic rest of your day or evening. I’m super excited to watch this show with everybody, and we’ll have more exciting updates and announcements very soon; so, always keep your eye on the PI News, and across our Galaxy. And, of course, once you login to PERNUM Chat, and start using that, you can always check for news and updates in PERNUM Chat. We have several news channels to help you stay informed.

So, thank you very much everyone! WAAZZZUUUUBBB!

Remember to play SAFECRACKER CLUB; remember Jackpot Directory, there’s lots of prize winnings for everyone; remember to bobl; read your news; and always HAPPY HEALTH to everyone!

Thanks everybody! Bye bye!


With your success in mind,

Cate Kozikowski and        

Your WAZZUB Support Team


How to login at PERNUM and PERNUM Chat:


For those of you who have already set your Master PIN, you can login to PERNUM (Once it is open):





So, when you go to this link you will see the PERNUM page and you will need to login.




Use the login icon in the header, as usual.




And you will see that this is the first place where you need to enter your One-Time PIN from your Master PIN. Now, this is why you need to memorize your Master PIN. It is because the One-Time PIN will always be 3 numbers from your Master PIN, and you will always need to enter it in the sequence as it is required.






Now, once you login, you will be prompted to enter your mobile number. Right now, the only way to use PERNUM CHAT is if you have a mobile phone that accepts SMS messages. And as you see, it asks for the Country Code, separately from the actual mobile number. So, for example for a phone number from the United States the country code is number 1; so you simply put the code from your country and do not put the + or 00 (represented by the +), simply put the actual country code numbers.

Then when entering your mobile number there is no need for spaces or hyphens, just type in the mobile number straight.






So once you enter these numbers, you click “Submit” and it will tell you that your mobile number has been updated successfully.

Then you are going to need to add a contact.


Here is what you need to understand about this system first. Understand that in PERNUM you are going to connect with people in a lot of different ways: through chatting, PERNUMPAY, PERNUM SEND, PERNUM Browser etc.; and by adding the contacts in PERNUM itself, you are setting up your own database of people that you allow to connect with you.

So all your contacts should start in PERNUM first, and from there you can allow them in various other PERNUM features, like PERNUM CHAT. And you may add and remove contacts at any time.

Locate the YOUR CONTACTS Box




To add a contact you simply click on ADD NEW CONTACT under YOUR CONTACTS.




So you simply enter the Pernum of your contact and you click on “Submit”.




And it will notify you that your contact has been added successfully.

Now, make PERNUM CHAT your first contact. PERNUM CHAT is actually the PERNUM CHAT Admin contact. So invite PERNUM CHAT Admin to your contacts in order to join official Groups and Channels in the chat! PERNUM CHAT's Pernum is 1000819955. (Add PERNUM CHAT Admin to your contacts in PERNUM first before launching PERNUM CHAT.)





So how do you enter the chat itself? Once you have done those steps, you simply click on the PERNUM CHAT icon to start the chat. [Follow this method here the first time you login. Afterwards you can use the other ways to start PERNUM CHAT as it suits you, like by clicking from your contacts menu in PERNUM – more details about this are below.]



Also, on the image above you can see that inside the PERNUM CHAT icon, you can click on “Edit Mobile” to edit your mobile phone number.




After clicking the PERNUM CHAT icon, the PERNUM CHAT page will open in a new tab. You will just have to enter your Pernum. Hit Enter on your keyboard or click NEXT.




Then you click OK.



The page automatically displays that it is generating a key for you.




Then it refreshes again to a page where you enter the code that arrives on your mobile phone via SMS text message.

[Note from Support: If for some reason, you do NOT receive the SMS code within the time, go back to the PERNUM CHAT Login page, refresh, and try again; or try another browser.]

Then you need to enter that code here on this page (in the above image), and the page will verify the code automatically (no need to press enter), and once verified you will see PERNUM CHAT open up.

Now there is a method of adding contacts in PERNUM CHAT as well. This is how you are allowing your contacts to communicate with you in PERNUM CHAT itself... so follow the steps below and click on the Menu inside PERNUM CHAT to add your contacts in PERNUM CHAT in order to start communicating with them.




Access the menu from the header bar.




Click "CONTACTS" from the menu.







Enter the personal Pernum of the contact, then click "SAVE" and that's it. Your new contact is added.


Once you are logged in to the PERNUM CHAT website, (after you add them to your contacts in PERNUM CHAT) send a message inside the chat to PERNUM CHAT Admin (PERNUM CHAT), and depending on the information you provide, you will be invited to the groups and channels within the chat, where you can connect with other people.

So, be sure to send PERNUM CHAT Admin a personal message inside the chat with the following info:

1. Full Name:

2. Your Pernum:

3. Ref ID:

4. UFM (Yes/No):

5. Country:

6. Language:





7. If you are part of the PI Team, state the Departments:

Enjoy using PERNUM Chat!



More Info About Contacts




This YOUR CONTACTS Box in PERNUM is the place where you manage all your contacts and the permissions you allow for each one. Currently the only permission you are adding is the ability for you to contact them in PERNUM CHAT. More will come later.

[Understand that as the different components of PERNUM are connected, this will be the place where you manage their permissions and settings (i.e. what webpage they see from your Pernum in the PERNUM Browser, if you chat with them or not, etc.]





From this area, you can modify your contacts.




You can see your full contact list. [Note: After you have logged in the first time via the PERNUM CHAT icon in PERNUM, you can also click "Chat" next to a contact's name to launch PERNUM CHAT.]



Quick PERNUM CHAT Group Creation Tutorial




Access the menu from the header bar.




Step 1

Click NEW GROUP from the drop down.




Step 2

Select your contacts to be added in your group. Note: You cannot make a group with less than 3 people including yourself. Click on the next button to create the group.




Step 3

Write your group name. Click on CREATE GROUP to create your group.


Accessing Group Settings



Click on your group name to have the group settings option.



Group Options




Click on the camera icon to add your group picture. To add new members from your contacts, click ADD MEMBER. Click UPGRADE TO SUPERGROUP to upgrade your group. Click the REMOVE link to remove members from your group.


About Supergroups




In a supergroup, new members see the full message history, messages are deleted for all members, Administrators can pin important messages. Creators can set the public link for the group. NOTE: Once you convert your group, this action cannot be undone.


PERNUM CHAT Important Notes

  • Note: If you make a group and want to delete it later, remove all the members of the group first before you delete it (not including yourself).
  • REMINDER FROM SUPPORT: do not create any groups with UNICORN/PI/WAZZUB/WSS or any other official terms/words. Official Rooms are created for all stars.
  • Thank you!

 Have fun and explore PERNUM CHAT

  • PERNUM CHAT is not available for mobile yet.
  • More functions will be added step-by-step.
  • Any suggestions for more functions/features, hold on to them for now, we will open a place for suggestions and ideas as soon as possible.
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Thanks For Great Info.
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