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Unicorn General Webinar Recap April 7, 2017 Back to Blog

Unicorn General Webinar Recap

April 7, 2017

Presented by: Cate Kozikowski


Today, I have some great things to share with everyone!



The first thing that we’re going to talk about, as you can see, is Shobbit.

Shobbit, as you have heard in previous webinars, is our flagship, e-commerce site, where you can find the most amazing products that you would find all over the place, on other e-commerce platforms—only at Shobbit, you can get them up to 99% off! And, there’s more! Shobbit has some very unique and great features for shoppers, as well as, for merchants. I’m going to focus mostly on “for shoppers” today.

As a shopper, one of the best things with Shobbit is that you get to pick your perfect price. All of the Deals that you see on Shobbit, start at their original price, or whatever the merchant has decided for a starting price; then, every 5 seconds the price drops by 1%. So, if you’re looking at a Deal and you say, “You know, I would like it—but at a different price.” Maybe 20% off is the Deal that is perfect for you. As soon as it gets to that price, all you have to do is push the “DEAL” button; and the first person who pushes the “DEAL” button and completes their payment, gets the Deal!

So, that’s really cool. You don’t have to wait for an auction to end, to see if you got the Deal. It’s not an auction site. It’s really exciting because you get to have a say in the price that you pay. Maybe you’re a stickler, and you say, “Oh, I’ll only buy things that are 50% off, or less!” Then, you can do that! It’s no problem! That’s the cool thing about Shobbit.

Now, what else is really cool about Shobbit? Honestly, there’s a number of things;

Shobbit is a Shop You Can Trust


...but what also is really cool, is that Shobbit is a “Shop You Can Trust.” That means there is no phishing, no malware; only real products, and real services. All the merchants who sell their products on Shobbit are verified through the application process; so that our customers, the Shobbit shoppers, can rest assured when they buy a deal, that they’re going to get exactly what they bought!

So, what kinds of products will you find? Well, I have a few images from some actual Deals that will be on Shobbit, and I’m going to share some with you today, so you can see what kinds of great products you can find on Shobbit—things like electronics.



This (image) is a “head light” meaning a light that you place on your head, so you can see at night. So, you’ll find different things like this;

toys and kids products


...and you’ll find cool things for your kids, like a Spiderman, wall decal that you see here—or,



...even cool toys, like this little race track; or,

star light


...different things for your home, like this star lamp that you see here; or,

smart phones


...even smart phones. This is an ASUS (smart phone) that you see here. You will find name brand products on Shobbit;

health and beauty products


...even health and beauty items, like this hand cream; or,

perfumes and colognes


...perfumes and colognes; or,

room spray


...even other things for your home, like this high-end, room spray;

as seen on TV products


...and, things that you’ve seen on TV for health and beauty. Again, these are high-quality products, things that you can find on other e-commerce websites, like Amazon, eBay, and many others.



Even great fashions, like this beautiful top;



...or this lovely blouse;



...even dresses, and many, many types of apparel for everybody—men, women, kids—you’ll find it all on Shobbit!



You can even find other great things, like this scanner!

outdoors items


Or for the outdoors like these binoculars.

designer handbags



You’ll find all different kinds of products on Shobbit, like purses from all different kinds of designers and brands.



Even high-quality jewelry;

jewelry sets


...including sets—so, not just one ring, but you can get a whole matching set!

high quality items


As I keep saying, these are high-quality items—and unique things, too!

unique jewelry


There’s a whole line of this jewelry that’s very distinctive, with the dark bands.

unique jewelry


It’s really cool. I know I’m looking forward to buying some of those items!



And you will find cool watches, like this one here.



For those of you that remember “IDealSmarter,” we have improved upon our basic platform; and every Deal that you see on Shobbit has the ability to have multiple images. So, for this beautiful Princess ring, you’ll be able to see multiple images for this one Deal.

multiple images on deals





Now, here’s something cool:

click on the deal image to see more info


...this gives you an idea of what it looks like when you click on the image on a Shobbit Deal.

You’ll see the main image, and multiple images (if available), that you can click on and see; as well as, a full description that includes the processing, shipping, and handling, and all the information that you need about that Deal.

Now, let me tell you a little story about this particular Deal. This exact same phone is sold on places like Amazon, eBay, and many others. If you were to go to Amazon, you would see that a new Nokia phone generally runs between US$350 to US$450, depending on the color. You can see here, on Shobbit that the original price is US$316.76. And, that was the original price, so you’ve already saved money off the original price; and then you see that the current price is only a little more than US$200! So, if you were buying this Deal, you would have saved yourself almost US$150, or more—versus buying it on a different site.

So, many times you’ll find that you’ll save money; even just buying a Deal with a lower discount (say, less than 50% discount, like 20%.) This one’s at 35% (off). And, of course, like I said, YOU get to pick YOUR perfect price! How great is that?!! You can’t always go to the store and haggle with the owner, “Hey, I’d like to buy this tomato, but I’d only like to pay 10 cents a pound, instead of 50 cents a pound.” Some places you could do that, but not everywhere; especially in countries like the U.S. You can’t go to the grocery store and do that! You can’t even go to a department store and do that!

But the cool thing is, that no matter where you live on our beautiful planet, you CAN do that in Shobbit! Personally, I love shopping on our Deal platforms. I’ve bought a number of things, and I’ve always received great products; they’re some of my favorite items, and I know that Shobbit is even better.

Love it? SHOBBIT!


Now, one of the cool things about Shobbit is that the payment system is a little bit different from some other platforms, in the sense that you’re going to have to first load your Wallet. So, if you want to buy something on Shobbit, the first thing you’re going to want to do is load your Wallet. You can load your Wallet through your We Share Success (WSS) balance, through credit/debit card, a bank wire, and even Western Union (online).

The cool thing about this is, especially if you’re shopping on a budget—say, you only have US$50 to spend, or US$100, or whatever your budget is. Simply load that into your Wallet, and go shopping! You know that you won’t go over your budget, because that’s all you have in your Wallet.

And, all Deals have to be paid for within 15 minutes of you clicking the “DEAL” button, or it’s automatically cancelled. So, this is where the Wallet comes in, because you want to load your Wallet first before you go shopping. Of course, you can browse and see if you want to buy anything; but I’m sure, out of some of the pictures I’ve shown you today, there’s at least one thing that you’re thinking about; or, at least one category that you’d like to see more of.

So, Shobbit makes it as easy and fair as possible, for all customers. And, the cool thing is, too, as we’ve said, this isn’t an auction site; so you don’t have to worry about paying more for the item; or, waiting for an auction to end, to see if you even got the item. You don’t even have to buy any bids, or anything! The money that you put into your Wallet, is the money you have to spend. So, that is really cool, and it makes Shobbit really fun and exciting to shop.

So, when we open Shobbit, which will be very soon (keep your eyes on the PI News, for updates, and our other channels, of course), we’ll be starting with a few hundred Deals, but every day we’re going to be adding more and more Deals—so, it pays to come back every day, to see what’s new.

That’s a little bit about Shobbit, for all of our Shobbit shoppers. And, of course, once we’ve opened, we will definitely share more; but, that gives you an idea, and helps you to understand how Shobbit is different from other platforms.

Now in other updates, for Cashback Marketing, I have some quick updates for all of our customers and Affiliates.

We understand that the Recaps from the webinar on March 31st took a little extra time to get published. It was a long webinar, and these things take time. So, we’ve received a number of emails, with members concerned that they had missed the previous deadline; so, we have extended the deadline, (and this is the absolute last day), for the current offers, which is the MMP, the Mega Marketing Pool; and cycle 2 of the SMP, the Special Marketing Pool.

Both of those offers are still available, and will be available until Monday, April 10, 2017, 11:59 a.m. (Pacific Time). So, you have until Monday, by noon (USA PDT), to move your Units from your Personal Marketing Pool to the Special Marketing Pool, if you are participating in that; or, to purchase new Units in the Mega Marketing Pool.

And I highly recommend, especially if you participated in the Special Offer, moving your Marketing Units from the Old Global Marketing Pool to the SMP with your US$109 guarantee. If you participated in that last year (Sept. /Oct. 2016), then you need to move your Units before Monday, in order to keep yourself qualified for that guarantee.

So, very important! Make sure you do that. That Special SMP has a goal of US$180 per Marketing Unit, after 180 days. So, definitely, if you have Marketing Units in the system, and you want to take part in that, make sure you get your Units moved over before Monday, at noon (USA PDT).

Now, what happens on Monday?

Well, on Monday, we will resume our normal promotions. That means that new Marketing Units (purchased), will go to our current Global Marketing Pool, like they have before. So, it’s just simply that the MMP closes, and the current Global Marketing Pool resumes. That means, for every Marketing Unit in the Current Global Marketing Pool, you can collect up to 50% cashback after 365 days.

So, that is still a really cool offer, especially for small and medium businesses. Nobody else gives them cashback on their marketing budget. And, very soon we will have more Marketing Instruments at Cashback Marketing, so now is a great time to buy Marketing Units and collect that extra cashback, so you can have even more marketing power when more Marketing Instruments open up—which will be very soon!

So, that’s for new Marketing Units.

Now, regarding the Special Marketing Pool, cycle 3 of the Special Marketing Pool is going to be back to our standard offer. And, the standard offer is that after 90 to 180 days, you will receive up to US$90 per Marketing Unit in Affiliate Commissions.

And, as we’ve said previously, just like with (SMP) cycle 2, cycle 3 is just going to be ONE Marketing Pool; there are no choices, like we had in cycle 1. We’ve kept it easy, so that way, nobody has to worry about if they picked the “wrong” project. You don’t have to worry about that—it’s just one SMP, and you can earn Affiliate Commissions by participating. Really simple; easy to do for anybody—even an internet newbie; so, that is awesome.

Ok, so, that is what I have to share for today. This Recap will be out tomorrow, no problem; so, that will be easy for everyone. And, of course, it will be posted in our General Recap blog (#4 is what we’re on right now).

So, that’s it. Thank you very much, everyone. I hope everyone enjoyed taking a deeper insight into Shobbit; and how fun and exciting it will be to shop! Because, as our tagline says, “Love it? Shobbit!”

So, WAAZZUUUUUB! Remember to bobl; play Jackpot Directory. And, keep your eyes on PI News; and as well, join us in PERNUM Chat. If you have a cell phone, and you can accept text messages, get your PERNUM Chat set up. We have groups in there, where you can chat with others; and we have news channels, where we always share updates and important information.

So, it’s very important to be involved. And always, also, communicate with your 1st Generation. Definitely, send your invited members emails, letting them know all the cool stuff we have going on—especially, the March 31st Recap. Everyone should read that.

The Unicorn Network is definitely a special place, and we have something for everyone. Thank you, again. HAPPY HEALTH to everyone. And, we’ll talk to you again soon. Bye-bye.


With your success in mind,

Cate Kozikowski and        

Your WAZZUB Support Team


Note from Support: For more info about PERNUM Chat, see this recap:




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