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General Family Webinars from October 10 2013 to February 23, 2014

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DISCLAIMER: Any mention of the Perfect App Cash Program relates ONLY to those members who joined prior to March 1st, 2014 at 4:30pm Pacific.

More info for those members can be found by joining the Perfect App CP Club here:
(join date verification is required)
February 1, 2014 Perfect Pages Web Recap

Member Updates Webinar Recap:

Perfect Pages

February 1, 2014 

Presented by: Cate Kozikowski

PerfectPages –The ABC’s Of Benefits:

It’s the ONLY member-driven Global Business Directory!

Businesses are only listed by YOUR recommendation.

From Articles to FREE SHOPPING, and everything in between: we have the benefits you are looking for!

Bank your DEALPoints now, for plenty of FREE SHOPPING after March 1, 2014.


Give you unlimited BONUSES worldwide!

Give you US$ 10 in free digital gifts!

You can make extra money as you spread around the PERFECTBONUS CARDS.

You can earn CASHPoints to spend with Coupons and CASH.

How to Recommend a Business

If you are not a member of Perfect Internet, join Perfect Internet first, for free.

For all current Perfect Internet members:


Login at


Select “Recommend a Business” on the lower left of the page.


Fill in the simple form: business name and address, what you purchased, date of purchase, and why you are recommending the business.


The business’ website is NOT required for a recommendation.

Personal experience IS required for a recommendation (i.e., you have bought an item, or received a service there.)


Press “Recommend a Business.”

It is that easy!

Member Rewards from a Business Recommendation

When you are the first one to recommend a business, you will

receive 20 DEALPoints for the recommendation itself; AND

receive at least 20 DEALPoints when the business upgrades from a free listing.

You can receive up to 500 CASHPoints, depending on how much the business upgrades. (Update: If the business becomes a Platinum Partner, you will receive 500 CASHPoints.)

Businesses are part of your First Generation of invited members.

All their customers become part of your Second Generation

And below, through PERFECTBONUS CARD sales. You receive all the benefits from those members, in all PI/PA member rewards (PA CashFACTOR, etc.)

Math Example from Perfect APP Usage

Say you end up with 1 million members in your 5 Generations, as PerfectPages continues to grow. Suppose each member invites 10 friends with their Reflink, or BONUS CARD sales.

Then, suppose those people all use the Perfect APP for just 1 hour per month:


1 million CashFACTOR = 100,000 CASHPoints = 100,000 DEALPoints, or US$ 1,000.

If they all were to use it for 10 hours a month, this would mean US$ 10,000 earned through CashFACTOR/CASHPoints!


10 CashFACTORs = 1 CASHPoint

Each CASHPoint = 1 DEALPoint, or = US$ 0.01

The Perfect APP and DEALPoints:

FREE SHOPPING is impressive! You can’t imagine the amount of business that we’re offering: products of the highest quality that members can buy with DEALPoints. All who enter can already enjoy these rewards, through the Perfect APP. Remember, that both (the already-joined member and the new member) must be using (going through) the Perfect APP in order to take advantage of these benefits.

Spread the Word About Perfect APP

Remember, BOTH of you must use the Perfect APP, in order to qualify for all the Member Rewards from the CashFACTOR. The Perfect APP will have a lot of cool features everyone will want to use once it is complete.


Come out and tell everyone where to go to receive more information about the PerfectPages. We have our blogs, and FAQs in English and Spanish; as well as our General Membership questions, and a forum for our PSMs.

Where to go for more Info on the PerfectPages:

PP FAQ Blog English


PP Preguntas Frecuentes - Espanol


General Member Questions Forum


PSM Questions Forum


Tools and More Info

To keep track of those businesses you have already recommended, I have made a tracking sheet; and it is hosted here by Cliff, for download: 


More information can also be found in the
January 21 PerfectPages Webinar recap.



Here is the link:





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General Webinar Feb 4 of 2014, IDealSmarter

General Webinar Feb 4 of 2014, IDealSmarter

Get the Video Here

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January 30, 2014 PI/WUB Family Webinar Recap

PI General Webinar Recap

Thurs., January 30, 2014

Presented by:  Gee Da Costa

Get the Audio Here

Thank you all for being here. For me it is always a pleasure to bring you good news! This will be a short webinar packed with great information. So let’s get started by saying, “Wazzuuuuub!!!” 


Alright folks, we already know that we have 29 days left for our pre-launch of PerfectPages and Perfect APP. We know that both stars are running in the same time frame to be launched on March 1st; and we know that a lot of people have been recommending businesses and inviting others for the Perfect APP. In the last webinar I gave you information that was not accurate about PerfectPages, so I want to clarify that today on recommending businesses.

I am going to clarify something for all. You know, when we make mistakes, it’s 100% proof that we are human beings, and we still make mistakes. So, I am grateful that I am still human and not a robot, and I’m sure you will not crucify me, if I, too, make mistakes.

We are talking about recommending businesses, and earning DEALPoints for recommending each business. Now, you do not only receive 20 DealPoints for recommending a real business, with the real information. (And do not enter false information, because we will know; and then you will lose your membership forever! Don’t cheat!) So, for recommending a real business, even if they don’t become a Partner of PerfectPages after the Profit Instructor contacts them, you still receive 20 DEALPoints.  Once the Profit Instructor contacts them and they become a Partner of PerfectPages, you will receive another 20 DEALPoints. It’s our way of saying “Thank you” for recommending businesses.

That will be 40 DEALPoints total, for a recommended business that becomes a Partner. Not only that, but once they order for marketing instruments from PerfectPages, you will receive 2.5% of revenues generated, in CashPoints—2.5%! Powerful isn't it? Not only that, but those businesses you recommended will be registered under your 1st generation, assuming they become a Partner to PerfectPages.


Yes! You heard me right: by just recommending a business that becomes a Partner, you get 40 DEALPoints; plus 2.5% of whatever marketing material they buy, for as long as this business is staying active with us. Furthermore, they are registered in your 1st generation! And you receive 2.5% of their purchases in the PerfectPages. You have the goose that lays the golden eggs.


Now, let me give you a powerful example. Let us assume you recommend 10 businesses in your 1st generation, and they pass 1000 BONUS Cards to their clients and customers. In order for them to claim the BONUS, they will have to register for the PerfectPages. And believe me, they are going to have to buy our marketing material, because the other businesses around them are doing it; and they will lose money and customers, if they don’t.

Furthermore, those 1,000 customers that receive the BONUS Card will have to register to the PerfectPages, in order to receive their BONUS.

Now then, 10 businesses times 1,000 BONUS Cards. In this Perfect-world scenario, that would equal 10,000 people (10 x 1,000) for your second generation. Now these people love their BONUS, and when you get something valuable for free (whether a restaurant coupon, or 50% off, or gifts from a store), they are going to get excited, and tell their friends and family.


When we open our Perfect Jobs page, they can also apply for jobs. Let’s assume they invite 10 friends or relatives: 10 x 10,000 is 100,000 people. They will be in your 3rd generation. If, also, those 10 invite 10 more they will be 1,000,000 in your 4th generation; and 10,000,000 in your 5th generation. It’s important to remember that success starts with you. If you’re a hypocrite you cannot win with this. You cannot tell other people to recommend businesses, if you don't. You’re the ones to start the fire. All you have to do is to recommend businesses, and the next four generations will take care of themselves. You do that, and there is no way you will be able to put the fire out. It will burn forever. It’s a contagious way to advertise, and get new customers.


The number we read was 10,000,000 in the 5th generation. Ok now, let’s assume just 1,000,000 are registered on PerfectPages. They are also automatically registered on every star including Perfect APP. Now think about that: 1,000,000 people (a very conservative number); how much CashFACTOR is that? We don’t know, right? Because CashFACTOR depends on how often they use the Perfect APP. Let’s assume that they use only one hour per month; that’s very conservative. One hour is equal to one CASHPoint, and each CASHPoint is 1 U.S. cent. So 1,000,000 times one U.S. cent, is going to be, say US$ 10,000 per month, and the numbers will just grow and won’t stop. Is this crazy? It’s real. It’s true, and numbers don’t lie. That alone should give you enough excitement. No one wants to be left behind; no business wants to be left out.


Now look, you can only recommend a business that you have had personal experience with; bought something, or used their service. You can also ask your friends and neighbors what business they recommend. Such as,

“Hey, Bob! Have you eaten at Brood’s restaurant lately?”


“That’s good.”

“Oh! What about this shirt?”

“Oh! How about the shoes?”

Then you can go on about our grocery shop, your cars—anything. Ask them why they went there? They are talking about it, because they would like to recommend it.

However, you cannot enter the recommendation for places they’ve been; but you can say, “Did you know that my company, the PerfectPages, the global leader in business directories, will give you FREE SHOPPING for anything—electronics, laptops, etc?” They give free DEALPoints if you recommend these businesses. Let me give you my link. Go there, register, and recommend businesses, and qualify for FREE SHOPPING.” What a quick response you’re going to have! So, that can be done.


There is a contest going on. The one to recommend the most businesses wins! First prize is 10,000 DEALPoints; 5,000 DEALPoints for the second place; and 2,500 DEALPoints for third place.

Now, just think about this. Is there anything better than this out there? Definitely not! This is fresh, new, global and free. I have just given you the figures. You can set up yourself for life. All you have to do is to start the fire; everything else will take care of its self. The way to start the fire is simply recommending the businesses. Alright, we only have 29 days left.


Thank you very much for being here tonight.

I hope that you are happy and excited! I will see you next Thursday. May God bless you!

With your success in mind,


and Your WAZZUB Support


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January 28, 2014 PI General Webinar Recap

PI General Webinar Recap

Tues., January 28, 2014

by:  Cate Kozikowski

LottoMadness Header


Good morning, everybody! Thank you all for being here
today, and every day; having fun following our passions, because we are The
Power of “We!” And when you do what you enjoy, it’s fabulous! I don’t know
about you, but for me, winning US$ 10,000,000 for free, is stupendous!


Today we are going to talk about LOTTO MADNESS; where
you can win up to US$ 10,000,000!

How Do I Become a Winner?


It is very easy to become a winner at LOTTO MADNESS.
Register for FREE; just click the “WE PLAY—YOU WIN” button on any Lottery; then once inside, you simply click on the “Register for Free” button, and you’re registered for the next Draw.

After the Draw, check back within 72 hours to see if
our numbers have won, and if you are one of our lucky winners! To register for the next Draw, just do another click on the “Register for Free” button.

LOTTO MADNESS is pure fun without any risk! We’ll never
share your data with 3rd parties; and we’ll never send you spam—GUARANTEED!


Now, let’s explore! Go to this link
now. You will see the Latest Winners in the top left section. Then, right below it, you will see the dates of the next Draws; and in the bottom section you will see what I just told you about, how to become a winner. If it’s a new member, he/she can click on the FREE REGISTRATION button to get registered on PI first, and then play the Lotteries.


If you are already a member of PI, there is no need to
click on the FREE REGISTRATION button. You only need to click on the MORE INFO button, and then choose the Lottery you want to play, by clicking on “We Play—You Win.” As you can see, these are the six biggest lotteries in the whole
world. Here we have the Powerball USA, with the highest jackpot of $ 550,000,000. The other lotteries are from different countries, and you can see their highest jackpots, too.



Click on “We Play—You Win” to Play for FREE!


Click on “Bono Loto,” for Example

Click on “We Play—You Win” in “Bono Loto,” and you
arrive at this page (below), and you can see the schedule for playing four times a week: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. To register, you just need to click on “Register for Free,” and you will see either “Congratulations! You are now registered for this draw;” or, if you have already previously
registered for that draw, you will see “You are already registered for this draw.” Either way, you will know you are registered.



Click on List of Winners

After registering, you can click on the “List of Winners,” and it will open a page with all the winners listed, and the logos of
the different Lotteries. If you click on any of them, it will open a page to that Lottery. Now, remember, always look on the list of winners for your name, and the name of your family or friends, because one day it could be you that wins, or someone you know. To the right of the list, you will see how much time is left for the winners to claim their prize. You definitely don’t want to lose your prize, if you are a winner. If the prize is not claimed, it is put into the Jackpot.


How Often Can I Play?


Each of the 6 Lotteries has specific days they do their

You can play up to 12 times each week!

What About If I Win?


From the List of Winners page, simply click on the “Claim Link” to claim your prize.


Prize Details

Prizes under US$ 1,000 are awarded in DEALPoints.

Prizes above US$ 1,001 are awarded as CASH.

DEALPoints will be credited to the winners’ accounts, and cash will be paid out through bank wire, or direct deposit; after the fulfillment of all requirements (according to the terms), especially #10. (Basically what it says is that you need to fill
out certain papers—nothing to worry about. It’s a happy day. You’re a winner, and that’s always fabulous.)


What Are the Payouts for Winners?

There are 8 Categories for Winners:


Category 1:
Lottery Prize between US$ 0.01 and US$ 19.99. and
1 winner drawn.

Category 2:
Lottery Prize between US$ 20.00 and US$ 999.99.  Split into US$ 10 parts, and 1 winner drawn per part.



Category 3:
Lottery Prize between US$ 1,000.00 and US$ 
       9,999.99. Split into US$ 100 parts with 1 winner drawn per part.


Category 4:
Lottery Prize between US$ 10,000.00 and US$ 
99,999.99.    Split into US$ 1,000 parts with 1 winner drawn per part.


Category 5:
Lottery Prize between US$ 100,000.00 and US$ 
999,999.99.  Split into US$ 10,000 parts, with 1 winner drawn per part.

Category 6:
Lottery Prize between US$ 1,000,000.00 and US$ 
9,999,999.99. Split into US$ 100,000 parts, with 1 winner drawn per part.

Category 7:
Lottery Prize between US$ 10,000,000.00 and US$ 
99,999,999.99. Split into US$ 1,000,000 parts, with 1 winner drawn per part.


Category 8:
Lottery Prize above US$ 100,000,000.00. 
Split into
US$ 10,000,000
parts, with 1 winner drawn per part.

For Example:


We Win US$ 171,000,000 in Powerball. This means a total of 27 people are winners!

17 people win US$ 10,000,000 each.

10 people win US$ 100,000 each.


What Can I Use My DEALPoints For?




While DEALPoints have no actual cash value, they do have a great savings on our E-Commerce sites; meaning

1 DEALPoint = 1 U.S. Cent

100 DEALPoints = 1 U.S. Dollar

If you have enough DEALPoints, you can cover the price of the item, the System Fee, AND the cost of Shipping!

FREE SHOPPING! –only on the Perfect Internet.

DEALPoints can be used on any product (or coupon), from the following Business Partners:
Supreme Jewels, EEBOOX, or Shobbit.

More participating Business Partners will be added at a later date.


Where Can I Spend My DEALPoints?








As you can see, there are many choices for
SHOPPING with your DEALPoints.


New Drawings Everyday!

Register for FREE today at:

Already a PI Member?

Just click “More Info” next to the Lotteries, and claim your
“We Play You Win” Ticket.

Thank You! 



Q.  I’m quite late on Lotto Madness. Does it mean we can also win cash, not only DealPoints?

A. (Connie:)
Yes, of course. It depends on which Lottery you win. If, for example,
you win Spain’s Lottery, which is millions of Euros, since it’s more than US$ 1001, you have the option to receive it in cash.

Q. (Tom:)
If we hit the Powerball Jackpot, how do you determine who wins, from that one ticket?

A. (Rod:)
All winners are draw randomly from all members who registered for that particular Lottery drawing. The amounts won would follow the breakdown under category 7 in the Terms of service.

Q. (Armando:)
In Dec., I bought something, and I haven’t received it yet.

A. (Connie:)
Armando, please communicate with the Support team, and they will help find out why it hasn’t arrived yet. Some things take 6-8 weeks to arrive to their destination. Be sure to contact our Community Support.

(Rod:) International shipping can take up to 45 days, sometimes longer. It depends on the shipping company, and local delivery.

If your purchase is from a Deal Partner, and not Shobbit, Supreme Jewels, or EEBOOX, then you should contact the Deal Partner from their contact details.

Q. (Connie:)
If we register in a Lottery, how is it determined who wins from ticket?

A. (Rod:)
Here’s an example: All local winners are drawn randomly (by the system), from all the members who registered for that particular drawing. Say they win a total of US$ 171,000,000. 27 people will be winners, and they’re all chosen randomly between the members that are registered for that lottery.      

(Tom:)  Ok, thanks.


(Connie:) That’s why it’s important to check every day, and
participate as much as you can. One day we will win big, and you will be part of it. LOTTO MADNESS is easy and fast to play, so check it daily!

With your success
in mind,

Cate, and

Your WAZZUB Support

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January 23 PP Webinar Highlights

From the PP Webinar Recap

January 23, 2013

Presented by Gee DaCosta


We have a contest going on from January 22 to February
28.  The contest has a first, second, and third prize, for the ones who will recommend the highest number of businesses.


First prize 10,000 Deal Points

Second prize 5000 Deal Points

Third prize 2500 Deal Points


All up for grabs…However they have to be real
businesses. Do not enter false information. Do not cheat, you know what happens to cheaters; cheaters never win and winners are never cheaters. We fire them. We will ban you from the system if you are cheating.  Do not cheat, this is serious business let alone that to enter from wrong in fraudulent information is a crime. There's no need to do that. I’m not saying that you're going to do this I am simply
stating because when there are a lot of people there are a lot a different questions that are asked. When there is a race people try to cheat to get there first, there is no need. Only honesty wins, always. The good guys always win. PI is a great company.  They have given everyone great opportunities and this is just another one of those.

 Everyone here is a winner if you're honest, you do not
need to be in first, second, or third place. Everyone here has a true opportunity to capitalize on whenever number you have in your heart. Is it $ 5000 per month, is at $ 10,000 per month, is it $ 20,000 per month? You have the nugget already, it is simple to do this to recommend a business and also become
a Profit Instructor. You have a real opportunity with a global leader in business directories which is the PerfectPages.

 We will grow and everyone will want to do business with
us and we will continue to grow with or without you, that is a fact and we want you to be on board with us. What I want to know is this; it is simple enough to recommend businesses, who is ready to take on this challenge, who is going to

Grab a notebook…


Number one:  write at the top:

I am committed to my trip to Las Vegas on June 21, 2014.

With all the money you are going to make here, there is
no excuse not to come and meet us in Las Vegas. 
We can all meet for the grand live show our Most Famous Awards Show in Las Vegas on June 21. It is going to be fun, exciting, and so electric, I can't wait! Everyone here has the opportunity to be there.


Number two:

I will recommend 100+ businesses until February 28.

 Think big, if you think small, you will only achieve
small; think big; make it a fun challenge. That is how companies and smart people grow, because they set high
goals.  If you do not achieve your high goals, at least you gave it your best and you achieve higher than if you would
have just set a goal for 10.

 Number three:

I will talk to all my friends and family and ask them what they recommend.

 Number four:

I will make 2014 the year of my financial independence.

That means spend time with your loved ones; quit your
job, fire your boss, stop doing the things that you do not love doing.  With the PerfectPages you'll be able to do everything you want.  Notice I did not say anything, I said everything.  You deserve it.

 Now answer this question, are you committed to
yourself?  You're not committed to me or
anyone else but are you committed to yourself? 
Write your answer down:

I am committed to myself.

To you and your family, your loved ones, say, "I am committed.", if you are truly committed to recommending 100 businesses or more.  If you are going to do this, do
it the best that you can for your own sake and your family sake. The commitment you are doing is when you are making it to yourself and we are going to help you get there.

We do not need to be here all night, I know this is
enough information. We have a lot of people to talk to and businesses to recommend. Your time will be well spent over there. We're going to be here every Thursday to support you. If you have questions then go to our Wazzub Community,
go to our Skype rooms, and ask your questions.

Now it is all up to you. I want
to thank all of you for being here, I apologize for not having the whole team here to translate for us and the webinar to run a bit smoother. I believe the message has been delivered, thank you so much for being here. Remember you are not alone, we are in this together; with that, good night and all the best to everyone.

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January 21 Perfect Pages Webinar

PI General Webinar Recap

Tues., January 21, 2014

Presented by: Cate Kozikowski

(PerfectPages video ad is shown to start off the webinar.)

        Hello, hello, hello. WAZZUB?!!

  Thank you so much everyone for joining us today. We are talking about the PerfectPages; which is so awesome, as you just heard in that short video. So, let’s get started.


Get to know the PERFECTPAGES!

Imagine a place where all your shopper dreams come true:

 …a business directory that is listing highly recommended businesses only;

…the deepest discounts, exclusive deals, cash back, coupons, bonuses and other benefits, as well;

…a bonus card for local and online businesses—even when you travel;

…and, you collect DEALPoints (simply for referring other free members and businesses), to qualify for FREE SHOPPING!

Welcome to the PERFECTPAGES!

How do businesses get listed on PerfectPages?

Well, one of the features that make PerfectPages unique is that businesses can only be listed if you, our members, have recommended it. This makes PerfectPages an exclusive place where you know you’re finding real, valuable businesses.

Recommending Local and Online Businesses

Each time, when you recommend a local or online business that is not yet listed at PerfectPages, you will receive 20 DEALPoints.

Each time, when one of your recommended businesses upgrades, and becomes a premium partner of PerfectPages, you will receive up to 50 DEALPoints.

Each time you review and rate a local, or online, business that is already listed in the PerfectPages, you also will receive 5 DEALPoints. Now, that’s definitely fantastic!


Where to Recommend Businesses

You can recommend businesses now (or, after this webinar), by logging in to; and I’m going to walk you through, so you can understand where everything is, and what you need to know (and that will come a little bit later on.)

This is our site, the PerfectPages. This is what is launching on March 1st. You can see this easily at; and, this is where you’re going to be able to go to see all the different information about the businesses which are listed there. You’ll be able to read articles; see which businesses are offering bonuses; and so much more.


Welcome to the ABC’s of PERFECTPAGES Benefits

A – Articles

B – Bonuses

C – Coupons


E – Events



Do you like to read about: New Products, New Services, New Technologies, or Cutting-Edge Ideas?

How about reading more about: Health, Wealth, Entertainment, Hobbies, and Self-improvements?

The list goes on and on!

You can find it all within the PERFECTPAGES!      


How would you like to have unlimited FREE Bonuses, worldwide?

When you have your PERFECTBONUS CARDs, you get unlimited FREE Bonuses worldwide, AND US$ 10 in FREE Downloads!

You get to choose from: Music, eBooks, or Games…when you shop at your favorite participating PERFECT BONUS businesses, worldwide.      


You can receive discounts at your favorite businesses, locally and worldwide, with the PERFECT COUPONS.

You can use them for yourself, or give them as gifts to your family and friends.        


You get the Best Deals at the best price!

We use our Exclusive Patent-pending Technology, to offer you the most amazing deals—always at the best price.

Everything from eBooks and jewelry, to household items, apparel, Smartphones, gadgets, and so much more!

And, of course, always up to 99% discount.        


Keep up with all the great events going on across your town, and around the world! You’ll see everything, from Fundraisers, to Concerts, Social Gatherings, and even Business Events.        


That’s right! FREE SHOPPING—exclusively, with the PerfectPages. Collect DEALPoints to enjoy even more FREE SHOPPING! Just like you saw in the video, you can get: Electronics, Jewelry, Apparel, eBooks, and so much more!

(To learn more about PerfectPages, I definitely encourage everyone to watch the video at It’s only about 15 min. long, so it won’t take much time at all.)

Now let’s take a quick tour to learn how to recommend businesses.

Let’s visit

As you can see we have benefits for both consumers and business owners. You simply Login, at the top, near the time display. (Of course, the real time for when PI launches the PerfectPages is much less time than is pictured below; when our PerfectPages will be open, and be ready for us.)


Once you click the Login button at the top, you’ll come to the actual Login screen. You’ll need to enter your PI credentials, which are always the same throughout any Perfect Internet website; and the PerfectPages, of course, is part of the Perfect Internet. Once you Login, come to your Back Office. We are going to go through the important parts; so you will know where you need to go, and what you need to know in each area.


This is your PerfectPages Member Back Office. Everything you need to know about your PerfectPages business is found right here on this back office.



Set up Your Profile First

The first thing you should always do is make sure to set up your profile. Always keep your information complete, accurate, and up-to-date.

You need to be of legal age to sign a contract, as per USA laws (or local-jurisdiction laws), require.

300 DEALPoints qualify you for FREE SHOPPING. In order to participate in the PERFECTPAGES Program and to receive any DEALPoints, you need to ensure that the information associated with your account, (including your email address, full name, home address, and other contact information), is at all times complete, accurate, and up-to-date.

In order to participate in the PERFECTPAGES Program,

(a) you must be at least 14 years old, or

(b) be of legal age in your jurisdiction to form a binding contract with us, and

(c) make sure you’re not barred from participating in the PA Cash Program, under the laws of the United States or other countries; including the country in which you are a resident, or from which you participate in the program.

Once you have collected at least 300 DEALPoints, you will be qualified for FREE SHOPPING! (Additional fees for shipping/handling may apply.)



The more DEALPoints you collect, the more you can SHOP FOR FREE! Simply follow our easy steps and you will collect your first DEALPoints today. It is fun and easy to do!

To get there from your Back Office, you click on “HOW TO EARN MORE DEALPoints.”

STEP #1 Invite your friends and family



STEP #4 Install your PERFECT APP

STEP #5 Recommend local and online businesses And when you click on “HOW TO EARN MORE DEALPoints,” you can see all the details that take you through each step. They’re very simple, and very easy to do.


Recommending Businesses

Simply Recommend Your Favorite Businesses for PerfectPages. This can be any business that you shop at, or patronize: Restaurants, Hotels, Your Favorite Salon, Your Favorite CD/VCD Shop, Your Favorite Grocery Store, Online Businesses or Offline Businesses.

Once you recommend, there is nothing else for you to do, besides recommending more businesses! Our Profit Instructors will handle all the details, regarding contacting each business which is recommended.


Recommend a Business

To show you how simple it is to recommend a business, here’s a screen shot of that same page. As you can see, it’s very easy. You have the Business Name, the Address, the Country, etc. If they have a website, this is great. If they do not have a website, this is totally ok. You can look and see if perhaps the company has a Facebook page, or Yelp previews of that particular business, or you can leave it blank. One of the great things about the PerfectPages is that we can give every business a complete online presence.        

Then, all you would have to do is enter when you’ve purchased something, and what you bought. For the date of purchase, you can either type in the day, month, and year; or click on the little calendar, and choose it from the pre-selected calendar frame. Then, just a simple “Why are you recommending this business?” And then, that’s all you need to do! Click “Recommend,” and then you will see 20 Points, (if you’re the first one to recommend it), listed under “DP on hold.” Now, what this means (also, if you read in here, on when you’re recommending) please allow up to 10 weeks for each business to be certified. Now, PerfectPages does not open until March 1st, 2014, so there will be no businesses starting to be certified before then. So please, have patience. We will certify every single business, as soon as we possibly can.        

So, meantime, you can continue to recommend as many businesses as you can, that are good quality businesses. If you would not tell your best friend to go there, then you would not recommend it in the PerfectPages. But, if you love that business, and you love shopping there, or eating there, or staying there, or having those services; then, absolutely share that business with the world, by recommending it here; and enjoying your FREE SHOPPING, later on.


Marketing Center

After you’ve recommended some businesses, you can visit our Marketing Center. This is where you can get all the marketing tools you need to promote the PerfectPages.  

Marketing Tools: We have everything from: Banners, to a great Promotional Video, A Pre-written Email, and of course, your Personal Referral Link.

For those of you who were able to attend the Webinar we held this past Saturday (Jan. 18); or who have watched the video, or read the Recap: we’ve re-adjusted some of our marketing strategies. With your personal Referral Link, you’ll want to share this with your close friends and family, your close contacts. These are people that trust you already. You already have that rapport with them, where if you ask them to click on a longer link, they know nothing bad will happen; and of course, it won’t.

Now if you want to promote the PerfectPages, across the internet, on any platform, just use the straight link:

This will allow more people to go and check it out for themselves, without any reservations (that may come from having a longer link.) And, if you have not seen the video, or read the Recap of the Webinar on Jan. 18th, I definitely recommend everyone to go and check it out.



Here is something really exciting! With this card, you can receive up to 97% Discount on multiple (card) orders. For example: You can buy 10 PERFECTBONUS CARDs for just US$ 15! Each individual card you can Resell for US$ 10 each, or give away for FREE. Now, you might be wondering: Why would I want to give these cards away for free? Let me explain.



Each card is pre-coded with a unique code.

New registrations are coded to you. You can Earn CASHPoints when those members buy DEALS, Coupons, or Even more PERFECTBONUS CARDs!

Every 10,000 CASHPOINTs =


US$ 50 in Coupons, AND US$ 50 in CASH!

So, when giving the cards away for free, while you will not make any money on the card itself, you will, when those people register their card and get their free gifts; and then when they buy DEALS, gifts, and more PERFECTBONUS CARDs. This gives you an exclusive way to market Perfect Internet Offline! And, as you have learned before, every PERFECTBONUS CARDs card holder receives unlimited bonuses worldwide, whenever they shop at participating businesses.

So, of course, people will love getting these cards!        


You can see your progress with your personal invitees;

Download your first generation; and

Track your growth, 5 generations deep. Here’s an example of your statistics page (below):

YOUR STATISTICS: Now it is time to collect DEALPoints! The more people you invite to become a free member at the PerfectPages, the more DEALPoints you will collect. After launch, you will receive additional DEALPoints for specific activity; not only for your direct members, but for the activities of all members—five generations deep! Please have in mind that we have a strict ZERO SPAM POLICY and a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY when it comes to cheating. If you spam others, or if you create fake accounts (or encourage others to do so), your account will be deleted without further notice.


Keep in Touch With Your Invited Members


Download your first generation contact details.

Keep them in the loop with all the great news from PI.

Motivate them by sharing your progress, and how you achieved your results.



The ONLY Member-Driven Global Business Directory!

Businesses are only listed by YOUR recommendation.

From Articles to FREE SHOPPING, and everything in between, we have the benefits you are looking for.

Bank your DEALPoints now, for plenty of FREE SHOPPING after March 1, 2014.

PERFECTBONUS CARDs – come with Unlimited Bonuses Worldwide, and US$ 10 in Free Digital Gifts.

You can make extra money as you spread around the PERFECTBONUS CARDs!

Earn CASHPoints to spend with Coupons and CASH!


Launches March 1, 2014

Recommend Your Favorite Businesses Now at: 

Thank You!

movie clapper

 Get the video replay here:
January 21 Perfect Pages Video Replay

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General Webinar January 18 of 2014 Presentation by Cate Kozikowski, Natalie Tyler and Suresh Kumar


Webinar banner

General Webinar January 18 of 2014 Presentation by
Cate Kozikowski, Natalie Tyler and Suresh Kumar

The Video Replay is now available.

PI General Webinar Recap

January 18, 2013

Presented by Cate Kozikowski, Natalie Tyler, and Suresh Kumar

Perfect Internet

A Global Vision For Success

From Cate

Thank you very much everyone for joining us. I would like to welcome someone very special to speak with you today. Please give your attention to Natalie, who is one of our valued members here in Perfect Internet, she has over 13 years of online marketing experience, and she will be sharing some valuable tips and information for all of us. Natalie, the mic is all yours.

Experience shows


From Natalie

Hello everyone, my name is Natalie Tyler, and I would like share a few things with you all today, and would like to begin with some of my history in marketing.

I hope that everyone here is as excited as I am about PI and all of the great things that lie ahead for 2014. I would like to start off by saying that I am new to this, so I ask that you all bear with me here as I share with you all of our thoughts and ideas on how to market PI in a more productive and simple manner.

As you all know, Marketing is the backbone of all companies that are seeking success. Knowing that, We were thinking of many ways to achieve success in our marketing strategies here at PI that would in turn, broaden our results as well as skyrocket our reputation! Our goal is to be viewed as a REAL and trustworthy company with a business website that falls in line with the Big Boys! Companies such as Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Facebook...etc.

Most of you who have been doing internet marketing for some time now may be already be aware of how little things or the basics may make the difference between success and failure! Using less is sometimes best, and it can be the most effective way to market. When you make life really easy for people, they tend to enjoy dealing with you. Approaching things in the least complicated way, is the way most people prefer to live their lives, and the same rules apply when you're offering goods & services to people as well.

As for me... I have been marketing online for about 13 years now, and I have seen and tried it all! I have jumped through many loops and have tripped over most of them to be totally honest! But.. It's okay, because I've learned a lot along the way! And I would like to share some of these things with you all here tonight.

First, I'd like to tell you a short story about my journey in Internet Marketing. See, I started back in the year 2000. I wanted to work from home because I had 4 sons, and I wanted to spend quality time with them, and teach them the values that my parents instilled in me.

I searched the internet over looking for a way to get rich quick and began joining one MLM company after another. I tried to stay away from those companies that would require me to pay money before making money, but must admit that I took the plunge 2-3 times before I realized that it JUST wasn't going to work.

I then decided to learn marketing by doing research on successful marketers websites, and tried to copy their strategies by using "some magic method that they were using", That they claimed would work for me too, So, I began to believe that I too would achieve their success and That I too would also become a millionaire! Well needless to say, that never happened! So I had to become realistic, I decided to start out small and work upwards. I had to do the footwork if I wanted to succeed! I went back to square one, and decided that if I wanted to build a team of members, that I would need to spend many hours doing research to find places to put my ref-link. I then would open my notepad on my desktop and copy & paste all of the places that I wanted to put my link in order to build my member base. I then would sign up to all of these places and save my username and password under each business, so that I wouldn't have any issues when it was time to log-in.

I picked places like the free classified forums and searched all that I could find on Google, then signed up and then begin posting my ref-links on all of them. I then went on to using a PPC website and started using free hits that I earned from using manual surfing. I did this for hours on end whenever I had the time to do so. I then began opening up accounts in all of the PPC websites that were out at the time (which was a few when I first began).

During my quest at marketing, I was blessed to meet a man who was in the forum marketing his new book that was just published. He had just happened to be my sponsor that was one tier above me.

He sent messages out to all of his down-line members and I was the only one who responded he told me. So he asked me, “Would I like for him to help guide me through the marketing process”. He told me that he had been marketing for 14 years and that he would love to guide me along at no cost if I wanted to learn. I joyfully accepted.

About 1 month into our learning sessions, my mentor decided that he wanted to introduce me to a software developer who had created the original "Madden Football". He stated that this man was a genius and that he wanted to put together a company that would allow people to speak through their web-pages well before many of the avenues of VOIP were available as it is today. He asked if I wanted to come in at the top of this company, and that my mentor would help with advertising strategies that could make us all a huge bottom line. Again, I accepted.

My mentor and I put together a marketing plan that would allow us to tie down the market by using search engine groups as well as PPC forums to bring in members and build up our company from the ground floor. We created Yahoo groups, AOL groups & MSN groups; we put our group links all over the internet and built lists of email addresses to market our company in the effort to bring in more members. We posted in forums on a daily basis, and we remained very active in our search engine groups so that members would stay active there as well. We were able to get many members through those groups because we were the moderators and our members trusted our advice.

If everyone here created a free Yahoo, Google, MSN, Facebook, AOL, or Twitter group, can you imagine how many eyes will see our PI stars? Our Alexa ranking will also be affected as well. This is very simple to do, and will take no more than 5-10 minutes of your spare time to complete. I hope that you all will consider this pocket of the internet that is untouched by our PI members until now.

Now, as Cate and I were talking one day, we had an idea moving forward. We think that by removing our existing ref-links, people all across the internet will see PI through a different set of lenses. We feel that this change would be very beneficial to our company and our members alike. We hope that everyone here understands the power that this change would possess, and hope that you all will be on board. We believe that every company has to wear a professional hat at all times in order to be judged with the utmost respect. We have been displaying our PI ref-links for over 2 years now, and have gotten all of the benefits and perks from our links that were made available and are at a point that they have becoming useless and bear no real benefit to our members.

We ask all of the members who are on board with us, to use the main PI link when advertising online. If you still want to use your ref-link for family and friends, by all means, feel free to do so, if not, that's great! If you are concerned about earning DEALPoints, we have the PerfectPages available for earning DEALPoints, which is a great way to accomplish those goals.

I ask you all to think about how much better our company name will appear to the world without all of those extra letters and numbers attached to the end of our company name! How will people view PI now that we represent a whole unit of members versus each member for themselves! We are 1; We are a family...Right? Well, let's show the world that we mean it!

We are on to bigger and better things this year (2104), so let's start off right...let's remove those ref-links, and show the world how proud we are to be a part of this company! Let's show the world how proud we are of PI! Let's move forward together!

Thank You everybody!

Have a great day!

Please stand-by as I pass the mic back over to Cate.

From Cate

Thank you Natalie for sharing that invaluable information, experience, and insight. Now let us understand more about PI and how we can put this all into practice in our promotions.

Understand the Global Vision of PI

  • Premium FREE worldwide benefits and opportunity for everyone with your privacy protected always
  • Conveniences at your fingertips


Explore how Simple PI is to use


Visit Our Brands


How easy it is to share PI

  • Hey go check out – they have great deals you can buy every day!

  • Want to get DEALPoints for recommending your favorite businesses? Go to, sign up free, login, and start recommending!






Specific Examples to Promote PI Effectively

Friends, Family, Coworkers, Colleagues,

YouTube, Google+, MSN Groups, AOL Groups, MySpace, Facebook

Anyone ~ Anywhere


When to Use Your Referral Link

  • For best results use your referral link with your close contacts – people you talk to on a regular basis who go online 1-3+ hours each week

▫ First identify what they like to do online the most

▫ Then identify where or how they can do that within or from PI or PA

▫ Only share that one thing with them – show them how it works in person or over the phone

▫ Check back with them in about a week and answer any questions – our experience shows they will be excited and ready to learn more!

Think of all the close contacts you have

  • People you share hobbies with
  • Colleagues
  • Friends
  • Aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.
  • People you meet at different places




Specific examples

  • Your friend likes Facebook – Ask to use through PA
  • Your aunt loves videos on YouTube – ask to watch through PA
  • Your cousin love to play the lottery – show him Lotto Madness
  • Your neighbor wants to be famous – show her IWBF
  • Your sister loves searching for things online – show her SWS through PA

The list goes on and on!

Promoting Online

  • When promoting online understand these are blind hits on your links.

▫ People do not know you

▫ There is no way for you to explain more when they first see your link

▫ There is no way to know what they are really looking to do online – you cannot tailor the best link for them on the first try

▫ Takes multiple times of seeing a link before some people click

▫ Some people will never click at all

Using Your Referral Link online

  • People see the refid=XXXXXXXX and think they will be asked to join some MLM – they do not click on the link

  • People do not trust longer links – they afraid of something happening to their computer

  • People just do not click the links – they do not trust

  • Takes many impressions on 1 person before they click

  • Unreliable results or getting good results can be expensive

  • Must cloak your referral link to boost your results

  • Extra effort, extra time, not the most effective method

So how do you overcome this?

  • Think about how you feel when someone shares a website with you…

    • They say; Hey check out this website they have great shopping,
  •  I ate at this fantastic restaurant,
  •   Because you are getting the straight URL you trust you can visit that website safely and check it out




Harness the Power of “We” to Prevail

  • PI is currently and will continue to promote PI websites – no referral links – just straight website links
  • The more people individually who are promoting these same straight website links will mean more traffic to all PI sites
  • More people can take part in our special promotions and contests
  • PI Cares and PI Shares its success with ALL members!



Inspire Confidence

  • Take out the ref ID when you share PI – Use the direct URL only

  •  Simple to tell people about PI
  •  No misconceptions that PI is MLM or a scam
  •  Inspires more confidence to click on a link and learn more and JOIN
  •  New members start in PI exactly where they are most interested so they USE IT MORE
  •  Use your Reflink for only your close contacts


Our Plan for Success

  •  Talk to your friends, neighbors, & contacts


  •   What do they like to do online the most?


  •   Pick their number 1 favorite thing


  •   Show them only that one PI Star or button through PA


  •   Give them the direct URL


  •   Within 1 week – If they have not already talked to you – talk to them, ask their feedback


  •   In our experiences, you will hear positive feedback and they will be interested to learn even more!

What about the Perfect App?

  •  Save your Ref Link for your close family, friends, and contacts


  •   Focus instead on building the total prosperity of PI and PA as a whole.


  •   Personally you can easily earn 100 CashFACTOR in 1 month


  •   Focus instead on have the total revenue of PA Increasing

  •    We ALL Share 20% of the Revenue Earned!


    •   What if 1 CashFACTOR = ? Wouldn’t that be great with only 100 CashFACTOR in a month!
    • Combine that with just a few friends and you will make thousands!


What about Alexa?

  • With more people feeling confident to click on the links we share, it can only grow!





More money for All

  •  From PSM Perspective v Share 50% of ALL Company Profits


  •   Make value of $FACTOR grow


  •   From SSM Perspective


  •   PI Cares and PI Shares


  •   Value of CashFACTOR increases exponentially


  •   More money put into improving current features, services, and implementing more new services






During this point in the webinar we opened it up for feedback and questions. For the complete questions answered, please see the recording. The resounding feedback we received during the webinar was all positive and excitement for this new stage of growth in PI. Thank you everyone who participated! To share your feedback please visit our forum posts

General Members



What Matters

  •  Is not HOW we all come to PI…


  •   It is that we are here in the first place!


  •   PSMs share the profits of the whole company


  •   Everyone who uses the Perfect APP shares in the REVENUE from ALL the Users of the APP


  •   In less than 42 days the full version will launch


  •   Let’s make this count by making sure as many as possible use our Perfect APP


Learn all about our PI Stars

  •  Join us Tuesdays at 6:30pm PST/9:30pm EST


  •   Open for ALL Members and Non-members


  •   PI Webinar Platform v Password: PIfuture


  •  Next Week Jan 21, 2014: PerfectPages


  •   Jan 28, 2014: Lotto Madness


  •   Feb 4, 2014: IDealSmarter


  •   Feb 11, 2014: EEBOOX




Let’s Make PI #1 Together As One!





From Suresh

Thank you Cate, Natalie, and the rest of the team. If you listened carefully to what Cate and Natalie mentioned earlier, it is said to the point. Time and time again, we have experienced this. What is it that we have experienced? We have hundreds if not thousands of complaints from members saying, "Nobody is clicking or signing up to my Ref link." or two, "They ask me if I've been paid and how much I have been paid?" So it is very important to understand the message that Natalie and Cate are trying to share with all of us. The most important point is that many of us are trying very hard to promote PI and PI Galaxy. They are out there telling people how they can, "join PI and you will make money." The time to do that is over. What you need to do now is to promote PI and the PI Galaxy for its uniqueness, for its effectiveness, for its value. The CASHFACTOR, DEALPoints, all that stuff, those are the benefits you get from being a member; this is not what we use as the selling point. Why should a person coming use PI? This is a question that each of us has to ask ourselves. We have to understand the benefits of PI. Cate and the team will explain the different benefits of each platform over the coming weeks.

What we are trying to impart here is to promote PI and the PI Galaxy not for a tool to make money but because it is, a great tool with so many convenient, practical applications and some of them have unique patent-pending technology.

Why should you promote the WAZZUB Community? You are crazy, why would anyone want to join the WAZZUB Community? We know it is not perfect at the moment, so why would anyone leave Facebook to come and join the WAZZUB Community? Remember we are not here to compete with Facebook. PI does not want to be number one in the social communities. Our WAZZUB Community is just the platform where members can hang out, communicate, interact, and socialize. Yes, we know and understand that it needs to be improved and we will do that but our priorities come first.

So what do I promote? There is Lotto Madness, IDS, EEBOOX, the Perfect APP, the PerfectPages, the Perfect Jobs, there are so many things that you can promote. Our safe search engine and our email are more examples of things you can promote. As Cate and Natalie mentioned, identify what your friend or family member likes to do online. If he or she is someone who goes and bets on horses, dog races etc., goes, and buys lottery tickets – introduce Lotto Madness and Prize Mania to this person. There is no need to introduce Mailaxy, WAZZUB, IDS, IBookSmarter, or SoDEALicious to this person because it will not interest him. He is definitely going to be using Lotto Madness because that is his interest.

This is why PI is unique. PI is offering everything; in time, it will be everything that is available online in one place. It does not mean you have to use everything in PI, just use what you like.

Some of you here, how often do you go to YouTube? Some of you would never go to YouTube and given a choice, you do not even want to watch videos. You do sometimes when PI uploads a video and so you go check it out but if it is not for that, you do not. The point being is that you use what applies to you. Introduce a platform that will apply to your friend, your cousin, your sister, your brother, who ever. Many of us have the whole idea wrong. I bring in the member and he has to use everything. Know that is not going to happen, people use the Internet for purpose. Their hobby, there are certain things they like to do online and that is where they are going to be.

There are many people who use the Internet; they do not have a Facebook account – why? Their interest in using the Internet is to do research; they want to get answers to their questions. They are not online to socialize in the cyber world. There are people who use the Internet only to socialize, they do not do anything else. The first thing in the morning they take a picture of themselves on the bed, they post it on Facebook and twitter, "Good morning world". Then they go have their shower, breakfast, whatever, they get the camera out and another picture "I'm having breakfast". Now what is the point of asking this person to go and watch YouTube, or what is the point of asking this person to go and use a search engine, or to go to Lotto Madness; the point being identify what is your friend's passion, what they do online, and just give that particular platform to them to use. You do not have to explain about CASHFACTOR and DEALPoints; do not even explain you do not need to. They will come back to you within one week, contact you, and say, "Hey why is the timer counting, what is this CASHFACTOR? What are these DEALPoints? When they ask that is when you explain. When people do not ask, that means you have not created the interest in them, you can talk, they will not listen. When they ask they want to know. Moreover, when they want to know and you tell them, they can absorb the information. They receive the information and then you tell them how the CASHFACTOR works, this is how DEALPoints work, and what you can do with the CASHFACTOR. When this happens, what do you think the next thing that he or she is going to do? He or she will then introduce their close friends and close family. Now this is where you use your Reflinks with people whom you now.

Promoting online, as Natalie clearly put it; it has to be done as a whole. The time for Reflinks on blind hits it is over. Cate and Natalie explained it clearly, why because it will not work. So do we stop promoting all together? No, we promote the URL without the RefID for all the platforms when we want blind hits. When we do that, when people see the short platform URLs,,, etc. people know they are going to a website and not a referral or MLM type of company.

I want to thank Natalie one of our PSMs who came forward to share with us. We appreciate and we all thank you and of course, to Cate, Cliff, Rod and the rest of the team thank you very much; Cate the mic is all yours.

From Cate

Thank you Suresh, fantastic insight as always, it is appreciated very much. I want to thank everyone for joining us today and especially Natalie, Connie, Rod, Cliff, Rose and all our PI Team. Thank you to all our members too. Have a wonderful day/evening and I will see you next time. All the best to everyone!








Join us in the WAZZUB Community and share your feedback

General Members


With your success in mind,

Cate Kozikowski, Natalie Tyler, Suresh Kumar, and

Your WAZZUB Support

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Jan 16 PA Webinar Info

PA Webinar Recap
January 16, 2014
Presented by Cate Kozikowski

We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience. We had some technical challenges tonight and as such, our PA Webinar was canceled. Cate spoke a few minutes with some quick updates and the recap is below.

From Cate

Hello, hello, WAZZUB everyone, how is everyone doing today? I would like to apologize to you because we have technical difficulties tonight and we are going to cancel the webinar. I have a couple of quick updates to share with you before I go.

A couple of things,

First, be sure to share with your members that there will be a special webinar this Saturday, at 1pm EST / 10am PST January 18, 2014 in our PI Webinar Platform.,51137845,private

Password: PIfuture

There will be training about how you can share PI with the world effectively both for the people you know closely and everyone you do not know as well.

Next, be sure to come to our other webinar on Tuesday, at 6.30pm PST/9:30 EST about PI Opportunities! We go through each PI Star in depth and share with you all the opportunity there is for all our PI Members. Make sure you vote in IWBF, and share with everyone you know.

All those businesses where you are going normally, restaurants, supermarket, hairdressing, hotel, wherever you are going normally, recommended it in the PerfectPages. You will be gaining DEALPoints and FREE SHOPPING! I I love to shop, everyone loves to buy, so why not buy free? One of my favorite things about PI is that you can shop free. Understand those businesses you recommend will be listed in the PerfectPages and you can have special discounts and bonuses each time that you go there with your Perfect Bonus Card. How cool is that to receive a bonus just for shopping at the places you love to shop from the most!

To read past Webinars PA you can get recaps Here:


Thank you for your patience and support. You have a great day/evening, and I will see you next time. Once again, our apologies for any inconvenience tonight.

With your success in mind,
Cate Kozikowski and
Your WAZZUB Support

Tonight's PA Webinar was cancelled due to technical difficulties.

You can find previous Webinar recaps in the following areas:

(This Blog)

The last recording in English can be found here:

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January 9 Family PA Webinar

Recorded Family WebinarsGeneral PA Webinar January 9th, 2014 added to the Recorded Webinars Blog



Webinar banner

PA PP Webinar Recap

January 9, 2014

Presented by Gee DaCosta and Cate Kozikowki

From Gee

Hello, hello everyone, WAZZUB! I hope everyone had a great holiday season and we are going to start this year on the right foot with the pedal to the metal! Let us go ahead and get started. I want to welcome all of you to our brand new year of 2014 with our perfect projects and Perfect Internet. Looking at the numbers, we have just a few people here at the start of the webinar and this is probably because the blog was not updated on time. At the beginning of 2014, our system was a little bit slow and it was not updated. We have to blame someone or something for it, I do not want to take the blame. I am just joking. We are not perfect yet but we will be.

What we are doing today is having just a little bit of fun here; we are preparing many things behind the scenes that will be coming out very soon. You know that we have been working on this amazing project step by step, slowly but surely, every great thing starts small, like the mustard seed, patience, nourishment, support, and all the things that are necessary for true success. So for the past eight years since PI came to our creators' minds as a dream, we have taken one step after another from thin air, to pre launch in November 2011 with no website, and today look where we are. We not only have a website, we have projects, online stores, a social community, I WANNA BE FAMOUS (IWBF), and so much more! We are not just a website; we own everything we see under our galaxy, the PI Galaxy.


Every successful business has to start from a dream or from a thought, just a thought alone will not make anything happen, it takes action, massive action, and massive amounts of patience and diligence. We knew we could not do this alone and that was when the Power of "We" was created and here "We" are. So congratulations to all of you, for sticking around, for being the backbone of PI because that is what we are as members. The Power of "We" is a strong movement and it is never going to stop. Since 2007, we have been working diligently for this year 2014, the year of our IPO when we go public on the stock exchange.


I do not know about you, but I am sure you can relate to my story. I came to America chasing the American dream. Many people around the world have heard of the American dream and dream to come to America to find that dream and pursue it themselves. I did that. Here I am today in America. The American dream, really I believe is right here in PI.


As Enrico said from Italy, I mentioned him on the last Gee on TV Episode 21; he is living the American dream from Italy! No longer will people anywhere in the world with an Internet connection have to come to America to live the American dream, you found it! It is right here. I kid you not. I have been in the pursuit for 31 years - to be exact, since I first wanted to be an American. It just came to my attention two years ago with PI.

You know it is a jungle out there on the Internet; you can get lost in that jungle looking for something, especially the American dream. I do not know about you, but for 30 years, I have been involved in so many different programs, so many. I tried to keep track of them but I just lost count. I have been involved in a lot of things hoping for it to be the American dream. We have it right here.

The American dream is not just to find the mother lode of diamonds or jewels or "a pie in the sky"; it takes vision, perseverance, diligence, hard work, the right mindset, time to nourish it, to keep it, to protect it. I believe the Power of "We" holds the power in their hands to give to anyone who understands or who would take the time to understand that the American dream is within your reach. Again, it is not perfect, yet. Together "We" will make it perfect.


Now why do I say this? Well, if you are new here you might not grasp this just yet. If you have been with us for some time and you have seen all that we are doing, developing, and how we are getting better and better every day, you definitely understand.

Today we are only going to talk about a couple of things because there are too many other things to talk about on just one webinar. Perfect APP and PerfectPages, everything PI does, even the moneymaking opportunities are always FREE Forever, you do not have to buy anything or sell anything, and there are no jobs to do. We say that "If it isn’t fun, don't do it." What we do is we have fun with the projects that we have and they happen to generate cash, friends, a new family, and a safe place within the PI Galaxy for us. Anything a person would need on the Internet, they can find in or through the PI Galaxy. Do you want to make money? We have something for you. Do you Wanna Be Famous? We have something for you. Do you want to make friends? We have something for you. Where is a free social community to communicate with anyone in the world? We have that for you, always free, fantastic right!



The Perfect APP is in pre-launch. We will fully launch on March 1, 2014, just under 2 months away. Once we launch the full version on March 1, 2014, the Perfect APP Cash Program will be closed forever for new people to join. 



So what can we do here? We can simply hand over our personal link to someone, anyone, and everyone; tell them that they can live the American dream for free. Give them the link and tell them to explore. Everyone who joins before or on February 28, 2014 will capitalize on everyone who will come into the Perfect APP after him or her forever.

Everyone who joins on March 1 and thereafter, they will be free users and will just enjoy the free benefits we have; they will not be able to participate in the Perfect APP Cash Program. Everyone who joins before March 1, meaning by the end of the day February 28, 2014 11:59 PM Pacific Standard Time, will benefit forever, indefinitely from the revenue earned through the Perfect APP. The ones who find out about us when it is too late, will be saying to you, "you lucky dog!" That is what we believe is going to happen.

We have a window of about two months to share with everyone on how he or she can share the American dream absolutely for free. Make sure you tell your closest family and friends; you do not want them to come back to you later and say, "Why did you not tell me?" My advice is to tell them while you can and later they cannot blame you for not sharing this opportunity with them.

The PerfectPages are in pre-launch, yet we have opened that secret backdoor for everyone. During the last three weeks, the doors have been open for our members to start recommending businesses. For every business that you recommend, you will earn DEALPoints! DEALPoints might not seem very attractive at first glance until you know what they are. What are DEALPoints? DEALPoints you can use just like money to purchase things from any of our e-commerce sites.

We already have over 3,000 businesses recommended and we have not even started yet! Soon we will have tens of thousands and then hundreds of thousands and then in the millions. We believe we will conquer the Internet in this particular field and we will help every single business who wants our help. We will put them in a better spot.

Then we have opened our PERFECT JOBS page. Look at this; we are offering jobs for people worldwide! Who else does that? Well there a lot of free services out there, Facebook, Google, Yahoo!, Instagram, and all these fancy beautiful businesses. They make a fortune because everyone is using their free services. The question is do they pass anything on to you for using their free services? While we are using their free services, they are capitalizing on us!

With Google, 250,000,000 free users have helped make that company worth today over $ 23,000,000,000! What about you? What do they pay you to use it? A big zero! Now look at PI; PI is a dream come true to everyone! Share this with everyone who wants to know about the American dream, here it is. It is amazing what PI does, isn’t it!

Now we have the PerfectPages and with the PERFECT JOBS, we can help to change the lives of all the people that need to make money the most, those who do not have money to invest in a business. By doing this they can better their local and national economies and for that matter the world economy! This is a mouthful is it not? I love it because it is true. I could not say these things about any other company ever, not even Google, not even Facebook, not even anyone else. That is not what they are all about with their business model.

This is what PI is all about, the Power of "We". Let that sink in your heart for a moment; the Power of "We" what it does it means for you, for us, for them, for anyone, let them think. When it sinks in your heart you will be walking, talking, living, breathing, and eating, PI. You will be a walking billboard because you will not be able to stop talking about it.

 I say this to you with so much confidence and I am so proud of being one, a member of the Power of "We". I say this to you with all the conviction in the world and congratulations to you that you are one of them as well. This is something so special, that I get chills talking about it. I could talk about this all night long and I do not get tired about it. Here we have it to share and give to people, our American dream.

With the PERFECT JOBS, people who need a job and want to have fun enjoying living their dream career can find it here. One of our upcoming jobs, I am sure you have heard about it in our recent webinars and the PI news, you can apply for one job which is going to pay a huge income, a Profit Instructor. You will be trained, you will have a lot of fun, and it will be so profitable.

We have an opportunity here to make 2014 the year that the American dream came to those whom we have chosen to hand it to on a silver platter. A lot of people, about 95% of people in the world, they die with a dream still on their hearts. Do not be one of them and do not let your family or friends be one of those people too. At least give them a chance to learn about what we have for them, what we can do for them. It is so special and so powerful! So congratulations to all of you for being here and being a part of the Power of "We". We have so much on its way and you are going to love all of it! I am so excited about it and you should be too as I am sure you are.



You have heard my voice from 2013, I am going to jump from the mic, and you will hear a beautiful voice for 2014, our good friend Cate. My mission is done over here I will let Cate takeover; she has some more news for you and will close the call. I appreciate you and all of our members, thank you Cliff, Rod, and Rose for all that you do, and all of our great members.

From Cate

Thank you Gee, WAZZUB! How is everyone doing tonight? I just have a few quick updates for you. First, I want to explain the conversion of the Perfect APP CASHFACTOR a little better. We have had some questions and concerns; we wanted to share this with you all so we could all have a better understanding.



If you have your Perfect APP already open, you can follow along with me through this section. Look at the Perfect APP, at the top, look at the CASHFACTOR. There are two numbers with a line in between. The number on the left is your CASHFACTOR from the month before. The number on the right is your current CASHFACTOR that you are clicking on the green circular arrow button to increase.



On the first of the month, your CASHFACTOR on the right goes to zero. The CASHFACTOR you were building the month before moves to the left. At or around the 15th to 19th of the month, what you earned previously will be converted to CASHPoints. The CASHFACTOR from 2 months prior is converted around the 15th of the month. Here is an example: on December 15, 2013, you had the conversion from the CASHFACTOR you created from October. This means this month in January, you will have your CASHFACTOR converted from what you earned in November 2013 and it will continue that way moving forward.



One other thing we received many questions about is the actual conversion. When you get your CASHPoints what happens? I am going to go through that. If you click on the little plus sign next to the home button on your PA, it will take you directly to your Perfect APP back office. From there, click on your statistics, and you can see all the information there.

You physically have to click in order to convert your CASHPoints they will not convert by themselves. You have 3 options:


1: Cash – which we all love!

2: Deal Points – Which again, who does not love FREESHOPPING? I know I do!

3: Donate to WAZZUB Charities – This magnifies your CASHPoints!


For every CASHPoint you donate to the WAZZUB Charity, PI matches it, making it twice the amount. PI has already helped many charities around the world through the WAZZUB Charity and you can be part of us helping even more.

When you click on the "Convert Your CASHPoints" button, you will see 3 options. You put in the whole number of CASHPoints you want to convert and click the button to convert your points. That is it! That explains the CASHFACTOR and CASHPoints a little more clearly for everyone. For more information and a detailed explanation with images, see the latest post on the PA Updates Blog.


The next thing I am talking about is the PerfectPages. As Gee was saying, it is open to start recommending businesses. I am advising each and every one of you to make sure you are recommending as many businesses as you can. Not only are you sharing these great businesses that you patronize with everyone around the world but you also are earning FREESHOPPING!

Think about if you go and recommend a whole bunch of businesses; I personally shop at many different places. I have flown in airlines, eaten at various restaurants, and I have received gifts from people; there are many businesses I know. I know you do too!

I also know there are other websites out there where you can write reviews of businesses, but do they pay you? Can you earn FREESHOPPING for telling people how good their business is? No, but with the PerfectPages you can!

Think about that when you shop at these businesses you are giving them your money. In exchange of course, you are receiving something you wanted, the goods and services. With PI, you are giving them a recommendation; you are telling them this is a great business. In return, you are receiving money in the form of FREESHOPPING. It is an awesome exchange isn't it! The more businesses we recommend the more everything grows and you earn BONUS DEALPoints later on; that will be very cool! For more information on the benefits of the PerfectPages, see the short video at:

We fixed some glitches when recommending businesses with the language side of it. Some people were having a hard time with some of the different languages like French, German, Spanish, etc. It is fixed now and you should have no trouble writing in your own language. We have also added the postal or zip code field and now you can add that for the businesses you recommend. In addition, there are no more restrictions on using special characters; you are free to spell the businesses name as they themselves do. We send a big thank you to our programmers for their tireless work. Now, no matter what language you are typing in the business' name or the characters you want to use, everything is perfect as it should be, which is great news.



Lastly, as Gee mentioned, throughout PI we are looking for qualified professionals. We know we have amazing people in our PI membership. We want you to come and be a part of our Team. You have to apply through the PERFECT JOBS page. If the position you are after is not there yet, keep checking daily for updates. The common thing between all of us in the PI Team is we really focus on our passions in life. You have to have passion on what you want do in order to be successful. Therefore, for our Profit Instructor positions we are looking for qualified, passionate sales professionals; if you love to sell then definitely we want you to apply on PERFECT JOBS. We are looking for many qualified professionals around the world.

If you do not know what your passion is in life, figure it out. When you work through your passions everything in life is so much more enjoyable and you have more fulfillments in what you are doing. It really makes life worth living. So all passionate, qualified sales professionals, check out the PERFECT JOBS and apply - we would love to hear from you.

With our PI Opportunity Webinars on Tuesdays, we have been doing them one way and as always, everything evolves. What we will be doing from now on is going through our PI Stars in detail to see how they work one at a time. There will be a new one each week.

You can come and invite your members, tell them about it, and it is a way to introduce people to PI based on what they truly love to do online. Which as I was saying, when you follow your passions and go with the flow of things, you achieve the ultimate success. Share PI with other people in the way they love the Internet the best; there is something for everyone. They do not have to like all of PI. We know we have one thing at least that they will love about PI. So share with them that one thing they love most. This will help you help them unlock their passions and be able to enjoy their life even more.

That is all from me, thank you very much everyone for joining us here tonight. It has been a pleasure speaking with you as always. I want to think Gee, Rod, Cliff, Rose, and all our PI members. It truly is an honor and a pleasure to be part of the Power of "We"! Gee said it right earlier, with all of us together as the Power of "We" and PI, there is nothing we cannot achieve! All the best to everyone, have a wonderful day or evening. I will see you all in our next PI Opportunity Webinar Tuesday Jan 14, 2014 at 6:30pm PST/9:30pm EST. Remember to check the PI News and the WAZZUB Family Blog for all the latest news and share.


With your success in mind,

Gee DaCosta, Cate Kozikowski, and

Your WAZZUB Support


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January 9 Family PA Webinar

Recorded Family WebinarsGeneral PA Webinar January 9th, 2014 added to the Recorded Webinars Blog

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PI Webinar Recap December 4, 2013


Presented by Gee DaCosta

We have been talking about the PerfectPages, yet it will not be huge news as in down the road—it IS huge news NOW. On December 15th the doors will be open for our members to recommend businesses. Here is the thing - you can and will be if you choose the king of the hill. You can take on your entire town, state, or country. You should know every business in your town. If you are the first one to recommend such businesses, you are tied to that business's success forever. You know it will be a race and you will want to be the first one to recommend a business. If you are the first one to recommend 100 businesses, you can earn 2,000 DEALPoints.

Start NOW making a list of businesses you know, so you can be the first to recommend them. This is just the start of this project; after December 15, 2013, we will be launching our Perfect Jobs page. One of those jobs will be a Profit Instructor, which you can be for your town. In being a Profit Instructor, you will be able to earn some serious cash.

Let us now talk about another star, our Perfect App (PA). We are on track with both—the PerfectPages and the Perfect APP, to be fully launched on March 1, 2014. Keep in mind that the time for everyone to take action and invite more members for the Perfect APP is now, before March 1, 2014. The Perfect APP Cash Program will end on February 28, 2014 for new members to join (remember, anyone can download the PA after February 28, but only those that join/download before March 1 are automatically qualified to earn residual income forever).

Now, we have some exciting updates for everyone regarding our C.O.P. Offer:

We have many people who have ordered, yet the sad part is that people are clicking to order, but are not serious in completing the order. Now, we have fixed the system, so everyone will know, and be able to act accordingly.

We know there have been people who did not pay for their order for a variety of reasons. As you know, PI tries to accommodate everyone. PI is now able to accept PayPal to pay for your C.O.P. order. You do not even need a PayPal account; you can simply use your credit/debit card to pay for your order.

Since PI added the new payment processer with PayPal, we have extended the C.O.P. sale for a little while longer. One of the main reasons for this extension is that members were having a hard time paying for their order though their banking systems. Now to compensate for those who had challenges paying for their orders, PI has deleted all previous unpaid orders 9 days or older. If you have previously ordered, did not pay, and your order was deleted, you can now place a new order and still qualify for the bonus shares by making your payment within the first 7 days.

Pay as soon as possible so you can qualify for your bonus shares. Every new order placed needs to be paid before December 31, 2013; due to the holidays make sure you adjust your time accordingly. Therefore, December 24, 2013 is the last day to order. We have updated the C.O.P. order form with this information. Any order left unpaid on January 2, 2014 will be penalized and fined US $ 25 paid from your PI account. Remember there is no other company out there doing this for its members.

Everyone who places an order needs to read what is on the order page and understand the penalty for non-payment. You also can now only place 1 order at a time; you must pay for your order first before making a new order. The system will no longer accept second orders. Take advantage of this offer; make sure you read and understand before you place your order what your responsibilities are and the time frame involved. If you have no money to spend, you have no business pressing the order button.

Thank you all for being here today, send an email to your first generation, plan to be in Las Vegas, NV USA on June 21, 2014 for the IWBF Most Famous Award Show, be ready for the PerfectPages and the Perfect Jobs page we will open on December 15, 2013. Remember to share the gift of giving and donate to our WAZZUB Charity with your CASHPoints (when you donate 1 CASHPoint, it will convert into 2 CASHPoints, due to PI's match.). We wish all the best to everyone and happy holidays from all of us in PI and the PI Administration!

With your success in mind,

Gee DaCosta and

Your WAZZUB Support

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Many Translations can be found in this new Translations Blog

 More languages will be coming...Please share (*)

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November 19, 2013 Family Webinar

General Webinar Recap

November 19, 2013

Presented by Gee DaCosta


Hello, hello everybody, WWWAAZZUUBB! Welcome to our PI Family Gathering. It has been an exciting week and I am sure you are all excited with the new developments. Thank you all for being here and sharing your day with us in our home, the PI Webinars, where we gather together and share the good news about PI and all our developments.


You know we are growing every day, last week we discussed our brand new star in our PI Galaxy, PerfectPages. Also last week on our special GEE on TV Episode 14, we talked about Part 1 of our presentation on PerfectPages. If you think you have heard it all, you have not. Even if you think you have, you have not. This information I am sharing today, cannot just make your day, but also your life as well. This is a superstar that can not only put money in your pocket and in your bank account, but also you can really cash in.


In our last webinar we talked about a number of important things. We asked a question, "Which is the most successful business directory?" and many of you guessed it right with PI. PerfectPages are a product of PI, but they are separate at the same time. In order to truly grasp the power of this new star I will need to repeat a few things we covered in the last webinar, stay with me.





Many markets are dominated by a world leader. There is no global leader in business directories. There are national directories, and many of them are uncomfortable to use because they are serving the businesses primarily. In a business directory, it is the business who pays the bills.


Therefore, now is the perfect time to begin our own global business directory and claim our place as the global leader in business directories. We are going to bring this to the world, not just your town, or city, but the whole world. You will understand more with this presentation tonight how powerful this is for all of us. If you were excited last week, you are going to be even more excited after tonight's webinar! Now that you understand more about Part 1 of our PerfectPages presentation where we with how this is a Win-Win-Win situation for everyone involved.






And now I have a question for you.

Can it get even better?

Yes, it can!






Let us have a closer look at the business owner. He is already very happy but look what we are granting him: An official Certificate that he owns a recommended business! This is something he can hang on his wall. Isn’t that great?






And he receives a window sticker to be placed in the entry zone so every member can easily see that this business offers a Perfect Bonus exclusively for our members. Guess how happy and surprised our member will be when he or she is visiting the restaurant next time. At the PerfectPages his recommendation really makes an impact.





The only thing our member needs to receive free bonuses, not only at this restaurant but at all participating businesses worldwide, is the beautiful Perfect Bonus Card. The card costs a tiny one-time fee of US$ 10 for minimum one year and up to two years of endless bonuses. Other companies charge for a card like this US$ 39 or even more and the use of the card many times is mostly limited to a region or even limited to a city. Our Perfect Bonus Card is much cheaper and on top it has REAL value. Each card holder receives free downloads of ebooks, music, or games for US$ 10 PLUS unlimited free bonuses.






This is truly a great deal!

But wait...

As always, we are treating our members as a very special person. So instead of paying US$ 10 per card you receive up to 97% discount based on the number of cards that you order. For example, for just US$ 15 you do not just receive one card for yourself but 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 more cards to give or to sell them to friends and family. By just selling 3 cards you‘d have your initial US$ 15 back in pocket plus US$ 15 more to buy 10 more cards.


Why you should do that? Here is the magic; pay attention closely here. Well, each card has a code and whenever someone is registering with one of your cards, he is added to your 1st Generation and you receive some more FREE DEALPOINTs for FREE SHOPPING. And it gets even better: Each time when one of your 1st Generation members is closing a deal at the PerfectPages or he is ordering Coupons or Bonus Cards, you receive not DEALPOINTs but CASHPOINTs! Over and over and over again.






For each 10,000 CASHPOINTs collected you receive US$ 50 in Perfect Coupons to shop for free at participating businesses both online and local, AND you receive US$ 50 Perfect CASH right to your brand new Perfect Bonus Debit Card. Yes, you have heard absolutely right. We will have our very own Perfect Bonus Debit Card. This is taking your shopping experience truly to a never-seen-before level.

And by the way, this system is PERFECT for our Business Partners, too.






Businesses can use our Perfect Bonus Cards as a loyalty program for their customers. They give out Bonus Cards to their customers and engage them to return more often.

But much more important, each time when one of their customers is closing a deal with another business at the PERFECTPAGES or when they order Coupons or Bonus Cards, our business partner receives CASHPOINTs!

For businesses, each 10,000 CASHPOINTs collected convert into US$ 100 Perfect CASH credited right to their Perfect Bonus Debit Card. Isn't that fantastic!

I guarantee you, this is the first marketing strategy that not only generates more customers but is earning ADDITIONAL money!






For sure the businesses will love it. You do not just have a member, each business owner has a ton of customers and you are growing your own business by leaps and bounds. And this is just with one business owner. How many business owners do you want? Think about how many businesses there are in your town? You could be the superstar of your town, helping so many businesses be more successful with the PerfectPages!






And our members? They earn money, too. Let me tell you WAZZUB here. We talked about our Profit Instructors, they can earn a lot of money too. Many of you could have been wondering what is a Profit Instructor and can I be one too? Yes, you can! We will have another website opening soon similar to Perfect Jobs. No matter where you live in the world, we have a job for you. All applications will be handled by our Human Resources Department. Every country, every state, every town. We will be everywhere on this planet. Everywhere you will see our Perfect Bonus stickers, and we will be employing happy financially free Profit Instructors too. If we get only 3% of the market share, that will be over 250 million new members. Think about how fast we will grow! You know we are growing by leaps and bounds and no one can stop us.






I am sure that you have heard about the IPO of Twitter. They have had a great start and their company is valued at 24 BILLION US$ now. Let us have a closer look here. Twitter has about 250 million users, the same number that we expect to have in 2 years. So, how much money do they earn per month... Do YOU know the answer?

No need to know, I can tell you. Since its foundation about 6 years ago, Twitter is NOT making any profits. Not a single dollar of profit so far. Even worse, until today they spent nearly half a billion US$ more than they have earned. They have a 500 Million US$ loss so far. And according to the numbers that they reported to the authorities, they are still far away from making profit. So why is Twitter valued at 24 billion US$? Simply because of the potential. If they would already earn 200 million US$ per month, they might be valued at 50 billion or even higher.

Understand that Twitter has one communications platform, that is all they have and nothing else. If we have a 3% share of the market, we will surpass the number of members they have. What do we have here? I am not going to insult your intelligence by reminding you, we have many sales platforms. Our experts have calculated that if we have just 3% of the market share, we will earn 200 million US$ per month and our company would be worth 50 Billion US$ or more.

Our founders have decided the give the members one last chance to co-own PI. You can purchase a C.O.P. Unit at US$ 100, we expect these to reach US$ 3,000+ when we go for IPO at the end of 2014/early 2015. This is the kind of investment that savvy investors look for, yet this is not available to them, it is only for our members. One C.O.P. Unit will convert in to 800 shares. Each share has an estimated IPO potential of US$ 4 per share.


As a Special Bonus for our valuable members, when you order and pay for your C.O.P. Unit(s) within 7 calendar days, you receive 25% more shares! Instead of 800 shares per C.O.P. Unit, you receive 1000 shares for each C.O.P unit when you pay within 7 days of your order. When we go public next year, for those who take advantage of the Special Bonus shares, that package has an estimated potential value of over US$ 4,000. A great return on your investment to say the least.


We have to warn you: only invest what you can afford. All investments are a risk, even PI. Understand also, this is your last chance to purchase a share of the Perfect Internet company.  Due to government regulations, this is the last possible time we are able to offer this chance.  These units are going to go fast, and the offer can be taken down without any warning.  If you are one of those people who want to purchase another piece of PI, we have an order form for you in your PI Profile page and also at Make your decision wisely and purchase your C.O.P. Units right away.


For anyone who wants to watch the complete presentation of the PerfectPages, Part 1 & 2 are available in a short 15 minute video at The next episode of GEE on TV will be out tomorrow, November 20, 2013, watch Episode 15 of GEE on TV at You CAN be that SUPERSTAR in your town, where everyone knows you and is happy every time they see you. Take advantage of this opportunity and act now.

Thank you very much for joining us tonight everyone. Have a wonderful day or evening, be sure to check the PI News and the blog for updates, as well as watch the new Episode 15 of GEE on TV. Thank you again everyone and all the best to you!


With your success in mind,

Gee DaCosta and

Your WAZZUB Support





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November 15 PI/WAZZUB Birthday



PI General Recap

November 15, 2013

Presented by Gee DaCosta





Webinar banner





Hello my PI Family,


This is not only a very special day, this is a very special week. Why? Because PI is celebrating its 2nd Birthday!

Exactly 2 years ago we have started our WAZZUB Prelaunch and for sure we have changed the Internet.


We are just going to have an amazing ride from this point forward. And believe me guys, one day is not enough to celebrate an event like this, so we decided to celebrate it for an entire week. Today you will learn how we do it:

With CashPoints; with Profit Share; with a brand new cash cow; with new commercials; with lottery millions; and... and... and... I can promise you, you don’t want to miss a single detail.

Let's start with our CashFactor and CashPoints. You know that we promised to pay our members just for using our Perfect APP and for inviting others to do so. Well, here we go!

Right from the start the Perfect APP became a huge success. Our members spent hundreds of thousands of hours in October to explore the Perfect APP and its great features. Through our Test Center we have received hundreds of ideas on how to make the Perfect APP even better and I can tell you that right now our programmers are working on the next additions and upgrades.

Today, November 15, you will see your CashPoints balance going up as we will share a five-figure amount with you, our loyal members.

So, today most of you will cash in...

KA-CHING! CashPoints from the Perfect APP for you.

The good news is that we won’t stop adding more free income streams for you and, TA-DAAAAAA, the newest income stream is starting TODAY!

Now, hear me out, I'm going to ask you a series of questions and I want you to participate...

Which one is the world’s most successful search engine?  Yes, it is Google.

And which one is the world’s most successful social community? Yes, you are right, it is Facebook.

And which one is the world’s most successful website for online auctions? eBay, of course.

And the world’s most successful shopping page? Yes, Amazon for sure.

And which business directory is the most successful? … Huh?... Aha, I got you!

Many markets are dominated by a world leader, but there is no leading global business-to-consumer directory. There are many local and national directories, for example the yellow pages and yes, there are some global directories, but most of them are uncomfortable to use and they are concentrated on serving the businesses because in a business directory, it is the businesses who pay the bills.

So, it is time to secure this spot. It is time to launch the PERFECTPAGES!









PERFECTPAGES is the first global business directory driven by members. At the PERFECTPAGES we only list businesses that have been recommended by you, our members. You receive valuable DEALPOINTs for every recommendation and for every review and rating of an already listed business.









These DEALPOINTs can qualify you for FREE SHOPPING. The more DEALPOINTs you collect, the more you can shop for free. And now I am proud to present you our brand new commercial about FREE SHOPPING and the PERFECTPAGES. Watch our Perfect Commercial:








Isn’t that great? And I promise you, it is getting even better.

You, the members, will receive free bonuses at every participating business around the world. FREE BONUSES exclusively for our members.

So let’s have a closer look. Let me explain to you how the PERFECTPAGES work.





Our members are most important, so let us start with one of our members. One night he is dining out in a nice new restaurant and he is very happy with the food and with the service they offer. Back home, he is logging in to the PERFECTPAGES to share his recommendation with the world. He is posting a short review and he is rating the restaurant at the same time.









Well, now the business owner is a happy camper. He just received the first positive review about his restaurant and now that his restaurant is recommended, it is automatically listed on the PERFECTPAGES for FREE.

That means free positive publicity for him and his business.

And our member? Well, he is a happy camper, too. We appreciate his recommendation and therefore we grant him FREE DEALPOINTs.

But wait! How does the business owner know about the recommendation and the free listing? Well, at this point another important person enters the stage.









A member of our Business Relations Department, a so called Profit Instructor, will contact the business owner to welcome him at the PERFECTPAGES. He is verifying all the listed business details to make sure that future customers will find the business. Additionally, he is explaining some marketing strategies that we have developed exclusively for recommended businesses at the PERFECTPAGES.

We can offer banner advertising; article marketing; we have an integrated event calendar; we offer a section for classifieds, just to name a few. Additionally, the business can become a Bonus Partner, a Coupon Partner and/or a Deal Partner to attract even more customers.









As a global business directory, it is our mission to help all business owners to get the word spread and this includes all the small businesses on a low budget for advertising. Therefore our marketing solutions start at a tiny 10 US$ - per YEAR! Some local businesses spend thousands of $$$ per year for marketing and advertising and we are able to save them up to 95% of these costs.









We save them up to 95%! Do you think they will be happy?


So, the business owner saves a lot of money, the Profit Instructor earns a lot of money, and what about our member?









Well, he automatically receives FREE BONUS DEALPOINTs each time when a business recommended by him becomes a Business Partner of the PERFECTPAGES. Imagine how many businesses you can recommend in your town. Do you see the potential here!

This is truly what we call a WIN - WIN - WIN situation for all.

Do you agree?

I bet you do!








But there is another winner involved and that is YOU, every PI member. Let us talk a bit about the potential of this new star in our PI Galaxy.

This business brings huge advantages to every business and to every consumer on this planet. But let us assume that we reach only 10% within a time frame of 2 years. That would lead to 250 million users and 12.5 million businesses. And further let us assume that only 3% of the users per month buy a deal.

Our experts calculated based on these numbers that we would earn about 200 million US$ per month.





Be honest - did you believe us? Did you believe that we really could make it? And now we are so close...

And this would have one more effect. I am sure that you have heard about the IPO of Twitter. They have had a great start and their company is valued at 24 BILLION US$ now. Let us have a closer look here.

Twitter has about 250 million users, the same number that we expect to have in 2 years. So, how much money do they earn per month... Do YOU know the answer?

No need to know, I can tell you. Since its foundation about 6 years ago, Twitter is NOT making any profits. Not a single dollar of profit so far. Even worse, until today they spent nearly half a billion US$ more than they have earned. 500 Million US$ loss so far. And according to the numbers that they reported to the authorities, they are still far away from making profit. So why is Twitter valued at 24 billion US$? Just because of the potential. If they would already earn 200 million US$ per month, they might be valued at 50 billion or even higher.





Why do I tell you? Because, if we reach the same valuation after our IPO, our company shares would be valued at 4 US$ per share. Some of you ordered C.O.P. Units from one of our Co-Ownership programs. For example, one C.O.P. Unit from our last C.O.P. Sale which was sold for 100 US$ would be worth 4,444 US$. A C.O.P. Unit, bought 6 months ago, would bring 10,000 US$ and a C.O.P. Unit from last year even 40,000 US$. This is per unit for which you have paid only 100 US$. What other investment in the world would do that in such a short period of time? Huh?.... None that we know of!




We know that unfortunately many of you could not have afforded an investment and we know that many if not all of you would have ordered at least one C.O.P. Unit if you would have had the funds. So, PI has a surprise for you. Are you ready for your Birthday Surprise?





The founders have decided for PI's Birthday surprise, to give every PI member one last chance to become a CO-OWNER of PI by purchasing C.O.P. Units and become a shareholder when we do our IPO in 2014. Each C.O.P. Unit will be converted into 800 company shares of Perfect Internet Inc. on the first day of IPO with a chance to reach a value of US,200 and more. Isn't that FANTASTIC?

To our knowledge, no other company has ever offered something like this to their general members.




We are the first company ever doing something like this because we realize that you, the members are the ones helping the company grow and from our point of view, you deserve it! We believe in WIN-WINS-WINS.

So, for those of you who wants to take advantage of this special offer and order some or more C.O.P. Units, you will find an order form on your profile page and at  This is a limited time offer only, it can be taken down at any moment and without warning.

And there is more great news: when you order and pay within 7 calendar days, you will receive 25% more shares when the C.O.P. Units are converted – You will receive 1000 instead of 800 shares. This is great news!

But there is some sad news, too. Due to governmental regulations, this will be the very last C.O.P. sale ever. To be well prepared for our IPO in 2014, we are not allowed to make any offers related to shares for a certain time frame before IPO.

So, for those of you who want an extra piece of the cake - the gates are open NOW. Congratulations!





And before I close for today, here is a special tip for all members who want to win some fast money:

At Lotto Madness we have 2 lotteries waiting with a Jackpot of 130 million US$. The draws take place this weekend, exactly today, Friday at EuroMillions and on Saturday at US Powerball. So you should waste no time. Go to Lotto Madness now and enter the draws for FREE.



Oh, I totally forgot to tell you the URL’s for our newest star. Check out and You don’t have to register; you are already in. Simply log in with your PI credentials and Enjoy!

And again, for those of you who want to order some more C.O.P. Units, you will find an order form on your profile page and at Remember, this truly is it. No more C.O.P. or any other kind of shares will ever be available before IPO. Do it NOW while you can.



Next year when we go public YOU will be saying ONE of TWO things:



It's up to you!



Remember to join the PI Buzz Club and share the news with everyone.   Check  out episode 14 of GEE on TV, where we will have a special video presentation of our PERFECTPAGES Thank you all very much for sharing your time with us here today and now it's time to celebrate. Congratulations to you all on our 2 years of success.

Good night everyone.


With your success in Mind,

Gee DaCosta and

Your WAZZUB Support

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November 7 Family Webinar - Perfect App

November 7, 2013 Perfect App Webinar

Recorded Family Webinars Blog (updated)
General Webinar November 7th, 2013 (added)

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PI Family Webinar - Perfect App - October 31

October 31, 2013 Perfect App Webinar (coming soon)

Recorded Family Webinars Blog (updated)

General Webinar October 31, 2013 (added)

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October 24 Family Webinar - PA

PI General Webinar Recap

October 24, 2013

Presented by Cate Kozikowski
and Gee DaCosta

Webinar logo

Welcome to another exciting Perfect App webinar. Gee could not be with us today, he had a dental emergency which prevents him from being with us here. He misses all of us and hopes to be with us next week. Today we have some exciting developments to talk about with you, so let us get started.

First, I want to talk with you about the opportunity that you have in front of you right now with the Perfect APP. You have the opportunity to make as much money as you want without having to pay one single cent. This right there is something that is amazing and not available anywhere else.

Imagine making money for doing exactly what you like to do socially online. Imagine making money for searching for your favorite website. Imagine making money for talking to your mom, your family, or your friends. Imagine making money simply for turning on your computer and using the Perfect App. As you know right now we are in the beta stage, this means that currently the Perfect App is only available on Windows computers and laptops. In a few short months though this will all be changing, the Perfect App will be available on many other platforms and devices.

Now it is up to you, do you really want to wait until then before you get started? If you do, that leaves you just a couple of short months to build your team and in turn build the potential of the money you can make each month. The best thing to do is to get started today sharing this opportunity with everyone you possibly can. The people who need the money the most do not have any money to put towards starting a business. You can help individuals, you can help charities and organizations, you can help your friends, you can help your family, you can help your neighbors, and you can help people in countries that you do not even know about it. That is something powerful right there.

Now let us see what your earning potential can really be like simply by inviting 20 people.

Income Disclaimer

As with any business or moneymaking opportunity, what you put into it will equal what you get out of it.

Geneology example

Now, as you can see here, by simply inviting 20 people, and we all have 20 friends, especially if you are on any social network, chances are you have hundreds if not thousands of friends, so the opportunity you have is limitless. You can grow your personal WAZZUB Family as big as you want. You do not have to stop by inviting 20 people only, you can invite 100, 200, there is no limit. How much money do you want on your PI Debit Card each month? Would you like US$ 168,000? Would you like more than that? The choice is up to you and your potential is unlimited!

Now there have been some exciting developments from within the Perfect APP and I would like to share those with you now. Please either go to your Perfect App on your computer, or login at this website and follow along:


Once you enter you will see six boxes, these are the main sections of your Perfect APP BackOffice. When you first download or sign in to the Perfect APP BackOffice you should go to the Download Center. Here you will find the latest version of the Perfect APP and will be able to see the other upcoming versions for different devices and platforms.

The next important section for you to go to is Your Profile. On Your Profile, you will be able to update your contact information and once you have US$ 50.00 in your account balance, you can order your Perfect Internet Debit Card. It is very important that you keep your contact information up to date or you will not be able to be paid. For those who have started using the Perfect APP and have accumulated CASHFACTOR, it is extremely important that you make sure your contact information is updated or you will not be able to be paid next month on November 15, 2013.

That’s right I said that for everyone who is downloading and using the Perfect APP right now, the very first payday is next month, in just a few short weeks! It is not too late to download the Perfect APP today and start building your CASHFACTOR. Every month at the beginning of the month, the CASHFACTOR will be converted to CASHPOINTS. You have the choice either to convert your CASHPOINTS into DealPOINTs, which you can use on our online shopping sites or to convert your CASHPOINTS into REAL CASH.

Now the best part about this, is that it is not just your efforts and activities which are putting money in your pocket, for every member in your invited WAZZUB family, five generations deep, they are helping to put money in your pocket too! Everything adds up, especially once you have the people you invited using the Perfect APP, you will start to see your CASHFACTOR grow every time you log in! That is amazing!

Now here is the really cool part about this, because Perfect Internet is a company that cares about its members, it shares its success with its members; there is no limit as to what your CASHFACTOR and in turn your CASHPOINTS can be worth. It might start out small with maybe just one CASHPOINT equaling one US cent, but that does not mean that it will be that way forever. What about if one CASHPOINT was equal to one U.S. dollar; what about if one CASHPOINT becomes equal to five U.S. dollars; what about if one CASHPOINT was equal to 100 U.S. dollars? All of that is possible with Perfect Internet. The more Perfect Internet succeeds, the more we all succeed.

Zig Ziglar said once, “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want”

With PI it works much the same because PI Cares and PI Shares. The more successful PI is as a whole, the more successful each individual member will be as well.

Now moving on, the next section that is very important for you to go to is Your Statistics. Here you will be able to see all of your invited members five generations deep. You have access to the names and email addresses of those you have personally sponsored and there is a button you can click to download that information in an Excel spreadsheet. This is an important step for you to do, download your first generation and send them an email.  Ideally, you should send the mall out every day in the morning, or soon as you can if you have to work during the day. In this email tell them about PI; share with them how they can take advantage of all the opportunity around them; share with them your success; share with them how you invited them, so they can learn and do the same. This is how we replicate our success so that all of your invited members in all five generations can learn, grow, and succeed. Which in turn means you will succeed. Make sure you send your first generation an email telling them about these weekly webinars of ours, so they can attend and invite other people to come join us as well. Make yourself available to your invited members no matter what generation they are in if they have a question or need help. If it is a question you cannot answer, ask for help yourself or you can always send them to our Support Department who is here almost 24 hours a day to help.

Now the next section that is important is your PA Updates. Here you will see all the new releases, versions, and updates that happen with the dates, this way no matter what, you can always stay on top of what is going on with your Perfect APP.

The next section that is important to understand is the Marketing Center. Here you can download the Perfect APP video, download our banner images, get the HTML code for those banner images, or download our pre-written email. The banner code and the email already come with your personal referral link included, simply personalize the email, and send.

Last but not the least, is our Perfect App Test Center. We have some fabulous updates in the Test Center this week. When you go there, you will notice that that there are many suggestions from our members to make the Perfect APP even more perfect. Please go and vote; decide what you would like to see. If you have a different suggestion, there is an email address on that page to submit your suggestions for the Perfect APP. Now when you are voting, you will see a small popup message that says “Thank you for your vote”, it will not change anything else on the page though. Give us your feedback, Perfect Internet is a company that listens to its members, who encourages feedback from its members because together we make it perfect and that is the Power of “We”.




Now speaking of the Power of “We”, we have our Perfect Internet Buzz Campaign going on right now. Every week we will be featuring one of our PI stars and we will be spreading the word about it across all of the social networking sites with the object of our message going viral, so more and more people around the world can benefit from all that PI has to offer. Come and join our PI Buzz Club.


This week we are promoting iDealSmarter were the smart shopper shops with up to 99% off on everything. In fact, with DealPOINTs, you can save 100% and get free shopping; that is the power of your DealPOINTs!

If you are on Facebook, visit our official iDealSmarter page and share the first post at the top on the left; it is the one that has been shared more than 400 times and seen by more than 4,000 people. This is a great start for just a few days working on it but we need more. In order for our message to go viral, we need everyone, the Power of “We”, let us work together and share the message everywhere you possibly can.




The post we are sharing on Facebook reads as follows:

I Deal Smarter: #IDealSmarter The only place on the Net where you find the HOTTEST deals at up to



And so much more. Our secret patent-pending software makes online shopping FUN and EXCITING!

Now for those of you who are on Twitter, we also have an official iDealSmarter Twitter page.  




Make sure you are on the IDealSmarter Twitter profile with the underscore at the end (_). You can also tell you are on the right page because in the profile you see it says “Official I Deal Smarter” at the top of the page. We are asking that everyone retweet one specific post.

#iDealSmarter Where you can find EVERYTHING up to 99% off!

If you copy and paste the above add RT@iDealSmarter_ to the beginning; it will look like this:

RT@IDealSmarter_ #iDealSmarter Where you can find EVERYTHING up to 99% off!

If you are on Pinterest, we have an iDealSmarter board on Pinterest as well, where you can share and like our posts from iDealSmarter.

The more we do socially together, the more that we will grow, gain the exposure, and the interest that will benefit everyone.

We have a new webinar series starting up called the PI Opportunity Webinar. This will be held on Tuesdays, starting October 29, 2013 at 6:00 PM Pacific/9:00 PM Eastern U.S.A. time and will be hosted by yours truly, Cate Kozikowski.,51137845,private


Permanent Password: PIfuture

It is free and open for everyone to attend, members and non-members alike. At this webinar, you will learn all the different opportunity that you have within PI and how to keep more money in your pocket where it belongs. Come and join us! We will have this webinar available in other languages as well, starting with Spanish.

Join our lovely Connie who will be presenting this same PI Opportunity Webinar in Spanish tomorrow Friday, October 25, 2013 again at 6:00 PM Pacific/9:00 PM Eastern U.S.A. time.,51137845,private


Permanent Password: PIfuture

That is all for tonight folks, have a wonderful day; thank you so much for joining us this evening. Go out there contact your team, join the PI Buzz Club, and get involved. Come to PI Opportunity Webinars and learn how you can keep more money in your pocket. Be an active part of our wonderful PI/WAZZUB Family. Share the Perfect APP with everyone you know, so we all can change our financial futures forever, as we are doing exactly what we love to do every day, this is the PI way. Work is fun when you love what you do, and you do what you love, everyday is fun. Thank you Rose, thank you Cliff, thank you Gee, thank you Suresh, thank you Rod, thank you everyone; I wish you all the best and I will see you next time on Tuesday at our PI Opportunity Webinar in English.


With your Success in mind,

Cate Kozikowski, Gee DaCosta, and

Your WAZZUB Support

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October 17 Family Webinar - PA

PI General Webinar Recap
October 17, 2013

Recorded Family Webinars
General Webinar October 17 of 2013 (added)

Presented by Cate Kozikowski and Gee DaCosta

Hello, hello, hello everyone, WAZZUB! It is great to be here with you today. Unfortunately, Gee was unable to speak tonight due to some technical challenges with his computer. We ARE the Power of “We” and so tonight, I am here to share the great news with you. One of the great things about PI is that we are here together as a family. If there is something happening, we help each other no matter what is needed.

Today we will be talking about the new developments in our Perfect APP. You can follow along by logging in to your Perfect APP Members Area either by clicking on the PA icon from inside your Perfect APP, or by logging in from this link outside of the Perfect APP.

Our team of programmers has been working hard and we have some very special new features and improvements in our Perfect APP. When you log in to the new PA Members Area, you will need to log in with your PI/PA credentials. It is very exciting, as you can see we are growing very fast. When I looked at the landing page the other day, there were thousands of new members, and this number rises very fast.
Remember:  A person has until Feb 28, 2014 (only 134 days from now) to be “placed” permanently in the special group who will share the profit of the Perfect APP and get paid forever. Everyone who joins after that day, will be a free user and able to enjoy all the great benefits that PI and PA offers but  they will  not be able to take part in the profit sharing of the Perfect APP.  Make the most of this time to help as many other people as we can and help ourselves at the same time to become more financially independent in our lives.

Click on Login from the Perfect APP landing page. You will need to click on the Login button once you have entered your credentials.

One of the new improvements over the last few days has been the new back and forward arrows as well as an icon letting you know the page is working.

When you do click on something, you will see a circle moving which means that the page is working. Another tip, if you click on the arrow to go back or forward, make sure the arrow is white when you click on it. If it is still red, it will not work with the click.

Once you login to the Perfect APP Members Area, you will see a great new page for our Perfect APP. From here, you can see everything that you need to see. We are going to first click on Your Profile.

Here in your PA Profile, you can see the design of our PI Debit Card and when your balance reaches US$ 50, you can apply for your PI Debit Card. After November 15, 2013, you can see the number of CASHPOINTS in your balance. If you need to change your name or address, the PA Profile is the right place.

Next, click on the back button to the Members Area if you are following along and we are proceeding to the Download Center.

Here you can see all the different versions of the Perfect APP coming down the road. When you first register to PA, you can download your Perfect APP from this page or the main page (you must be logged in before you can download). As you can see, we have the PA for windows, and coming soon for Mac, Apple iOS, Windows Mobile, and Android.

Now you click on the back button and we will go to My Statistics. The My Statistics page informs you of all your data; invited members, the date you joined, the number in each of your 5 generations, everything you want to see at your fingertips. You can also see the CASHFACTOR of this month, last month, the current CASHPOINTS, the current DEALPOINTS and your balance. It is an essential place in the PA Members Area, where you can also download the contact details of your first generation.

Next, we are going to click the back arrow again and we will see one of my personal favorite places in our PA Members Area, the PA Update Section, directly under statistics. Here you will see when each version comes out, when we add new features, etc. This is very practical, because if you are away for a few days, when you return, you can see the news and if there are new versions of the Perfect APP to download.

Again, we click the backward arrow and go to the Marketing Center next. As we know, PI loves to make it as easy as possible for all members so that everyone can be successful. In our Marketing Center, we have done just that. The first thing you will see at the top is our new PA promotion video. You can click on the word “ENGLISH” near the video and download it to your computer, or send it to your friends. The video is a very small file that can be sent via email. You can put it on Pinterest, put your banner and video with your Referral link in the commentary, and it is another way of promoting.

If you have your own website, blog, or other page online, you can put one of these banners there. Another handy feature on this page is when you click on “CODE” next to the banner size you want, you can get the html for the banner, which includes your Referral link, all “served on a silver platter” for you. This is great for traffic exchanges, your own website, or another marketing method where you need the HTML code for your banner. Next to each banner is a link to download the image right to your computer if you prefer.

Under the banners, you will find the text approved for email marketing. You can download it by clicking on the blue “CLICK HERE”. Again PI makes things easy for us with the email already prepared with your Referral link and everything, you only have to customize at the end, put the name of the person you are sending it to, and send. This will help you in your promotions and help your CASHFACTOR grow even more, every day!

Next, we go back again and go into one of the most special places in our Perfect APP Members Area, the Test Center. This is great if you have ideas, suggestions, or questions about the PA; we have this Test Center to help you propose your ideas and solutions, and for all those who are testing the APP to vote and say if it is a good idea or not. Understand the email address in this section is only for PA suggestions and not for anything else. If you have suggestions for other parts of our PI Galaxy, be sure to visit our Suggestions Club in our WAZZUB Community. I look forward to seeing many ideas and suggestions here soon for our Perfect APP.

Another great feature added in these last updates is right at the top of your Perfect APP near the home button, you will see a + button, when you click that, it is a shortcut to your PA members area and your statistics.

The last new update on our Perfect APP that I am going to talk about tonight is a very special button added to our Perfect APP page. Perfect Internet has a brand new partner. If we click on the blue “B” button from inside the Perfect APP, you will see that it goes to, which also has the PI logo on the page. At, you can find discounts in hotels and lodging all around the world. Check them out and see for yourself.

These are the latest updates in PA version 1.4. As you can see, everything goes very fast in PI and it is very important to help as many as we can so that they can make money and in turn, we can make more money with our Perfect APP. We have only 134 days from the date of this webinar. We need to share the Perfect APP with all that we can, our neighbor, friends, all over the world and take care of your business so it continues to grow by downloading your first generation contact details and keeping them informed on our webinars, updates, and all the great features in PI we love.

This is fantastic opportunity for all of you who are over 14 years of age. Everyone can download and make money with the PA. Parents who have teens with mobiles, this will help you pay your phone bills. Those who want more privacy, as you know PI is very focused on this, making sure that our information is safe.

There is no other company where you have a voice like here. We are the Power of “We” with PI and together we make it perfect! Look at the Testing Center, look at the polls, see how much we listen to the members and how valuable that your contributions are, not only for users, but also because together we assure our continued success. For those who are not clear how much money can be made with the PA, look at this.

As you can see from this example, your potential is huge! This is incredible! I am not just saying this because I am part of the PI Business Relations Team. I have always believed, from the first moment that I learned of this company and this project, in the amazing opportunity PI offers its members. For me, this is a dream come true; the ability to be part of a global project dedicated to its members, where protecting your privacy is important, and where absolutely for FREE, you can earn real money online. I personally cannot say enough good things about being a member of PI and all the great value PI brings to the table for its free members.

Simply by inviting 20 people and they in turn each inviting 20 people, 5 generations deep, it is possible to earn US8,421 per month! Think about how much, money like this, could change your life for the better, even if you only earn some of this money, US$ 500, US,000, US,000, how much would that help yourself and your family. You can get it. All you have to do is invite people who download and use the PA as you download and use it too.

Once you start using it, you will see how fast the CASHFACTOR climbs, especially when you share with others. It is not enough to invite people and to register them. We have to be available to them, communicate, teach them about PI; by doing that and being in contact, they understand more about PI and understand more about why you like it so much. In turn, they also will be delighted because we have so many valuable benefits for our free members.

I hope you are as excited as I am to be part of this global family; get out there and share the Perfect APP with everyone! Today we are at 2653 at We are moving ahead and on our way to #1!

I want to say a big thank you to all. Thank you for your time. Thank you to Gee, Rod, Cliff and Rose, have a fantastic day! Remember that we have these webinars every Thursday at this time, 4pm US Pacific Time/7pm US Eastern Time; for some it is already Friday, make a note, write it on your calendar, whatever you have to do to be in these webinars. It is an important part of everyone staying connected and supporting one and other. Invite your friends, you do not have to be a member of PI/PA to participate here, you only need a desire to learn about PI and our Perfect APP. Thank you everyone, all the best to you all and have a beautiful day!

With your success in mind,
Cate Kozikowski, Gee DaCosta, and
Your WAZZUB Support

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October 10 2013

PA WAZZUB Family Webinar Recap

October 10, 2013

Presented by Gee DaCosta


Lately on our Perfect APP webinars, our attendance has been falling off. It may be due to us not announcing the webinars as we have in the past. We have had requests for a permanent password. This has been valuable feedback; members want to invite new people but they want to give them the password ahead of time. They can send an email with this information and then new people can join us here. Some members are already doing that, and if you are not, now you know that you can do this. Send a message to your first generation and to new people, ideally every day in the morning, or the day before we have an event.

A 30-minute announcement before webinars are starting is also a good reminder as well. It may be due to many of these things why people are out of the loop. All of us should make a note of this right now and work to help change it. We need all stay connected to activate the Power of “We”.

Time, day, country, whenever it may be, time with your family, it is very easy for people to get out of the loop due to everyday life. If you stay out of the loop, or your first generation stays out of the loop, and you do not let them know what is going on, they in turn, will also not let their first generation know what is going on; the more people who stay connected, the higher your cash factor will grow with the Perfect APP. Without communicating with them, you have no chance for them to succeed. We have to support our first generation – do not forget. They might get angry with you and even though you did not do it out of any malice; now is the time to take action, change that, and keep your first generation connected; they are our family, the Power of “We”, and your WAZZUB family.

Usually we start these webinars with our favorite song,” The Power of We”, however today we do not have our good friend Cliff; he is very busy developing other things for the company, and he works day and night every day. He was up early this morning, and it is very late for him right now. Our good-buddy Rod, he is the one that does the PI News and is the head of our Support Team; his computer cannot handle the video at this time. Regardless, we are the Power of “We” and welcome to this webinar.

The PI news with GEE on TV was not released on Monday as it was supposed to be, one of the reasons is that there is a lot of work the programmers do and editing Cliff does, there are a lot of things involved. We do not start working on the next GEE on TV until Monday because we want to bring you the fresh news from Monday onward. It is not just a rehash of old news from over the weekend. I want to reassure you, that the new GEE on TV will always be released as soon as we possibly can. If you have not watched the new GEE on TV this time yet, go after this and watch that. We want to keep it exciting, so I will not spill all the beans here.

The first thing about the Perfect APP, we have had many improvements. We have fixed many glitches already because of your suggestions, keep those suggestions coming. We are the Power of “We”. Tell them what we want as a team. What do we want to see? Feedback is what makes us grow, succeed, and make the Perfect APP as close to perfect as we can.

There is no other place on the Internet that you will find a team like our team. It is the first and the only member driven project on the Internet. We have been in operation since this dream has been developing and coming true with what you see in front of your eyes. This is the only place that we give people around the world a chance to improve their life financially; we do not care about your race, religion, creed, background, whatever, we do not care about that. We are the only one out there where you are a part of our family. The Internet is a jungle out there and you do not know where you are entering your information and what they are going really doing with it. I can wholeheartedly tell you, there is one place where you do know, the Perfect Internet. We do not collect your information; we do not share your information, as long as you are being legal because we respect the laws. We do not share your information because we care about you, our member.

This is the only place on the Internet, where we can help you to change your life financially always free forever. We give you an opportunity and you are part of our PI family. Our whole family is working together toward one thing, the bottom-line: our objective. You can too, once you understand the concept here you can build an income for a lifetime, and many lifetimes if you plan it right. You would never have to work, you do not have to invest one penny, and without frustrations. We mix business with pleasure and that is what we do best here, we are the largest Perfect Internet family worldwide; we have all different languages, all different colors, all different backgrounds, all different religions, all different everything, with no special skills, just the desire to learn and succeed. You want to earn and make it grow every single day; we will talk about that more in just a moment.

Why I seem to preach here is that I have been around on the Internet for almost 20 years doing home-based business. This is how it is on the Internet. We have a lot of fun, but we take our business very seriously. We want to help you change your life, the first thing you need to do is stay committed to change your life. When you are committed to something, you accept no excuses from yourself. I encourage you, everyone, keep on pressing forward do not hold back; that is not the way you are going; you are not going backwards, you are going forward. We are growing every day, especially since we launched the Perfect APP on October 1, 2013.

I am going to encourage you, all of you, go to your links page everyday and check on our Alexa ranking. You can get the link, add it to your favorite links, and follow our growth; it is your business and your project; stay informed. We are at 2680 on Alexa right now as of this webinar on October 10, 2013, Woohoo! We are on our way; just a few months ago, we were at 6000. Invite everyone you know, you can come and help us to get to the number one spot faster and earn money every day always free forever. That is some definite improvement.


When you use your personal referral link to invite new members, they will see your name as the person inviting them to the Perfect APP. When new members join, send them a message, welcome them in to our family, keep them updated on all the new PI developments, and tools to succeed.

Everyone can invite 20 people, if you invite just one person per day for 20 days consecutively – just one person; if everyone does that and uses this free APP, do you know that in less than five months across the world, you could be earning over 8,000 per month every month on your PI debit card. Do not take this for granted right now; commit to the goal of one-person minimum per day. Once you do this and share with your first generation how you are accomplishing this goal, now they are committed to it, they are doing it, and then you can teach others how to do it. That is the only way that you can teach, by learning to do it yourself first.

As of this webinar on October 10, 2013, 438,479 people have already joined Perfect Internet and the Perfect APP. With only 141 days left as of this webinar, what it means is that you and everyone who joins PA and PI before the time expires will earn money forever from their CashFACTOR. All the people who join after March 1, 2014 will be a user of Perfect APP and will not have an opportunity to join and profit from this income. You have 141 days to build your dream life income; there is no other place you can do this on the Internet free forever. Send your friends, send everyone you know, and everyone you do not know to this page using your referral link; have them watch the video on this page. That is all they need to do; watch the video and sign up right from your link.

Now what happens after they join? You can follow along during this section by clicking on the PI icon on your desktop and bring the Perfect APP up on your own screen now. Repetition is the mother of learning; we repeat it until it becomes a part of our blood.


Your PA Homepage with a custom background chosen. A new feature found in PA Version 1.2. Click on the “HOW TO $$$ YOUR PERFECT APP” button to see more.


Click on the wheel icon next to home, and you can customize your background on the Perfect App.


Just click on the button to start the Seven Steps to Your Success! Are there any suggestions on the background of this button? Your feedback is always valued at PI; together we make the Perfect Internet perfect.


Simply click on the numbers to follow the Seven Steps to Your Success with PI and the Perfect APP! Do each step every day and see how fast your CashFACTOR can grow, depositing money on your personal PI Debit card each and every month guaranteed!




Simply copy/paste and fill in your personal contact details, your referral link comes personalized already in the email.


Watch our video to learn more about the PA Cash Program.


Learn all about the benefits of PI by setting up your homepage and earning free DealPOINTs for even greater discounts with our fun and exciting online shopping sites like iDealSmarter, CHEEAAP!, and MEGA DEALS Weekend!


Be sure to take advantage of all the free benefits in being a PI member; from shopping to valuable eBooks, lotteries, and more, only with Perfect Internet. By the way, all of you who want to be rock stars, dancers, and famous musicians out there, click on the IWBF button from your PA homepage and grab your chance at your dream!


Click the home button at the top of any PA page to return to your PA homepage.

Continue through and do all the seven steps; if you go through the seven steps everyday first thing in the morning or as soon as you can each day, there is no way you cannot succeed. Copy/paste and send, everything is right there for you; always remember to send out a tweet and to like our Facebook pages. Step number 5 and 6 tell all our new members that there is a lot more for them than just the Perfect APP and they are going to learn how to earn always-free forever. When they set up their PI page, they receive DealPOINTs and you, for being the person who invited them, will receive DealPOINTs when they are active for their first month. There are even more benefits.


Someone from Mexico won the second PRIZE MANIA jackpot; US$ 2000 cash in his hand! We have already had two major winners in PRIZE MANIA, the first winner received US$ 5,000, and now we have our newest winner of over US$ 2,000 cash! Are you going to be our next big winner?

Did you realize the process here – it is simple and to the point; you do not have to train them, hold their hand, or baby-sit them; you follow the Seven Steps to Your Success, and it is always on your Perfect APP.

From the Perfect APP, click the home button at the top, it goes right back to your Perfect APP page. If you click on the wheel icon, remember you can change your background. Make sure you have watched the GEE on TV episode October 1, 2013 so you understand more about your CashFACTOR. This is very important to your earnings each month. If you ever have any questions, you can always ask our great WAZZUB Support Team in the WAZZUB Community chatrooms.


Click on the home button at the top of PA to return to your PA homepage.


On the right side, you will always see your current CashFACTOR you are building. Click on the green refresh icon to total your new points each hour.

Remember the right-side number is always the current month. Watch GEE on TV October 1, 2013 if you need more information about CashFACTOR and CashPOINTS. It is your business and your project, so keep up day after day. We added the home button and the background color options in this new release version 1.2.

PA is one page where you can surf the entire Internet without leaving this page. The Internet is a jungle out there and you can get lost. There are millions of websites out there; if you set up PI with all your favorite links, you never have to leave PI to find what you are looking for on the internet. Now you can browse all the links from inside your Perfect APP. PA can take you anywhere and everywhere you want to go. This is another improvement for Version 1.2.

You can click and play all day long and Click on the SWS icon for the Safest Web Search. From there you can search the entire Internet. Search-M, opens a website outside of the Perfect APP, use Search-G to open a website within the Perfect APP. Search M also provides you with results from multiple search engines, while Search-G provides results from Google without giving any of your information away. Click on the home button at the top to get back to the Perfect APP home screen.

We are not just going to tell you how and where to find tons of free new members in our webinars, we will hear from some people who are actually doing this and their results. We are here as a family; tell us what you need, you need more members we have them; these webinars are here to help you. We can only grow if we all help each other succeed.

Regarding the people sharing tonight, make note of their names on the recording, find them in the WAZZUB Community. Become their friends and pick their brains, they would love to help you. We have many superstars here; one in particular John Muyris, he had so many new members, he shared his sources and his time; he put together a blog and two chatrooms to help as many members as he can. Now many people are using John’s system and it is all free forever. That is our standard – always free forever.

John Muyris’s Blog

WAZZUB Community Forum  PI Galaxy  Perfect APP Perfect App (Tools and Tips)§ion=topic&top_id=101348

On the forum, you will also learn about reverse marketing and how to do it effectively. You can make drop cards where you can drop them in doors, put them on people’s windshields at different stores, or in parking lots. There are many ways to use them. I have done this and I know it works. Put them at ATM Machines, car windshields, Laundromats, wherever. People can pick them up and they will read them and many will join. This is what we call the Power of “We”, one for all and all for one.


Right now, I want to show you what our members are doing. We opened the chat and heard from members while Gee asked the following 2 questions, “How many are in your WAZZUB family?” During the webinar, we saw feedback from people such as 55, 863, 25, 26, 62, 203, 11, 1148, 1811, 2810, 218, 47, these are real numbers!

“How many new have joined in your WAZZUB family in the last seven days?” We saw replies ranging from 5, 69, 41, 8, 2, 32, 78, 32, etc. Thank you all for sharing. If you want it bad enough, you will find a way. I am not preaching; I am just sharing the truth. Join us in the chatrooms in our WAZZUB Community and you will see how much fun we are having. Our goal is to be the #1 website on the planet and what you build now will last forever.

Treat this as your mountain; there are many people at the bottom trying to succeed and they get distracted; they do not keep their goal in focus. Keep this as your attitude toward those around you; lead, follow, or get out of the way, I am going to climb this mountain. You are either going to see me at the top waving down to you or you will see me on the other side, dead from trying.

When March 1, 2014 comes, are you going to be happy and proud of how you spent the last 141 days from today at this webinar on October 10, 2013? I know there are going to be many happy people on that day and I want you to be one of them. We can only do it, if we do it as a team, the Power of “We” helping all of us together. Why do you think the people attending this webinar live put their numbers there – because they are willing to help you. Get out of your comfort zone, get out of the place where you do not want to be, and get to the place where you do want to be.

Check Alexa for PI. You have a little homework to do; go to the website that I gave you; play with the Perfect APP, get to know it; change the background, make it whatever you want. If you do not download the Perfect APP today, tomorrow it is going to cost you. Get your CashFACTOR and get your free money from PI, it is yours for the taking; all you have to do is download it and share with everyone you know. Keep talking to your first generation and take your Seven Steps to Success every day.

I am looking forward to seeing you all next week on our weekly Perfect APP webinar, every Thursday at 4:00 PM USA Pacific 7:00 PM USA Eastern. If you have questions, go to the WAZZUB Community chatrooms and all your questions will be answered. All the best to everyone and thank you for spending your time with us today.

With your success in mind,

Gee DaCosta and

Your WAZZUB Support

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