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WE Welcome You to WAZZUB Community!

On This Page You will find a directory of our We Share Success Country Managers' Blogs where you will find a special message from your Country Manager including a link to your Country Club.

WAZZUB Community is the hub for member communication for Perfect Internet and our sister company We Share Success.

No matter where you joined us from you are part of our entire PI Galaxy and there is only one login required for all areas using your Username or your email address and password you created when registering.

If you need assistance you can find a chatbar on the bottom of the browser page. Click on the "Chatrooms" link on the left side of the chatbar to find a Lobby list of our chatrooms. Search for the chatroom WSS"your country" or you can go to the WAZZUB World or WAZZUB Support chatrooms for directions. Next to the "Chatrooms" link is a "bull horn" icon you can click on to get a directory of other helpful links in the Announcements pop up.

For instructions on setting up WAZZUB Community and Mailaxy accounts please go here:

If you can communicate in English and there is not a CM for your Country you can apply to become the Country Manager for your country with We Share Success.
Please follow the instructions here -->
WSS CM Blogs

WE Welcome You to WAZZUB Community!

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