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October 10, PA Family Webinar

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PA WAZZUB Family Webinar Recap

October 10, 2013

Presented by Gee DaCosta











Lately on our Perfect APP webinars, our attendance has been falling off. It may be due to us not announcing the webinars as we have in the past. We have had requests for a permanent password. This has been valuable feedback; members want to invite new people but they want to give them the password ahead of time. They can send an email with this information and then new people can join us here. Some members are already doing that, and if you are not, now you know that you can do this. Send a message to your first generation and to new people, ideally every day in the morning, or the day before we have an event.




A 30-minute announcement before webinars are starting is also a good reminder as well. It may be due to many of these things why people are out of the loop. All of us should make a note of this right now and work to help change it. We need all stay connected to activate the Power of “We”.




Time, day, country, whenever it may be, time with your family, it is very easy for people to get out of the loop due to everyday life. If you stay out of the loop, or your first generation stays out of the loop, and you do not let them know what is going on, they in turn, will also not let their first generation know what is going on; the more people who stay connected, the higher your cash factor will grow with the Perfect APP. Without communicating with them, you have no chance for them to succeed. We have to support our first generation – do not forget. They might get angry with you and even though you did not do it out of any malice; now is the time to take action, change that, and keep your first generation connected; they are our family, the Power of “We”, and your WAZZUB family.




Usually we start these webinars with our favorite song,” The Power of We”, however today we do not have our good friend Cliff; he is very busy developing other things for the company, and he works day and night every day. He was up early this morning, and it is very late for him right now. Our good-buddy Rod, he is the one that does the PI News and is the head of our Support Team; his computer cannot handle the video at this time. Regardless, we are the Power of “We” and welcome to this webinar.




The PI news with GEE on TV was not released on Monday as it was supposed to be, one of the reasons is that there is a lot of work the programmers do and editing Cliff does, there are a lot of things involved. We do not start working on the next GEE on TV until Monday because we want to bring you the fresh news from Monday onward. It is not just a rehash of old news from over the weekend. I want to reassure you, that the new GEE on TV will always be released as soon as we possibly can. If you have not watched the new GEE on TV this time yet, go after this and watch that. We want to keep it exciting, so I will not spill all the beans here.




The first thing about the Perfect APP, we have had many improvements. We have fixed many glitches already because of your suggestions, keep those suggestions coming. We are the Power of “We”. Tell them what we want as a team. What do we want to see? Feedback is what makes us grow, succeed, and make the Perfect APP as close to perfect as we can.




There is no other place on the Internet that you will find a team like our team. It is the first and the only member driven project on the Internet. We have been in operation since this dream has been developing and coming true with what you see in front of your eyes. This is the only place that we give people around the world a chance to improve their life financially; we do not care about your race, religion, creed, background, whatever, we do not care about that. We are the only one out there where you are a part of our family. The Internet is a jungle out there and you do not know where you are entering your information and what they are going really doing with it. I can wholeheartedly tell you, there is one place where you do know, the Perfect Internet. We do not collect your information; we do not share your information, as long as you are being legal because we respect the laws. We do not share your information because we care about you, our member. 




This is the only place on the Internet, where we can help you to change your life financially always free forever. We give you an opportunity and you are part of our PI family. Our whole family is working together toward one thing, the bottom-line: our objective. You can too, once you understand the concept here you can build an income for a lifetime, and many lifetimes if you plan it right. You would never have to work, you do not have to invest one penny, and without frustrations. We mix business with pleasure and that is what we do best here, we are the largest Perfect Internet family worldwide; we have all different languages, all different colors, all different backgrounds, all different religions, all different everything, with no special skills, just the desire to learn and succeed. You want to earn and make it grow every single day; we will talk about that more in just a moment.




Why I seem to preach here is that I have been around on the Internet for almost 20 years doing home-based business. This is how it is on the Internet. We have a lot of fun, but we take our business very seriously. We want to help you change your life, the first thing you need to do is stay committed to change your life. When you are committed to something, you accept no excuses from yourself. I encourage you, everyone, keep on pressing forward do not hold back; that is not the way you are going; you are not going backwards, you are going forward. We are growing every day, especially since we launched the Perfect APP on October 1, 2013.




I am going to encourage you, all of you, go to your links page everyday and check on our Alexa ranking. You can get the link, add it to your favorite links, and follow our growth; it is your business and your project; stay informed. We are at 2680 on Alexa right now as of this webinar on October 10, 2013, Woohoo! We are on our way; just a few months ago, we were at 6000. Invite everyone you know, you can come and help us to get to the number one spot faster and earn money every day always free forever. That is some definite improvement.








When you use your personal referral link to invite new members, they will see your name as the person inviting them to the Perfect APP. When new members join, send them a message, welcome them in to our family, keep them updated on all the new PI developments, and tools to succeed.






Everyone can invite 20 people, if you invite just one person per day for 20 days consecutively – just one person; if everyone does that and uses this free APP, do you know that in less than five months across the world, you could be earning over 8,000 per month every month on your PI debit card. Do not take this for granted right now; commit to the goal of one-person minimum per day. Once you do this and share with your first generation how you are accomplishing this goal, now they are committed to it, they are doing it, and then you can teach others how to do it. That is the only way that you can teach, by learning to do it yourself first.




As of this webinar on October 10, 2013, 438,479 people have already joined Perfect Internet and the Perfect APP. With only 141 days left as of this webinar, what it means is that you and everyone who joins PA and PI before the time expires will earn money forever from their CashFACTOR. All the people who join after March 1, 2014 will be a user of Perfect APP and will not have an opportunity to join and profit from this income. You have 141 days to build your dream life income; there is no other place you can do this on the Internet free forever. Send your friends, send everyone you know, and everyone you do not know to this page using your referral link; have them watch the video on this page. That is all they need to do; watch the video and sign up right from your link.




Now what happens after they join? You can follow along during this section by clicking on the PI icon on your desktop and bring the Perfect APP up on your own screen now. Repetition is the mother of learning; we repeat it until it becomes a part of our blood.